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    Ivan Aivazovsky Stormy Night at Sea 1850   • Want Me To LAUGH AT YOU? Do Stupid Things (Denninger) • CDC Director: Vaccinated People ‘Safe’ From
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    V. Arnold

    Ivan Aivazovsky Stormy Night at Sea 1850
    Speechless…just abiding…

    V. Arnold

    Where is Germ?


    I just love Denninger pulling no punches. It gets to the point when the better part of you gets pushed down deep and the ego rises up with furious anger and screams. I just want the bullshit to stop so I like to read rants like that. Thanks Raul

    Mister Roboto

    From Denninger:

    but if it turns out to be true it will be the largest public health disaster in the history of mankind and every single person and organization who had anything to do with advertising, urging, coercing, cajoling or bribing people to take these shots will deserve nothing less than a death sentence by the most-horrible means available to the human imagination because the permanent disability and death that is on the way will dwarf what Covid-19 did.

    Well, we still have the Eighth Amendment in this country, so Madam Guillotine will have to suffice.


    Don’t let the fearmongers win.
    New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (.08%) in unvaccinated group.
    Search: vaccine death rate

    COVID-19 update for June 29: B.C. reports 29 new cases, no deaths | Horgan outlines Step 3 of B.C.’s restart plan | Third wave would have killed more people without vaccines: Tam | Death toll higher outside long term care, says study
    Here’s your daily update with everything you need to know on the novel coronavirus situation in B.C.

    Author of the article:Cheryl Chan, Scott Brown, David Carrigg
    Publishing date:Jun 29, 2021
    Too hot to sleep

    After Covid, could the next big killer be heatwaves?
    Search: heat stroke deaths in

    (insert name of country)
    Pictures: When heatwaves created disasters around the world

    Pictures: Canada, US Northwest bake in record-breaking heatwave
    The brutally hot weather is set to smother the region all week
    Search: opioid death rate
    Canada continues to struggle with historic rates of fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses. The COVID-19 pandemic is worsening the overdose crisis in many communities due to a more toxic illegal supply, increased feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety, and limited availability or accessibility of services for people who use drugs. This page provides links to the evidence guiding our response to the overdose crisis.
    Access the most recent data (Last updated: June 2021) between January 2016 and December 2020,

    B.C.’s overdose crisis killed 1,716 people last year, more than ever before: Coroner’s Service
    According to a press release from the B.C. Coroners Service, more people have lost their lives to the toxic drug supply in the province than to homicides, suicides and car crashes combined. Around 69 per cent of those who died were between the ages of 30 and 59.

    More than half of the deaths in 2020, Lapointe says, occurred in private homes, (not only the poor, and homeless), where people were often using alone.

    Canada Lytton: Wildfire forces hottest place in heatwave to evacuate
    Residents of a Canadian village which recorded the country’s highest ever temperature, 49.6C (121.3F), have been forced to flee by a wildfire.

    The mayor of Lytton, British Columbia, ordered people to evacuate, saying flames had spread through the village in just 15 minutes.

    A heatwave has hit western Canada this week, with British Columbia recording three times its usual number of deaths.


    Clean shaved

    Trudeau’s Canada Day message focuses on pandemic resilience, reconciliation with Indigenous people

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers his Canada Day message.

    Doc Robinson

    Is the deadly pandemic over in Europe? Or is it still an “emergency”?

    Looking at the latest numbers for excess mortality in Europe (Week 25), the combined data (all reporting countries, all ages) shows that the “excess deaths” have been below zero for the most recent 3 weeks of data. This means less deaths than would normally be expected (without a pandemic).

    For the most at-risk age group (85+), the “excess deaths” have been below zero for the most recent 18 weeks of data (since the end of February.)


    Hard to choose between the few hundred BC heat victims and the estimated 30,000 indigenous children murdered by the church and the state. Burning churches is one response.

    Canada Day


    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    ” ….. indigenous children murdered by the church and the state.”
    You just got sucked in by the propaganda to suck money from suckers.
    The truth is that people do not take care of gravesites
    Graves have always been segregated.
    (white, black, natives, catholic, protestants, rich, poor)


    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    ” …. Burning churches is one response.”

    1. Trying to burn the record of death and location of burials
    2. Pissed off ignorant youths trying to make a statement

    Mister Roboto

    @Doc Robinson: That’s what I suspected would be the case once the fog of the Official Covid Narrative over my thought-process slowly but surely started clearing. Covid-19 picked the “low-hanging fruit” in terms of imminent mortality early, so there is less of a “harvest” later for the Grim Reaper’s usual rounds.

    I think one thing that started to clue me in that the pandemic wasn’t as bad as I was prepared for it to be in Spring 2020, was what happened where I live and work. I live in a white working-class area with a lot of older people (forties, fifties, and sixties) who, shall we say, take rather subpar care of themselves (think lots of booze-drinking and cigarette-smoking and soda-pop drinking). Now, I’m sure there were extra fatalities to which the virus contributed among the demographic I am describing. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything that could be characterized as “apocalyptic”. Why do I say that? Well, even though I don’t really converse with people that much, working in customer-service at a big grocery store, I do hear people talk. And if these older working-class folk were just dropping like flies, I really think I would have been constantly hearing all about it all day long, and I just haven’t. Not even back during October, November, and December of last year when the last seasonal wave was at its height.

    John Day

    Yesterday Oxymoron said:
    “Today I met with a client to do some garden work for her She told me how she had just watched the standing ovation at Wimbledon for female research scientist at Oxford, she said she cried. She said that just knowing there where people out there doing work so tirelessly to keep us safe and help get us out of this nightmare moved her to tears.
    I mentioned Ivermectin and it’s amazing results with patients in care and it’s prophylaxis results – she got angry at me and said it was that kind of rubbish that is diluting the drive to get everyone vaxxed. I nodded like a coward and smiled a vacant empty smile that went past her face to the endless horizon time line and thought – yep – we are screwed.”
    That’s a premature assessment, I think. Things are different when a virus actually sweeps through and permeates a population. Strong divisions of outlook can arise between those with experience of hosting COVID in their homes, ve people like the lady you spoke with. Her kind of commitment to a cause is shallow, based upon propaganda and a mass that believes it. The propaganda is weak, but the mass belief is the main thing. It can flip in a year, like with the Vietnam War.

    Mister Roboto

    I will add, however, that in the early days of the pandemic, a co-worker who knows a few nurses told me that the virus was disproportionately putting older, overweight, poor black men in the hospital. This shouldn’t be controversial given what we know about Covid-illness and its relationship to weight, nutrition, age, and the importance of Vitamin D. (Dark-skinned people who live in northerly climates such as Wisconsin often have trouble making enough of their own Vitamin D and should probably supplement.)

    Mr. House


    @Mister: I was clued in by the fact people in refugee camps, homeless tent cities, and slums around the world weren’t dropping like flies despite the fact many don’t have access to adequate food or clean water. Add to those populations the inmate population here in the US, where I seriously doubt there was a great deal of adherence to masking, social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc., taking place.

    In closing … one of the areas where the health industry has lost my trust is in testing. I had always believed that at the very least their testing methods were obtaining accurate results. I no longer believe that. How do we go from here to trusting anything they say or do anymore?

    Mister Roboto

    How do we go from here to trusting anything they say or do anymore?

    Well, being a type 2 diabetic, I have to trust them at least a teeny, tiny smidge. That probably had something to do with why I was drinking the Kool-Aid for a while. But yeah, that trust is definitely rather more compromised now than it was even before.

    Mr. House


    ” … that trust is definitely rather more compromised now than it was even before.”

    Had my dog at the vet yesterday, where I got skinned for $150 for a blood panel that’s done in-house and only takes 10-15 minutes. On the drive home I found myself wondering …

    Mr. House


    My family has had dogs since before i was born, the dog is always treated as a member of the family. But i think the current craze is a bit out of control, like most everything else in our society. People taking dogs to daycare and spending insane amounts at the vet. Dogs lived fine 50 years ago without all this crap, but then again its too expensive to have children and we must find a way to part those people with the money they do have………..

    Mister Roboto
    madamski cafone

    Something to groove through the grind by:

    Diabolical Pressure

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    Dr. D

    “How do we go from here to trusting anything they say or do anymore?”

    This is why I hammer Science so hard. Okay, if they are illogical, untrustworthy, and actively harmful-for-hire, what’s the alternative? If they can’t clean up their act, millions more will die than even caused by them, hard as it is to believe. We’re doing what? WebMD diagnosis and homeopathic care? Or is it $1,000/hr — a month’s rent — for the most basic tests?

    “I honestly mean this: I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic…which was caused by science.” — Jon Stewart, 2021 (also Mary Shelly, 1818)

    If they don’t clean themselves up: the Dark Ages, essentially. China will find us easy pickings when Americans live in bark huts and caves. Don’t.


    “Dr. Malcolm Kendrick: The lamps are not just going out all over Europe. They are going out, all over the world.”
    Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research

    I read what he wrote.
    Its worst than what he said.
    The bad journalists outnumber the good journalists.
    Too much cut and copy. Not enough work. Pursuit of the dollar wins again.
    (see NYT article above #78689)

    madamski cafone

    A consideration. The big breakthrough in medicine was that about 100 years ago we started reliably healing more than we hurt. That created enmormous wealth and power. With power, corruption. With corruption, incompetence. With incompetence, no more reliably healing more than are hurt.

    Here we are.


    I read complaints that we hadn’t tested the vakzine enough on innocent animals. It can’t be safe until we’ve tortured ayt least a few innocent sentient beings. Shit. I’m tired of waiting sometimes. Wanna go out and fight something. Not that it would do anything but bad.

    What amazes me is that we think there’s something weird about us treating each other the way we treat reality: ruthlessly, wantonly, ignorantly. It is true that we live in a tragic world in which souls survive in flesh by robbing other souls of their flesh. That would be all the more reason to minimise to levels of absolute necessity the amount of death we cause, but noooooo. We have to kill everything and call it progress.

    I read, around age 18, of an experiment done by Western science in which they systematically removed the flesh of a monkey in an attempt to reduce it to the core ‘living level’ or something. If a priest did this in church the congregation would stone him to mush.

    I suppose I’m not an optimist but neither am I a Chicken Little. Frankly, from a moral perspective, I have no idea what everybody is whining about. Major population crash? Weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth? People eating people to survive? Even their own kids?

    We’re getting off light, folks. We deserve something that we’d find difficult to distinguish from burning in hell forever. For now, we have the luxury of focusing our ire on the people we let boss us around. But there aren’t many of them. Soon, we’ll have no one to focus that anger on but each other.

    Shock the Monkey


    About the Mayor of Moscow, Soubyatin, ordering obligatory vaxes for xyz personnel, my prev. posts and some discussion, I looked a bit deeper.

    He also wanted (ordered, decreed, not sure?) the closing of night-clubs and other similar, and parroted the necessity of a *sanitary pass.*

    He is said to be anti-Putin and to be in the grip of a complexe occidentaliste. (= Admirer of the West.) His sanitary advisor (whose name I didn’t capt) worked at the European Medical Center (some unimportant outfit in Brussels, see link 1.)

    Putin has consistently stated that the vax would be voluntary.

    Now that is the past, as the central Gvmt. and/or the Regions (who have quite a lot of leeway, like US states) are taking decisions on this matter.

    About 20 large towns are making the vax obligatory for many service personnel (restaurants, functionaries, nurses, etc.)

    Putin himself is vaxxed. It is (afaik..) Medvedev (pres. of the the Party United Russia, Putin’s party) who is responsible for overseeing, coordinating the COV19 policy at the Federal level.

    Reportedly, Putin has so far (27 June) refused to answer questions on this topic.

    This all went down within one week. The Mayor of Moscow made his announcement, published his decree (oblig. vax) while Putin was in the plane on his way to Switz. > sneaky.

    Peskov (Kremlin spokesman) was on air shortly thereafter, saying no, that couldn’t be, no way vax > obligatory. 2/3 days later he says he personally (not his remit btw!) is in favor of the Moscow measures, and 2/3 days later he says free choice holds as ppl can refuse the vax and quit their jobs.

    —from F radio, some goog trans, and Moreau vid. in F (link)

    So we are dealing with matters that are far more serious than just Gvmt. stupidity, fumbling around. Russia is following the exact same scenario as W countries (with Sputnik V vax, though some there are shrilly touting Moderna and Pfizer as superior) – going for vax +++.

    Similarly, masks, gloves, distancing, etc. are still deemed necessary for everyone, vaxed or not.

    The uniformity of the imposed narrative and measures it forces or promotes (vax, of any brand, continuing restrictions on movement, etc.) is very troubling — coming back to my main point.

    xavier moreau video, in F

    Maxwell Quest

    “Censorship Kills (AIER)”

    “The more we learn about the world, and the deeper our learning, the more conscious, clear and well-defined will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance. The main source of our ignorance lies in the fact that our knowledge can only be finite, while our ignorance must be necessarily infinite.” – Karl Popper

    “Not A Healthy Environment’: Kamala Harris’ Office Rife With Dissent (Pol.)”

    “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—.”

    How could this be? If you’ve ever won a game or passed an exam by cheating, you would know that there is little joy and pride associated with the victory. On the contrary, it is haunting and poisonous to the psyche, producing all sorts of negative knock-on effects. When you look in the mirror a fraud looks back at you. Self-hatred creeps in making you angry and short-tempered, which gets projected onto those around you creating a toxic environment.

    If that isn’t bad enough, Kamala, though an establishment favorite, was one of the least popular primary candidates. Due to election fraud rather than personal merit, she now finds herself in the veep position without the necessary skills to run the office. Nothing good can come of it.

    Dr. D

    CJ Hopkins on “War on Reality”

    Good news is, every “War on” they’ve had they’ve lost almost instantly. And there’s a lot in there. But I keep searching for a quote once, I think pre-WWII I thought was really common, but can’t find.

    “The War on Reality is not an attempt to replace reality with a fake reality. Or it is that, but that is only one part of it. Its real goal is to render reality arbitrary, to strip it of its epistemological authority, to turn it into a “floating signifier,” a word that has no objective [truth].

    Imagine if what determined reality was actually just a question of power rather than facts.”

    This was the lost quote’s point. Hopkins has it exactly. They’re not “losing”; the narrative doesn’t have “holes”: no one has “escaped”: the narrative is specifically paid and encouraged to contradict. So we’ll fight each other, which is super-funny, yes, but also so THERE IS NO REALITY. The quote said, before the war, the height of super-cool was to believe one’s self so elite, so cynical, so jaded, that it was just taken for granted that any hard-boiled Sam Spade believed in nothing at all. There was nothing to believe in. Like Hemingway and the “Lost Generation” believing in anything, fighting for anything was for saps and fools.

    This was the overall drift of the smart-and-able people in Europe. Fight to defend France? Why bother? What’s the difference between one stupid oligarchic king’s court in Paris and another in Berlin? While the idealists – and in fact BECAUSE of the nihilistic cynicism of the “Smart Set” – turned to an equally-destructive Communism. Sound familiar?

    So when the war came, they were helpless, didn’t lift a finger. …Until suddenly all at once they realized. O M G, what are we saying??? There are INDEED things to fight for. Reasons to live. Things that are necessary. Heroism that exists. Horrors that must be opposed. Too late! And the hopeless saps and hillbillies from those idiotic small churches and towns in America had to come to restore order from the outside. Oops.

    Creating 100 idiotic, mostly-wrong ideologies is just softening them up. For “invasion” and murder and colonization and extraction.

    “Imagine if what determined reality was actually just a question of power rather than facts.”

    So you’ll obey POWER, not yourself, not reason, not reality. “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?” A: It doesn’t matter. Whatever you say. Or put another way, “The Law is in my mouth.” That’s why CRT, AntiFa, etc exists and why they work hard but not as successfully on the Proud Boys, trying to wrest them away with their FBI informant and channel them into a prefabricated script. If you resist being killed, we’ll kill you anyway but call you a racist too. It’s required to have the brownshirts, or in this case, blackshirts, out there on the street, protected by all major city D.A.s. That REALITY is there. The only way to cover a crime that big – just like 1939 – is with a BIGGER lie, division, and constant confusion. Specifically planned, paid, engineered, and daily defended.

    And the point is TO BREAK RESISTANCE. To break you. Into complete compliance. Compliance to whatever — That’s why it doesn’t matter the specifics. The point is to make it so illogical, so pointless, so chaotic, you submit to anything. The Iron Order comes later. …Also when you demand it from THEM rather than creating it YOURSELF. It’s an old, old plan, at least as old as October ’19. It works. Why change it?

    The point is jaded nihilists, and chaotic irrationality. What did you think the horseman would ride as? Truth? Order? Those are his enemies. Obviously as lies and the absence of reason, the end of cause and effect. So that the only logic is POWER. The cool cats, the practical people just live with it, roll with it, don’t resist on some boring, idiotic dead-white “principles” like human rights.

    Don’t do it. As that man discovered after 1939, there IS reason, there is goodness, and there are things worth fighting, or even dying for. That’s the nature of the universe itself, and cannot be suspended. In the end, when the enemy is spent, order, reason, cause and effect return, wash over them, and are go on.

    Certainly been a long time though. The more (oil) energy you have to waste, the longer it takes for reality to prevail. “Oil is liquid hegemonic power.” …And what did Stoneleigh mean by ‘power’? Power is not a gun, it’s enforcing your WILL. …And why would you do that, ever? If things are going your way, you’d just wait. Only if it’s against the WAY, the way things wanted to go if you didn’t use outside energy to (violently) force your will. That is, to oppose reality.

    Liquid hegemonic power is being used up. It’s stopping. What’s next?

    A: to dissolve. Re-localize. While they attempt to use the remaining small power to enforce their central will.

    Dr. D

    * Sounds ironic coming from me.

    ** The “cool cats” who strictly practical, “roll with it”, and don’t get involved. Are Wall Street. It doesn’t matter how wrong; My family will be better off if I PARTICIPATE, then use the money to buy gold and a bunker in Idaho. …Which are in record-sales along with guns, btw.

    No. No, you’re not. That’s not safer and there’s no safety in ‘money’ when the dogs of war ride and there’s no property rights, you fools. Whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — fight for these things.

    Mr. House

    Mr. House

    John Day

    Caitlin Juhnstone’s memorial to “Rummy”:
    The system isn’t designed to protect us from society’s worst, it’s designed to protect society’s worst from us. It’s designed to keep us turning the gears of industry without looking around and noticing that we’re all getting fucked in the ass by an alliance of plutocrats and security state insiders who only care about power and money. It’s designed to keep us too busy and propagandized to use the power of our numbers to take back what the bastards have stolen from us, and to make sure there’s enough guns on their side to kill us all dead if we try.
    Donald Rumsfeld was all the worst things about our world. He perfectly embodied the corrupt, bloodthirsty, ecocidal, omnicidal, oppressive, exploitative, deceitful status quo that is driving humanity toward extinction. The US-centralized empire is Donald Rumsfeld. It might as well have his face and his name.

    The System Isn’t There To Protect Us From Criminals, It’s To Protect Criminals From Us

    John Ward broaches 2 topics together, in the interest of un-protecting society’s-worst from us, maybe a little bit:
    ​ ​The Midazolam mystery remains – despite attempts by many to explain the doubling of its use in care homes and NHS hospitals after March 2020.
    ​ ​Dr Amy Proffitt, of the Association for Palliative Medicine, told the Daily Mail, “I absolutely do not believe that there have been cases of euthanasia in care homes related to Covid-19. I can understand why people are raising concerns, but when prescribed and used appropriately, midazolam will not hasten or prolong someone’s death – it will just give comfort.”
    ​ ​She added that a rise in the use of midazolam was to be expected because the drug would have been an “obvious choice” to give to those with problems breathing – a symptom of coronavirus.
    ​ ​I have no axe to grind about Ms Proffitt, but her explanation really doesn’t cut it. She doesn’t give us any evidence to support her lack of belief in the anomaly – nor does she accept any possibility that the drug might not have been “used appropriately”. Perhaps most unconvincing, however, is Amy’s contention that it was ‘an “obvious choice” to give to those with problems breathing – a symptom of coronavirus’. This flatly contradicts most medical opinion I’ve seen.
    ​ ​The authoritative RXlist site clearly states that ‘Intravenous midazolam has been associated with respiratory depression and respiratory arrest’. The British Journal of Pharmacology stresses that it ‘requires special precaution if used among the elderly, and can repress efforts to breathe’. Covid19 is, in its critical phase, essentially a condition involving respiratory difficulties. Given that reality, midazolam is hardly an “obvious choice”.
    ​ ​But Amy Proffitt is also choosing to ignore one simple fact: in the Gosport Hospital case, the drug was at the centre of a misuse and abuse scandal where the elderly were very clearly being quietly bumped off. Further, this has prompted several police forces to investigate 15,000 deaths involving Midazolam during 2020. The investigation is still active this year.​..
    (This will potentially serve to create walled monopolies in the ranks of “compliant” megacorporations, and to beel societies for the good of the global environment, and those who have raced to completely destroyed it up until yesterday morning.)​
    Do you know what ESG is?
    ​ ​What I’m about to write will be poo-poohed by the “Its only a” brigade…but it’s actually another potential scam following on from the success of carbon trading and Climate Change BS. ESG is about “setting standards” in the corporate world that conform to the rigid belief systems of faux-liberal tartan paint salesmen: it stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Can you imagine any of the multinational sociopaths making, distributing and selling stuff taking any notice of their ESG rating unless there’s money in it for them? No, neither can I….but ESG trading platforms are already emerging – with our favourite philanthropist Jamie Dimon leading the way.
    ANALYSIS: Midazolam & ESG – two Great Reset cluster bombs.

    Russian news:
    ​ Speaking at his annual ‘Direct Line’ call-in show, Putin revealed that a US strategic airplane took off from an airfield on the island of Crete and flew towards Russia on the morning before HMS Defender entered Russian waters.
    However, despite the provocation, the two NATO members do not want a conflict, and it is not true to say that the world is now standing on the brink of a world war, he said.
    “Even if we had sunk that ship, it would still be hard to imagine that the world would be on the brink of World War III,” the president said. “Because those who are doing this know that they can’t get out of this war victorious. That’s a very important thing.”
    The president also pondered the exact reasons for the British provocation, noting that matters discussed at his recent summit with his American counterpart, Joe Biden, in Geneva might offer an explanation.
    “Why was it necessary to make such a provocation? For what?” he asked. “To show that they have no respect for the choice of the Crimeans to join Russia?”

    Eleni sent this expressed view of the Belorussian Defense Minister:
    Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin at the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security:
    ​ ​“During the previous Moscow conference we expressed our opinion about underlying reasons for the concept of Europe with different speeds [?], about the formation of the Germany-France vector and the UK-USA vector of European politics. As we expected, individual Eastern Europe countries rushed into the transatlantic embrace of American allies. Poland, the Baltic states, and Ukraine trade in their sovereignty and offer brazen Russophobia as a product. As part of the trend American troops penetrate Eastern Europe, expand the occupation zone. Eastern Europe is getting rapidly militarized. A military base is being built in Poland. U.S. tank battalions are endlessly rotated in and out a dozen of kilometers away from the Belarusian border under the guise of protection of the Baltic states. Ukraine wants British troops stationed in the country. Meanwhile, we witness how troops and forces of third countries master the theater of future warfare near our borders. Military budgets are getting inflated. Offensive weapons are being bought in massive amounts.”

    Belarusian defense minister analyzes new military occupation of Europe

    Mr. House
    Mister Roboto

    Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in getting saccharin replaced with aspartame in the US diet. Saccharin might not be great for you (it’s distilled from coal-tar, after all), but aspartame is just utterly toxic shite. I used to have a half-gallon a day “Crystal Light” habit, and at some point, my hairline on the right side started receding dramatically. Then one day I just had this flash of insight that the Spirit would really, really like for me to stop consuming aspartame. I read some websites about aspartame, decided that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, and flushed the rest of my “Crystal Light” down the toilet. In very short order, that area where my hairline was receding filled back in.

    madamski cafone

    @ Noirette

    Thanx for that update on Moscow mayor/Putin/Vaxx.

    “The uniformity of the imposed narrative and measures it forces or promotes (vax, of any brand, continuing restrictions on movement, etc.) is very troubling — coming back to my main point.”

    Since they’re promoting a genuine, reasonably safe vaccine, I’m fine with that part. As for the masking/etc., I view that through a perception mngmnt lens. Putin is very careful about being consistent. Russians being what they are, I suspect there’s a lot of wink-wink/nudge-nudge ignoring of the rules by the people. People who are 45 years old in Russia lived through all that madness. They remember.

    So yes, I see them following the mainstream covid narrative a good bit, but strategically. This too, shall pass, after all. What is left afterward is what will matter.


    << Peskov (Kremlin spokesman) was on air shortly thereafter, saying no, that couldn’t be, no way vax > obligatory. 2/3 days later he says he personally (not his remit btw!) is in favor of the Moscow measures, and 2/3 days

      later he says free choice holds as ppl can refuse the vax and quit their jobs.>>

    Reminds me of what I heard in Mormon church as a child. They emphasized that we were all free to make our choices, that we had free will. But, oh, watch it! We weren’t free to choose our consequences! And if we did anything contrary to god’s will (as interpreted by out priesthood leaders, laid out in church doctrine,) those consequences were going to make us very sorry.

    I was always a rule follower. Made my parents proud (they weren’t the super strict type anyway.) But I’ve learned a lot since then, and am a parent. I understand about authorities “engineering consequences” in an attempt to control behavior. And that is what is going on with this vaccine campaign. Lots of threats of consequences. Some of the threats are foolish for the “authorities” to make — they have no real control over the virus or its variants, and can’t materially concoct death waves when mask mandates are dropped or individuals don’t bother with a vaccine. Other are truly “engineered” consequences — like vax passes in order to access entertainments — that authorities potentially have power over. But the innate problem with engineered consequences is that they are very often countered or negated by lived experience.

    (I’m still a rule follower. I just happen to write my own rules.)


    > This was the lost quote’s point. Hopkins has it exactly. They’re not “losing”; the narrative doesn’t have “holes”: no one has “escaped”: the narrative is specifically paid and encouraged to contradict. <

    Agreed; and the narrative will be changed at their will, and with irregular regularity, until-
    as Hopkins states, as did others before him like E.B. White- the Many are rendered
    completely docile. Seems to be working ok, for now.

    Good to see C. Johnstone speaking plainly about Rumsfeld: the man was the perfect, early example of evil, ‘friendly fascism’. Unfortunately, there any many still in line willing to do the same “work”. Remember the White House “Press Corps” ‘s sycophancy towards him?

    Hopefully events soon outmatch the Few’s abilities to control..


    I tried to find it in my Off-G history, but it was taking too long- there was an excellent video of a man talking to the camera about how papers and peer review “work” in the world of medicine today and in fact, as Kendrick points out, they simply don’t. What did we expect? The criminal world has always dealt in drugs- it’s why the CIA flourishes.
    I have already seen commercials for the same fancy crap for dogs that they sell to humans. (Not cats, yet). As dogs can’t say what the symptoms are, it’s going to be a lucrative business, indeed.
    The same people who “do everything they can” for their beloved puppy won’t give up the poisons they spray on Fido’s yard.

    I spent the early morning hours with aliens and ended up on this delightful page about the Cold War and space.
    If we could “cooperate” back then, it’s no surprise we can do the same with a fake pandemic.

    If you were an alien and you wanted to leave a clue for the creatures you have tampered with on a geologically active planet, wouldn’t you leave it in their DNA?
    By the time the creatures had advanced enough to find the “message”, you would know that you could reveal yourselves because they had become sophisticated enough to handle it.
    Or not. Because instead of sharing the info, some bad actors could attempt to exploit it instead.


    Mr. Roboto: thanks for the Malcolm Kendrick link- a truth-telling piece with lots of solid links worthy of sharing with those who still believe Da Covid narrative, even if they’ll likely make no difference (at first; I’ve had some recent luck in that way).


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