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    Salvador Dalí Living still life 1956   • Poison Spiders at the Center of the Web (Kunstler) • Signs Of A New World Order Are Becoming Increasingl
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    Formerly T-Bear

    A word on Israeli “Right to Defend Themselves”, from what?, from whom?

    Children’s dreams while huddled under blankets, in the winter’s cold, in the powerless dark, thirsty from lack of drinkable water, and stomaches shrunken from nothing much to eat; dreaming of having a normal life in-which to grow and develop into healthy beings.

    How about the dreams of youngsters having dreams of caged birds, of the freedoms to travel, to explore other lands and their peoples, to experience normal relations with others without fear,

    The dreams of their parents of the safety that their children will return uninjured, un-arrested, un-jailed and alive. That they themselves may have the freedom, the liberty to move freely as they may wish. And that they do not outlive their children.

    Israel and its controlling elite Zionists have indeed much to fear from the astral plane where this resistance to their rule takes place. But no fact in evidence exists to support the inhuman atrocities they are visiting upon the innocent civilians can justify the mindless rage that exists in their sick minds alone.

    Families sheltering in power darkened , unheated homes, in bed under blanket, shivering from the winter’s cold, starving, sick from drinking either salty or unsafe, unpotable water and without medications apparently are those existentially threatening Israel that require 2000 lb. American and British bombs to be dropped on them in the middle of the night for the ‘security’ of a 75 year old untreated national paranoia.

    Those supporting the deeds of Israel are a culpable as Israelis themselves. Those in positions of responsibility to say “No!” to government and military policy that violates legal conventions governing military contact down to the pilots dropping their ordinance on sleeping populations must all pay the final price for their failures to exercise civility and humanity. Israel has become evil incarnate under their Zionist rulers.

    Formerly T-Bear

    From RT:

    One of the lead developers of the Russian Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine, Boris Naroditsky, has died at the age of 82, the chief researcher of the Gamaleya Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Center, Anatoly Altstein, announced on Thursday.

    In August 2020, the Sputnik-V Covid-19 vaccine was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin as one of the first to be developed in the world. Since then, the jab, which has shown up to 97.8% efficacy with no serious adverse events, has inoculated millions of people in the nearly 70 countries that have approved its use, including Argentina, India, Serbia, Hungary, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

    Certainly don’t hear much about a real vaccine these days; wonder why. RIP with gratitude.


    Formerly T-Bear, the Zionist rulers must be seen as completely insane. They believe they live by killing. They believe that killing women, children, doctors, the elderly is courageous and the embodied acts of the righteous.
    They are shadow people who laugh like the sound of empty rusted soup cans filled with rocks.
    I shudder to imagine a mind so capable of separation and disassociation.

    Arrogance is of the ego and the ego shrieks in madness fear and carnage.


    The Persistence of Memory – Dali, 1931

    Insanity – The pursuit of stasis within an entropic system.
    Insanity manifests as the willingness to destroy life to maintain the present.

    Profit from that? Questionable

    Formerly T-Bear

    Oxymoron @ 150303

    I wonder who is more insane, the Zionist or those who listen and believe what they hear. Shadow people, aka shades (a ghost of) image of their humanity. Israel has jumped the shark insofar as favourable repute allows. Ban all Isreli diplomats from the UN, dismiss Israel from the UN and all other international organisations (As easy as banning and sanctioning Russia even). The moral bed that is made is what the world will sleep in for generations.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr D should have appeared by now with the daily tract.


    Recognition of one’s personal brutality is the key that opens the door to the terror of the unknown.

    as Ray Stevens sang, “Don’t look Ethel”
    “I hollered, “Don’t look, Ethel!” But it was too late. She’d already been mooned
    Flashed her right there in front of the shock absorbers” -The Streak, 1973 – released 1974


    Elon’s culture comment about immigration destroying a country’s culture if it’s unlimited.

    It like stating the obvious, “water is wet”, “grass is green”, “politicians are corrupt”

    It shouldn’t be news, it’s a function of how distorted and perverted public debate and consensus has devolved into.

    AfD Bundestag Member Vows To Deport Foreigners From Germany “By The Millions”.

    Germany is noticing.

    Deporting illegals should be easy.

    Put a bounty on them. Other illegals will rat them out for the money.


    Duh’mericans can’t pay their every day bills cause of inflation.

    Identifying illegal immigrants could be a GDP cottage industry income booster.

    And as far as destroying culture, some countries still value and treasure their cultures.

    Others want to destroy it out of self hatred and a deep loathing of their meaningless lives.



    Others want to destroy their cultures for fun.



    Not to minimize the horrible behavior and suffering occurring in so many places around the world right now, but I had a question…

    It seems to me that when an empire peaks and then loses its ‘reserve currency’ status (hegemonic) there is normally great upheaval and violence and bloodshed. Would it be fair to say that Britain did not seem to suffer this fate as the world transitioned from them to the the United Stares because they became a ‘special partner’ with the US?

    I’m just perplexed looking at their (“our”?) behavior, in so many ways, at this moment in time and this is all I can come up with…(though I know some feel that London is really ‘running the show’, too.) America + Britain, joined at the hip and ‘fighting’ to the last?

    Given the behaviors of the West at this moment it’s difficult to not believe that the underlying financial structures are far, far weaker than we are led to believe. It occurs to me that Raul (and Nicole) long ago transitioned from focus on the energy (The Oil Drum) to finance because finance was a better look/signifier into future ‘behavior’ of systems.

    (Professors Hudson and Desai’s conversations over at Yves site seem particularly on point, too)


    Others just want to destroy Humanity in general, not just specific cultures, depopulation for a best future of Feudalism



    The Limeys are Eastern Europe in the Cold War now

    Choke on it!










    Dr. D

    “The core issue is that changing political mores have established the systematic promotion of the unqualified and sidelining of the competent.”

    It’s called “Corruption” and it’s the opposite of Meritocracy. Of course they want this, someone always does, because otherwise they would have to work hard and be good at things. Produce something useful. The opposite of meritocracy is to pay yourself for being useless and contributing nothing, taking in fact. TO each according to their need, and their need is infinite.

    “Dr. @RealBenCarson,”

    Who is this white guy? Is he doing blackface? We all know all Black people are required by law to vote Biden, or else they’re not Black. Biden has them removed, as he is the Decider, the arbiter of all black people and culture. He’s like a “Master” of some sort and set up some markets in Libya for it.

    “A complete mad man is using the War Powers Act against Yemen with F-22 Jets and Tomahawk missiles. Why?”

    …To hit a camel in the butt. Yemen has been at war for like 10 years. They DGAF. It’s got to be literally the funniest thing to them to have us use a million dollar missile to blow up a $10,000 house. I can keep this up all day!

    ““..the US and UK have so far delivered 73 strikes on Yemen..”

    My bad: they hit seventy-THREE camels in the butt. $73,000,000.00 for $7,000 of camel.

    “• Signs of A New World Order Are Becoming Increasingly Obvious (Bordachev)

    That means we’re winning everywhere. Them winning is when we don’t notice anything and follow orders because it’s all obvious and inevitable. You don’t have to TELL people when you’re actually in power, they just obey. WE win when people ask questions, make decisions and find out for themselves. And that’s messy. That means they’ll disagree. “If everybody’s thinking the same thing, nobody’s thinking.” As in, “The Science is Settled.” That means it’s not Science.

    “• UK Pledges Largest Military Aid Package To Ukraine Yet (RT)

    Hahahahaha! …But it ain’t London. It was D.C. the whole time! I laugh because without us, Britain is 1/10th the size and twice as poor. So if $200B did LITERALLY NOTHING and that’s BEFORE Russia mobilized and doubled production, how’s it going now? I mean if you want to keep it up until you get nuked, I’ll just stay over here and watch.

    Again: EXPOSURE. “The only enemy is #Truth”. When London is exposed for being the only progenitor of the Fourth Crimean War, basically the only one against Russia for 200 years running, then the Truth comes out about them, and about history. There’s a reason that’s their core enemy. When it comes out, they’re losing, they lost.

    “Sunak said in an address from the Ukrainian capital. “The UK will not falter. We will stand with Ukraine in their darkest hours”

    Whoever this guy is, I don’t think the people of Britain are down for losing a million Britons themselves in the effort, do you? And worse than that part: it STILL would make no difference. It would be truly, shockingly embarrassing, like, for the ages. The U.S., NATO, and U.K. COMBINED make no difference, but London is going to go it alone at like 100:1 smaller. Okay man. You’re like the Girl Scouts who all peed their pants in solidarity in “Troop Zero”.

    “• British Troops In Ukraine Would Be ‘Declaration Of War’ – Medvedev (RT)

    Now that they’ve cut us out, Russia can turn up the war substantially. Being belligerent or nuking London is like nuking Finland. Sure some people would be cross, but meh, what can ya do? Besides, they don’t mean to nuke them for fact, they just need them to GET THE MESSAGE. The British Empire runs from Dover to Newcastle, and not much of that either as they’re running a color revolution on their own people to discredit and topple their own government. #Winning! The Government is weak and divided! You win! And they will comply for why?

    “• Zelensky Plays ‘Pensioners Will Die’ Card In Bid To Unlock US Aid (RT)

    You’re seriously kidding, right? Is he aware they are not U.S. Citizens? You already got free health care for three years, which is more than American have had in 250.

    More than 20 Ukrainians have died while trying to escape the country since the start of the conflict with Russia, The Times newspaper reported”

    Much, much better off dying this way. For one thing your chances are far higher.

    “• Bill to Seize Russian Assets Bound to Deepen De-Dollarization (Sp.)

    Still doing this, and I can only pray they do it, but it would have to pass GOP Congress. Either normal, or as part of this Reality-TV puppet show they have running, it wouldn’t make sense. But whatever. Marvel has a 75 year old grandma beat up the Universe’s most violent brawler because “She really wants to” so what do I know about what they would buy in a actor’s script? Reality is our only enemy. It has dissolved into the Feelz and as you can tell, everyone is much, much happier now.

    “• Polish President Revolts Against New Government (RT)

    Trying to follow as all inside baseball and so many countries but
    He’s demonstrating that they may be “Conservatives” who were arrested – and probably out of line – but “conservatives” like Lindsay Graham. That is, TWO fake parties, neither of which is real or has anything to do with the people. So. Shocked. Hope and Change, Poland!

    …In other news, however, NeoCons are making pip-squeeks that “Russia is attacking Poland.” Uh-huh. So that’s your next play huh? What happened to attacking the nuke plant and them shelling themselves? Did that not play? So they (London) need to get Poland under complete control (With Tusk, EU-head and basically an American, having been here so long) before they try something this radical. I’m sure Moscow will be Completely. Surprised.

    “Did Clarke actually admit that the invasion of America under Joe Biden was a deliberate ploy for votes?”

    Of course they do. They admit it all the time for years. But the Republicans are afraid the Democrats might get mad at them. We wouldn’t want to say something naughty. Mommy knows best. Republicans do whatever Mommy says.

    “WEF Declares “Disinformation” to be the World’s Greatest Threat (Turley)

    Well s—t, they’d better disband then. Aren’t these the guys saying Marburg is an epidemic and everywhere? I mean, don’t you see it all the time where you are, people keeling over in the streets like during Covid? We saw how that worked out in the chart of “January of 2022”.

    Homeless in tents, healthier than ever! They’re getting bubonic plague, but there’s no medical concern for that. Compared to Covid at 0.06%, Plague is perfectly safe! We actually did LESS cleanup and MORE poop and MORE unchecked medical immigrants!

    Amazing. If some wit were to make up a “California Snake” stereotype, like AI, that’s exactly what they would draw.

    B.C. Pride. …I’m beginning to suspect a trend. …Especially when this is exactly what happened when I was a little boy. Creepy gay men are creepy, and sad panda is sad.

    Frog: Yes, Britain sure took some knocks, but they back-merged with the “Lions of Tarsus” in their collapse and kept the worst off. But that means we’re merged with Britain. I mean, look at our policies! Is there a single policy where London and us disagree? Wot a coincidence! That can only mean London is politically correct 100% of the time! No wonder we’re the same! You can track this with the “Jilted Jealously” o-meter, especially with France. Like the 1970’s (after the Op “British Invasion”) Disco, and “Freedom Fries.” So. Dumb. Probably with Germany too, but they use the “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi” card for that one. So. Dumb. The abusive shrew. But hey, if we’re just going to sit around and fall for it, I guess they really ARE the master race and we deserve it, eh? Party on Wayne.

    Dr D Rich

    Russia v The Ukraine goes on.

    Regarding G. Lira, is one time I’d absolutely love to hear from S. Ritter…hear him explain the (((source))) of his impunity and indemnity as opposed to his buddy’s lack thereof.


    Why …
    Control the Narrative
    Next step, ???
    Control the Complexity/Everything

    Taiwan president-elect Lai to face China’s ire after victory
    Story by By Ben Blanchard

    During the campaign, Lai said he would stick to President Tsai’s path of proffering talks with China and maintaining peace and the status quo, while also pledging to defend the island and reiterating only its people can decide the island’s future.
    ‘Biden Violating Article I of the Constitution by carrying out airstrikes in Yemen without congressional approval.
    • Poison Spiders at the Center of the Web (Kunstler)

    (Hmmm… can’t reach this took too long to respond)

    we can do anything we want to you and you can’t do anything about it. . . and we can rub your faces in it, too, ho ho. . . and then empty a bed pan over your head in case you’re not feeling sufficiently impotent and humiliated. And the purpose of all that is their hope to foment some act of genuine violent resistance against the blob to justify further lawless persecution of the blob’s enemies. They’re really hoping to set off a civil war to justify martial law in order to ensure a free and fair election.
    • Signs Of A New World Order Are Becoming Increasingly Obvious (Bordachev)

    However, as the crisis of the liberal world order deepened, the influence and role of the BRICS group in world affairs gradually increased. First of all, the political significance of the group grew – precisely as a way of signaling an alternative to the Western approach to solving the problems of global development and the broader international agenda. At the same time, the countries of the group still do not formulate strategies that could be seen as a direct challenge to the West or that reflect a vision of an ‘ideal’ world order comparable in clarity to that of the West. This is an inevitable consequence of the lack of hegemony of a single power in the group, which does not prevent the emergence of common interests, but deprives it of the possibility of setting goals and objectives, the fulfillment of which requires the submission of all to the same leadership.
    • Erdogan Accuses US, UK Of Trying To Turn Red Sea Into ‘Sea Of Blood’ (TASS)

    “..the US and UK have so far delivered 73 strikes on Yemen..”

    • Biden Admin Deployed Air Force Team To Israel To Assist With Targets (IC)

    “U.S. Gen. Pat Ryder insisted that the special operations forces deployed to Israel to advise on hostage rescue were “not participating in [Israel Defense Forces] target development.”

    World Economic Forum Declares “Disinformation” to be the World’s Greatest Threat

    • WEF Declares “Disinformation” to be the World’s Greatest Threat (Turley)

    the only hope for humanity is censorship and speech controls.
    The Global Risks Report 2024

    The Global Risks Report 2024 presents the findings
    of the Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS),
    which captures insights from nearly 1,500 global
    experts. The report analyses global risks through
    three time frames to support decision-makers in
    balancing current crises and longer-term priorities.



    Open Doors Kick…

    Promoting ‘diversity’ as exemplified and vaguely discussed in the last thread, i.e. hiking ppl of ‘color’ or ‘xyz disadvantaged’ (gay, disabled, trans-gender, etc.) is simply a means for those in power to put forward underlings who will do their bidding 100%, without question.

    Racism / anti-gay in France is a HUGE topic of concern and justifies a lot …Don’t get me onto *Attal* as PM in F..

    The result, a completely ‘fake’ ‘Gvmt’ and ‘Associative Society’ (applies to F..) where many important posts are occupied by ‘stooges’ who are under ‘orders’ – aka kindly formulated suggestions – which are carried out without question.

    The stooges are often genuinely really impressed, star-struck, and adore their masters, some can’t believe their good luck, others rapidly adopt an arrogant attitude — the former are preffered by the PTB.

    In the US, from far off, it seems that white men are particularly targeted, being demeaned, cancelled, imprisoned. The ‘revanchard’ mentality may account for some of that, but basically, imho, ppl are being manipulated by those in power, the divide-to-conquer strategy reaching an alarming apogee, stridency and actioning of levers to spread suspicion, hate, and the ‘norms’ one must adhere to as a ‘proper person’ going thru the roof.

    > Objecting makes one a Nazi, a white supremacist, a terrorist, a Muslim radical, a Marxist, a Communist, a laughable clue-less retrograde idiot stuck in past epochs, a woman who doesn’t stand by other women, a person who wants to undermine democracy, etc. etc.

    D Benton Smith

    Why is there not more coverage on the Lloyd Austin unannounced disappearance debacle?

    The “shore stories” attempting to deflect public attention from the SERIOIUSNESS of the screw up are pathetically inadequate (and change from day to day anyway so why even bother listening to them?).

    For example, we are told that Austin’s deputy (Kathleen Hicks) covered his duties in his absence BUT did not know (for two whole days) why her boss was off duty. WHAT?! How could she possibly not know? Her position of authority is so powerful, crucial and highly placed that it is literally her JOB to know EVERYTHING. I guess she just wasn’t very curious about the unexplained disappearance the guy in charge of all of the defenses of the world’s largest military, during a time of war.

    That’s a pretty serious lack of curiosity.

    Apparently that lack of curiosity stretches’ to include pretty much every media and information source in the world, INCLUDING the so-called Alternative Media.

    What’s going on here, folks? Has everybody got a slight case of brain death?


    Violent explosions rock US occupation base in Syria

    On 11 January, the Pentagon announced that 130 attacks have targeted its bases in Iraq and Syria since October.

    According to the correspondent, the attack “destroyed the base and its surroundings.

    American air defenses tried to confront the missile attack with their ground and air anti-aircraft weapons, to no avail … the American occupation army’s air force and helicopters, in the meantime, began flying over the skies of the towns surrounding its bases” in the oilfields of Conoco and Al-Omar.


    The Yemeni Armed Forces released a statement on 12 January condemning the US-British attack on the country and announcing the deaths of several of its troops.
    “The US-British enemy, as part of its support for the continued Israeli crime in Gaza, launched a brutal aggression against the Republic of Yemen with seventy-three raids, targeting the capital, Sanaa, and the governorates of Hodeidah, Taiz, Hajjah, and Saada. The raids led to the death of five martyrs and the injury of six others from our armed forces.”

    The attack will “not go unpunished or unanswered,” the Armed Forces added.

    “The US and British enemy bears full responsibility for this criminal aggression … [We] will not hesitate to all target all threats and all hostile targets on land and sea in defense of Yemen.”

    The statement vowed that no US or British attack is capable of deterring Yemen “from its position of supporting and standing with the oppressed Palestinian people.”

    Sanaa’s forces will continue to attack ships linked to Israel or bound for Israeli ports, the statement confirmed.


    Dali – Living Still Life
    Hey, wait a minute, that looks like a head of Romanesque broccoli!
    I never noticed that before.


    @D Benton Smith

    “Why is there not more coverage on the Lloyd Austin unannounced disappearance debacle?..”


    “US Decided To Have War With Iran! Act 1: Setting The Stage To Play The Victim.” (????)


    In the video there is a reference to an article in the New York Times called “Houthis vow to retaliate as White House seeks to contain Mideast war”.

    Pascal Lottaz (the host of “Neytrality Studies”) explains why he thinks the strikes on Yemen is the 1st stage of the coming war against Iran. LLoyd Austin is in hospital and the neocons are seeing their chance of escalating the war(s) in the Middle East.

    Posted by: WMG | Jan 13 2024


    Yesterday I listened to a Black Mountain video of retired colonel Valadimir Trukhan (army staff officer?). One of the moderators provide “short” translations as best as he could. I suspect much info was lost in translation. With my poor hearing I also missed much/liiely misinterpreted too.

    Most of Ukraine’s USSR Air defenses were destroyed in first 2 months of the SMO by Russia. All remaining Ukrainian air defense missile systems are now located around big cities to protect military industry. Most of these are US-NATO air defense systems, many of these are no longer used by NATO. The newer air defense systems are all manned by NATO personnel.

    S-300 missiles need to be updated every 10 years or so. This might explain S-300 launch failures hitting so many buildings in Ukrainian cities.

    Russia’s 3 line defensive lines were designed to require 100 tanks to breech first line, then another 500 tanks to breech the second and third lines. So 600 tanks in all. (We know no tanks reached the first line as all were killed in the grey zone.) These defenses placed where Russians wanted to break opponent.

    Russian logistics have included upgrading roads/railways to within 10 km of front lines. (We know Russian logistics are good since Ukrainian soldiers complain about the Russians having everything they need while Ukrainian soldiers have nothing.)

    Most NATO supplied equipment to Ukraine can not be repaired behind the front lines and must be shipped back to NATO for repairs, creating logistic nightmares. Most Russian military equipment can be repaired behind the front lines and quickly returned to service. Only badly damaged equipment is returned to factory for repairs.

    NATO strategy is focused on using air power/missiles rather than ground troops. NATO tries to find a weak spot and attack there. Russia focuses on ground troops/artillery/air defense.

    Currently there are no assault operations in cities as casualties would be too high. He pointed to Gaza City as an example why. Also no big arrow movements as casualties would be too high, like in first 2 months of SMO. Also commanders are under no time pressure to help keep casualties down. Can retreat to keep casualties down.

    NATO/msm propaganda very useful to Russian military (like in not so dumb farmer looking dumb?).

    A brand new Russian army being formed in St. Petersburg area. (Wonder why?)

    Goal is to degrade Ukrainian capabilities and break front line (not sure what “break” means – guess we will find out over time).

    I am sure I have forgotten most of topics covered!


    I have also seen billboards in AZ, some in English, some in Spanish, that promote healthy fatherhood, sponsored by a government entity. (I don’t recall which government entity. I think it belonged to the AZ state.)
    Stop having is (no doubt,) an elitest funded nonprofit.
    I cannot read Hungarian, so I cannot determine who sponsored that billboard.

    My family has not contributed to the US trend of voluntary population reduction. My parents had 4 children, and collectively my sibs and I have contributed 18 grandchildren. At least half of the grandkids never received the deceptive Covid inoculation, and of those, 6 have never had any vaccine of any sort. I have 3 kids, which provides population replacement for myself and my ex, and we can say that the third is a bonus and makes up for my childless current spouse.

    Of my siblings, the sister with the strongest marriage has the most kids. I, with the worst marriage (it ended,) have the fewest kids. In a world where birth control is easy to obtain, there is a certain logic to this outcome. (Obviously, this is anecdotal.)


    the escalation is meant to prevent escalation. – John Kirby


    The U.S. armada trashing itself, it is also helping the Houthis achieve its goals of closing down shipping to Israel through the Red Sea.



    I suspect CIA thought their Houthis pals would target all ships not just Jewish ships. So the Pentagon was forced to bomb Houthis to force more ships heading to Europe via Suez Canal to now reroute around Africa.

    Expect trouble in Moldova any day now.

    The deep state doesn’t give up easily do they.


    Hi WES

    I cannot think of a better way for the elites to increase the price of oil/everything on our trip down to the stone age and to reduce our “pollution”.

    Dr. D

    The Plan is the The Plan. We never give up on The Plan.

    Like good minions, we wouldn’t know what else to do if we did!

    Veracious Poet

    Why We Can’t Have Nice Things aka AmeriKa is burning:

    The core issue is that changing political mores have established the systematic promotion of the unqualified and sidelining of the competent.

    (see Dysgenics)

    Without a *core* populace Unified in Spiritual Sanity the inevitable path/destination of secular human de-evolution is/was *always* collapse via corruption.

    The current generation of We The People has totally withdrawn, here’s their theme song:

    While “thinkers” engaged in political circular mental disturbances full of self-centered, hubris-obsessed verbosity, The West’s foundation (which was gifted to us by the The Enlightenment), rotted away until there’s no there “there”, no-thing remaining to restore/rebuild, which anyone with a shred of “sanity” could readily ID, in fact many of us not otherwise *insane* have/are being PAINFULLY drawn & quartered for just noticing the wakingUniParty *nightmare*, how dare us question the loyal imperial electorate!

    The GlobalCap Empire has been at this for a long, LONG time, at this point given the success of the COVID PsyOp, all “humanity” waiting for is the deplorables’ coup de grâce

    Venerunt, Viderunt, Vicerunt, Morimur.

    Veracious Poet

    “A complete mad man is using the War Powers Act against Yemen with F-22 Jets and Tomahawk missiles. Why?”

    Psss…you could have rescinded i.e. ROLLED-BACK the War Powers Act established by FDR in 1933, why didn’t you?

    (A) You’re a narcissistic elitist moron, too busy telling everyone how great! you are to have a *clue* about truly *important* real realities, that you COULD have remedied in 2017-2020?

    (B) You’re actually just an actor, in this case a heel, meant to appease the unwashed masses back into submission?

    So which is it Donald?

    Unfortunately given my experiences with the situation, I’m choosing door #1 🙄



    Almost all developed countries not just in the West but SE Asia don’t have replacement birth numbers.

    Easy access to birth control and various degrees of abortion assure nobody has to have an unwanted baby. (still do but they’re stupid and selfish)

    Also a higher degree of women having equal rights and especially equal access to education and the perks of a well paying career and retirement pension alleviate the need for children to care for you in old age.

    Polls Ive seen asking younger women in these well off countries if they want to have children have come up with as much as 40% of women NOTwanting children.

    The 60% who do don’t necessarily actually fulfill their wish. No stable partner, medical issues or sterility knock that sixty percent down even further and having more than 2 kids is expensive, even more so now with runaway inflation striking western economies. So of the women who actually want children, probably less than 50% do and on average have barely 2 kids.

    Having healthy kids when 1 in 50 is autistic and having to give the child 80-90+ vaccines just to attend horseshit public schools is a disincentive to say the least.

    Covid will further increase miscarriages, birth defects and sterility.

    I’m old fashion and still believe only real biological women can give birth.

    So relatively equal rights and equal opportunity for women seems to naturally give rise to a sub replacement number.

    General prosperity naturally yields less kids as a cultural phenomenon.


    It’s baked into the cake.

    Countries like Hungary and Russia are actively promoting family formation using extra benefits and opportunities for young families and women. Ad aimed at young men are also in the works.

    Look at Duh’merica.

    Tucker Carlson just had Alex Berenson on talking about wanting to do a story on why so many young men globally are showing a distinct lack of interest in even having sex much less committing to long term marriage with a women and kids.

    An entire generation of kids with so much student debt they have the equivalent of a mortgage with no house and no prospects of saving for one.

    The cost of living crushes them with everyday living expense inflation.

    Snowflake Soyboys living in their parents cellars only surfacing for Ramen noodle runs and cases of Red Bull aren’t dating or marriage material.

    Full body tattooed fluorescent haired facially pierced emotionally deformed young women are not either.

    So illegal immigrants don’t have those hangup, they will breed like rabbits for a couple generations until they too succumb to Modernity and general prosperity.

    I’m glad I’m old and saw a basically sane and normal world for the better part of my life.

    Mayor of NYC scraping off motto from the Statue of Liberty



    New Motto for the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation



    I love a nice landscape to help me relax


    Veracious Poet

    Clark County Today:

    Mission Accomplished!


    “An entire generation of kids with so much student debt they have the equivalent of a mortgage with no house and no prospects of saving for one.”


    An entire generation of kids with so much student debt they each/both have the equivalent of a mortgage with no house and no prospects of saving and car payments with no cars to go to work. The fortunate couple have a “mommy basement” to live in and a “grandfathered gas car” or an evbike.

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