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    those darned kids

    Blueberries- we used to go north every July to pick the tiny berries- so much better than the monsters from the store. Then a drought hit the arrowhead (Minnesota’s point) and we figured we had to let the bears have them (we had a few narrow escapes stumbling onto bear cubs. We left pronto- not wanting to meet Mom.)
    I had the same luck with homegrown berries, WES. When the bush got “big” enough we used a net, only to find panicking chickadees stuck inside. We gave up, and the plants died off with the help of the munching deer.

    I’m getting such a mournful feeling these days, but WES, you always make me smile.

    Veracious Poet

    Third time’s the charm…

    Clown World War (CWW) “virtue” signaling…

    As Russia continued its attack on Ukraine, Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday night lit up in yellow and blue, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

    “Angelenos stand with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters,” Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted in sharing a photo of the historic downtown L.A. building.

    The L.A. landmark was among several across the globe — including Empire State Building in New York City, the London Eye and the Eiffel Tower in Paris — to be illuminated in yellow in blue in a show of solidarity.

    V. Arnold

    Looking very bad this morning re: Ukraine.
    Things appear to be accelerating; worse than the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 IMO…
    The U.S. is once again the main driving force with reams of hypocracy, propaganda, and hubris…
    RT news is being blocked across Europe and likely the U.S. (not sure of this)…
    And the news, this morning, spoke to Biden’s inability to deal with this crisis because of failing mental capabilities…DUH !!!…
    We’re in deep shit…………


    Overly paranoid – it’s okay!


    @anticlimactic said:

    UK : RT.COM now shows as ‘forbidden’. SPUTNIKNEWS. COM still available. RT TV channel still there, but suspect not for much longer.

    Same here in Hong Kong. As the RT IP address is in Moscow, I am guessing that the connection to Hong Kong goes through a west-controlled communications system. I tried various network routes and some transmit the site, others do not, so RT is definitely running. I found the best VPN location is Japan.


    Just when you think Clown World can’t get any more clownish.



    I was able to see RT last night on Firefox, but had to wait quite awhile for the DDOS page to go away. I haven’t tried tonight yet.


    V. Arnold
    Try and relax. There is effin zip reliable information coming out of the Russkie/Ukie confrontation. If someone here on TAE can contradict me please do so, Sure NATO/UK/USA caused this conflagration and they will continue to cause even more conflagrations as long as I draw breath. It is in the UN charter.
    Sorry to Bring up a Yogi Berra quote. ‘We made too many wrong mistakes’

    The Russian military has suffered casualties, and some soldiers have ended up captured by the opposing forces during the ongoing military operation in Ukraine, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov acknowledged on Sunday during a press briefing, as he provided a daily update on the conflict.

    “Since the launch of the operation, [Russian military] has destroyed 254 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 31 aircraft on the ground, 46 multiple launch rocket systems, 103 pieces of artillery and mortars, 164 pieces of special military vehicles,” Konashenkov stated.

    Participant is fully accessible down here in New Naziland .
    One of the top stories ;
    EU plans to ban RT and Sputnik…

    John Day

    Another room electrified

    I found this in the comments section of moon of Alabama today. The Russians sure were trolling Biden about “When’s our invasion?”
    There’s a lot more in there after the headline. No wonder Biden couldn’t say where he got the intelligence from.
    War Plans Were Leaked On Purpose By Russia 4 Months Ago — and that is why Dems kept predicting war​
    ​4 months ago, Oct 2021, a war was predicted for February 2022 by none other than the king of the cancelled himself, Alex Jones. He had been out to dinner with a person who was very wealthy and very politically connected, and who told him to expect war in February 2022 because his political contacts told him so!​ …
    ​ ​We now know that Putin had already devised a plan to invade Ukraine in case the US elites and NATO didn’t agree to his terms. Someone told Alex Jones who then told us in October. Clearly the Russians let it be known so their plan for war would reach the political and media elite of the west — and that is why for the last few months the Biden administration has been so adamant and certain about a coming invasion of Ukraine. People on social media were laughing at the Biden people for repeatedly warning of an invasion in a week, or a few days, or tomorrow. They had obviously been told the same thing as the friend of Alex Jones by Russians leaking on purpose so that US elites would take Putin seriously.

    Ukrainian and Russian delegations are to start negotiations (maybe).

    Ukrainian And Russian Delegations To Start Negotiations

    ​The Saker has the news that the Russian pincer movements have effectively restricted the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass, unless they want to come under heavy fire. By the time of this writing, the pincer movement may be more complete. Russian, Cimean, and Donbass forces hold most of Ukraine’s ​coast.

    Quick interlude with a few quick comments

    Dr D Rich

    According to Glenn Greenwald:

    “One of the media’s most beloved members of Congress, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), on Friday explicitly and emphatically urged that the U.S. military be deployed to Ukraine to establish a “no-fly zone” — i.e., American soldiers would order Russia not to enter Ukrainian airspace and would directly attack any Russian jets or other military units which disobeyed.”

    I did not know….

    …that Adam Kinzinger was one of the most beloved of anything, really.

    Me? I pray for our thermonuclear forces because the experience calculating yields of such weapons is so practical in this moment and it, prayerful piety, puts me on the same side of God’s angels, IL Fauci, The January 6th Commission and Frau Cheney.

    V. Arnold

    The timing of this Ukrainian crisis is awfully convenient; Covid no longer news/distraction; enter possibility of thermonuclear war and we’re massively enthralled/distracted…
    How convenient, no?

    Round and round she goes; where she stops nobody knows… 😉


    Here is my recommendation:

    Take some blueberries and eat them! Then go to bed! You will feel much better!

    V. Arnold

    Take some blueberries and eat them! Then go to bed! You will feel much better!

    No blueberries anywhere in sight…a shot of Jim Beam will have to suffice…. 😉

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold
    Use cranberries and dye them blue. Save the J. Beam for war wounds and the like.

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    Cranberries I’ve got; but how to dye them???? 😉

    Formerly T-Bear

    No food colour like for easter eggs?

    V. Arnold

    Nein, nyet, no have….and blue? That’s worse than red dye #???
    No easter bunny here…too bloody hot mostly…and the eggs are brown…
    I suppose I could paint them though, hmmmmmmm……….. 😉

    V. Arnold

    …and the cranberries too… 😉


    Can’t say that I am not anxious. Our leaders are rotten, the jab is toxic to the degree that it damages the DNA. I didn’t put much stock in it when I first saw the 4Chan post (still not there) but AZT is a DNA blocker so they can finish us off that way. Seems so nefarious and diabolical.

    If NATO was about defending humans and human rights they should have engaged by now. Did they truly underestimate? Probably. Purin’s desire to prosecute a “nice war” seems like a gamble. We know Zelensky can dance, hope Dr. D is right about a back channel to Putin.

    A little humor to deal with the anxiety.


    @ctbarnum said:

    Just when you think Clown World can’t get any more clownish.

    In case of a nuclear explosion, FEMA warns to try to keep 6 ft social distance and wear a mask for covid. You can’t make this up

    — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) February 27, 2022

    Thanks for this, it gave me many a laugh especially, and I quote “Take care of your body and talk to someone if you are feeling upset. Many people may already feel fear and anxiety about the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). The threat of a nuclear explosion can add additional stress.”

    My first reasction was “just who writes this shit?”, but then when I asked myself “who would think that Covid is more stressful or upsetting than a nuclear explosion” I realised that they must be targetting the Karens, so this totally makes sense: Any advisor on nuclear fallout would lose their job – fired by a Karen – if they didn’t insist on masks and social distancing while trying to brush the highly radioactive nuclear fallout off your skin!

    “talk to someone if you are feeling upset” … a nuclear bomb is on its way and I am worrying about Covid and the bureaucrat who wrote the instructions was not quite sure whether I would be upset? Jesus, these people.

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