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    Rembrandt van Rijn Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer 1653   • Intracellular Reverse Tran
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 27 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt van Rijn Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer 1653

    Ah, here we are again…yes!
    Picture This Joseph Heller


    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt van Rijn is always a visual feast; regardles of what one thinks of his art…
    Rich in color and a master of the play of light…


    Ok. Didn’t work yesterday so got it on to Youtube. Enjoy.

    Still can’t leave Australia legally. Have to escape. Sounds melodramatic – is a bit but the implications are not.


    If banks and equity funds fund pharma/lockdowns etc. and it’s global and then we get closer and closer to going hard on their fraud and misdemeanours, would it not make sense to start a mass media feeding frenzy around a brand new war?
    With a so-called ‘baddie’ (Putin) who partnered very closely with the WEF during said pandemic and did all the same things as everyone else. The same guy who now is intricately involved in the new ‘lockdown 2.0’ where no one can go anywhere when oil and gas prices go through the roof.
    It’s the same stink different fart.
    Now we are all scared of WW3 and forgetting the shit that just got served us.
    Not me.
    I’m not buying any of it. Except the Oil shares I can’t afford.

    Vegies it is


    I really appreciate TAE but every once in a while, as a former new photographer, artist and visual image makes I find it very disappointing to see some of the imagery/memes go unchecked like this CNN journo killed in Afghanistan and Ukraine. It took me leas than 2 min to discover both are fake. Again, this is not the first or second time I see this. Your credibility is important to a lot of people, I suggest you don’t swing in the wind, be diligent.

    Link to source


    “With a so-called ‘baddie’ (Putin) who partnered very closely with the WEF during said pandemic and did all the same things as everyone else. …
    Now we are all scared of WW3 and forgetting the shit that just got served us.
    Not me.
    I’m not buying any of it.”

    Well done, oxy. Thank you.


    I only post this because

    A) Australia scrapped a vaccine that caused HIV false positives

    B) “rare” reports of covid cases and HIV false positives

    C) The increased messaging to get HIV tested

    D) Fauci being a common denominator or proxy.

    E) They are trying to kill us.


    Ukraine could be another Afghanistan in the making. Very profitable for MIC.

    Several countries, including the US, Germany and The Netherlands, are ready to send military aid, including Stinger air defence missiles, anti-tank weapons and artillery ammunition to Ukraine to fight Russian forces.

    ‘A fighting war with the main enemy’: How the CIA helped land a mortal blow to the Soviets in Afghanistan 32 years ago. To turn the tide, the US introduced Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to erode Soviet control of the air.

    Seems odd Putin would get trapped by this. Putin needs to destroy Kyiv and kill the president and MPs. That’s what a proper war is about though good for absolutely nothing.


    The Kremlin did it. There is a lot of history behind the Russian invasion of Ukraine; the 2014 Western directed Coup, the fall of the Soviet Union, or Joe Stalin’s reshuffling the Balkan borders after victory in WWII. The main one is that Slavs have and will be subhuman to the haute Western European aristocracy. Deplorables aren’t much better to new money American globalists.

    Europe, the World, has just been partitioned. The red button for WWIII has been pushed. The Western baiting of the Russian Bear succeeded. But the corporate neoliberal ruling class can’t see beyond the next three months. There are only a few possible outcomes to the world war; 1) Russia halts it advance and withdraws to old borders and the West agrees to something similar to the Minsk Agreements, 2) the West resupplies and inserts Catholic/Protestant Eastern European volunteers into West Ukraine and ties down Russian forces in a forever guerrilla war, or 3) Russia masses its forces to invade Poland and Bulgaria to cut off the supplies and NATO uses tactical nuclear weapons to destroy them. The use of the nukes inevitable will result in igniting of all of the 3200 currently deployed nuclear weapons on both sides.

    Even if the West survives the Russia Ukraine War, extremely tough times are ahead; energy disruptions (blackouts), food shortages, missing essential workers due to COVID and vaccine side effects, unrest, significantly decreased life expectancy, climate change wildfires and heat domes — not enough natural gas to keep warm during polar vortexes like the Texas freeze last winter, plus hurricanes, the crash of the petrodollar, gasoline lines and finally dysfunctional privatized western governments that are unable to address any of the multitude of disasters afflicting their populations.

    Dr. D

    FOIA act on the pandemic labs, they sent 296 redacted pages. Not pages with some redactions; 296 BLACK, 100% redacted, unreadable pages.

    I do not find that suspicious at all. I always hide stuff when I’m completely innocent and want to garner maximum support and trust from the people. However, this guy doesn’t: Nor Jon Stewart either.

    However, there’s a logical explanation. The official story is it happened like this (NSFW):

    I’m kidding. Actually that makes more sense than the official story.

    “White House Asks Congress For $6.4 Billion for Ukraine Crisis”

    Hey! What happened to the additional $7B Congress gave the White House ALREADY for no earthly reason and the Military never even asked for? You give it to Hunter for hookers and blow? That’s still a lot of money you jokers. That’s 80,000 new nurses.

    Anybody think Zelensky is one of the (relatively) good guys who has to play his part in all this playing out? I have, but it’s too complex and hidden to get a handle on as he’s double-playing both sides in a sense. Here’s a tell: so he of all people said there’s no invasion on his borders. Wasn’t gonna happen. And he should know. And took heat, made the Anglos look like idiots for it and got on their wrong side. But that helped the real invasion noticeably.

    Then there has been essentially no resistance and – if reports are to be believed – extremely low casualties for a war. Even if Ukr people don’t want to fight – and it wouldn’t do them a lick of good anyway – that can only be done with some additional coordination. Last, he’s retaining a lot of credibility with stories about how “The U.S. asked him to be evacuated” but he’s going to stay, blah blah. Whatever. If he’s already got a back-channel with Russia, which is a given, he’s got nothing to worry about. He’s not a mentally-ill maniac like the other leaders, he can just go back to being an ordinary actor in a middle-class flat. In the sense of, it wouldn’t bother him emotionally to do that. Do that to Boris – and we should – and he’d break apart and melt down like Huey Long in “Blaze”.

    Like I said, a deal is made, they have to keep the Anglos from another Maidan, another Serbian assassination we do about 12x a year somewhere (very short list above), and so he gives Russia all the intel on his operations, tells them which Oligarchs can be brought to heel, and where the latest labs and human – that is, women and children – trafficking is, where the Derp State human experiment bioweapons labs who are using(killing) those women and children are. Because – just guessing here – he doesn’t like it either. I’m sure they installed him as a puppet and actor, but you hear things. His native attitude is no doubt similar to what Jon Stewart’s would be.

    Anyhow, he/we are all playing out this stage script. For our benefit. So maybe – MAYBE – the normies might learn something and believe the truth for a change. Probably not. I expect the gas will be shut off, they’ll freeze on the way to walk to get Eggos in an empty Piggly-Wiggly, still staring at their blank and powerless phone screen.

    Which makes more sense? Which would YOU do if you were Zelensky? “Putin Invades Ukraine and Europe Buys MORE Gas.” Yup. They like invasions. They heartily approve. Because nobody knew it was coming and they’re all super mad.

    “US Treasury Imposes Sanctions on President Putin” personally. Yup. Can’t you hear us signaling? We’re signaling really hard over here.

    …And you minions are supposed to obey, by gum. When we take your British beach house you’ll be sorry! Now stop! Or I, Boris the Clown, will signal some more.

    “Ukrainian soldiers are peacefully co-patrolling the Chernobyl site with no shot ever fired” Uh-huh. Not that there isn’t shooting, but clearly that is happening widely or there would be enormous casualties by now.

    “Only Washington can negotiate with Russia.” Because we’re not involved in the war and believe in a sovereign Ukraine?

    “Bitcoin uses too much electricity.”

    Why? No it doesn’t. They are MINING Bitcoin. And will stop the minute the prices change. The last block is nearly created already. So after that, you could have 3 PCs running on maybe 133mhz processors, and run the whole Bitcoin system. Is that too much electricity for you? Of course that’s too few, but there’s no set level for how many, it only has minimums. And again, no one argues with the existing massive, wasteful bank system of servers, every ATM and point-of-sale reader, all the telcom back-end, which is thousands of times larger. Or the whole internet, where they absorb whole townships of water in the desert to serve and cool them, in the interest of storing which ads you should be spammed with and cat videos. Only BTC. It bugs me because both are very simple and very false. There are a lot of objections to be had, but not these ones.

    The Pentagon is the largest waster of oil on the planet. Shouldn’t we start there?

    And no money was coined in the U.S.? Seems like there was.

    “Russia’s invasion represents a fundamental assault on the rules and norms that have prevailed since WWII: that is to say, WE are the ones who are supposed to do the invading and assaulting worldwide. Hey! That’s OUR job! The Rules are: WE invade, kill people and steal stuff, YOU let us.”

    “Can Ukraine Have A ‘Nazi Problem’ With A Jewish President? (Karabelnicoff)”
    “US/UK effectively arming and training Nazis in Ukraine for a number of years and it’s well documented.”

    Or more to the point, YESTERDAY the BBC ran a breathless article on Ukraine, grandma “fighting to the last man” 100,000 50-year-old men ready to die! Die I say!!! Killing Russians and feeding their bones to the dogs, which was shot specifically BY, and with the insignia OF the Azov Extremists. So their saying there aren’t any, or the West doesn’t have anything to do with them is the biggest lie one can tell. Yes, originally they were a bunch of the same useless hooligans every country has, but the U.S. paid to arm, fund, train, and defend them when they set civilians on fire during Maidan. They have then kept them hoppin’ in attacking, intimidating, and murdering dissenting opposition nationwide. Using full force of U.S./CIA/MI6 Intel, as their own little Hunter-defending Stasi. Then we put them on TV as grandma to raise sympathy in the West. …Which works, of course. There’s nothing the Coastal people like better than Neo-Nazi White Supremacists in service of the oligarchical elite. Nothing. They will even take cyanide or some other drug on command and die for the cause themselves like true believers.

    Oh and again. Trump’s family is half-Jewish, as are a bunch of his lawyers, cabinet members, and influencers and money-men, specifically Adelson, but a deep roster with many more as well. He’s from NYC for God’s sake! But that didn’t stop these SAME people saying only YESTERDAY, and TODAY, and TOMORROW, that the U.S. has a Nazi problem, is a Nazi state, run entirely by neo-Nazi white supremacists (apparently under Joe Biden???) while they had a half-Jewish president, cabinet, team, and literally nothing happened to Jews ever under his administration. –No, that happened under Cuomo, and DeBlasio, and lambasted by us roundly, supporting all their religious lawsuits, as we still do today.

    So Nazi? Just means “Bad wordy-word, we no like! Blaaa!” You know, the same meaning as “Racist”, except named things are ‘Racist’, and only a few things are ‘Nazi.’

    Anyway, it’s hard to read such trollop coming from the mouths of adults that even children of five would know better than to attempt to say or be mocked relentlessly, forever. Never forgotten in old age, and rightfully so.

    “ The Freezing of Accounts Was Political Vengeance (Tsun)”

    Meanwhile, back with the REAL Nazis, in a REAL fascist state, where the government merges with billionaire corporations who force you to consume their products and kill you if you won’t, who ACTUALLY create an underclass, ACTUALLY cut them off from society and kill people for their (mild) political views… But we’re the good people, so when WE kill people, specifically minorities, and crush dissent and diversity, it’s GOOD murder, theft, and oppression. The kind that makes you sleep easy at night.

    Whoops, got distracted there. I was saying: Hey, um, that Emergency Act isn’t in force. …So wtf gives you the authority to have their accounts still locked up? It was only the War Powers that let you even attempt it. Now you don’t have that. Explain?

    How about this: “My power, right or wrong.” “Drinking wine from the skulls of my enemies and listening to the lamentations of their women.” “You’ll get nothing and like it!” “The Law is in my mouth.” Or the way THEY think of it: “I’m a ‘good person’. Therefore, every action that I do is by definition, ‘good’.” And BTW then every action YOU do, is by definition ‘bad’. Easy-peasy.

    “Many academics and researchers were scared of losing grant funding if they raised their head above the parapet.”

    Scared? This was a proven fact. Everyone can be proven to be helping this, but Fauci specifically used the full powers and funding of government to personally destroy those he just decided in his mind — with no review, no authority, no committee, no process, no evidence — were his enemies. I can prove it without a subpoena because it was already reported. By him. What part of science is that exactly, where you use government to destroy the lives and reputations of other scientists who debate with you? While hiding the data and hiding yet more yesterday?

    So I guess it’s a day ending in “Y”.

    John Day

    The context of what is happening is important for us, even though we are not yet “combatants” in war. This may be WW-3, or WW-4 as some might classify it.
    We should assume “Rational Actors” in the acts of nations, armies and rulers, not “mad dogs”.

    Moon of Alabama has this:
    In war, truth is the first casualty.
    Gilbert Doctorow:
    The Russian Way of War
    Yesterday anyone watching Euronews on one screen and Russian state television on another would have been perplexed by the totally contradictory coverage of both with respect to the fate of the armed detachment of Ukrainian border guards on one island in the southeast of Ukraine. Euronews carried the address of President Zelensky awarding posthumous designation as Heroes of Ukraine to the entire detachment, which reportedly resisted the attacking Russian forces and were slaughtered. Meanwhile Russian news showed those same border guards seated at tables and signing sworn statements that they voluntarily lay down their arms and awaited repatriation to their homes and families.

    John Ward looks at those American bioweapons labs in Ukraine, and specifically at the development of graphene as a bioweapons technology, but also as a critical technology in creation of transhuman (Terminator?) cyborg warriors with super-powers, a very concerning avenue of military exploration.
    ​ ​It is at this point in my analysis that the reader should be clear about just how interconnected and revolutionary the applications of graphene nanotechnology and biowarfare are.
    ​ ​*It is a bioweapon in its ability to cause serious and probably mortal danger to human beings. Think Wuhan, Covid19 and vaccines that aren’t vaccines.
    ​ ​*It arrives at a crucial point in physics where reduced mass can enable the beginning of interstellar travel, because it is only one atom thick. (See previous Slogpost on this – scroll down to final item)
    ​ ​*It can effectively turn a fragile 3D human soldier into an invisibly indestructible transhuman killing machine. Think Davos and its nightmare futures.
    ​ ​Ultimately, however, what most observers have failed to grasp is that graphene nanotechnology and transhuman development are interdependent: “vaccination” debris has shown conclusively that graphene is a bioweapon in its own right, but it is also vital for transhuman brain development, skin grafting and the 2D “invisibility” that makes a “humbot” hard to kill in battle, and hard to see during espionage ops.

    absolute galore

    From today’s NYT front page (I have not read it.):

    Coronavirus Originated in a Market, Not a Lab, in Wuhan, Studies Say

    Two extensive scientific studies released Saturday say the coronavirus was present in animals at the Huanan seafood market in 2019.

    absolute galore

    Thank goodness we no longer have to worry about all the U.S. biolabs around the world. Time to start cracking down on those crazy ass food markets around the world. Heathens!


    Liked it Dr. D, but want to have some fun with it.

    Couldn’t help but chuckle here.

    “Anyhow, he/we are all playing out this stage script. For our benefit. So maybe – MAYBE – the normies might learn something and believe the truth for a change. Probably not. I expect the gas will be shut off, they’ll freeze on the way to walk to get Eggos in an empty Piggly-Wiggly, still staring at their blank and powerless phone screen.”

    Since Zelensky is playing both sides, why stop there.


    Oops, forgot the last bit.

    Since Zelensky is playing both sides, why stop there.

    Doc Robinson

    Recent court decisions are revealing some holes in the PREP act’s liability shield.

    A nursing home in California allegedly “moved another resident who had COVID into a shared room with Ricardo” and “Ricardo became sick and died.” The surviving family members sued, and the nursing home tried to get the case moved to federal court for a defense based on the federal PREP act.

    The district court rejected the nursing home’s arguments, and sent the case to state court. The nursing home appealed to the Ninth Circuit court, and lost the appeal.

    “In February 2022, the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of [Ricardo’s family]. Affirming the district court’s decision, the court held that the PREP Act does not completely preempt state-law claims, that Glenhaven [nursing home] was not acting under the direction of a federal officer, and that the Grable doctrine did not apply.”



    Long and tedious, but worth a listen if you have time.

    those darned kids

    A bag of salt

    TAE presented/found a lot of fake news, miss information, propaganda, and like you did, (also other commentors), found more for evaluation.
    Therefore, you can chose and decide what you want to believe.
    …….both are fake. Again, this is not the first or second time I see this. Your credibility is important to a lot of people, I suggest you don’t swing in the wind, be diligent.

    Link to source

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    ukraine conversation test:

    human: so, putin bad, eh?

    me: who is victoria nuland?

    human: i dunno, who?

    me: do you think tom brady will unretire?

    Figmund Sreud

    For months we’ve been treated to the dumbest and most infuriating facsimile of diplomacy I’ve ever witnessed. – Luongo


    Mister Roboto

    “What Russia wants from its invasion of Ukraine”



    I can’t check every single image here for veracity (too much time), and I never make any claims in that regard. In that sense, the images are “for entertainment purposes only” (a phrase we used a lot in the TAE past). And if I wanted to fact check them, Snopes is about the last source I would turn to. Their record is dismal. Though, admittedly, they have stiff competition from Reuters et al. The newly blooming fact check industry amuses me to no end. But that, too, “for entertainment purposes only”.


    I read all this with great interest and am seeing things through a slightly different lens (or, more likely, have my hands on a different part of the proverbial elephant).

    The history of reserve currencies, and how the United States appears to be nearing the end of our time on top. It’s not a political or emotional statement, as history seems to point out the pattern pretty clearly. It just “is” and that could be a book.

    We see so many countries now moving away from the petrodollar, trading directly without bothering to utilize the greenback. No, I’m not an expert nor an economist, just a carpenter, and am sure the dollar still dominates mightily. But, I anticipate this de-dollarization process will continue to really accelerate now.

    This doesn’t take away from any of the “funny business” behind the scenes, reported here, by The Saker, The Slog, MoA… But just another wrinkle in the fabric of it all.
    Nicole and Raul used to discuss energy at the Oil Drum, and then finance with a debate of “Inflation or Deflation?” All of it wonderful, wonderful food for thought, and a call to action within circles of control.

    Greer has talked about, among other things, the dependence we’ll have on anecdotal evidence because of, well, just look around… and acting. Some will say, “I can’t do anything about it, so why bother to read and ponder?”

    Well, you live your life and make decisions based upon your view of the future. If you don’t actively contemplate and act (nod to John Day and others here), then your decision and actions say you’re simply expecting the future to be like the past. Good luck with that…

    Sorry for the long wind, many thanks to all here, especially Raul, who give so generously. And good luck to all.


    I listened to Whitney Webb last weekend while mulching the blueberry rows. I was surprised to find out what globalists Vladimir Putin and his oligarch buddies were, and to learn that there are powerful bankers in Russia connected to the WEF.

    D Benton Smith

    @Dr. D regarding: #103309 I’m at a loss for wards (and for me that’s saying a lot.!) on the brilliance of your analysis. I think you nailed it.
    P.S. there’s even a little historical precedence in that part of the world (in and around the Balkans) and that is the famed Yosip Tito of Yugoslavia, who played Capitalists, Nazi’s, Commies, Royalists(and others!) against each other very successfully for 40 yeras.


    “It’s time for the cops. It’s time for the prosecutors. And it’s time for the judges. And then it’s time for the prisons.”

    • The Global Disinformation Campaign to Suppress Ivermectin (Kory)

    This headline sounds like Jim Kunstler for the last couple years and STILL no prosecutions in sight.

    Jim and many other commenters (here too) on this topic of ‘justice’ are what I refer to as having ” a bit too much Boy Scout in their kit bag“.

    The Real World operates like The Godfather movies and the Kunstler et al thinks it’s runs like Sesame Street.

    Naive to the real ways of the world. Justice ultimately comes from the barrel of a gun. In polite society, you never see the blatant violence of the State, but every adult knows it’s implied.

    I’ve harped before on my loathing of lawyers, prosecutors and especially gutless immoral corrupt judges (the majority of judges global are utterly irredeemably corrupt)

    Reiner Fuellmich, no less, has repeatedly stated in no uncertain terms that he considers the entire German legal system at this point in time, including German judges, to be utterly and irredeemably corrupt.

    So there.

    This from a guy who actually won major cases against Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank in the pass, unheard of in Germany, after years of pushing a Sisyphean boulder up the slimy sleazy mountain of the post WWII German ‘legal’ system, the same one that rubber stamped and enforced every Nazi ‘law’ put before them.

    The ‘Allies’ never significantly change the German ‘legal’ system from Nazi times. They just spackled it over with a fresh thin coat of ‘legal’ hypocrisy and currently, according to Fuellmich, all prosecutors and judges in German are simply employees of the German State subject to direct political pressure and whims for their pay checks. Gee, nothing to see here, keep moving, clean as a whistle.

    Reiner says nothing about Covid abuses will EVER move through the German ‘judicial’ system. You will have to build an entirely new parallel system of justice.

    Wow, how the fuck long will that take Reiner, a decade? A century? A couple centuries?

    Hey, in the Long Run every thing turns out OK folks!….

    Karma is always a day late and a dollar short, but it eventually crawls across the finish line on bloody hans and knees!

    “In the long run we are all dead” ~John Maynard Keynes


    Figmund Sreud

    It’s Time to Get Serious About Energy

    “And so, I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” – John Kerry, February 23, 2022

    “In the pantheon of unserious statements by a leading US official on the literal eve of war, it will be tough to top the one quoted above from former Secretary of State and current Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry. Kerry’s sober concern for the emissions that will result from Putin’s aggression is only topped by his worry that kinetic war will distract attention away from the climate crisis.

    Is there any doubt how we got here?”

    those darned kids

    NEWSFLASH! Biden Administration announces they are open to Piece* Talks with Russia.

    *of the Action

    D Benton Smith

    In order to live we must have true information, we must not lose all that we vitally need to thieves, and we must not allow ourselves to be wrongfully killed. There ya have it. Three Simple Rules For Happy Living.

    How unfortunate it is for us then, when we encounter the apparently inescapable circumstances in which we find that . . . in order to live. . . we must tell falsehoods, we must take more than we have personally created, and sometimes even kill in self defense.

    Brother, this is one tough neighborhood.


    Whatever the SWIFT bankers do to Russia, they can also do to you too

    Now, all the other sock puppet nations of the world can see if the Globalist can cut off Russia from banking (like Turd-eau tried in Canadada) for not doing as ‘they’ order, ‘they’ can cut off any nation, Surprise bitchz!

    Russia and China have thankfully already created an alternative to SWIFT




    UK : RT.COM now shows as ‘forbidden’. SPUTNIKNEWS. COM still available. RT TV channel still there, but suspect not for much longer.

    Would try VPN but through which country? Hungary might be the best bet in Europe.

    Not good times!



    So deep down you are a blueberry lover!

    I am originally from Northern Quebec/Labrador so naturally I love blueberries too! Northern blueberries are very tiny and when we went blueberry picking in early September, it would take all 5 of us to pick enought blueberries to make just one pie. Some years we only got enough to make tarts. In those lean blueberry years, the local black bears starved to death.

    I once tried real hard to grow domestic blueberries here in Toronto, setting up a special bed with more suitable soil, verses local clay based soil, but the blueberry bushes never thrived and slowly died off. Since I was producing so few blueberries, the birds got them first. I even put netting over the blueberry bushes to stop the competition, winning that battle, but still losing the war!

    You must be in a better blueberry growing area with the right type of acidic soils, like in BC or Nnorthern Nova Scotia/southern New Brunswick, or maybe the Sudbury area.

    Hoping your blueberries thrive!


    @ anticlimactic still available on Proton VPN via Japan. Seems slow, but connects.


    I can confirm is not accepting connections from UK. If you get the home page, once you click a link you hit website protection and from there are unable to progress. Denial of Service protection to be specific.

    This means that the UK is not blocking the pages but the RT servers are not permitting access, as a precautionary measure.

    those darned kids

    rt loads in canadada in chromebrowser; in firefox it gets stuck at “DDoS-GUARD” and never loads.

    Veracious Poet

    “for entertainment purposes only”

    Sage advise for the entirety of the Internet (virtual reality)…

    I’m rolling back my online expectations of “real reality” to 1994-1995.

    All I’m just seeing in 2022 is self-obsessed hubris across the board, now approaching deranged panic as the chaotic heat of Clown World advances into the human condition…

    After reading the comments today I was reminded of the idiom of frogs-in-a-pan ~ Everything was cozy for western civ until the last couple of years, but now the trapped oblivious are ringing alarms that things are not what they seemed to be.

    Hope everyone enjoys their 15 minutes on the stage…

    P.S. If nothing changes, nothing changes 😐

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