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    Joan Miro The tilled field 1924   • How Congress May Select Our Next President In 2024 (Laura Loomer) • Secretary Of State That Kicked Trump From
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    Netanyahu’s Superstars

    Oh, it’s Netanyahu’s fault … give us a break, have you seen who is doing the killing, who was doing the killing of innocent people even before the latest prison riot. Did you notice that Biden is supporting Netanyahu yet John Oliver supports Biden …. when does the bullshit end? Just accept that the Jewish Israel monstrosity needs to be removed from the planet in its entirety, then you will be talking sense.


    This is what @RobertKennedyJr is trying to accomplish by running as an Independent.

    The Jews already run the USA and RFKjr is the Zionist Terminator – channelling Arnie. RFKjr must have further “talents” that the Jews need, why else would we need Terminator 2. They made the vax, you have to assume they backed RFKjr’s campaign against the vax, priming the monster so that they can impose the will of the few on the Goyim. No change there, they obviously need a stooge to knobble the Trump. Jews for democracy my ass, Jewish democracy is Israel and Gaza.


    The current argument seems to be “Hitler did it, so it is okay for the Jews of Israel to do it”. Okay, taking this one step further; we are equating the Jews of Israel with Hitler, the Jews are arguing that they should be treated the same as Hitler and his Nazis. You see how confusing this gets:
    1. We are victims because of the Holocaust.
    2. We should be allowed to do our own Holocaust because Hitler did it.
    3. You should not treat us as bad people the way you dealt with the Nazis who did their Holocaust.

    Having your cake and eating it; the Jews really are the ultimate psychopathic serial killing animals.

    Dr. D

    Yup, pics again, breaking:

    “Bibi’s Cabinet:”

    Oliver doesn’t have all day to cover everything, but I believe Israel’s additional party here is actually Right-Wing, unlike almost every single person accused of that in America. That is, they are both Conservative, and Pro-State Authoritarians preferring military and violent solutions (among other such definitions). However, what he doesn’t elaborate on is, in a Parliamentary system, why are they there in the first place? Who is voting for them? And they are indeed a fringe party, but if you need to form a coalition, ALL the parties are equally involved, from Left to Right and Center. Any one of them can say “You add them, you lose me.” They didn’t.

    Meaning unlike his suggestion here, they’re not all that far-right to the Israelis. (PS just like how people perceive Hamas in Gaza) Both the people support and elect them (presumably) and all the moderate parties feel they’re not all that extreme, only a little, or they would leave instead. Got it? I know all you world readers with Parliamentary systems get this, but many of us Yanks may not, which is the “lie” in his presentation to us, intentional (probably) or not.

    Rand Paul Donations: Was covered yesterday: (box includes more than one meme)

    Yup, all invisible now! Like SBF’s charges! No multi-billion dollar bribery was involved to the DNC (and others) and certainly not to Ukraine. It’s the greatest invisibility field known to man!


    “” If there are more than two candidates and no one hits 270, that triggers a contingent election..[..] where the House of Representatives selects a president and the Senate selects a vice president.”

    Speaking of we don’t know foreign, parliamentary systems, foreigners may not know our system. …Although why anybody cares or follows our system is a mystery to me. Here, worldwide, people care about and can cite what’s going on with our most arcane (mass media) news and politicians. My God if I didn’t have to follow it as a citizen, you’d never see that out of me. Don’t yo uhave your own problems in Britain and Australia without bothering with Donald Trump?

    Yes, and that’s why they wanted RFK there, as a contingency. I think it’s too complicated now to be the direct plan. It’s so complicated all plans are “many plans” now. However, if Trump has the accident they’re suggesting it will be a two-man race from the same party right? Problem solved!

    “Secretary of State That Kicked Trump from Ballot Wants ‘Better Leaders’ (ZH) “

    There’s nothing you can say about this except they keep finding new ways to be truly shocking and disappear further over the horizon. Less choice = more choice. Just like No Speech = Free Speech. There’s a whole page of legal reasons this is nonsense, another page of moral reasons, both of which will be expanded to encyclopedias of upcoming court testimonies, and no one cares. The Sec herself is in the line of fire, probably will be overruled, and doesn’t care. She stayed her own order, and if Trump is removed he’s 100% certain to be elected via the House process above, and doesn’t care. Half the country who reads it doesn’t care, and as Kunstler said,

    “I’m already liking 2024. Consequence is itching to return to the American scene. Somewhere around 2016, cause and effect got a divorce. After that, things just happened or unhappened with no further orders of effect, like some brute existence without purpose, meaning, or even awareness, except for the feeling of the lash on your back.”

    So no cause, no effect, no consequences, no memory, events and history just unhappen, and we were always at war with Eurasia.

    “Jack Smith: Trump’s Immunity Defense Could Allow President to Murder (JTN) “

    Um, has Jack Smith not seen the last TEN Presidents? Twenty? To Wilson? “Remember the Maine!”? As Jimmy Dore says, “Trump is the first President in my lifetime not to start a new war.” Maybe that was the problem. …That doesn’t mean he didn’t keep the existing wars going though, nor setup the arms and training of Kiev.

    Every President since before Nixon has killed with perfect impunity. Where has he been? Pretty sure that’s before he was born.

    “Liz Cheney destroyed evidence” Duh. That is the PURPOSE of all “investigations”. And all “Special Councils” (also a non-special council, both, neither, aii) like Jack.

    “Immunity for a U.S. president applies to civil liability only and not criminal, the special counsel’s office claimed.”

    More law than anyone can follow. It still hasn’t been settled if he needs to be impeached first, though out of office. He doesn’t try to bring that up because it’s not the point. The point was to wait three years then rush to trial the day of election. They know since J6 was NOT what they planned, the bombing was stopped (where is that DC Bomber???), and everyone knew it was going to happen ahead of time, even Alex Jones said so on TV, and all actions point to Nancy Pelosi, they have essentially no hope of their former plan to take him out with this. But “The Plan” is their God and they go with it anyway, best they can, despite no Insurrection, no guns, no violence, no convictions, 1,000 FBI agents doing it, and no law. “We Make s–t up!”

    “Israel’s lebensraum master plan for Gaza, borrowed from the Nazi’s depopulation of Jewish ghettos, is clear.”

    They do it because it works. It worked then, it works now, because we are no different and probably worse than before. The Left does just what they did then as well, ignoring it and putting Stalin as a Hero on the front page of NYT and “Time”. When it stops working on you (us) idiots, they’ll stop doing it. I don’t care what I have to SAY to make you do what I want. I’ll say “Nana nana peepee” if it works. “You never give me all your money”

    “Israeli Supreme Court Strikes Down Bibi’s Judicial Overhaul Law (Axios)

    I don’t know, but I heard the Parliament can just override them. And that was the point of the “Far Right” there…who have to be elected anywhere, with or without their Bibi cabinet positions. We can do that too and the Democrats just demanded that 60 seconds ago when they said they would pack the court with 15 or 31 judges, “Whatever it takes” to “Fundamentally change America”. Like impeachment this happens from the DNC 100% of the time, every year since Jackson? FDR was only narrowly prevented from it, but it really depends on the legitimacy and the tolerance of the people, and we ain’t feelin’ tolerant. Since before Jackson. That’s why these things fall to the military, and why they imported 10 million people to insure the military falls. They need to make that fully obvious, apparently but we own more guns than the military, so…

    “Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is “scum” who would love to see his own civilian population killed, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed.”

    “Claimed”? RT reporter from NPR? It’s “He Said.” Always “he said”, there is almost no condition in journalism where you should not use “he said.” You’re fired. In this case and why I bring it up, your using “claimed” implies no one was killed at all. As if Medvedev is “claiming” that Ukraine has lost any people. THAT’S NOT A CLAIM. That’s a agreed-upon fact, whether it is 40,000 (too many) or 500,000 (more accurately). WTF do they find these people and why don’t they beat them senseless with the Copy Editor’s whiskey-stained coffee cup? If you don’t come back with a black eye, don’t come back at all.

    “Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday that “Britain is behind the terrorist act,” with the US and EU also bearing responsibility.”

    Thank you. At least one public official on planet earth can tell the truth here. Is that crazy? The only official, proven, open election rigging was Steele out of MI6. Why does that not matter? ‘Cause, reasons?

    “Britain’s Arms Stockpile Reduced to ‘Nothing’ – The Times (RT)

    The weapons industry is cheering? Sounds like time to invade to me. We haven’t added a useless state in quite a while and it’s impossible we could run it worse than they do.

    “…We have to push back because there is no going along with this. They are trying to kill us, number one. Then they are trying to take all of our stuff, and we can’t let them..

    Just what I was saying, the “Leave Me Alone, 2024” party. If you won’t leave me alone, then I can’t stop f-ing with you. Ever. And you’re way, way up my list now. Leave me alone and I won’t have to screw with you every day in every way and “push back.” You guys are stupid and boring and believe me, it’s the last thing I want to do.

    …But they can’t.

    “…Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth.

    Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level with those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals. But to be punished, however severely, because we have deserved it, because we “ought to have known better”, is to be treated as a human person made in God’s image.” –CS Lewis

    And “Helping” all Black People who they see as “Domestic Animals” as above. They see us that way too, but that’s particularly egregious.

    As Kunstler says though, “looking forward to 2024 and the “Great Pushback” that’s really got going.

    Dr. D

    For me, it’s like this: The Social Engineers know how to do this, get this immense petty Hitler busybodies going, to abuse and steal their power as children to set the conditions. Then they put out a dual branch: BOTH you are a “GOOD Person” for “Helping” (attack and abuse others) AND you can revel in the intoxicating feeling of pure petty POWER while doing it. WIN-WIN!!! And all you have to do is kill 100 million people like you did in the 20th century. Old hat. Done it a million times before (literally).

    So the White Hats ALSO know all this and nobody’s found a way to stop them before. K-Pop. So what do they do, how do they respond the already-long-since-created now-post-tense attack and how to preserve the United States? Well they tried ALL KINDS OF THINGS. The ones we thought would work: like honesty, taking the mask off, didn’t work at all. Showing their own level of appalling racism, abuse, them creating and rolling around like Scrooge McDuck in poverty and drug abuse and embezzlement in their own cities, not the slightest effect. Attacking, erasing, sniffing, trafficking, sterilizing, amputating children, applause all around. Huh. Did not see that coming. Even from Democrats.

    Here’s what DID work though: There is a TIME WINDOW for such behavior. You can be an addict (closest parallel) when you’re young and strong and hopeful. They hand you this out the window and you can do MOAR. Work that double-shift in a 4 star restaurant while on coke. Not so when you’re broken and old and tired and small. There’s still addiction when you’re old, but you know what you’re doing, why you’re taking it, and what you’re escaping. It’s not the same at all. To drive and RIDE the population, a nation, you need them to be ENERGIZED and “moral”, and optimistic and idealistic, easy to steer, not mad, suspicious, and tired.

    Trump getting in – although we tried all the other things too – merely delayed the time window in which that sort of control and fascism was possible. That’s it. That was the only win we got. Now – and it took 10 years – NO ONE IS IN THE MOOD. Propose ANYTHING and you’ll get a “Hard No”.


    Heck, you can propose some new “Save the Earth” “Fascists are under my bed” plan TO THE LEFT and THEY will all say “No”…or at least be unable to agree. And part of that is yes, like the addict, they’ve now seen too much, gone too far, and are at the very least, not ENTIRELY confident. Like MAYBE there’s a niggling fear that – although I’m most obviously still Right – still I COULD be wrong. But probably aren’t. But maybe.

    You can’t load people in cattle cars and kill all 150 Million Flyover states on “Maybe”. You need Zealots. Not like “Zealots would be preferable” I mean – Literally – such actions cannot even be attempted, much less done, without perfect, totally mindless, jacked-up, crack-fueled zealots. …Which they had in 2016, I’m sure we all remember. I read pages and pages and pages and pages of comments on “Slate” and “MSNBC” about how they needed to round up and kill every ruralite in Michigan for the greater good. Not a peep. All on board, ready to start tomorrow. NPR led the charge.

    But their EMOTION is what has finally subsided. They raged against Orange Daddy not giving them everything for free, like in Disney’s “Wish”, and now they’re just tired. You BUILD emotion, and THEN you release it. That’s how life works – or for mammals anyway. They just RELEASED all that emotion – all those 20 years of non-stop psychological torture and abuse in (socialist) public school — and you can’t just whack a button and get it back again.

    So that’s that. And it’s still fading. And will fade a long time. But at this point there is now zero chance of getting an American population both emotional and compliant ever again, or at least 70 years, a lifetime. You could probably nuke us and not get a response right now, as with other tired, used-up addicts.

    Outcome: Meh. Not my preference, but if it ends, that’s okay with me, I can put up a Stoic’s Walled Garden and endure, or enjoy.

    Next problem: As in Israel and Ukraine, everybody, 100% of all plans depended on the United States fighting all wars with United States providing all money, all arms, all cannon fodder MEN. Oops. Don’t see that happening now either, so all their OTHER plans, in Brussels, Kiev, down to the Red Sea, are blown. That means Africa is a no-go and have to stop our slave-market colonization there. So sad! Then Asia gets to do what they want and follow their own path too. Oh well.

    I guess the “Age of Globalization is over” as that guy said. But what does he know? He just said he was returning the nation to the people by exposing the mechanizations of the Swamp.

    “• Bill Clinton to Be Identified over 50 Times In Jeffrey Epstein Doc Dump (PM)

    Speaking addicts. Seriously, what could be so compelling for 50 times?? Meme above: Now he’s the Invisible man! Clinton and President who??? Never heard of him before. …Think this is a joke, an exaggeration? Dore was just clipping Bill Maher, who was claiming this week he’s never heard of Klaus Schwab or the WEF. Yup! “What is this WEF of which you speak?” I’ve only had multiple guests on from them, ABOUT them, and others who DISCUSSED them. But now there’s no WEF anymore. Invisible! Just like the Mafia of the 1950s. Didn’t exist! Nopey-nope-nope! Although EVERY man in EVERY city in EVERY State in America knew a bookie who worked for them. But other than EVERYONE, NO ONE was involved. See how that works? …Until one day the NY Times got up and said “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia” and then Poof! The Mafia ALWAYS existed, and they made major movies about it. Yup!

    Again and again and again and again and again. They’re almost like Scientists, who do the very same thing each year. Step 1: It doesn’t exist. Step 2: It Always existed. Step 3: Profit!

    “Journalism is nothing if it’s not about humanity – it has to be about people’s lives.”

    A real journalist, and I’m assuming a real Leftist, meaning he actually cares. I could comb 10 counties and not find 5 of these real FDR, Union, Jimmy Dore leftists remaining, who would tell the truth to support the working man. Drives me crazy. You can be on the Left, I deeply respect that although I’m voting against your continually failing policies. But you can’t be on the FAKE Left and kiss billionaires all day, flying jets while getting their workers on food stamps as corporate policy.

    Oscar Wilde: “Grand intentions”

    …Are the Road to Hell and god did we see that this past decade. Very nearly dead from it if not for IMMEASURABLE forbearance of their countrymen. I’d rather an Honest Crook any day than someone with good intentions, and CS Lewis agrees. From Oxford, an “expert”, but I will try not to discount him for that offense.


    Thanks for the Miro. My first true love of art from maybe 5 years old.

    Dr. D

    Our new Motto:


    Imported from Canada, like all our other comedy.


    Here is John Oliver spitting on the unvaccinated and referring to Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan as dumbasses

    I think I’ll continue to ignore him and his information around politics thank you very much.


    Matt Taibbi substack article
    The War Party Tantrum.
    Voters keep rejecting the colonial project, but institutional America won’t take no for an answer.

    From the longer article:
    [Niall] Ferguson might have been right, but Americans never consented to fight and die for “colonial rule,” and had every right to refuse to do so once it became clear that was the motive. They’ve rejected the colonial project at the ballot at least twice, first in 2008 with Barack Obama, whose “meteoric rise” according even to Ferguson was “based on not having supported the war,” then again — this is true, there’s no way around this — in 2016, when Donald Trump began promising to “keep America out of these endless, ridiculous, stupid, foreign wars in countries that you’ve never even heard of.”

    Trump wasn’t any kind of traditional antiwar figure, but his running commentary on America’s interventionist plan was hilarious and exactly what the average person would say, if shown the ledger of recent Pentagon “accomplishments.” He had a talent for puking on Beltway war pieties, saying, “They can do what they want there, frankly” about Iran in Syria, or tweeting that the Kurds fought with us, but “but were paid massive amounts of money and equipment to do so.” This behavior inspired fits among foreign policy wonks accustomed to having even their most idiotic pronouncements hailed as Timeless Wisdom, but Trump capturing votes of war-weary Americans in 2016 showed how the public felt about such people, and his recent campaign to stall the Ukraine project has been successful for the same reason.


    St Augustine


    Bob Dylan – I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Take 2 – Alternate Version)


    could someone please point to the Article or section of The Constitution of the United States of America where a political party or parties are assigned any powers or duties? There is of course a path to demolish attempts at party dominance and force congress to carry out their constitutional duty without regard to party. We could of course have an insurrection carried out by the sitting members of The House and Senate, refusing to accept the results of a federal election, and then rediscover who the Government of the United States truly is. That would be too much like by the people for the people so such a path is totally out of the question.

    ooops forgot for a minute it’s football playoff season, as Emily Litella used to say, “Never mind”

    just let it all go to hell, and complain about it
    i have resolved to stop making any attempt to be nice and go along to get along, thusly a paraphrase for Patrick Henry’s famous line has been created. only to by used in personal conversation and in moments of confrontation.

    “Fear is the mind killer” which explains perfectly the state of our nation. A herd incapacitated by the fear of non-conformity. Do i hear the theme from the Jefferson’s tv show playing in the background? Movin on Up


    My AI is attempting to stop my posting.

    In your dream.
    Hate Election, 2024

    Hillary Clinton
    Liz Cheney
    Robert Kennedy Jr

    This is a plan to make sure Trump and Biden aren’t the next President.

    Kennedy could win a contingent election, a possible scenario where no presidential candidate gets 270 electoral college votes.” This is why RFK switched from running as a Democrat to an Independent.
    Congress would then be able to install their own President and Vice President if this happens.
    Hopefully you now see why @RobertKennedyJr is so dangerous.
    This could very well happen.

    • How Congress May Select Our Next President In 2024 (Laura Loomer)
    by https://


    Is this democracy?

    They, (elites), are also directly attempting to manipulate election outcomes.
    It’s no longer a matter of influencing citizens with arguments or propaganda, they want to dictate the mechanics of the system; elevating themselves as the arbiters of who is acceptable as a candidate and who is not.
    Every time you see “Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations”, remember that you are being manipulated to hate.
    Those demonstrations are for “Peace” and “Cease Fire”.

    Israel is operating a Palestinian ghetto/prison, (Gaza and West Bank).
    Israel is offering Voluntary migration by Palestinians who want to leave or stay in Gaza, (a death camp)
    We become the evil we abhor. We consecrate the horror.

    The dark lusts of racial and ethnic supremacy, of vengeance and hate, of the eradication of those we condemn as embodying evil, are poisons that are not circumscribed by race, nationality, ethnicity or religion. We can all become Nazis. It takes very little. And if we do not stand in eternal vigilance over evil — our evil — we become, like those carrying out the mass killing in Gaza, monsters.

    Chris Hedges: Israel’s Genocide Betrays the Holocaust
    December 31, 2023
    I have no reason to hate or/and want to kill China and Russia.
    Why is the western news media trying to brainwash me?

    • 10 Vital Quotes From The Late John Pilger (Vitacchi)

    John Pilger, the investigative anti-war journalist.


    (Links to Laura Loomer is not allowed)

    John Day

    Last night Wes mused:
    “Maybe as a result of the covid vax, more people will become wary of taking so many vaccines that we will in the long run end up becoming healthier?”

    Add vitamin-D, a vegetable garden and walking/biking.


    • Congressional Nincompoops Saddle The US With NATO Forever

    Dmitry Orlov in interview with Nimi at Dialog Works lays it out for even a NeoConJob numbskull

    NATO can’t Survive as an Organization | Dmitry Orlov


    Courage in the present has faith in the future



    Footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s brother trying to get his records

    They ‘lost’ the records of a high profile prisoner ‘suicide’ death in a max jail cell.

    Sounds reasonable for New York Shitty


    As if Californicate wasn’t already a cesspool of perversity and corpulent depravity, we have a teenager being sworn in as a lawyer in the ‘Golden State’


    I regard lawyers as just about the sleaziest ‘occupation’ ever conceived, barely an iota above whores and child molesters.

    They are a Shrine to Lying

    It’s actually a Faith and a religion to them.

    In Californicate, you don’t need a lawyer degree to practice law, you just need to pass the bar exam.

    If you can do that you’re a lawyer, even if you are a pimple faced pubescent teenager.

    Lawyers lie for a living.

    They spend half their waking hours obfuscating the Truth for one client for money…

    …then spend the other half of their waking hours revealing the Truth for money, often times for the same client.

    Lawyers in Love


    Lawyers in Love

    I can’t keep up with what’s been going down
    I think my heart must just be slowing down
    Among the human beings
    In their designer jeans
    Am I the only one who hears the screams
    And the strangled cries of lawyers in love?

    God sends his spaceships to America the beautiful
    They land at six o’clock and there we are, the dutiful
    Eating from TV trays
    Tuned into Happy Days
    Waiting for World War III while Jesus slaves
    To the mating calls of lawyers in love

    Ooh, sha-la-la, ooh
    Ooh, sha-la-la, ooh
    Ooh sha-la-la (Ah)
    Ooh sha-la-la

    Last night I watched the news from Washington
    The capital
    The Russians escaped while we weren’t watching them
    Like Russians will
    Now we’ve got all this room
    We’ve even got the moon
    And I hear the USSR will be open soon
    As vacation land for lawyers in love

    Ooh, sha-la-la, ooh
    Ooh, sha-la-la, ooh
    Ooh sha-la-la (Ah)
    Ooh sha-la-la


    From the state of Duh’merica’s next installed ‘president’ Gruesome Newsom



    “Lawyers in Love” – what a brutally prescient vision of what this nation has actually become. From 40+ years ago. Bravo, Jackson Browne.


    Bird box studio Perspectives
    …and that is why when someone cannot see that it is a dangerous crocodile, and not a log, (or a poison injection, rather than a “stay well shot,”) the wise response is to shrug one’s shoulders and walk away. I tried to show what I could see to another.
    Seeing is believing…but, sometimes, we cannot see until we believe.


    I think that a lot of the mental shenanigans that are occurring on the left are because a lot of these people have spent their lives perfecting the process of researching things that “authorities” state in one field or another, and then creating arguments based on authoritative material. In the process, they have become so adept at doing this that they have come to completely discount their own gut instincts, generative thought, and creative processes as well as the instincts of others. (This phenomenon is not something that only happens to “liberal types” — all humans are susceptible to this.). I noticed this during Covid, summer of 2021 when I shared my concerns about the vaccine with a couple of retired friends, and the spouse of one — a college professor — attempted to blow my concerns out of the water with platitudes derived from official sources. In his view, his sources — because they were “official” — negated my concerns because my concerns were not derived from authoritative sources, but rather from my own logic and observations and research into others’ logic and experience.


    Political Insider Trading Index.

    OMG the Whore Pelosi barely made the Top Ten

    Just released the full report on politicians trading in 2023.

    Like every year since 2020, US politicians beat the market.

    And many in Congress made unusually timed trades resulting in huge gains.

    Here are the top performers of 2023.



    The Statue of Liberty photographed in Paris just before it was disassembled and shipped to New York. 1884.

    It should be dissembled again in New York Shitty and sent to Moscow where it would actually be relevant.


    Dr. D

    “could someone please point to the Article or section of The Constitution of the United States of America where a political party or parties are assigned any powers or duties?”

    It’s right there in tilting towards needing 51% to be elected. Second part was that the Federal level was supposed to be nearly irrelevant, and they missed the basic problem when they believed each State would attempt to push their own President. Still, your sentiment is exactly that of George Washington and others, whose entire farewell address was based on it (aside from avoiding foreign wars) and was Ironically written by Hamilton, one of the foremost partisans.

    No sadly, the system sort of makes it inevitable, and I wouldn’t give a nickel for them to solve it: last time they did, they removed the States as a bulwark against the Feds, as they forced Senators to be directly elected (popular) instead of “Appointed” (sort of) by the States themselves.

    Now we have a two-party system run by the mob (def1) and both houses of Congress are elected by the mob (def2).

    Phoenix, yes, that is definitely so, and it’s part of the orientation of the minds, but also can be greatly enhanced over life by choosing one or the other, usually School. The part I can’t stop harping on is BY believing the authorities, they think they are “rebels”, “resisting” and being the anti-authorities. And by doing your own research you are a dangerous rebel who is resisting authority, but ALSO a person who believes anything they read on the internet, that is, a anti-rebel who loves authority, at the same time.

    Neither position makes any sense, and when pointed out, neither observation makes any impact. I don’t get it. If you want to just obey authority, fine, I understand, but…whut? You’re an anti-capitalist because you joined Disney and Nike?

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: I can see that you don’t gaslight so good.
    What’s wrong? Have you seen a thurpist ’bout this?
    Maybe you need a lobotomy?

    :Bearing with you…

    @Jackson Browne: I still miss you, Man.

    Dr. D

    “Harvard’s Gay Resigns Following New Allegations Of Plagiarism, Shortest Presidential Tenure In History”

    Yes!!! You really can “Pray the gay away”! Next problem: everyone around her is just as bad. Or they wouldn’t be there.

    Example of what that looks like, look at this NYT reading list I was following for another reason:
    Every checkbox ticked, every time, for every article. Gets up in the morning, “Brasil” delivers “the latest thing” by pneumatic tube, and she sits down at a broken black and white typewriter and posts it. This is the kind of “rebel” we’re talking about here.


    Chris Hedges, Harvardidiot, still believes the Holyhoax. Even ole Larry Loomer knows thats a fantasy tale to mindfuck the goyim. When you build a gangster parasite empire on a foundation of lies…sooner or later, the whole rancid edifice falls apart. Now is later, even the gargantuan propaganda machine will not save it. Liars, thieves and murderers for 3000 years.

    John Day

    @Dora: Americans really voted against war in 1968, too.


    Slavyangrad posted information from Telegram channel Правда Шурави on the results of the Russian strikes over the last day.

    – Three warehouses and a hangar storing Harpoon anti-ship missiles and missile launcher were destroyed in Odessa.
    At this time, it is known for sure that a huge number of command posts with British and Polish military personnel have been destroyed.

    – There is no disaster in Kyiv. There is light, there is water, there is sewerage. The city authorities themselves turn off the electricity to create a nightmare for the people. Although there is no need for this. Everyone is frightened enough.

    – According to the reports from ground the SBU is chasing everyone who takes videos of the arrivals and recording the work of the air defense, as their missiles, leaving a contrail, are demolishing penthouses and higher floors of new multistorey buildings.

    – 8 “Kinzhals” were fired, hit all targets and destroyed the Patriot air defense system, underground warehouse with AtacMS missiles, and an underground command post of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to some reports, and the Turks confirm them, 9 generals were killed, one of them was Zaluzhny’s deputy.

    – In the Kharkov region, two Iris T air defense systems, 4 Gepard tanks, two command centers and about 65 officers were destroyed.

    – In the Kyiv region, in addition to the Patriot air defense system, 4 command centers and two hotels with mercenaries from Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia were destroyed. More than 78 people were killed, about 1000 missiles for Iris T and NASAMS were destroyed in the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv.

    – A warehouse with Storm Shadow missiles was destroyed in Krapivnitsky. More than 25 missiles. Plus two SU-24 aircraft and a repair base.

    Posted by: Belle | Jan 2 2024

    Maxwell Quest

    “I noticed this during Covid, summer of 2021 when I shared my concerns about the vaccine with a couple of retired friends, and the spouse of one — a college professor — attempted to blow my concerns out of the water with platitudes derived from official sources.”

    Hey, phoenix, we’ve all been there. My favorite is when you tell them something and before the day ends you receive an email about how some fact-checking website has already debunked it. They don’t realize that fact checkers are just another layer of deception meant to trap those suckers who accidentally stumbled upon a glitch in the Matrix.

    But I found it interesting that the biggest vax proponents were the educated PMC’s. You know, the ones that became overnight virology experts by watching YouTube videos and taking online classes. They had all the answers, being lickspittle slaves to authority, knowing how to please teach for that A+. They reek of pride and self-assurance.

    Also, leading up to the plandemic, the establishment had put forth a great deal of effort to discredit the internet as being fringe, untrustworthy, and full of cockamamie conspiracy theories. Essentially, priming the public mind to shy away from non-authoritative sources in a crisis.

    My favorite example is from the 2011 movie Contagion, where Jude Law plays a sleazy internet vlogger who misleads his audience by steering them toward a snake-oil cure from forsythia. He is eventually exposed as a charlatan who was profiting from his false advice. Meanwhile, the authorities (politicians, scientists, big pharma, other “experts,” etc.) turn out to be the heroes by coming up with a vaccine in time to save humanity.


    @Dr. D: “Don’t yo uhave your own problems in Britain and Australia without bothering with Donald Trump?”

    Too right we do, and I for one am utterly fed up and bored with talk and reports and analyses of the disorganised kindergarten of US politics. Trouble is, because Oz has hitched its wagon to the US oxen, we get dragged wherever the US goes.

    No need to worry, nothing will turn out all right.



    I think it is pretty obvious that in regards to the 2024 election we are all being slow cooked like frogs to the fact that Trump won’t be on on the 2024 voting ballot one way or another.

    The Uniparty clearly has everything under control. Biden isn’t worried by his low poll popularity numbers because that is not the poll that counts. It is the poll of the counters that counts.

    All Trump can do is expose the Uniparty corruption for the powerless American voters to (not) see.


    Duh’merican Stryker Vehicle in Ukronaziland Winter Wonderland

    Wowie zowie, the MIC makes real crap that can’t handle winter on the steppes.

    Imagine how thiscarries over to other NATO=ZATOtard equipment.

    Not gonna make a hasty retreat with this turd of a vehicle

    Run, run….Kaboom

    Too late


    Amber ALERT, Amber ALERT

    Empire of Lies military spokes-them / it / huh / what announces with baited breath the “REAL” threat to Duh’merica


    Stop pussyhat, you’re killin’ me!


    Phoenixvoice is so correct in pointing out how supposedly well educate intelligent people constantly refer to “trusted” government controlled media as the final arbitrators of the “truth”.

    When one mentions that these “trusted” authorities are lying, the response is always “That is impossible! ,” ending all further discussion.

    In Canada, the final “Truth” authority is the CBC.
    In Australia, it is the ABC.
    In Britain, it is the BBC.

    All these people all simply refuse to believe how easy it is for their government to lie.


    Taking the video of the Stryker vehicle at face value, we can see clearly the design principles behind Russian mobile equipment. Their country becomes a vast quagmire in the warmer months. Their civilian and military vehicles are designed to cope with this. Ukraine has splendid, deep soils for agriculture but not for military vehicles to churn up.

    Seems to me the Stryker would be very effective in Arizona. Maybe it should stay there.

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