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    Amedeo Modigliani Elvira Resting at a Table 1919   • Texas Governor Defies Biden (RT) • The United States Has No Borders (Paul Craig Roberts) • I
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    Moment innocent civilian brandishing white flag in Gaza ‘safe zone’ is shot dead by IDF JEWS

    Open season on all JEW scum everywhere anywhere.
    Destroy the root.

    The World has a JEW problem.

    Gaza has a JEW problem.

    Ukraine has a JEW problem.

    America has a JEW problem.

    JEWS have a JEW problem.

    When is enough, enough ?

    JEWS are the Deep State and worse. Eradicate filth.

    John Pilger rip-

    Palestine Is Still the Issue


    The Ultra Zionists follows Louis Theroux as he investigates and interviews the nationalist Jewish settlers who have chosen to live in disputed areas of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, including locations declared illegal by even Israeli officials.

    The Ultra Zionists

    The Ultra Zionists

    Watch you fucking cowards.

    9/11 and Israel’s Great Game (Laurent Guyenot, HD Documentary, 2022)

    What world do you live in ?


    Destroy all Zionist trash



    Destroy Hamas, deradicalize the Palestinians: Netanyahu lays out preconditions for peace

    No subhuman JEW trash.

    Destroy all JEWS. not HAMAS

    Fuck you Zionist scum. May you see the light of an oven.

    Dr. D

    Not the Elvira I remember. Although she is in black.

    “Kim Jong Un: Is North Korea’s Leader Actually Considering War?
    North Korea experts – by nature, a cautious group who seek to avoid sowing panic – have been left reeling by two of …” –BBC

    When I stop laughing, why am I reading this? Because they think they found a way to start WWIII in Korea again?


    A bit distasteful, but…

    “Kamala’s just waiting it out until Biden finally admits he can’t finish another four years. Kamala thinks she should be president”

    When the bar for President is a man in diapers with no mental capacity at all, is she so wrong? She can add knowing where she is to that, although she shares his inability to speak coherently, or have intelligence.

    Cave Cartoon: Truth Seekers. Yes that’s why they call it “Enlightenment” when you finally come out into the real light and not the fire of Mind.

    “Whenever you get annoyed by the media just remember this moment Elon roasted the BBC.”

    Then nothing happened and they had just as much credibility after.

    ““Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, and Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte all announced that they stand with Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott.”

    Yes, and if the USSC says that is illegitimate, then that becomes an actual legal insurrection by the states, not a fake one. …In a way.

    “The executive branch of the United States has a constitutional duty to enforce federal laws protecting states, including immigration laws on the books right now. President Biden has refused to enforce those laws and has even violated them.”

    And that would be the correct path if the USSC takes the incredibly false position they’ve taken: to impeach and remove Biden. Aaaaaand the House says what? Nothing. Not even the lowest official has been reprimanded. Johnson is too busy figuring out how to fund Israel…and Gaza and ISIS too, all at the same time.

    “I don’t know if Americans have any comprehension of what is happening to their country.”

    How could you? Everything reported is a lie. I mean, at some point is that our fault? You have the picture of “The Cave” but they don’t show it with bars and guards and guns on it, like in real life.

    “Flag waving patriots who can believe no evil of their country are the easiest to tyrannize.”

    Apparently not, since they are all the “Resisters” who support the Constitution in defiance of Tyranny. It’s the other guys who were easiest to fall for it.

    “The Supreme Court, ruling of course in line with the tyrant Abe Lincoln’s destruction of states rights, said the Biden Regime can destroy the fence Texas built to protect Texas’ and America’s borders.”

    Back to USSC, Texas COULD have done this another way, but what’s so appalling and illegal about the USSC decision is, Texas isn’t enforcing Federal Law...which they SHOULD. They aren’t replacing Border Patrol…Which they SHOULD. They aren’t using the National Guard to Guard the Nation…which they SHOULD.

    No, you always know when there’s a strict lack of details and fact, everything written is a lie. Texas passed a STATE law regarding documentation. Then they are enforcing this STATE law with STATE resources and put up a STATE fence on STATE land with STATE money. Understand?

    …So Los Federales got jurisdiction here how? Are they claiming sovereignty over state code enforcement, state traffic and assault laws? What basis does the USSC think it’s acting?

    …So naturally that has YET to be reported directly and obviously even once, although I’m quite sure if you used a “Telephone” even one with a cord, the Officials and lawyers involved in the case will describe it to you in tedious and somnambulating detail.

    And here both PCR misses this essential point, and Turley too, I believe. Well, Republicans, I guess. The dragon can’t fly without both wings helping. The purpose of Republicans is to be useless enablers, then point.

    ““Border Patrol began this practice of destroying Texas’s property,”

    “• Time For West To Realize It Is Helping Nazis – Top Russian MP (RT)

    The West knows they are helping Nazis. Not only did they fund them out of a tiny fringe into a major force, not only are their parents and grandparents actually Nazis, like Freeland, but they are actual Nazis themselves, so of course they are supporting them. The only person who doesn’t seem to believe that is you, and us, the people, who take our cues from your statements.

    Tom Luongo and others here:

    Part one covers also Poland who he says doesn’t know whether to s—t or go blind as, like America, they are under attack from every direction, by every means, by every body, left, right, center, and their own leaders. That comes up because these guys are minions and morons BUT! But they have one playbook and for 2-300 years that playbook works. That playbook is to break everything, destroy and dissolve the nation, cause normal families to end up in desperation, then Lo! Money starts flowing in! Someone (Insert here) starts funding Brown Shirts, not only with fat cash, but with moral and social status. Then in the generation, 10 years as they age and expand, then ally and know each other, and their movement “Works”. They take over institutions and then re-arm and overcome their hardship by then attacking their enemies keeping them down, inside and out.

    That is, the Money comes in and suddenly a fringe in a Church basement becomes the Nazi Party, Lo! suddenly funded by billionaires at Bosch, suddenly all on the major papers! suddenly the Brown Shirts are all protected by hired D.A.s and are the 2nd police force! then suddenly they get on a war footing internally with police and purges, and externally, with wars of conquest. Those who disagree are removed, same as those who did agree are made D.A. “Who is They, though?”

    Note I’m not picking on them, or Ukraine, same Op was run in Napoleonic France, maybe the first time with real polish. They learned from losing the Colonies in the American Revolution, maybe first major attempt but went sideways when the Founders double crossed them.

    Point: Since they can’t do that to Russia and Ukraine is lost, THEY ARE DOING THIS TO ALL EUROPE. All Europe is now their op. All Europe will be destroyed, impoverished, betrayed. But the OP TAKES TIME. Like growing crops. 10 years. So that, waiting for their new Hitler youth to grow up from desperate kids on the streets of Marseilles, whose sister had to turn to loose prostitution, they will then “Strike back at the Man” the corruption, the sissy-weakness of girly trans non-men of the 2020s. Aaaaaaaand then?

    Attack Russia, unified, in full force. All Europe. All Russia. +10 years from now. Or that is the Social plan and motivation being slowly installed by the social engineers right now. And that no one will believe it is a major reason it always works. As interview says, 1933 there were like 500 Brown Shirts. 1939 there were 2 million. 2014 Ukraine was actually PRO-RUSSIAN. The unified vote was for Yanukovitch despite billions in Color Revolution money for decades. Yanukovitch then voted towards a Russian sphere of influence instead of an EU one – AS HIS VOTERS TOLD HIM — and was removed a week later.

    By 2019 an exhausted Ukraine voted a conciliation and wildly pro-peace President from a Russian speaking family and area, Vladimir Zelensky. Who then killed a million Ukrainians and cut the population in half, erasing his nation from the earth in an aggressive war.

    …But “That can never happen here” in good old Europe. Where it was developed and beta tested about every 50 years for centuries. How? Not later with “Chamberlain” not later with El Duce. +10 years before when they set the hyperinflation collapse and the stage for “Fixing” things, to go on a purging crusade of the moral right, and strength…against all the wrong people. That hyperinflation is going to start real soon, when Ukr falls and “Collateral” vanishes. Their interview mentions “Collateral” as well.

    Once that mob is activated, there is a war, and all you do is poke it with a stick to direct it. And that stick is “Money”.

    They’re setting this up in Europe now, and Russia’s extremely, excessively, supernaturally reserved actions show they know it. And that’s the other half. Putin isn’t immortal: when he goes Russia will be so deeply annoyed for so long they will put a war hawk in, even as the milquetoast Medvedev is now a raging warhawk. So both sides are set, and all you have to do is sit back in your castle in Zurich, and watch.

    Hey, let’s NOT this time, okay? How about “NO”? F—kers. How about both the people of Russia and the People of Europe go turn them out of their castles and get THEM?

    “There is no lack of confidence in Donetsk that the war will be won, but no conviction when exactly that will be.”

    Every day those kids get older. Look at the turn. Now kids born under shelling, never seen anything else, are now 10 or 12 or 15 years old. What’s their mind built for the future? How do they look at the world?

    War means there’s no tomorrow. Time preference is zero. One hour, one day. You don’t learn the important lessons of humanness, planning, cooperating, building. The social engineers capitalize on this, as they do in the engineered breakdown in the West like us. Now no doubt Russia is on the Wheel of History moving up and Donetsk will be like the booming 50s in no time. But…

    “The United States has already lost the race to develop hypersonic and directed energy weapons to its rivals, Independent Senator Angus King”

    Have we? “We’ll know our work is done when everything the American People Senators believe is a lie” – CIA, 1981

    Heard an interesting thought: what if we HAVE the lasers, hypersonics, even the TicTac UFOs on the Navy official websites. And what if they really AREN’T U.S. Military, but Lockheed has decided to be a breakaway society and NOT TELL Congress, NOT TELL Senators that they have them? …Because moron Senators like Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell will USE them. Could they? Yes. They have the money? Yes. They have the time? Yes. They have the bases, the secrecy? Yes. They have the reason, and the total absence of oversight? Yes.

    So...why not? Why is this so impossible when you have $40 Trillion missing? Unlimited Defense spending over 80 years of time and known secret bases? And the CIA may know this and have some but since they shouldn’t exist and aren’t fully in chain-of-command maybe they only know and control 2 projects of 10? Like Lahina but not Iran?

    Think about it. And if you want to RE-integrate this, start admitting you have pocket nuclear reactors that can be put in a school basement, and TicTac antigravity, what would the world look like then? Yes, it’s dangerous, it requires a very mature population to control such power. But if it already exists, then…?

    “• Court Declares Trudeau’s Crackdown on the Truckers to be Unlawful (Turley)
    Two years ago,

    Well, I’m so glad they finally got around to declaring it all illegal after years of destruction, prison, without trial (like the J6 U.S.) So…you now have to pay full restitution to everyone for your error as is Human law for 1,000 years, back to Were-gild and the Vikings? No? No $1,000/day plus all legal fees for these people?

    That’s a MINIMUM. They should be hung for human rights abuses, same as if they tracked down a religious group or committed a genocide. If there is no punishment larger in force than the profits of crime, then why ever stop?

    And you need to ask for and demand your due, as again, that is the MINIMUM legal compensation due.

    You arrested people and stole property because they DROVE A TRUCK. ON A ROAD. While not liking you as much as you prefer.

    “70% of Nikki Haley Voters Not Registered Republicans (BB)

    I guess the Democrats hate her as much as we do. Grrl Power

    “Who still feels safe in a 737 MAX? Also, a few days ago a wheel came off a 757 on a runway just seconds before take off.”

    This is our workforce. But it is also our management; Honda seems to be able to make cars correctly in Tennessee and Kentucky while GM can’t make working cars anywhere on earth.

    And loose bolts? That’s the minimum. Outsiders, normal people may not realize, every bolt is put on with auto torque wrenches. Like literally the socket-thingie you hold in your hand? Yeah, it auto-turns the bolt, usually with air, and it auto-clicks it and stops at a pre-set tension. (All for repetitive motion injuries). THERE IS NO WAY TO HAVE LOOSE BOLTS. At all. The smallest factory in America has these. If you have this problem, you don’t have a “Factory”. You have Billy-Bob under a magnolia tree. So someone is doing this on purpose? On command? Month of airplanes, just like we had a designated month of Food Factory fires? GTFO.

    “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the results” There is no penalty for failure. None. Only penalty for success. “FROM each, according to their abilities.” The incompetent held a vote and they voted to take everything from the competent and give it to themselves. Then fire the competent to really show them who’s boss. Bonuses all around. Boeing. No? Okay, then which 50 managers are you firing for this? Which board directors all got the ax and investigated for kickbacks?

    The World Economic Forum is the worst source of disinformation in the world.”

    As with Luongo interview we learned something wonderful from Der Lyin’: she says that if we don’t believe the WEF, they can’t accomplish their agenda. Awwwww. All we have to do is not trust them. Like Agents of K.A.O.S. they believed that they could come in, wreck everything right in front of us, have it all trace back to their people and beliefs, and we would still Ned Flanders like “Okie dokey then! Right diddlie-eightie, how can I continue to help you take over the world and kill my children?”

    Instead of maybe looking up “Chaos” in a dictionary where it says, “A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.” That is, the #Opposite of being in #Control of anything. Where no one is giving orders and in fact nobody knows what’s going on or who to trust. Like now! You win!!!!!!! Your wish is our command.

    Sooo…not only do we know we have to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, sitting here on the couch, except mock and not believe them, but thanks to Ursula, we also know that’s working GREAT! And is foiling all their Master Plans™.

    Thanks, you guys are GENIUSES. How have we not defeated you yet? You in your beach thong.

    Anyway, “The World Economic Forum is the disinformation capital of the world.” And now EVERYBODY knows it. Exposed. As das Klausenschwabber. In a beach thong.

    “”Three new peer-reviewed papers, published in major prestigious scientific journals… completely undermine the alleged Climate Change narrative”

    For 24 years in a row. Just as the original ice core data said and as any “Logic” would tell you when CO2 was 6x today for 300 million years.

    Blood clots: that’s going to be super hard to dissolve and reabsorb. I mean, harder than cholesterol on arteries. No doubt possible though.

    “The Karakoram Highway”

    They don’t mention it, but you probably have to tune your car to make it even possible to drive at that height, then re-tune them down at the other side. That’s already somewhat true in far lower elevations like Denver.

    Dr. D

    “what if they AREN’T U.S. Military, but Lockheed has decided to be a breakaway society and NOT TELL Congress?”

    This is the Plot of “Tomorrowland,” by the way. An extended metaphor of this, starring the son of an admiral and a core actor of the BBC, also starring Disney, so obvious with two meanings that I even saw Normies notice it.


    Canazida, Oh Canazida!

    “Assisted” suicide for Sad Sheeple

    And the Canazida government can make them Sad, very Sad.

    So instead the ’round about’ way of Big Pharma mood enhancing drugs or CIA controlled Fentanyl ‘helping’ them cope, the government can save benefit money payouts, immediately and in the future (pensions) and depopulate Canazida of Canadians to make room for their ‘low maintenance’ replacements from 3rd world countries!


    It’s a Win, Win, Win

    Meanwhile in Duh’merica, the Land of the Free, home of the Brave

    We have the Masshole-achusetts Democrat governor Maura Healey, on Monday pleading for the federal government for more help with the migrant arrivals.

    One report says the addition cost of immigrants will approach an extra BILLION dollars in the Masshole state budget. So Sad :>(

    So Healey has no problem having the illegal unvetted immigrants sleeping on the floor in Boston’s Logan Airport.

    I guess they can be ‘greeters’ for all the travelers passing through Boston!


    Gov Healey passing gas through her mouth about the subject in ‘Sanctuary City’ Boston


    “‘The path is there in terms of what needs to be done to fix the border situation, to fix some of the asylum processes and to get much needed funding to some of the interior states who have had to shoulder the burden for a problem that is geopolitical and is not the state’s making.’

    Healey is “listening to the snail”


    It’s channeling the answer to her…






    I guess we need tens of millions of illegal immigrants to help pick the southern cotton crop and staff the fast food burger joints, the locals won’t do either one.

    John Day

    Transhuman, transgender pedophile elites now on back foot against normies?

    Ohio Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of Bill Prohibiting Experimental Transgender Treatments for Minors


    Doesn’t he get a distinguished award of some kind for this, not an Emmy or an Oscar but maybe a Pedo©





    Good Judgement Comes from Experience
    Experience Comes from Poor Judgement



    Cue Face Palm



    My two cents on todays blog
    More choices/opinions/Truth Telling than what Tucker Carlson said

    1. The MAID program, and a lot of them are not actually terminally ill, they’re just sad.
    2. Poverty, homeless, living on the street, inflation
    3. Debt slaves
    4. Fentanyl, Addicted to Pain killers
    5. Capitalism, Failed dream.
    6. Democracy, Freedom, Dared to protest Justin Trudeau?
    7. Control, Send help to Ukrain nazi instead of helping homeless
    8. Double oil production but don’t sell it for US$.
    9. Ceasefire, Peace or War.
    10. Democracy, Gov. for the people or …. corruption
    11. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden or …. Trump
    He, Volodin, stated that the IL-76 had been downed by three missiles fired from either a US-made Patriot or German-made IRIS-T air defense system,
    Volodin claimed that Kiev had shot down its own troops in mid-flight: “Their mothers, wives, and children were waiting for them.
    They also killed our pilots… defenseless, who were on a humanitarian mission,
    Using American and German missiles.”
    Russia has repeatedly condemned Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, arguing that they only prolong the conflict.
    Officials in Moscow have also said that Kiev is actively using Western-supplied munitions to target civilian infrastructure both in Donbass and elsewhere.
    Just as NATO’s weapons are destroyed every day on the battlefield, foreign mercenaries are frequently targeted and neutralized.

    French Mercenaries Dying in Ukraine: The West Encourages the Enlistment of Militants to Fight on Kiev’s Side

    French Mercenaries Dying in Ukraine: The West Encourages the Enlistment of Militants to Fight on Kiev’s Side

    Lucas Leiroz

    There are several reasons why mercenary soldiers enlist to fight in Ukraine.
    1. “solidarity” with the neo-Nazi dictatorship.
    2. opportunity of a job
    3. professionals from the private military sector who are hired by the Ukrainian state or Western countries to conduct operations in Ukraine.
    4. these soldiers, especially those from NATO countries, help the Western bloc acquire real direct combat experience with Russian forces – preparing the alliance for a possible future scenario of total war.
    The real meaning of the conflict in Ukraine is precisely the use of Kiev as a proxy to wage war against Russia,
    These soldiers tend to pass on field experience and data to officers in their countries, which is why they must be considered especially dangerous, with their elimination being a priority for Moscow.
    5. In the Red Sea, the US Navy was currently forced to use multi-million dollar missiles to shoot down inexpensive drones fired by the Houthi rebels in Yemen that cost less than 1% of the price of the US systems, King said.

    How the MSM tells lies.
    The New York Times reported falsely,
    “it was not possible to independently confirm …. “



    Well, I guess the border crisis is understandable now. Why numbers went up so much and why, to keep those numbers up, somebody, anybody had to be thrown in to up the numbers – people from other continents across oceans.

    You cram ridiculous ludicrous numbers of people through a totally open border until a border state finally gets it, tries to close the border, and at the very least, you get to declare by election time that “TX is a big meanie” and doesn’t get to participate in elections – or at “best” elections don’t happen because of even bigger consequent problems.


    The Federals sent to TX to escalate further will be hand picked sociopaths with zero patriotism and zero qualms with getting violence going with TX law enforcement or state military… or just straight up mercs dressed up as feds.

    Alternatively, some sort of get out of our way you idiots, we have to get in there and do our jobs on the border, clear out. Don’t you want the border “guarded”? You wouldn’t want to obstruct us in our jobs would you? (to then occupy the border and then open it up wide…) Oh, so now TX doesn’t want the federal government doing its job on the border you hypocrites?

    I guess you stand right BEHIND the feds and let them sit there in a mass of migrants packed shoulder to shoulder as you stop the flow and it backs all the way up into Mexico?


    Speaking of breaching borders

    The Sarmat RS-28

    aka. Satan II

    Perfect name for vaporizing the Satanist Cabal in the Empire of Lies


    11,000 mile range, can be shot going SOUTH down over Antarctica and up to Duh’merica where it has virtual no AD or radar defense and is incapable of stopping it.

    10 ton warhead, 10-15 large nuclear warheads. Enough for 10-15 Duh’merican Big Shities



    And they are mobile so ya don’t no where they are on any givin day, don’t ya know…

    Typical village day in Russia

    John Day

    UK Piano Player Threatened By CCP Agents For Filming Their Faces In Public

    YouTube piano player by the name of Brendan Kavanagh was filming a live stream at a public piano at London St Pancras station when Chinese citizens, some of them known to work for CCP groups in the UK, confronted him.

    Kavanagh is renowned for his surprise musical performances at public pianos around the UK, where he entertains shoppers and travelers. In the UK, filming in public is legal and does not require permission, nor does it require release agreements from any of the people that might end up on camera

    Brendan Kavanagh noted in a recent interview on the event that he has been contacted by a number of Chinese citizens who told him that this is the kind of incident that would lead to a person being “taken off to the camps” in China. Angering CCP officials is simply not tolerated.


    Meanwhile a lot of Duh’mericans can’t afford to eat



    I had a conversation with my mom yesterday. Her new pulmonologist dropped her as a patient the other day (he is retiring in 6 months anyhow) because she did not follow his prescribed medicine regime fully (she took less than half prescribed) over the past several weeks. She had come to him for help with increasing asthma symptoms, on the recommendation of her GP. As a result, she decided to research the prescribed medicine more fully. She discovered that the medicine that the pulmonologist prescribed has a side effect of exacerbating osteoporosis. It looks like the pulmonologist didn’t bother correlating that she has osteoporosis and shouldn’t take something contraindicated for osteoporosis. This medicine can also worsen glaucoma…she also is in the beginning stages of glaucoma! (And takes a medicine for it.). She looked into the medicine that she has been prescribed by another doctor for osteoporosis, and found out that it is contraindicated for people with asthma because it can worsen asthma symptoms. She has stopped taking both medications.
    “Mom,” I said, “you *know* that these pharmaceutical companies just want to turn a profit on maintenance medicines and that medical schools are funded by pharmaceutical companies and that doctors get continuing education credits from lavish presentations sponsored by these companies. You cannot trust doctors to check all of these things. Aren’t there exercises that you can do to help deal with osteoporosis? Maybe you can ask for a referral to physical therapy to learn what types of exercises to do for osteoporosis.”

    Our broken medical system….


    Cant afford to eat in Canazida?

    Government Medically Assisted Suicide®
    has got your back!



    Phoenix, power to your mom. Well done.

    John Day

    Sorry …
    Former 13 year old boy.

    Reid Hoffman Pulls Out Of Nikki Haley After New Hampshire Pounding

    John Day

    1) Right On!
    2) Bad for bidness, you are…
    3) Choose 2 smallish dumbbells that your mom can lift from floor to overhead 20X smoothly, maybe 5# to start. Perform 3X per week. Increase weights as tolerated. Take 5000 IU/d of vitamin D3.

    4) forgive the 13 y/o boy post above, please.


    don’t forget the K2 with the D3



    A friend’s mother was taking *72* different prescription drugs from 8 different doctors at the same time and going downhill.

    None of the doctors were communicating with each other.

    The family had to hire a retired doctor for $5K in cash, (not covered by insurance) to resolve and reduce the number of drugs and their inter- conflicting reactions with each other.

    This doctor had to stroke the egos of the eight doctors to make any head way in reducing the prescription overload on this poor woman.

    The various doctors said if the mediator doc cut their prescription, they would Stop treating this woman.

    Took hom 6 months to drop her prescriptions to Seven drugs.

    She immediately began to improve.

    Just saying…

    “Health Care’ in Duh’merica is a form of Ritual Humiliation

    It’s meant to demoralize and depress, a slower form of assisted suicide, but more profitable…



    I suppose a good countermove would be 10 busses of migrants dumped in front of the houses, 2nd homes, and 3rd homes, and favorite high end getaway locations, etc of the supreme court justices that decided against TX. 10/week minimum forever, wherever they go. No shortage of people to send. Watch dems attempt to choke out what it is they find objectionable.


    @ citizenx

    Open season on all JEW scum everywhere anywhere.

    I find your rhetoric disgusting. You sound like a Nazi under Hitler, like a member of the Hitler Youth. Substitute the word “JEW” with “Gazan” and you sound the exact same as the Israeli butchers. The sentiment is identical to Hillary Clinton decrying the “deplorables” or WEFfers against “useless eaters.”

    I don’t know whether or not you are Christian and venerate the New Testament. I am not, but I was raised reading the Bible and I continue to respect what it contains.

    Matthew 7:16-23
    King James Version
    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    I do my best to judge others based upon their actual words and actions, not based upon their family, religion, ethnicity, alma mater, skin color, nor nationality. Of course, like all humans, when I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know someone personally, I have a tendency to fall back on traits of group membership. However, while this method carries some plausible accuracy for group membership that an individual has actively sought as an adult, it is least accurate for group membership that is intrinsic to one’s birth — such as family, ethnicity, religion, and nationality.

    We cannot effectively counter corruption and hatred with more blind hatred. There are those who are actively working to destroy humanity — they have no compassion for Gazans, Ukrainians, and want us all to “eat bugs not bacon.” These are our enemies. But Jews worldwide who happened to be born Jewish? That is ridiculous. Now, the 53% of Israelis who approve of the genocide in Gaza? They deserve our wrath. They have allowed themselves to become pawns. (But we knew that already…wasn’t it over 90% of the Israeli population that consented to the poison jabs?) Anger can give us the energy to fight our enemies. But blind, unfocused, overly general rage will cause us to sweep innocents up in the net of our retribution. This is how movements lose popular support, how they cease to make sense to others. So…keep your anger. I respect it…but, please, focus it on those who are actually responsible for evil deeds in the world, and not bystanders who share group status with evil-doers by happenstance of birth.


    clarification needed:
    “They don’t mention it, but you probably have to tune your car to make it even possible to drive at that height, then re-tune them down at the other side. That’s already somewhat true in far lower elevations like Denver.”

    Every fuel injected internal combustion engine with micro-processor control. Oxygen and thermal sensors at injection teamed with oxygen and thermal sensors at exhaust delivering information to a microprocessor that controls fuel based on a predetermined optimal baseline. The heart of modern emission control in modern passenger vehicles. Chips are available to present a baseline variant to the
    control system.


    I always try to verify/check to avoid scams
    “Our broken medical system…. she decided to research the ….”

    System falling apart

    Nobody has the time to ….
    Nobody has the expertise to ….
    Not my job to …
    Not getting paid to ….

    Will get in trouble, make enemies, not following procedure/system/orders, will be declared a rebel/terrorist for not accepting, not your problem


    Secrets …. need lies
    War … “Collateral” vanishes, ” Leverage” disappear.
    Survivors will “Reset”, “Reorganize”, Restructure”, “Retry”

    John Day

    American Jews reportedly drop canned-food bombs on Gaza, killing hungry civilians who open them.
    [video src="" /]

    Candy-bar bombs


    Dmitry Orlov believes that the jewish population in Israel will slowly at first, then all at once… simply leave Israel with their dual passports and go wherever as conditions deteriorate in Israel.

    The Muslim world is NEVER going to forget Gaza and Israel will NEVER be safe.

    Like never

    Orlov thinks enough current Israelis will Cut n’ Run®, same as the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation does in every conflict it instigates.

    The minority of hard core zionist left in Palestine will be in an untenable position.

    Not enough jews left to fill the jobs needed to run a national economy.

    And their birth rate vs the Palestinian birth rate is guaranteed to lose over time.

    Orlov believes there will be a One State solution = Palestine

    Putin ‘Attritional Warfare’ approach is being watched world wide as a successful restrained form of waging war.

    Death by a thousand cuts.

    That is Israel’s fate


    Secrets …. need lies
    Adam Schiff Gets Huffy During Debate After Republican Calls Him “Liar” Who Was “Censured”


    Path for Homeless immigrant -> sleeping on the street, ->cardboard, tent, camper, pallet house, survival income, survival retirement pension


    Thinking about the migrant issue even more, I think states are underutilizing the resource – it’s a Democrat weapon against them for decades, but THEY are the ones with the most access to this weapon.

    Martha’s Vineyard should have large mass transportation of immigrants arriving DAILY from all states affected by Democrat policies.

    But it shouldn’t stop there. Mosquito tactics. Panel vans, minivans, sedans, taxis, uber, continually bringing in more migrants to Martha’s Vineyard daily. Large chartered passenger plane after large chartered passenger plane just filling the airport shoulder to shoulder if they won’t let the new arrivals out of the airport. Ferries arriving full of new people. Mosquito tactics – boats coming up on the public beaches and public docks all over the island disbursing more arrivals while a large decoy draws all manpower and resources.

    As soon as state officials take a hand, the busses you kept waiting in reserve begin dumping more arrivals on the steps of the relevant state government buildings and in front of each official involved in attempting to stop what’s happening in Martha’s. When they move to stop these busses, hordes of panel vans, minivans, sedans, taxis, etc begin endlessly, randomly dropping more new arrivals in a 5×5 block area surrounding the locations.

    When the authorities block off the 5×5 areas, your reserves, held for this moment, begin dumping thousands upon thousands of migrants on the doorsteps of the homes of the local police chiefs, police officers, and anyone else involved. If the authorities stretch themselves to thin trying to catch all of that, stuff more migrants in front of the state official’s homes and offices. If they don’t get stretched too thin, bring up your prepared reserves and begin dumping more migrants in front of the homes of all the extended family members of the police chief, police, state officials, etc so they all start getting phone calls asking what is happening.

    Meanwhile, since you already did gallup poll after gallup poll determine which regions of the US are most pro open border, you have additional reserves positioned near these areas. You wait until the inevitable identical wall to wall news coverage puts a spin on what is happening, give it awhile to simmer – a few days, a week at most – then start dumping thousands upon thousands of migrants into these maximally-pro open border regions

    Next, you start dumping migrants at all the vacation homes of Democrats at the state and federal levels — news reports of extreme crackdowns, SWAT teams coming out because there have been complaints of too many migrants at the congressman’s 3rd vacation house.

    And just keep going and going, having new tactics, new targets always prepared, every single day for a year. Only way to stop it is to shut off the supply of migrants otherwise the states always have a fresh supply


    …the States could purchase several houses each in each of the gated communities of any rich people, politicians, bureaucrats, etc that are pro open border and then just keep bringing migrants into the gated community – 1 at a time , 3 at a time, whatever, but continually, daily. Overwhelm the resources of the gated community by having false alarms, decoys, make everyone living there miserable due to extra security procedures. Perimeter fencing continually having holes cut in it, people coming in, heck, this is going to go on for a year, maybe you dug some tunnels into each of these gated communities before you even activated your plan. And just never ever stop, never take a day off.


    …like, “I’m in a high security ultra exclusive gated community in Montana that has no connecting roads, is a thousand miles away from anyone, only accessible by its private airfield, WTF, how are there 1,000 migrants standing in my front yard at 3am???”


    O, patient, dear, my client whom I love!
    I’ve looked you over, head to foot to glove.
    I found your health to be in happy state
    You’re eating well, and keep watch on your weight.

    That little chat we had has made it clear
    Your mental health is fine. You’re of good cheer;
    Your grip is fine; you stand up straight and tall-
    (If something should come up- just give a call.)

    And so I won’t be writing you a scrip-
    I hope you have enjoyed this office trip.
    I’ll see you in a year or maybe more-
    Take care; sleep well, and don’t make health a chore.

    With that, dear client, this exam is done.
    Be on your way- and have yourself some fun.


    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

    So to ‘all ye faithful’ who imagine that the Universe, or ‘god’ or some higher power eventually ‘rights wrongs’ in some distant future, after you and the victims are long dead….well…

    If the ‘evil doers’ in question don’t personally experience consequences within the life time of those who suffered the crime, then there is no Justice.

    I don’t really give a rat’s ass about some imagined ‘justice’ that happens outside the Present in some non-existent future. Anyone who believes that is self-delusional on an incurable scale.

    Take for example maggot manwhore Jeff Dewit, treasonous head of the GOP in Arizona.

    A friend who’s an ex-Marine and old truck driver dude nowadays says universal touchy feely “justice”

    “…Dewit the Shit will probably die in a California King sized bed with two gorgeous six foot blonde Swedish hookers licking his butthole while snorting coke…“god” ain’t doing jack”

    Amen Brother

    It reminds me of the old saying that “Science advances one funeral at a time”

    So does Justice

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