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    Jack Delano Conductor picks up message from operator on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 1943 • Britain’s Economy Shrinking At Fastest Rate Since 2009
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    “That much, at least, Donald Trump has right. Throwing-out the careerists, pettifoggers, hypocrites, ideologues, racketeers, power-seekers and snobs who have brought about the current ruin is at least a start in the right direction”

    Truly dangerous Bull-Pucky. Should not be repeated within the hearing of any citizens.

    We have thousands of historical examples where exactly this was done- revolution, guillotine the corrupt – and? Criminals were waiting on the sidelines to grab all power- followed a system more corrupt and more cruel and careless of human life than the one replaced. France. Russia, China. Iran. Tunisia.

    Show me someplace where it did not happen that way.

    The guillotine is great fun- but has never done anything to improve the lives of the common people.


    But some things are inevitable, Greenpa.


    What made America great were the endowments bestowed on the populace by nature. Topsoil in many places 6 metres deep, water in abundance, trees forever and among the largest on the planets and then of course at the end of the 1800’s Pennsylvanian Oil.
    I get a bit tired of hearing american authors (Stockman) posit that it is a smarts thing resisting on it’s own foundation. Try walking in any direction here in Australia and make carrots grow in our soils – they are mostly over half a billion years old. Debt has tied the hands behind the back but remove the shackles and there is hope with conditions like they have.


    Exactly Oxy. Take away the endowment and you have a very very different story. The endowment has now, largely, been taken away, so the story will change. Stockman is inside the bubble so, of course, he will not be able to see it. It was a great service that Guns Germs and Steel played for me, the world you live in arises from your resource base, no exceptions.

    But Coppola is right as well as I guess you would agree. The people have been trapped between the debt and the “wealth”, the monkey with its hand in the jar will NOT let go, even at the risk of its life.

    Hence my rule 1. for the last 30 years, No Debt.
    Rule 2. See rule 1.


    rlmrdl – that book was spot on. Mark Shepard’s Restoration Agriculture is a good look at what can be done to rebuild the endowment – in terms of the messing up of the environment in the US – I have to believe it is really doable in the main. I have 10 acres on ordovician sediments which was strip mined for gold extraction from 1852 till around 1910 and is majorly messed up. I mean seriously. I bought this piece of shit to avoid debt and hoped I wasn’t mad and it turns out nature just needs the tiniest bit of a hand. It is looking surprisingly productive with frogs and the like after only 7 years or so.
    It can be done but for the most part it just won’t for a fair while yet. People love their IKEA and Kanye


    “Nearly 3,000 Dead In Mediterranean Already This Year (R.) ”

    I think Australia got it right. I hate to credit Tony Abbott with anything. However, it is undeniable that by making Australia a difficult destination for economic immigrants from the 3rd world who wish to come by boat, he has saved an awful lot of lives. Of course, that does not stop them from coming on tourist visas and staying.


    As much as I hate to say it, I think the main reason that Western Civilization grew the way it did was because the Money Power seized upon the genius of expanding the money supply as a way to incentivize people to produce in whatever areas they disbursed the money.
    Before that insight into human behavior, the problem of incentivizing the masses was a difficult one – and many cultures never really broke the barrier surpassed by the West with the help of the Money Power’s monetary expansions.
    The fact they are demon-spawns with an ultimate Satanic agenda is the downside.

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