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    Michael Reid


    I have been reluctant to wander down the rabbit hole
    relating to various “depopulation agenda” theories involving the COVIDcrisis.

    the odd concordance between a possible population reduction objective and
    the dysfunctional “public health” policies is obvious to all open minded thinkers.

    These policies include that
    the biologically engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus,
    the many “public health” policies,
    as well as the rushed gene therapy-based COVID “vaccines”
    and their wide range of associated- but rigorously denied – “serious adverse events”
    (not the least of which are sudden unexpected death and fertility issues) are
    more consistent with a population control/depopulation agenda as opposed to being effective “public health” interventions.

    Michael Reid

    Simply put,
    financial repression is strategy governments use to reduce their debt burden
    by manipulating interest rates below inflation.

    It allows them to borrow in dollars and repay in dimes.

    Turn the Tables on Financial Repression


    Bear with me a moment. Jewsa, China, Russia are all controlled by the same money. The NWO is’nt coming, its here.. The response to covid should have made that clear. The day to day shite is all theatre . Plato’s cave wall. You are being entertained while being robbed blind and murdered. Why do you think these assholes were kicked out of 109 countries? Why do you think the Germans were so angry at them? i’m afraid you are about to find out. Lebron James just figured it out, hopefully. Hollywood actors are pretty. DC actors are ugly. Freemasons, doing what they are told;


    A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day

    So true. Make your own entertainment.



    Welcome to Costco = “I love you”


    Canuckistantard sent this big fat ‘targets’ to Ukronaziland


    Canadian LAV ACSV ‘Supre Bison’ Is Now With The AFU – Next Up For The Slaughter

    Wow, I love Canadian Bacon!

    There’s so much of it to get golden brown and crispy


    the ‘Supre Bison’ looks pretty spiffy as long as no one is actually shooting at it!


    oxymoron said


    They are campaigning for you to do as they want. If you do not obey, they will force this on you. More Marxism from the people who cannot mind their own business and think their intellects are superior to the rest of the people in the world who are perfectly able to make these decsions themselves. The mentally ill nosey neighbour who will soon want to steal your kids and sexualise them.


    Dr D said

    “Heat is the New Covid”

    Uhhhh… Except in the sense that heat is real and going inside will actually help?

    Or maybe sit under a tree and enjoy the breeze, out in the countryside where the indigenous tribes live and where nature is beautiful and wholesome, away from civilisation and internet and aircon and plastic and comfort and wellness and mental illness …. eh? Wellness and mental illness? Go to a wellness website and you will soon see that it requires a degree of mental illness to be taken seriously. And we all know that indigenous tribes never suffer from ill health because they have trees and breezes, so let’s knock down civilisation and go back to sitting under trees and eating shrubs. Do I sound mentally ill to you? Yay.


    Page 2 Irish Lives Matter


    Nothing but Net

    Russian drone drops grenade into open hatch of a Ukronazi tank

    Nice shot, swish

    Didn’t know such a thing was possible


    Million dollar tank destroyed by $50 dollar grenade.

    Dr. D

    You wouldn’t be Phoenix anymore but you should move somewhere safe. Where there is also water.

    AFKTT doesn’t MAKE CO2 true with his religious math. Why would you be bothered he IMAGINES the world is ending? Let him imagine in peace. I would hope we made our case clearly and thoughtfully and whoever is intelligent and reasonable will be convinced. The people who aren’t never will be, so why bother? Since that almost certainly includes most of us, and you’ve not knocking him off the Op-Ed of the NY Times, why get worked up about it? I think here we’re like 90% either no, or very suspicious. AFKTT isn’t convincing anyone or making converts, so it’s no harm. I doubt he would even make converts in person in ultra-deadly-anti-science-always-uber-far-left-Zealand. Because being a c-PTSD with hyperarousal, he attacks anything that moves, particularly if it’s human and breathing.

    Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behavior
    Overwhelming guilt or shame

    For children 6 years old and younger, signs and symptoms may also include:

    Re-enacting the traumatic event or aspects of the traumatic event through play
    Frightening dreams that may or may not include aspects of the traumatic event

    So not to fear organization and allies there either, where he can go forth and commit his righteous genocide. …It’s also why he links Canadian Prepper who is likewise daily shrill, end-of-the-world-now, and also always wrong: he provides the emotional charge and urgency that everything will collapse. …It’s REALLY common in the prepping world. Like used to be 90%. And they were all always wrong too, since here it is 2023, Dow 30,000, shelves stocked full and air fine to breathe.

    Just refute the bad math and bad arguments. I thought you were “always here to help, man.” I don’t think it’s helping. As I said, people on the broadest scale are jumping out of their skin and swinging at shadows. Me too btw, but I keep it down know it’s not the other guy…nor is it me, actually.

    Give it a break and make more time for your own creative, smart stuff.

    “further reducing the capacity of shellfish to construct shells.”
    P.S. Weren’t there fossil shells from +100 Million years ago at 6x today’s CO2? Like a f’ ton of them? Well, thank God at least there’s more coral reef than ever this year.

    Observer: we are indeed f’ing up the planet royally, but thankfully not with CO2. This just keeps everybody’s eyes off the infinite cancer rate from spraying glyphosate from sea to sea and paving the rest for the Infinite Amazon Trucks. We WILL get a cut in standard of living and that COULD be a good thing, even though Russia and Iran have plenty of oil for everyone. Everyone is unhappier than I’ve ever seen, especially here, so maybe going to Cottage on the Lake and lighting some candles – permanently — will cheer them up a little. Call it God’s Metaphor.

    Veracious Poet

    What a convoluted, nasty, unmitigated disaster “humanity” has become!



    tboc said

    aspnaz do you adhere to the belief that the natural selection process is Survival of the Fittest?

    Wow, what a huge question. The short answer is that I do go along with that theory simply because I can see it at work. I also believe – based on my own experience – that “fittest” is determined by many different factors in nature. For example, if I had a mentally disabled sibling, I would put effort into the survival of my sibling but would probably encourage them to not have children. In this case I am the element of nature making some of the decisions regarding the sibling’s “fitness”, yet the rest of nature will decide other elements of “fitness”.

    The basic survival process happens with yeast used to brew beer. The brewer harvests the yeast – less so these days as it is hard in modern breweries – at a particular time in the fermentation process. The brewer then takes some of that yeast and puts it into a new vat of wort to create another batch of beer. Exactly how and when the brewer takes the yeast out of the fermenting wort will determine the basic characteristics of the yeast strain that survives, the yeast that does not survive gets flushed and will include cells that the brewer missed, cells that he would consider healthy. This way the brewer ensures the survival of the yeast that creates the flavour of their beer. So in this instance the human, who is a part of nature, is the instrument deciding on which is the fittest yeast cell and which should survive, and on an individual basis luck is also playing a role.

    I criticise the Jews a lot, the reason is because they often appear to be smarter than the rest of us yet also use that smartness and cunning to dump on the rest of us. I see this as their survival instinct, they cannot help themselves – they must have moar – and their society does not restrain them, it accepts them dumping on certain others. But where is our survival instinct to fight back?

    Ted Kaczynski predicted that the exploitation of technology would enable humans to become immensely powerful. That power is dangerous in a creature that has human instincts developed over millenia and focused on survival of their own group rather than survival of everyone. You can see this now as the wealthy put plans in place to destroy the living standards of the peasants.

    Nature is very complex. Our understanding is minimal. Easter island looks like the most likely outcome for humanity, hopefully not in our lifetimes.

    Michael Reid

    This 15 minute video makes real the cancelling of people with a passion for humanity who simply wanted to speak at an event

    “Last week the Think Local festival in Ireland was canceled. ”



    Yeah. The heat island created by an airport is probably massive. Not to mention, airports are in major cities which create their own heat islands. EPA states they are up to 7 degrees hotter than outlying areas.



    learn the basics of protesting and rioting


    Water cannons are a bitch


    Public Insanity and ‘performance art’ have done a Vulcan Mind Meld in NYC

    It was ever thus

    Blue Bondage with Tutu Pink Trim

    Figmund Sreud

    Do you realize you have made the same KIND of argument, your numbers change EVERY TIME?


    If you were paying any attention at all, you’d notice that the dates change.

    So, yes, the numbers do change. Always for the worse, of course. Unlike your worn-out arguments, which remain as idiotic as they were when first promoted in the late-1990s.
    As it is, as noted frequently, you continue to ignore all the evidence

    for example

    the stupendous surge in CO2 from 280 ppm to 420 ppm in just 200 years (and accelerating)

    You are proven wrong, stupendously wrong, over and over again.

    Latest update on the CO2-induced meltdown:

    Jul. 24, 2023 422.17 ppm (242 ppm above pre-industrial and 192ppm above the 800,000-year average)

    How strange (not) that the unprecedented-in-human-history level of atmospheric CO2 corresponds with the highest ocean temperatures ever recorded in real time, the fastest meltdown of Greenland ever recorded in real time, the lowest Antarctic sea ice cover ever recorded, the worst forest fires ever recorded in North America and Europe, the worse heat waves on land masses ever recorded, and the worst Carribean coral bleaching ever etc.

    And all this catastrophe is just the start: Just wait till atmospheric CO2 breaks through 430 ppm, as it most certainly will in around 3 years if we are lucky and less than three years if we are not.

    D Benton Smith

    Some of you may already have heard of the so-called Drake Equation (which is a real thing, by a real scientist) regarding the likelihood that we currently share the Milky Way galaxy with alien civilizations, and if so, then how many (as a mathematical probability statement). if you’re interested in that sort of stuff you can learn more about it here: ).

    Aside from the main focus however, there was another thing about Drake’s approach to the titillating question of little grey men and general Space Opera that I found to be more interesting than the math and science (although those were cool, too). It was the way he addressed the issue of people’s BELIEF in such things. In particular it was the elegant way in which he categorized degrees of belief (or disbelief) in terms of the stance that people take towards the item in question.

    He was able to reduce that vast number of ways people regard “facts” into just 4 simple categories (which I list, below) and it occurred to me that this method is far FAR more broadly applicable than just a discussion of whether or not Earthlings have been interacting with extraterrestrials.

    In fact, I think we on this forum (TAE) could greatly benefit by taking these categories into account as we attempt to explain and justify our views to each other and pretty much everything we talk about.

    Here they are, the four categories of belief:

    • True believer. The phenomenon in question has been established beyond any possible doubt, and no further data or disproof of apparent evidence will make a difference.

    • Hopeful believer. Willing to accept disproof in individual cases, but still has a firm belief in the overall phenomenon. Consider Cubs fans, who are disappointed year after year but still believe starting the next season.

    • Genuinely neutral. Has not made up mind yet, and thinks that arguments for or against a phenomenon are about equally strong. Alternatively, has simply not cared enough to make a judgment. • Persuadable skeptic. Thinks that no current evidence for the phenomenon is enough for belief, but if strong enough evidence is presented they can accept it.

    • Entrenched skeptic. Not only is current evidence inadequate, but no conceivable future evidence would be enough for belief.

    Incidentally, the interview where I encountered the Drake Equation, is also very pertinent to the topics we toss around here. It is an interview/conversation between two very well educated and adult professionals in other fields who are discussing the upcoming UFO UAP Disclosure Hearings about to be performed in Congress this week, and how it relates to other pressing issues of these peculiar times we are trying to live through. Here’s the link to that as well : .


    AFKTT said:

    Today’s inconvenient facts that jb-hb wants to ignore because he hates scientific analysis and is only concerned promoting bullshit:

    Jul. 24, 2023 422.17 ppm
    Jul. 23, 2022 418.43 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.74 ppm (0.89%)

    AFKTT says a “1 Year Change 3.74 ppm”. This is the size of the absolute change, which is 3.74 ppm. You then include a value in brackets “(0.89%)” which is the percentage relative change over the year. In other words, it is not the “change”, it is the “relative change”. I suspect that the word “change” was used in order to leave the interpretation open to the reader.

    That is the crux of the matter. We all know AFKTT promotes bullshit, another dog turd on the pavement is really not going to bother me.


    Bronny James, the son of NBA star LeBron James, suffered a cardiac arrest during basketball practice at the University of Southern California and was hospitalized.
    Elon Musk Uses Bronny James’ Cardiac Arrest to Spread Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theory

    Nikki McCann Ramirez
    Elon Musk floated the possibility that the COVID vaccine played a role in USC star freshman Bronny James
    “We cannot ascribe everything to the vaccine, but, by the same token, we cannot ascribe nothing,” Musk wrote in response to a tweet about the incident. “Myocarditis is a known side-effect. The only question is whether it is rare or common.”

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