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    Edward Hopper Summertime 1943   • Structural Basis Of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity of HCQ (RS) • Half Of New Israel Covid-19 Cases In Last Month Were
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 25 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Summertime 1943

    Love Hopper…
    This one is great…
    The setting for that young woman is just perfect…


    The setting for that young woman is just perfect…

    Ha ha, but I think she’s still happier alone than she would be being with the people sitting in the sun in the Hopper I posted on June 22


    “The offer was immediately met with opposition from some EU countries, especially the three Baltic countries and Poland”. Wow sounds a lot like some rhetoric from about eight decades ago.

    Solar Panels Create 50 Times More Waste Than Predicted, Much Of It Toxic (RT)
    Having lived “off grid” since ’05 I can assure you that this is looking at solar PV as a continuum of BAU. Not going to happen. Being self employed and working mostly in my local neighbourhood we can live our lives according to our power sources availability. i.e. Doing our homestead chores when there is enough incoming power. Storage is for carrying us through low periods and to make it work better we do very little “electric” work on dull days as well as after dark. The world economy will not function only on sunny days with reduced power consumption even then compared to now. That, as most here know, is just the electrical part of global energy use and only 20% at that. Improved efficiency isn’t going to make us “up grade” we aren’t selling the extra we generate so improved efficiency has no lustre. Before someone asks we have 5.4kw worth of panels and 8 deep cycle solar 200 amp hour batteries and run the house through a Outback GS 8048 inverter at approx. 45 degrees North.

    Mister Roboto

    El Cartero Atomico

    Here is an interesting article from an Italian news source. Looks like the CDC will be changing its mind about booster shots. The article describes how some Italian medical personnel are worried that their vaccine induced antibodies are disappearing.

    V. Arnold

    Ha ha, but I think she’s still happier alone than she would be being with the people sitting in the sun in the Hopper I posted on June 22

    Lol, ya sure, you betcha…that Hopper was bizare, IMO…


    Critical thinkers are elitist.

    Math/numbers is too hard/complicated for the majority of the people to even try to understand.
    Truth is hiding under a pile of numbers.
    Bullshit is on top of a pile of numbers.

    Have you noticed the number of people standing around a public work site watching/avoiding getting dirty, the one worker using/working with a shovel in a hole?

    TAE is the bullshit shovel.


    In the UK, Matt Hancock (secretary of Health) has just been found out to have promoted his lover (and intern) into the department of health and social care (DHSC) as non-executive director on an annual salary of £15,000. Boris Johnson has given a short press conference on the sunject and has stated that the matter is now “closed”.

    For TAE readers, here are two jobs available for soon-to-be unemployed members of UK govt.

    1) organiser of drinks inside brewery
    2) welk stand sales


    Well said zerosum. Sometimes the smell is thick and you just wanna move past it and sometimes it is an intuition but something doesn’t smell right. I can almost guarantee someone here will be onto it. For that I am grateful


    Oh and I bought some horse paste for the first time – Joe Rogan interview with Brett and Pierre made me think a toilet paper emergency would occur with ivermectin – still underground info I am afraid


    Anyone know what’s the exact difference between horse paste and IVM for human use?

    Doc Robinson

    • Nearly All US COVID Deaths Now Among Unvaccinated People (NYP)

    Using the CDC’s numbers (which they say are “likely an undercount”) , it works out to 2.26% of “Covid-19 deaths” were in the fully vaccinated group, during the period from May 1 to June 14. (The number of fully vaccinated people on May 1 was 101 Million, and on June 14 was 144 Million.)

    The vaccines supposedly reduce an individual’s chances of catching Covid-19 by around 1% (as enumerated at the top of today’s Debt Rattle), but in a population of more than 300 million people, the total number of “Covid-19 deaths” added up to 22,566 during that period, with only 511 of those deaths attributed (by the CDC) to vaccine breakthrough cases.

    To be clear, the estimates I made earlier (using the CDC’s numbers) about the relative number of hospitalizations and deaths of breakthrough cases are looking at what happens once a vaccinated person gets a symptomatic infection.

    So, the limited data indicates that the vaccinated have less chance of becoming a Covid case statistic (and I don’t know how much of the difference in numbers is actually due to the vaccine, and how much is potentially due to multiple other causes, such as prevention behaviors, undercounting, etc.)

    But, according to the CDC data I presented earlier, for the fully vaccinated people who later get a symptomatic case of Covid, they have a significantly higher chance of being hospitalized or dying, compared to unvaccinated people with symptomatic infections.

    And it’s all conditional on the quality of the data.

    From the original AP article:
    “The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data.”

    From the CDC:
    “The number of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC likely are an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons… These surveillance data are a snapshot and help identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases.”

    Mr. House

    I concur with the archdruid as my exp. was the same as his and he’s much older then i:

    “Forecasting, I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV. I don’t have any particular opinion about vaccines, other than I want to see them adequately tested before I’m willing to take them, and I also like to weigh the risks against the benefits. I’ve had Covid-19, and it was no big deal — I’ve had colds that were worse. Since I’ve had it, I also have as much immunity to it as a killed-virus vaccine will provide, so I’m really not in the market for a vaccine these days. “

    Mr. House

    Food for thought, i’ve had a similar feeling for the past year and a half:

    Mister Roboto

    I’ve been reading quite a few headlines lately about a resurgent crimewave. No doubt its causes are a complex matter, but the first place I would point a finger of blame is at the economic desperation created by the lockdown policy.

    Mr. House

    “economic desperation created by the lockdown policy”

    Almost like it was a plan. The greatest level of control can be had when people fear the most. Fear the virus, fear the people burning down cities, fear the loss of your business. Fear the person walking down the same sidewalk as you. Fear DJT because he’s a nazi, not us. Then on top of that, you aren’t allowed to actually see anyone, speak in person, you must hunker down in your home like solitary confinement.. Why are prisoners sent to solitary confinement, to break their will? Why is it so obvious to some of us, but not others? My father, who i love dearly, was a tyrant, the paterfamilias if you will in the modern sense. Perhaps some of us recognize the tactics/ protocols better then others, not to mention you must MUST read history! It helps you to recognize the patterns.

    Mr. House

    The only thing you have to fear, is fear itself 😉

    Dr. D

    “• The Delta COVID-19 Variant Has A Mutation Called K417N (R.)”
    HCQ works against all of them.”

    So does natural immunity. Since you’ve got a 99.97% chance of being fine.

    “Almost 600m NHS Home Covid Tests Unaccounted For (G.)”

    Does this say 600 Million? There are only 60 million people in all of England, 10 tests for every man, woman and child. Of only this one type. Um….does this say fraud to anyone? The amounts of cash needed to hold the system together are so large they’re beginning to bend gravity and can’t be hidden even in military and NHS budgets anymore?

    “Britain Acknowledges Surprise At Speed Of Russian Reaction To Warship (G.)”

    Ok, BBC reporter is on deck. He and the Russians say that Russia dropped bombs ahead of the Destroyer when it entered Crimea territorial waters. The Captain and Downing Street deny it. Uh-huh.
    Here’s why: if they falsely claim Russia never fired – they were in a totally unrelated Naval live-fire exercise nearby that just happened !totally coincidentally! to be on top of our Destroyer – then they can claim Russia sunk the destroyed without warning or provocation in international waters. That’s how unhinged and dangerous these people are.

    BBC reporter, schmeporter! We just lie anyway. Why bother even telling him to lie?

    Okay, so London still has this bizarre unhinged conspiracy theory that they matter to anyone and run the world. That anyone like or believes a word they say. Even us. So scenario: Britain sinks their totally useless 19th century tin boat. London shouts EU and US have to rally ‘round a chum and nuke Russia. Uh, yeah, no. The U.S. says bye bye. Germany – who has already conquered Europe without a shot – says, “yeah, we like the lights on, we need Russian gas and nuclear electric. Besides: you’re not the EU! Bye England.” The Pound sinks as England is a totally sick, broken, irrelevant third world nation whose ships can be sunk with impunity. That has knock-on effect that the US apparently won’t/can’t defend themselves, their word means nothing.

    …Oh there’ll be a “Great Reset” alright, but you won’t like it.

    Americans cheer! Thank God we’re not roaming the world and are stuck at home now. Thank God we’re not the world police. Thank God the Federal level can’t do anything anymore and about ceases to exist. We voted for that all day long, 30 years running.

    Already done. Past tense. The U.S. is “balkanizing”; that is, the States are taking over, just like they were supposed to all along.

    The only thing remaining is the Discrediting > Bond fall> US$ fall > Stock fall > multi-currency non US$ decentralized system. Powell is printing $1T a NIGHT to hold it together now. Biden is posting $6T a pop and the market says, “Too small.” Printing is the only thing still working, besides the media. Lose that, the Federal level evaporates, with Federal power, the FBI, CIA, CRT, and every black hat out there making trouble.

    Speaking of the Fed, here’s how unhinged the land of #AntiLogos is: The Fed says, “Inflation is transitory”. –Subprime is contained.– Okay, the market believes the Fed, fine, that’s what people and markets do.

    Fed comes out this week says, “Inflation is NOT transitory. In fact, it’s going to go on longer than we can predict.” Wow. Really? Okay, if you say so. Market, People say, “No it isn’t. We don’t believe the Fed, we believe the Fed. Don’t worry about what the Fed says: they’re wrong, we believe the Fed.” Gotcha.

    …Just like Medicine, Fauci, the CDC, everywhere, every time, all the time. That’s it! The Fed says inflation is coming but that’s not true because the Fed says Inflation isn’t coming. A = A, A ≠ A. That’s the liturgy of religious zealots of #AntiLogos. If it’s illogical, it “R” us.

    And if “UR” not with us, “UR” against us. And are violent terrorists. Who can topple the US with an unarmed tour of the velvet ropes of the rotunda. Although you’d need nukes to topple us. Except two Afghan farmers and a goat beat us while sitting on a rock. Except we won and are going home. Which is why we’re not, we’re staying, but we’re pulling out.

    A tangled tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve”

    Dr. D

    “I would point a finger of blame is at the economic desperation created by the lockdown policy.”


    Mr. House

    Groundbreaking ‘superhero’ vaccine based on Olympic athlete DNA could transform society

    Is this the kind of world you want to live in?

    Great movie and very relevant to our times:

    absolute galore

    Raul–the Ivermectin in horse paste is the same medication. It is in concentration of a certain amount–mine is 1.87% and comes in a syringe with an amount that can treat a 1250 lb horse. Dividing my body weight into that, I can get about six doses. I paid less than $5 per package at Tractor Supply. A lot of the Ivermectin products are indeed under lock and key–these are bulk items that theorectically could be toxic to kids. But the various brands of paste were out on the shelf.

    Careful, some have additional ingredients. Of course they have warnings, Not For Human Consuption, but aside from possible impurities in the paste itself, and maybe not as precise of a dose, I have not heard of problems. Mine is apple flavored. I bought them to tide me over while I waited for my shipment from India of pills designed for us humans. All set now.

    absolute galore

    Re: Groundbreaking SuperHero Vaccines: What could go wrong? Lets just start with the idea of keeping everyone around past their natural expiration date on an already overcrowded planet. But I suspect we needn’t worry, as most will be wiped out by a SuperVillain Virus created by a genius in one of our war laboratories that will make Covid look like a runny nose. Or a nuclear war. Or a worldwide famine. Or…whatever.

    Not feeling pain?! Ivan Illich is rolling in his grave. It was bad enough when we started messing with tomatoes and corn. Man are we stupid.

    The likelihood of a “superhero” vaccine relies on finding real-life superhumans whose genes are uniquely resistant to disease, or those more capable of fighting them. An example is the Finnish Olympian Eero Mäntyranta, who was found to have an unusually high level of hemoglobin, indicating an excess of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, which boosted his endurance levels.

    Other examples include American Sharlayne Tracy, who was found to have unusually low cholesterol levels, and an unnamed Pakistani boy who could not feel pain. The exact number of people with superhuman genes remains unclear, but is thought to include several million people worldwide.

    Prof. Ashley believes genetic databases such as the UK BioBank, which currently holds health and genetic information on more than 500,000 people, will play a crucial part in genetic vaccine development. They have already uncovered superhuman genes for heart disease, liver disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, and could hold the key to cancer prevention and other terminal diseases in the future.


    If a doctor offers your healthy child a drug, and then advises you to watch for a “rare” cardiac emergency for days/weeks after the drug,


    “Rare” actually means undisclosed risk rate. WALK AWAY.

    Mr. House

    Critical race theory: Fear white people because they’re all racist and want to harm you!

    Mr. House

    Fear: its all the losers have left in their bag, resist it


    Superhero vaccine…
    I’m not going to suppose that this sort of research *shouldn’t* be pursued (I enjoy the Star Trek universe, after all.). However, from watching this Covid vaccine rollout it is very clear that Big Pharma’s zeal to put profit making above all else is counter productive to long-term safety testing of new technologies and to a sane pace of development.

    Mr. House

    Big Pharma was total S%(^ before covid, which makes it all the more surprising that so many (nakedcapitalism, who had multiple articles in the years leading up to 2020 making just that point) decided to trust them all of a sudden. FEAR, recognize when someone is trying to use it to make you comply with their wants.

    Mr. House

    Also, have principles and do not sway from them. Principles do not bend. If you believe in something, anything (other then team red and team blue) it makes you that much more impervious to someone trying to manipulate you. Stick to your principles and you’ll never be wrong. Their is a reason the saying “those who believe in nothing, will fall for anything” exists.

    Mr. House

    Which is closer to the world we live in: Robocop or star trek?

    Mr. House


    Great movie!

    Dr. D

    PS as TOTALLY PREDICTIBLE. I predicted it the day of the lockdown. Lockdowns will ultimately kill more people than Covid. I’z so meeeeeaaaannn. Cruel, uncaring Docktor.

    Survey Sez??? Lockdowns DIDN’T WORK. Any where, any time. Therefore EVERY lockdown death is more than Covid alone. As predicted. And as per losing 25% of your income for 18 months, dying of poverty. But they’ll say that robbery, murder, BLM burning down your black business, was not Covid.

    CRT, since they can’t stop lying. Opened mouth. Lie came out.

    Hey does that say this? ““Critical Theory” means the Western-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, developed in Germany in the 1930s and drawing on the ideas of Karl Marx…”

    So Critical Theory promotes Socialism. So what is this?

    “’Critical Race Theory’ is grounded in ‘Critical Theory’…”

    …Aaaaaaaand therefore is Socialism. That’s the real bag, the real answer to racism is for the workers to own the means of production, wut. Because Socialist places are never racist against Ukrainians and extinguish them all for breathing. Just like 5-house owning millionaire BLM founder says, “We were trained Marxists”. Trained by whom? Btw, good solidarity to the people. You let everyone stay at your five houses, right comrade? In their all-white neighborhoods? A: nope, of course not. “To get rich is glorious” as another Marxist said. “You Own Nothing” because I already own it all. I’m a Party Member. You’re a worker bee. In the Siberian uranium mines. Don’t you see how we’re the same?

    CRT. How do people buy this trollop? How hard is it to type, “CRT, Wikipedia”?


    absolute galore

    Just got my Friday dose of my favorite wordsmith, James Howard Kunstler. It’s genius how,for some time now, he puts “Joe Biden” in quotes whenever he uses the name. I crack up every time. Works on a few levels for me. Gotta get our giggles where we can these days! ;^)

    I’m sure y’all know where to find him, but Justin Case:

    a kullervo


    An analogy:
    – Modern civilization is the Titanic, and the proverbial iceberg is an EROI which dropped below the threshold required to keep civilization’s engine chugging along. World’s population at large didn’t saw that coming, like a thief in the night.

    If everyone was listening, you know
    There’d be a chance that we could save the show
    Who’ll be the last clown
    To bring the house down?

    Nice, prophetic words…

    Why worry, there should be laughter after pain
    There should be sunshine after rain
    These things have always been the same
    So why worry now?
    Why worry now?

    There’s no need to transmogrify Pleasure & Pain into Good & Evil, but we just can’t help ourselves. (Pleasure & Pain are interwoven into the fabric of the Universe and have no moral significance whatsoever.)


    Superhero Vaccine:

    “Scientists liken gene editing to the “autocorrect” feature used to correct spelling mistakes in documents written on a computer.”

    We all know how well autocorrect works.


    > Scientists liken gene editing to the “autocorrect” feature <

    Breathtaking presumption in that phrase: as though we know what’s genetically superfluous and what’s not.


    Mr. House

    “Just like 5-house owning millionaire BLM founder says, “We were trained Marxists”. Trained by whom?”



    > “Just like 5-house owning millionaire BLM founder says, “We were trained Marxists”. Trained by whom?”


    Hear, hear: the Very Few’s goal is to destroy any social solidarity, and Marx had many accurate things to say in that
    realm. Hence his false-flag discrediting.. having the woke/CIA “left” go all in (yer “edgy” Rania CIA Khalek-types especially) for small business-destroying Lockdown was part of the same scheme, I think. Workin’ purty durn well, AFAICS..

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