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    Mr. House

    Reiner Fuellmich interviews Whitney Webb
    Behind the Technocratic Agenda – C-Ausschuss – Sitzung 59

    Google directly funded the company behind Astra Seneca


    Initially relying solely on mRNA Gene Therapy to control the Coronavirus Pandemic was the greatest experiment conducted on humans perhaps ever; or, at least since the atmospheric tests of nuclear bombs. Posts above, indicate that the age of experimentation is not over. The 64% transmission rate of coronavirus in mRNA injected people in highly vaccinated Israel and the end of masking and social distancing in the USA and now in the UK will test to see if a new variant infection spike will strike this winter or will incredible luck win out. Together with the North American Western Heat Dome and the already started regional wildfire season, a continuing pandemic will test if western civilization can survive climate change, an economic depression, and a chronically sick, increasing unsheltered population with no working national public health or welfare systems.

    A new 30% minority, the unvaccinated, is being generated for Identity Politics to blame for the ongoing loss of life and wealth not the real culprits.


    @Mr. House

    “What if the labor department published a jobs report that shows a wildly rising — and at an accelerating rate — disability rate among all people 16+ in the workforce, totaling close to 3 million newly disabled people since January? Because just Friday, they did!”

    Exactly what I’ve been hammering on the last three comments. Disability claims for SSDI are usually for conditions where one expects to never be able to work again. Though they often deny those claims thinking one will die before they have to pay out, I’d bet a good bunch of these claims are due to vaccine effects, especially myocarditis. Which begs the question of, “What is the age breakdown of those claims?” I would not be too surprised in many of the young had bad enough outcomes to force that assessment.


    I like to listen to the Prof. Richard Wolff of Democracy at Work. I have found over the years that he has a shrewd sense when it comes to economics. It has been frustrating to me when people that I genuinely respect can’t see through the Covid narrative…he has been one of those people.

    But…his perspicacity is beginning to shine through. His podcast/radio program is available on Youtube, among other locations. He has begun pointing out the shower of wealth that has begun to rain down upon the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccines with the EUAs. Oh, he says that he believes that we should have contained the virus with lockdowns, and he is convinced that many, many “frontline workers” have died. (I’m sure some quantity have…but the nice, young morbidly obese employee at the local grocery store is still doing just fine.)

    However, the program from two weeks ago pointed out that vaccine making companies are talking about boosters, and that current science is not suggesting boosters are necessary — but, oh, how lucrative the boosters would be for the vaccine companies. Last week he pointed out that in the past year there have been 8 newly minted billionaires — and all 8 are associated with companies producing the vaccines. The two wealthiest of these 8 are at the heads of — you guessed it! — Moderna and BionTech (partnered with Pfizer on that vaccine,) with more than 4 billion each.

    And there you have it: why are vaccines being shoved in our arms, at first by invitation, then by bribes, and later with the stick? Because it vaccums up billions of dollars and deposits them in the accounts of those who are already extraordinarily more wealthy than I (and probably more wealthy than you, too.)

    Dr. D

    That would be the single worst idea ever as aren’t eucalyptus uniquely and perpetually flammable? “Northern Hemisphere” is pretty big target though. I don’t think they’re going to take over Montreal and Newfoundland.

    Would that be the Moderna that couldn’t get their only product to market after 10 years of continuous failure and was at risk of going bankrupt if not for the Covid miracle? Now if only I could identify a motive…

    Hey, flashback! CovFeFe. Covid-19 Iron Iron. Months ahead. Made a major installment in having Kennedy cover vaccines. Instantly Kennedy became a Republican and a White Supremacist. Nobody knewd nothin’.

    Wiki page (yes really. Typos have a Wiki page while reality is ignored): ““Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!”[16] White House press secretary Sean Spicer implied later that day that the tweet was not a typo but rather intentional: “I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.



    Eucalypts are in the myrtle family. Myrtle Rust not so long ago made its way into Australia from Brazil. Now we’re worried that this blight could cause immense harm to our eucalypt forests. Perhaps a northern hemisphere dominated by eucalypts would ensure the survival of the genus.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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