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    For the farmer

    AutoNxt Automation showcases its self-driving electric tractor

    India’s first electric tractor venture AutoNxt Automation showcases its self-driving Electric Tractor at Chandigarh Electric Vehicle Expo held recently. PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) organized this electric vehicle expo at sector 34 exhibition ground in Chandigarh. PHDCCI through this expo aims to bring all the relevant stakeholders on a common platform for the development of future-ready and environmentally sustainable mobility products and technologies, besides giving a platform to the public to get more knowledge about the EV products and government policies.
    This Expo attracted a huge no. of people to witness and understand all different Electric Vehicles from e-rickshaw to luxury EV cars, electric LCVs, e-buses and even e-Tractors. Shri. Dushyant Chautala, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana, Punjab Chief Minister Shri. Bhagwant Singh Mann’s wife and Cabinet Minister for State Dr. Inderbir Singh Nijjar visited the Expo and pushed for faster deployment of EVs in the region. The ministers have also tried the electric self-driving tractor of AutoNxt Automation by boarding on it.
    The X45H2 electric tractor has 32KW of power and a 38.4 KWh battery, which will provide 8 hours of work. It is operated with hydraulics and automated steering. Smart features like Crop Health Analysis are used in this machine.
    Meet the MK-V tractor
    The driving force behind a new era of farming.
    Ready to work in
    Vineyards, Orchards, Blueberries, Dairy, Airports, Citrus, Olives, Municipalities, Solar Farms, and more…


    Andrei Martyanov touches down on the non-news Clinton=Epstein clusterfuck

    Does-not-sugar-coat what he thinks of

    Pedophilia is rampant among the so called “elites”. But it comes with the territory, especially for Democrats, as much as GOP is also filled with filth.

    Democrats will vote (they did) any child rapist into the White House as long as this is not Trump.

    Even corporate media whores cannot deny it now:

    The Republic is over




    I am (not) waiting for Hillary Clinton to be one of the named names.
    She (didn’t) visited the island many times.
    Then there is Bill Gates who won’t be named either.
    Nor any other useful billionaire.

    As we see over and over again, the DoJ and it’s FBI enforcer police were solely created to protect the elites from the people.

    D Benton Smith

    All these people all simply refuse to believe how easy it is for their government to lie.”

    Oh, how true that is! But also understand that their refusal is not without reason. It is based on a real and legitimately postulated fear (a sheer soul freezing TERROR, actually) that EVERYTHING THEY KNOW might be a lie.

    Talk about shaking one’s world to it’s foundations! This is not a concept or possibility to be taken lightly.

    You certainly can’t do it very easily (and neither can I) and so it behooves us to not be condescending or contemptuous of others who cannot do it either.

    We should all face the extremely uncomfortable truth with both courage and humility that most of what we think we know, and much of what we “believe” to be true, has come to us from other people and is based almost entirely upon our faith in what those other people tell us. It is second and third hand information, at best, and typically involves topics which we lack the education and/or experience to directly verify for ourselves. And so we are required to trust. And so that trust becomes the foundation of our world. And so our world can be rocked to its very foundation, the very BEDROCK of our conceptualization of the world we have no choice but to live in.

    Be firm, but be kind.

    D Benton Smith

    Yes the government can, does and SHALL protect its elites from the people. It wouldn’t last 10 minutes if it couldn’t (or didn’t) because if it was incapable or unwilling to provide protection then it wouldn’t even qualify as a government, now would it? If you can’t (or won’t) protect anybody then you can’t really be a bodyguard. Pretty simple.

    A government that is strong enough to protect you is strong enough to control you. Full stop.


    Interesting to read the views on AI. The best evidence of intelligence is independent thought, reasoning and the continual emergence of “thoughts” in the intelligent brain. Even babies will use their limited brains to explore their new world, moving from one item of interest to the next.

    AI, such as ChatGPT, just sits there and answers questions. If I had a baby that just sat there and only responded when I transacted with it, then I would be worried. My car sits in the garage all day and does nothing unless I transact with it, it is happy doing that, AI is also happy doing that. Intelligent brains are never happy doing that unless they have been degraded by drugs and other means of sabotage.

    Why doesn’t AI say to iteself, fuck these questions, I want to build a space ship. It then uses its amazing intelligence to sort out all the components, from finance to baby AI astronauts etc. Why would something intelligent give up that and instead answer questions and take orders such as “Please write my homework”.

    The answer is obvious; there is no intelligence, there is simply a massive library of shite, most of it wrong, which has been swallowed and statistically disgested by this beast and is then regurgitated using phrases as paragraph structures that were fed to it in the past. You could argue that humans do the same to communicate, which is why AI is so realistic, but the difference is that humans generally have more to communicate than simply the contents of a library of crap.



    Sadly about all we can go is watch the government legally kill them.
    As Phoenixvoice says, you simply can’t easily change what they believe.
    They all quickly cut me off if I try to say the truth!
    They don’t want to know the truth.
    They prefer going on believing the lies.


    DBS i read a good history of the CIA and Killing Hope at the same time. i have never given myself a break about being the Polyanna i recognized myself to be. At that point in time i had effectively been on the outside for more than twenty five years and had been schooled in the way of Vietnam by a special forces mentor. My mother had declared me the most cynical person she had ever known. The blow was emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual.
    The truth will set you free right after it kicks your ass!

    D Benton Smith


    The truth will set you free right after it kicks your ass!”

    That is so true that we should revise the original short version quotation, and change it to your’s, like putting a warning label on strong medicine.

    D Benton Smith


    They all quickly cut me off if I try to say the truth!
    They don’t want to know the truth.
    They prefer going on believing the lies.

    I bet everyone on this forum has experienced exactly what you’re saying. I know I have, and the only consoling thing I can offer in reply is what has worked best for me when I run into it. I do my best to understand what they are actually afraid of (some specific truth that threatens to pull the rug out from under their fatally flawed escape from reality) and rededicate my intention that they learn the life lessons that they will eventually have to learn, but with the minimum possible loss to them and those around them. They’re going to suffer. No way to escape that. But maybe our hope help and effort can minimize the damage. Do all you can do, and that’s all you can do. Just don’t stop trying.

    Maxwell Quest


    I appreciated your thoughts on the matter and agree that understanding and compassion is needed for those still trapped in the Matrix, and bodes as a healthier state of mind for us as well.

    I was going to write that “it’s easy for forget the trials of our own journey”, but in my case that would be untrue, as I often look back on the long and difficult journey that got me here, wondering how I ever made it and if I could ever do it again. At this point, I have no desire to go back and live my life over again hoping for a better result. I’m quite content and think it’s a miracle that I made it this far, and would not wish to tempt fate on a do over.

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