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    Elliott Erwitt New York City, USA 1955   • West Considers ‘Ultimatum’ For Ukraine (RT) • Crimea Integral Part Of Russia, Cannot Return To Ukraine
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    Dr. D

    “We already know that the FBI, the DOJ and the intel agencies were directly involved in Russiagate – which was a covert attack on the sitting president of the United States.”

    From a article. It made me think though, they turned some presidents (Wilson) killed more (K) and removed others (Nixon), so what we have is the first President installed that they attempted to remove – and perhaps by EVERY means (assassination attempt in UK where +2 Secret Service came home dead) – and yet the president survived it. Survived the whole armory of the Derp State. Does that change the color of what Orange Man was doing? Wouldn’t you need to SUCCEED, in order to demonstrate YOU have the power? Because even if you do a lot, if you are assanged, then who’s going to pick up the banner and follow your example? …Took a long time to find a person and path that could survive a Wilson + Nixon and then a Kennedy attempt though. And I think it DID signal to others.

    Downside: since they had to go easy, they therefore balanced that off of getting a lot less done. Publicly at least.

    Comparison? J6. Or J6 vs the Truckers to some extent. It’s whether it’s okay to come out and whether we use those tactics again. Take for instance the Peace March. Why will I go to this month’s peace march when they will merely AI my face, fabricate evidence, and arrest me after having the FBI break some windows? We are WROL. Where are we going with that tactic? So the response would have to come elsewhere. That’s what happens if you DON’T prioritize demonstrating your power by persisting, instead getting real – but short and punished – gains. Pick one, as you don’t get both. We’ve tried the other one before. Kennedy, “Those who make protest impossible make violence inevitable.” So the tactic is simply Ayn Rand: we all step away, stop trying, and the system collapses. We’ve tried everything else, only this worked.

    Other ideas are here too. 15 minute cities are Gaza. An open-air prison. Security panopticon. Naturally they exist on the premise of Green, the most evil basis created these 200 years since Malthus. They are of course tied to CBDCs (so money doesn’t work 16 minutes away) and electric cars (that will shut off at 15 minutes). Heck, this may have been pioneered in Gaza, considering the thought leaders involved. This is combined with AI and advertising so they fully erase free though and free will.

    This is the plan of insects, aliens, non-humans. It’s as if they have been colonized by a demonic or alien consciousness to imagine either this is good, or this is workable. The Insect overlords and the AI/robot overlords are essentially identical, and I don’t think that’s an accident. Another note is, it will be bad even for THEM, but they persist. Bad for them because they are also humans, even if they deny it and reject/expel their human parts like illogical compassion and love. Don’t you know if you adhere to and wish to be a demon, you wish to live in a world without God, as a gentleman God will eventually say yes and let you? Hell is the absence of God. #Logos. And #Reason among other things.

    Sequoia Capital Exec Admits San Fransisco “crippled” by “homeless encampments” and “drug addicts” before he blamed conservatives”

    …Sounds about right. SF, LA, Chicago, and Baltimore – which now gradates ZERO students with competency – are well-known Conservative strongholds. That I get. Why anyone BELIEVES it is what I don’t get.

    “Zelensky Says Ukraine Is Preparing to Attack Crimea”

    Sure, just lost Bakhmut last night, but they’re going to invade a province the size of Massachusetts.

    “They have until fall.”

    Until summer or fall? Are you kidding? This is as detached from reality as all their other decisions. Okay then.

    Calling for peace makes Musk a “geopolitical chaos agent”. Sounds about right.

    “the number of countries wishing to join BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

    Apparently South Africa just essentially fell. I don’t have enough details but you’re on your own. And You’re Next.

    ““Woody Harrelson Spews Anti-Vax Conspiracies in Rambling SNL Monologue.”

    Classic! This has almost all the elements of the 2000’s journalism except “We all know” and “Without evidence”, and “One weird trick local housewives”. It was not “rambling” in the slightest. Nor did it propose the vaccines didn’t work. It was short and direct, to the point. And “Spew” is why journalists are only allowed to say “He said.” Or you’re fired. That’s how you can identify they are not journalists, and perhaps have never met one, even on TV. So thanks for that, you make our lives easy. If you were more clever than a 4-year-old you’d be much harder to defeat.

    Fun prank. Hardly matters. So here we have the gravity of more people killed than all wars combined – and for us that’s really something! And nothing. A comedian pulled a prank? And we censured the comedian instead of Charles Manson. K then.

    I would wonder on the rest of all the same articles again day after day, but here’s the problem: everything important is entirely hidden now. What news article WOULD you point to? Nothing is public because everything is a scam. It’s all fake. The quotes are fake, the outrage is fake. The doctors are fake, their studies are fake. Most of the wars are fake. Reporting on the wars is mostly fake. We pretend we don’t know who blew things up, until we OFFICIALLY pretend we do.

    Why is Sy Hersh free? There are White Hats. He has protection.

    I was thinking yesterday, if I owned Joe Biden, I would make him say and do exactly everything he’s saying and doing. Apparently it takes longer to get though to people than we thought. So does it matter if we ARE telling Joe what to do and have captured him, or if he’s doing it all on his own? Let him keep going, I can’t improve on it.


    This is the plan of insects, aliens, non-humans. It’s as if they have been colonized by a demonic or alien consciousness to imagine either this is good, or this is workable

    It’s all around Dr D. Not just media mind infection and zombie-fication – it’s a natural adaptation to niche exploitation.
    If we hold to dualism this video is terrifying


    This still all seems scripted to me. The idea that millionaires and billionaires like Woody (as much as he seems your “salt of the Earth” type, he is an actor by trade) and Musk are on the side of the people seems very far-fetched. The below is summarised from a GLP post of late 2021 (“An “Elite” confided in me, what you are about to read about the covid end game will make everything crystal clear”):


    -a plan was devised many years ago, and for many years that is all it was, a plan. They had to wait many years for the technologies available to make the plan viable. And to recruit the appropriate individuals.

    -This is definitely about a new global government being put in place (details will continue)

    -This new global government is already in place operating for years in complete secrecy, waiting on the sidelines, moving the chess pieces.

    -The new government required some of the top minds on the planet, almost all of them came on board of their own free will and with a full belief in the cause of a new world government. In their view they are brute force saving humanity at all costs. I was told those who refused were dealt to, but in most cases, they would bring the person to the wider group and through discussions, they were convinced and became committed to the cause. Most times, these ‘minds’ were applying for fake jobs and going through psych evals etc as a first step.

    -This plan is ongoing and the most complex global chain of events ever put into motion.

    THE PLAN is essentially to turn every citizen of every country, violently against their own government. How they are doing this is pure genius and pure evil.

    To achieve this plan, my chance encounter asked how would I do it?.. how would you turn every citizen of every country against their own government? I really have no idea. So they laid out the basics for me.

    -There must be a global engineered ‘sickness’
    -There must be mass fear, panic and paranoia
    -Leaders, Scientists and Media must converge on consensus of a treatment
    -that treatment would be essentially handed to them without them even realising it
    -Initially, there can only be few ‘sanctioned’ treatments, all other treatments must be deemed ‘dangerous, unsafe and banned’
    -Leaders, Scientists and Media are manipulated, to believe this ‘treatment’ is the only option, the only way to keep you and your family safe.
    -Leaders, Scientists and Media in a sense, give you their word that this treatment is safe and effective

    -Children were also targeted to inflict maximum pain and anger when it goes bad.

    -The few outliers who question the ‘treatment’ are discredited in a variety of ways and censored
    -Sanctioned ‘treatments’ are biologics/poison that takes 2-3 years to be fully realised.
    -mRNA was the advanced technology they were waiting for.
    -Public messaging ensures people beg for the ‘treatment’ and line up for it.

    This is where the final plan executes.

    The tables turn on the vaccine narrative. I was told in time the vaccine will increase infection and increase death. That billions will die, and the people will be enraged and burn their governments to the ground. Their leaders, scientists and media will be torched, hunted and hung in the streets. BOTH sides will burn their governments to the ground. The pro-vax side, completely betrayed and dying will rage.. the non-vax side will rage for what their gov allowed to happen.

    I was also told when this happens think “Mad Max” for a while, but think of NZ “Elysium”. There are a few designated zones like NZ, but due to geography and infrastructure NZ is known as Zone 1.

    Once the masses are free of government and all those who ‘betrayed’ them, and they have suffered enough. This is when the new global government will emerge as the great saviour. It will be an “easy sell” I am told.


    Perhaps I’ve succumbed to total paranoia at this stage, but this scenario seems not hugely unlikely to me. I think Musk and Harrelson are playing their roles. I don’t neccesarily think they’ll succeed in their goals, but I think it’s worth bearing this scenario in mind.


    I do appreciate the morning dose of optimism: People are going to eventually react violently. Not lash out blindly but actually target the criminal “elites”. Nice to have Pollyanna back on the site!

    We live in hope, though, don’t we? It wouldn’t take many to begin targeting everyone who has pushed the “vaccines” before they were all terrorized and, perhaps, fleeing to New Zealand to bug out. Yet the longer we go without a violent reaction, the more I wonder if the 21st century westerner is the most useless human being on the planet.

    I’m not reacting violently either – no, words are NOT violence – so who am I to complain? Yes a 58 year old lifetime bachelor with no skin in the game. That’s just me making an excuse to do nothing beyond sitting in the comfort of my own study. Everyone else has excuses too!

    Nevertheless it will amaze me if children will be poisoned and die and their parents will continue to embrace willful ignorance. That will mean a Dark Age for the entire West.

    You reap what you sow! At least Russia will be okay. China, I’m not so sure. They’ve got that CCP cancer still plaguing it. But the European boot on the back of the neck of Africa will finally be lifted. The American boot on the back of the neck of Latin America gone too. I wish them all a fruitful renaissance.


    I do appreciate the morning dose of optimism: People are going to eventually react violently. Not lash out blindly but actually target the criminal “elites”.

    Yeah, that video “The Jabbed” may be worth watching. How violent will the vax protests get?


    @ uranian

    Nice plan! It sounds like it’s working perfectly. It would not surprise me if this is what’s actually going on Behind The Curtain.

    However they are a bit like the US military or IDF. They can destroy everything(no one doubts that) but they can’t win a war.

    I find it hard to believe that people who are either financial predators or Billy Bigelow like carnival barkers could rebuild a society turned to ashes. I wouldn’t bet on any of them to be able to honestly run a lemonade stand!

    I’d say that some of the rats are beginning to flee the sinking ship. That’s not intended as a shot at Musk or Harrelson. They may simply be wealthy individuals who have figured out what’s going on and are horrified by it. Regardng our “elites”, I expect them to be spending more time watching their backs and less time playing with their One Global Government Lego set.


    Private Jet Emissions Quadrupled During Davos 2022


    Climate campaigners accuse leaders of hypocrisy as flights emit as much CO2 in a week as 350,000 cars

    Private jet emissions quadrupled as 1,040 planes flew in and out of airports serving Davos during the 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting.

    Well, some people want to compensate for that with 15 minute cities

    Seems fair enough ;>)




    During Tucker Carlson’s ground breaking interview with Ed Dowd showing conclusively that the excess deaths from the Clot Shot were causing excess claims to Group Life Insurance policies and excess profits to mortuary companies, both men brought up the subject of violent reactions on the part of people and families who were harmed by this premeditated Plandemic.

    That’s the very first time I ever heard violence brought up as a consequence of the Covid fraud on a national venue like Tucker/Fox

    No one has mentioned a word at that level of media before to my knowledge about wide spread potential for violence.

    Both Tucker and Ed agreed that violence as a result of the massive lies and deception around Covid was a real danger coming up on the horizon against any and all who participated in this massive crime against humanity.

    Don’t ever forget that the Medical Mafia and the Military Mafia and the Financial Mafia and the Mediawhore Mafia are all one and the same, joined at the hip, group of blood drinking monsters.

    That not a glib turn of phrase, it’s like for Real

    As angry as I’ve been about this perverse devolution of events the last few years, I’ve begun recently to notice a growing number of people being even angrier than I now. Like Way Angrier

    I have not lost anyone in my immediate family or circle of friends to this covid madness but the ones who have are beginning, finally, to wake up a bit to the nature of their losses from massive deception and lies.

    Here is a vid of a young woman who lost her father to this crime.

    If she had a rocket launcher, she would use it on the Covid Mobsters.


    John Day

    VP Gary wrote: “Jenny appears to have a weight problem, what do you attribute that too?”

    Genetics. It’s not her healthful diet.

    John Day

    @VP Gary: If ivermectin is helpful for ulcerative colitis, and there are several mechanisms by which it could be, then that “is the best of all possible worlds”. Careful with the Baclofen. Don’t use long term. Habit forming. Lialda is often very helpful and pretty benign. The whole gut parasite thing is imprtant for some people. There are a lot of microbes that are in a gray-zone, which may cause chronic inflammation, which may prompt immune responses to food antigens in the gut. You don’t want allergies to the food in your gut.
    Vitamin-D and vitamin K2 help the immune system be intelligent. Levels of vitamin-D from 70-100 have been advised by some for autoimmune disorders.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: “Violence” , Mott The Hoople


    Russia is tossing Nazilensky and NATO into a garbage disposal

    An Industrial Garbage Disposal that the Collective West cant match in any way, shape or form.

    Peace in Ukronaziland will be dictated by Russia

    As Doug MacGregor recently said, Germany has NO ARMY left. They got virtually nothing.

    Maybe enough to quell some domestic disturbances but nothing to stop the Russian Army except the Polish Military


    The Poles saving the Germans, what a Divine Comedy that would be!

    If NATOtardistan© even exists after the dust settles, Russia will dictate that the NATOtardistan© borders be rolled back to 199!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it Eurotardistan©

    The Russian Terminator weapon would really do a job on Germany

    John Day

    @Uranian: That violent backlash is one form of many which the future may take.
    “The best laid plans of mice and men” do not account for actual human integrity, let alone the ability of some humans to accept divine guidance.


    “Nothing is public because everything is a scam.” Dr. D
    Everything is public because everything is a scam.

    curious why people think the most greedy and simple minded to be found have a greater capacity to control than the current crop of greedy simple minded humans.

    Have you ever been in a crowd where chaos or panic ruled the moment? Your view of humanity will certainly change after such an experience. Telling someone else to “know thyself” is the chaf, seeking to “Know Thyself” is the wheat. The greatest threat to the United States and the West is the truth. Those who refuse to accept the truth about their own humanity are only a danger to themselves and no threat to the western status quo.

    “whether we like it or not it takes five to ten years to build a fab and get it online for chips and such, never mind other areas of manufacturing.” Denninger
    Five to ten years when the supply chain is in place, and all of the technical ability and resources are in place. There has to be a financial structure prepared for thirty years of in place investment with minimal returns. Or more bluntly, The west will offshore the failed economic system and import it into the west.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: That tank-killer is way overkill for clearing a forest.
    A chainsaw will do fine. It’s like swatting flies with a shotgun.


    Meanwhile back with the Medical Industrial Agricultural Mafia we have:


    “Lab-grown meat pushed by WEF and Bill Gates as a remedy for climate change is made of ‘immortalized’ cancer cells….”

    The merger of Medicine and Agriculture

    “Technocrats appear keen to preclude the masses from eating real meat in hopes of combatting the specter of climate change and making more money. While there is a significant push under way for people to surrender steaks, burgers, and hot dogs and instead eat bugs and algae, climate alarmists and elites alike are also hyping so-called synthetic “meat.”

    This alternative may prove too much to swallow for many consumers in light of the present lack of health data about what such laboratory productions might do to consumers, as well as Bloomberg’s recent report underscoring how synthetic meat is, in many cases, cancer.

    Frankenstein has nothing on these Monsters!


    John Day

    Figmund Sreud put this up by Alastair Crooke last night, but it was my bedtime:

    The reality is that the EU is gripped by the attempt to impose a ‘cultural revolution’ – in the sense that broad citizen conformity to its cultural norms and ‘emergencies’ is not enough. But rather, it is its’ thought-processes that have to be fully reflected in modes of thinking such that every citizen’s acts and thoughts reflect EU ‘right thinking’.

    We see this with the war party’s poster girl, Annalena Baerbock’s, lecturing non-aligned countries that there is no space for neutrality when it comes to Ukraine: ‘You are ‘either with us or against us’; and if the former, then GIVE U.S. AMMO!’.

    Well, the cultural revolution already is reversing. Today, the Civilisational States (Russia, China, Iran, etc. and link) see the future as theirs and view the woke globalists – and their financialised economic structures – as passé. This reversal increasingly is evident in the popular war in the U.S., but not in Europe.

    But can the EU change? – since all the bridges by which it might reconnect to the future have long since been burned down. In essence, the EU is a steam-roller ‘offensive’ ever incrementally moving towards ‘more Europe’.

    Change ultimately will come to the EU as a result of a clash of interests, factiousness, and possibly a big political implosion or two – but above all by events on the ground in Ukraine as the Russian offensive proceeds.

    Reality has been so far exorcised from the Credentialled Class ‘bubble’. It is not clear how the latter will react to having their ‘Balloon’ popped. Already, we see signs of incipient hysteria.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Is petri-dish grown cancer-meat “vegetarian”?

    Cancers are genetically modified, but are they “organisms”?

    “Discuss amongst yourselves.”


    Shut him up!



    I’ve read the Russia’s are experimenting with new novel uses for Terminators.

    They are brand new weapons and might have some interesting uses.

    The Russians have virtually unlimited ammunition to play with.

    They might have been firing at fortified entrenched positions in that forest. Probably scared the crap out of ground troops.

    Feet don’t fail me now!





    “Covid-19: primary vaccination for the general population is no longer recommended by HAS”

    TVASF (and they know it)


    Nota Bene

    This may well be the most important article I’ll write in 2023.

    In this article, I publicly reveal record-level vax-death data from the “gold standard” Medicare database that proves that:

    The vaccines are making it more likely that the elderly will die prematurely, not less likely
    The risk of death remains elevated for an unknown period of time after you get the shot (we didn’t see it return to normal)
    The CDC lied to the American people about the safety of these vaccines. They had access to this data the entire time and kept it hidden and said nothing.
    If there is one article for you to share with your social network, this is the one.

    Executive summary

    Game Over: Medicare Data Shows the COVID Vaccines Increase Your Risk of Dying

    Doc Robinson

    Local news update from Youngstown, Ohio

    EPA not testing for dioxins, scientist calls reason ‘lame’

    EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Scientist Stephen Lester says there is no doubt in his mind that dioxins were released during the Feb. 6 controlled burn of vinyl chloride. He says the EPA’s reasoning for not testing is a “lame excuse” and “wrong.”

    According to United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 administrator Debra Shore, the agency will not test for the highly toxic chemical compound dioxins at this time…

    “I think they’re reluctant to test, because they know they will find it, and they will be put in a place where they have to address it,” said Lester, science director at the Center for Health, Environment and Justice…

    Lester says even if there is no baseline from prior testing to compare levels, the EPA should still be able to do testing to determine if the level that’s there is a risk.


    Cardiac Testing at Washington Event Found 53% Myocarditis Rate

    No worries – I’m sure all those cases of myocarditis were ‘mild’.



    @Doc Robinson

    The lies about toxic pollution, the lies about Ukraine, the lies about Covid, the lies finance, the lies about food, the lies about drugs, the lies about crumbling infrastructure, all these lies are from the same small group of’ ‘interested parties’

    You know, Blood Drinking Satanists (BDS)

    The Empire of Lies© is run by them

    The majority of Duh-mericans can’t see this.

    They lack curiosity at a core fundamental level


    Dr. D

    Violence? Of course. It’s not a tool, it’s a lifestyle. That is both the method, the purpose, the religion, and the happy end:

    “The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

    …We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization,…

    and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

    This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” — Three World Wars, a quote which is confirmed to exist before 1925 or even 1890.

    Luckily as an American, we’re not supposed to have a government. Or at least we have the smallest government that is functionally possible. So I’m all on board. We do, however need a government, so it is childish and counterproductive to “Defund the Police” so we can “Burn it all down.” I paid for that building. Now I’m going to burn it? Wtf?

    Nor as a Christian (maybe) am I at all likely to be fooled by some pretty face and charming line bearing a mark. I’ve already been forewarned not to do so. I can’t stop them from going crazy. But I don’t have to follow along. Wouldn’t you like to excuse yourself and bow out as well?

    Y’all can take a hike. All your ideas are stupid. Stoopid stoopid.



    Veracious Poet


    I started my wife on a synergistic combination of IVM + (1) Baclofen every 48 hours for 3 days, then followed by the same every 4-5 days, 12 weeks thus far…

    BTW, she’s the non-addictive type, absolutely abhors taking *any* medication, always has 😉

    The effect was not subtle, in fact it is nothing short of a miracle.

    Where her UC was slowly getting worse from MAY 2018 until NOV 2022, she now is returning to almost normal bowel movements with -0- blood…

    It’s a crime against humanity that IVM was demonized so the pharma mafioso could make billion$, but of course you already know this.

    When we went through Omnicon last July, I was the only one that used IVM (wife was afraid, because she watches Lame Stream Media occassionally, MIL & BIL were out of the question) ~ I was the first one that recovered & was able to go shopping for groceries…

    In fact, after I took my first dose of IVM the fever I developed immediately broke (day 2) * it never came back.

    What the F#CK is wrong with U.S. healthcare, are they *THAT* afraid to go against diktats issued from the top down (cert revocation) that they actually don’t care what happens to “their” patients?

    Anyways, all the best.



    Kiss goodbye to the Brazilians –




    Ya know people are capable of amazing feats of bravery and realization.

    Why is not realizing your being systematically genocided one of them.


    John Day

    About South Africa “falling” (unsure of meaning), CIA fingered Nelson Mandela for arrest in 1963, gave his travel plans, and had Mandela and ANC on “terrorist” list until 2008.

    John Day

    VP Gary wrote: “What the F#CK is wrong with U.S. healthcare, are they *THAT* afraid to go against diktats issued from the top down (cert revocation) that they actually don’t care what happens to “their” patients?”

    Homelessness and auto-repossession are what most people face without income.
    I had long foreseen hard times coming.
    Jenny remains employed as a school librarian.

    John Day

    @VP: The “habit forming” nature of Baclofen is not psychological, but physiological, completely independent of personality. It is a sedative, which the body gets used to. Removing it produces hyper-arousal in the affected neuromuscular systems. “Taper, don’t stop”, is the traditional wisdom.


    Cannot see. Cannot hear. Cannot speak.

    A cognitive test – ability to think and reason is gone – limited thinking ability..

    Russia rebuilt Mariupol in just months.

    Yesterday, Ukraine started shelling it again.

    People chose peace.

    Zelensky choses hate, ruins, power, destruction
    • NATO Is De Facto At War With Russia – Kremlin (RT)

    Time for people to act, – quiet quitting, immigration, vote, justice, stop the lies
    sanctions, bullying is shunning

    Why try to fool the irrelevant powerless sheep?
    The truth has been labeled as mis-misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, intellectually dishonest
    What if Hersh published is true? Which would be embarrassing, to say the least, because Biden and Company have spent every day since February 7 denying that Hersh’s revelations are true. In other words, they claim he made it all up – which means, according to them, that he did not publish classified information.
    Therefore, he cannot be guilty of any crime.



    The consequences of the Covid Genocide©, as it will be historically remembered, will be like an avalanche.

    No, not the cold kind.


    Doc Robinson

    Feb 23 photo from site of Ohio train fire. Looks like they put some fresh gravel on the tracks.

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