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    Pablo Picasso Blue nude 1902   • Year of the Dragon: Silk Roads, BRICS Roads, Sino-Roads (Pepe Escobar) • Troubling Questions in Strange Case of
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    Anyways… feels weird posting this here but whatever.


    So I’m just wondering: how did Lira’s genius idea to broadcast his intentions to flee Ukraine help his plans?


    Vivek. BUSTED.

    RFK Jr – Zionist warmonger
    Vivek – Banker’s Bitch.

    Not a lot of good options. I feel a revolution brewing.

    V. Arnold

    When a pack of rabid dogs roams through neighborhoods; you kill them without a moments hesitation…
    You either get it or you don’t…
    Israel is out of control…………….

    Dr. D

    I actually read the headline as “Lloyd Austin’s Remains have been hospitalized. Hiding His Condition.”

    “Austin’s deputy (Kathleen Hicks) covered his duties in his absence BUT did not know (for two whole days) why her boss was off duty.”

    Repeat that: Hicks was covering for him so it’s good. Hicks: “I had no idea I was covering for him.” That’s not “good”. That’s AWOL, he abandoned his post and not passively, but actively. Sure he might not have know he was going ICU, but he DID know he was going OR and anesthesia. He was “Off” that day. Okay, fine. Then like the Drive-Thru clerk at Taco Bell, he gave his shift to someone. Or he’s fired like any Taco Bell waiter, right?

    “It seems utterly bizarre that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was absent from duty for several weeks without President Joe Biden or Congress knowing about it.”

    Doesn’t seem very likely, does it? Or if it is, clearly you’re not doing anything and are not necessary and you’re fired. And BIDEN says we’re at war. Blinken and others say there’s a world war happening in the Middle East. We also have wars – they are telling us – in Africa, Taiwan, etc. And Austin is like “It seems quiet: this is fine.”

    “This week, the United States and its British ally carried out over 100 cruise missile strikes against Yemen,”

    And Lloyd Austin had no idea. Maybe he knew and liked it, or maybe had no idea. Maybe he would have opposed it.

    “”It Just Sort Of Appeared” – Fauci Comes Clean Over ‘Science-less’ Six-Foot-Distancing Rule

    People did this, but no SPECIFIC person did this. Collectivism. There are no such thing as individual actions or choices. When you are an alien insect hive mind this makes sense to you. Also why you can’t break the hypnosis. “WE” all decided, “WE” all KNOW. (How do you know?) Does not compute. It would require an individual thinking to run that software. When the question is put to them it causes nothing and it just a frustration and annoyance. Am I getting close?

    No, legally, a bunch of legal individuals can discern the time and place where this first appeared OFFICIALLY, in print as an action, and not just talk in a break room that has no legal force and as lose discussion we all can and should do.

    “FBI Stonewalls over Seth Rich Laptop Production

    Timing. We have Biden, the war, the economy, the hyperinflation, Israel, and the exposure of London all lined up for a specific day. Along with Assange. But we have to keep it warm in the news after the 199 years we’ve all known about it.

    “Democrats Bring Bill to Prohibit Armed Citizen Militias

    Translation: this is “Anyone with a gun” who “Talks to anyone else.” Newsflash, the LEGALITY of guns in 2A is specifically to aid the LEGALITY of Militias. We wouldn’t have made a law to insure illegal groups got them, that would make no sense. ““A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State...” Sounds like they are a necessary social good.

    Wide National cold. It’s Global Warming! We need Global Communism Now! Cold = Warm and Weather = Give me Power. …To psychopaths. You can hear this kind of ranting in psych wards worldwide. “I have a pen in my pocket too, that means I’m the Doctor!” No sir, you came in with no pajama bottoms and one shoe. You are not the Doctor. “The Existence of weather means I’m the King!!!” No, sir, you are not the king, that’s not what cold weather means.

    Lira: I find this disturbing. What was it about Lira that made the aggregate not organize and pressure for him they way they did for Assange? They like him less? He was a little more a pain in the -ss? Does that justify our failure and to assist his murder? I can feel that in myself too, but I tried to bring it up a regular number of times to keep him in the eye. The disturbing part is, he was very much less in trouble and wildly easier to force them to release. But the Internet aggregate didn’t. That is: all us.

    Dmitri: what was your plan? What was he supposed to do? It’s nice to say so from your couch, or like us, claim he must be protected from somewhere for some reason which is why he could posting like this, but …apparently not? We were all wrong, do we pay reparations to give his life back? We’re risking nothing but being critics and cranks. Do we set up a “Failure Fund: We Sucked” to support his kids?

    “the assault on our freedoms has created a “dream team” of courageous rebels willing to speak out”

    Yes, and I mean this is necessary and good, but can we arrest somebody already, Chris Farley? If WE are the country, then WE need to be trained for this and re-mediated up to speed to behaving like tireless citizens again. Yes. But the arrests still need to occur.

    Well, Wisconsin just “decided.” They said, hey, “we have budgets, U-W. Pick one: pay raises for yourself, or DEI.” Guess which one they picked and in their hearts truly believe in? Like all PMCs, they picked ME. That EXTRA mocho soy latte and not Black People so they claim. Which of course is good for everyone and saves Wisconsin from becoming a brainless anti-meritocracy like the other states. It was put in with organization and effort, so like the arrests, it needs to be step by step undone with organization and intent.

    Fanni: yes, what premise does a State case have with White House lawyers? It would be prosecuted by the State, under State laws and jurisdictions. What would the Federal Attorneys (we are presuming the best motives here) have to offer and add? That makes no sense on its face, but you would have to have some baseline to comprehend it. Literally the American public has no idea there are levels of jurisdiction, distinct State and Federal courts, or even how many states we have. It’s a wash of “Some guy over there” is a “Judge” and has the power to hassle me. I don’t really know who he is or how nor will I find out although if he were a bear over there hassling me, you can bet I would. This is a bit hazy, but you can understand news stories and some of the amazing things they get away with through this lens.

    Who is the CDC, a corporation-funded advisory body? “That some guy over there” who can “Hassle me.” Does he have any legal AUTHORITY to hassle you? A: Whut? Yeah, man: sic one government on the other government. If the City cops are hassling you, sic the State Cops on them. If the EPA is hassling you, sic the Code Cops on them. If the Prosecutor is hassling you, hassle them back with filings.

    They live in a simple world where there are only “people in my face” and “People I ignore.” If they get in your face, they simply assume the authority exists therefore. So all of “Them” are the same. They’re not. They never are.

    Quaid, Grid Down: He says Obama wanted to harden the grid slightly as a start. So let’s give him due credit for that. He did it via executive order, so it can’t persist, it didn’t get done, etc. But due credit.

    Three World Wars” again, this doesn’t have to be “Real” in the real-real sense. We only need to know that it EXISTS this long. It doesn’t have to be written by Italian Communist to a Confederate General and Mason. Once IT EXISTS, we can point to it as a potential Plan, the way a bank robber might see a movie on bank robberies with airplane escapes and goes: “That’s a great idea.” Now it MIGHT also be literally true. But that’s not the necessary part. Like the book about the Titanic sinking 10 years before exists, and the Premise of Die Hard to steal the gold and diamonds from the vault before blowing the building EXISTS before 2001. …And someone read it and said “I can use that.”

    “3.68 billion Chinese trips by rail in 2023”

    And Amtrak had 3,680 successful trips by rail. All the rest were unsuccessful.

    ““The Hague won’t stop us – Netanyahu..”

    Yup, we have rulings all the time…and no one follows them. Then we do NOT have rulings…and everybody DOES follow them. Like calling the police on mask-avoiders. And what law is this? What’s the prosecution and punishment? We make it up! Oh so you CAN arrest and make up anything if you want to. Okay, so why not on Illegal child-traffickers and Mayor Barry?

    So they are wonderfully wasting time and effort here, for a possible but unlikely ruling, that then no humans anywhere will enforce. Boy: great use of time. You wonder why we produce all this stuff and everyone’s poor: we just lose 90% in sheer waste like this.

    “Italy, Spain, and France have refused” Together. Versus “Washington and London carried out late-night strikes” Together. Anglos are merged. Europe is merged. “We have always created war with Eurasia” Okay, so the Anglos are “Merged” what are New Zealand and Ohio getting out of it? Oh, so it’s LONDON is DIRECTING the whole crew, and Ohio doesn’t get any benefit or say.

    “• CIA Providing Intel On Hamas Leaders To Israel – NYT (RT)

    Meaning the Anglos and Israel are merged. (this does not preclude Isr. merging with Europe) What does “Merged” mean? Is Home Depot “Merged” with Sainsbury’s? Is the PTA of Charleston “Merged” with Bristol? How about the governments? Is “Parliament” merged with “Congress”? No. But the CIA and MI6 are. THEY can be said to be such co-equals aligned as they can be said to be “merged”. Or the equal infiltration into…say, Iran’s secret service or someone unexpected. Maybe Mexico, where they protect the Cartels in defiance of the government. WE are not “merged”: THEY are. We are fighting the merger. One-world.

    “I’ve stood up against the persecutions against Trump, and I’ve defended him at every step.”

    This is what people wanted and expected from Desantis, but DeSantis has “Merged” with them and Hillary and Nuland.

    We always said the Derp State are morons: they should run a guy who looks like Trump and says all the right things. I guess we found out what would happen. …Or more probably happens NOW, now that we’ve all seen it for years.

    Can’t say they’re “Supportive” of Ramaswamy, but they give him air. That’s PRECISELY what happened with Ron Paul, etc, what they removed from him, so they know exactly to do this already. Now Luongo doesn’t say this specifically, but he calls BlackRock as the EU-Davos crew. They are essentially Anti-America. He is WEF “Young Leader”. And Tom points out or tracks that the EU/London are presenting 100% Indians right now. For whatever reason, probably India is a big place, the nationality is neutral, unlike Russian or Israeli, and London is completely merged there as a recruiting grounds for the WEF and globalists. I don’t think it’s more than that, we got a statistical bulge right now as all the Brits are partisan, they all have pro-British baggage, so when you air-drop in an Indian as PM, it’s clean of these complications. And with Haley, (Indian) Kamala (Indian), Google (Indian), Ramaswamy (Indian).

    But that’s not my thing. If they want to shatter the Overton window and THEY can make him say these things, fine: I’ll laugh and let them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think Ramaswamy is a puppet, or is so weak or young they, these others, are dead-certain he can be brought to heel as a puppet on command. Certainly Bernie was in 30 seconds and he should know better.

    “• Judge Berates Lawyers for ‘Inadvertently’ Disclosing Epstein Victim Names |(Sp.)

    The judge was so mad that then he did nothing and there were no consequences. Hey, if you add risk or cause actual harm, is that a suing/criminal case? Asking a lawyer about a lawyer, for another lawyer. Nobody knewd nothin’.

    “only to later admit to being in possession of Rich’s personal and work computers, along with other items. As if it wasn’t suspicious enough that the FBI is stonewalling on information related to a ‘mugging gone wrong.’

    Why is the FBI in a local city mugging? Again, above, it’s not “All them over theres” they have specific jurisdictions and duties. They have no idea if they own it or not? Okay, you’re all fired for breach of FOIA, and/or criminal charges for obstruction. They have it and were told to produce, but then they told the judge, “Nah, I don’t feel like it.”

    Tasmanian Tiger: now there’s something they probably could clone and exist, because there’s still appropriate habitat for them. Wouldn’t that have solved the rabbit problem?


    “Dmitri: what was your plan? What was he supposed to do? It’s nice to say so from your couch, or like us, claim he must be protected from somewhere for some reason which is why he could posting like this, but …apparently not? We were all wrong, do we pay reparations to give his life back? We’re risking nothing but being critics and cranks. Do we set up a “Failure Fund: We Sucked” to support his kids?”

    In hindsight would he have a better chance to flee Ukraine if he tried that after his first arrest without the accompanying fanfare?

    I know I’m talking from my couch but aren’t we all? I know I’m just a crank but I thought then and I think now that broadcasting his intentions was not in his best interest.

    Sometimes you just have to go under the radar and flee. Maybe he would be arrested. But maybe not. We will never know.


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    Good Day V. Arnold, i hope the day has found you well.


    To add to zerosum who linked to Pascal L. blog, Neutrality Studies, prev. thread,

    Debt Rattle January 13 2024

    who wrote: Pascal Lottaz (the host of “Neutrality Studies”) explains why he thinks the strikes on Yemen is the 1st stage of the coming war against Iran. LLoyd Austin is in hospital and the neocons are seeing their chance of escalating the war(s) in the Middle East.

    Alexander Mercouris sees an “inevitable escalation” pointing to a US attack on Iran, in the same vein.

    The Duran, see after 1.11,

    Pascal L., another vid:

    ICJ-Case is HOPELESS for Israel. But Technicalities Might Save It After All. .. is well worth a watch.

    The question has always been, will the US relinquish, maybe in part only, its hegemony, assumed, global dominating superpower status, in some reasonable, “downplaying”, negotiating, way, or will it just blast on and use nukes destroying much of the world, once it is forced to admit its own vision of itself no longer holds?




    STATS on the “Big Three”

    ShitFacedbook slowly suffocating in it’s own irrelevance

    Instagramps slowly succumbing to dementia with it’s micro contracting attention span.





    Putin organizing farmer protests in Germany


    The Vivek-Obama twitter is funny. Reprising Obama didn’t work for Pete Buttigieg and I doubt it will work for Vivek. Thinking about Vivek as the new Pete Buttigieg is lol.


    Survival tips for the Year of the Dragon

    Duh’merica© is gonna need all the help it can get……


    The Empire of Lies has a huge population of “crayon munchers”

    Never go hungry



    Epstein Pedo Paradise

    All the ‘Players’ in one spot, should nuked it


    Meanwhile, back in Ukronaziland, the corpse that won’t quit…….

    The TOS-1 system is ‘soul snatching” Ukronazi trenches as Russian spotters watch in awe

    Amazingly accurate strikes right down a hedge row on the steppes where the Wehrmacht Uber-soldiers perished 80 years ago, in another 4th turning.


    It’s really just Uni-party morons as far as the eye can see but still, not complete total brain dead quite yet….

    Americans Identifying As Democrats Hits Record Low.

    (however the same number of Duh’mericans identify as Rethugligans!)


    Gallup 2023 average: Do you consider yourself a Republican or a Democrat? (with Indie leaners)

    Republican: 45%
    Democrat: 43%

    Best numbers for GOP since 1991

    Without leaners:

    43% identified as independents, tying 2014 record

    27% identify as Democrats (record low)


    Dr D Rich

    Dimitri, are you a member of the ‘Commentariat’?

    During his Federal Lockup in Loretto PA a few miles from me, John Kirakou CIA didn’t die as G.Lira died at the Ukraine Federal Lockup under the authority of Volod Zelensky, CIA Bill Burns, Kathleen Hicks Deputy of Lloyd Austin and the direct encouragement of Scott Ritter.

    Scott Ritter didn’t die under almost simultaneous circumstances at SCI Somerset Pa (a few miles from me also) as John Kirakou didn’t die at Loretto a few dozen miles from Ritter in Somerset.

    Does anyone know if G.Lira was Catholic? Catholics often (like back here in western Pennsylvania) were/are welcome to worship in Orthodox churches which presents a more likely angle for Zelensky’s manifest disdain and direct responsibility for G.Lira’s demise?

    Collectivism as deflection appears to be the bastard stepsibling of collective punishment.

    Lira’s father fought for his son


    Remembering… Namibia condemns Germany for defending Israel in ICJ genocide case.

    The Namibia presidency slams Germany for failing to draw lessons from its own genocide against Namibian people in the early 20th century.


    “The Herero and Namaqua genocide (or the Herero and Nama genocide) was a campaign of ethnic extermination and collective punishment which was waged against the Herero (Ovaherero) and the Nama in German South West Africa (now Namibia) by the German Empire. It was the first genocide to begin in the 20th century,[5][6][7] occurring between 1904 and 1908.”


    MAYBE ya’ll will forgive me for THIS one


    Lloyd ‘Affirmtive DEI” Austin never controlled anything, much less the DOD.

    He’s a place holder, a Big Black Buttplug for the NeoConJob Cabal.


    As a lampshade finial his ‘job’ is to be the face of Diversity.


    That’s it.

    And he finally failed at even that pitiful little low IQ task.

    They can’t let him off the Hook until they can get Claudine Gay to “fill his shoes”, (yewww! with what?)

    She needs a new DEI showcase for her abundant ‘talents’. Lying is always in high demand in DC.

    Or maybe a “Woman Becomes First Openly Gay General” to fill the shoes?


    The ‘gay’ thing is yesterdays fish.

    Maybe a black transsexual vegan will cut the mustard.

    The DoD is a DoDo


    Fly Away DoDo, Fly Away


    “Man up” his been replaced in Duh’merica with “Meme up”



    Just for the fun of it- a “to tell the truth” gameshow episode (74- 1914). from may of 1974.
    It’s about investing, and it felt like backward déjà vu.
    (19.30 minutes, with skippable inserts.)

    Dr. D

    Duran, which is now the three Alexanders? Or there are days there are?

    This is rough because like all theirs it goes on, yet about every 15 minutes there’s some big thing that’s really important to know, no one’s mentioned before or only in history class. Fit it in at the gym.

    Armstrong says ” Britain Ready to Send Troops to Die for Ukraine ”

    Britain Ready to Send Troops to Die for Ukraine

    Did I miss this, or is it still only implied? He’s saying there were further, direct agreements just now. (and that they had their Indian water boy do it.) If so, that’s not surprising but not good, and Armstrong is not a Joker. Like me, he says they need the war as their plans are: 40 year hard currency > Swap to total fiat (summer war) ; 40 year Fiat currency, fails > Total winter war. They do this to HIDE what and why, not that they especially care which side wins. If Hitler won, they’d be thrilled since that would have unified Europe under the same EU Reich they have now.

    Look at it from their timescale, Hitler would have been more extreme: THEN, but got watered down. The EU started watered down, but is now more extreme than Hitler, NOW. No? They displaced several million people, erased 20 borders, and started a world war with Russia. What part of “Not extreme” would that be? How is that different from Feurer’s Progressive, caring, motherhood, New Age party and their Progressive New Age flag symbol (complete with New Age channelers and occult) We see thing through the lens of our time, as the Duran Guest does. He’s like “The CIA was IN Chechnya, and called it the “Long, soft underbelly” and said they wanted to chop up Russia, and started a war, but it’s not like, you know, the were there, REALLY.”

    Tell me: what does it feel like to be so naive after all these years? And the Russians to came — say to London — just haaappened to be Chechnyan, and haaaappened to be in the mob, and so haaaaappened to not get busted, and then haaaaappened to ship all their mob money and arms back to Chechnya. Movies of the 90s and 2000s comment on how all the mob in London is all Chechnyan. But it’s all organic resistance, cause we set up all those MI6/CIA stations there, but nobody knew what we were doing!

    What they were DOING, was DIRECTING the Chechnyan Mob to be the CIA resistance to crush Russia. THat’s why nobody Haaaaappened to arrest them, but only during that specific window. Just because it’s not on the payroll doesn’t mean it’s not a CIA Op. My. God. Read a Clancy book or something. I mean, it’s in the f’ing “Godfather,” although that was the origianl Beta case where it was the original Italian Mafia, and the bankers were Vatican, not London.

    Yup: All those Chechnian mobsters moved their money via adidas gear and gold chains. Never used no London banks, HSBC. THey left it for HSBC to buy jumbo jets for Mexican Drug cartels, but not no Russkies!

    Anyway, after these long years, and for really, really slow people like me, we can now see the program (and he also mentions this without insight) : We didn’t LET Saudi Arabia fund and spread violent, Wahaabism, what we would later know as Islamic Terrorism(TM). Saudi Arabia didn’t haaaaaappen to let it. The CIA Derp State was planning and setting the ground for their next world war, and who (which moron patsies) would fight it. …Like without it going immediately nuclear, like when Essex invades Grozny with heavy arms in the Third Crimean War. No no no: besides, then Brits would die, it’s bad for optics, and there aren’t enough of them.

    So therefore, the merged CIA/MI6 State directs their Merged Saudi State, to SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON RELIGION and extremism, and we’ll help. Not only not STOP you, actively do everything except pay for it. And so, as we see in their Fascist State Coming Out Party Quinceañera at 911 — with fireworks! They ALREADY KNEW what it all was, ALREADY KNEW where they were headed, and everyone commented at the time with General Wesley (?) saying “These are the five nations in order” on YouTube.

    You see how that was headed, where it’s headed now, and how both Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS are now WELL KNOWN, WORLDWIDE, as being exclusive CIA/MI6 Ops. but we didn’t know that at the time. Look at all the locations they were activated, and the goals and outcomes of each, from Africa to F-Stan to Chechnya, and now they are all dead — so sad!!! — as they “Activated” each and all of them in one last gasp in Syria, and bought them all expensive plane tickets, millions in shipping fees for billions in arms, and not a penny went through any London banks! It’s a miracle! They put it in coffee cans and moved it on donkeys with Juan Valdez!

    So thanks to them, Russia is STRONGER, as everyone has been identified, exported, and killed. Thanks Nuland, Kagan (I think).

    And so now we’re in THIS war, but you see, THIS war is NOT a made-up pre-planned put on, no: that was all the OTHER wars until now. “This time it’s different”. This is the real, genuine, “Civilizational” war of Good vs Evil.

    Anyway, again, the level of naive of this “Expert” is truly breathtaking, but he reminded me of all these pieces since 912, first suspected, then confirmed, then enlarged to 100 countries. But one of the problem I realize is, I was very young, and nobody told me the truth since I was 5. So that’s a lot of remedial classes to catch up on. And so everybody else, I’m sure, try to be generous to them. No doubt there’s some new “We invented out of our head and paid for” “Islamic Trrists!” “Goldberg!” “Global Warming!” “Supremacy!!!” and this week “10 Foot Aliens!! They’re in MIAMI!!!”

    Uh huh. Sure they are. Show me one. And show me the head of the DoD while you’re at it.


    The Duran

    Russian Economy Expands, Industrial Surge

    Putin announces Russia is turning away from being an energy giant to an Industrial giant.

    With TWELVE TIME ZONES of resources AND all the energy those new industrial factories could ever wish for.

    And Pepe commented that the Chinese city on the Russian east border, Manzhouli, will officially be one of the Top 10 cities in China by design of the Chinese central government.

    Russian industry is going great guns.

    Eurotardistan, without the cheap Master Resource of fossil fuel, will become a quaint Theme Park celebrating the has-been days of the West.

    No energy resources, no natural resources.

    Not even something vaguely useful, not even a gas station masquerading as a country!


    Don’t cry for me Deutschland!

    And the Slam Dunk for Russia is coming up when the Empire of Lies illegally seizes $300 billion in Russian assets and Russia goes to the rest of the countries in the world and says ‘your assets are next’ for the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation to steal.

    NYT Headline:

    Hundreds of Planes Are Stranded in Russia. They May Never Be Recovered.

    Western airline companies that own the planes face little prospect of getting them back, meaning billions of dollars in losses.

    That just one Collective West asset Russia can seize to even up the score!

    Figmund Sreud

    ICJ-Case is HOPELESS for Israel. But Technicalities Might Save It After All.

    That, currently, is a secondary issue, … or none issue in fact!

    For as long as Russia continues to tolerate ( … read: support Israel covertly!), Israel is safe doing what it is doing: … exterminating Palestinians, regardless of court’s ruling! Qualifier, though: … as long as Iran is not overtly attacked by Israel or the U.S. and/or “coalition of the willing”.

    But, if Iran is attacked, directly, the situation will change immediately and drastically. Conflict will expand rapidly and gravely, …

    … fwiw,


    John Day

    @Oxymoron: Not afraid to activate “Comments” are you?

    The Rapper 🙂





    Not the same women as Pablo Picasso’s Blue nude


    No. 6 is the Crayon Muncher BLUE


    John Day

    Killing Gonzalo Lira’s Voice

    For the past few years Gonzalo Lira was podcasting from Ukraine about COVID bioweapons, US government policy under Trump, and Biden, Victoria Nuland, build up to the Ukraine war, then life in Kharkiv (Kharkov), Ukraine. He was jailed and released, then jailed much longer, beaten, tortured, and released for a month before trial. He was tracked and watched, as the Ukrainian SBU wanted to see who their “Russian spy” contacted, then he was picked up trying to cross into Hungary last summer, imprisoned, and finally died of longstanding, untreated pneumonia in prison a few days ago. The US government was “aware”, and never took any action to benefit Lira, presumably because he was like Julian Assange to them, but snarkier. We start with an overview of his journalism, offensive to the Ukraine and US governments.
    RIP Gonzalo Lira
    They Kill Journalists, Don’t They? Ukraine does not only kill the Russians as the “best investment” for the Cabal; it also removes unpleasant witnesses for us.

    Gonzalo did podcasts sometimes with Dima at Military Summary Channel, and contacted Dima last July,]seeking a way out of Ukraine. Dima spends the first 12 minutes telling the story. New Details About The Death Of Gonzalo | Missile Strike. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.1.13

    Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis lays out the context:
    The bottom line here is, and this has to be clear to all of us: If a nation is in an existential war, there will certainly be no hostile-minded journalism, blogging, etc., within this nation. I mean in no nation of the world. Not in the USA, not in Europe, not in Asia, nowhere. Don’t get me wrong; this is not my opinion or what I wish. Certainly not, as I blog as well! This is how processes are designed to not let any factor undermine the military efforts.
    If you go back to WW2 and research how Western countries dealt with enemy citizens and journalists during the war, this is exactly how it would be nowadays as well. If you ask today’s authorities whether it would be this way, they would immediately deny it.

    John Day

    Simplicius, US Launches Strikes on Yemen, and Other Updates
    Well, the big news is now that Biden has for the first time publicly signaled his support for finally using those mythical seized Russian funds:
    These are the $300B foreign exchange reserves that Russia had sitting in European banks. But experts have warned such an illegal seizure would open up the pandora’s box that would be the final undoing of the dollar. These are sovereign wealth funds. That means they are the money of the Russian central bank. And as we all know, no matter what happens between the ‘mice and men’ of governments and their peons, central banks exist on a higher plane of order. They are a class unto themselves, to an extent. And when ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’, the schemes of central bankers can never deviate. For a central bank to seize the sovereign wealth fund of another major central bank is akin to two of the largest crime families in a major Godfather film declaring war on each other…
    ..Will they actually do it? I still contend not. I believe it is the same desperate blather and they will remain too fearful to pull the trigger, using it merely as another measure to pump wind in Ukraine’s sails and offer hollow and ephemeral ‘hope’. But this is one of the last resorts currently being discussed.
    Ultimately remember that Russia has the same amount of assets it can seize from the West, so the ‘exchange’, were it to happen, would be nothing more than the West illegally robbing its own people of $300B which they could not legally convince their populace to give them for Ukraine…
    ..In the last report we learned about Russia adapting RBK-500 cluster munitions, now we have full confirmation they are also using 1500kg Fabs as well as even ODAB-1500 thermobarics. Today Shoigu visited the UMPK assembly line, giving us a rare firsthand look at some of the innovations being done in real time: [embedded video] …
    ..Unfortunately, despite these advances, Russian troops are not in too much better a position. Ukraine’s own drone mastery is soaring to new heights and Russian vehicles are being overwhelmed by them on almost every front when going on assault…
    ..US apparently took losses and is now trying to cover them up after Ansar Allah forces claimed to have downed a US plane as well as hit a ship [2 US sailors are missing.] The “plane” was at least in part corroborated, though it appeared to be a heavy-class drone…
    ..Both Tesla and Volvo announced a total cessation of production due to supply disruption problems..

    Complex Systems Won’t Survive the Competence Crisis
    The core issue is that changing political mores have established the systematic promotion of the unqualified and sidelining of the competent.
    Elon Musk recently shared this Palladium Magazine article on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter. This article by Harold Robertson was originally published at Palladium Magazine on June 1, 2023.
    ..Whereas publicly-traded corporations nearly uniformly push diversity, privately-held businesses vary tremendously based on the views of their owners. Partnerships such as the Big Four accounting firms and top-tier management consultancies are high-status. High-status firms must regularly proclaim extensive support for diversity. While the firms tend to be highly selective, partnerships whose leadership is overwhelmingly white and male have generally capitulated to the zeitgeist and are cutting standards to hit targets. Firms often manage around this by hiring for diversity and then putting diversity hires into roles where they are the least likely to damage the firm or the brand. Somewhat counterintuitively, firms with diverse founders are often highly meritocratic, as the structure harnesses the founder’s desire to make money and shields them from criticism on diversity issues.
    The most notable example of a diverse meritocracy is Vista Equity Partners, the large private equity firm founded by Robert F. Smith, America’s wealthiest black man. Robert F. Smith is one of the most vocal advocates for and philanthropists to historically black U.S. colleges and universities. It would be reasonable to expect Vista to prioritize diversity over competency in its portfolio companies. However, Vista has instead been profiled for giving all portfolio company management teams the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test and ruthlessly culling low-performers. Given the amount of value to be created by promoting the best people into leadership roles of their portfolio companies, one might imagine this to be low-hanging fruit for the rest of private equity, yet Vista is an outlier. Why Vista can apply the CCAT without a public outcry is obvious.

    World Economic Forum declares “Disinformation” to be World’s Greatest Threat.
    ​ “1,490 experts across academia, business, government, the international community and civil society” looked at all of the world’s military, economic, and environmental threats and concluded that the greatest threat to humanity is too much free speech.

    World Economic Forum Declares “Disinformation” to be the World’s Greatest Threat

    Timofey Bordachev, Programme Director of the Valdai Club , Here’s why the signs of a new world order are becoming increasingly obvious
    The majority of the world is no longer willing to accept Western diktat. That heralds a revolution.
    ​ Never before has the injustice shown to the interests of the majority of the world’s countries been so effectively offset by the benefits that have accrued to virtually everyone from globalization. One might even say that the state of affairs known to us as the liberal world order was, in its nature and content, a transitional phase between the absolute tyranny of the European empires of the 19th century and the new international order that is only now emerging. And it is coming to pass precisely as a response to the inevitable process of the emergence of a multitude of sovereign states.​..
    ..BRICS was undoubtedly the main phenomenon in international politics in 2023. The decision to expand in August 2023 makes it a community of large and medium-sized states in 2024. What is important is how BRICS, with its new membership and evolving partnerships with other powers, will move towards its main objective in the global economy – to provide a safety net to keep globalization afloat at a time when its former leaders in the West can no longer fully perform these functions. Creating alternative financial mechanisms and limiting the monopoly position of the US dollar are no longer seen as ways to destroy the old world order, but as necessary tools to prevent the global economy from falling into chaos.

    John Day

    Millions of Yemenis take part in mass rallies to condemn US-UK aggression

    Kremlin: US and British strikes on Yemen are illegitimate
    The Kremlin on Friday condemned the United States and the United Kingdom for military strikes against Yemen.
    “From the point of view of international law, they are illegitimate,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked about the strikes on Friday.
    “We condemn them,” he told reporters, when asked to comment on the strikes. “They are illegitimate under international law. This is our position,” Peskov added.
    He pointed out that the UN Security Council had earlier passed a US-drafted resolution condemning attacks in the Red Sea by the Yemeni Armed forces and demanding an immediate end to them. Eleven UN Security Council members voted for the document, while four countries, including Russia, abstained.
    “We abstained. The countries that carried out the attack sought to justify their actions as lawful. However, they failed because the resolution adopted does not grant anyone the right to carry out strikes,” the Kremlin spokesman stressed.

    Erdogan slams US, British strikes on Yemen [Notably bland protest, though.]
    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday slammed the US and British strikes on Yemen.
    The US and UK have used disproportionate force in Yemen, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.
    Speaking to reporters after performing Friday prayers in Istanbul, Erdogan criticized the attacks on Yemen by the US and UK.
    “All of these actions involve the use of disproportionate force. Israel is also using disproportionate force in Palestine,” he said.
    “We receive information from various sources that the Houthis have made a very successful defense, provided a successful response, against both the US and the UK,” he said.

    All UK, US interests in region are legitimate targets: Yemeni Council
    UK and US presence in the Red Sea violates International Law, and the Republic of Yemen is responsible for dealing with it appropriately.–us-interests-in-region-are-legitimate-targets–yemen

    John Day

    War on Gaza: Israel blames Hamas for 23,000 Palestinian deaths at ICJ
    Israel’s legal representatives argue that there is ‘no genocide’ taking place in Gaza and deny Israel bombed hospitals

    Genocide Experts Discount Israeli Legal Arguments
    Faced with a detailed documentation of statements made by top-level Israeli officials about their intent to “destroy” Gaza residents and “flatten” the enclave, legal experts observed that attorneys representing Israel on Friday at the International Court of Justice appeared to simply ignore the mounting evidence that the government is committing a genocide.
    Thomas MacManus, a state crime lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, said the ICJ, which has held two hearings this week regarding South Africa’s complaint accusing Israel of genocidal violence and intent in Gaza since it began its bombardment in October, likely noticed a “massive disconnect” between Israel’s claim that it is trying to protect civilian lives with the reality on the ground.

    Genocide Experts Discount Israeli Legal Arguments

    South Africa: Israel failed to respond to our genocide evidence
    South Africa’s Justice Minister Ronald Lamola, who is leading the South African delegation to The Hague, said that Israel has failed to respond to the evidence presented against it for committing genocide in Gaza.
    Ronald Lamola emphasized his country’s commitment to legal facts and the evidence presented.
    He added that Tel Aviv seems unable to condemn the actions of its soldiers, stressing that the statements of its officials cannot be ignored.

    Directly complicit in specific acts of genocidal targeting of Palestinian civilians?
    Guidance for officers deployed to Israel appears to show the U.S. military providing intelligence for airstrikes in Gaza.
    “I’ve directed my team to share intelligence and deploy additional experts from across the United States government to consult with and advise the Israeli counterparts on hostage recovery efforts,” said President Joe Biden three days after the Hamas attack.
    But several weeks later, on November 21, the U.S. Air Force issued deployment guidelinesOpens in a new tab for officers, including intelligence engagement officers, headed to Israel. Experts say that a team of targeting officers like this would be used to provide satellite intelligence to the Israelis for the purpose of offensive targeting…
    ..Past presidents have issued several executive orders banning the U.S. government from carrying out or sponsoring assassinations abroad. This ban has been interpreted to include wartime targeting of civilians, according to a recent Foreign Affairs article by Brian Finucane, a former legal adviser for the State Department who now works for Crisis Group.
    And the so-called Leahy law, a set of budget amendments named for Sen. Patrick Leahy, requires the U.S. government to vet foreign military units for “gross violations of human rights” when providing training or aid to those units. Several progressive members of Congress have raised concerns that U.S. aid to Israel — both before and during the present war — violates that requirement.
    “For air advisory missions, which I imagine involve intelligence sharing and training, specific domestic legal restrictions such as the Leahy law and the assassination ban would likely come into play,” McBrien said. But the Leahy vetting process is “reversed” for Israel; rather than vetting Israeli military units beforehand, the U.S. State Department sends aid and then waits for reports of violations…

    Biden Admin Deployed Air Force Team to Israel to Assist With Targets, Document Suggests

    Israeli army ordered mass Hannibal Directive on 7 Oct: Media
    An investigation from Israel’s leading newspaper indicates Israel deliberately killed many of its own civilians and soldiers during Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood to prevent them being taken captive back to Gaza
    The Hebrew edition of the paper (Yedioth Ahronoth) wrote on 11 January that “one of the revelations revealed in the investigation is that at noon on October 7, the IDF [Israeli army] ordered all of its combat units in practice to use the ‘Hannibal Procedure’ although without clearly mentioning this explicitly by name.”
    The order was to stop “at all costs any attempt by Hamas terrorists to return to Gaza, that is, despite the fear that some of them have abductees,” the paper wrote.
    The Times of Israel described how the Hannibal procedure, or directive, “allows soldiers to use potentially massive amounts of force to prevent a soldier from falling into the hands of the enemy. This includes the possibility of endangering the life of the soldier in question in order to prevent his capture.”…
    ..Hamas used the Toyota pick-up trucks and motorcycles with which they entered Israel, as well as cars stolen from the settlements, to take Israeli captives back to Gaza. Some were also taken to Gaza on foot and even in carts pulled by tractors by other Palestinians who crossed into Israel after the Hamas fighters breached the border fence.
    According to Yediot Ahronoth, about a thousand “terrorists and infiltrators” were killed in the area between the settlements and the Gaza Strip.
    But the paper added it is not clear at this time how many of the Israeli abductees were killed due to the activation of the Hannibal directive:
    “In the week after the attack, soldiers of elite units checked about 70 vehicles that were left in the area between the settlements and the Gaza Strip. These are vehicles that did not reach Gaza, because on the way they were shot by a combat helicopter, an anti-tank missile or a tank, and at least in some cases everyone in the vehicle was killed.”
    As journalist Dan Cohen reported, the Israeli military killed Efrat Katz, age 68, as she was being taken from Kibbutz Nir Oz to Gaza on a cart pulled by a tractor on 7 October. Her daughter, Doron Katz-Asher, and two granddaughters, Raz, age 2, and Aviv, age 4, were also in the cart. Doron Katz-Asher later told Israel’s Channel 12 that the Israeli army opened fire on the tractor, injuring her two daughters and killing her mother, Efrat…
    ..80-year-old Carmela Dan and her 12-year-old autistic granddaughter Noya both vanished on the morning of 7 October. The family assumed both were taken captive by Hamas. But two weeks later, Israeli authorities announced their bodies “were found near the border fence,” Foreign Policy reported.
    On 19 October, Carmela’s niece told NBC News, “There was an operation by the Israeli army some days ago at this point to retrieve bodies, and we believe that it took them time to run what we know to be three DNA tests and to identify that it was both of them.”
    In another widely reported case, an Israeli brigadier general, Barak Hiram, acknowledged to the New York Times that he gave an order on 7 October for a tank commander to open fire on a home in Kibbutz Be’eri to kill Hamas fighters, even though 14 Israeli captives were barricaded inside the home as well.

    John Day

    100 days of war in Gaza: Biden fails to achieve basic policy goals
    US efforts to cobble together a plan for post-war Gaza lay bare the contradictory goals the administration has failed to resolve
    The US’s top diplomat came to Israel this week carrying a message from Washington’s regional allies: Israel’s neighbours are prepared to invest in Gaza’s security and reconstruction.
    “But it is essential to them that there also be a clear pathway to the realisation of a Palestinian political state,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.
    By holding out to Israel the carrot of regional buy-in for the post-war fate of Gaza, Blinken seemingly tried to leverage the US’s Arab partners and Turkey to sway Israel in a way that the Biden administration has been unable, or unwilling, to do alone…
    ..”Since 7 October, the US has prioritised above all else Israel’s right to defend itself,” said Brian Katulis, senior fellow and vice president of policy at the Washington-based Middle East Institute. “But most of its other goals are incomplete. “The administration’s weakest link remains reaching some sort of consensus on a Gaza endgame.” …
    ..Biden’s pledge to give Israel the military tools it needs to “finish the job” against Hamas is now followed by a campaign promise that he is “doing all that he can” so Israel can “significantly get out of Gaza”…
    ..US officials defended Biden’s embrace of Israel as a practical way to give the US more leverage to shape Israel’s military campaign and respond to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but little progress has been made on that front…
    ..”Secretary Blinken and President Biden had been right to insist on two things: a reduction in the unacceptable levels of civilian casualties, and much more cooperation when it comes to providing humanitarian assistance,” Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen said after a visit to Egypt’s Rafah crossing into Gaza. “We’ve not seen that,” he said…
    ..US efforts to produce a workable plan for post-war Gaza lay bare the competing and contradictory goals the administration has been unable to resolve at the 100-day mark of the war…
    ..”There is a fundamental difference with Israel over the role of the PA in Gaza. After 100 days, the US still hasn’t been able to square that difference,” David Schenker, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and a previous assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs.
    Further muddying the waters, the PA’s ageing political leaders say they are open to a national unity government that includes some Hamas factions in Gaza…
    ..”There is a tremendous disconnect between the administration and what’s happening globally,” Freeman said. “I think the war has destroyed US credibility abroad. That has real-world consequences when you consider the war in Ukraine and competition with China. Other countries are going to sit these things out.”…
    ..A million Palestinians are crammed into the town of Rafah, on the border with Egypt, where water-borne diseases are spreading and people have been forced to sleep, and defecate, on the street…
    ..Israel was blamed for the recent killing of the deputy political leader of Hamas, Saleh al-Arouri, in a Beirut suburb that is a Hezbollah stronghold. A few days later, Israel assassinated Wissam Tawil, a commander of Hezbollah’s elite Radwan force.
    “The US is stuck in an escalation trap,” Freeman said. “Israel is openly courting an expansion of the war with these assassinations.”…
    ..”The administration is in a better place than they think they are,” James Jeffrey, a former senior US official now at the Washington-based Wilson Center, told MEE.
    Jeffrey said those who believe the US could dictate terms to Israel to end the fighting overestimate the US’s leverage with an ally that has fought three wars with its Arab neighbours and decades of lower-level conflicts with Palestinian fighters since its founding. “If we pull our support from Israel, let me tell you, they will keep fighting. And that’s not because of some plot by Bibi [Netanyahu] to stay in office, that’s because the Israeli public realises that 7 October presented the spectre of an existential crisis to Israel’s future,” he told MEE. [US withdrawal of “support” would be a dream scenario, but the Israeli lobby won’t allow it.]
    He says the US has achieved its goal of giving Israel the space to push its offensive against Hamas while staving off a widening war.
    “Biden is holding his nose against protests about civilian Palestinian casualties because he wants Hamas degraded,” Jeffrey said. “As do our Arab allies, although they can’t say it in public.”

    They might need to “officially” get rid of him if he cannot be made “presentable”. Stories are dropping off; still no picture of the man in 2024.
    Lloyd Austin Remains Hospitalized – And Should Absolutely Be Fired For Hiding Condition

    ​ Pepe Escobar , Year of the Dragon: Silk Roads, BRICS Roads, Sino-Roads
    ​ Taiwan will remain the prime not-yet-engaged battlefield. Roughly, it’s fair to argue that the majority of the population of Taiwan does not want unification; at the same time, they don’t want an American-engineered war.
    ​ They want, essentially, the current status quo. China is not in a hurry: Deng’s master plan pointed to reunification sometime before 2049.
    The Hegemon, on the other hand, is in a tremendous hurry: it’s all about Divide and Rule, all over again, promoting chaos and destabilizing China’s inexorable rise.

    Year of the Dragon: Silk Roads, BRICS Roads, Sino-Roads

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, the “Soft Coup to Hard Tyranny” slide series from her lectures around the world.
    ​ You asked for higher quality versions of my slides and I have complied. Here is my talk today and a few of my remarks. *You need to go to the substack website to see almost all of it*
    I focused on new screenshots from the IHRs to make it easy for everyone to see exactly what is in them, and avoid being fooled by lies from WHO and government officials

    ​Dr. Nass notes more WHO advice for suckers who will “never get an even break”. WHO advice: Keep boosting every 6-12 months

    John Day

    @tboc: I thought Ray Stevens was dead, but I was wrong. I have his greatest hits album in the vinyl stack.
    I sure sang along with “The Streak” a lot of times.


    Every living thing feels loved

    She has very good teeth. I wonder how she managed that in a communist tyranny? Maybe the Brits could learn something in their duh’mocracy.

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