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    What a hoot!

    While they work tirelessly to produce a new death vaxx for malaria (which just happens to have appeared in Florida and Texas – thanks Bill *wink *wink) our good friend IVM will do the job, again!


    Advancing the repurposing of ivermectin for malaria

    TVASSF (and just can’t connect the dots)


    Ivermectin as a novel complementary malaria control tool to reduce incidence and prevalence: a modelling study

    TVASSF (this is all too funny)


    Efficacy and risk of harms of repeat ivermectin mass drug administrations for control of malaria (RIMDAMAL): a cluster-randomised trial

    “Frequently repeated mass administrations of ivermectin during the malaria transmission season can reduce malaria episodes among children without significantly increasing harms in the populace.”

    TVASSF (I really am laughing hard now)


    New malaria vaccine is world-changing, say scientists

    “A malaria vaccine with “world-changing” potential has been developed by scientists at the University of Oxford.

    “The team expect it to be rolled out next year after trials showed up to 80% protection against the deadly disease.

    Crucially, say the scientists, their vaccine is cheap and they already have a deal to manufacture more than 100 million doses a year.

    The charity Malaria No More said recent progress meant children dying from malaria could end “in our lifetimes”.

    TVASSF (hahahahaha!)


    We finally have malaria vaccines. The next hurdle: distributing them

    TVASSF (LOL – I can’t take it any more!)


    Dr Martin all good, no problem with his presentation, just that bald prick and his book cough my eye.
    Disclaimer: A lot of bald men look rather cool, Those who did let the baldness to be stronger than them are exactly as I described and can be seen in “Hair club commercials” .

    Speaking of your link, in mad search of dopamine fix the TVASSF had to re-post the Dr Martin that you’ve already done.

    Veracious Poet


    Too funny!

    I’m curious…what exactly is it you find so “funny” about this man-made plague, clearly the most horrendous crime(s) against humanity ever perpetrated?

    Serious question…

    Between the pathological CULTure at enmity with anyone who wants to prosper, live free & practice spiritual sanity + the UniParty GlobalCap murder-for-profit psychos, does anyone *not* hellbent (on exploitative extraction conspiracies, Machiavellian mind games, death, destruction & duplicitous malevolence) *actually* think and/or believe that it’s *helpful* to act like unhinged primary school bullies at recess?

    Serious question ~ Have any of you TAE garrulous virtual motormouths taken inventory of your motives, thinking, behavior & actions, even on a cursory level??

    Then there are the patently obvious malcontents consumed by trolling, personal attacks, toxic/hostile attitudes/actions, including profane/pornographic *shock* speech ~ What purpose(s) do you think you’re performing?

    Do you (agents of EGoic logorrhea) *really want* to aid & abet the genocidal implosion of self-governing, independent, rules-based humanity-at-large?!? 🙄

    I ask these questions because after 3+ decades, observing America’s non-stop descent into madness, I still hope (barely) that a remnant will “awaken” from their self-induced trances & realize that innocent, normal, healthy & productive humanity is facing an existential crisis of unfathomable scale(s) 😐

    This is not! a drill ~ The disinfo agents are unabated in the war for “hearts & minds” of gen pop:

    COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits Outweigh Small Risks, Contrary to Flawed Claim From U.K. Cardiologist
    Posted on May 8, 2023

    Dozens of studies support the use of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which have a good safety profile and work well in preventing severe disease and death. Yet, citing a single, flawed paper, a British cardiologist known for peddling misinformation has misleadingly argued that the shots are harmful and “should never have been approved.”

    Full Story
    The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have been shown to be safe and effective, both in clinical trials and in numerous studies conducted since their release. Vaccine safety monitoring systems have worked as expected to identify a few rare serious side effects, but evidence shows that the benefits of vaccination continue to outweigh any potential risks.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits Outweigh Small Risks, Contrary to Flawed Claim From U.K. Cardiologist

    Veracious Poet


    In parting, anyone with more than a few years fighting “the good fight” should know, that without a doubt, the Numero Uno, Ace No. 1!, impediment *now* fracturing mankind’s ability to rise & unify in the face of superpower fascist totalitarian rule is the inherent “good people’s” real reality of isolated acrimony within numerous communities of estrangement.

    The seemingly infinite dirge of online crazy & toxic “personas” spewing EG0ic schadenfreude, course jesting, antagonistic personas & unending inane circumlocutions (ad nauseum) 😐

    This bedevilment crosses many sections of the interweb communities, from bloggers (hi Karl!) to social media narcissistic EG0ic obsession(s), to anon posters across-the-board (not to mention the malignancy of bots) & if you can’t speak *HARD TRUTHS* in the Spirit of The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Infinite Life, *YOU* are, in fact, part & parcel of The Problem.

    You would think that after decades of experiential real reality humanity would at least begin *unifying* against UniParty GlobalCap Fascism, but We The people still can’t grok that “Power” is almost always more formidable than the *Truth* 🙄

    Obviously the adage There are no atheists in a foxhole was clearly a falsehood 🙄

    Here’s an example of aiding & abetting the “enemy”:

    Hi Joseph. Given the basic mistakes in your previous documents were easily explained, why would anyone believe your claims in this one?

    History over millennia has taught the *only* path out of this holocaust is if a significant portion of “humanity” unify steadfast in The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Infinite Life.

    This is *not* a personal attack, it is a call to Spiritual Sanity

    Peace be with you, namaste.

    Sweet Kenny

    Veracious Poet, why do you visit a site where you have so much contempt for the readers? Why are you so judgemental and self-righteous? Who made you perfect?

    Michael Reid

    Our Common Agenda,
    the UN’s “roadmap for upgrading the UN,”
    and their new policy briefs on how they want to conquer cyberspace,
    the international financial system

    Interview 1814 – The UN’s Apex Body with Jacob Nordangård


    WEF at work, first killing thousands of Ukraine men and now imprisoning them with a WEF digital currency. The USA could not have done more to promote corruption and I guess they will be providing the funds to set up this financial prison for the Ukraine people. All the while Reuters et al will be cheering it on with their fake polls stating that the majority of the US people support this.


    Ukraine war is a jewbanker war, just like every other war, except now they’re killing all the natives at home with the jewjuice vaccines. They want you dead, or enslaved, monitored 24/7. Welcome to the jeworld order. Shot President Kennedy in broad daylight and took this country over. Murdered all those sailors on the USSLiberty. Blew the world trade center all to hell., and for the grand finale…murder by mandate. Wake up, your life depends on it.

    Michael Reid

    it’s better to be young, healthy, rich, and smart
    than old, sick, poor, and stupid

    Doug Casey on What’s Really Making Many Americans Fat, Sick, Poor, and Stupid


    VP said

    if you can’t speak *HARD TRUTHS* in the Spirit of The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Infinite Life, *YOU* are, in fact, part & parcel of The Problem.

    Preconditioning beliefs peddled as hard truths? Wow, you really are a piece of work. We have to adopt your model of existence or we are the problem? Do we also have to adopt your namaste greeting – like some confused yoga bunny – pretending that the mysitical Hindus have found the answer? Are you a vegetarian, is this where all this is coming from, a lack of vitamins and minerals?

    From reading your comments I can see that you have nothing to add but criticism of the rest of us for trying to work out which is the next part of the world to be set on fire. Instead of worrying about us, maybe worry about your self and your loved ones. Your attitude of demanding compliance from the rest of us is getting tiring. How about setting an example so that we can all want to comment like you do?


    RFK and Ritter doing a podcast together what’s next, Stew Peters?

    The Prigozhin vs the MoD (Shoigu) affair has the fingerprints of a internal power struggle. Systemic corruption in the Ministry of Defense has been voiced by pro-military hardliners inside Russia.

    Prigozhin’s description about developments in Donbas leading up to Putin’s decision to start the war are distinctly different from the Putin version. This was from an interview released just before the Prigozhin’s attempt to capture Shoigu.

    He takes aim at Shoigu and frames the SMO as a kinda coup but with implied support of members of Ukrainian elite which likely led to a initial peace agreement last year. Putin recently flashed a page of this agreement but details of the full agreement were not shared.

    Wagner takes to the streets of Rostov and
    ShoIgu takes refuge in Moscow. Putin and Lukashenko work together to descalate the situation.

    Seems a bit weird, was it scripted? Was Prigozhin on the take? Was his supporters in the Kremlin fair weather friends?

    It’s interesting, a few months prior, Seymon Pegov sits down with Prigozhin to talk about a possible reason for his ammo shortage.

    Also, prior to the peace agreement reveal by Putin, Lukashenko, in interview a few days prior, had claimed the he had seen this agreement and there was a clause regarding the lease of Crimea and Donbas back to Russia to which Peskov denied later that day. So what was dubbed the battle of Kyiv really a good faith withdrawal by Putin to finalize that agreement, which Kyiv rejected after the fact.

    Back to Prigozhin, he seems to be a warlord without a country. Belarus seems to have welcomed Wagner with open arms believing that the rift between Prigozhin and the MoD is a bridge too far.

    Given that Russia’s strategic goal is for the complete subordination of Belarus’s political, economic, and cultural life by 2030 I wouldn’t be surprised to see Prigozhin become the next dictator of Belarus.


    Doug Casey on American diet.
    For many stress at work and exhaustion leads to gobble “something” and pass out in front of the TV.
    Car culture combined with unhealthy snacks from the bag, fast food or take-out at best as way of life. Long Starbucks lines
    that truly baffles me, are the sign that people do not know how or are lazy to make their own coffee.
    As a sample, marmalade jar lid in the stores are decorated with checkered table cloth motif as to evoke warmth of cozy breakfast table and hearty food, which I doubt that many can make connection too.
    I may add that mostly in immigrants homes, regardless of profession and how busy they are, daily home made meals are norm brought from the old country and practiced. Their kids, second generation, become “Americanized” and usually stop the tradition. Easy-peasy.


    @ Voracious

    You refer to “” – too funny.

    THAT is why TVASSF , right there.
    Thank you for the reveal.

    TVASSF (and continue to get boosted on the advice of

    Veracious Poet


    I posted to illustrate that the vaxed & boosted are “tricked” into believing lies by main stream sources, while people like TAE posters attempt to warn “humanity” with data that reveals the “truth”…

    Delivering the “truth” along with toxic mean girl-esque shaming, in a demeaning & demoralizing manner (coupled with in-your-face schadenfreude directed at the jabbed & boosted’s dismal fate), accomplishes almost zilch except perhaps aiding & abetting agent provocateurs seeking discredit those that wish to be helping & loving by broadcasting *HARD TRUTH* to aid those misled & lost in lies, deceit & fascist totalitarianism.

    If you want to ensure no one takes you, or the news/data you post seriously, well I don’t know what else to say 🙄

    If you actually find the existential threat(s) to humanity some sort of joke, I pity you 😐

    I wouldn’t pipe up & say anything at all, if the scenarios unfolding weren’t so serious, but We are running out of time…

    I also wouldn’t admonish pointing TAE (+ others) towards Spiritual Sanity, but I see no other path to restore normal, productive, loving communities that protect the innocent, deluded & EG0centric from a fate worse than death.

    I’m not the only one that sees the problem & solution, far from it, I’m just pointing towards The Path which has enlightened/saved many of Us with The Wisdom of Grace received from The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Infinite Life:


    VP said

    I also wouldn’t admonish pointing TAE (+ others) towards Spiritual Sanity, but I see no other path to restore normal, productive, loving communities that protect the innocent, deluded & EG0centric from a fate worse than death.

    Didn’t Jesus say that just before he died? Are you the modern day son of God, here to guide us? Should we be your deciples? Or are you pretending to be enlightened? Namaste and all that plastic spiritualism? Give us a break and get back on the bong.

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