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    Dave Collum

    Is the guy on the left–Dead Jeff Epstein–the same as the guy on the right? If so, does anybody know who the guy on the left is? (Hint: not Jeff.)

    Figmund Sreud

    Tucker Carlson in Cowtown!*


    *) Udderly Art Pasture
    Calgary, Alberta

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Epstein vs. Corpse nose is a mild difference.
    Ear-pattern is a bigger difference.

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s the thing about failures: failures fail. They don’t succeed. That’s why they are called FAIL-ures.

    So what causes failures? Well, of course there is always the random chance of just bad f-ing luck, and a host of other things including bad karma, BUT the most common cause of failure is being WRONG, and trying to do things in ways that the laws of physics, logic, decency and common sense should convincingly suggest were bad ideas from the start.

    Lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, censoring, betraying, slaving, blackmailing, bribing, extorting, humiliating, condescending, hating, and corrupting all have that one characteristic in common. The are all WRONG.

    Can’t imagine why making them Standard Operating Procedure for a nation for 80+ years would lead to failure. Go figure.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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