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    Pablo Picasso Portrait of Dora Maar pensive 1937   • China Warns Cities To Cut Reliance On Property, Developers’ Shares Fall (R.) • Chinese Manuf
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Portrait of Dora Maar pensive 1937

    The gods be good; what an exquisite portrait.
    Stunning to say the least…

    Glad to see you pickrd up on Zuesse’s article re: MH-17.
    Quite well done and thorough to boot.
    In the end, it will have zero effect; the west being the west; corrupt to the core…
    It’s why I have so little hope for…

    Dr. D

    Shouldn’t they be happy? Prices have to fall about 75% now to be affordable to young Australians. Sounds like the right direction.

    Shows how far away from reality, and how far from journalism we’ve come NOT because someone was accused or suspected a Congressman for being bought off (it would be a miracle if they weren’t), but that a) McCain can accuse them, offer NO proof, and no paper makes any attempt at follow up. When accusations of this caliber are posted, one or the other man has to die on the field, losing all credibility and career. b) Despite being espianage and treason, no FBI case was opened, and no one cares. c) This journalist, years after that accusation, neither makes any attempt to run down the original material OR prove his own allegations. Him, and Medium, should be on the line, being discredited, sued for libel, and bankrupted if false. But no one, anywhere, least of all the media, care at all about the truth. Neither do advertisers or readers. Why are we still quoting CNN or the Guardian to argue with them? They haven’t printed the truth in years. Will someone please get up to speed?

    Hope is going to come from the U.N. doing the exact same thing that has failed since 1996? Or 1976? Do tell how the U.N. is going to fix all this when the U.S., China, and India are all going to ignore CO2 exchanges and AGW taxes?

    The “Green New Deal” brought up how environmental policy is sold. It starts like this, “Since we have 60 minutes before CO2 reaches a threshold of runaway warming…” No. That’s selling the policy to YOUR people, YOUR party. The other party is not only not going to sign on, they’re going to tune out with the first mention of “CO2” because they don’t believe it. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant for this discussion, it’s not going to convince them to join you. However, they COULD say “How would you like a billion dollar infrastructure, modernization, and infrastructure project that will both create jobs and make us more competitive worldwide?” and sell it in seconds. –BUT THEY WON’T– I have no explanation for this except that they like to fail more than they actually believe the world is ending. Surely, SURELY, if the world were ending they would do whatever they could, even if they only won ½ or ¾ of their target, and had to patronize a bunch of ignorant rednecks with science-denying 6th grade education (their view), because that’s what good, upstanding green adults would do: help the poor and needy get through. Except for now. Now when the world is on the line, we DON’T work with them, don’t compromise or talk, and make sure in the most stringent terms NO laws or projects occur. Because Trump or something, I dunno. What it tells me it either they don’t believe what they say at all, or they hate the people they’re trying to convince so much that they’re using persuasive language like, “what is wrong with you ignorant retards? Pay up!” …Not convincing. Especially not compared to “How would you like a 6-figure income in new high-tech?” So who’s the dummy and who’s the holdout here?

    The world’s top jailer of journalists is still really concerned with the Kashoggi case. ‘Cause, #Freedom, amitrite? Anyway, they offered a video claimed to be the removal of the body from the embassy, finally giving them something like jurisdiction. But if this is the body, where is it? Surely they know since they have the faces of all the people leaving, and ostensibly the body is on Turkish soil. So far the only evidence found has been further confirmation he worked for the Muslim Brotherhood, getting orders from Egypt on what to write for WaPo. Anyone? Bueller?

    Polder Dweller

    I can’t get on with the Zuesse piece even though I want to; it’s just way too badly written.
    The official story stinks, so I am in no doubt that the truth has been buried, but to find out if Zuesse has really discovered the truth I suppose I’ll just have to plough through all his links rather than rely on the text.


    Zuesse is not my fave writer, but in this case I do feel compelled to say that he doesn’t appear to have tried to gather all information in one article, leaving much instead behind links. Given the sheer amount of info that may be the only way of presenting facts, short of writing a book.

    I’ve always said it’s stunning that the Dutch got to lead the investigation given that they were the main victims (I asked Kunstler if he knew of any crime stories where the main victim gets to do that), and it’s equally stunning that Ukraine was an active part of the investigation while it was obvious they were one of the main suspects. Not something you usually see in CSI either.


    But then that whole MH17 story is how Frans Timmermans, then Dutch FM, landed his plush job as Juncker’s protege, and is now in the running to replace Jean-Claude. Timmermans needed barely half a day to accuse Russia, just like Joe Biden did, at a moment in time when nothing at all was clear, let alone had been proven, about the case. Donald Tusk also owes his comfy Brussels job to Putin-bashing.

    Polder Dweller

    Well, we can only hope that spitzenkandidat Timmermans and his ilk get the comeuppance they so richly deserve at the European elections in May.


    • MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven (Zuesse)

    Why have there not been hundreds of lawyers trying to make their fortunes and/or their reputations by going to court?


    I can’t understand the worry about China. If the rest of the world fell off this planet there are enough Chinese to be able to service their own needs and live very well indeed. I don’t think there is only one economic system to apply to everybody and everything but somehow, in the West, we do think that.


    I did my best to try and wade through some of the “links” that Zuesse claims prove Ukraine’s GUILT on the MH17 downing. Once I signed to on to TAE I tried to go back and get some specifics from the article. It appears it has been pulled from strategic-culture. If I were the publisher of the website I would have pulled it as well.

    It’s the worst piece of journalism I can recall coming across in a long time. Most of his links were back to his previous articles on MH17. In totality they amount to so much torturous blather (and yes I mean torturous not tortuous). Hard to believe the man is a native English speaker. I couldn’t find any proof beyond assertion in any of the so called links to proof he presents, and I’ll stipulate it’s a godawful mess to wade through. If I recall correctly (why I wanted to go back to the article), in summation he put the ultimate responsibility for the event on the U.S. I don’t find the official version all that convincing either but he is clearly a person with an ax to grind. I have my suspicions about the downing but they’re likely to remain just that.

    I found Greg Olear’s article to have merit and will buy his book Dirty Rubles. I used to have some respect for Rand Paul but in my observations he has become as duplicitous as Lindsay Graham. Thanks for the article by Olear.

    V. Arnold

    Re: Zuesse’s article:
    I have followed this story from day #1, yes, it’s a bit muddled, but when all is said and done, I’m firmly in the Ukraine did it camp. And Zuesse did get it mostly correct.
    Russia has/had radar data that is irrefutable evidence of the Buk’s origin.
    Anyhoo, not to rehash the whole thing, but, after years of following this, Zuesse’s article wasn’t all that bad, IMO.
    The west did a bang up job making white look black and black white; fuck the west and its lying, imperialist, murdering, propaganda…

    V. Arnold

    I would amend my comment to say, that if one hasn’t followed the MH-17 story from day #1, then yes, Zuesse’s article would be daunting.
    For me, he didn’t add anything I hadn’t already read at some point. Just confirmed a number of sources in trying to put the whole thing into a cogent read.
    Which for the new reader was a fail.

    And the article hasn’t been pulled;
    I just got that link…

    Polder Dweller

    Later in the day I went back to the Zuesse article and read it all the way through. I was a bit hasty in my negative judgement of it, the second half is much clearer.

    I saw a BBC documentary on MH17 from a couple of months after it happened and in it there were several locals (20?) who clearly remembered there being multiple aircraft in the sky at the time. The presenter suggested that these people were delusional or had an agenda before finding just one old woman who said there had been a big explosion going up rather than coming down. That is the right description of a Buk launch the presenter said and so is therefore conclusive evidence that the rebels did it.

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