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    Prigozhan, jew. Zelenski, jew. Nuland, jew. Wallensky jew. Bourla, jew. Klaus, jew. Harari, jew. Gates, jew. Epstein, jew. Garland , jew Mayorkis, jew. Surely, just a cohencidence, while the whole world disintegrates around us.. Nothing to see here…move on.


    Wow ! Must Watch-

    Lancasters reporting has been phenomenal these past years.

    This is stunningly inspiring.

    Russia will win. Russia has won.


    Vietnam will Win- by Wilfred Burchett

    Everyone should read Vietnam Will Win—including those who have already read Burchett’s earlier books, Vietnam: Inside Story of the Guerrilla War (1965) and Vietnam North (1966).

    As Afghanistan, As Syria, As Iraq, As the rest of the World that has been Raped by USA

    Dr. D

    AFKTT: We certainly disagree. After 30 years, the same thing. Ice will melt (it hasn’t). Polar Bears will die (there are more than ever). The seas will rise (Battery Park is still there). Always in the future, like the Rapture. So I guess we’ll see.

    What I brought you was information (and a bit of razzing). The drought is over. But you won’t hear that on TV because it’s counter-religious. So someone else will have to tell you instead, and that’s me.

    You were quoting Lake Mead numbers for some time. As a scientist, surely you must continue to follow the data and adjust both your models and theories from the data.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Dr. D, such an expectation of AFKTT has already been falsified, for there is already plenty of information that demolishes his beliefs, and no factual evidence that supports them. None at all… so they are some kind of neurotic fascination with doom and an identity-prop that requires projection of folly or even evil onto those with more sense who would dare to oppose his scenario.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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