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    John Atkinson Grimshaw Battersea Bridge 1885   • Russian Army Gets Enough Recruits To Form Regiment Per Day – Shoigu (RT) • Ukraine Expands Gener
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    There are 1000’s like this poor soul …




    What is the connection between economic migrants and the billionaire sub? TAE is not the first place I have seen this comparison but I simply have no idea of what the connection is, other than they both happen at sea. I go windsurfing, that happens at sea, so am I involved?

    Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why a bunch of rich idiots decided to top themselves in a diversity-friendly submarine – no accounting for madness, but there you go – are connected to a bunch of poor idiots who decided to top themselves in an overloaded boat, their aim being to get to Europe and turn themselves into rich idiots but ended up at the same depth as the rich idiots: a shortcut. Is idiotcracy (is that a word?) the connection?

    Someone where I live said that it was disgraceful that they did not spend as much money saving the poor people as the rich people. Yes, that may seem to make sense to an idiot, but one happened close to the US and the other happened close to Africa: there are different rescue budgets involved.

    You also need to consider that if your complaint is about money spent, you should consider that the poor people did not have had a lot of powerful creditors shitting themselves because your 100 million dollar loan is now looking like a crushed snail.

    Then look at all the others who are dying: the Ukrainians being forced to fight by the US Nazis, the dead in Yemen maybe, the dead on the roads, the dead from the vax, the dead from doctors’ “mistakes” ….. etc. Loads of people are being killed yet some smelly jockstrap decided that the Africans in the Med and the Indians in the sub were a good example of something.

    Fuck em all, I don’t know them, I don’t care what they do or if they die doing it, it has no impact on me and if it were not for the trivial news I would be drinking with my mates on the pier. Why do people care about these abstract characters they see on the news? I know there are the do gooders – my father was one – who definitely make a difference, but he was in Africa and was effectively fighting his own government that was trying to keep the target nation poor. He had no chance of pulling anyone in Africa out of poverty while the USA had a policy to keep them poor.

    People are greedy, they only pursue their own wants and needs, they pretend to be good, but most are simply selfish, and selfish includes everything from greed to lying to vaccinating people with poison.


    After a drag show advertised as a “family-friendly” event was canceled at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in early June, at the start of Pride Month, the Defense Department issued a statement to say that such events were “not a suitable use” of resources.

    Yeah, but it won’t stop you being buggered in the showers and the military hierarchy doing nothing about it because the assailant is a chick with a dick, or a homosexual, or a whatever the other letters mean in this circus freak show. Would you feel safe in an organisation where you, as a straight heterosexual, is the lowest priority “category” in the system, where everybody else can assault you and you will not be protected. You like that idea? Then join the military.

    Why do you think people are leaving corporations whenever they ca? Why would you risk being in a corporation unless you have to? It simply does not make sense. Sure, the people who join the miliary are generally a bit dim, but surely they tell their friends, the ones who are thinking of joining?

    Dr. D

    “Missing Titanic Sub Crew Presumed Dead: OceanGate

    Ocean…Gate? Okay they’ve jumped the shark. Thank God. “Gate” was used for scandals. Crimes. It’s a crime a sub blew up at the outer limits of 10,000 years of human technology? Uh, no. So can we retire the word now?

    “We Need Rain”: Corn, Soy, Wheat Prices Soar As Drought Conditions Worsen In Midwest

    Anyone follow the weather much? Say….over the last 30 years? The United States is ENORMOUS. There is always a drought somewhere. There is always a flood somewhere. Remember last year that there was a drought – we’re all gonna dieeeee!!! — in the huge crop growing states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts? Oh. Yeah. That.

    Sure, those farmers may not make money. But then prices rise and all the OTHER farmers do, while the drought just collect insurance. You can generally tell by price, and this price has all America still paving top farmland for condos. So clearly not high enough. Prices haven’t risen, they could easily be 10x this price, so this is normal, although prices have turned and started upward a year or two ago.

    20,000 people have not reported following their summons
    The attack was “not meeting expectations on any front,”Western officials told CNN
    Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged on Wednesday that progress had been “slower than desired.”

    Back to WWI. Ask Hemingway if this looks familiar.

    “Helping them prepare for the fighting to come was KORA, the German-made NATO computer simulation system,”

    A computer model? No wonder they lost. This from a universiality of people who can’t turn their computer on without it needing another update and reboot…for a security patch. This from a universiality of people who can’t use Netflix because it disconnected and forgot your password again. This from people who know the computer inventory is always wrong, and always wrong in some new way. These are the people who say, “I’ve got an idea! Let’s use a computer!” What can possibly account for this?

    “The Americans are proceeding cautiously, testing Moscow’s responses and consistently pushing the boundaries”

    As I feared, the slow escalation of weasels, who keep stepping over whatever line you put there, then shriek and whine and run to daddy if you smack them. Those types are the lowest. “Teacher! Johnny hit me back!” Unfortunately, we’re a nation of such people, suckled from birth to run to the biggest bully tattle like rats, and make them your leader. So they find this behavior not dangerous or offensive at all.

    So here we are, in the Anglo way, escalated one small step at a time. Hey, did you know sending F16s would start WWIII? Biden said so, that’s why he’s sending them. Having erased words, reason, and all boundaries, no one knows where to take offense and strike back, protesting and holding our leaders to account. This is their 100-year method, since maleness started to be erased here. It’s the behavior of abusive narcissists. But if the people won’t stop somewhere, well, I can’t stop it on my own. Bosco says what are we talking here? Because I TOLD YOU. Unless you want me to pick up arms and shoot someone, telling you is all we have. That’s not good enough: we’re not supposed to inform and complain, simply and directly.

    Then how will we know where we are, what is true, and how to respond accurately when it reaches me personally and the time comes to act? Should we not speak – and thus complain – as that will keep the masses even LESS informed, aware, and likely to protest nuclear war than now? Bosco says yes. I say no, although I’d rather do other things than keep track of all this.

    If all the people were as aware of the battlefield, the situation, the red lines, the treaties, the imminent war games, and the plan to blow Zap to force a nuclear counterstrike on London and NY, were as aware as we are, the attack couldn’t happen because it would be stupid and un-credible. THAT’S what talking and complaining endlessly gets you: the stop of nuclear war.

    I had a thought yesterday about Russia HAVING to respond. So they do, then what? The U.S. and NATO are completely weaponless, all their 40 years of arms development are like paper airplanes, then what?

    Then Russia will be very pissed off and will dictate all terms, that’s what. They will say, “Now we will not stop until the United States is destroyed, chopped up the way they planned for us, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. You have no power.” Then…they do it. Then…for 20 years America is run the way the post-soviet nation was, with your sisters doing drugs and being sold into prostitution. Oh. Wait. Far, far too late for that if you’re here and over 15. They’ll give you the starter pack in middle school. Probably Only Fans has a recruiting office.

    So you REALLY want to upset the balance, where Russia is over there, only wanting borders, over there? Because when the planet finds out we’re useless, it’s over. And no sense telling them: we already did every day since the Patriot Act, and they’re too high on Ignorance and Arrogance to listen. What’s the opposite of that? Humility. A fear of the Lord (#Logos, #Reality) is the first step towards wisdom. And that only the first step.

    “Macron noted that no country had to choose whether to fight poverty or protect the planet and each country should be free to choose its own way,”

    I guess we found out which Britain chose. Their kids are on track to be short as Scotsmen, 5’2” fully grown.

    “• CIA Vet Warns US Intel ‘Will Do Everything’ to Help Dems in 2024 Race (Sp.)

    Okay, interesting. And we see this 10x a day so we know it’s true. But why?

    “and the role of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in spawning and then pushing the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.”

    Is it because Hillary promised to start WWIII her first day in office before Russia got hypersonics and the electronic frying weapons? I think a review of Kennedy and the Dulles brothers might shed light here.

    “• US Justice is Blind – Unless Your Name is Hunter Biden (Tweedie)

    Part of the abusers narcissistic playbook. Make them know, make them accept, make them repeat the lie. Then when it comes out, they don’t fight since they already knew it all along. What’s changed? The Dems are unjust, sigh, whaddyagonnado? Do? Enforce justice and if they won’t, arrest them and install someone who will. That is to say, find yer balls.

    ““It’s what Republicans love best. They could win and jump up and down and scream in outrage without actually having to do anything,” Jatras said. “It completely absolves them of any responsibility”

    Absolutely. It’s their part as being codependents in the Uniparty. “Now slow down there, pardner,” McConnell says, ” we want to drive over this here cliff very slowly and deliberately…”


    The Frontiers Of Science
    Physics has gone from something a postal clerk could doodle on paper to something requiring billions of dollars and countless PhDs. And all they’re doing is adding footnotes to that doodle. The basic science hasn’t gone anywhere. And it’s not just physics. Electromagnetism been known since 1873, DNA since 1878, general relativity since 1915, and so on. Computing was thought of (though not implemented) in the 1800s (the Difference Engine), and AI was also thought of long before (and I argue built in the 1600s, see the end of this article).

    The technology we build on top of this knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds, but the platform we build on has stayed the same.

    The constant commodification of science fools us into thinking that basic science has been advancing, but it’s hasn’t. Modern planes, communications, weapons, medicine, and smartphones are still just applications of basic science that was known over 100 years ago. There’s no new physics in the iPhone 14 anymore than there was new understanding in the millionth obsidian arrowhead. Greater skill yes, but not greater understanding.

    We have made many things, but we have not expanded our conception of what things could be.

    We can’t build things we can’t imagine and our imagination died last century.
    Even modern technology is not fundamentally innovative. Electric cars and solar panels have been around since the 1800s, and modern rockets have been around since the 1920s. Twitter is basically the shittiest telegraph imaginable and planes peaked at the Concorde and then declined straight into the ground. Don’t even get me started on home appliances. Someone visiting from last century would both understand our technology and be disappointed.

    Everything we have today could be imagined last century and, indeed, they imagined better. We laugh at the fact that we don’t have flying cars and moon bases but this is a fairly fundamental failure. The proof that science has stalled is in our science fiction. Films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Back To The Future II are set well in our past, and there’s no sign of that future anywhere.

    Science has completely stalled out and that sets hard physical limits on the technology we can produce. It’s literally physics. Take, for example, light. Our understanding of the physics of light has led to more and more efficient (though often uglier) applications. That understanding, however, sets physical limits on how far that efficiency can go. And we’re pretty much there now.


    Just another reason to never go to a sports bar and to never get a TV: the list is getting unmanageable. Politics has become kindergarten: the virtue signalling – as if anyone cares, the self importance of these dicks, the complete powerlessness of these dicks sitting there voting as if they even know who made the decision they are voting to enact. It is pathetic. We could send all these idiots home, close the show and just accept that we do not know exactly who makes these decisions, although it is pretty clear that it includes all those WEF billionaire assholes – Soros, Gates etc – still alive on this planet.


    Today, I’m getting a double posting of TAE


    Peace starts with De …

    De-dollarization, De-energizing, De-electrictifation, depopulation
    • Demilitarization, Denazification: A Sanitary Zone For Ukraine (Helmer)
    Enablers did the dirty work for Hillary
    • CIA Vet Warns US Intel ‘Will Do Everything’ to Help Dems in 2024 Race (Sp.)
    “politicized” and “weaponized”, are new words for misinformation/misrepresentations, and lying.
    • New Bombshell Evidence Against Bidens, DOJ, AG Garland (ZH)

    Quiet Quitting tools of the enablers …. delaying, divulging, and denying and PARDONING

    Durham also brought charges against Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and Brookings Institution scholar Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI.


    I liked the juxtaposition of the sub and the refugee boat.

    Those rich guys were used to living in a high competency high trust society, where the best things are automatically, DEPENDABLY, always available, the DEFAULT outcome, actually. Without having to do anything. Because things were merit and competency based and those were available for money.

    Their support of their own luxury beliefs have percolated up through the population and institutions until they are dying of it in subs. Having successfully replaced merit and competency – to make it FAIR.

    Those same luxury beliefs that happen to dictate actively facilitated, encouraged, financed, unlimited migration. ALSO first affecting the working class who actually live with the immediate consequences of their luxury beliefs. But also rising to meet most of the upper middle class and upper class that thought it was just another thing they could have for free, an extra thing for additional status, luxury, etc. It’s taking more time to affect them, but still.

    Rich and upper middle class people are always getting shit comped and or upgraded. It’s kind of their default mode at this point. So adopting a no-cost luxury belief fits right into that, like getting comped and upgraded to the room with a jacuzzi.

    My wife and I went on a cheap Mexican vacation years ago – one of just a few trips we have ever gone on – and were a bit disappointed that the beach was covered in 5-15ft high continuous mounds of seaweed – impossible to swim in the ocean – you could die fighting through all the seaweed if you tried. My wife mentioned it to a higher up at work in idle conversation – kneejerk reaction is that we should have demanded to be comped and upgraded. What? It’s seaweed. Nature. Drifting in on the tide and wind – also nature. F no we are not demanding the hotel give us shit. Wtf, lady.

    Maybe that’s part of the psychology – not of people driving trends, but all the top 10-15% going along. They’re accustomed to free complimentary shit. Like the bags of goodies each attendee of the Oscars gets or free champagne at the hairdresser’s, for instance. The status of being one who gets complimentary shit is way more important than the physical stuff. The New Religion – for THEM, a luxury belief – is just another cost-less free status pick me up.

    Is that a raised machete in the hand of that guy near the bow? You bring in enough machetes, you start to have real consequences, “real” people start to feel it.


    Well then. Boscohorowitz has left the building. God bless us all. I*’m off to the diamond mines:



    Budweiser finally posted something new to Twitter. An “ad” telling its customers they are all bumbling idiot subhumans. well, a particular demographic of customers, anyway.

    Meanwhile Disney is looking at a 6-8 billion forced purchase of Hulu by the end of the year, with $200 million in available cash. Hardly enough to make one movie. But Disney is allowed to clean house. The whacko feminist secretary of Weinstein “director” got let go, so she won’t be making a movie about how a girlboss kills The Force itself (the energy created by all living things… surrounds us… binds the galaxy together) – to Make It Fair. That’s been in the works for a couple years and someone finally realized that, although super accurate to Wokeism, not a good move for the business.

    But Bud is not allowed to deviate from its collision course with the sun


    Not the Babylon Bee:

    Supermarket trolley sensors could help to identify risk of stroke, say scientists




    The RFK video “Is this REALLY who we are?” (linked above) is pure TRUTH – monumental and beautiful.

    Monumental because in minutes, he summarizes EVERYTHING. All of it.

    Beautiful because his words, are pure TRUTH. They even bring him to tears (at the very end).

    These words are a FORCE of NATURE – as the TRUTH is: Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

    Know that these words resonate BEYOND this moment – transforming the unreal. All HEARTS are made PRESENT in these words. Sharing these words, this TRUTH – opens channels for LIFE to transcend the paradigms of oppression.

    Quotes from his conversation:

    “Let’s re examine our attitude – We’ve become addicted to comic book good vs. evil narratives that erase complexity and blind us to the legitimate motives, to legitimate cultural and legitimate security concerns of other peoples and other nations….We have internalized and institutionalized the reflex of violence as the response for any and all crisis. Everything becomes a war….Is this really who we are?”

    LOVE to RFK.

    LOVE and GRATITUDE to Ilargi.


    One more proof how the post of tragic post-vax outcome can be done with solemn dignity.


    More RFK:

    ” …Is it any wonder that as America has waged violence throughout the world, violence has overtaken us in our own Nation? …It has not come as an invasion, it has come from within. Our bombs, our drones, our armies, are incapable of stopping the gun violence on our streets and schools, or domestic violence in our homes. waging endless wars abroad, WE HAVE NEGLECTED THE FOUNDATION OF OUR OWN WELL-BEING. We have a decaying economic infrastructure, a demoralized and despairing people…We have deteriorating mental and physical health. These are the wages of war. What will be the wages of PEACE?…”

    TAE Summary

    The Last of the Ukrainians


    The RFK, Jr. speech in the Tweet above brought this excerpt to mind.

    “At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?– Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!–All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

    At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

    — Abraham Lincoln
    Address Before the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois
    January 27, 1838


    Catch up time.
    Just because your old doesn’t mean you know everything or cannot learn something new
    Searching made faster with AI

    Learn more:

    The AI Index Report 2021

    Measuring trends in Artificial Intelligence
    The state of AI in 2022—and a half decade in review
    December 6, 2022 | Survey

    Dr. D

    Bam Man. Exactly. Just what I was thinking. The nation can’t be taken from without, it has to be corroded from within. So, the corroders thought: “Okay then! Let’s get started! “

    Isn’t there a radio of Paul Harvey on this?

    “Known for his folksy humor and conservative politics, he gave his most chilling discussion back in 1965 called “If I were the Devil.” Everything he predicted is coming true! What Harvey is predicting in this famous speech is modern liberalism

    It doesn’t take a genius to see if you’re on a road traveling left, the more time the further you must logically go.

    Veracious Poet

    Let’s re examine our attitude – We’ve become addicted to comic book good vs. evil narratives that erase complexity and blind us to the legitimate motives, to legitimate cultural and legitimate security concerns of other peoples and other nations….We have internalized and institutionalized the reflex of violence as the response for any and all crisis. Everything becomes a war….Is this really who we are?

    Is it any wonder that as America has waged violence throughout the world, violence has overtaken us in our own Nation? …It has not come as an invasion, it has come from within. Our bombs, our drones, our armies, are incapable of stopping the gun violence on our streets and schools, or domestic violence in our homes. waging endless wars abroad, WE HAVE NEGLECTED THE FOUNDATION OF OUR OWN WELL-BEING. We have a decaying economic infrastructure, a demoralized and despairing people…We have deteriorating mental and physical health. These are the wages of war. What will be the wages of PEACE?…



    US lawmakers warn of NATO Article 5 breach if radiation leaks

    Lawmakers from the United States and United Kingdom on Saturday suggested that any deliberate damage to the Zaporizhzhia power plant that could cause a radiation leak to a Ukrainian nuclear reactor would be a breach of NATO’s Article 5.

    sooooo… NATO will attack Ukraine if Ukraine manages, by their shelling, to damage the nuclear reactor?

    NATO will attack THEMSELVES if, by their material and logistical support of and directives to attack the Zaporizhzhia, they cause a radioactive leak to affect themselves?

    The article says that if a NATO ally is victim of an armed attack, all other NATO members will consider it an armed attack against all other members — and will take the actions it deems necessary to assist the attacked ally.

    “This really isn’t even up for debate,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., tweeted Friday night. “Any leak will kill people in NATO countries, that’s an automatic article 5.”

    Do you actually have your mouth wrapped around the barrel of the pistol and your finger on the trigger right NOW or are you waiting until your efforts against Zaporizhzhia are successful or…. what?

    The situation at the nuclear power plant remained largely unchanged on Friday, despite claims by the Russian Ministry of Defense that Ukrainian forces would stage a provocation there Friday, said the Institute for the Study of War, a U.S. think-tank.

    What is it about think-tanks that make them suck so much?


    Sorry, I’m just still gripping my head here with a sudden major headache. Triple facepalm. I spontaneously grew an extra hand because of these assholes.

    Government officials of NATO countries say PUBLICLY that if THEY successfully damage the nuclear power plant, they think that activates NATO article 5.

    er…. you want Russia to launch all nukes at you if you are successful at damaging the plant!?!?! WTF!!! I hope to (my non existent) God there is targeting of a hypersonic nuke continually following these specific individual government officials at all times the way that whiz kid had continual tracking on Elon. Fuck these fuckers.



    Apologies I referenced an old article, here’s one from yesterday

    US Senate proposes that radioactive contamination of NATO territory caused by Russia be considered as attack on Alliance


    Never saw this one before

    A $50,000 Russian Lancet loitering drone misses a 7 million dollar French Caesar mobile artillery piece driving down the road but forces if off the road into a ditch, while stuck in the ditch, a second lancet bags it.

    Spend $100k but destroy $7,000k of Ukronazi equipment.

    Over and over and over again until you go broke and run out of war toys.

    $7 Million 155mm French Caesar Dodges Lancet Only To Wipe Out and have 2nd Drone Kills It Anyway


    Look at the international response and you will see the enemies coming out.
    According to the situation at 23-00.

    1. To Prigozhin’s accusations of firing at the Wagner PMCs camp and threats to change the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the NAC stated that all this was an informational provocation.

    2. Upon Prigozhin’s statements, the FSB opened a criminal case.

    3. Putin is aware of the current situation. Some measures are being taken.

    4. The NAC demands that all illegal actions be stopped immediately.

    5. No facts of the movement of the Wagner columns or any collisions are present.

    6. CIPSO throws in a huge number of fakes and misinformation.

    7. As reported by “Rybar”, all of Prigozhin’s published messages were recorded at 19-25 and are published in deferred posts.
    Russia accuses mercenary boss of mutiny after he says Moscow killed 2,000 of his men
    By Andrew Osborn and Kevin Liffey
    June 23, 20231:58 PM PDT Updated an hour ago


    Prigozhin says army killed 2,000 of his men, vows “justice”
    Moscow accuses him of calling for armed mutiny
    Wagner militia chief takes feud with top brass to new level
    Prigozhin earlier accused army of deceiving Putin over Ukraine

    Dr. D

    So, they PRE-decided, or plan to, to PRE-attack, if Russia does this one specific thing. That they’ve never done, have no intention of doing, no one has ever done, and would make no sense if they did it.

    So is the Senate passing a Pre-Attack law if Russia, I dunno, steals our paper doll collection? No? What if Russia invades via Mexico? (how would we notice?) No?

    Huh. So only this ONE thing do we need to PRE-Debate and PRE-pass a tripwire law for. Really?

    I do not find that suspicious at all. But perhaps the U.S. military does because they’ve been moving equipment all over and if the d—n f—–g Neocons do this, the Military will say No, and round up them all as traitors trying to get us all killed.

    That will mesh perfectly with the otherwise-impossible Biden Impeachment where we can put all the evidence before the thick-headed American boobus that “No, we were not kidding you, they were trying to kill you ALL, and actually PUSHED THE BUTTON to do it before we stopped them.” “Them” being General Milley. They still won’t listen but we’d get over a plurality at least.

    Because, get real, Russia isn’t going to allow them in. When Russia puts the Tesla ray gun in the air and fries the electronics on everything airborne within 100 miles of Zap, it’ll be a hairy thing and nobody know if it’ll work, but it will put a firm end to this for now.

    What is that, tomorrow? Next week?


    It’s important to pause sometimes and get a feel for the humans involved in the SMO

    They’re not Ukronazis, these Ukro guys just seem like normal men caught in a bad loop of history.

    Their ‘commanders’ lead from the rear, not like Russian commanders who historically lead from the front.

    Today, June 23 (some sources say June 24), 1812 the invasion of Russia by Napoleon’s Grande Armee has started.

    How appropriate. Napoleon, Hitler, NATO………..

    The Collective West and their retarded NATO monkeys throwing shit at the blackboard to see what sticks……

    AFU Prisoners Give Their Stories

    Bosco stick

    Come on Bosco stick around!
    Really, we need your input like you need ours – just to much tomato and not enough sauce


    RIP Katerina. We are dealing with monsters here. Murderers, liars and thieves, the synagog of satan. Every 1, every 1 of your politicians is a freemason , who takes his orders from jewbankers, the neworldorder, which is Hell, where we now find ourselves, yes? The dead Ukrainians, the missing and murdered children, the sex slaves…how much blood, depravity sickness and death will it take for good people to wake the fuck up?


    The ignorant enemies have been quick to gloat and project their evil desires.

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: I’m glad to hear that your dad was one of the good Anglican Priests.

    Veracious Poet

    Good people to wake the fuck up?

    All I see are a bunch of toxic child EG0 “adults” clinging to fantastical hubris & terminal selfishness · greed, anxiously obsessed with their next toy and/or fix 🙄

    Oh! And tribal scapegoatisms from top-to-bottom (now with AI!) 😐

    Then, there are shortage of low IQ narcissistic psychopaths (like you) spouting absolute garbage about secret conspiracies ad nauseum, when there’s a plethora of *HARD TRUTH* DOCUMENTED evidence, in-broad-daylight, detailing ongoing, *massive* corruption + criminally insanity of the *gatekeepers*, abundant sufficient at levels that *should* keep LEOs + judicial entities buried for at least 20 years…

    That is, if the rule-of-law was still in effect & the UniParty GlobalCap mafia did not have *total* control 🙄

    This is why we can’t have nice things (stupid is, as stupid does example):

    That will mesh perfectly with the otherwise-impossible Biden Impeachment where we can put all the evidence before the thick-headed American boobus that “No, we were not kidding you, they were trying to kill you ALL, and actually PUSHED THE BUTTON to do it before we stopped them.” “Them” being General Milley. They still won’t listen but we’d get over a plurality at least.

    Good luck with that, you know turning sheeple against The Narrative, that’s been burned into their lizard brain-stems since kindergarten…

    70%+ of the electorate is *now* addicted to big brother U$ Empire, even the ones that aren’t “good” DnC comrades, you know the “good” GOP “patriots” that rely on .MIL + .GOV “careers” like a welfare queen relies on socialism freebies (Nanny State, one & all, from cradle-to-grave) 🙄

    And all the gazillions of Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. pontificated by the Interweb “good guys” is about as useful as a handbrake on a canoe, worse yet the lack of human interaction creates another whole level of dysfunction, distraction & disloyalty that thus far (30 years on) has pushed *ANY* unifying concept, ideology & *HARD TRUTH* factors beyond *ALL* human grasp…

    Long, long gone are the sacrifices of The Founding Fathers, the hard won ideological truths gifted through The Enlightenment, the real reality of Natural Law jurisprudence that enshrined, upheld & protected American citizenry from enemies, whether foreign or domestic, all superseded by 90 years of U$ UniParty GlobalCap Empire.

    But, you all be you, plastering you’re I-Know-Everything keyboard boogie into infinite data banks, I’m sure that’ll show em’ 😉



    You’re certainly veracious, but not very poetic.

    Michael Reid

    There is some turmoil in Russia after Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner Group private military company, was accused by the government of staging an armed insurrection.





    I wonder if AI is capable of doing a video of Wagner doing that rant.


    AI enhanced videos/pictures at

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