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    Gustave Dore Dante before the wall of flames which burn the lustful 1868   • The Masks Masquerade (Nassim Taleb) • Millions of US Job Losses Are
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    There is an open letter from an anonymous history professor from UC Berkeley, slamming the academia, DNC, large corporations for their hypocrisy on supporting BLM. It is in several local news, but none of the MSM (another major hypocrite) has picked it up yet. Here is the zerohedge link:

    V. Arnold

    Gustave Dore Dante before the wall of flames which burn the lustful 1868

    Another wonderful Dore…
    I forgot to thank you for your reply to my question yesterday; thank you Ilargi.

    Carlos Jimenez

    Wellcome to Wakanda!
    We have a lotta experience in supporting a little country with a supremacist/totalitarian/genocidal bent, this one is going to be more pigmented though which is a diversity double plus. Chief Seattle would be proud. Time for Congress to appropriate funds to support this fledging nation while taking a knee. What an uplifting development amidst the depressing Covid outlook.



    the difference between retribution and revenge
    is that retribution is punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance while revenge is any form of personal retaliatory action against an individual, institution, or group for some perceived harm or injustice.

    Synonyms: avenging, requital, retaliation, revenge, vengeance.
    Antonyms: compassion, excuse, forgiveness, grace, mercy, pardon, pardon, pity, reconciliation.

    Doc Robinson

    The CHAZ protest was organized by people who are pushing radical ideas like this:

    the public needs more education on what “defunding police” means.

    “What that means is the police don’t need to show up with a gun when there’s a nonviolent crime occurring in a community they don’t understand,” he said. “Let’s pay somebody else to do that.”

    “A lot of problems the police deal with are also systemic problems that come as a result of a lack of funding in the community,” he continued. “If we take that funding and put it into the community, those problems won’t exist at the same rate, and the police will have an easier job. We’re really trying to make their job easier so they stop killing people.

    Dr. D

    So today, keeping up with the instigation and intentional destruction:


    Impeachment distracting focus from world’s best-timed virus.


    Release violent prisoners in Blue areas under COVID excuse. (as in Argentina, et al.)

    Destroy entire middle class with shutdown and move assets to billionaire monopolies.

    Failure as Trump’s approval rises anyway.

    World’s best-timed riots.

    Fire all police while we promote riots and release all prisoners over and over.

    Continue to arrest business owners and law-abiding people who venture out.

    Continue to release all rioter and provide their bail over and over.

    Riot again when people are hurt attacking the police.

    Put it all on the news, so there is end of faith in logic, reason, authorities, and government.

    Proceed until election is disrupted and therefore disputed.

    Blame RussiaRussiaRussia.


    Part Deux:

    Chaz fights against police, violence, oppression, and for freedom.

    Police withdraw.

    Chaz takes the precinct. Because they have a flag, they claim the area despite the native population already living there.

    Use guns to enforce order.

    Support open carry and violent militias associate with terrorist attacks on immigrants.

    Far from disbanding, they set up a new police force before the old one has gone.
    Build a wall.

    Establish borders where immigrants are frisked and denied access if they are not authorized.

    Stop and frisk.

    Start a War on Drugs and prevent drugs from entering the area.

    Go to businesses and demand money for protection, as taxation.

    Defend only those businesses that they like.

    Harass and assault citizens like graffiti artists who vandalize their preferred businesses, ignoring those who act against non-preferred people/businesses.

    Free Food put out for homeless and other indigents is immediately stolen, leading to shortages.

    Set up racial segregation both in the garden, and in speaking.

    Ignore and shout down black voices who tell white Chaz leaders they are hijacking the Floyd movement.

    End religious freedom by attacking preachers who visit the AZ.

    Are presently ignoring and covering up sexual assaults and other crimes.

    Congratulations, you got exactly what you wanted. And that was: a lesson in government and human nature. Apparently the Socialist Utopia is exactly like the Conservative one except for the lack of law, order, rights, process, and work. No surprise since they are for robbery, arson, and murder as a general means of communication.


    Statues of KKK Grandmaster Senator Byrd – personal advisor to HRC — and Confederate heroes remain.
    Statues of Churchill, Lincoln, and Wm. Wilberforce under deep attack.

    Funny that apparently they like this, attack what gets in the news, what inflames the situations, never go after actual items or actual functional targets? It’s almost like a set-up, a puppet show, a scam.

    What’s the scam? Konstantin Kisin (UK):

    Konstantin Kisin’s Twitter thread on how woke culture risks a far right backlash

    The idea has always been to force the Right into overreacting, because the unarmed, illogical, and untrained Left would be mowed over in an afternoon and exist at the pleasure and amusement of people who do work and have experience with force and violence. Since they lost the Federal level, their 50-year plan is derailed. But: if you can’t push, then pull. They don’t care who fights who so long as they’re up on the hill with us divided. See if you can so infuriate the normies that they can be pushed to extremism on the “right”, i.e. to “Fascism” not Communism. (Yes I know they’re the same but using colloquial definitions here.) Same plan as Weimar and Russia, more or less the same pieces carefully put into place since 1970.

    However, despite all attacks and unceasing reports of right-wing violence, the right isn’t into it. So, good luck! The active right is still for Liberty and Process, not violence and statism. Howso? Compare the “Protests” of VA gun-owners with the “Protests” of the Left in MN. They’re burning the cities down, but the Right doesn’t care since they (on large) don’t live there and always expected them to. The Left has always mis-fired in their incredible, violent prejudice against hard workers, gun-owners, and rural people, so they constantly think Jimmy-Bob is on the brink of attacking someone. They never are. They’re on the brink of being left alone. What was it, last 5 out of 6 mass-shootings, before they gave up on the shooting narrative, were all Left, Democrats, and Antifa members, including Christchurch? So they think antagonizing the people will work. Maybe it will, but I don’t think so. Instead, it’s revealing to the world who the Left is and what they believe in, as with Chaz and their choice of statues, above.

    Couldn’t plan it better if you were Reagan incarnate. Please, please, keep going. Since I’m making this all up, and it’s not like I’ve said this going years back, feel free to ignore me. Nothing to see here. Just one guy who can read good and wants to do other stuff good too. Just a guy who believes people when they write stuff down and sign their names, when they tell him directly in their own words what they wish to do and why. It’s not that hard.

    Doc Robinson

    I doubt that letter from the “history professor” came from Berkeley. That would be too perfect. Instead, I suspect it’s more of the “divide and conquer” tactics, to take attention away from the biggest underlying problems.

    The mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bower, had the words “Black Lives Matter” painted in 35-foot-tall letters on a street near the White House but has also proposed a $45 million increase in the police budget and the construction of a $500 million new jail. The press, which does not confront corporate power and rarely covers the poor, rendering them and their communities invisible, engages in circular firing squads, sacking or admonishing editors and journalists for racially insensitive thoughtcrimes, to advertise its commitment to people of color…

    The crisis we face is not, as the ruling elites want us to believe, limited to police violence. It is a class and generational revolt. It will not be solved with new police reforms… The problem is an economic and political system that has by design created a nation of serfs and obscenely rich masters… The problem is an electoral system that is legalized bribery designed to serve a tiny, unaccountable cabal of oligarchs that engage in legalized tax boycotts, deregulation, theft and financial fraud… The problem is the diversion of state resources, including over half all federal discretionary spending, to an unaccountable military machine that wages endless and futile wars overseas…

    Chris Hedges: Gaslighted by the Ruling Class, June 15, 2020


    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” just saying

    John Day
    If we are conquered and ruled when we are divided, might we be able to have some freedom in a unity born of cooperation and negotiation?
    What are the relative costs of a negotiated cooperation compared to a subservient division under autocracy?
    “Freedom isn’t free”, of course, but what might be the costs to us?
    How would we begin the process of negotiating a cooperative society?
    Is it possible to revive social structures described in our laws as actually functioning entities?
    Can they function at current scales, or would social groups need to be vastly smaller?
    Are there any gross disparities feeding the owners at the expense of citizens, which might be ended to free up resources for a cooperative social project?
    The “exorbitant privilege” of creation of currency, devolved to banks, private banks, but the system of fractional reserve lending, is the major support for the system of elite control which we now “enjoy”. Not corrupt enough in it’s very essence, it has had to become more corrupt through layering and leveraging of debts to keep flows of wealth open to the elite class, even as actual wealth has dried up throughout the “real economy”.
    As the real economy involutes with the shove of coronavirus wave #1, there are competing-elite scrambles to take control of the physical levers of power, the military and police, as well as controlling food, fuel, water, electricity and information flows. The battles are mainly on Facebook, Twitter, radio and TV so far.
    I propose Public Banking in the public interest in this coming reset, but I got it from Ellen Brown.
    Here is Ellen Brown explaining banking-in -the-public-interest last November, before we were aware of the current crisis (which arguably began in September). “Green New Deal” was trending then.

    The Bank of North Dakota has helped keep the wealth local, rather than being extracted by globalists. Whoever first uses created money gains the most benefit. Whoever gets the interest from created money will inevitably own everything, if the system does not reset. We are entering another reset. It’s important to stimulate local economies this time, not extract wealth and life from communities. If the interest goes to the public, to the local commons, supporting schools and infrastructure, then economy can thrive, rather than be bled dry by parasitism.
    We would not need a whole lot of cooperation to make the move to public banking, with profits going to local and state governments. Reducing bonded debt on cities, counties and states would benefit their economic health and reduce their tax rates.

    Back to the divisions that keep us controlled, today featuring Antifa agitators and the expected blowback. Thanks Eleni.
    ​ ​Antifa and its institutional allies are encouraging the aforementioned crime wave and urban terrorism in order to provoke a lethal response from the security services that could then increase the likelihood of a “race war” breaking out so as to destabilize the US government. The envisioned end game is to replace the country’s current capitalist system with an economic leftist one, even if the social fascists and many of their allies aren’t aware of it.

    The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s Newest Danger

    ​A National Guard Reservist describes his 12 days on the streets of Seattle, what was happening. This is important.
    ​ When I came home, I was exhausted, angry, and saddened by what I had experienced. I said I needed to share what happened, but I also said I needed some time to rest and reflect. My unit was activated for 12 days. We worked long hours but we continued to stay dedicated to the state and the mission. I can’t stop that now. I’ve been up all night, trying my best to put into words what I experienced and observed.

    Torching Wendy’s at night for race-war. Who did it? ($10,000 to you, if you know and can tell police.)
    ​ ​”Look at the white girl trying to set s*** on fire…look at that white girl trying to burn down a Wendy’s,” the anonymous camera man can be heard saying.
    “This wasn’t us,” he added, referring to BLM. “This wasn’t us!”.
    ​ ​As the fire grew, fears mounted that it could ignite a neighboring gas station, but by midnight the fire had burned out without spreading further.

    ​View of American riots from France, Thanks Eleni:​ (Who is funding Antifa and other agitators? Who profits? How?)
    ​ ​Anti-racism protests in the United States have rapidly evolved into a promotion of the ideas championed by the Democratic Party. It was no longer a question of fighting for equality in law for all or challenging the prejudices of certain police officers, but of reopening a cultural conflict at the risk of a new Civil War.​..​
    ​ ​Let us go back to the history of the United States to see where the sides are. Populist President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) vetoed the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) established by Alexander Hamilton, one of the fathers of the Constitution, who favoured federalism because he was violently opposed to democracy. Just as Jackson’s disciple, Donald Trump, is today in opposition to the Fed.
    ​ ​Twenty years after Jackson, came the “Civil War” to which today’s protesters all refer. According to them, it pitted a slave South against a humanist North. The movement that began with a racist news item (the lynching of black George Flyod by a white policeman from Minneapolis) continues today with the destruction of statues of southern generals, including Robert Lee. Actions of this type had already taken place in 2017 [4], but this time they are gaining momentum and governors from the Democratic Party are participating.
    ​ ​However, this narrative does not correspond at all to reality: at the beginning of the Civil War, both sides were slavers, and at the end, both sides were anti-slavers. The end of slavery owes nothing to the abolitionists and everything to the need for both sides to enlist new soldiers.​ ​The Civil War pitted a rich, Catholic, agricultural South against a Protestant, industrial North aspiring to make a fortune. It crystallized around the issue of customs duties which the South believed should be set by the federal states, but which the North intended to abolish between the federal states and have the federal government determine.
    ​ ​Therefore, in debunking the Southern symbols, the current demonstrators are not attacking the remnants of slavery, but denouncing the Southern vision of the Union. It was particularly unfair to attack General Lee, who had put an end to the Civil War by refusing to pursue it with guerrilla warfare from the mountains and by choosing national unity. In any case, these degradations effectively pave the way for a fourth Anglo-Saxon civil war.
    ​ ​Today the notions of South and North no longer correspond to geographical realities: it would rather be Dallas against New York and Los Angeles.


    “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”

    its coming and it is about time. the greed of the .1% will destroy the system that made them. lets have another tax cut. Lets not share the profit from work with our own workers lets get chinese children and destroy the drinking water and air all over the world. Destroyers of democracy. so fucking stupid. There is so much more to life than money if you have more than a few million dollars you have a sickness in your mind. Those sick people are ruling and ruining the world. just sayin


    John Day & LastTwo:

    Andrew Jackson I believe had the correct answer to your banking questions about fractional banking!

    Abolish the Fed!

    Never again allow a central bank to ever gain a foothold in the country!


    I notice with Obama, the hit’s just keep on coming!


    ” FL, AL, SC, NV, OK, OR, AK report new highs. Half of states higher than a month ago ”

    Warmer outdoor temps and more sunlight mean little to a virus that lives primarily indoors, especially a virus that seems to have been bred indoors in the first place. Record hot early summers in 21st century Euromerica, with relaxed public restrictions, means gobs of people indoors together breathing the same air-conditioned air. Like a reduced version of airline travel.

    Here in the PacNW, we’ve had two days above 80, and few above upper 60s. With lots of regularly recurring intermittent rain. And an initial epicenter strain of a very mild covid. If I’m lucky, regional “little managers” will see what is happening southward and take proper steps come any possible heat waves up here (it happens), and especially before next winter. Dry AC air in wet Portland is just as dry as anywhere. By then, plenty of the nastier variations of el covid will be amok here and everywhere. Keep what’s left of the malls closed, pls.

    I ponder the vectors of homeless and semi-homeless migrations currently gathering momentum and direction. Having spent a decade or so homeless, it’s fertile turf for my imagination.

    Whatever colorization of revolution attempted by the creeps (who everyone thinks are) in charge, the colors will run. The fabric won’t hold. All they have to offer is too much stick and not enough carrot. Professional agents saboteur will find it more dangerous to do their job, while their ability to turn such aggression and destruction into a cohering political message or movement or… will fade into an obscene signal-to-noise ratio aka genuine civil war, the molecular kind that doesn’t need or want sides cuz, hey, we’re Americans: we know who to blame, who to hate, who to shove out if we can… we have a rainbow of diversely intolerant instability already in progress.

    When the various power players (of all strata) turn to serious fuckery, I think we’re gonna be right astounded by the weirdness and sometimes foaming nastiness of what crawls out of the urban hives once we stick federal and state stricks into those enclaves of well entrenched organized crime.

    Maybe Trump was right: maybe Mexico will finish that wall for us after all. From fear of gringo wetbacks. When begins the standard procession the summer floods and fires and tornadoes and hurricanes and ongoing dam breeches and water system ruptures… we will see the very best and worst of local self-organization in ample display.

    It will be interesting to see how this rolls into military involvement from FEMA to National Guard to ICE to maybe even local troops stepping in, especially as we bring home all these freshly traumatized soldiers from overseas. Some kind of dialog will naturally ensue because the leadership the military answers to is obviously out to lunch on all fronts. Ain’t a sane clown left in the Beltway asylum and most state capitols.

    Wait till a majority of we the people catch a glimpse of their/our collective self on TV and get caught up in the reflection. We’ve never seen anything like this before. A Rome in which the Coliseum has become the Empire while the physical industrial/military Empire turns into the hiss of a giant balloon of financial numerical inflations no longer able to contain all that nothingness without imploding… running on wizard tech employing the energy of an amount of energy I cam hardly get my head around.

    Meanwhile, we now have the conditions for genuine foreign meddling in our government, and it can’t be too much longer before some buncha code guerillas take a critical piece of our digistructure out. From the crude, like knocking our power plants (like we do to others) or subtle: whacking out geolocations for most cellphone apps.

    Gone, Baby, Gone

    bev's hills

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