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    Andy Warhol Mao 1972   • RFK Jr. Calls For Corruption Investigation Of Joe Biden (JTN) • The Failed State Effort Of Indicting Trump (MoA) • The P
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    Read the abstract in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research
    Very very bad news for the death vaxxed.

    “Decades of sophisticated and detailed legislation created to safeguard humanity from exposure to genetically modified organisms was ignored or legislated away in an instant when SARS-CoV-2 arrived. It seems this banishment was done with intention and not for the good of humanity. The lipid nanoparticles containing modified RNAs, the so-called “vaccines”, from the beginning fulfilled the legal definitions for being categorized as genetically modified organisms. Pfizer, Moderna, and regulators all knew this. The claims by Pfizer and Moderna repeated by regulators and complicit politicians that modified RNAs do not enter the cell nucleus and reverse transcribe into the human genome were lies constructed knowingly. ”




    Read the comment section.

    The cat is out of the bag.
    Everybody knows!

    Experts call for urgent investigation as excess deaths spark ‘dangerous’ theories


    TVASSF (remember, the theories are dangerous – not the death vaxx)


    Totally Fuckin’ Normal.
    This is so NOT over.

    England legend Trevor Francis mourned as Chris Bart-Williams, 49, dies on tragic day for football
    As the world paid tribute to a legend, it emerged that one of his former teammates had also died suddenly.




    Tori Kelly rushed to hospital after COLLAPSING at LA restaurant and losing consciousness: Singer remains in ICU as she’s treated for ‘life-threatening blood clots in legs and lungs


    TVASSF(clot: a foolish or clumsy person.)



    Browns’ Marquise Goodwin will MISS the start of training camp due to blood clots in his legs and lungs


    TVASSF(clot: a foolish or clumsy person.)


    Climate change is about to be solved. By the MIC no less! All will be saved rest easy.

    The communique that emerged from the NATO Summit in Vilnius on July 11 can be seen as a declaration of war on Russia.

    But the document has another side.

    The North Atlantic Council makes it clear that the injection of radical woke extremism into the main western military alliance is reaching new extremes of absurdity.

    It turns out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been busy behind-the-scenes, to make Montreal NATO’s climate change headquarters. The authors of the Vilnius Communiqué announced,

    “We welcome the establishment of a NATO Centre of Excellence for Climate Change and Security in Montreal.”

    Here is yet another boondoggle for Quebec. It will be financed with funds extracted in large measure from the much-maligned oil and gas industry of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    The more the government of Canada piles on the hocus pocus of climate change/net zero, the more the incentive grows for the Trudeau-Singh regime to shower even more favour on Ontario and Quebec.

    The brunt of this formula for national disunity continues to be felt most severely by the people of Alberta.

    Trillions of dollars in natural resource wealth and tens of thousands of Alberta jobs are on the line. Now Albertans have to deal with yet another energy policy “stake holder,” NATO.

    The stakes are enormous in navigating energy policy through the rocky perils of climate change/net zero zealotry as well as through the intricacies of federal-provincial relations.

    The greater the amplification of Ottawa’s huge bias towards eastern Canada at Alberta’s expense, the straighter becomes the line towards Alberta’s independence.

    Let’s be real: Warfare is not green friendly.

    The world’s armed forces are by far the most rapacious agents of massive environmental destruction. The ruthless business of warfare will never be rendered green. Nevertheless, the Vilnius Communique is full of woke hallucinations including the following:

    Provision 69. “Climate change is a defining challenge with a profound impact on Allied security facing present and future generations. It remains a threat multiplier. NATO is committed to becoming the leading international organization when it comes to understanding and adapting to the impact of climate change on security.”

    “We will continue to address the impact of climate change on defence and security, including through the development of innovative strategic analysis tools. We will integrate climate change considerations into all of NATO’s core tasks, adapt our infrastructure, military capabilities and technologies ensuring resilience to future operating environments.”“To contribute to the mitigation of climate change, we are committed to significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions by the NATO political and military structures and facilities.”

    “We will also contribute to combatting climate change by improving energy efficiency, transitioning to clean energy sources, and leveraging innovative next-generation clean technologies, while ensuring military effectiveness and a credible deterrence and defence posture.”

    “We will continue to strengthen our exchanges with partner countries, the scientific community, as well as other international and regional organizations that are active on climate change and security.”Woke invocations of political correctness were readily apparent in an early official statement from Montreal’s NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence.

    Its authors announce:

    “Canada and our international partners within and beyond the NATO Alliance recognize that climate change security impacts are experienced disproportionately by women and girls, indigenous peoples and poor, marginalized and vulnerable populations across the globe.”

    “Canada and partners are therefore working to ensure that diverse perspectives, needs, and knowledge will be heard and reflected in the CCASCOE’s work.” It is of course, bizarre. In any case however, Canada should withdraw from NATO. The organization currently runs counter to our basic national interests.

    What sense does it make for Canada to get more deeply involved in a war with Russia, our northern neighbour?

    The circumpolar border between Canada and Russia would be the obvious site of military confrontation if NATO continues to escalate what Russia considers its aggressions.

    Canada and Russia are both huge, sparsely-settled countries possessing vast and varied natural resources. We are both champions when it comes to hockey and getting through winter comfortably.

    NATO meanwhile, has long ago left behind its original priority of defending the North Atlantic Region. Canada should disengage from all the warmongering rhetoric of the Vilnius document.

    Canada Out of NATO or Alberta Out of Canada, say I!

    Trudeau, NATO and Climate Change, Another Boondoggle


    Here the Lancet tries to make it look like there are loads of heat deaths. Will these climatre hoaxers ever stop lying? …


    Why do the likes of AFKTT and Observer still have so much faith in our leaders? We have gone through all sorts of scams, from low fat food to Covid, yet they still believe that the government and the oligarchs are worried about the planet. These are the governments and oligarchs that are happy to make money off of massively polluting industries, poisoning the earth we live on. Yet, somehow, these people have our best interests at heart when they tell us we are going to have to sacrifice our lifestyles, give all our stuff to them and be penniless and in poverty …. in order to save the planet? It seems pretty clear to me, they pay for the media, the pay for the science, they pay to corrupt everything, we can see that, any sentient being can see that, yet some people still believe that they are doing this for the benefit of the planet? Can’t fix stupid.


    @ Red
    Here are the link that I found about the “Vilnius document”, and “NATO and Climate Change”
    Watch out!
    Trudeau will seize you bank accounts for opposing his will.

    NATO meanwhile, has long ago left behind its original priority of defending the North Atlantic Region. Canada should disengage from all the warmongering rhetoric of the Vilnius document.

    Trudeau proposes NEW/ADDITIONAL Objective for NATO.

    Montreal’s NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence.

    At the July 2023 NATO Summit in Vilnius, Canada’s Minister of National Defence, the Honourable Anita Anand and representatives from 11 other Sponsoring Nations signed the founding document of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence. The Centre will open in Montréal later in 2023.

    Trudeau, NATO and Climate Change, Another Boondoggle

    Trudeau, NATO and Climate Change, Another Boondoggle
    By Prof. Anthony J. Hall
    Global Research, July 23, 2023
    Vilnius Summit Communiqué
    Issued by NATO Heads of State and Government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Vilnius 11 July 2023
    11 Jul. 2023 -|Press Release (2023) 001Issued on 11 Jul. 2023|Last updated: 19 Jul. 2023 16:09

    Dr. D

    Mao in blackface. Classy.

    “Minister Summons Bank Bosses Over Nigel Farage Account Closure
    …the government will “take all action necessary” to protect customers from such practices…

    Hahahahaha! Sure you will.

    “Border Patrol Chief Relieved Of Command Same Day He Testified Before Congress

    I don’t know how they can make it any more obvious for you. Really struggling here. Yet denial reigns supreme.

    “Desperate SF Grocery Stores Turn to High Tech Upgrade to Combat Theft”

    This was The Plan. You have to have a crisis to install really large, and self-harming things. But like Covid, it doesn’t work so well when you have a control group of non-desperate, non-criminals being moral somewhere. Then you just say, “Why don’t we do that? That looks way nicer and cheaper.”

    And it is, which is why totalitarian systems – even smart and functional ones – always fail.

    “Finally. @SpeakerMcCarthy suggests impeachment inquiry of Biden in the offing.”

    There’s no “finally”. He’s talking about maybe talking about something. Republican specialty. ACTUALLY impeach and remove Garland, and list maybe 10,000 of his many, many more crimes, and then that’s not “finally” – that is Step One of 100,000 impeachments and removals that are required.

    I wonder why these master “Signalers” and occultists want to change Twitter’s Icon. From something that has meaning, to something abstract with no meaning.

    “Heat is the New Covid”

    Uhhhh… Except in the sense that heat is real and going inside will actually help?

    RFK: that is the correct way to express the need to investigate and follow up on such public evidence.

    Yesterday read that the Departments, FBI, DoJ, etc, are weaponized organs of the STATE. That’s not true, and I’m offended they would say so. They are weaponized instruments of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. You can be sure, regardless of what attack or defense was committed, it was never for Conservatives or against Progressives. Whatever advances the Democratic Party wants or needs, that is the action that is done without fail. So it’s not “The State”, the “State” would be both parties. It would be bureaucracy defending itself. They don’t do that. When Conservatives get into power anywhere, they can never use “The State” against their enemies, equally against the Democratic Party. The weaponized bureaus refuse, refer, leak, and arrest them for asking instead. It’s only one sided. So we are dangerously close to a one-party system, the entire weight of the uni-government is thrown into finalizing the One Party (Soviet) system. (Note this is against any enemy of the DNC, including the far-left and the “People’s Party”)

    RFK: “The Democratic Party has become…”

    It always was. It hasn’t changed. It was JFK and LBJ who started the war. FDR started the War. Wilson started the war. Truman started the war. The only war in 100 years not started by them was Iraq, and that was because the “NeoCons” are and have always been Trotskyist Leftists rebranded, thus coining the name. As they were pro-war, they are always the party against free speech and war protests. The party that removed MLK and Malcolm X FOR a speech about unity. They have always, always been the arm of the medical and pharmaceutical lobby. They have, as you can see in their cities, always been the party of poverty and racism, enhancing both wherever they go. And etc, I guess, I’ve said it before. What they are is the Party of Good Branding. Or put another way, the Party of Lies. Republicans will just tell you “We’re doing this. Suck it.” If you don’t like it, they freely discuss it and you can oppose it.

    I’d rather have an honest tyrant than a hidden traitor.

    “The effort Biden’s Justice Department puts into preventing the leader of its opposition from gaining another presidency has reached an insane level”

    The Party of arresting the opposition. Like Navalny and 100 others we natter on about worldwide. The Party of the One-Party system. That is, “The End of All Democracy.” Forever. You can vote your way out of Democracy, but you have to shoot your way into it.

    “why still make such a fuzz about them?” You mean like rubbing a balloon on them?

    “There is a theory that the U.S. is undergoing some form of sovietization with a similar accumulation of defects and inefficiencies as occurred in the U.S.S.R. before it fell apart.”

    Yeah, so weird! A “Theory” when they directly and publicly say so. That’s totally cray cray. “Closing the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union” – Orlov. And the irony is, if we’d done that in 1996 when they fell (slashing the defense budget probably would have caused this), or in 2000, or in 2008 instead of a third attempt at World Domination (Hermitage/stealing Russia was #1, “Global War on Terror” was a projected world war of fascism killing millions was #2, setting up Ukraine to invade Russia was #3) we would be in a FAR BETTER POSITION. Why? If Russia fell and we fell in 1994, we’d be at very similar levels. But every year since then Russia has gotten more powerful, especially militarily, and we’ve been hollowed out. Now if we fall, Russia is approaching the strength of the former United States (pick an era) and we are so unable to function anywhere, on anything, we look like Romania (because of installed Socialism. No offense to Romania who’s probably richer and better off than we are).

    So we could have been friends, equals. Now thanks to the Irony of history, we’re the Soviet Union and helpless while Russia can and will extract us economically and militarily for 20 years. Nice going. That’s what Immorality gets you, dum-dum. Karma’s a b—h and she just ran over your dogma.

    “remember the first impeachment of Mr. Trump on the grounds of a phone call to freshly-minted President Z in Ukraine pertaining to some fishy matters around the Burisma”

    Nope. No one remembers. It’s not reported. It’s totally totally different and not related at all.

    “often even inferior to some of the Soviet-made weapons in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics.”

    He’s so polite. It’s pure s—t. It may be better – more accurate and further for instance – but that’s instantly overwhelmed by the need to re-line the barrels every 10 shots for instance. That makes it s—t in war. Useless. Almost worse than not having it at all.

    “the Russian Army goes on the offensive. [this] is in the end [of] their business.”

    Putin doesn’t lie or bluff. For one we suck so bad he doesn’t need to, but for two he’s building credibility. They have 900 tanks and 100,000 men waiting. If he chucks them in, nothing Ukraine has will stop them. The only reason they’re not moving is because he’s continuing the policy of carefully harboring men. It seems this will start soon, especially with the bombing of Moscow.

    “Counter-Revolution – ‘Do You Know What Time It Is?’ (Alastair Crooke)

    He’s not wrong, but I’ve never heard these words before, “What time it is”/”Counter-revolution”, they are not used in the United States and have to translate. Since we ARE the Revolution, how are Constitutionalists counter-revolutionaries? It should be better put.

    “Wounded mercenaries are the last to be evacuated, only after all Ukrainian servicemen are removed”

    Duh. Of course. They are White Supremacist Nazis. In the sense of Ukrainian superiority over all. (How this ever worked with German (Aryan) supremacy over all is a mystery. I guess they’re just immensely dumb.)

    “• Richard Nixon Predicted Ukraine Conflict In 1994 – WSJ (RT)”

    Sure, because it’s not a ‘prediction’, it’s The Plan. He met Brzezinski and all the NeoCons too – back when they were Democrats. They probably shook his hand and told them directly the CIA/USA was going to do this if they had to kick him out of office to accomplish it (oops, removed by CIA agent Mark Felt, with CIA helpers Woodward etc, who later helped the Bush war). You know, just like they removed JFK/RFK for opposing their war against Russia in Cuba.

    THEY WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN AND SIGN THEM, people. You don’t have to “predict” anything. Just have an 8th grade reading level.

    Moscow was targeting “the people and the foundations of our pan-European culture”

    You mean like taking over monasteries and kicking out everyone from an entire (Russian Orthodox) Church? That kind of “foundational” “Pan-European” cultural “tolerance” and “diversity”? The Church is just a building. Kicking out the people is much wider, broader, deeper, more serious attack. Let me repeat that: “The Church” is not and never has been a building. It’s a People and the People can meet in a tent.

    “The world economy is to be split between US/NATO/Five Eyes on the one hand, and the rest of the world – the Global Majority – on the other.”

    That is to say, just like us being the Soviet Union and Closing the Collapse Gap, we are now building the (economic) Iron Curtain. Just as the Soviets built it post war. (and it was economic in response to a Western/London economic attack on them)

    So look forward to no bread and one size of shoes. And it doesn’t have to end. It will end when they stop Socialism and allow competition, bankruptcy, and price discovery. That is to say: a meritocracy.

    “Justin Trudeau has been busy behind-the-scenes, to make Montreal NATO’s climate change headquarters.”

    They are creating the Iron Curtain and privation, desperate deadly shortages like North Korea. They should be so proud. But, that’s Socialism for you.

    “It will be financed with funds extracted in large measure from the much-maligned oil and gas industry of Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

    Sure, Socialism survives only as long as they can be a parasite on “capitalism” (such as there is any) and blow “other people’s money”, that is, Albertans who dare to “do work.” They know they’ve blown it, so rather than return to ‘capitalism” and creating more, they lock down and tell you hateful cockroaches and bigots like you don’t deserve shoes. I mean, isn’t dying to make room for others really more moral than living in prosperity? Get on that right away and StopHavingKids. If you do we’ll just murder them anyway.

    “NATO is committed to becoming the leading international organization [on] climate change”

    …By burning more oil every day than a dozen nations combined, like the Pentagon, the world’s #1 user of oil. That’s Green! “Behold! A Pale Horse!” and his name was “Death”. More deadly than his brothers “War” and “Famine”.

    “What sense does it make for Canada to get more deeply involved in a war with Russia, our northern neighbour?”

    Well Canada is Socialist, and they wouldn’t want Russia to liberate them from such poverty and tyranny.

    “Helping France down the path of mass surveillance: a historically strong and centralized state; a powerful law enforcement community; political discourse increasingly focused on law and order; and the terrorist attacks”

    This is why you MUST import 2 million desperate immigrants from war zones. Otherwise you don’t have enough of a mess to install this bulls—t no sane person will ever tolerate. “Gotta break some eggs”. …”Eggs” being human lives, including children. Gotta “break” ‘em.

    “if you oppose mass surveillance, you’re on the bad guys’ side,”

    This is because they refused the 10,000 soft, small choices – like reducing immigration numbers a little bit – for all the 30 years before now. After NOT allowing even DISCUSSION of obvious solutions, now “There Is No Alternative”, TINA, …exactly as always planned, written in documents for 40 years, and signed.

    That’s why it’s all an accident and a total surprise! That’s why you can’t say “I Told You So”, that’s mean!

    “Macron Says France Needs Return To Authority ‘At Every Level’ After Unrest (G.)

    Totally. …Under anybody but Macron.

    ““How much damage would it do to the cause if the audience finds out that one of the highest ranking scientists in the world disagrees with the mantra?”

    “The Science is Settled.” That’s why many top Nobel prizewinners say it’s all bulls—t and not settled at all.

    Malcolm Roberts, “I debate the Science”

    Well, there’s your problem. We are debating the science and they’re not. They’re debating religion.

    Just like that other science. As far as I can tell, every human on the planet could get a blood clot 6 minutes after injection and no one would suspect a thing and no scientist would notice or investigate it. I mean, that’s what ACTUALLY HAPPENED, right? And is happening 24/7 for 450 days in a row?

    Let’s just say my faith in humanity and human intelligence hasn’t improved.

    “Why do the likes of AFKTT and Observer still have so much faith in our leaders?”

    They’re both old. Now WHY that works I have no idea since they’ve seen 10x more lies and total reversals of Science, with death tolls rising to the hundred-millions if they watch long enough. (Vioxx, Zantac, glyphosate, statins) Yet people are incapable of thought and pin their reality to whatever they grew up with.

    Not an old person I meet that doesn’t say “My doctor f’d up all my prescriptions and nearly killed me, I was on 20 pills a day, but thankfully this OTHER doctor fixed it and I do whatever doctors say.” So let me get this straight: according to you ½ to 2/3rds of doctors are actively harmful and trying to kill you and THAT’S WHY you test them explicitly? A: Yes.

    Okay we’re done here. I have nothing to add. Every. Day. Not a day goes by someone doesn’t tell me this story.

    How about this? Typical American, that is to say a broke, stressed-out ex drug-user tries to get therapy and the Doc gives them mind-drugs that GETS THEM IN A T-BONE ACCIDENT. As they’re whacked out of their gourds, and easily discernible. Like they know and already called the doc for an adjustment. They also lose their jobs for doing it like a spaz. Nice! Just what I went to PSTD therapy for ASIDE from taking both the children because of it, and the guns while they live in a deadly neighborhood. Help! Helping SO MUCH!!! And when this happens, what’s the response, the consequence of the pajama-laptop class? Oops.

    Oops? Not like “I’m going to pay for your car and get your kids back”? No? A: No. Of COURSE not! Because I caused it! Cause and Effect have been suspended. Forever and ever. And you wonder why they have mental problems IN THE FIRST PLACE, living in a Mad World where nothing makes sense and nothing matters, no work they do is rewarded.

    Dr. D

    “I’d rather have an honest tyrant than a hidden traitor.”

    Actually Malcolm X said the same thing. And Fred Hampton. Their, the Black Community’s one true enemy is smooth talking White Liberals. And oddly, turned out to be right. So don’t believe an idiot like me, take every black leader who ever wrote instead.

    Dr. D

    * test

    Obviously *trust* doctors. IF ONLY they would *test them once in a while.


    aspnaz do you adhere to the belief that the natural selection process is Survival of the Fittest?

    all of the information gathered about the microbiome in recent years appears to contradict this view. Symbiotic cooperation within a network of micro organisms and flora is gaining recognition. Evidence within the fauna has all but destroyed Dawkins notion of The Selfish Gene. The Verse progressed for some period of time before our solar system came into being. All of this by taking the least, a hydrogen atom, and using fusion to synthesize complexity. The least is lifted up to become the most complex.

    and yet there are those who believe that the earth is and should be an English garden and that Survival of the Fittest and destruction of the biome are the proper path for humanity to take. Among this group are those who see preying on their least capable fellow as noble. This group is the greatest proselytizer of violence on our planet and offer material possesion as the holy grail.

    as you note, “Can’t fix stupid”


    I believe the Speaker of the House was wrong when he said President Nixon personally benefited from corruption.

    Dr. D

    From Observer: the Little Ice Age wasn’t related to CO2. Yes. That’s exactly our point. Temps go up and down all the time with no CO2 change. What like 40 times? Maunder, Wolf, etc? So if temps are going up, why on earth would you think it’s CO2?

    That’s like saying there have been 20 murders on the Orient Express and every time all 20 suspects were on it. But THIS time, we KNOW it’s Professor Plum. Why? ‘Cause he got da money and I wants da money! Duh. Take out Plum and we’ll all split da money between us. Climate “Scientists” being at the head of the line since if you propose any other research it won’t get funded and you’ll be back to the espresso machine – to say nothing of anti-CO2 research for which you can, and have, get drummed out of all Science altogether. As Scientists have no morals and are HAPPY, overjoyed, elated, to pile on any poor human that billionaires tell them to. They lick any orifice any billionaire ever offered them.

    All that pre-dates CO2 by decades. They did the same with every scientific discovery almost ever. Like Continental Drift, for example. Almost anything in Archaeology ever. They ruin the career of someone out of sheer hate and blind ignorance for the whole 50 years of someone’s career (e.g. Graham Hancock is this week’s model) only to go “Oops! Boy were we THEY dumb!” But who got the money and the textbooks? The ignorant, hateful, bad-faith, anti-scientific liars. Always. They have the safe careers, and the whole thing starts again.

    There are so many examples I’d almost be at a loss to find any event in Science that WASN’T an example. Covid and “I am the Science” Fauci’s murdering 500,000 gay guys with AZT being a very common example happening almost continually. Everywhere in medicine. Looks like Ozempic is the same. Like Covid, EVERYONE KNEW AZT didn’t work. The data was immediate and obvious as Remdesivir killing +50% of all patients. But there was money so they “Weren’t sure” for as long as it took to get the next grant.

    But with this going on, always, everywhere, for generations, CO2 is the ONE area where there’s no corruption or deceit. Honest!

    I mean, I don’t care for JB being Hostile (or AFKTT), and I appreciate your measured tone and addressing evidence, but you’ve got a tough row here. After we’ve covered this 20 times, including a lot of shouting and name calling, you still say “280ppm average” when the chart explicitly says CO2 was SIX TIMES that amount for a 100 million years and nothing happened. So please address it. CO2 didn’t cause the historical warming, nor the cooling, a total shutdown of fossil fuels had no effect on CO2 levels (today’s video) and CO2 is easily and happily 6x today’s level with an INCREASE in plant and animal abundance. So how does this work and how is it bad?

    …Have to go accomplish something today.

    Just Some Randomer

    “All that pre-dates CO2 by decades. They did the same with every scientific discovery almost ever. Like Continental Drift, for example. Almost anything in Archaeology ever. They ruin the career of someone out of sheer hate and blind ignorance for the whole 50 years of someone’s career (e.g. Graham Hancock is this week’s model) only to go “Oops! Boy were we THEY dumb!” But who got the money and the textbooks? The ignorant, hateful, bad-faith, anti-scientific liars. Always. They have the safe careers, and the whole thing starts again.”

    Which is why it is said that science progresses one death at a time. Once all of those responsible for ridiculing and blocking the challenge to the established ‘Truth’ have popped their clogs, a newer generation, not party to the previous resistance, can accept the ‘New Truth’ and man the barricades to defend it until they too shuffle off this mortal coil.


    Afewknowthetruth said:
    “I assume, according to your mendacious, twisted ‘logic’”

    Reality and basic grade school math is “mendacious” and “twisted” – keep in mind you were already outed with your full whacko genocidal critical theory for environmentalists manifesto.

    So when you call grade school math “mendacious, twisted” you are just outing yourself yet again. Imagine new ways of knowing, right? I forget who is that talking through you as a sockpuppet, Marcuse? Gramsci?

    Afewknowthetruth said:

    Jul. 23, 2023 422.44 ppm
    Jul. 23, 2022 418.43 ppm
    1 Year Change 4.01 ppm (0.96%)
    You will note that if you divide 4.01 (the latest reported increase) by 418.43 (last year’s figure) you get 0.96%

    You’re really trying to deconstruct MATH in front of everyone?

    You asked for it:

    To measure a change in something, you subtract the lower figure from the higher figure. Innumerate, lying, superstitious whackjob.

    422.44 ppm = 0.042244%
    418.43 ppm = 0.041843%

    0.042244% – 0.041843% = 0.000401%

    That’s four ten thousandths


    a percent change.

    (0.96% / 0.000401%) x 100 = 239,401% error in your “math”

    That you can be shown basic grade school math and then do sort of a weird, vague, chimplike pantomime OF math that isn’t math and have no shame is no longer amazing. You do it with confidence that someone reading will simply BELIEVE you anyway. A measurement of your unchanging contempt for ALL reading your words.

    Afewknowthetruth said:
    “You also demonstrate your inability to understand elementary mathematics.” You think posturing AS something is exactly the same as the actuality of it. You think pretending is arguing.

    You’ve shown your colors consistently for YEARS here. You have no shame, you experience zero embarrassment and repeat the same identical behaviors because you are a bad faith actor.

    Despite what Observer implies, you are definitely NOT just another human being here to have a discussion – and despite what Observer implies, you are not Mr Science, Just Concerned About The Environment

    Your Critical Theory Fake Environmentalism was already fully exposed months ago – you posted the manifesto YOURSELF. Your ideas about environment are based on garbage Marxist pipe dreams rather than any science.

    This is fully evidenced by you insisting that 0.000401% = 0.96% (far more inaccurate than the Marxist Orwellian 2+2=5, which is only 20% off reality while YOUR insistent lies are 239,401% off of reality)

    You spend paragraph after paragraph then being alarmist about this 0.0004% “increase” EVERYTHING you say after that is GARBAGE because it is all regarding your “increase” which is so small it hardly even exists.

    This is like if you point out some fundamental flaw of doctrine to a Christian and they begin a diarreah of the mouth “witnessing” a ton of garbage. You somehow think VOLUME of claims all DEPENDING ON on a garbage assertion will strengthen the garbage assertion by simply swamping all who disagree.

    You are NOT here to discuss in good faith. You are not here as just another concerned human being entering into a discussion between equals. You have displayed obvious MASSIVE CONTEMPT for everyone reading your words.

    You are not Mr Science, Just Concerned About The Environment. You are a bad faith actor, you lying, unscientific, religious nutjob

    I’m not insulting you, I’m DESCRIBING you.


    And the death vaxxed get angry when I call it The Clot Shot.
    Clot: a foolish or clumsy person.

    LeBron James’ 18-year-old son Bronny suffers cardiac arrest during USC workout

    TVASSF (indeed they are)


    I don’t care for JB being Hostile

    Dude has done the moral-intellectual equivalent of kicking you in the crotch and insulting your mother while longing for the obliteration of everything and anyone you ever valued CONTINUOUSLY for at least 3 years that I have observed.

    Having a Gollum-Wormtongue trying to shove poison down the throat of all who read their words and responding with tolerant low-testosterone prozac dazed mildness FOREVER is inappropriate behavior. WE should be ashamed of OUR behavior here.

    He is continuously preaching a whackjob gospel of the new upcoming bigger than ever genocide. Have SOME balls, people. People, PLEASE… Have SOME minimum actual faith in your own value, the value of your own fellow humans, some value in your values themselves. We would rather tolerate absolute poison day after day than admit there are bad people and good people. THEY may be incapable of shame but WE should be capable.

    D Benton Smith

    Extreme centralization of power and control is an extremely enticing strategic error because in the short term it yields overwhelmingly extreme power and control over any and every adversary (or victim) who does not have the same.

    It is a an extreme strategic error because it can only be maintained by means of continually increasing the “centrality” of the centralization and the FORCEFULNESS of the power. In other words, more and more forcefully lethal power, but held in fewer and fewer individual hands.

    The problem should be obvious to all but the power hungry. There are absolute limits on what any individual can do. There there are absolute limits on how much force can be CONTROLLED (an atomic bomb is a hell of a lot of force, but of less than no use if you cannot control it).

    Anyone who wants to be “all powerful” must accept the fact that to do that they must also be “all alone”, and that they have only a very very short time to accomplish their goal before the hierarchy they built to achieve personal hegemony turns inward and catastrophically destroys itself and the would-be-tyrant-de-jour along with it.

    Here is the slogan for empires: Live Fast, Die Young, and Make a Good Looking Ruin in the Dessert.

    What makes it a bad strategy therefore is that it is . . . by its very nature . . . both short lived and that their extreme centralized power is going to have an extremely short life span once they start down that particular road.

    The trick (also quite obvious) is the achievement of BALANCE between centralized and decentralized, as well as between obeisance and freedom.

    Humans do not seem to be very adept at that balancing act, hence the horrific swings of the great pendulum.




    I noticed a legacy media article yesterday about the “heat wave” in Phoenix. Yes, it is hot here. This heat is *normal.* The top temperature so far is only 119F. I’ve been here summers throughout the last 20 years when we got up past 123F. The heat is oppressive…but usual. The entire summer here is a “heat wave,” every year. I look forward to the brief, torrential rain from summer monsoon, as it will temporarily take the temperatures down into the 80s, even 70s sometimes.


    Hey, recycling to save the planet!


    Who knew what you could do with plastic straws if humanity put it’s collective genius to work!

    .308, hey, isn’t that the NATO=tard standard round?



    A day without a Burning Bradley© is a day without Sunshine!

    If it was full of Duh’merica Woketard Trans Snowflake Soldiers instead of Ukronazis, it still would have burned as bright.

    Empire of Lies meat roasts as well as any other.

    Bradley Deploys Smoke To Cover Evac – Is Still Hit With An FPV


    If you were curious to know what the experience of a Ukronazis vehicle looks like up close and personal as it’s hit with a Russian ATGM, look no further

    The Russian have busted a ‘cap’ on tens of thousands of Ukronazis vehicles thus far and damn near completely depleted NATO=tard stocks

    D Benton Smith


    Yeah, that’s the thing about human mortalities. They just ARE. They don’t go away. Each occurrence automatically invokes a question that simply WILL be answered. Someone was alive and now they are dead. What killed them?

    We all know the answer to that one.

    The next big question is also automatically invoked. It is automatically asked whenever the answer to the first question (of, “What killed them?”) comes back with the answer that it was a HOMICIDE that killed them. The automatic question when that happens is, “Who did it?”

    Does anyone around here think that the questioning is going to stop before it is truthfully answered?

    And when the questioning DOESN’T stop, then what?

    That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it.

    D Benton Smith

    He who lives by the slur dies by the slur. Use with extreme caution and only when truly necessary to preserve someone or something that is worth the price.


    The guy has, with total contempt for you and everyone, been saying 2 + 2 = 5 to you for YEARS.

    Actually, like I said, 2 + 2 = 5 is only 20% wrong while he is lying to you at a 239,401% rate

    ( 239,401%/20%) x100 = AFKKT: 1,197,005% more grandiose, in-your-face lying illogic than Orwell’s worst nightmares.

    “You also demonstrate your inability to understand elementary mathematics.”

    …is what he says if someone literally DEMONSTRATES the arithmetic in front of him. This is not a discussion. Language is for communication. When you see someone solely using language as a weapon, you need to WAKE THE FUCK UP, man.

    Calling a spade a spade is not a slur. There is no dictum that we must agree we must make a “safe space” language-as-weapon. When something IS demonstrably, even quantifiably contemptible, words for that are slurs?



    For the most part NATO weapons have not been used in battle. On the occasions they have the designated enemy has had inferior weapons. I would have put China in this category when Obama’s ‘pivot to Asia’ began.

    Weapons systems can be created, bought in large numbers, and never see action before they are replaced. Because of this there seemed no point in producing ammunition for an extended conflict so when munitions are required in large quantities there are no manufacturing facilities able to comply in a timely fashion. It will take years just to supply the small war in Ukraine.

    US weapons in particular are very complex which means they often require maintenance. Up to 30% could be out of action because of this. I think I read that an F35 will need maintenance after 10 hours flying. The West was amazed when Russia deployed fighters to Syria and they flew 24/7, just refueling, rearming and changing pilots.

    Russia has always been aware that it is ALWAYS a target so it needed weapons which will work AND will have enough ammunition for an extended conflict. A very different mindset from the West where weapons are more for posing.

    Another aspect of modern warfare is the David/Goliath thing where expensive equipment can be destroyed by cheap missiles and UAVs. A multibillion dollar aircraft carrier can be destroyed by a few million dollar missiles. Fighters and tanks can be destroyed by hand-held missiles.

    Finally, smaller countries have developed advanced, and possibly superior, weapons. Iran has developed missiles with pinpoint accuracy, Turkey’s Bayraktar UAVs have proved devastating in conflicts, Russia has had a stream of new advanced weapons tested in conflict, and China is modernising its weapons systems as quickly as possible.

    NATO has shiny weapons with minimal munitions – good for threats and posturing but not good enough for conflict.

    One final thought – if Russia attacked a NATO country, Poland say, would all the other NATO countries REALLY risk nuclear annihilation by joining in the conflict? It is a question which may need to be answered soon!


    On: Macron says France needs to return to Authority at every level. (top post.)


    Riots, “émeutes”, mainly young ppl destroying and looting, stealing, burning cars (a long-standing tradition in F, hundreds of cars are burnt up every year) maybe Black Block encouraged (1), as well as attacking the POLICE as best as they can, to no avail of course…

    Let’s describe the recent eruption of violent anger as opportunistic, not politically motivated in any way, it is just, f*** them, we deserve better, who gives a sh**, we can get something out of it.

    Suddenly, miraculously, the violence just … STOPS.

    Because of State Repression? I doubt that. (Reactions against might be stronger with more repression…> civil war..)

    Because the rioters just gave up after a burst of anger and then, nothing to be done, it is all over? – maybe, hmmm.

    One explanation, even been suggested on State supported BFM TV (see link, in F) is that drug dealers in the ‘suburbs’ put an end to the violence as continuing hooliganism ‘at home’ would impact their profits, control, the social organisation they have established.

    The implication is that the Central Gvmt. has lost control of some areas in France, and it is publically admitted. BFM TV

    1. Whole other discussion.


    The Bizarro world of climate change

    CO2 is essential to life on Earth. Even the recent modest increases of CO2 has lead to a greening of the Earth so it is no surprise that the numbers of phytoplankton has been increasing.

    The article states ‘Phytoplankton, which forms the base of many ocean food chains, is crucial to the health of ocean ecosystems.’ They form the base of the foodchain which sustains almost all life in the ocean and are responsible for replenishing most of the oxygen in the atmosphere by absorbing CO2.

    It sounds like a good thing – the basic food supply is increasing, but :

    “These are not ultra, massive ecosystem-destroying changes, they may be subtle,” said Cael. “But this gives us an additional piece of evidence that human activity is likely affecting large parts of the global biosphere in a way that we haven’t been able to understand.”

    So the ‘scientists’ are saying it must be bad and somehow we are responsible!

    These people get paid!


    If we could get CO2 up to 600ppm (0.06%), we could greatly decrease the use of petrochemical fertilizers.

    People could, each on their own plot of land, garden with comparative ease.

    Not only could we decrease using petrochemical fertilizers and decrease THAT pollution, all the consequent pollution all the way back along the supply/production chain would ALSO decrease.

    AND we would stop eating 8,000 mile salads and all the consequent pollution related to THAT would decrease.

    Conversely, if we can get CO2 back down to 280ppm, then everyday common people will have a HELL of a time trying to tend their own garden. They could TRY to compensate by running their natural gas line out to a greenhouse, but if we ban water heaters, dryers, and stoves, we can take that option away from the working class.

    If we can just get CO2 back down to 280ppm, only our – well “our” – genetically modified seeds will grow in such rarified atmosphere. Access to CO2 for plant-growing will be centralized under our – “our” – control, and we will be able to create great scarcity, desperation, and therefore compliance in the everyday decent working class people everywhere.

    Let’s get that CO2 down stat, people

    D Benton Smith

    Ya know, based on what I’ve been reading on this forum, it looks to me like most of us here think that a majority (or at least a very very large minority) of the people of Earth are either inadequately aware of the actual situation and/or they are in for a very very rude awakening in the not too distant future.

    I dunno. Maybe I’m just “projecting”, but that is the way that it seems to me. It seems that MOST people think that MOST people need to wake the fuck up!

    That’s more than a little ironic. It’s an joke in itself.

    I think that most of them are right (and that’s pretty funny, too, with the joke being on me.)

    Here’s what I’m trying to edge up and say as inoffensively as possible.

    I think that most of us ARE in for a rude and paradigm shifting awakening. . . regardless of which paradigm one is currently signed up and on board with. It’s going to get shifted like you ain’t ever seen shifted before.

    Examined from my own perspective, my paradigm looks like this:

    I have concluded that the divine intelligence in charge of the universe speaks to us in parables, sometimes through written texts but more often through intangible modes of communication, because the incomprehensively intelligent intelligence at the source of everything truly DOES want individuals to think for ourselves and exercise free will. He wants the company of Free People, not robotic slaves. I’m pretty sure that this is the case because there is no other way that it could possibly be. If you think it through for a half century or so then you will arrive at the same conclusion.

    A parable is not a law. A thought is not a dictate. A moral value is not an externally enforceable command. It ultimately means to you and controls you only as YOU think that it does. The same goes for inspiration, an inner voice, or a choice between right and wrong. All cognitive realizations mean what YOU think they mean. You will experience, see, hear, and understand that “parable” in a form of actual realty at the level of awareness that you are presently capable of. To see more requires that you be aware of more.

    In other words, some people see only mud and ashes, while others see manifestations of God and Paradise. It truly is in many ways a matter of perspective, but it is most definitely ALSO a matter of how you came to have that perspective in the first place.

    I maintain that God communicates to absolutely everyone, all of the time, and even more so upon request, and delivers that communication in the form of both experience and “parables” with varying degrees of granular specifics that individuals are CAPABLE of perceiving and accepting (happily or not) in such a way that they really get it.

    The process of this ever-ready conversation is as straightforward as acknowledging who it is that you’re asking for help from, then asking for that help, and then paying attention.


    @Dr D re:

    “Why do the likes of AFKTT and Observer still have so much faith in our leaders?”

    They’re both old. Now WHY that works I have no idea since they’ve seen 10x more lies and total reversals of Science, with death tolls rising to the hundred-millions if they watch long enough. (Vioxx, Zantac, glyphosate, statins) Yet people are incapable of thought and pin their reality to whatever they grew up with.

    I just had a similar experience with a ‘you dumb f#(<‘!’ moment involved I guess. Mom is one of The Afflicted, and is not doing well. Mid 70s, and decline seems apparent month-to-month. She insists, purportedly for price reasons, to get her meds at Wal-Mart. There are 2 pharmacies within 500m of her house, Wal-Mart is ~8km, and into a ‘credit card riche’ neighborhood.

    Wal-Mart is disgusting. Wife and I will NOT go voluntarily. Won’t be an issue in future. On a recent trip to get her meds, it was after a short stay in hospital, beautiful, sunny June day, kind of day where energy seems boundless. As we walk to the garden center entrance, she’s slow with the walker but I can see utter joy beaming from her face. While inside, I’m developing a migraine and feeling empathy for the other lost souls. She’s still euphoric. Hmmm…

    She grew up first outside of Portland OR, not much there, then in Los Angeles CA, in a world where anything and everything was available in some variety of Very Large Store. Supermarkets, department stores, commercial districts. She saw the rise of the Mega Malls, and the predecessors of Target, White Front, Zody’s, and Gemco. It struck me that shopping, for her, was a happy mass happening that was always happening. It’s a ‘medium-strength’ socializing. You don’t have to commit to a conversation, you never have to be invited, and you can depend on almost everyone else there feeling the same about that.

    Same goes for her dependence, not just adherence, to Leader Figure and Media Channel. For her whole life, facts and figures were more-or-less reliably spewed daily from everywhere. And there were actual journalists waiting to bust the bad guys, sometimes.

    I’ll finish later…don’t wish to hog the column inches.


    @oroboros re: “Bradley Deploys Smoke To Cover Evac – Is Still Hit With An FPV”

    I once read of a backpacker’s bear encounter at Rae Lakes, a dumping ground for Yosemite’s problem bears. All campers in bed, food stored in steel bear boxes, everything copacetic. BANG…BANG… …BANG… Campers exit tents with lights aimed at the bear box. Bear is momentarily startled, then stands perfectly still. “You can’t see me, you can’t see me, you cant see me…”

    I can’t stand memes, but that one is alchemic gold!!!


    As poiinted out yesterday, I report the facts.

    jb-hb then attempts to disprove the facts by totally ignoring all the very inconvenient facts that actually relate to our current predicament, i,e the huge increase in atmospheric CO2 from 280ppm to 420 ppm, an increase of 50% in the blink of a geological eyelid, and goes on to expend a huge amount of time on mathematical tomfoolery that is utterly irrelevant.

    Today’s inconvenient facts that jb-hb wants to ignore because he hates scientific analysis and is only concerned promoting bullshit:

    Jul. 24, 2023 422.17 ppm
    Jul. 23, 2022 418.43 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.74 ppm (0.89%)

    We note that the difference is 3.74 ppm taken from one=day=different dates for cientific reasons (i.e. the reading for the day was unreliable).

    Nevertheless, no matter how shrilly jb-hb ‘screams’, the picture is absolutely clear: the photosynthesis currently taking place (in combination with slow geological raock formatio processes) is not sufficient to cope with the humungous quantity of CO2 emmitted into the atmosphere by industrial humans: currently of the order of 40 billion tonnes per annum.

    That 40 billion tonnes per annum of CO2 added to the biosphere is yet another inconvenient fat that jb-hb chooses to totally ignore in his idiotic narratives.

    Fact that jb-hb chooses to ignore that we can be absolutely certain about:

    1. Oceans will continue to absorb he greater portion of industrially generated CO2 and become even more acidic that they already are, further reducing the capacity of shellfish to construct shells. (not a word on that from jb-hb or aspnaz)

    2. Photosynthesis will lower the atmospheric CO2 by a small amount over coming months, and then reduce (as trees lose their leaves and temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere fall (not a word about that from jb-hb or aspnaz)

    3. The decline in atmospheric CO2 will reverse and start to climb again, reaching another record high somewhat higher than this year’s record high, of the order of 425 ppm, 145 ppm above the pre-industrial level. ( not a word about that from jb-hb or aspnaz)

    Presumably, what we will be subjected to will be a further series of idiotic attempts by jb-hb to disprove what is clearly happening (and has been happening for decades) with no accompanying data or analysis. And presumably, yet more silly insults from both jb-hb and aspnaz at the 14-year-old schoolboy level as the world overheats to an ever-greater extent due to the massive overload in the atmosphere of both CO2 and CH4.

    I guess all the forests of the world will have to burn to the ground and temperatures to regularly reach 45oC in numerous locations for people such as jb-hb and aspnaz to accept reality.


    Jul. 24, 2023 422.17 ppm
    Jul. 23, 2022 418.43 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.74 ppm (0.89%)

    Do you realize you have made the same KIND of argument, your numbers change EVERY TIME?

    before you said

    422.44 ppm = 0.042244%
    418.43 ppm = 0.041843%

    0.042244% – 0.041843% = 0.000401%

    You LIAR SUPERSTITOUS WACK JOB, 418.43 ppm is 0.041843%

    IF CO2 really went up 0.89% as you claim, that would be 0.931843% CO2 or up from 418.43 ppm CO2 to 9,318.43 ppm CO2.

    You are failing 3rd grade math, Afewknowthetruth. 3rd grade is around 7 years old.

    Again, you are saying we are on the brink of a runaway overheating feedback loop at 0.042244% CO2 without having explained how the planet had much more rapid increases of greenhouse gasses, much higher levels of CO2, and much higher temperatures for MILLIONS OF YEARS without going into a heat feedback loop and turning into Venus.

    You lying, unscientific, religious nutjob.


    So much clickbait today that I would love to comment on but won’t cos’ it aint worth my while.
    Love you guys! Nice that you are thinking of me 🙂

    I will comment on this from yesterday though:
    “We know that we cannot maintain our lifestyles if we get rid of our reliable sources of energy. We cannot maintain the current food systems or anything invented after the 1930s without that reliable source of both energy and petroleum product. So, you are asking us to reset our standard of living so that people cannot afford transport, cannot go on holiday etc etc …. and all because you are thinking “What if we are fucking up the planet”? Are you serious, that is enough for you to wind back civilisation? A what if?”

    This will happen anyway irrespective of what happens with the climate. It’s called Energy return on energy invested (EROEI) and it’s coming to an energy system near you whether you like it or not.
    All that inflation – EROEI
    Failing health and education systems – EROEI (Well I suppose the US hasn’t had this for a while so that’s just mismanagement).
    So our near future is not being able to afford transport, not being able to go on holiday struggling to afford food, struggling to ship things around the world that might be useful like fertilizer.
    Bet your bottom dollar we’ll ramp up coal use as it still has a decent EROEI, hydro is up there but restricted (cos’ you know geography, climate and water and stuff). With any luck we might build a few nuclear plants. That takes care of heavy industry and electricity – pity about other entitlements like cars and holidays though. Fingers crossed we can still keep agriculture chugging along though.

    By the way my final sentences were rhetorical, but I guess you know that. Just in case you didn’t guess that: We are f@#king up the planet (or at least the life support systems that matter).

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