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    Figmund Sreud

    Bizarre. Directly from TASS:

    MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. A criminal case over charges of organization of armed mutiny was initiated against Wagner PMC founder Yevgeny Prigozhin after his Telegram channel published his claims that the Russian Defense Ministry hit PMC units with airstrikes and his calls for supporters to rise against the national government.


    D Benton Smith


    What is it about think-tanks that make them suck so much?”

    That one’s so easy I’m thinking maybe it’s a rhetorical question?

    On the off chance that’s it’s just a regular question type question, the answer is that they are paid to deliver the desired answer rather than the correct answer, and anyone in the tank who says otherwise or questions the collective nonsense will get fired on the spot and “cancelled”.

    Basically thinks-tanks are like toilets. Some people like to take things out to spread around, whereas other (sane) folks just hit the flush lever and forget about it.


    I’m seeing everything from:

    —Wagner is in open rebellion
    —other troops are “going over to Wagner”
    —Wagner has taken over Rostov on Don
    —Wagner has engaged regular army units around Voronezh
    —Military units are being deployed all over Moscow


    —Wagner is nowhere near Voronezh nor Rostov
    —Webcam and social media indicate nothing unusual in Rostov
    —This is just a spat between Prigozhin and MoD
    —Military units were positioned in Moscow earlier for some unrelated reason (dirty bomb threat, Ukranian insurgent attack?)


    —This is a Russian psyop
    —This is a Ukrainian psyop
    —This is a NATO psyop
    —Russia is collapsing into civil war
    —Wagner is about to be turned into a fine red mist
    —Nothing serious is happening


    John Day said

    @Aspnaz: I’m glad to hear that your dad was one of the good Anglican Priests.

    My father was not an Anglican priest. He was a Christian working in Africa for Christian charities. His introduction to Africa was with UAC, but he decided to move from commercial work to Christian charity work.


    Putin was a colonel in the KGB, why would Prigozhin ever believe that he could out-gun Putin? I find his faux concern for his criminal fighters to be very touching and totally false, especially as they were all being paid by Putin. But, it is obvious that this is the story that they are using to test the waters of rebellion. Is this whole thing organised by Putin to get the rebels to reveal themselves or has Prigozhin gone mad? There is no way he is working for the west, unless he is doing so with Putin’s blessing, and no way he actually wants to remove Putin, so this is some sort of play against the west.


    The USA was never going to defeat Russia by beating them in Ukraine: Ukraine is not Russia. The goal would always have been a greater war between Russia and NATO triggered by the Ukraine war. Given that premise, and that the greater war has not started, why would it be a surprise if NATO used their intelligence services to try and neutralise Russia before the fighting begins. I always expected NATO to use their spies to kill Putin, I am sure that Putin did too, and I am sure that the paper planes they flew into the Kremlin did not persuade Putin that “this is all they got”.

    If Russia is expecting this western security services assault to intensify, and I suspect that they believe that it is imminently likely to explode, then to preempt the problem, the Russian security services are culling the people who would try to overthrow the Russian government. Whoever those people may be, this is a purge, a purification of Russia, a preparation for war. Basically they are rounding up their internal enemies and they will put them in camps. Wagner is the excuse.

    Wagner is obviously totally loyal to Russia, so this is not betrayal, so there is something else happening.


    —The MSM/CNN are ecstatic over the possibility of Wagner being destroyed
    This is a USANATO psyop
    Wagner is obviously totally loyal to Russia, so this is not betrayal, so there is something else happening.

    The minds at TAE have discussed and analyzed How people are motivated.

    This is a Virtual war story that is embellished/enhanced with AI pictures and AI video.
    You fell for the covid story. Now …. apply your lessons.

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