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    William-Adolphe Bouguereau Whisperings of Love 1889   • US Knew Of Wagner Coup Plans In Advance – NYT (RT) • Prigozhin ‘Exiled’ To Belarus In Exc
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    Mornin’ all!

    TVASSF (it’s an everyday occurrence)


    Used to be that excercise was somethng one did to strengthen and protect the cardiovascular system.
    No longer so.

    16.5MILLION Americans at risk of stroke from EXERCISING too hard, study suggests

    TVASSF (and gullible too)


    Pro basketball player who previously blamed COVID vaccine for rare heart condition dies of heart attack

    “I got a damn Myocarditis from taking a f—ing vaccine. (I got 2 doses of Pfizer) And I knew it! Many people warned me,” Cabrera Adames wrote on social media.



    Brilliant Psy – Op !

    Viva RF and Wagner…. 4 dimensional Chess vs Rainbow Team Biden-

    To the VaXd – When you’re Dead you’re Dead – There are much batter ways to take care of your health – like not trusting your Criminal Regime dick sucking Pharma DOD Bio-Warfare never ending Wars for profit Locking your ass down Govt

    If anyone should be worried about Coups- it’s the Nato scum that should be looking over their shoulders.


    67 year-old Bill Gates is a “health expert”

    69 year-old @RobertKennedyJr is a “science denier”

    Gates = Soft Turd

    Kennedy = Ulysses

    Trust the experts



    I love a good chart


    The Black

    It’s time to end the J6 charade. Whether the US was involved in the Prigozhin move or not, this should illustrate to all Americans what “serious” looks like.


    Imagine if all this drones were armed and had your GPS coordinates

    There, now you can imagine the trajectory of modern combined arms warfare

    Dr. D

    “California Drought Is Over, Major Reservoirs Overflowing
    Only about 5% of the state is in “moderate drought”…

    We’re all saved! Global Warming is over! Food becomes abundant! So now that’s fixed, I expect AFKTT and others to quote it weekly, like they did when it was drought? Fair’s fair, right?

    “after enough time online, users will lose both the knowledge and the vocabulary they would need to even have politically dangerous thoughts.

    I think this is in 1984, among others. That’s the very definition of “Newspeak.” They did this in reverse here where, we still have all the words, but no one has any distinctions between them. “Liberty” is the same as “Freedom”, “Arrest” is the same as “Arraign” to have some recent ones. Words have meaning. And when you reverse their very meaning, as Obama did yesterday with “Democracy”, you can now name things their opposite, and not only don’t they protest, they can’t even tell!

    Then we have the daily sight of a news article where each sentence contradicts the previous, yet neither the author nor the reader are aware anything is wrong.

    Yes, this is the real goal. However, I don’t think they could get there if you 1) Arrested every person involved in the trampling of Free Speech, among other Human rights. We have 100,000 examples, from every department, every person, every candidate (including Trump), and every NGO which ALSO gets Federal funding, so where are the arrests?

    If no arrests, this is a lawless government, in opposition to the Rights of Man, and we know what the Declaration says about that.

    The reason we are so annoyed about “Trans” — and possibly why it’s pushed so hard — is exactly this. It’s not that WORDS have meaning, I spoke with someone this week giving me all the official definitions, to which I can only say “I know”, it’s that REALITY EXISTS. You can call this Man Trans, who is now a “woman” but wears men’s clothes, presents as a man, and is a Lesbian, call him a “Woman” (this was literally being described to me) but it doesn’t change anything. No surgery = still a man. (With surgery = Frankenstein man, still not a ‘woman’) The offensive part is gaslighting that the most OBVIOUS things, like that the sink is running, the narcissistic mentally ill abusers say it isn’t. So yes, we have to stop everything to address that. And they know it, keeping our effort and attention off more important things like NOT DYING, and not having our children chopped up and die. But note, this is nothing, a zero. It’s only words. “Words, words, words.” I say a word and you jump as if it’s real and run around in circles. It’s hilarious.

    “• Many Western States in ‘Critical Situation’ Due to High Public Debt – IMF (Sp.)

    Don’t follow the money, follow the stuff, the BTUs. Why is that a Critical Situation? The money isn’t lost, it just went to some other guy. Why’s that a problem? Are you saying you re-routed all the normal operations, work, investments, away from productive, working people and gave it to unproductive, unworking people? Because that’s one of the only ways debt could make you critical.

    Do we have any examples where the debt is wiped clean and economies re-start, bounce back, fresh and strong and new? Anywhere in history?

    “If Congress does not stop deficit spending then the outcome is certain with the only remaining question being time.”

    Yes, and the time is, 20, 30, 40, 50 years. No points for being right if your timing is off by generations. You won’t retire on it.

    “”There is nothing unusual about the incumbent not participating in primary debates: in fact, no sitting president has taken part in the event since at least 1948..”

    Maybe. But Armstrong disagrees and says the failure of Biden to debate simply proves he’d lose and be incoherent and embarrassing. He also says there will essentially not be a 2024 election. Either none, or no one will believe it anyway.

    “Eight in ten…democratic voters… want to see a series of Democratic debates during the 2024 campaign.”

    Well that’s a positive, healthy thing.

    Not that much going on with the – have to say, utterly fake – Wagner thing taking all the oxygen. It’s so dumb it can’t be fooling intel agencies if it’s not fooling me. Yet they would have no choice but to follow it either. So…what would Russia, or everybody, sneak through while this is going on? Not that they won’t notice, but that 3rd desk of paper clips who sends an obscure memo suggesting Russian sub movements…maybe…won’t be read up in the boardroom this week. This is similar to moving those 25k soldiers to Belarus, but saying they’re not a flanking force, except that’s wide open and obvious.

    So…Progozin is a threat to topple and coup the Russian State with 50 trucks, 200km from his forces, into a barricaded city of 12M, but is NOT a threat to take over tiny Belarus instead? Riiiiiiiiiiight. And use all Belarus to ACTUALLY take over Moscow? Riiiiiiiiight. So nobody… No. Body. …believes this. Not Putin, not Lukashenko, not Shoigu, not the Generals under him, nobody.

    So who is this puppet show for? Certainly the West(ern Intel) won’t buy it. Agree: they paid Wagner…but not Wagner, his oligarch uppers…for a billion-dollar coup, they took the money and had to “provide service”. So they put on a puppet show of a coup. Fake money, fake coup; that’s fair, right?

    (And got to track the communications of Generals, Wagners, Oligarchs, etc while this happened.)

    What are they supposed to say: “Yeah, turns out 1/3 of the Russian Generals are paid off traitors.”? No way! That’s bad for Russian self image, bad for support, bad all around. So you need a premise to find out who, how much, and have them “retire” before your offensive, which must be imminent. (Month-s-?) Also you DEFINITELY don’t want the Anglos to know that YOU know, which generals are on the take, because then they’ll back-discount all the bad intel you fed them to pass along to MI6. Has to happen organically.

    Russia House:
    ” Sir, the shopping list… It’s only questions, isn’t it? It wouldn’t tell anyone anything?

    [It would tell] Everything. It would tell what we know by telling what we “don’t” know. And it would tell what we would most like to know. If the Sovs get ‘the list’, we might as well have published the notebooks, just as Barley promised Dante.


    Remember, the Chinese had gun powder first for amusement




    New day! Good Morning!

    The Western MSM talking experts are still trying to generate hate against Russia.
    The MSM did not have time to generate AI generated images for a peaceful conclusion.

    Here what the new TV pictures are telling me this morning

    A peaceful march/convoy by the Wagner military towards Moscow.
    Moscow authorities taking safety precautions in case there are trouble makers generating riots.
    Happy Crowds taking selfies, cheering, and celebrating.
    Calm/strong Government reaction/control resulting in a peaceful conclusion.
    (No over reaction like/contrary to J6 and Freedom Convoy of arrest and jail.)
    25K troops on their way to redeployment to Belarus.

    I’m not trying to change your mind
    I’m the only one who agrees with me..

    Here is how it was done.
    The more we learn about the 2020 election, the more undeniable it becomes that Biden owes his “victory” to blatant political corruption. To wit: 18 points.
    And this is just what we know despite the feds’ best efforts. Imagine how much we don’t.


    found cut and paste
    According to the situation.

    1. Rosavtodor reported that traffic on the M4 highway has been fully restored. Work continues to eliminate local damage to the highway and fences.
    Traffic on the bridge over the Oka has also been restored.

    2. A number of recruitment centers of PMC “Wagner” have resumed the recruitment of volunteers to participate in the NWO. New cases of removal of advertising recruitment in PMC “Wagner” are not reported.

    3. Military airfields in Rostov and Millerovo are operating as usual. The operational activities of the headquarters of the Southern Military District are carried out without interference in full.

    4. Many people have become victims of their own panic and stupidity, buying a dollar at 95-105 rubles and plane tickets at 200-300 thousand rubles. Right.

    5. Due to the closure of roads in the Rostov region, the delivery of “Ozone” did not work yesterday. I started working this afternoon.
    Boris Rozhin 05:15


    Sonia Elijah


    Aaron Siri


    Trump is happening to Russia: the shit is seeping out the cracks.

    Prigozhin has revealed the quality of the people surrounding Putin. Take Prigozhin, a failed oligarch, still has tons of cash, a friend of Putin, also been in jail for over 10 years for everything from armed robbery, to importing drugs to basically everything that fucks over the Russian people. This person was chosen by Putin to defend Russia? What sort of crook is Putin if this is his best option? Why is Putin still supporting this piece of shite?

    Take Kadyrov, the Chechen leader who was given Chechnia by Putin, but Putin assassinated his father after giving his father the premiership of Chechnia. Yet Kadyrov is still loyal to Putin, realising that without Putin Kadyrov is nothing and would be wiped out tomorrow. Maybe it was because his men enjoyed raping the women in Ukraine, after all, they are now famous for it.

    Take St Petersburg, the Putin powerbase, versus Moscow, the military powerbase with the generals hated by Prigozhin. Prigozhin is against the military powerbase, but supports the Putin powerbase. What does this tell you about the country and its laws and establishment? Third world with nukes.

    We all know that government officials in Russia are corrupt as fuck, stealing all the government money while pretending to build bridges etc. The Russian people have no options other than to support Putin, what else can they do, they cannot revolt, that will not work, it is impossible for them to see themselves earning an honest wage and keeping it.

    Russian politics is best understood as the politics of the mafia. Loyalty is everything and if you are not loyal you will be destroyed, so celebrities will always back Putin, because they know that otherwise they will lose everything.

    The reality of Russia is being exposed, it is a land of thugs in suits. We know this, we have always known this, they are the same as the thugs in the USA, but they have better weapons. The thugs in Russia are also battle hardened, they did not steal their wealth without a fight, and they will not allow others to take their power without a fight.

    I remember, when I was working in Russia, asking a friend who had moved back, after working in the west, why he didn’t buy a house in Moscow. His response was that if he bought a house in the style and quality that he wanted, he would quite possibly have the house taken away from him by a local government official and would not receive any compensation …. in other words, stolen from him.

    Sure, many in the west support Russia because their leaders are decisive, clever and are beating the western leaders. The problem is that they are just another bunch of crooks. When I was in Moscow, the word on the street was that Putin owned 75% of Gazprom, making him one of the biggest crooks of them all, which is probably why he comes across as a clever man.

    Still, better than the Ukraine Nazis.


    “The flight” by Mos(cow)film with English subs.
    Great two-part movie about last days of and post-civil war Russia. Tragedy of division that Putin was talking about in yesterday’s video posted at TAE. Story starts. as if ever, in the areas of current conflict before moving to then Constantinople and Paris.
    Superb acting and camera shots. Enjoy!


    ‘Criminal’: Confidential EU documents reveal thousands of deaths from Pfizer-BioNTech shots

    “The documents, dated Aug. 18, 2022, and marked “confidential,” show that cumulatively, during the clinical trials and post-marketing period up to June 18, 2022, a total of 4,964,106 adverse events were recorded. The documents included an appendix with further details about the specifics about the identified adverse events.

    Among children under age 17, 189 deaths and thousands of serious adverse events were reported.”



    I honestly don’t know what I was looking at for the past 24 hours, although it surely was silly and entertaining.

    What were the KNOWN results? Specific things that we know for certain have changed and would not have changed otherwise?

    I can only think of one. The CTO – Counter-Terrorism Operation response to events – or “events.”

    With CTO engaged, Russia now has a sort of Patriot Act On Steroids in effect. (from yesterday’s MoA comments section:)

    “….. The differences in Russian law between an SMO and CTO are very serious.

    Special Military Operation (SMO) is a conventional term which describes the scope of current Russian operations in Ukraine. The conduct of the SMO does not affect life within Russia in any significant legal sense. A CTO by contrast, is a legal framework with key implications for Russian citizens, as well as people living in the area of operations.

    The CTO regime is introduced and canceled by the head of Russia’s FSB. As such it is primarily a national security measure. The purpose of a CTO regime is to prevent or minimise the consequences of any and all threats to national security, such as (but not limited to) terrorist attacks.

    A brief summary of CTO legal implications:
    • FSB officers become part of the command structure of the military operation and participate in military planning and decision making at the highest levels.
    • Conscripted soldiers may be utilised in combat operations (not just mobilized reservists).
    • Security services may requisition property of citizens such as personal vehicles, warehouses etc for CTO use.
    • Strict powers of control over the exchange of information.
    • Communication means may be disconnected by security services without notice.
    • Unimpeded access to any CTO employee into any premises in Russia without the need for legal warrant.
    • Restrictions on freedom of movement
    • Employees of FSB, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Emergency Situations and others, become part of the CTO.
    • Expanded powers to security forces in who may be designated a hostile combatant. This opens the door to targeted destruction of non-military individuals…..”


    Now they tell us?

    Military Vaccine Mandate Violated Charter Rights

    “A recent military tribunal has determined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) vaccine mandate to be in violation of Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”



    You found it! Now Russia will be able to use the law for a full scale war.

    I wonder why they violated the charter of rights?



    He’s out to lunch and a liar
    Russia Latest: Blinken Says Wagner Uprising Challenges Putin

    ( Surly, Blinken realizes the possibility of having 25k trained troops in Belarus will change his “War Games”)

    D Benton Smith

    I think it is highly probable (bordering on certainty) that the vast majority of people (maybe 90% or better) have a misconstrued idea of what victory and defeat actually look like. I fear that most people envision both victory, and defeat, as singular and distinct events with clearly delineated start and stop times, like the gunfight at high noon on the dusty main street between the good white hat hero and the bad black hat villain.

    Nope. That ain’t the way it is at all. Not by a long shot. The two states of being (victorious and defeated) are positions on a sinusoidal wave which has those two states as the extreme limits that define an eternally ongoing up and down curve of winning and losing in the never ending attempt to get what we want.

    The most extreme of those two extremes are birth and death because those two fundamental transitions mark the start and stop of the cycle of existence as an individual HUMAN being. Nevertheless, and importantly, it should be noted that the although the organic material body is an essentially necessary component of the game of life it is FAR less than half of the full picture of what’s going on with you in the wider view of YOU.

    Just because you temporarily (and laboriously) assemble an entire “package” of things and ideas which comprise an “identity” complete with voter registration card and personal history, does NOT mean that the package is you. The package is merely a possession. It might be a cherished possession but it is not you. You’re just the guy who owns it, and identifies as being it

    In the end, we are simply NOT that package of ephemeral keepsakes which we so selfishly protect.

    And so, getting back to the main topic, victory and defeat are simply the markers, the measurement, of how well we are doing at the moment in the perpetual contest for the continued preservation and survival of our identity.

    I suppose total victory, then, would be defined as getting absolutely EVERYTHING that we wanted, and I’m sure you see the problem with that. Such a triumph would consist of nobody else getting ANYTHING that they wanted unless what they wanted was absolutely identical to what we ourselves wanted. In other words, all of the peasants would have to individually WANT the King to have all of the money and all of the power and all of the decision making authority.

    Well, to make that happen the King would certainly have to possess some means of controlling what the peasants wish for and wish against , otherwise the King’s conquest would be incomplete. It would not be total. Sure looks like total loss by the peasants is a prerequisite to a total win for the King.

    Hmm. It’s hard to even picture an entire population actually WANTING to be total defeated. I can’t imagine it. The mathematical odds against it are literally infinitely high. I think it is literally impossible, and not gonna happen until the Boss says so.

    Therefore, since neither of the two conditions are even remotely possible within this Universe, the two states of being will continue to vacillate between the two extremes.

    As in so many other matters then, maybe in all of them, it is inescapably a balancing act. And the best we can hope for is, like Goldilocks, to find a state between victory and defeat that is just right.

    Maybe that’s the big secret. We’re stuck in a Goldilocks Universe, because the polar opposite states of absolute victory & absolute defeat would absolutely end it.

    So what does any of this philosophical jawboning have to do with current events and our chit chat here on TAE? Just this: we should neither expect nor hope for some big glorious total victory, just as we should not fear a calamitously final defeat by the forces of darkness. What we should strive for is a balance between the two, and what we should expect is some calamitous and yet temporary victories and defeats along the way.

    A couple of big temporary victories sure would help me feel a bit more balanced right now.

    24 FEB 2022, 05:07
    Lukashenko says Putin promises he would regard attack on Belarus as attack on Russia
    The Belarusian leader pointed out that NATO was quickly building up forces on the border with Belarus in Poland and in the Baltic countries
    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Sergei Guneyev/POOL/TASS
    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko
    © Sergei Guneyev/POOL/TASS
    MINSK, February 24. /TASS/. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko says he has received assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin the Russian leadership would regard an attack against Belarus as an attack against Russia. A Telegram channel close to the Belarusian presidential press service released a video with Lukashenko’s statement to this effect on Thursday.

    “We have a joint group. Part of it is on the western border of Russia. I asked him (the Russian president – TASS) to avoid using part of that group. To keep it in reserve just in case, if something happens. His reply was: ‘I promise you that any attack against or just one step across the border into the Belarusian territory would mean that they attack Russia’,” Lukashenko cited Putin as saying.

    “I would like them (in the West – TASS) to hear and understand this. And refrain from lying and coining fakes,” Lukashenko added.

    Also, he pointed out that NATO was quickly building up forces on the border with Belarus in Poland and in the Baltic countries.


    Suggestion regarding the past 24 hours + present location of Wagner (and Prigozhin?!)



    A potential of 25k troops increase in Belarus.
    Unknow # replacing them from ??


    Dr. Chris Shoemaker

    Dr. D

    Meanwhile back in “Science is made of nothing but idiots”, the Smithsonian.
    What’s today’s moronacy, Docktor? An article highlighting that old medieval grimoires and travelogues record whale using “Trap feeding”, where they sunbathe quietly until enough fish are in their mouth, then snap. This wasn’t common through the “All the whales are dead” era recently, and was only just popularized as a type.

    So the ancients described this thing perfectly and accurately, just like the moderns, what’s the problem?

    The problem is the ancients are all stupid and wrong and although they worte it exactly as we do, we can’t trust them their every word being “Fantastic” “fanciful” and “outlandish”. “McCarthy uncovered further instances in which ancient humans apparently observed the same sneaky feeding behavior—and attributed it to sea monsters.”

    A whale IS a sea monster, you moron. They reason they described it as being a Monster and not a whale is A) the word is different in Icelandic which the Greek translation didn’t know, and B) he means not a Mediterranean Porpoise or a canoe-sized Pilot Whale, but a thing so large it looks like an Island. Blue whale, anyone? It is a M-O-N-S-T-E-R, one that lives in the SEA, that is to say, a SEA…MONSTER.

    Apparently these certified geniuses don’t know the difference between the text and the 4th-re-transcibed illustrator who obviously never saw the sea and painted the creature like a whale with two holes, a big snout and lion paws. ‘Cause, why not? Surely no one would be dumb enough to think MY 10th century corner-book illustration was some sort of accurate scientific portrayal, right?
    I mean, really?

    Nope. Welcome to the geniuses of the 21st century. If we say it — wrong — it’s genius. All 18 points of Covid wrong wrong at first, wrong after a year, still knowing wrong after 3 years. If anyone from the past says anything, it’s stupid and wrong. Because they said it. With perfect accuracy.

    Hey, remember that time Greece landed in Turkey and started an epic war? How about when they accused Mexico of having cities of a million? Remember when they said China and Rome had representatives communicating? Remember when they said there were a couple of Caesars that weren’t recorded then popped up? Yeah, good times, good times.

    D Benton Smith

    @Ilargi re: The wandering travels of Prigozhin and his merry band of Wagners

    Oh boy! That move was SO was clever! The March for Justice toward Moscow was a straight up ploy. I didn’t see it at all until you showed it on a map. Flabbergasting. Them Ruskies sure are good at what they do, even if what they do is not so good for certain others.


    What MSM does not tell


    ‘We’re all saved! Global Warming is over! Food becomes abundant! So now that’s fixed, I expect AFKTT and others to quote it weekly, like they did when it was drought? Fair’s fair, right?

    If you think ‘we’re all saved’ you really are more of a fuckwit than we previously thought.

    Planetary Meltdown is currently only in tan preliminary phase: just wait till the Arctic Sea becomes ice-free. That catastrophic condition is unlikely to occur this year but is now inevitable in a geological blink of an eye.

    The superheated waters of the Atlantic and around the North Pole, the record low Antarctic sea ice cover, the massive increases in both CO2 and CH4 in the atmosphere, the record-breaking temperatures on land and in the oceans all around the world etc., are clearly a serious omen for the future that you choose to ignore for political/commercial/ideological/ego reasons, Dr D.

    And on the matter of living arrangements in the US:

    On the matter of the actual evidence for ultra-rapid meltdown you might try this:

    However, we do note that you are immune to actual scientific data and hang on to idiotic notion with a truly irrational tenacity which is a sure indication the reason is emotional.

    Or maybe you are just a clown.

    Anyway, keep bloviating, Dr D; it’s what you do best!

    bloviating (present participle)

    talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way:

    “when so many people are bloviating, it’s easy to dismiss all discourse as chatter” · “you don’t come here to hear from a pompous guy bloviating about his own personal opinions”

    Yes. keep bloviating, Dr D; it’s what you do best.

    But don’t expect informed people to take your bloviations seriously.



    Looking at AFKTT’s site, we can see the crazy plan in childrens’ format, written by the editor who does not reveal his source of funding, but I am sure we can all guess. Basically demolish the industrial world and restrict the actions of people. Note that the plan has no mention of asking the people what should be done, this is not a democratic plan, this is a global socialist plan. Dictatorship by green.


    Problem solver

    Near Earth Asteroids

    Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.

    On June 25, 2023 there were 2335 potentially hazardous asteroids.

    Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:


    Not a bad reflection if it’s only billionaires that buy it!
    The bit of the story that Greer called correctly was that a CEO so detached from reality would surely fire any engineer with the cojones to speak the truth to power. Which, according to Rebecca Morelle and Jake Horton at the BBC, was precisely what happened to David Lochridge:

    “Mr Lochridge ‘stressed the potential danger to passengers of the Titan as the submersible reached extreme depths.’ He said his warnings were ignored and called a meeting with OceanGate bosses but was fired… The company sued him for revealing confidential information, and he countersued for unfair dismissal.”
    And so, perhaps a metaphor for the final, “stakeholder capitalist” phase of neoliberalism itself, we end with a tragedy in which an unseaworthy vessel conveys excessively rich people to the final resting place of an unseaworthy vessel which conveyed excessively rich people to their doom 111 years ago… a metaphor for the coming implosion of the western empire itself.

    Titan: a reflection of our insanity


    AFKTT – your basic belief is that due to CO2, the earth will enter a runaway heat loop and kill practically everything – ie Climate Meltdown

    You’ve failed to explain how the earth, for hundreds of millions of years had:
    –Higher Co2
    –Higher temperatures
    –didn’t melt down
    –actually had more life of all kinds
    –had a more stable biosphere, not less stable

    adding additional bits or sub-bits of your belief system means you have MORE unproven things on the table embarrassing you.

    Get the main points squared away before saying “also I believe these additional things”

    I’d get this a lot with insistent Christians who discovered I was Atheist and wouldn’t let it go without a serious argument – one I would typically try to avoid. After a certain point, I’d open up with the heavy artillery and, having no counter-arguments, would start WITNESSING. Just blathering All The Things They Believe. As if adding EVEN MORE CLAIMS somehow strengthened their position after having all their central tenets blown out.


    Followed the arctic news blog site for most of the last decade. Armchair scientists for the most part. For my part I have been “off grid” since 2006. Saving the planet? I doubt it. Saving money? Maybe. Living lighter? Definitely. Working harder? Not really just differently. Seeing any changes? Certainly. Are they looking like warmer or cooler? Jury’s still out, But cooler is as likely as warmer at this point.


    Love the baby owls and the rotating stress balls !


    Suggestion regarding the past 24 hours + present location of Wagner

    Total Psy- op. Five bucks says they’re all in on it and there will be…

    The West is so struck by their own propaganda…they can no longer see reality or grasp any concepts of subterfuge being used vs them. Incredibly desperate morons.

    Germ that montage is gnarly…

    the risk of compassion fatigue for the unvaccinated…

    Typical Liberal Democrat Vax-Cult hypocrisy… fortunately truth, karma/ physics and real science will restore balance. Unfortunately for the cult, they have likely just genocided themselves with their own ignorant rage. LET THEM DIE !

    Heavy price for apathy and following orders. I experienced all of those sentiments up close and personal for 2 plus years here in Liberal Scum land. Now pretty much all of them have shut the fuck up and are psychologically broken from their cognitive dissonance and denial of their own shame.
    Millions will die from the fake vax. Fuck ’em

    Saw a bird with a tear in his eye
    Walking to New Orleans my oh my
    Hey, now, Bird, wouldn’t you rather die
    Than walk this world when you’re born to fly?

    If I was the sun, I’d look for shade
    If I was a bed, I would stay unmade
    If I was a river I’d run uphill
    If you call me you know I will
    If you call me you know I will

    Ooo, freedom
    Ooo, liberty
    Ooo, leave me alone
    To find my own way home
    To find my own way home

    Say what I mean and I don’t give a damn
    I do believe and I am who I am

    Hey now Mama come and take my hand
    Whole lotta shakin’ all over this land

    If I was an eagle I’d dress like a duck
    Crawl like a lizard and honk like a truck
    If I get a notion I’ll climb this tree
    or chop it down and you can’t stop me
    Chop it down and you can’t stop me

    Ooo, freedom
    Ooo, liberty
    Ooo, leave me alone
    To find my own way home

    To find my own way home

    Went to the well but the water was dry
    Dipped my bucket in the clear blue sky
    Looked in the bottom and what did I see?
    The whole damned world looking back at me

    If I was a bottle I’d spill for love
    Sake of mercy I’d kill for love
    If I was a liar I’d lie for love
    Sake of my baby I’d die for love
    Sake of my baby I’d die for love

    Ooo, freedom
    Ooo, liberty
    Ooo, leave me alone
    To find my own way home
    To find my own way home
    I’m gonna find my own way home


    The conclusion from:

    Almost four years have passed since the Highlevel Panel on Digital Cooperation published its
    report. More than two years have passed since the
    release of my Road Map for Digital Cooperation
    and Our Common Agenda, which outlined options
    for practical action to advance digital cooperation. The High-level Advisory Board on Effective
    Multilateralism has offered important new ideas.
    The time for talking about the need for digital
    cooperation has long passed. We need to focus
    on how we make this a reality. We need to act now,
    and with speed, if we are to recover the potential
    of digital technologies for the equitable and sustainable development that is slipping away from
    us and the planetary crisis that confronts us. We
    must work together if we are to restore the trust
    that unconsidered, irresponsible or malicious
    use of digital technologies has damaged in and
    among societies, the private sector and States.
    Furthermore, we must commit to sustained
    follow-up and review, so that agreed principles
    and priorities are translated into practice and we
    do not retreat into siloed debates.
    The ideas set out in the present policy brief are
    neither exclusive nor exhaustive. They can, however, provide a basis for discussion and debate in
    the consultations on the Global Digital Compact
    that are currently under way. The United Nations
    system stands ready to assist, at the deliberations in the Summit of the Future, in considering
    those ideas and in exploring new ideas. Whatever
    directions we take, they must be towards concrete and meaningful multi-stakeholder action if
    we are not to leave our planet, our people and our
    humanity behind.

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