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    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] II 1937   • Russia And China Haven’t Even Started To Ratchet Up The Pain Dial (Escobar) • Russia State TV: War Wil
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] II 1937

    …and we just do not fucking learn!!!!!!!!!

    Dr. D

    Comments I thought are getting better than ever. Maybe it’s because what was hidden is now out in the open so we can discuss it clearly.

    “Democrats Demand $650 Billion in IMF Aid for Ukraine War Relief – In the Form of SDRs”

    Half a trillion? Are you mad?

    Sure, we just print half a trillion at a pop now. Every week or two. But your money’s still valuable: fight real hard for it. And the issuer isn’t the United States, which means we also lose control and sovereignty.

    “A port being snarled somewhere else in the world can lead to shortages in the U.S.” says Pete Buttigieg.

    Ohhhhh! So it’s the container ships stuck off of somebody ELSE’S Long Beach! I did not know that. The rest of his initiative is about lowering carbon – elsewhere. Building up infrastructure – elsewhere. Buying an electric pickup truck with your own money, without Pete’s help – elsewhere.

    So after we give free health care to Ukraine, free infrastructure to Ukraine, free military budget to Ukraine, then YOU can buy your OWN darn pickup truck. That can’t make it from the ranch to town and back. Hey Pete: there’s going to be a nationwide train strike next week. They’re down I dunno, 6 THOUSAND employees? Every rail is failing, every bridge is collapsing, we have no ports, the subways have failed past tense, our airports are worse than Bolivia, all the nuclear plants are clocking out. Any thoughts?

    His thought is he put up a website. And signaled. Presidential material.

    “Peter Oborne Demolishes Boris Johnson’s Legacy”

    He has a legacy?

    “Fauci Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect”

    Whut? Was that ‘cause you got it anyway? Again?

    “could not force the BRICS plus major Global South players to isolate, sanction and/or demonize Russia.”

    Discussing what WEF and co-puppet thought/planned. This may be the play here. I think they were screwing down Russia and didn’t expect anyone to punch back. In fact they said so.

    Teal: Oh, man. I’m shot to sh-t.
    Kayce: Don’t you know about my family? You didn’t think we’d fight back?
    Teal: No. Nobody ever fights back.
    Kayce: Until now.
    Teal: No. No, please! Not on a toilet. I don’t want to die on a f–king toilet!
    Kayce: I promised my wife I’d kill you. All a man has is his word.” –Yellowstone.

    That and they are planners. As minions, they follow plans. They don’t make plans. Apparenlty those come from the Bril Maidens from outer space. If you screw their plans, it takes a lifetime for them to get new orders for new plans. Their 100 year plan, widely published, the “Three World Wars”, BigNew’s Ukraine attack on Russia for 40 years, HRC’s sworn oath to attack Russia and start WWIII on schedule, all thrown out with a tiny plan of a President taking over at that time and…accomplishing exactly nothing. Schedules are all screwed, balances and focuses are all split. RussiaRussia now looks stupid, and Europe is weaker than 8 years ago when they wanted, or 25 years ago that Cheney wanted. No Syrian pipeline for gas to Europe. No green energy substitute. No population dieoff freeing up war resources. As the plan was already screwed, these were swung into to cover the adjustment and each failed. They had effects, but were parried and inadequate.

    So now another attempt which Powell is doing well is to raise rates. Yes, this will crack Europe, but won’t it crack the Global South first? Steal their money in financial crisis first? Like every time in the last 100 years?

    No. They can crack, but if they don’t run to London banks and the IMF, but China and Russia, then it’s inadequate. Yes, money can flee to NY, but it doesn’t change the balance. The South will drop the U.S. currency, happily default, cheer, throw a party, (“Take a Load Off Fanny”) and re-attach to the East. Look at Argentina: they default every 10 years for 120 years in a row. You think they care if they default again? And especially not if they can upturn the table and start a different game where someone listens to them. This G7 meeting didn’t make that, but it’s now open and public. Previous meetings had everyone meeting, nodding their heads and agreeing, but giggling and doing exactly nothing the U.S. said, and I noted it at the time. Now they won’t even do that. The U.S. can’t topple or bomb them, the Empire is helpless and a powerless Empire is not an Empire at all. Just a nation. Where the Nationalists won. Enter Constitution.

    Instead of raiding and isolating the South, Europe has just cut off and isolated themselves. Just like instead of grinding up Russia in a long war, Europe has sapped and depleted and themselves in the war. Attacked and bombed themselves.

    “potentially shut down almost a third of the country’s farms.”

    A month after the PM’s brother positioned half a billion dollars to purchase those distressed farms.
    “a decoy by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to put the farmers out of business and control the food supply,” Was the personal position of profit by the PM and government themselves a clue? How much more obvious do they need to be? He has to dress up in a sheriff’s uniform, strap on a six gun and go serve the eviction personally? HE. IS STEALING. YOUR LAND.

    And they keep saying “nitrogen emissions”. Wtf does that mean? Cows fart nitrogen? Because if it’s manure, that’s not waste or pollution, that’s now black gold. As they’ve never used science in the last 30 years, I doubt that their argument makes a lick of sense this time.

    No doubt sacrilege, but they should really rebuild the Acropolis and area. Imagine all those places restored with bright banners, gold leaf, lit fires, and used in tunics as they were originally intended.

    Notes for nothing: If you listen to coffee-table prophets, just regular-class psychics, the change is happening more or less right now for us Americans. Doesn’t seem like, but it is. Now this depends a lot on our currency position and access to food, but this same economic and social collapse is going on here into the fall. At the moment, dial it way down. All the things predicted, shortages, ATM outages, stock falls, social unrest, crime, riots will all happen, but way, way less than you might think.

    I agree. The baby formula run, the bank account attack and Rogers outage communicate to the people that we’re not kidding and the time is now. Get your stuff, get some cash out. Both seem too good as a means of forced alert and forced readiness to not have been arranged by someone, whoever that someone might be. Ball Jars are sold out again months before harvest and chickens are more popular than ever.

    If it runs like this, with Europe cracking this time and money hiding in the U.S. but with a general GFC2.0, it would match the sort of thing they see as these readers are not focusing on Europe. Earlier and more prospective reads of Europe have enormous roving groups taking over Rothschild castles and other locations, Sri Lanka style. Of course there’s not enough there to feed a crowd, but it will make quite an impact about who’s really in power now. It seemed that would happen with the migrant trains, but it didn’t materialize then.

    It’s “Chaos” in the Globalists sense of “The World isn’t obeying my Order(s)”. Humankind self-organizes internally, has emergent rules, internal to our souls. So although it may look like “Chaos” in Europe, really it’s just broken the hierarchy and devolved back to families, local communities to support each other. It’s not Up-Down action like all our lives, it’s Side-to-Side actions of going down the street to make sure everyone’s okay. And mostly will be if the read is right, but very different, difficult, and disorienting. I don’t follow Oz or the 40-mile strip pressed on the border that is Bad Canada – as opposed to “real Canada” – in this regard, maybe somebody can.

    absolute galore

    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] II 1937

    ‘…and we just do not fucking learn!!!!!!!!!

    I think there is enough evidence to suggest war is an innate human trait, like reproducing or seeking food and shelter. It may only show up in times of resource shortages–or out of control greed (in ohter words, constantly, somewhere)–but inevitably it makes an appearance sooner or later. I don’t think it is subject to learning, or unlearning, no matter how many times or how loudly we sing Kumbaya. Of course after a “big” one, we go through the motions of “Never Again!” Again. Nuclear-equipped dying empires may be particularly dangerous…. Good luck to us all!


    Too bad, so sad
    Poor energy supply distribution
    The porridge is too hot or too cold.

    Mister Roboto

    You can really tell that the air is leaking out of the real economy when you see the price of copper just keep going down, down, down the way it has been lately.


    Will this post?


    Just been reading this by Michael Hudson … https: //”>

    It still amazes me how westeners like Hudson are so ignorant about China. Sure, it is an insular society and is very difficult to access due to the language, >\both spoken and especially written. But when I read this from Hudson, I almost fell off my chair:

    Guided by a people-centered philosophy, since the day when it was founded … the Party has been working tirelessly for the interest of the people, and has dedicated itself to realizing people’s aspirations for a better life. China has been advancing whole-process people’s democracy, promoting legal safeguard for human rights, and upholding social equity and justice. The Chinese people now enjoy fuller and more extensive and comprehensive democratic rights.

    People still refer to Hong Kong’s democratic election of the chief executive: there was only one candidate approved by Beijing, the people selected to vote (about 5000 of them) had a choice of voting for this person or not voting. Their vote is not confidential, it is published.

    People in mainland China do not vote on anything. They have no democratic proces>\ses at all. Yet this Hudson guy, whom I know a lot of people respect, is saying “The Chinese people now enjoy fuller and more extensive and comprehensive democratic rights.”, the man is either an idiot or was paid to say this, I suspect the latter.

    You cannot trust any writers these days, you have to do your own research.


    The thing about the Chinese power class is that they are still managerial. They are managing a shit-load of people with very high chance of fuck-ups (as in a 1% margin of error with policy decisions is 1.5 million people). I know a lot of it is about power but it is also a lot of responsibility keeping that many people alive and stop them from revolting. Mind/info control and compliance are key, but have negative effects.
    Of course if people were able to self organise it may be a prettier picture in some ways but also shittier for many too.
    I wish I knew how to run a temporal world well. I’m the creature that is too fascinated with the abyss to be of much use in politics


    This one is a little heavy but worth the ponder. Some people are a little worried about the downstream effects of reverse transcriptase.





    I too often ponder this concept of man’s propensity for violence and war.

    Have just started a book where an academic historian examines this very question. Title of the book is War ( How conflict shaped us ) by Margaret MacMillan.

    Perhaps worth a look.



    What a strange and sad story, do we know what the real issue was? Did the vaccines make covid less severe?

    On the story this week about vaccinated and boosted getting “covid” for longer, my super vaxxed neighbor has had covid now for a month, testing positive for 3 weeks straight. Many people I know that are super vaxxed (that is 3-4 shots) have had covid in the past 2-3 months and aren’t shaking it, or are getting sick with other things. That seems to be the pattern I am seeing. If you are super vaxxed and manage to not get sick you’re ok. Once you test positive? All bets seem to be off. Is that what was predicted?

    Anyway, things seem to be getting a bit creepy. Sometimes I wonder if I should be hanging around my super vaxxed friends. Are they the ones putting ME at risk?


    How many people would be required with a bucket of white pain to paint a “Z” on the destroyed equipment to fool the western media that Ukraine is winning?

    Sitrep Operation Z0V: Back to Hot Steel Rain

    📊In total, 249 Ukrainian airplanes and 137 helicopters, 1,534 unmanned aerial vehicles, 354 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,050 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 744 multiple launch rocket systems, 3,145 field artillery and mortars, as well as 4,292 units of special military vehicles were destroyed during the operation.


    The Great Reset Explained with Edward Dowd


    Manpads. Is that what menstruating men use?
    Oh, c’mon. Someone had to crack it. Sorry to blow “the comments are getting better…”

    Dr D Rich

    “Ball jars…”

    -sayeth Dr. D

    A couple reminders:
    -2.5 years ago Heaven and God’s Entire Earth were moved in response to a concept labeled ‘excess deaths’ as long as COVID was perceived to be the specific cause of those ‘excess deaths’.

    -Heaven and Earth’s movement by COVID-caused “excess deaths’ then, was promoted by the likes of Fauci’s 25 million, Nassim Taleb’s Fibonacci fantasy and the hysteria of Redfield/Birx/Rochelle’s unmasked luscious lips.

    -The Powers That Be early on in the aptly labeled crisis saw or knew the flaw in Taleb’s math and Fauci’s tally so they, TPTB, directed the CDC/BVS counters to pad the COVID count with Pneumonia AND Influenza numbers.
    Their efforts still did not work.

    -By January 1, 2021 less than one year into this Excess Deaths Accelerated/Hyped crisis a new ‘excess deaths’ emerged in CDC’s and BVS’s data collection. Yet, Fauci, Taleb, Birx, Redfield, Pfizer, Walensky never touched “it” with the same panicked ferocity as they applied to COVID. I’m still surprised neither Fauci nor Taleb ever adopted the new numbers as a sign that COVID was far worse than their grim predictions.

    -Right here on TAE’s pages, excess deaths above COVID excess deaths was dismissed by the stats guys ~1.5 years ago.

    -Today, ‘xcess deaths Version 2’ has been greeted by the World, Heaven and Earth with the equivalent of crickets chirping on an otherwise silent night.



    Hudson is an old fashioned Lefty formed in childhood from the mindset of the 1930’s and 40’s socialism.

    Can’t teach an old dog new tricks kinda thing.

    He has interesting and sometimes unique insights on today’s travails but we all drag our past around with us and it’s inevitable blind spots with us like a little red wagon pulled by a child.

    D Benton Smith


    We understand. The temptation was just too irresistible.


    Some random reflections on the whole world farming, fertilizer shortage clusterphuck

    I’ve gardened organically for about 50 years. In that time, no one in my extended family has adopted or shown the slighted interest in actually gardening organically. Not even their lawns.

    A few friends did but most grew old and finally stopped gardening in general.

    The current world ‘Fertilizer Crisis’ is bogus because it’s about artificial chemical fertilizer, NOT organic fertilizer.

    Artificial chemical fertilizer kills soil and turns it into DIRT.

    DIRT is DEAD

    Soil IS Alive.

    Chemical fertilizer is the feed stock for the Agricultural Industrial Complex and Chemical Pesticide Complex.

    It’s a Death Cult ultimately, like Jonestown.

    So the world is clutching their pearls and rending their garments over fossil fuel based, soil killing, utterly non sustainable chemical fertilizer that ultimately won’t feed 8-9 billion people in the not so long run because healthy food ultimately can’t be grown in DEAD DIRT.

    Healthy food can only be grown in Live Soil®.

    And transitioning to organic fertilizing from chemical fossil fuel fertilizing will take DECADES because there is so little Soil left, and so much DIRT everywhere to the horizons.

    You might be able to convert some tiny backyard DEAD DIRT garden to a live soil organic garden in 5 years but let me give you a 100 mile by 100 mile square (a 1000 sq miles) piece of land in say North Dakota, and see how long it takes you to change the DEAD industrial farming DIRT into live soil.

    I’m thinking maybe a century if you’re lucky.

    Try spreading even One Inch of organic compost on 1000 square miles of dead dirt.

    Go ahead, give it you’re best shot.

    Then do it for twelve years so you have a foot of live soil.

    Oh, I forgot, organic compost has a lot of air in it and compresses significantly.

    You need to spread an inch of compost on 1000 square miles of dead dirt for maybe 50 years to get one foot of live soil, if you’re lucky and the wind doesn’t blow it away or thunderstorms and flash floods wash it away!

    The energy it will take you and your fossil fuel tractor to spread that much compost over 1000 square miles will be astronomical

    The only alternative to your fossil fuel tractor isvery large herds of cattle over a 1000 square miles.

    And Oh again, a 1000 square miles of farm land produces diddly swat virus 8 BILLION people.

    Good luck on that project kids!

    The Great Plains of the mid West where 60 million+ buffalo roamed had ten to twenty FEET of rich black top soil before the Euro settlers destroyed it with tilling practices with no cover crop. Now the ‘top soil’, if you can even call it that, is measured in INCHES.

    My, my. A lot of people are going to go very hungry before organic farming ever shows up again.

    The number of people the globe can sustain with organic soil practices is very, very low compared to chemical fertilizer and pesticide farming.

    Anyone telling you it’s easy to convert DIRT to Soil on an industrial widespread global scale is full of plastic beads.

    I was going to say bullshit but that would be organic, and that’s definitely not what they are full of.

    Did you know that the hypocritical criminal monsters at Monsanto have an executive dining feature at headquarters that serves only the finest organic food for their ‘exceptional’ executives? Didn’t think so.

    Do as we say, not as we do.

    The fossil fuel chemical fertilizer crowd are Plastic People.

    Consuming chemically grown food produces unhealthy Plastic People®

    Frank had their number years ago.


    There goes Draghi.


    When rats jump the ship, where do they go?


    Many MSM articles are huffing and puffing about the unipolar world ending

    (see Wibert at top post) but that isn’t a good description.

    The USukis (UK as a pretentious hopeful hanger on, Israel as an exuse, or outpost, for ME excursions, and other) ignores the long-standing powerhouse of China (and affiliates) plus the resurgence, not of the Soviets, but of Homeland Russia, whose power and grip since the Fall of the Wall (say, 1990) has steadily grown.

    Belarus and possibly Khasakstan, and now a big chunk of Ukr. (forward, more of it..) are ‘Russian’ for now…(Moldova and Transnistria may follow, other topics..)

    China is the dominant power in E. Asia.

    — Btw, I found out recently that China owns 10% of the rich arable land of Ukr. I have nothing to back that up, so no links, but it isn’t surprising at all. Poroshenko passed some law that allowed foreign ‘companies’ to own land, see Biden, etc. and the Zel. régime recently voted in another law, even more ‘supple’ in the same direction. —

    The plan of the ‘Collective West’ in this Ukr. matter is to hurt, dent, Russia (as has been publicly stated, a US imposition..), but down the road, to deal with failure, as semi-success, it is expected that a ‘rump’ or ‘vestigial’ Ukr. will be open for plunder, it will have a puppet ‘oligarch’ (profiteers, corrupted, already the case) Gvmt. and will be a free for all for many Big Corps, who will exploit the land, the ressources, as best as they can, but mostly will cash in kick-backs for ‘fakelorum’ re-constructions.

    In a way the plan echoes back to what happened to Yugoslavia, care of Billy C, just break it up …but that didn’t work out well for Big Corps at all. (But > Camp Bonsteel.) Iraq has also not become profitable for the US / W, after a rapine like splurge. Afghanistan was given up recently, profits exhausted.

    So we see a confused struggle, called war in Ukraine, between different interests, many of them Corporate and not National, which is very confusing. Purposely so.


    See for ex. France 24, March 2020.

    Ukraine Parliament adopts ‘historic’ land reform bill.


    The Collective West wanted to destroy Ukraine’s agriculture with GMOs and try to contaminate Russia’s biosphere and agriculture with weaponized GMOs



    oxymoron- that Paul Spradbery post was …there aren’t words.

    Dr. D

    Quite right about living soil, but dirt isn’t that hard. Chemical will kill soil. True. Fertilizer kills soil basically by making it resparate too fast. There are free components in the soil, and like steroids, fertilizer makes them “oxidize” and get used too fast: that’s what fertilizer is, create fast growth, but not just to your crop, bacteria, algae, whatever’s there. In a few years, the “available” resources are gone because you’re just running the clock faster. P.S. if you have access to a rototiller it can do the same thing: adding air to the soil, which make oxidation, growth, but then more rapid depletion.

    Because free items have been consumed, it is “dead”. True. But it’s also easy to bring back. What “Frees” the components in the soil for plant use? A specific and galactic ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, etc. These invisibles, and for science, essentially unknowables.

    But the answer is simple. The earth thinks your soil is a new sterile glacial till. You simply stop poisoning this (this may take a while as some poisons are resident, while death causes strong imbalances) and offer a tiny amount of area ‘bacteria’ to a soil with some way to protect it. This is usually done with manure. And the new Amazonian method of adding charcoal, which is probably creates safe harbors for the organisms. This is why you can make compost tea, with just a little manure in a lot of water and spray it on. It cultures the whole area and any area where it can make a beachhead. Which can be a bit harder at first than you’d think, but it’s the same process as yogurt.

    But if you just left one fallow furrow for a “hedgerow” then sprayed the 1,000 acres with compost tea in a huge rig, added crop rotation, you’d probably get soil back in just three years. Or in some areas: not talking Arizona where it’s hard to grow sagebrush. All ag is local.

    What is soil then? The “bacteria” (loosely) takes these tiiiiiny rocks and dissolves them into solvents. Other micro-critters capitalize on this. The liquid nutrient soup is taken by plants, who add shade, conserve water, for the microorganisms, and drive channels deep into the hardpan (i.e. “Weeds”). The plant matter then dies, creating that liferaft-beachhead material far more easily dissolved and digested, transmitted to the next generation of plants. Particularly with concerns for water, but also pH, phosphorus, etc. Circle of life, why it’s so important each thing grown on the farm stays there and goes back. Not shipped to NY and Miami and flushed into the sea. That NY sewage is gold, but not if it’s straight poison, heavy metals, and laced with drugs esp hormones.

    Soil can be increased by as much as 3” a year. And what “Soil” is, is what exactly? Compared to subsoil? I can turn bedrock into soil, but they’re not on bedrock in most places, so what they mean is this living part. You shouldn’t let it go downstream, but it’s not our real crisis. Give me a man every 50 acres and re-mix the animal husbandry (which sounds like we’re going to do anyway) and I can have it fixed in no time.


    echo mpsk…

    @oxy: the Paul Spradbery post is ……….beyond words.

    It rings true to me.

    Words more precious than ever…LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

    LOVE to All.

    TAE Summary

    The American Body Politic
    * What if a large percentage of your muscle cells became fat cells?
    * What if the goal of many of your cells was to use as many resources as possible for as long as possible while expending as little effort as possible?
    * What if your brain instructed different tissue types that they are fundamentally different and should not cooperate with each other?
    * What if the glucose in your system doubled every year, year after year?
    * What if your brain blocked half the signals in your nervous system because it didn’t like them?
    * What if your brain divided your cells into two sets that were trained to fight against each other?
    * What if you were injected with ever increasing transfusions from other random people?
    * What if you experimented on your cells with a substance with unknown long term consequences?
    * What if 75% of your immune system cells were unfit for the job because they were ruined by drugs, were attacking healthy cells or had become fat cells?
    * What if your body’s policy was to encourage the destruction of stem cells because they were a nuisance?
    * What if more and more muscle cells decided they were really nerve cells and vice versa?
    * What if you spent your effort caring for the health of a guy across town but ignored your own terminal condition?
    * What if a large percentage of your brain cells were replaced by fecal matter?
    * What if your brain decided it didn’t need the rest of your body and cut off the blood supply to everything but the brain and the fists?
    * How long would you survive?


    Talking of agriculture and the food supply, the dreaded varroa mite has appeared in Australia. And it has appeared rather suddenly.

    This mite kills bees and destroys hives. Treatments appear to be vailable but I don’tknow how safe and effective they are. The response here has been so far to destroy all hives within a 50km radius of Newcastle. Milllions of bes are doomed. If that doesn’t work, the next stepp is to go mad with a potent pesticide that will kill European honey bees and the native bees and a multitude of other insects. The consequences for Australian agriculture and horticulture could be enormous.

    The almon industry is putting huge pressure on government to let hives be moved from NSW to Victoria in time for pollination. They ought to be denied AND compensated, but governments here, especially the neoliberal state governments, don’t believe in compensation.

    Australia has long been free of the mite and we have been a major source of mite-free bees for other countries. That could all end if we’re not careful. Biosecurity at our ports has been far too lax for far too long. I strongly feel that in this mad world trade and commerce are more important than life itself.

    Interesting how this varroa mite outbreak occurred just before it was time to move bees around. Forgive my cynicism.


    Oops, “almond” not “almon”. My typing is going to pieces.


    @ Dr D

    Nice overview to the soil thing.

    My reservations come from ‘where’s’ the plan to scale up, not a 1000 acres, a million acres.

    Where’s the awareness in the body politik of this issue or in the general sheeple attention span?

    It’s not on the radar screen, at all, anywhere.

    All the money is in selling more chemicals to the ag sector, not in manure.

    In fact killing off cattle for bug-burgers is just ramping up.

    The Amazon has next to NO top soil, it’s all in the vegetative canopy.

    The Amazon was clear cut many many by native tribes for thousands of years before the Euro-trash showed up.

    Archeological discoveries now in the Amazon are revealing huge vast ruins of cultures long gone before the Euro invasion.

    They probably perished because the rain fall patterns changed, not because they didn’t chuck enough virgins in the volcano. The Mayans had a massive dry spell before they vanished. The warfare and civil disorder followed the lack of rain, not preceded it.

    I generally hate ‘religious’ explanations for ANYTHING.

    Shit happens.

    Eco-system collapse routinely in planetary history.

    Comets impacts are bad for instance.

    Very, very large consequences to eco-systems.

    But Sheeple can and have phucked up the landscape historically.

    The Italian peninsula was once forested as thick and dark as the Black forests of Germany. The Romans chopped them down and the top soil ran into the sea, never to return.

    The British Isles were also thickly forested from the Shetlands to the Channel. Ireland and Scotland never grew back.

    There is Zero understanding or will to act on organic agriculture as a priority short of a massive collapse in food production because of fossil fuel input farming techniques.

    And no money, either to pay farm workers, or by to buy overprice ‘organic’ produce for the average family.

    A middleclass family of four would be hard pressed to buy all organic now, their monthly food bill would jump by at least a third to a half now, not to mention with 10-15% inflation going forward.

    Most young families I know would rather put the price jump to ‘organic food’ into their gas tanks, not healthier food.

    And also add, inner city ghettos to the ‘never gonna buy ‘organic’ ever never ever.

    The market for organic produce right now is from the upper middle class trendy next new thing gentry and the Woketard bugburger mob.

    Nothing’s gonna happen without a demand that produces an honest Market.

    We have no markets for ANYTHING

    And no price discovery.


    Draghi’s gone. That’s number, what, 4-5 in Europe?! And how long does it take Italy to get a new cabinet together? Inject very loud laughing emoji. He’s history because 5 star wouldn’t support him. Among other reasons, this is because they wanted negotiations with Russia; he did not. There’s a glimmer of good somewhere in there.


    Yeah, yeah, the president has refused Draghi’s resignation.

    Michael Reid

    * What if a large percentage of your brain cells were replaced by fecal matter?

    I laughed out loud. Thank you

    Are we there yet?

    Michael Reid

    Doug Casey on the Ridiculous Policies for Addressing Inflation and Rising Prices

    Doug Casey on the Ridiculous Policies for Addressing Inflation and Rising Prices

    Michael Reid

    Biden is sinking the US economy w/Robert Barnes (Live)


    12. Eventually, there will be no more hiding it. The attempts to cover things up as long as possible was anticipated since doctors and academics are arrogant, self-righteous psychopaths who could be expected to protect their reputations regardless of the cost. This will simply result in even more anger.

    As was the goal, attacks on doctors, the media, and government will result in civil wars worldwide and the destruction of national governments. Only 20% of the human population will survive.

    Luc Montagnier assessed that within 2-3 years many vaxed would be dead. Geert warns the same.

    LOVE to All.

    Not to be a dick but… Love is simply another facet of Hate. Hate/ Love, War/ Peace. Without the one, there is no other. There would not even be a word for Peace if we did not have War.

    Humans can- Love their Nation, their guns, their favorite actor, their tv show, their ice cream. They can love their kids by injecting them with 75 vaxes killing and maiming those they proclaim to love. I love my freedom to have abortions, I hate the USSC? I love my country and hate the enemy.

    You’ve seen the virtue signalling signs which read- “in this house we believe Love is Real, Science is Real” ? Leading believers to Hating the UnVaxxed and owning science as if Fauci IS science.

    Isn’t the road to Hell paved with Lovely intentions?

    Karl Marlantes, a Vietnam combat vet- described the sensations of brutal combat as the closest experience to Love in his book- “what it is like to go to war”. Humans love power, wealth, fame and glory too. They love to win, love to kill and torture. S&M people love to abuse and be abused.

    Love ain’t for keeping, love is cheap. Love is not for wielding like a magic wand cure all.

    The easier the path of destruction gets, the more likely we’ll take it. This is another reason why warriors, above all, must fundamentally be spiritual people, that is people who are on a different path to start with. Kierkegaard says, “It is not good works that make a good person but the good person who does good works”. It is through meditative practices that you observe your own mind. You can’t be a good person until you observe how bad you are. It is only when the evil is conscious that it can be countered.

    We have a shadow says Jung. There’s a part of me that just loves maiming, killing, and torturing. This part of me isn’t all of me. I have other elements that are just the opposite.

    Karl Marlantes – What it is like to go to war.

    It is extremely likely we will all be going to war soon. The US is at war with everything and everyone both in its way and on its team. Better to kill it with spiritual war than honor its lies.

    Arjuna rode off to war. If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him. Kill yourself on the meditation cushion. It’s about fucking time people rise up with honor, dignity, truth and spiritual violence to kill this evil ignorance.


    @ezlxa….> And it has appeared rather suddenly.
    I have had bees for quite a while…
    The 1st few washes/tests showed quite large infestations,,
    +10% where 1-3% is the usual treatment max
    Since drones fly +10 mi, not real good odds to stop it
    the poison is supposed to be removed when there are no more robbers
    We will see


    The sad fact is no one knows how to change it, because no one knows how to take on the corporations.

    I think everybody can think of a few ways to start taking on the corporations and, for me, the first is to fix liability. Remove all protections of the corporation as a legal entity, force the individuals managing and working in corporations to take on all liability, force the corporations to fund the full life-cycle of the products they produce, force the shareholders to take on liability.

    Shareholder liability means that if you own Monsanto shares today and they are selling Roundup today, then you personally are liable for anybody being injured by Roundup today – which may manifest itself later. Exchanges keep records of who buys and sells which shares and so it is now easily possible to know who profits from bad corporate behaviour. Yes, it would make share ownership a more serious venture as your ownership of shares could come back to bite you.

    Woody Harrelson is really saying that nobody knows how to get the politicians to take on the corporates, all the politicians being puppets of the corporates.

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