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    Roy Lichtenstein Crying girl 1963   • They Denied A Lab Leak At Wuhan. They Are Wrong About Other Things (Pfeiffer) • Novavax CEO: Covid-19 Boost
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    Dr Wolfgang Wodarg exposes the scamdemic.
    An important voice.



    ADE – it’s now happening in the UK.

    “Almost one third of people in the UK who have so far died from the Indian variant had received both their vaccinations.”

    12 people who died with Indian Covid variant in UK were fully vaccinated



    “Twelve additional cases of blood clots with low blood platelets have been assessed as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) likely to be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.”



    AstraZeneca now only recommended for Australians aged 60 and over in blow to Covid vaccine rollout

    absolute galore

    At the company I work for, I was the only office worker not vaccinated. Until they hired a new, 30-year-old admin. I guess they forgot to ask her, but she apparently has no intention to get herself jabbed at the moment. I have not spoken to her directly, just found this out through a coworker last night. I asked about it because the executives of the company were making noises about going back to a full schedule, everybody in the office 8-5. Right now we come into the office in shifts, the rest of the time working from home. This was brought up in an informal discussion prompted by the fact that Cuomo just relaxed most restrictions on small businesses like ours (about 12 office workers, 30 on site factory workers.)

    One of the execs is super pro mask, vaccine, follow the guidelines to a t. He said that they have the right to “discriminate”,ie, treat vaccinated and unvaccinated workers differently. He also said they have been told by the state to do everything they can to encourage workers to get vaccinated.This includes allowing companies to offer incentives for doing so, something that would have previously fallen outside the rules of employment.

    While I do not see the company trying to entice me with any benefits, I suspect at minimum I will be forced to continue wearing a mask.

    The same colleague who told me about the new hire not being vaxxed told me her son, who works for Homeland Security, has not only taken the double dose of Pfiser, but has received two “booster”shots of Moderna.

    Although she told me it was required, I could not find any official vaccination policy online. There may also be different protocols for different jobs within Homeland Security. I know military personnel are currently not forced to receive a vaccine (this would almost certainly change once the vaccines get officially approved, which we must believe is being super fast tracked.)

    When my company does directly approach me, I will object on philosophical, medical, legal, common sense, and logical grounds. Also, I will not take anything that offers a free burger and fries as an enticement I’m not vegan, but I’m not stupid, either.

    Ivermectin ftw.


    Queensland Australia – where I lived the first 20 years of my life. I was not removed from my mothers’ arms and she did NOT have to quarantine. 8 negative tests, quarantine, contacting the media and both are fully vaccinated. What the actual **ck!! This is why i flew up there 3 weeks ago to show off my 3 year old son to my mum – fully cognisant of the fact we may very likely be forceable separated for quite some time. There will come a reckoning.


    I’m an Australian aged over 60, and based on my curernt knowledge, there is no likelihood of my accepting a jab with ANY of the vaccines currently on offer. Maybe Novavax, maybe valneva, but certainly not Pfizer’s or AZ’s.

    The propaganda campaign in the Land Down Under to get we the people to accept jabs of either the Pf or AZ vaccine is renarkably strong, but so far we are TOT being forced to submit to either.

    I can only hope that The System self-destructs before it transmogrifies into full-blown totalitarianism. At the moment self-destruction seems not to be as far-fetched an idea as we may have thought only a few months ago.

    Dr. D

    Hey, did you know it was hot in the Southwest? And dry? 5 minutes of panic and hate at 11.

    Day 161 the FBI has no idea who planted bombs in the nation’s most secure, surveilled area. Glad that Money’s going to a good cause. Glad I gave up all my rights in the Patriot Act so you could (again) fail to find anyone or stop any crime, animal, vegetable, or mineral, on any day ending in “Y”.

    Speaking of, Day 9 the FBI took the public Bitcoin account of the Russian “hackers.” Somehow they have noooooooooooooooooo idea who set up and owns that Coinbase account. Just too complicated. Glad we have “Know Your Customer” and I can’t remove $2k to buy a barely-moving car without answering questions and filing federal money laundering forms.

    But they just don’t know whodunit. Because A) it was the CEO of Colonial Pipeline, collecting insurance to pay for the million-barrel oil spill or B) it was the FBI funding their not-so-transparent operations. But I’m listening: explain. Calling Director Wray, earth to Wray, anybody home…

    It is literally impossible to be punished for a crime. Day –what – of the Epstein/Maxwell saga? 25 years times 365 days… Day nine-thousand, one-hundred… oh wait, that was the number of girls.
    But we arrest Polish priests if they hold service. Sounds like he needs him some “Freedom!”

    “Recently, a Canadian police force was using a helicopter to hunt down religious services that are forced to be held in secret.”

    Hunger Games. Silent Running.

    “Tensions Rise as G7 Attendees Accidentally Refer To Justin Trudeau Using Masculine Pronouns” –Bbee His Mommy won’t like that.

    Covid-19 vaccine developed by Germany’s CureVac is only 47% effective against the coronavirus.”

    Yes, but they’ve already said with their every action that vaccines don’t work. Why should CureVac be any different? Well at least Pfizer won’t have to poison J&J’s Baltimore plant again.

    Is “Running Hot” Inflation Wise and Humane? (RIA)”

    Yes, of course! Powell says high food prices are good for the poor! Couldn’t be better! Just like Macron said high gas prices are good for the (working) poor! The higher the better! Helping, so much helping. Saving lives by cutting off resources. To YOU, of course, us Very Important People™ have Important Things™ to do.

    Daily dose of Millennial failure: “Do You Yearn for Fulfillment? Reach for the ‘Ordinary,’ Author says” –CNN Aim for the floor: that’s where your arrow will land anyway…
    Remember kids: Trying is the first step toward failure…


    So Australians under 60 should not take AstraZeneca, and Greece has this to add:

    Expert calls on women under 50 to avoid J&J vaccine

    Women under 50 should choose a Covid-19 vaccine other than the one by Johnson & Johnson, an epidemiology expert on Thursday, citing the few cases of blood clots recorded in the United States.

    “The American EODY [CDC] says that women under 50 should choose another vaccine. With this vaccine too, some thrombotic events have occurred, though more rare,” said Athina Linou, an epidemiology professor at the University of Athens, speaking to Mega channel.

    “In the US, they are talking about 7 side effects per million,” she added, emphasizing that the specific vaccine should not be withdrawn and that it is safe for women over 50, as well as men. Linou also clarified that the J&J jab is effective against all Covid variants.

    “The Science” can be mighty confusing.


    My two cents on dealing with other people but particularly in the working environment (but also friends) is to just humbly say you are afraid. You need to stoop to conquer. Just say you have read alarming things on line from doctors and scientists whose credentials check out and that it has just made you very afraid.
    It is not a sin to be afraid. Not very macho – but not a sin. Let the water wash over. Bend like a reed in the river. Water logic not rock logic.
    What this does is force a decision back on the opposing or forceful side. THEY have to force an outcome and expose themselves. We just have to chiiiillllll. Even though we wanna puch Fauci in the pie hole.

    Anyway it’s nice to have others think we are weird instead of the other way around all the time.
    I’m still angry though



    Formerly T-Bear

    Interesting concept – institutionalisation – a fancy word for monopolisation; monopolisation of government; monopolisation of media; monopolisation of pharmaceuticals; monopolisation of medical practice; monopolisation of public discourse; monopolisation of experience; monopolisation of the public mind. All that is heard is the voice of monopolisation which is nothing other than the creation and protection of some stream of revenue (or power re government) under their control. Assets are only valued for the stream of revenue they can create. As clear a vision of the future as is possible to conjure with what can be seen. A few will prosper, most will not. One thing is for certain though, an increasing level of coercion will be required to maintain that status quo – bank on it.


    One thing is for certain though, an increasing level of coercion will be required to maintain that status quo – bank on it.

    Illich wrote about this 50 years ago, when nobody saw it happening.

    Mister Roboto

    Caitlin Johnstone on why the the UFO “revelations” haven’t stirred up very much public interest: The story doesn’t feed either the Team Red or Team Blue cult-propaganda narratives.


    My two cents

    “If the WHO …. were to approve ivermectin — the EUA for all the vaccines would become invalid.”

    Ivermectin is the penicillin of COVID, particularly when combined with other generics like fluvoxamine and the vilified but effective hydroxychloroquine. Now, however, as at the start of COVID, newly infected patients are still denied treatment and turned back into the community, often to infect others. As Malone put it, “We’re sending people home and telling them not to come back until your lips are blue.”
    Boosters shots in our future

    “In the unprecedented context of at least 13 variants circulating within the study population subset assessed at this interim analysis, CVnCoV demonstrated an interim vaccine, (CUREVAC),
    efficacy of 47% against [Covid]-19 disease of any severity, demonstrating high efficacy in this unprecedented broad diversity of variants is challenging,” said CureVac CEO Dr. Franz-Werner Haas,”

    The secret police exists in the USA

    • Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions (Rev.)
    “…. infiltrated by agencies of the federal government, or informants of said agencies?”
    Cough, cough

    “… the FBI has no idea who planted, (the pretend), bombs”

    a kullervo

    Vladimir Putin Quotes Tolstoy As He Reveals His Dark Philosophy On Life (DM)

    To the childlike people at, being clear-headed equates with being a fictional/cartoonish villain. They also enjoy fantasizing about Mr. Putin as a fictional villain. That they don’t mind sharing this mindset with the readers surely is a blatant proof of the infantilization of the Western “intelligentsia“.


    My doctor said that I will probable NOT get covid.
    Due to the fact of my advance age, and expected life expectancy, getting a vaccine that changes my DNA, will have no effect on future generations.
    I’m still going to enjoy life, despite the fact that I can see one of the12 pearly gates

    Dr. D

    The story doesn’t feed either the Team Red or Team Blue”

    Maybe true, but on one hand that would be good: it means Team Red is done with “it’s the Russians, let’s double the military budget” crap we put up with during the Bush years. We told them and that it was anti-national and anti-conservative, but there were so many Fox dumb—ses we couldn’t get through. Maybe now?


    Covid is on the wane inversely proportional to gullibility
    (easily fooled or cheated especially : quick to believe something that is not true.)

    Dr. D

    “There is more evidence that space aliens are cruising around in Earth’s atmosphere than there ever was that Vladimir Putin had covertly infiltrated the highest levels of the US government, but because it inflamed liberal passions and made them feel like their partisan worldview was about to be vindicated any minute, it sold like crack.” –Johnstone

    That is hilarious, as usual. And true.

    “In a society that’s enslaved to egoic consciousness as ours is, the things that generate the most public interest will be those which flatter…”

    That is: narcissism. Ego. Facts be d—-d. Ego sez “We create our own reality now…” a reality that is fact and consequence free. Wheeee!

    “humanity’s collective problems ultimately boil down to the fact that sociopaths manipulate our minds at mass scale”


    Germ, could you possibly repost your link to the tiny url showing the rap sheets of the pharma companies producing the vaccines? I looked for it thru the previous posts but was not able to find it. Several of my friends asked to see it. In my opinion this is the strongest rebuttal to anyone challenging me about not taking the vaccine. Thanks in advance.


    Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

    Article 6 – Consent

    1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned:

    absolute galore

    oxmoron wrote: My two cents on dealing with other people but particularly in the working environment (but also friends) is to just humbly say you are afraid. You need to stoop to conquer.

    Except I am not afraid. Healthy concern? Sure. Looking at ways to protect myself? Yup.Vitamin D every day, Ivermectin in the cupboard. But afraid? No. And I’m not about to pretend I am (too late for that anyway.) There are times when it is best to shut up and go under the radar. For this one, I will be reasonable but I will tell anyone who asks directly, and has the right to ask (which I guess employers do) why I won’t be getting vaccinated. I’m not trying to conquer. I’m just trying to say to them,F*ck you.


    Maryland should suspend vaccine mandates on higher education campuses until the myocarditis data can be further evaluated and reviewed by the CDC.


    I still have Ivan Illich’s books on my shelf from the early 1970’s when the first wave of alternative energy pioneers tried to get airborne, only to crash like Icarus with Reagan symbolically ripping Jimmy Carter’s solar panels off the White House roof and flaunted Alaska’s North Slope oil discovery jackpot.

    Illich was a genius in my opinion but it’s 50 years on an his legacy is largely forgotten among the younger present generations.

    That’s a shame because the young ‘do-nothing-know nothing’ younger generations we have now are going to be violently slammed up against the energy-too -expensive wall so hard it will smash their precious cell phone to pieces.

    What a pity, they’ll be so sad and so lost without their screens telling them what to think, their campfires that never go out, telling them endless lies billed as truths.



    @Formerly T Bear

    Interesting concept – institutionalisation – a fancy word for monopolisation

    I would add corporatization. We fear AI taking over our world but it has already happened. Corporations are artificial autonomous structures with a set of rules that have a life of their own. No single person including the CEO can change a corporation much. If the CEO tries to he/she will be replaced with someone who follows the rules and the prime directive is to make money. Given this it is not all surprising that big pharma did what they did. The surprise (at least for some) is that the government and the news media whose job it is to oppose corporate malfeasance are also now corporatized, have pretty much the same built in rules and are driven mostly by profit.


    Illich’s underlying concern was of technological tyranny over humanity.

    That concern is embodied today in the rapid self emergent properties of AI.

    Illich asserted that the paradox of high technology is that it creates a relationship of dependence between humans and high technology, and therefore subservience.

    The the old joke of the man going to the doctor worried about his brother, “Hey doc my brother thinks he’s a chicken.”

    Doc, “Why don’t you have him committed?”

    “I can’t, I need the eggs”

    The Covid spectacle is showing that technology is totally perverted to psychopathic power.

    Deep, deep psychopathic power.

    The rule of law has been thrown under the bus of technology.

    It’s a Black Hole that just keeps getting bigger.



    Dmitry Orlov when over the same terrain in 2016

    Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-sufficiency and Freedom,204,203,200_.jpg


    The Technosphere has a Mind-of-It’s-Own

    Mr. House

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer #77582

    “Illich wrote about this 50 years ago, when nobody saw it happening.”

    Fifty years ago R.M. Nixon was in his first term presidency, law and oder ruled the day and the country (by appearances). Nixon’s presidency marked the beginning attacks upon traditional law, trying to instil order upon both civil rights advocates and anti-war protesters not to forget the concerted subversion of U.S. labour through ‘right to work’ enactments. One could have forecast much of what would transpire given the conditions then prevalent taken to their logical conclusions. The archives of The New Yorker are filled with contemporaneous observations if one takes the trouble to look. The Nixon administration ideologues were reassembled under the moral majority leadership of Ronnie Raygun (40) and his number one sidekick G.H.W. Bush (41) to continue their unrestricted treasons. Some were awake though, try Art Buchwald While Reagan Slept for a satirist’s perspective. No, another Nostradamus isn’t in evidence here, only another one aware of the transactions being enacted and their consequences although such memory probably does not show up on one’s smartyphone.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ DarkMatter #77595

    Thank you for the contribution but I used the word I wanted in the manner I wished to paint the word picture I desired. Monopoly and monopolistic (a small number controlling some subject or market) adequately conveys my intended observation. Little in today’s world does not fall under that description: economically; politically; governmentally; socially or culturally. YMMV but feel free to substitute whatever word you fancy for your own amusement but I will stand by what I wrote; thank you again.
    (/curmudgeon) (smily thing)


    Oroboros: thanks for that surveillancePhone-addiction cartoon, and the mention of Orlov’s fine and prescient book ‘Shrinking the Technosphere’. They don’t know that they’ve become the tools of their tools..


    @ sumac

    I’ll have to look for it.


    @Formerly T Bear
    I agree with all you wrote and wasn’t trying to correct your idea. I was just offering an additional perspective.

    Doc Robinson

    The Sinovac vaccine is getting some bad press today about breakthrough cases in Indonesia, without any comparison to the number of breakthrough cases in the US.

    But, looking at the limited data that’s available, the breakthrough cases in the US (primarily mRNA vaccines) could be worse than the Sinovac breakthrough cases in Indonesia.

    102 per million (before the CDC stopped counting them)
    27% asymptomatic
    2% died

    ? per million
    “Most” of them asymptomatic
    1.7% died

    Hundreds of vaccinated Indonesian health workers get COVID-19, dozens in hospital

    USA breakthrough cases (data from the CDC):

    A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, 2021… Based on preliminary data, 2,725 (27%) vaccine breakthrough infections were asymptomatic, 995 (10%) patients were known to be hospitalized, and 160 (2%) patients died

    As of April 30, 2021, approximately 101 million persons in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections Reported to CDC — United States, January 1–April 30, 2021

    10,262 out of 101 million =
    102 per million (US)
    27% asymptomatic
    10% hospitalized
    2% died

    Indonesia breakthrough cases (data from the Reuters article linked above):

    More than 350 doctors and medical workers have caught COVID-19 in Indonesia despite being vaccinated with Sinovac and dozens have been hospitalised, officials said… Most of the workers were asymptomatic and self-isolating at home… Across Indonesia, at least five doctors and one nurse have died from COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, according to LaporCOVID-19, although one had only received a first shot.

    As of 17 June 2021… 11,999,104 people had been fully vaccinated [in Indonesia]. (Wikipedia)

    ? per million got Sinovac (in Indonesia)
    “Most” were asymptomatic
    6 reported deaths = 1.7% of 350 cases.

    Doc Robinson
    Formerly T-Bear

    @ DarkMater #77604

    Thanks, the (/curmudgeon) was for the risk of misunderstanding. The development of legal fiction of corporate development in Roman Law, styled on the structure of the family can be found well described in Sir Henry Sumner Maine “Ancient Law”. Maine founded comparative jurisprudence and casts a brilliant light on how the corporate form was established and developed to meet functional needs of Rome. Highly recommended reading. Still valid a hundred sixty years after first published 1861.

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