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    At the point in the derangement of the world, I think I despise ‘do gooders’ more than outright evil phuckers.

    The Road to Hell is Paved with Good INTENTIONS



    (John Gorka)

    There’s addition and subtraction, but division overall;
    Hope, once in fluid motion, is slowed behind a crawl.
    The images are strong and the words are pretty good,
    But there’s more fiction out of Washington than out of Hollywood.

    chorus: On the road of good intentions, all gets justified to hell,
    The price revealed in stories too short, too sad to tell.

    Is this permanent improvement through abbreviated lives,
    Or another tragic venture, shocking when the bill arrives?
    By the rubble where the house was, there are markers in the dirt.
    Children with no need of freedom, they can no longer be hurt.

    chorus: On the road of good intentions, all gets justified to hell,
    The price revealed in stories too short, too sad to tell.

    The soldiers and their families, with life and limb they pay,
    While the ones who sent them marching get to dance the night away.
    I always come back to the soldiers with their courage and ideals.
    I’ve seen them smoking in the airports. There’s no telling how it feels.

    chorus: On the road of good intentions, all gets justified to hell,
    The price revealed in stories too short, too sad to tell.


    @Dr D and tboc re: fuel injection at elevation

    I’ve had a Ford 5.0 V8 up to 3700m/12,500ft with little noticeable effect. Back ~35 yrs when I had my first car, I recall driving it up to about 3400m and it was chugging and wheezing and coming to a begrudging agreement with gravity.


    @mpsk re: kindly doctor

    That’s my wife’s doctor to a T.


    • French Mercenaries Dying in Ukraine

    The more ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ Russia kills in Ukronaziland, the better off the world will be…


    The French Army Last Time They Tried to Conquer Russia



    Training Mercenaries!
    US military operations in Somalia are shrouded in secrecy.
    U.S. Africa Command, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, with partners, counters malign actors and transnational threats, responds to crises, and strengthens security forces in order to advance U.S. national interests and promote regional security, stability and prosperity.

    Federal Government of Somalia, AFRICOM target al Shabaab
    At the request of the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. Africa Command conducted two collective self-defense airstrikes against the al-Shabaab terrorist group on Dec. 20.
    US Launches Airstrikes In Somalia For First Time This Year

    WEDNESDAY, JAN 24, 2024 – 02:00 PM
    Authored by Dave DeCamp via,


    Training Mercenaries!
    BBC documentary on Western Death Squad in Yemen: Israeli Security Firm Hired by UAE Paid American Mercenaries to Carry Out Political Assassinations
    Nawal al-Maghafi
    Mon, 22 Jan 2024

    Training provided by American mercenaries – hired by the UAE in 2015 – has then been used by Emiratis to instruct locals, sparking a surge in targeted killings, a whistleblower says.

    The killing spree in Yemen – more than 100 assassinations in a three-year period – is just one element of an ongoing bitter internecine conflict pitting several international powers against each other in the Middle East’s poorest country.

    Dr. D

    About Orlov and Israel, already Luongo interview has Crytpo Rich who interviewed a Rabbi on this subject at Christmas. He said exactly this thing. Soon as he saw this behavior from the Israeli government, that was the last straw and they left immediately.

    Nor was that the only story. But at my distance, anecdotes are going to trickle in slowly. So score for Orlov AND the end of Israel, as people can put up with a lot, and all governments are mafias and pretty corrupt. Nevertheless, there’s a limit. As Ukraine knows with half the country in W. Europe and ain’t coming back.

    They have 100,000 Israelis displaced. …And no war in Lebanon to justify it. So…100k ppl not going to their day job. Like what 3M Americans in proportion? Aaaaand all the people they stay with will get sick of it. Aaaaand the lost GDP. Aaaaand the territory has little chance of settling soon, like w/i 5 years. Aaaaaand they have dual citizenship. Aaaaaand they are likely to be 1) shot and 2) conscripted. What would you do?

    Aaaaand if all the people of that sort — well to do, motivated, moral — all leave, then what happens to the remaining state? Yeah, it will be rolled under, but very, very slowly. Tide of history stuff.

    Al-Shabaab: Oh we just SAAAAAY they’re Terrorists, and then we can bomb anyone, any where, at any time, for any reason. Like all Africa, all Asia, all Europe, all Americas… Well I’m sure in THAT case, Yemen and all Africa will just know we’re the good guys and lie down…



    SOTT Team

    So, as in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, the West – working closely with Israelis – have been running a death squad in Yemen.

    What the above text description doesn’t mention, but which is clear from the above BBC documentary video, is that these assassinations were reported in Western media as having been done by ‘ISIS’. And so, once again, we see that ‘ISIS’, like ‘al-Qaeda’ before it, is Western-Israeli military-intelligence assassinating political figures it believes pose a challenge to their influence over the ‘management’ of global energy supplies coming from the Middle East.”

    Veracious Poet

    How to save Boeing this time? Who still feels safe in a 737 MAX? Also, a few days ago a wheel came off a 757 on a runway just seconds before take off.

    Boeing is lost, in a slow motion collapse, now accelerating towards it’s coups de grâce, for the *exact same* reasons that the vast majority of Western Civ is now circling going-down-the-drain:

    Collective EG0ic Madness (aka Mass Formation Psychosis) choosing, supporting and/or cowering to pathologically driven rape, plunder, pillage & butchery “performed” by Spiritually Insane defectives obsessed with pushing the envelope of *open brigandage* against “Normal”, “Productive” family-based humanity.


    Because “They” hate The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Life itself, which has driven them into an *outer* darkness of madness, hate & nonstop destruction.

    Child EG0s run amok, insatiably thirsty for knowledge of what’s within Pandora’s Box, which no longer can be guarded by Spiritually Sane *MEN* from their filthy grasp…

    To understand The WEF you have to understand their language.

    Every panel is a masturbatory pseudo-intellectual labyrinth filled with finely tuned corporate HR slogans. They speak in the type of code that you’d expect from unimaginative milquetoast metropolitan pencil pushers:

    “Rebuilding trust”

    “Global collaboration”

    “Misinformation and disinformation”

    “Private public partnership”

    “Population sustainability”

    “Sustainable development goals”

    “The fourth industrial revolution”

    “Build back better”

    And of course…

    “The great reset”

    There are many more. Every sentence is packed with this garbage. It’s hard to maintain focus because all of the buzzwords eventually run together and create some unrecognizable hum that doesn’t fully register to a conscious mind. I constantly found myself rewinding to listen again, and then again, and then again, because what intellect I have was rejecting the invasive stupidity. It’s like watching the cast of Sex and the City read an encyclopedia. The seconds evaporate from your life and curse you for wasting them as they disappear forever.

    Liars lying to each other, knowing they’re both lying, getting aroused by their sociopathic delusions.

    That’s all I see. It’s three degrees more pretentious than a Ted Talk and what the Third Reich would’ve sounded like if it was headquartered in a yoga studio.

    These are the people in charge.

    These are the ones who are going to censor the internet, unleash Disease X, force us back inside, enslave us with digital ID’s and central bank digital currencies, shove us into fifteen minute ghettos.

    Thus, the crux of the fatal illness now enveloping “Modernity”, which has declared World War Idiocracy against “Normal”, “Productive” family-based humanity:

    When you *FAIL* to take the trash out, eventually *everything* that was once good, fair & balanced becomes a putrid pile of death & decay, with the only solution available to burn *everything* to-the-ground, so that perhaps
    “Normal”, “Productive” family-based humanity can reemerge, restart, reconvene…

    This is all, of course, blatantly apparent in 2024 to *Everyone* with a zip-code in reality 🙄

    The UniParty GlobalCap Imperial think tanks and/or *experts*, unable to repent from their CULTure of Corruption, Careerism & Cowardice, still somehow believe they kind find a solution to save *Modernity*, but The Beast has grown to unwieldy for even the Mighty Uncle Sam to vanquish, after all how long could this type of *insanity* be realistically expected to last?

    Do you see what I see?,-107.54/4

    There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.”
    — Neil Gaiman

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Veracious Poet

    Check out what’s happening in EU > Ukraine:,25.81/4

    Don’t throw stones at your neighbors, if your own windows are glass ~ Benjamin Franklin

    Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades ~ Frank Robinson

    So much taken for granted.


    Inside World’s First, $3 Billion Underwater Submarine Superyacht

    Don’t get your knicker in a knot, it’s just another “let them eat cake” moment design to rub-it-in that I can go on a luxury cruise underwater and you little peasant can’t.

    “The 36-seat dining room has glass walls to watch the sea life drift by during gourmet dinners and extras like a swimming pool, wine cellar even a cinema …..”

    A swimming pool on a submarine, Sweet!

    Top that Sheeple!

    Choke on your cake chattel!


    Good place to be on in a nuclear apocalypse


    “It’s been compared to the submarine used by James Bond supervillain Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me.”


    John Day

    Last Minute Changes

    Charles Hugh Smith , The Template of National/Imperial Decay and Collapse
    The point is the good times of seemingly endless expansion are never permanent yet human regimes become accustomed to managing only expansion.
    ​ Climate change is cyclical in nature, and these cycles can be exacerbated by disturbances such as volcanic activity. As covered by several of the books listed below, it is not entirely chance that the tumultuous 1600s in Europe coincided with The Little Ice Age, which happened to occur during the Maunder Minimum, a solar cycle likely made worse by The 1600 AD Huaynaputina Eruption in Peru, one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the past 2,000 years.
    ​ The Taiping Rebellion in China (1850 to 1864) may overlap with the Gleissberg drought cycle and other solar cycles that are associated with drier, cooler weather.
    ​ The point is the good times of seemingly endless expansion are never permanent yet human regimes become accustomed to managing only expansion. Lacking the institutional structure and motivation to undertake risky, fundamental adaptations that require cooperation, shared sacrifices and the accelerated evolution of trial-and-error, the regimes decay and collapse, overwhelmed by their own sclerosis and hubris and the mutually-reinforcing storms of a polycrisis.

    ​ Paul Craig Roberts , Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum
    ​ The WEF is an anti-human cult devoted to the destruction of freedom and human life. In my opinion, it would be wondrous if the next time the collection of stupid and evil beings assemble, Russia, China, or Iran would launch a missile attack that completely destroys the WEF. They won’t because Russia, China, and Iran view the WEF as an ally in the destruction of the West. This is a mistake, because the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian populations are also fated to be culled. Judging by the effort of the World Health Organization, the WEF’s ally, to centralize in its hands the health protocols of the entire world and its forecast of a doomsday pandemic, the culling device will be a biowarfare pathogen released on the world.
    ​ No Western legislature is doing anything to shut down the illegal labs. As Russia knows where many of the illegal biowarfare laboratories are located, Russia should take them out with missile strikes. Evil has to be confronted and overcome or evil will prevail.
    ​ Evil has already recruited the corporate and political leadership of the Western world. How much more advantage shall we permit Evil before we are overcome?

    Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum

    ​ Simplicius, Iranian Axis Grinds Down US’ Will as Israel Suffers Stunning Setbacks [Can the US act rationally if controlled by AIPAC? Asking for a friend.]
    ​ There are some very strange happenings in the Middle East which underscore the historic shifts grumbling just beneath the surface, ready to break through.
    ​ Firstly, to set the stage we turn to Israel, which appears to be concealing an operation that has gone off the rails, and is not yielding any of the expected results—and in fact has done little more than turn the world against them, creating a shockwave of anti-Israeli fervor that will steer sentiment for generations.
    ​ As we now know, Israel has withdrawn many of its brigades from the north, citing ‘rest and rotation’ when in reality it appears to be ‘reconstitution’, as the brigades took major attritional losses. Now in the wake of that, the latest bombshell reports state that resistance fighters have re-infiltrated the entire north…
    ..During the entire time, there have been increasingly urgent secret talks between the US and Israel, with the Biden administration pleading with Netanyahu to curb his assaults…
    ..Israel has continued to press into Khan Younis in the south. But yesterday they suffered what was unanimously called the biggest ‘tragedy’ of the entire conflict thus far. During one of the IDF’s routine mining operations, consisting of rigging explosives on civilian buildings, resistance fighters were able to trigger a detonation with dozens of IDF still inside the building…
    ..Al Jazeera artificially reconstructs the epic Al-Qassam operation that led to the death of 24-28 IOF soldiers near Al-Maghazi, 2 days ago.​ Netanyahu calls it ‘the most difficult day’…
    ..Israel obviously can’t pull out now to save face, so it almost leaves one with the impression they’re floundering around, secretly panicking internally as to what to do because they’ve reached the conclusion that ‘Hamas’ is an intractable shadow they cannot brute-force their way through…
    ..The UN and the world increasingly call for a two state solution, but Netanyahu has vocally rejected this as impossible. In fact, his Likudniks continue to call for outrageous relocations and forced ethnic cleansing of Palestinians; for instance, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen proposed dumping all Palestinians onto an artificial island…
    ..Now, at the worst possible time, Iran has decided to turn the screws on Israel, creating extremely unfavorable conditions by locking down the maritime chokepoints, as well as putting unprecedented pressure on Israel’s top ally of the US, militarily, all across the region.
    ​ Even as of this writing, a new US-flagged ship, the Maersk Detroit, was said to be attacked by the Houthis in the Red Sea, though US CENTCOM claims the three missiles were all repulsed. The US Navy has been relegated to a glorified escort, but since the al-Mandab strait has effectively become a warzone, it has nonetheless crippled commerce…
    ..Two days ago came a rumor that the US was considering talking its Kurdish allies in Syria into ‘working with Assad forces’ to combat ISIS.’ This immediately set off speculation that the US was getting ready to abandon Syria once and for all, and was looking for a way to securely fill the vacuum. Naturally, many scoffed at this, and refused to believe US would possibly withdraw from the region. But then came today’s Charles Lister-penned bombshell for FP… The shockwaves the article sent are still doing their laps through the world. As usual, it cites unnamed sources in the DOD and White House:
    ​ While no definitive decision has been made to leave, four sources within the Defense and State departments said the White House is no longer invested in sustaining a mission that it perceives as unnecessary. Active internal discussions are now underway to determine how and when a withdrawal may take place.​..
    ..Most shocking of all are new reports that US is in discussions to end its occupation of Iraq entirely:
    ​ Reuters, citing sources: Initial talks between America and the government in Baghdad about ending the presence of coalition forces in Iraq against the backdrop of developments that took place as a result of the war in Gaza…
    ..The US ambassador to Iraq, Alina L. Romanowski is reported to have delivered a memo today to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry regarding ‘preliminary steps’ to begin the withdrawal of US and Coalition Forces from the country. This comes amid public calls by members of the Iraqi government for US forces to depart the country due to the war in Israel and continued attacks by Iranian-backed forces.​ The US claims these are long-planned talks and have nothing to do with the recent attacks, but that is clearly not the case… On January 10th, the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said they would soon begin the process “to end the presence of the international coalition forces in Iraq permanently.”​
    ​ So just what in the world is going on, exactly? At this most critical of times, why is the US thinking of tucking tail and running from the region?
    ​ My take is this: in short, the US is being run out of town by Iran. Their bluff was called and US knows their puny strikes can do nothing to truly degrade Iran’s highly decentralized hybrid warfare systems and groups. Iran has risen to become a hegemon verging on a Great Power of the region. The US has a few obsolete fleets which cannot keep up blow for blow with Iran in exchanged rounds of ammo. Iran can saturate them forever with drones and cheap rockets which the US is spending millions per every fired shot to intercept.​ Furthermore, the US cannot produce its most important strike weapons in enough quantity to ever win a long endurance standoff.​.
    .. The US is currently at a precipice where it can still somewhat save face by retreating early and pretending it never intended to commit in the first place. But if it goes on and overcommits, it stands to get militarily exposed. The world will see the US as utterly weak and beatable.​.. I believe US is in precisely this position. It sees itself as nearing the “point of no return”​…
    ..Each day that passes and each new strike on US bases in Iraq and Syria brings the US closer and closer toward the brink…
    ..Russia will begin aerial patrols of the Golan Heights corridor… This may be a tactic to block the US in with a one-two punch. Russian planes deter Israeli strikes, which helps Iran build strength and deliver arms to its militias in Syria; then those militias increase pressure by hammering US bases in the region. Seeing the writing on the wall, the US knows the situation is untenable and unsustainable.​..
    ..Of course there’s always the chance that US may end up totally doubling down, but at this point, its position has never been weaker. And the longer things go, the more economic damage is done to the West and its allies. Russia and China continue to have free passage through the straits, as well as cheap energy, while the West is taking all the hits…
    ..The longer it goes, the larger the political storms that will engulf Europe. The AfD in Germany, for instance, is already now calling for a DeXit or German exit to leave the EU…
    ..As a last note, circling back to Israel: if things are so dire, why is Israel still talking about potentially opening up a new front against Lebanon? One popular theory is that they want to use a new even larger war against Hezbollah to hide their failure in Gaza. How would that work if the war against Hezbollah could be an even bigger failure?
    ​ It’s hard to say for certain but one idea is simply that by doing so, they would hope to somehow draw in the US into a larger total war against Iran in order to ‘cut the head off the snake’, in their eyes…
    ​..There’s a great new article written by Patrick Theros, ex-US ambassador to Qatar. He brings up some good points about how Biden appears to be caged in by the Israeli lobby, contrasting that with previous presidents who managed to show a little more dignity and gumption in standing up to Israel’s control over the US…
    ..He brings up the turning tide in the US, with the young population increasingly at odds with Israel; which includes a lot of young Jewish, liberal, and Democrat people…
    ​..He ends on a similar conclusion to my own—that there is a small window remaining:
    ​ “Biden has a very short window within which he can cut off Netanyahu before he can carry out his apparent war aim to depopulate Gaza and carry the conflict to Lebanon and possibly beyond — a conflict, in other words that could very well drag American forces into another endless Middle Eastern war. A quick and decisive decision, combined with real diplomacy to exploit the crisis and craft a workable solution to 75 years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, would recover America’s reputation.​” … ​ This brings up one last potential explanation for the new bombshell announcements that the US may leave Syria and Iraq: it could be a threat to Israel. Since Israel does not take any other type of plea into consideration, the only remaining avenue for the US may be to simply threaten to ditch the region, with the attendant loss of direct regional military support to Israel. In short: stop your escalations or we’ll leave you hanging to fend for yourself against this emergent Iran. And some within the state department and military may be outright pushing for the total withdrawal simply to keep the US from being embroiled in a larger war they know is unwinnable.

    ​ Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson reveals that a two-hour battle ensued with a US battle ship.
    ​ Saree confirmed that the results of the confrontation included “directly hitting an American warship and forcing two American merchant ships to retreat and return.”
    The Yemeni armed forces employed “a number of ballistic missiles” in the operation that lasted for more than two hours, Saree revealed
    He added that during the confrontation “a number of our ballistic missiles reached their targets, despite the attempts of the warships to intercept them.”

    John Day

    Israel loses control of its borders​ , In past wars, Israel was able to establish buffer or security zones inside enemy territory. But Tel Aviv’s adversaries have flipped the map today, forcing the occupation state to evacuate its own borders — perhaps permanently.
    ​ Today, Israel is horrified to find itself retreating from direct confrontation lines with its arch-enemies in Gaza and Lebanon. The formidable capabilities of the resistance now include drones, rockets, targeted projectiles, tunnels, and spanking new shock tactics, casting doubt on the feasibility of Israeli settlers remaining safe in any of Israel’s border perimeters.
    ​ There is now one common refrain among settlers in the north and south of occupied Palestine: “We will not return unless security is restored on the border.”
    ​ But prospects for their return appear elusive at present. The Israeli Defense Ministry, which pledged a swift and decisive war to safeguard its settlers over 100 days ago, is now actively devising plans to shelter approximately 100,000 people along the northern border, deeper inside its territory. This measure could involve evacuating settlements that may come under fire during any future military escalation with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    ​ Compensating? ‘Israel’ demolished 1,100 buildings to create ‘buffer zone’ in Gaza
    Amos Yadlin, former head of Israeli military intelligence, said he expected “Israel” would enforce a “perimeter” of 500 metres to 1km inside Gaza.–demolished-1-100-buildings-to-create-buffer-zone-in

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 111: Hospitals under siege, UNRWA shelter bombed in southern Gaza
    Israeli forces bomb Gaza’s perimeter to prepare for a “buffer zone” as medical staff in Nasser Hospital dig graves in anticipation of a large number of fatalities due to Israel’s ongoing siege on the hospital.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 111: Hospitals under siege, UNRWA shelter bombed in southern Gaza

    ​ London Jewish youth club helps ‘teenagers in crisis’ join Israeli army​ [No Israeli parents will complain if the​se boys get killed or maimed.]
    Boys Clubhouse, which last week hosted Levi Simon, a British man who fought in Gaza, runs project in Jerusalem which supports boys it helps to enlist for Israeli military

    ​Genocide in the age of cellphone video. State Department Refuses to Condemn Israel Shooting Group of Palestinians Waving White Flag
    ​ The State Department on Wednesday refused to condemn the shooting of unarmed Palestinian men waving a white flag in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, a scene that was captured on video by the UK’s ITV News.

    State Department Refuses to Condemn Israel Shooting Group of Palestinians Waving White Flag

    John Day

    ​ Guterres describes humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip as “horrifying”, calling for aid entry
    ​ United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Tuesday, “The clear and repeated rejection of the two-state solution at the highest levels of the Israeli government is unacceptable.”
    ​ He called for more aid to be allowed into the entire Gaza Strip.
    ​ Guterres added before the UN Security Council: “The entire population of Gaza is suffering from destruction on a scale and speed unprecedented in modern history… There is nothing that can justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.”

    US condemns shelling of Gaza UN shelter, continues to support ‘Israel’​ (Is this a ploy for AIPAC, while secretly withdrawing actual​ diplomatic “support”?)
    The spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council says “Israel retains a responsibility to protect civilians, including, humanitarian personnel and sites.”–continues-to-suppor

    ​ EU diplomats said on Monday in Brussels that a two-state solution is the only credible path to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, after earlier threatening “consequences” if Israel continued to oppose the plan.

    EU Threatens ‘Consequences’ for Israel Opposing Palestinian State, But Still Netanyahu Demands “Absolute Victory”

    ​ ICJ says to rule on ‘Israel’ Gaza genocide case on Friday
    ​ The International Court of Justice in The Hague is set to announce its verdict on Friday in a pivotal case accusing the Israeli occupation of genocide in Gaza.
    South Africa has brought “Israel” before the court, alleging violations of the UN’s Genocide Convention. The case revolves around the Israeli occupation’s military campaign in Gaza ongoing since October 7, which has thus far killed more than 25,000 people and wounded over 63,000 others.
    ​ The International Court of Justice has the authority to issue “provisional measures,” emergency orders aimed at safeguarding Palestinians in Gaza from potential breaches of the convention. These orders are legally binding and cannot be appealed, though enforcing them poses a challenge.
    This is what the ICJ will be issuing a ruling on instead of the genocide allegations, which could take years to come to fruition.–israel–gaza-genocide-case-on-friday

    ​ On Thursday The Washington Post is reporting a hugely unexpected development related to the Israel-Hamas war, writing that President Biden will send CIA Director William J. Burns in the coming days to help negotiate a ceasefire.
    ​ Unnamed officials speaking to the publication described that “Burns is expected to travel to Europe for the talks and meet with the Israeli and Egyptian intelligence chiefs, David Barnea and Abbas Kamel, and Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani.”

    John Day

    ​ More Paul Craig Roberts , The United States Has No Borders
    ​ The 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court forbids Texas from protecting its borders, and thereby the borders of the United States, from being overrun by immigrant-invaders. We often hear that the Supreme Court is a Republican court, but in actual fact it is a Tower of Babel Court committed to the total destruction of the United States as a nation. What the Supreme Court, like the Biden Regime, the whore media, the anti-American Woke universities, The Rino Republicans, and the Democrat attorneys general and prosecutors are creating is a non-nation, a tower of babel that has no common interests, no common morals, no common religion, and no common agenda. This is the SATANIC CURSE of “diversity and multiculturalism.”
    ​ How did Americans fall for a program designed FOR THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION?!​ They fell for it because they are generous and weak-minded.
    ​ The Daily Caller reports: “federal Border Patrol agents began cutting wire fences that, among other uses, helped channel individuals— unlawful migrants and U.S. citizens alike—to a lawful border crossing at a port of entry,” Texas Solicitor General Aaron Nielson wrote. “Border Patrol began this practice of destroying Texas’s property, according to the district court’s findings, in order to ‘facilitate the surge of migrants into Eagle Pass,’ using boats to ‘literally usher’ people across illegally.”
    ​ In other words, the Biden Regime cut the fence in order to allow entry into the US that could not be monitored. The fence was in place to insure that immigrant-invaders had to pass through lawful border crossings, where their numbers are allegedly recorded.

    The United States Has No Borders

    ​ Texas Governor Greg Abbott has refused to back down in his border-security row with US President Joe Biden’s administration, arguing that regardless of this week’s Supreme Court ruling in Washington’s favor, his duty to protect his constituents “supersedes” any federal laws.
    ​ Abbott issued a statement two days after the Supreme Court ruled that federal Border Patrol agents must be allowed to remove the concertina wire that the state had installed to prevent illegal aliens from crossing its border. The dispute escalated earlier this month when the Texas National Guard seized control of a park at a key border-crossing point and blocked federal officers from accessing the site.
    ​ “The federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the states,” Abbott said on Wednesday. “The executive branch of the United States has a constitutional duty to enforce federal laws protecting states, including immigration laws on the books right now. President Biden has refused to enforce those laws and has even violated them.”

    ​ Why is the West’s mainstream media ignoring the farmers’ revolt?
    The farmers’ protests are akin to the peasant wars that have deep roots in European history, writes economist László Bogár for the Magyar Hírlap daily​ (Hungarian)
    ​ “No fuel, no food, no future” — that is the slogan most often used by German farmers, obviously in English because it was the only way to get mass exposure of their current plight.
    ​ However, you’d be forgiven for missing the protests raging across Germany — and in many other countries this past week, including Romania and France — due to the mainstream media’s apparent disinterest in the farming revolution, with producers seemingly given particularly strict instructions on what to, and what not to report.
    The existence of protests unfolding throughout Europe appeared to be under some form of media embargo. Perhaps it might be worth considering why.
    ​ It is true in general, but in post-WWII Europe in particular, which was in a rather dire situation, it has proven true many times over that food supply is perhaps an even more delicate and important strategic sector than heavy industry.

    Why is the West’s mainstream media ignoring the farmers’ revolt?

    French Mercenaries Dying in Ukraine: The West Encourages the Enlistment of Militants to Fight on Kiev’s Side
    Paris is believed to be secretly encouraging large numbers of mercenaries to join Kiev’s forces, especially after political events in the African Sahel
    ..Recently, Russian forces bombed military facilities in Kharkov, killing more than sixty foreign mercenaries, most of them French. The case gained great attention in the media for showing the high participation of foreign troops in hostilities against Russia, which makes it clear that NATO countries are participating in the conflict in an intense way, not only with the mere sending of money and weapons…
    ..These soldiers, especially those from NATO countries, help the Western bloc acquire real direct combat experience with Russian forces – preparing the alliance for a possible future scenario of total war.
    ​ Currently, the Atlantic military alliance cannot send official troops to Ukraine, as this would represent the start of a direct war with Moscow. The real meaning of the conflict in Ukraine is precisely the use of Kiev as a proxy to wage war against Russia, however this could change in the future. As Ukraine rapidly loses and anti-Russian paranoia in the West continues to grow, it is possible that the situation will become out of control at some point. In this sense, one way for Western countries to prepare is by sending unofficial troops to the Ukrainian battlefield, where frictions with the Russians are already occurring…
    ​..With the recent wave of pro-Russian revolutions in African countries, the French sphere of influence on that continent has been severely diminished. Paris appears to be trying to “compensate” for its frustration in Africa with massive support for Kiev, sending large numbers of mercenaries to defend the regime.​ This is also the opinion of Stevan Gajic, an analyst at the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade, who recently said in an interview that Macron is “hysterical” about Russia.

    French Mercenaries Dying in Ukraine: The West Encourages the Enlistment of Militants to Fight on Kiev’s Side

    ​ Looking thinner and tireder, Schrodinger’s… Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made his first public appearance virtually Tuesday after being released from the hospital following complications from prostate cancer treatment. Austin spoke in a Department of Defense livestream video before the Ukraine Defense Contact Group…
    ​..He did not comment on his recent hospitalization, and instead focused on bridging a gap in funding for Ukraine.​ “So, I urge this group to dig deep to provide Ukraine with more lifesaving ground-based air defense systems and interceptors,” Austin said.

    John Day

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, ‘Sputnik Globe’ on the shoot-down of a Russian transport jet carrying Ukrainian POWs yesterday
    ​ The Ilyushin-76 was carrying 65 Ukrainian POWs to what should have been their exchange for Russians held by the Ukrainian side when it was hit by several ground to air missiles launched by the Ukrainian armed forces. The flight details of this plane had been provided to Kiev by the Russians in advance and there can be little doubt that its destruction was premeditated and ordered at the highest levels of the Kiev regime.

    ​ That Sputnik article: Il-76 Provocation ‘Setting Zelensky Up for Fall at Time of US’s Choosing’
    ​ Russian emergency services personnel on the ground confirmed Thursday that they found what appeared to be fragments of an anti-aircraft guided missile at the crash site, along with wreckage punctured by hundreds of entrance holes from the missile’s striking elements…
    ​..“The case in particular puts Zelensky in difficulty. This case could be an element that internal opponents could [use] against the current leadership,” Graziani suggested.​
    ​ Russian military analyst Alexei Leonkov agreed, saying Ukraine’s ‘Western partners’ may have been involved in the attack in an attempt to break off one of the last communication links between Kiev and Moscow in the form of prisoner exchanges.​ “I believe this was an operation prepared ahead of time. Because the Ukrainian air defense system fired without turning on its radar, that is, fired using external target designation means. Such means are possessed by the Americans and the British, who are now factually managing the conflict in Ukraine,” Leonkov told Sputnik.​..
    ..“Zelensky will survive this, but it is setting him up for a fall at any time the USA chooses,” international relations and Russian affairs analyst Dr. Gilbert Doctorow said, agreeing that the shootdown undermines Zelensky’s position.

    ​ Ukraine should be designated as a “terrorist state,” and the government in Kiev should be branded a “terrorist cell,” the head of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee Andrey Kartapolov has insisted, following the attack on an IL-76 military aircraft in Russia’s Belgorod Region.
    ​ Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian military transport plane crashed near the village of Yablonovo, around 90km from the Ukrainian border. It was carrying 65 captured Ukrainian military personnel for a prisoner swap, as well as six crew members and three people accompanying the POWs. It is believed that there are no survivors.
    ​ According to Kartapolov, Kiev was well aware of who this plane was transporting and accused the Ukrainian forces of shooting down the aircraft using what he claimed were “three Patriot or Iris-T air defense missiles.”–russian-deputy/

    ​Dima at Military Summary Channel has details on the crumbling of Ukrainian defenses and surrender of Ukrainian soldiers in Adviivka after Russian soldiers cleared out 2 miles of sewer tunnel to move underground to well behind Ukrainian defensive lines. He has other updates, and looks at the Texas border-control dispute with the Biden administration.
    The Russians Are About To Launch Assault | Political Crisis In The USA. Military Summary 2024.01.25

    ​ US Has Already Lost Race for Hypersonic, Directed Energy Weapons – Senator​ (Lahaina​, Hawaii was undefended, so it doesn’t count as a war zone.)
    ​ “We are woefully behind on the issue of directed energy,” King said. “On hypersonics and directed energy, we have lost the race or we are badly losing the race. We have a lot of catching up to do. This should be a hair on fire catching up priority.”
    ​ In the Red Sea, the US Navy was currently forced to use multi-million dollar missiles to shoot down inexpensive drones fired by the Houthi rebels in Yemen that cost less than 1% of the price of the US systems, King said​. “The missiles we are using are costing $2 million to $4 million each. That is like using a howitzer to shoot a duck,” King added.—senator-1116344107.html

    John Day

    ​ This seems like industrial sabotage of some kind. They use pre-set pneumatic torque-wrenches on these bolts.
    US air carrier finds loose bolts on multiple Boeing jets​ Safety inspections of the 737 MAX 9 planes operated by Alaska Airlines have revealed more quality-control failures

    ​It’s a Ponzi-scheme, isn’t it? Can it run until mid-November? Stocks’ Perpetual Motion Machine Can’t Run Forever

    Meryl Nass MD , Let’s start looking at some contradictions in the latest draft of the Pandemic Treaty.
    This draft was named “pandemic agreement” to keep us guessing whether it is really the same document or something else
    ​ This is the official version, the latest draft of the pandemic treaty dated October 30, 2023 that both the developing nations and Pharma did not like. But is there much for we the people to like?

    ​ The Ethical Skeptic points out excess deaths and disabilities among young people and under-54 age group, in specific categories like cancers, heart attacks, and strokes, all starting about week-14 of 2021 in the US. (These are statistically less likely than “monkeys might fly out of my butt”, except if caused by some widely dispersed toxic agent.)
    ​ The State of Things Pandemic – Week 2 2024
    ​ A summary regarding the various types of alarming excess mortality, for week 2 of 2024, our 202nd week of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in the United States.
    This is the ‘Houston We Have a Problem (Part 3 of 3)’ article. Count yourself as fortunate in getting to this page, as it is actively censored by Apple, LinkedIn, YouTube, and FaceBook.​ Both I and my family have been threatened for my doing this work. It comes at a heavy cost. Please employ wisely.

    The State of Things Pandemic – Week 2 2024

    ​Steve Kirsch, 22% of households who took the shots have a COVID vaccine injury ,The CDC’s unstated goal is to get 100% of households having a COVID vaccine injury.


    “Looking thinner and tireder, Schrodinger’s… Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made his first public appearance virtually Tuesday”

    thinner ’cause he’s a doppelganger. virtual so they can do a custom AI face overlay. Googling “how long does it take to recover from elective plastic surgery…” and then will check to see how long he only appears in zoom meetings….

    I feel like this is Schrodinger’s commentary as well. I realize I’m both just kidding and not completely kidding.

    Veracious Poet

    One of the conscience questions weighing upon my soul today was the recent advent of The Rise Of Techno Homo Sapiens, who are becoming more & more too preoccupied with gadgets, news/blog articles & web streams about the latest *thing* to actually have the time & energy to participate in real reality life…

    This week I adopted a kitten to a family & their 10yo daughter was basically live streaming the *event*, too involved with her iPad & audience to meet & experience the kitten in real reality 🙄

    I almost took the furbaby up in my arms & left, but the mother was actually “present” & connected in a very loving way with the confused feline (who is the last member of litter #3 that we raised from birth in the last year), which is a *very* special little soul that craves real reality relationship, not techno-gadgets…

    The future’s so bright I gotta wear a VR glasses!

    Then there’s the daily barrage of John’s “info” that I barely have the desire/need to skim through 😐

    It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone…

    Okey dokey, back to taking a break for me then…

    P.S. When I wrote Boeing is lost I was talking about the commercial division, of course 😉


    Veracious Poet

    those darned kids

    funny how truth looks just like my ex…

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