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    Maybe the people worried about myocarditis should be more worried about catching Covid-19?

    It is important to note that Covid-19 also causes myocarditis, with an estimated 28% of hospitalised patients showing signs of heart muscle injury. The risk of the condition is around 16 times higher in Covid-19 patients than in the uninfected, with inpatient visits for myocarditis 42% higher last year compared with 2019. In addition, the risk of myocarditis is 37 times higher for children with Covid-19 than in their uninfected peers. These rates indicate that the small risks of myocarditis from vaccination are still outweighed by the risks of Covid-19.”

    Myocarditis risks from Covid-19 vaccines are still less than the risks from Covid-19


    Debunk the Funk. I’m Dan, I’m a Ph.D. in molecular biology that covers bad science while making good science accessible. Dan dissected Malone’s interview on Rogan. The non Malone related points provided reasons to be curious (where do all those spikes end up?) Also, I was disappointed that Malone went on the Stew Peter show.

    Lions in the zoo was hilarious.


    Throwing sand in the sandbox is still a frequent response when he has nothing better and does not want to restate certain facts.

    Oh please, “doctor”, “restate” for us the “certain facts” regarding the risks of developing myocarditis from the Covid-19 virus. Hint: I just provided them for you. Interesting that you always choose to leave out the risks of myocarditis from the actual virus.

    It still seems likely to me that Deflationista is a hybrid entity working for pay in a military or quasi-military capacity, but getting more and more pay, and having to produce more and better output in this forum for his superiors.

    What a complete nut job you are.

    those darned kids

    that’s why early treatment is so important, deflationista.

    therefore one avoids these risks from both the virus and the vaccines.


    Just today:


    And Sotomayer lunacy. Needless to say I’m not hopeful.

    V. Arnold

    “These rates indicate that the small risks of myocarditis from vaccination are still outweighed by the risks of Covid-19.”

    Golly gee whiz. I guess if we really care about health, if we really care about myocarditis, then maybe we should start early treatment for Covid outpatients? Or should we instead keep telling them to stay home until the earlier of (i) chest pains, or (ii) their lips turn blue.


    The armed forces are being deployed to help hospitals in London deal with a surge in Covid patients because the Omicron variant is leaving so many staff sick and unable to work.

    So the vaccine doesn’t work and Omicron is super dangerous, making people really sick. Really, are you sure they are not just positive cases rather than actual infections? After all we all know that PCR does not work. I suspect a lot of the staff are not that sick but are just pissed off with their political managers.


    Just remember, that everyone who Gets sick with Omicron is, (in 5 days), someone that will not give Omicron to anyone else, and is someone who will not get Omicron again.
    The faster that everyone gets Omicron then the faster that everyone,(that survive), will get back to making money.
    Therefore, the sooner that vaccines will become a bad memory.

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)
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