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    René Magritte L’éternité 1935   • Mueller Hunt For Russia Collusion Turns Into Circus Show With Stone (Turley) • Disgraced Wasserman-Schultz Now
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    V. Arnold

    The west is so corrupt and degenerate; I see no point in engaging in any further dialogue about such…
    Reportage is fine; but discussion? For what reason?
    If we as individuals have an operational brain; then what more needs to be said…
    Individuality outside of the personal is dead.
    Orwell’s world is operational; get over it…



    Juan Guaido never stood in any election but is being promoted as the ‘democratic’ choice!

    Anyone can do that.

    What if a Yellow-Vest declared themselves President of France, or Bernie Sanders declared himself President of the US. Just to add to the fun what if Russia, China, Iran and others acknowledged them.

    I think they would find a lot of support from their own countrymen, so could not easily be laughed off.

    It won’t happen but it’s a fun thought in a depressing week.


    With fresh coat of white paint central figure can be anything that heart desire into infinity. He, he.
    One day GB will be skeletal ruin like you Greece. Try then with the marbles.
    Venezuela charade can be easily plowed into american minds since their gray matter is occupied, with gusto, about the status of country’s toilet paper.
    Macron, the more stupid he behaves the taller he walks.
    Democrats on the “late night” – one has to think hard who is the actual comedian on the show.


    Are the elites, the rich, the powerful, the enablers, the influencer ever made to resign peacefully by other more powerful elites?


    HOW ABOUT???
    Trudeau’s China Envoy Resigns After Comments About Huawei Case

    I just discovered that if I enter “resigned “as a search term and looked in “news” that Bing sent a large list of interesting people.

    Give it a try.

    You might find out that your favorite villain is no longer in power.


    Late-Night With Democrats….”What I see of it (not much)”…is exactly right – both literally and figuratively. Your attempt to cast Colbert and Trevor Noah in a negative light re the article, is in fact exactly the opposite of what the article is saying. “Colbert is building on a long tradition.” Funny how you left that out. And it would seem you know absolutely nothing about Jon Stewart. Whether one finds their humor funny or not is surely about political persuasion, but for those in similar vein it is extremely funny.

    Why am I suddenly thinking about Yuri Bezmanov, eh???


    Well it looks like most of your choices today -like many other days- has to do with the absolute moral and political bankruptcy of Western governments and their political leadership, and a good bit of the general population. Of course the people tend to get what they deserve. No point in sitting around and lamely going on and on about how “if we don’t do this, or that, or whatever” all will be lost or the collapse will come, etc. it has already come and this is what the “end of the world” looks like from inside.

    Re: Macron & Co.. Not a President, a parasite. A puppet parasite hypocrite put in place by even worse parasite hypocrits who together with their puppet literally will kill the host poulation before they let go. The hypocrisy will always be in your face because, well, they just can’t help it, it’s what they are. They have killed France really throughout the latest three presidencies at least. France as it was known is toast no matter what or who rises to power. Ditto for Britain (and about time! What a creaking perfidious wreck of a country. Somebody please apply the coup de grace) and Germany, flown straight into the ground by Frau Merkel.

    As for the Americans, I can’t find words adequate to describe the stench.

    Doc Robinson

    René Magritte L’éternité 1935

    Looked up some history and interpretations after being puzzled about the middle object. Spoiler: it’s said to be a slab of butter, between the busts of Christ and Dante.

    Notes: L’éternité expresses the full force of Magritte’s alien yet authoritative visual power. Unlike many of his other works, however, L’éternité was not the result of an immediate inspiration, a vision or conception, but instead evolved from an idea given to Magritte by his friend Claude Spaak, the first owner of the painting. Spaak claimed that his original notion was the sight of a gallery wall hung with paintings, and between them stood a large ham. However, by December 1935, this idea had already evolved significantly in Magritte’s mind:

    I am busy at the moment on a rather amusing picture: in a museum, there are three stands against a wall, with statues of Dante and Hercules to the left and right while the one in the centre supports a magnificent pig’s head with parsley in its ears and a lemon in its mouth’ (Magritte, letter to Paul Eluard, December 1935, quoted in D. Sylvester and S. Whitfield, René Magritte Catalogue Raisonné, Vol. II: Oil Paintings and Objects, 1931-1948, London, 1993, p. 212).

    In the final state of his conception, Margritte employed busts of Christ and Dante with a slab of butter placed in the middle. These epic busts give the impression of being relics that have survived–if only as fragments–through centuries of turmoil representing the idea of ‘eternity’ in the title. However, between them, monumental in its own way, is the fresh but perishable butter, a jarring contrast that assaults the viewer’s rational sensibilities. Time, and the authority of the museum, have been turned on their heads, as Magritte forces his museum-goer to look beyond his preconceptions and to contemplate the internal and external reality of this painted world in all its paradoxical wonder.

    Matteson Art–pre-war-years.aspx

    V. Arnold

    As for the Americans, I can’t find words adequate to describe the stench.

    Well, that’s a great start…

    Doc Robinson
    Thanks for that great rundown of Magritte’s painting.
    Butter, who’d a thunk?


    If the Parthenon marbles were returned to Greece, what are the odds that as part of the continuing dismantling and liquidation of Greece they’d be sold to the Germans or the Chinese? But if the marbles stay in the British Museum, how long before the dismantling and sale of Britain consigns them to the same fate?

    What’s a safe place for our treasures? Is there one?

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