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    Nicolas de Staël Paris la nuit 1954   • Trump ‘Honored’ By New Hampshire Win, Says Republican Party ‘Very United’ (Fox) • Israel Risks Dragging E
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    Veracious Poet

    I’m so looking forward to this year’s State Of The Union Empire Show, aren’t y’all?

    Here’s a recap of last year’s award winning event!

    Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now ~ The Big Guy

    Dr. D

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) [who is Jewish himself] has proposed a resolution to potentially freeze U.S. military aid to Israel and mandate the Biden administration to investigate war crimes in the Gaza Strip.”

    Good on Bernie. Every prop and accolade. He needs to round up his associates, the Squad and get them to veto all Democratic business until the DNC whip complies.

    Speaking of blinding white racists:
    “The Forgotten Story of America’s First Black Superstars
    In the 1920s US, glamorous, funny black female singers were the blues’ first – and revolutionary hitmakers.” BBC Culture · 11 min

    Except for all the Black superstars going back before 1922, there weren’t any black superstars or representation in America in 1922. …Except the superstars of course. Who exist, but also don’t exist. They exist then, but not now of course, as we are miles behind 1922 in Civil Rights, correct?

    Okay, you win: America isn’t racist. Hasn’t been since 1922. According to the BBC fixing the record.

    “ZH Geopolitical Week Ahead: Brushfires Becoming Raging Wildfires That Biden Can’t ‘Manage’

    They don’t want to “Manage” it, they want a Third World War of all against all to emotional exhaustion. Only then will the common people adore their angel of light and his church when they trot him out. Lo! All the wars and problems are settled! ….When they stop paying trillions to cause it, liquidating whole companies like Disney, Bud, Google, and CNN to do it.

    “”Texas Will Not Back Down”: Gov. Abbott Slams Supreme Court Order, Reportedly Installs More Razor Wire”

    …Aaaaaaaaand that’s your Civil War, right there. Two governments, issue opposing orders, and each issues armed men to enforce them. If a court “Settles” it, no one listens to them.

    But isn’t that what the Left said? You don’t have to listen to the Supreme Court if Barrett is on it. You win!

    It is between those of us who love this country and a fringe minority who hates the United States of America.”

    He’s got a great way with words.

    Kash vid is: the called to ask if they canceled the illegal FBI censorship contracts that are a human right violation. Of course not. All the companies are still getting paid to censor all political speech according to the preferences of the FBI.

    …Oh and no rules, no oversight. Not Congress, not public. Just “Whatever they want.”

    Every American needs to watch this and retweet it so that all can see and understand the stakes of the 2024 election.”

    I mean yes? But when Trump’s elected he’ll also do nothing just like he did last time, and like every other Republican does, as per the several committees right now? 3 years of Wray and Mayorkas, zero impeachments of Biden officials. $30M in bribes, culminating in world war? Zero impeachments of Biden. That’s what Republicans are for, and why they exist: ask Gingrich.

    “Arizona Republican Party chair Jeff DeWit” election tampering, a felony, using bribery, a felony. Zero charges or impeachments.

    “Trump ‘Honored’ By New Hampshire Win, Says Republican Party ‘Very United’ (Fox)

    Huh. I had not thought of that, but he’s right. First time, he was the designated loser, as ordered by Hillary and her “Pied Piper” plan with Podesta (Wikileaks facts). GOP was 100% behind him to lose. Last time, he was fought quite diligently, with the entire GOP organization refusing to spend a nickel, and also in the midterm, attacking him more than the Democrats at every turn. So he’s right, this is the first time the Party is nearly done consolidating under a “Populist” (meaning aligned with the people’s needs and wishes) plan with certain platform planks I won’t go into here, but basically peace and prosperity, jobs and business.

    “noted that she got close to half of the vote in New Hampshire.”

    Apparently not, 30%. Can’t stop lying. And I don’t like to pick on people’s appearance, but her interview with that guy asking about veterans yesterday was disturbing. I’m like, is there something wrong with her? She looks disturbing and awful. A skeleton-vulture with weird motions as if she’s only imitating a human and isn’t one. Like Ann Coulter, same thing.

    “• Israel Risks Dragging Egypt Into War (Blade)”

    They didn’t “Risk” it, they specifically attempted to create it. What do you think driving all 2M Gazans into Egypt against both their wills would be?

    Apparently Israel continues to lose everywhere, after retreating from Gaza city, and lost more tanks around the new hospitals they’re shelling because Hamas was waiting for them. IDF are trying to leave, refuse orders, retire. I don’t blame them: what are we doing here? And won’t I be on the hook for war crimes? Either legally or when I sleep at night? I too was “just born” here in Israel, service is mandatory, and now I’m in the exploded streets of Gaza shooting children? …Sounds like Vietnam.

    “Russia Will Do Everything to Integrate Egypt Into BRICS – Putin (Sp.) “

    Their first attack on BRIICS was Africa, which was so stupid it was shut down before it started. So they moved a few miles north, to “Africa”, where they made a second offensive attack on BRIICS again. Seen this way, it all makes sense and is predictable. they think one of the core weights is Iran, which is why they surrounded it. “IT” is the “World Island” of Asia, and “IT” is MacKinder. Who is surrounding it and promoting these plans? London. The Anglos.

    “Stoltenberg stated that, “We don’t see any direct or imminent threat against any NATO ally.”

    Oh good. Then you can disband like in 1994 and save us a ton of money.

    ““Deterrence is the only effective means of positioning oneself against an aggressor from the outset,” Pistorius told ZDF,”

    Yes, we saw that from the NeoCons already. We have to attack Iraq so we won’t have to attack Iraq. And attacking them causes peace to break out.

    I said that was Stoooopid, and they were totally wrong, boy is there egg on my face now! That Iraq, F-Stan thing went great and nothing but peace anywhere now! They are both solid allies and the nations are prosperous and happy. You have my full, heart-felt sincere apology for ever doubting you.

    “Germans Told To Prepare For Another War With Russia (RT)

    Um. They know that they LOST every war with Russia, right? So every German who hears this then thinks…??? Yes, that the leadership of Germany needs to leave as soon as possible.

    “Germany Can’t Afford Rearmament, Let Alone a ‘War’ With Russia (Sp.)

    “Afford” has nothing to do with it. Your money means nothing to me. They don’t have the “Steel”, “Explosives”, “Neon”, “Titanium”, “Chips”, or “Energy” to make a “Rearmament”. Thanks to you morons erasing every factory and stopping every worker so there is no manufacturing experience or expertise.

    “a German combat brigade would be deployed in the Baltics to become “fully combat-ready” by 2027.”

    Otherwise known as “Hostages”. The Baltics are NOT BIG ENOUGH to stop Russia, even if every NATO soldier and weapon on earth was inside them. Duh. I know you’re illiterate but I thought you could read a map, since it’s in pretty pictures.

    Beck’s quote there is highly measured and accurate. “So we are in crisis, and German industry, which has always been the backbone of German prosperity, in particular, is in crisis.”

    Since most things there rest on that foundation, Germany is nearly dead. Their only option is to “leave” NATO and the EU and rejoin with Russia. They won’t SAY that, but the events will happen, and slowly over 10 years you’ll see it in direct and perfect hindsight. The question is when will it break, but it won’t be obvious event, and the existing parties are already overrun.

    Speaking of, Armstrong interview — who speaks mostly to high-level people — said that the Anglos hushed Germany and told them to eat it because they were running a gas pipeline from Nigeria to Germany. YGTBFKM. How’s that working out for you? Africa look like it’s in the bag for total Anglo control and cheap gas? Ready to pipe up and defect yet? And Nigeria? Why not the South Pole, it’s closer. AND you’ll be beholden to Italy.

    “Davos conference titled “What If Ukraine Loses?”

    With these deniers, that means they’ve already lost. So did they come up with anything? Because there’s nothing to come up with.

    “Germany, where the really bad idea of banning the party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is currently getting much debate.”

    Is that like the DNC plan of 1) Banning all GOP candidates and 2) Banning all DNC candidates who aren’t Biden? No, literally. Then we can “Save Democracy”. Everyone knows we have the best Democracies with one candidate and one party, and the freest, most secure elections that way. Look at Saddam and the USSR! Stalin is our goal and poster child, and the NY Times said they support and prefer this North Korean administrative and election style.

    “extremism has a specific, legally (and narrowly) defined meaning. According to the German Constitution”

    Same here. So the party that is pro-Constitution in both word and deed – that is, “The Law” — is considered the “extremist” party, while the one against the Constitution and everything written in it are the…I dunno, Normals? The “Norms-based order”? We haven’t followed the Constitution in 100 years, that’s Normal, and we’re not going to start now!

    #OppositeLand. Words have meanings. That’s why the first thing they attack is the language itself. That’s your tell right there. They are against Reason and Logic or that wouldn’t be necessary, and certainly not as the very first act.

    “Constitutional Court refused to outlaw the very far-right NPD”

    Are they actually far-right, or being Europe are they about as far right as the DNC moderates, Blue-Dog Democrats?

    Wiki: “The Homeland has recently[when?] supported the green movement.” Yes, sounds very NeoNazi. “The NPD’s economic program promotes social security for Germans and control against plutocracy. They discredit and reject the “liberal-capitalist system”. Oh noes.

    “Voigt envisions future collaboration and continued friendly relations with other nationalists and European nationalist parties.” That is, they’re fine with the French being French, or the Dutch being Dutch. Live and let live. The horror. If only they would invade Iraq and kill 6 Million in order to make them a “Liberal Democracy” like we are would it be safe.

    “The Homeland …frequently criticizing the policies and activities of Israel.” Oh noes. You mean when they jail children for years without trial, or maybe kill 10,000 women and children at a pop? Clearly the enemy.

    I dunno Wiki, maybe that’s true but you’re not making a very strong case here.

    “• Pelosi’s J6 Committee Deleted Over 100 Encrypted Files (PB)

    Stop d—ing with me. The Internet is forever. Not all copies are missing, and they just made it easier to go find the originals of what they’re most afraid of and is most damaging to them.

    Same as all the other 10000 records, Seth Rich, Assange, Mueller, Hillary, over and over and over. It’s in the NSA, as they are sweeping the Cisco routers in every closet. Go ask. Don’t tell you don’t have it: you do. Like the “Comey” docs all precisely misspelled “Corney” with “Find and Replace”? Like 100x we do FOIA, and they say there are no records, no “Comey” gentleman ever worked for us, ever in 100 years, and then go, “Oh THAAAAAT Comey! Yeah, we have ONE record on it. No two. No, more than two. No, 10,000. But not the one you’re looking for.”

    And no one is arrested, because: Republicans. They approve every budget increase because: Limited Government.

    “President Trump has endured some of the most savage and desperate partisan assaults in U.S. history.”

    Okay, fine. What I want to know is, when the 10,000th allegation is ALSO false, why does the 10,001st still work perfectly? What’s going on there? Because I would like to stop bringing it up as much as you would like to stop hearing it.

    “That’s why the suffocating nature of our Kafkaesque culture must be forthrightly resisted by honorable men and women.”

    We don’t have any of those, that’s why it’s widely supported. What makes you “moral” and “honorable”? Referring to something outside yourself, i.e. “Religion.” If you are self-referential, all men can justify all actions they wish to themselves, and do. Bombing 10,000 women and children is “Self defense” and I’m the victim.


    VP – thanks I nearly peed the bed. just so many layers going on.

    The Markster

    Appreciate the Trump speech in New Hampshire, but still neither sure of who I will vote for, nor if the Kafkaesque powers that be will allow a peasant vote such as mine to count. Orlov says the US plebiscite is meaningless at this stage in the ongoing slowmo imperial/industrial collapse we are all living through, and I tend to believe the man. With all viable candidates in the Zionist camp, for me it is a choice between putting bioweaponry and corporate fascism (Kennedy) or weaponized DC Uniparty monsters (Trump) at the top of the issues list.

    But increasingly it feels like a pointless side show, a distraction from what could really help. Corruption and careerism and cowardice reigns at all levels of government in this country; at least in blue states like here in Oregon, there are very few of any beacons of hope at the federal, state, county or city levels.

    I get the same sick feeling in my stomach from parts of that Trump speech that I get all the time when reading the stories on Zerohedge, etc. The US is no longer in a position to either “allow” or disallow China or Iran or Russia to do or not do anything they want. We have already squandered any.moral authority and any position as benevolent global actor that we may have once had, and are just now in the painfully slow process of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like something from Sun Tzu, it feels like the best way forward would be to take a step back, but the US Imperial Machine has no neutral or reverse gear.

    I will pray that the disruptors and Lake and Trump and Kennedy types will have some impact, but try like many others to make movement in the things I can control on a local scale instead. There was a standing room-only crowd at our small town city council meeting last night, and 90% of the speakers were 180 degrees off from the consensus of the politicians. Eventually, there will be a mass of suc events that will turn the page, but will we still have the integrity and decorum to work together on solutions instead of just tearing each other down? What forces can arouse such things in a mob of justifiably angry people?

    I’ll shut up now, don’t wanna go all Dr. D and n your asses. Be well my TAE brothers and sisters!



    integrity | ɪnˈtɛɡrɪti |
    noun [mass noun]
    1 the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles: a gentleman of complete integrity.


    If you replace a straight line with a TV…..humans are no different than chickens.


    Secrets are required by liars

    Trudeau was wrong about covid and the vaccine.
    Trudeau was wrong to refuse a meeting with the truckers. (Freedom Convoy)
    Trudeau was wrong not to admit that he was wrong.
    Trudeau is wrong to abuse the Emergency Act.
    Trudeau is wrong.
    About the use of Power
    About Ukrainian war
    About the Nazis
    About Israel war
    About genocide
    About Insulting China
    About insulting India
    About Peace and Prosperity
    About choosing his friends.
    About truth, lies, misinformation, manipulation, foreign influence, absurd stories/ absurd allegations.
    Trudeau is wrong and so are the MSM wrong.
    People need to hear an apology for the wrong that they did to the people.
    People power/control was handed to Trudeau to help the people.
    Trudeau misused/abused the People Power/control.
    Elections will remove the People Power/control and be given to someone else.
    excess deaths
    “you have to be really stupid to not see the correlation!” Dr. Augusto Zimmermann

    DR. PIERRE KORY: “We’re Witnessing a Humanitarian Catastrophe Unleashed By These Vaccines”


    The Markster speaks for me. I wish to add that I am starting to agree with others that the current system must fail forward. I do think we can affect that by bringing the fail threshold to meet them. Conduct yourself accordingly.

    Figmund Sreud

    And so, it’s all about Trump, … yet another round, once again!

    … from my in-Box this a.m. (via TD WebBroker)

    David Rosenberg: What another Trump term could mean for markets

    Former President Donald Trump may well have created a chaotic environment within his administration, but there is no doubt that his four years in the White House from 2016 to 2020 juiced up investors’ “animal spirits.”
    Who knows what his economic vision is going to be, assuming he emerges victorious this coming November, but what we do know is that:
    • He measures his success by the direction of the equity market.
    • He will use executive order to deregulate.
    • He doesn’t give a hoot about fiscal deficits and is sure to boost spending and either extend his prior tax cuts or reduce them even further, especially for businesses (Trump added US$8 trillion to the national debt in his four years… he is a classic fiscal expansionist).
    • He had no problem pursuing a soft U.S. dollar policy.
    • Tariffs and other trade protectionist initiatives are sure to rear their heads (little difference from Joe Biden here).
    • He loves inflation and low interest rates (he is, after all, a real estate guy).
    • He has made no bones about getting rid of Jay Powell at the Federal Reserve.
    No wonder gold did so well in his previous tenure, especially in his last two years when the yellow metal soared nearly 50%. True to form, in his first two years in office, the total return in the S&P 500 was 23%, even with a ton more volatility. The combination of the tax cuts and the Fed’s tightening program caused a bear flattener in the Treasury market – when short-term interest rates rise faster than long-term interest rates – and moderately negative returns. But the risk-on trade was underscored by the vast outperformance of corporate bonds.
    The dollar was weak, and gold held its value.
    And with all the drilling, oil prices remained broadly stable.
    What’s interesting is that in Trump’s last two years where the GOP lost its grip on Congress, the stock market did even better. The S&P 500 soared 50% — gridlock is obviously good. But even bond yields fell sharply, and Treasury returns were spectacular — the long bong rose by nearly 40%. Not even his tax cuts, immigration policies, tariffs, and a 3.5% unemployment rate could muster up much, if any, inflation. And the Fed spent 2019 cutting rates. But one common theme was U.S. dollar depreciation and strength in both gold and oil.
    Nothing is saying that if Trump wins the election, we will necessarily see a repeat. But what we do know is that he is a big fan of debt and loves a weaker dollar.
    The fact that he grades his performance based on the S&P 500 means we probably will need to shift to a more constructive stance on the market if he wins and add some gold to the portfolio while screening all the holdings against U.S. dollar weakness.

    David Rosenberg is founder of Rosenberg Research, and author of the daily economic report, Breakfast with Dave.



    So far, there are two versions of the fall of the Il-76 near Belgorod – either a downing or a technical malfunction.

    Given the fact that yesterday two IRIS-T air defense systems, which Ukrainian formations dragged to the border, were hit near Suja, it is hard to believe in a technical malfunction. The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to saturate the border area with anti-aircraft missile systems since the beginning of the year.

    Margarita Simonyan has published a list of Ukrainian prisoners of war who were on board the crashed Il-76

    There were 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war on board, who were being prepared to be exchanged today as part of the planned exchange with the Ukrainian side.

    The exchange was delayed for a long time and sabotaged by the Ukrainian side. A total of 192 people were to be exchanged.

    The Ukrainian side repeatedly sabotaged it and tried to slip other people in. Now the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Security Service of Ukraine are probably using the story of the downed Il-76 to accuse the Russian side of deliberate provocation and disruption of the exchange process.

    Boris Rozhin

    Debris of the Il-76 in the Belgorod region.
    The car fell about 5 kilometers from the village of Yabloneve.


    Haley’s camp says she’s electable, unlike Trump. Wait. Wasn’t that Hillary’s sales pitch?

    Dr D Rich

    Not so small point.
    The “excess deaths started” before vaccine mass roll out because the data and observations were made even before anyone knew about vaccine mass rollouts notwithstanding the observation mRNA vaccines caused their own increase in excess deaths. Even Fauci’s crew refused to explain this phenomenon in perpetuity.

    Talk about kafkaesque…
    25 million!!!!


    German establishment:
    What if the AfD leadership teamed up with the firebrand Wagenknecht, found the common ground, and made it their business to squeeze Scholz and co right out onto the sidelines. Show us what two brilliant women and their teams can do when they work together for the good of their country, and (greater) Europe. There may be more than Orban and Fico watching, and waiting…

    Vivek: Well positioned, and happily so! as Trump’s right hand man.

    From yesterday: The Queen of the Netherlands. A pathetic soul spouting her lines at Davos. – Digital health passes engendering poison for everyone, after knowing that her own subjects had firmly rejected the idea. How low these people stoop to keep their riches, their palaces, their tiaras and luxe lifestyles. What a hypocrit. Is there no shame, no conscience?

    John Day

    Implications Of Energy Cannibalism

    Periodically I revisit the 1972 “The Limits To Growth” systems-analysis work, not an economic analysis, but an analysis of the human global industrial economic system within the finite context of our planet. I learned about this almost exactly 50 years ago in 10th grade Sociology class. The Arab Oil Embargo to the US was underway from the 1973 Yom Kippur war, greatly affecting the US. I was in Japan, but everybody was fully aware that there was not enough oil, that it was finite, and that industrial economy depended upon it.
    The Honest Sorcerer looks at a 2023 update of that analysis, through the World-3 model, and includes the familiar B.A.U. (business as usual) graph of global inputs to and outputs from human industrial economy.
    I will point out that the global industrial output seems to have peaked in late 2018 or early 2019, both from the graph, and other analysis I have seen. This was likely a contributor to the September 2019 “Repo-Crisis”, and the “necessary” going-direct cash infusion to TBTF financial institutions like BlackRock (which managed it) during COVID lockdowns.
    The power/financial elites need to maintain their own control of the system as a first priority. We need the system, declining in total energy inputs, to continue to feed us, provide heat, fresh water, cooking fuel electricity and complex communications systems to coordinate all of that. 2024 may bring the return of the GFC, which was never repaired in 2008. The elites “need” to cull a lot of the human population without incapacitating industrial economy. War breaks too much, which can’t be rebuilt this time, so wars should only be carried out on the territory of competitors. Disease and famine, as well as cutting off communications, electricity, water and fuel to one area at a time are all in use already. Financially, the comfortable 10% will take a massive hit with the resumption of the financial crisis. We have seen how nobody “owns” their stocks and bonds, and that it is a Ponzi scheme, with derivative-casino gamblers having super-seniority claims upon collateral-assets (“your” wealth). Get out of debt in order to “own” anything.
    ​ 2025: A Civilizational Tipping Point
    ​ There is a growing body of evidence that the 2024–2030 period will present us with a critical juncture, upending a centuries long era of economic growth. No, it will have nothing to do with climate change or novel viruses: those two will come somewhat later. Missing entirely from mainstream discourse there is a greatly overlooked side of our predicament, which will set a nice little ‘game of musical chairs’ in motion most probably around 2025.
    ​ We live in a supermassive complex system, often referred to as modernity, industrial civilization, or the world economy. This enormous organism has a life of its own, with its own inputs (resources) and outputs (pollution), as well as its own lifecycle. It is something best understood through the lens of systems dynamics, a modelling method developed in the late 1960’s. The first results were published in 1972, in a study titled Limits to Growth…
    ​..The latest iteration of these follow up studies was titled Recalibration23, published in November 2023.
    ..Just concentrate on the continuous lines: as resources (pink) go down and deplete, both industrial output (red) and food production (green) goes through a tipping point and starts to decline. As a result world population (orange) peaks and dwindles. Pollution (blue) will keep rising though as people go back to less clean​ technologies and burn just about everything they can put their hands on to stay warm in the winter…
    ​,,The authors of the study conclude:
    ​ Like the [Business As Usual] scenario of the [Limits to Growth] publication, the new scenario Recalibration23 reflects the overshoot and collapse mode due to resource scarcity. […] Here, the model results clearly indicate the imminent end of the exponential growth curve. The excessive consumption of resources by industry and industrial agriculture to feed a growing world population is depleting reserves to the point where the system is no longer sustainable. Pollution lags behind industrial growth and does not peak until the end of the century. Peaks are followed by sharp declines in several characteristics. This interconnected collapse, or, as it has been called by Heinberg and Miller (2023), polycrisis, occurring between 2024 and 2030 is caused by resource depletion, not pollution. The increase in environmental pollution occurs later and with a lower peak.​..
    ..Oil is still the master resource, making all other energy and mineral resources available. Mining, agriculture, construction, long distance transport, plastics, all hopelessly depend on petroleum. Hydro, nuclear and “renewables” are also made possible by using diesel and gasoline burning vehicles to bring people, raw materials and equipment on site. Should the availability of oil decline, it would eventually bring all other resources and energy production down with it…
    ​..The Journal of Petroleum Technology, the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ flagship magazine has published an article in 2023 saying just that:
    ​ “Energy necessary for the production of oil liquids is growing at an exponential rate, representing 15.5% of the energy production of oil liquids today and projected to reach a proportion equivalent to half of the gross energy output by 2050 (Delannoy et al. 2021).
    ​ When the energy required for the extraction and production of these liquids is taken into account, the net-energy peak is expected to occur in 2025 at a level of 400 PJ/d [1]. In the foreseeable future, the energy needed to produce oil liquids could approach unsustainable levels, a phenomenon called “energy cannibalism.”
    ​ The concept of energy cannibalism is becoming increasingly relevant, as mounting energy use in oil production means the very resources needed for the transition to renewable energy may be constrained, particularly when viewed from a net-energy perspective and in terms of economic growth.”​…
    ..And it’s not only about net energy, but the overall availability of oil (3). For most of the second half of the 20th century, oil companies were finding more crude than global consumption, around five times the demand volumes. This ratio of discovered resources versus demand has dropped in recent decades, and is now at around 25%. (This means, that we burn four times as much oil every year than what we find.)​…
    ..Knowing how petroleum output affects everything we do, the significance of passing this civilizational tipping point cannot be overemphasized. Again, this has very little to do with subsidies or finance: we are about to pass a point of diminishing returns from an energetic and geological perspective…
    ​..We will be in completely uncharted territory. Once again to cite the authors of the Recalibrate23 study:
    “However, it is important to note that the connections in the model and the recalibration are only valid for the rising edge, as many of the variables and equations represented in the model are not physical but socio-economic. It is to be expected that the complex socio-economic relationships will be rearranged and reconnected in the event of a collapse. World3 holds the relationships between variables constant. Therefore it is not useful to draw further conclusions from the trajectory after the tipping points. Rather, it is important to recognize that there are large uncertainties about the trajectory from then on.”
    ​ Talking about the “rearrangement of complex socio-economic relationships…” How about the end of the unipolar world, and the rise of new trading blocks (BRICS+)? Perhaps a global conflict over who gets to burn the last barrels of oil available for export? Or a major financial meltdown upending the current financial system?​ …
    ..After a few years perhaps a decade into this crisis-mode, it will no longer be possible to uphold current institutions and large political structures. The reasons, as always: the gap between interests too wide, the costs of maintaining central control too high…
    ..Every civilization — ours included — grew by living up its one time inheritance, be it fertile topsoil or petroleum, overshooting both the natural carrying capacity of its environment and the non-renewable resource base it relied on. Then, as resources got depleted below a critical level, they all went through their respective phases of collapse.

    John Day

    Utility Bill Debt For Americans Hits Record As Heating Homes Now Seen As Luxury​ (It’s a really-good luxury. Might die without it.)

    ​Surplus Energy Economics looks at one aspect of the unfinished global financial crisis, which is the dependence upon $US for global trade and investment flows. The US extracts value from the rest of the world through this neocolonial financial system. This is being bypassed, and will be bypassed more and more as the rest of the world acts to reduce their own losses to the trade and investment system. A BRICS-Currency is not required. This already happened with Russian oil and gas. It is progressing.
    ​ How will “exorbitant privilege” end?​ THE WHY AND HOW OF DE-DOLLARIZATION
    Geopolitics aside, the critical issue is the flip-side of “exorbitant privilege”. This is the cost imposed, through the market dollar under-valuation of their output, on other countries in general, and EM economies in particular.
    ​ As we shall see, it can be calculated that the rest of the world gets only $0.54 for each dollar-equivalent of economic value that their countries produce. Put the other way around, we can calculate that the market dollar is over-valued by about 85% in relation to underlying value in the world outside the United States.
    ​ What we should expect to see is a rolling shift towards bilateral and multilateral trade and investment in currencies other than the dollar. Beginning with oil, this can be expected to move on to natural gas, chemicals, minerals and agricultural commodities.

    #269: How will “exorbitant privilege” end?

    John Day

    ​”Israel” has been a colonial outpost of the western financial order put in place at the end of WW-2, keeping oil-producing countries in disarray, subject to price and production controls imposed by the US and allied interests. There is now a strong desire in the neo-colonialized world to break this point of leverage by ending the apartheid state arrangement of “Zionism”. This is complicated by the political and financial power, especially spy-power, wielded by Israel in the western system, and by Israel’s nuclear weapons policy, the Samson Option, to nuke all regional and global centers of power if their regime is about to be defeated.
    ​ Russia’s Push for Palestinian State Can Help Stop Endless ‘Loop’ of Regional Violence
    ​ A lasting resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis is the keystone to regional stability, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.
    “The main focus of efforts should be the creation of a Palestinian state in full compliance with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. The state described in these decisions would be competent and would exist in security and good neighborliness side by side with Israel and other countries in the region… I hope that the Israeli leadership will eventually come to this conclusion…Without the establishment of a Palestinian state, there can be not reliable security for Israel.”​…
    ​..Washington’s intransigence and blind support for Tel Aviv is another problem, Al Ibrahim said, pointing out that unlike in the case of Iran-Saudi normalization, where China was able to swoop in last year and mediate a surprise normalization deal, in the case of Palestine-Israel normalization a third country coming in and finding a resolution seems impossible. This will be the case so long as the US decides that it “cannot let their favorite ally, Israel, go,” even if it means jeopardizing their position and moral standing vis-à-vis the rest of the world.​..
    ..“So if there is anybody that you can talk to on the street over here in Riyadh and you tell them, do you trust the United States’ diplomatic efforts in solving this issue, they would definitely say, ‘we don’t’. So it’s time for somebody to fill this vacuum, if the United States and Britain would let them in and solve this file. And it needs to start with the mindset of the Israelis,” Al Ibrahim summed up.

    ​ Lavrov calls for halt to Israeli violence in West Bank
    ​ It is necessary to halt Israel’s violence in the West Bank immediately, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at an open debate of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the Middle East.
    ​ “It is necessary to halt immediately the violence that is coming en masse, from the side of the Israeli army and settlers in the West Bank,” he said.
    ​ Focusing on “such disgusting ideas as the forced displacement of all Palestinians from their permanent places of residence” is particularly worrisome, the minister said, adding that “such a scenario is unacceptable.”

    ​ Russian Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov, in an interview with CBS, said that the US must stop its hostilities and stop vetoing UN ceasefire resolutions in order resolve the crisis in the Middle East

    Lebanon wants Russia involved in forging Middle East peace
    Beirut’s foreign minister has said he is confident Moscow will work towards easing tensions in the region

    John Day

    Israeli Military Now Says It’s “Impossible” To Destroy Vast Hamas Tunnel Network​ Extent now assessed to be close to 450 miles of tunnels…

    Israel to fight until total victory, Netanyahu says after one-day IDF death toll hits 21

    ​ About 570,000 people in the Gaza Strip face dire hunger, and the work of humanitarian organizations is difficult due to access and communication problems, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said on Tuesday.

    Iraqi Militia Coalition Targets Israeli Port, US Troops at Syrian Gas Field

    John Day

    ​ Money-laundering between politicians, global financial institutions (BlackRock) and the military industrial complex.
    ​ US sees Ukraine as a ‘business project’ – Lavrov
    ​ Recent statements from the US suggest it regards Ukraine as nothing but a “lucrative business project,” one that it is profiting from, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the UN Security Council on Monday.
    ​ The minister was referring to earlier statements made by US State Secretary Antony Blinken. Last month, the top US diplomat claimed that 90% of the money allocated for Ukrainian aid ends up getting funneled back to the US “to the benefit of American business, local communities, and strengthening the US defense industrial base.”

    ​ AfD Leader Calls for German ‘Dexit’ Vote to Break From EU
    ​ Britain was “dead right” to leave the European Union and Germany should consider its own “Dexit,” the leader of the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) Alice Weidel said in an article published in US media on Monday.
    ​ “If reform isn’t possible, if we fail to rebuild sovereignty of the EU member states, we should let the people decide, just as Britain did,” she said, adding that “we could have a referendum on ‘Dexit’ – a German exit from the EU.”
    A recent poll found that only 45% of AfD members would currently vote to leave the EU and only 10% of the general population said they would.

    Attempts to prohibit the AfD, a growing thorn in the government’s side, are unlikely to work – and if they do, it’ll cause more harm than good

    ​ Trudeau’s Orwellian Attack On Canadian Truckers Declared Unconstitutional
    ​ Canada’s Federal Court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act in 2022 to punish protesting truckers was both unreasonable and unconstitutional.
    ​ “I have concluded that the decision to issue the Proclamation does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness — justification, transparency and intelligibility — and was not justified in relation to the relevant factual and legal constraints that were required to be taken into consideration,” wrote Justice Richard G. Mosley in his ruling…
    ​ According to Mosley, Trudeau’s regulations had violated Charter rights – particularly against freedom of thought, opinion and expression. The Emergencies Act order was also found to infringe on the right to security against unreasonable search and seizure.

    ​ Queen Maxima of the Netherlands took to the Davos stage to declare that digital IDs are necessary for nearly every aspect of social engagement. The Dutch queen told the World Economic Forum (WEF) that they can no longer trust the people, and digital IDs will provide governments with a clear way to track our behavior.
    ​ Vaccine passports are necessary to tell “who actually got a vaccination or not,” highlighting how those at the top do not trust the public. They want complete unilateral control. In fact, she believes that children should not be allowed to enroll in school unless they have a digital ID that includes their vaccination passport. “It [digital ID] is also good for school enrollment; it is also good for health – who actually got a vaccination or not; it’s very good actually to get your subsidies from the government,” she said to a room of nodding heads.

    Netherlands Promotes Digital ID at Davos

    John Day

    Autopsies confirm Covid-19 “Vaccines” cause Myocaditis and Death​ , New study from doctors: Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis, and Nicolas Hulscher.

    ​ Steve Kirsch , The New Zealand data leaked by whistleblower Barry Young is unassailable proof the COVID vaccines increase your risk of death
    ​ Barry Young is a hero.​ Not only did he publicly expose the data that definitively shows the COVID vaccines are killing people, but he also gets to compel these epidemiologists to finally explain how I got it wrong…
    ​..It’s a shame that Barry had to be arrested for us to get answers, but it’s clear that a court hearing is simply the only way to compel qualified scientists to answer questions nowadays.

    ​ From Jane Orient MD at AAPS: COVID-19: What Was the Effect on Disability?
    ​ As the graph shows, the proportion of Americans over age 16 with a disability has increased sharply since 2021: from about 115 in 100,000 (projected, shown by blue line) to nearly 125 in 100,000 (black line). During the height of COVID, the proportion was lower.

    ​ According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate is up 33% since the spring of 2021…
    ..The increase happens to coincide with COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, in conjunction with the similar magnitude of the rate of serious adverse events (SAEs) from the clinical trials.

    COVID-19: What Was the Effect on Disability?

    ​ Sperm Is Replaced Completely By Spike Protein In “Vaccinated”​ (​Probably not completely, not in all men, right?​ This likely just represents the worst-case.)
    Dr. Arne Burkhardt shows a medical slideshow of two individuals that confirmed spike proteins replacing sperm entirely or almost entirely in the testes.

    John Day


    Dr D Rich

    Even now, the COVID disaster is one big marketing scheme. A failed one at that because The Gurus dire predictions for predicted deaths (marketing) hit a bad flu year level and didn’t proceed apace in 2020, again, as Fauci et al marketed, er ah, scientifically predicted.
    Please explain why The Gurus didn’t simply roll the “increase in excess deaths” by the end of 2020 into their ‘already enhanced’ COVID DEATH count when they decided at pandemic inception to lump flu deaths, pneumonia deaths and COVID deaths all into THE ONE BIG NUMBER.

    The alliteration was for dr D.

    And this worldwide marketing scheme is no different than Doris Birk’s scarf, Tulsi’s meandering white forelock and Tone Fauci’s shoe lifts promoting their personal brAnd to say nothing of Tik-Tokking nurses, bodies stacked like cordwood, mobile military hospital erected in a U.S. City, mobilization of a Navy fleet hospital ship, and The Brothers Cuomo.

    Bernays would be proud.


    Supreme Court vacates ruling restricting president’s right to issue federal workforce mandates
    The high court ended the case against President Biden’s vaccine mandate, calling it moot.

    The Supreme Court on Monday ended the case against President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees, issuing a summary judgment instructing a lower court to dismiss the case as no longer relevant.


    Arizona Republican Party chair Jeff DeWit caught on secret recording trying to bribe Kari Lake not to run for the Senate.


    Jeff DeWit is quite the slimy pecker-head but a totally out-in-the-open corrupt RINO.

    For his screw up of blowing a simple bribery task, I sincerely hope that his Satanic Cabal Masters place a pipe bomb in his family car and that it gets his wife and kids instead of him.

    He needs the humility of living with the guilt of not manning up and having his loved ones take the punishment for his ‘mistake’ in not successfully bribing Kari Lake.

    It should all fall on his family.

    He’s a cowardly maggot and not capable of just hanging himself from a tree in the woods or sucking on a Glock and blowing his peanut sized brains out.

    Short of that his kids should be tormented and mercilessly beaten up everyday in school and his wife at least lose her job and be socially shunned and outcast as a Typhoid Mary.

    These Satanic monster errand boys need to pay for their actions.

    Jeff DeWit is a low level Tool, a political equivalent of a lubricated buttplug, a Man Whore apparently not even capable of carrying out simple bribery.

    A curse on his house, a plague on his clan, a stain on his soul.

    Mors proditoribus

    Death to Traitors



    More honor for the Empire of Lies Military Mafia

    Only capable of “Kickin’ kids in wheelchairs” and shooting goat herders……

    American mercenary Benjamin Reed exposes war crimes committed by “The Chosen”, a unit led by fellow US mercenary Ryan O’Leary, in Ukraine.


    More maggot brained Zionism….

    Klaus Schwab advisor Yuval Harari says human rights and countries’ borders are FICTION…..

    Veracious Poet

    Due to *biases* too numerous to count, the proglodyte asshat reporter (AP) completely missed the elephant Cockaroach-In-The-Room.



    The Brainwashing of Israeli School Children is Next Level

    The new Nazis

    How ironic


    Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit steps down after Kari Lake tape leak.

    Maggot manwhore DeWitt will get a cushy corporate job or ‘book deal once he cuts n runs

    “This morning, I was determined to fight for my position. However, a few hours ago, I received an ultimatum from Lake’s team: resign today or face the release of a new, more damaging recording. I am truly unsure of its contents, but considering our numerous past open conversations as friends, I have decided not to take the risk,” DeWit said….”

    That’s a pile of warm dog turd on his head



    The phucking Ukronazis just shot down a plane carrying 69 of their own POWs being returned to Ukronaziland.

    Pure Evil or stupid phucking useless turds?

    IL-76 with 65 VSU POWs for exchange.

    About IL-76 with 65 VSU POWs for exchange.

    “On Wednesday at 11:15 Moscow time, reports came in that an IL-76 military transport plane carrying Ukrainian POWs had crashed and exploded in a field near the village of Yablonovo in the Korochansky district of Belgorod Region, which neighbors Ukraine.

    The salvo of two Ukronazi Air Defense missiles which downed this plane whose schedule (time of departure, flight plan etc.) was known in advance by Kiev regime came from the village of Liptsy, which is about 40 kilometers from Belgorod proper and the range of intercept was likely even less–the range for any medium-range AD system. The names of 65 VSU POWs are known now and the list has been published. “


    Nima and Dmitry Orlov

    Deconstructing Russia vs. NATO: How Would Trump Face It?

    I personally don’t have a lot of confidence in Trump.

    NeoConJob Nikki was his pick for UN Ambassador

    She must having givin’ the Donald one incredible Hand Job

    Lavrov in latest intiew brushed off Trump as just another in a long, long line of Empire of Lies liars who routinely break treaties nd promises. Lavrov had no faith in Trumps ability to keep his word.

    Lavrov one of the best and skilled Foreign Ministers in history as farther as I’m concerned.


    What’s the message.
    Ukraine shot down the downed IL-76 carrying prisoners.



    The message I get is the CIA knew a head of time about the prisoner exchange and wanted to prevent any future talks between the Ukrainians and Russia of any kind.

    These prisoner exchanges have kept a back channel door open between the two countries. That back door has now been slammed shut for good just like the US cutting Germany off from Russia by blowing up NS2.

    By the way there was a second plane carrying 80 POWs right behind the first plan e but managed to escape.

    So yes the CIA 100% knew all of this ahead of time. The prisoner exchange protocol required the Russians to advise the Ukrainians of these flights, time, place, so to be openly transparent about what they were doing.

    It is this loss of “trust” that was targeted by the US. This was no mistake. It was very intentional.

    This was another escalation by the US. This war is not going to end anytime soon.


    Danny Haiphong

    Mark Sleboda: Putin just changed EVERYTHING as Russia’s Military OVERWHELMS Ukraine

    Good run down of how Russia has completely destroyed Ukronazis military industrial capacity.

    They have located all war production facilities in Ukronazilland including repair facilities and destroyed them beyond fixing them.

    Russian is accumulating an amazing amount of actual heavy combat experience against peer power, something the Empire of Lies Military Mafia is incapable of cause all they know for the past several decades is kicking kids in wheelchairs and bombing goat herders. Not exactly peer warfare.


    I thought that the message was,
    “You should not have given up and became a prisoner.”


    Jeff Dewit Bitch Slapped

    What a corrupt little pussy


    But in true appalling lack of judgement by Trump and his appalling inability to judge to someones true character….


    DeWit and wife Marina in a threesome with the Donald

    Expect this lack of judgement from Trump in a second term, he is about ego, not good government



    At least Attila the Hun or Ghengis Khan had some fuckin style. These are just boring shitheads in suits, following jewbanker orders to kill everyone and steal everything. It’s anticlimatic, even though the worst is yet to come. Tools like Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Biden, Musk, Harari, an endless parade of faggots and kiddiefuckers. C’mon man. This is dismal theatre. Shittier than the movies out of hollywood. All the money in the world can’t buy creativity or excellence. Takes some fuckin integrity for that, don’t it?


    Re; yuval harari border theory… I’m assuming that this means that his home is open to anyone who breaks down his doors/windows… Perhaps some of those that his tribe has been bombing for the last few months — decades? If he is not permitted to leave the house due to the “invaders,” I am sympathetic if he decides to attempt to break out.




    NeoZioCon blackmail control grid in action


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