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    Do these people ever consider this perhaps helps Trump? The Man’s on Fire!   • Bitcoin Steadies But Set For Worst Weekly Slide Since 2015 (BBG) •
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    V. Arnold

    I refuse to further address, by name, the man in the U.S., parading around as the president elect; he isn’t.
    I also thank the gods “that” woman isn’t president; quite a dilema, no?
    Schizophrenic seems the present operational mode for Usians’; a very untenable condition, IMO.
    Financial seatbelts remain buckled…
    A hideous magazine cover, I might add…



    V. Arnold, when my daughter doesn’t want to get dressed I grab another pair of her leggings and ask her which one she likes better. Works every time. Her excuse is she’s two 🙂



    It seems that lots of scare stories are falling by the wayside.

    “Professor Noad estimates more than 30,000 humpbacks alone will migrate northwards up the coast this year, roughly matching peak historical numbers.”

    “In the early1980s, they’d think it was a big day if they saw six or seven whales” in a 10-hour day of watching, he said. “These days, the average number is about 150 whales and some days up to 200.”

    It is rather ironic that this should happen just when Greenpeace gave up their attempts to prevent Japanese whalers.

    Sea Shepherd permanently abandons Antarctic whaling face-off over Japanese military fears

    The “Sea Shepherd” was based near where we live in Williamstown. I have not seen it for years. The Japanese however get lambasted for killing a tiny fraction of the stock.

    Japan kills 333 whales in annual Antarctic hunt, flouting international laws

    Another piece of good news is that penguins are doing quite well.

    ‘Marked And Steady Increase’
    In Modern Penguin Abundance

    Funny how good news never seems to reach the BBC’s Mr Attenborough.

    When penguins are in danger of over heating



    I did a little checking on the humpback whale non-story. It appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald – but not in any of the other newspapers owned by Fairfax Media: The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Canberra Times, The Sun-Herald, Brisbane Times, WA Today etc. No mention in the usual international media suspects: The Guardian, NYT, BBC etc.

    The government-owned ABC also “missed out” on it. But they have plenty of space on their home page for How Hitler used heroin and methamphetamines to fuel the Third Reich

    Oh well, I guess I am just an unreformed conspiracy theorist. 🙂


    Dr. D

    Do they? You tell me. Almost all Democrats hated DJT so much they overwhelmingly voted to continue illegal warrantless wiretapping run by the Trump administration, while the DoJ and like agencies blow off more subpoenas than Tony Montana blows coke? The few real Progressives have finally cottoned on to how the Party system is a scam on them too. Heavens! Did you know the Democratic party has been giving only lip service to Progressives and the Democratic base, unions, environmentalists, workers, pacifists, anti-trusts, consumer protection and campaign finance advocates and enforcers of business law? It’s only been 30 years, whatever gave you that idea? Now don’t quote me on this, but it’s even been rumored that there was election tampering in the party primaries, you know, by the DNC legal team under affidavit, in court, where they said, “Sure we rigged the California primary, but that’s not illegal, even though the FEC and our business charter demands it.”

    …Anyhoo, all that to say Progressives and the few remaining Democrats suspect the DNC is already throwing the 2018 election rather than run ANY — even one — Progressive person or policy, because they might win. Economics, helping the working man, their former base: nope. What nothing they have is to give money to corporations for training and more corporate tax breaks, both GOP policies. Jobs program? Nope. Living wage? Over our dead body. Antiwar? What are you, a Ruskie? Legalized Marijuana, already done by 28 states and supported by 70% of the people across party lines? A winning issue, one that poaches Independents and gets people to the less-voted midterms? Might be popular, we have to stay away from it.

    So…do their policies, their pursuits, their headlines help a man they claim to be a threat to mothers, kittens, the Free World and life on this planet? You tell me. ‘Cause if they actually thought he was even a tiny, wee bit bad, why would they enthusiastically reauthorize what is effectively unlimited, dictatorial secret-state powers and do everything they can to avoid recapturing those voters in Wisconsin? #Winning



    A bullying culture can develop in any context in which humans interact with each other. This includes school, family, the workplace,[10] home, and neighborhoods and politics.

    Psychologist Roy Baumeister asserts that people who are prone to abusive behavior tend to have inflated but fragile egos. Because they think too highly of themselves, they are frequently offended by the criticisms and lack of deference of other people, and react to this disrespect with violence and insults

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