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    John Day

    @Oroboros: I Really Like the video of Kim greeting Vlad in Pyongyang. Kim is the nervous girlfriend to Putin’s swashbuckling Jodo-ka dancing down the airplane gangplank with a big, easy smile and several hugs for the anxious-to-please Kim.
    Kim insists Putin gets in the car first. Vlad takes of his jacket in the car so he can put it back on in a manly way when he gets back out. Vladimir Putin looks completely at ease, and comfortable greeting each person.
    He makes the girl with the flowers Feel-Good! Did you catch THAT.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: I name Satan’s dog “Ahnold”.


    The good old days, how did we ever end up here…



    Obviously never met a Duh’merican



    @ John Day

    The Putin has Flash

    The Biden is Trash


    good boy. Good boy!


    How to drill a triangular hole

    Unexpected, I didn’t see that one coming


    Now that I look at it more closely, Good girl?






    The peaceful past I hoped for is no more.
    The world has different plans for me; I grimly smile
    And take things as they come; embrace the core
    Of emphasizing everything that’s real; and in the while
    I hug the mellow sweetness of that past,
    For what’s to come demands that nothing lasts.

    Appreciating what has come before
    Does spur my interest in that open door.

    See what happens when I get compliments? High-falutin’ nonsense!
    And yet I do feel a bit of nostalgia for what I hoped for, but will not be.
    Reality bites, and it has rabies.


    Mining in Space:

    As an ex-miner, this idea that we can mine in space is going to be a big challenge.

    Here on earth, miners greatly depend upon gravity in nearly all aspects of our mineral extraction.

    In space, there is no gravity, so everything we currently know about mining pretty much gets thrown out the window!.

    When we drill and blast rocks on earth, they pretty much stay in placei.

    Imagine trying to drill rocks in space, never mind then blasting the rock into small pieces!
    Would you like to volunteer as a space rock blaster jockey?
    I know you are crazy but obviously not that crazy!
    How are you going to catch all those flying little bits of rock going every which way, at warp speed?
    What about all the dust you just created?
    Oh, you are just going to polute spacer are you!
    California might not like that and pass a law!

    Then you need to crush the rocks to separate the metal ore from the non-metal rock.
    Now you need to separate the heavier metal ores from the lighter material.
    Sorry, no gravity and/or water separation for you!
    Once you separate the metal ore from the non-metal rock, what are your plans for disposing of all this fine leftover ground up dust/powder?
    Oh, just pump it back into space so your space craft can potential hit it?

    P.S. Oh, by the way, where are you going to get all the power needed to do this?
    Oh, I see, from solar panels and batteries!
    Nice try!
    And what about bring all the heavy mining equipment needed?
    What about metal refineries/blast furances?
    What about the air/gases/liquids/chemicals needed?
    Oh, I see Obama will provide everything you need!

    Then, I woke up!


    John Day

    Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change
    A couple of weeks ago, Premier Jacinta Allan (of the Australian State of Victoria) announced a new parliamentary secretary who will undertake the difficult task of educating boys and men to have more positive and respectful attitudes towards women. State lawmaker Tim Richardson has been appointed Inaugural Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change.


    Fun time with copilot.

    Are there any papers with the space dust being the spaceship for the distribution of the building blocks of life in the universe. (panspermia)
    In a not-yet-peer-reviewed academic paper, Georgian Free University of Tbilisi astrophysicist Z.N. Osmanov offers a fresh look at an established theory: that life on Earth, and potentially elsewhere in the cosmos, is the result of the same sort of tiny particles that create stars and planets.
    [Submitted on 7 Feb 2024]
    The possibility of panspermia in the deep cosmos by means of the planetary dust grains
    Z.N. Osmanov

    By obtaining the assumption that planetary dust particles can escape from the gravitational attraction of a planet, we consider the possibility for the dust grains to leave the star’s system by means of the radiation pressure. By taking the typical dust parameters into account, we consider their dynamics and show that they can reach the deep cosmos, taking part in panspermia. It has been shown that, during 5 billion years, the dust grains will reach 105 stellar systems, and by taking the Drake equation into account, it has been shown that the whole galaxy will be full of planetary dust particles.

    view pdf
    3. Summary
    We have considered the dynamics of planetary dust particles
    “propelled” by planets, and it has been shown that in 5 billion
    years, dust grains can travel in the ISM at distances of the order
    of several hundred light years.
    By taking the stellar distribution density into account, we
    have found that dust particles emitted by every single planet will
    reach as much as 105 stellar systems.
    Analyzing the problem in the context of the Drake equation,
    it has been found that the minimum number of planets in the
    MW that have developed life should be of the order of 3 × 107,
    implying that the whole galaxy will be full of dust particles with
    complex molecules.
    We have also shown that dense molecular clouds will efficiently trap the planetary dust grains and their study in the context of panspermia might be significant.

    Arrhenius, S. (1908), Worlds in the making: the evolution of the Universe, New
    York, Harper and Row.
    Berera, A. (2017) Space dust collisions as a planetary escape mechanism. International Journal of Astrobiology 17, 1274
    Bovy, J. (2017) Stellar inventory of the solar neighbourhood using Gaia DR1.
    International Journal of Astrobiology 470, 1360
    Bradley W. Carroll & Dale A. Ostlie, “An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics
    and Cosmology”, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2010.
    Brekke, A. (2013), Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere, Springer-Verlag,
    Carpenter, J.D., Stevenson, T.J., Fraser, G.W., Bridges, J.C., Kearsley, A.T.,
    Chater, R.J. & Hainsworth, S.V. (2007), Nanometer hypervelocity dust impacts in low Earth orbit. J Geophys Res. 112, doi:10.1029/2007JE002923.
    Drake, F.D., (1961), Discussion of Space Science Board, National Academy
    of Sciences, Conference on Extraterrestrial Inteligent life, November 1961,
    Green bank, West Virginia
    Dvali, G. & Osmanov, Z.N., (2023), Black holes as tools for quantum computing by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. International Journal of Astrobiology 22, 617
    Flynn, G.J. (2002) Extraterrestrial dust in the near-Earth environment. In Meteors in the Earth’s Atmosphere, edited by E. Murad and I.P. Williams, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp 77?94.
    Havens, R.J., Koll, R.T., & LaGow, H.E. (1952),The pressure, density, and
    temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere to 160 kilometers. J. Geophys. Res.
    57, 59-72
    Horneck, G. & Rettberg, P. (2007), Complete Course of Astrobiology. WileyVch, Verlag, GmbH & Co. KGaA.
    Kyte, F.T. & Wasson, J.T. (1986) Accretion rate of extraterrestrial matter: iridium deposited 33 to 67 million years ago. Science 232, 1225-1229
    Love, S.G. & Brownlee, D.E. (1993) A direct measurement of the terrestrial
    mass accretion rate of cosmic dust. Science, 262, 550-553
    Maccone, C., (2012), Societal Statistics by virtue of the Statistical Drake Equation. Acta


    Men 101
    If you are a man, inorder to get along with the women in the house, remember, without fail, to put the toilet seat back down!

    D Benton Smith


    Notice how “rabbi” Zevi (rabbi in name only) stole both the organization of Judaism AND the name of Jew. It was quite the slick trick and highly effective, largely because the mental mechanisms of the trick are quite difficult to hold firmly in the mind’s eye (our “modeling software”) long enough to get through all of the steps without loosing track of which step one is on.

    I would compare that difficulty to how hard it is to parse out the sensibility of statements that contain the so-called “double negative”. It makes you stop and count the steps on your fingers to make sure you haven’t mistakenly “negativized” the positive statement too many (or too few) times.

    Only in Zevi’s case it was more like a TRIPLE negative (or worse). He was a complete sociopathic and narcicistic psychopath, first of all, who claimed not only to be Jewish (he was a Turk of Ashkenazi origins , not Hebrew in the least) , but to be the MESSIAH of that religion, and therefore (as the self-proclaimed god-author of all rules) was not himself subject to such rules, but was nevertheless protected by them because the rules are ordained by omnipotent God who decreed that Jews were the people chosen by God to receive his favor over all other people. Those who disagreed with Zevi (or rightfully DESPISED him) were therefore NOT really Jews, and thus not covered by that Divine protection, and who therefore deserved the destruction that would certainly befall them as the consequence of the crimes that Zevi and his followers committed as a sacramental acts of worship (not to mention lucrative sources of wealth and power.)

    Is your brain broken yet? Just wait. It gets worse.

    A key component of Zevi’s contorted “reasoning” was that it was not merely permissible, but actually desirable to do the OPPOSITE of the core commandments which the faithful Hebrews believed God had given to Moses (i.e. The Ten Commandments) , and HIDE that despicable fact by lying and pretending to be “normal” traditional believers in their ancient Abrahamic religion….. while in fact and in practice being the mirror image reversal of that tradition.

    He was, in short, the absolutely quintessential liar, and in the event of being caught could simply direct the inevitable vengeful public wrath upon those faithful truth worshiping Jewish simpletons (in Zevi’s way of looking at things) while he and his devoutly feckless liars sneaked out the back door with the loot by lying, cheating, stealing and killing….. which was , after all, the only religion that Zevi actually believed in.

    This technique is by no means and in no way limited to Judaism or any other religion, system or group. It works equally well with Pagan Empires (like Rome and Byzantium,) Monarchies (England, perhaps, or Austria) and even Constitutional Democratic Republics such as America, France or the original Marxist Soviet Union for examples. In fact, that is EXACTLY what Zevi and his brethren have done, to ALL of the above, with greater or lesser effect depending on how long it took folks to wise up enough to throw the bastards out.

    The technique works like a charm, requiring ONLY that the perpetrators are completely and utterly devoid of all moral impulses or adherence to truth as a guiding principle. It requires literally Satanic devotion to evil.

    Here’s how it’s done: Simply find a country or other institution that works and is broadly admired and protected by a well earned good reputation, infiltrate it by pretending to espouse and exemplify those noble purposes (while hating them passionately) , and then usurp it completely by secretly (at first) doing the EXACT opposite by lying, cheating, stealing and killing anyone who tells the truth, reveals the lies enforces actual justice, helps the less fortunate or (and this most crucially of all) promotes connection with or reverence for the actual Divine Creator of the Universe.

    To call such creatures Name Stealers is more than a little too kind. They are pure evil, and that is what they worship and work for.


    Who will decide to keep or replace Biden.
    In all, 4,532 delegates will be assembling at the Democratic convention, including 744 “automatic” delegates, famously known as “superdelegates” who will get a vote should there be a second nominee ballot.

    Those host of party leaders − former and current − plus elected officials will want to have a say as well.

    And that doesn’t include behind-the-scenes maneuvering and input from grassroots organizations and major donors.

    Whatever unfolds about Biden’s age in the coming weeks and months, any attempt at crowning a new Democratic nominee would be a messy affair.

    Can they decide before the debate with Trump CNN on June 27?

    Kim vows ‘full support’ for Russia in Ukraine as Putin visits Pyongyang

    “It has all culminated in the signing of a new agreement between the two, which according to Putin forms the basis of relations for years to come.”

    The Kremlin did not give details on the contents of the new comprehensive strategic partnership treaty on Wednesday, but it said on Monday that it would replace previous bilateral documents and declarations signed in 1961, 2000 and 2001.

    Speaking after his meeting with Kim, Putin said the new agreement is defensive in nature and includes a promise of “mutual assistance” if either is attacked, Russian news agencies reported, as he described it as a “breakthrough” pact that will take ties to a “new level”.
    Heat Scorches U.S. Southwest
    An early summer heat wave broke temperature records in Nevada, Arizona, and California in June 2024.

    Image of the Day for June 11, 2024

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