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    Ivan Aivazovsky Creation of the World 1864   • Putin Wins – on All Counts (Pepe Escobar) • The Real Casualties Of Russia’s ‘Civil War’: The Beltw
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    “The pentagon says”……………. still laughing.

    Twenty minutes:
    Millions Killed For Profit – Covid Was State Sponsored Genocide – Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament


    RFK JR: Ukraine Is Being Sacrificed in a Proxy War Between the US and Russia

    “We could have solved that war. We could have averted it,”

    Yeah, right. I am still waiting for him to say that the people loyal to Ukraine should be fighting the USA, the UK and the EU, not Russia. I understand people fighting to defend their country, but they are simply fighting the wrong people. It is at this point that I stop feeling any empathy for the Ukraine fighters, if you are stupid, you are like my dog. I like my dog, but it is a dog, it is dumb as, but I would not die for my dog, that is a plain stupid thing to do.


    FFS, Scott Ritter knows fuck, we should all know he knows fuck, he knows he knows fuck, yet he keeps on spouting what you want to hear. Jesus, this man is a dingleberry (a piece of turd caught in the hair around the anus) of society. He claims to be a military man, maybe he is yet he is now on the anti-military side, the anti-military sheep accept him as some sort of guru.

    If he is senior military then he will still be collecting a pension, from the military. When someone dedicates their life to the US military, they are dedicating their lives to murder, for even today, in 2023, our flying cars (as predicted when this nob was a child) cannot invade a country the otherside of the Atlantic or Pacific, so the USA has no fear of being invaded, all they need is a nuclear deterent.

    So this guy, he buys into murdering people, spends his life doing it, now is telling us how Russia works. Yikes. There is no hope, people have evolved into stupid.

    Dr. D

    “16.5 Million Americans Risk Stroke From Too Much Exercise”

    Exercise can kill you now. Well, I guess that’s that! Cheetos and the couch for me! Translation: everything is YOUR FAULT. Nothing is our fault. Eat the bugs you worthless cretins.

    “Software Engineer, Fiancee Sentenced To Prison For Developing Application To Break China’s Internet Censorship

    They’re Americans in America, right?

    “US Honeybees Suffer Second Deadliest Season On Record

    We are hearing very regularly now, that ‘someone’ is spraying farms with a ‘kill zone’ product, where everything dies. Bees, cows, grass, crops. Alternative? People think an organic farmer who’s already worked through more than any of us can take, killed his own farm and all his own only sources of income? They must be Russian, I guess.

    This is pretty serious as 1) it will kill every man, woman, and child of starvation, and 2) it’s indefensible. Without support from the legal side, the top, and severe public punishments with nationwide support, no one will care, food supply is ended the farm is lost and eaten by Gates or Condos. Still confirming this is happening, but it follows the equally implausible line that 100x more food factories have burned down than any other year, WHILE the top is making cows extinct in Ireland in favor of “lab grown meat” and outlawing hunting. That is, making the people 100% dependent on only the very largest monopoly corporations for their very next meal. …Just as they published for decades.

    But I’m sure they hate money and were all lying, right?

    “White House Edits Out Troublesome Reporter From Press Briefing

    White House attacks Africans. Every day. Black reporter blackballed, prejudiced against, erased and covered up his oppression. That’s Biden! More black men in prison than the KKK could have ever dreamed! More Black families broken and thus into poverty and collapse than even Himmler could have ethnically cleansed. The Left highly approves. A man who attacks all Africans AND takes $1M from Russia and $6B from China? Shut up and take my vote!! Will this ever stop at some point? The world may never know.

    “Judge In Trump Documents Case Denies Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Request To Seal Witness List

    This is illegal under every process ever known in court. You are required to 1) Know the charges against you 2) have access to all the evidence the Prosecution has 3) be able to face your accusers in court, i.e. the witnesses. And much, much more! Like Privacy between Client and council, and not being presumed guilt and therefore jailed pre-trial without a very strong reason, etc.

    So Federal Government: “Every action illegal, every time. That’s our promise to you!”™

    Speaking of that case: “Listen: In Recording, Trump Shares Classified Plan To Attack Iran

    He was having trouble making them arrest him on cue, since after 6 years they finally learned he’s leading them into trap after trap while they bay at the moon and chase their tails like dogs. So he had to up the ante. Does he know he’s being wiretapped all the time? Well, duh. If no one else, NSA Admiral Rogers told him that in Nov 2016. Is he being wiretapped illegally 24/7 by DoJ, illegally? Directly to Obama and Biden like last time? Well, duh.

    …So then he says this, “If this were unclassified I could tell people, but I’m telling you right now” in one 1-second sound bite, on a wiretap he has to know exists? AND the actual material sinks General-shaped-object Milley for treason?

    Uh, no. That’s not an ‘accident’. When he gets to court (on command) after being arrested by the opposition leader like a 3rd world dictatorship (on command) he’s going to say “Whoops! My lawyers say I misunderestimated this. Actually all these boxes were declassified 3 years ago, and actually crossed Bill Barr’s DoJ’s (fill in hilarious person here) desk before they went. Sorry!”

    Come. On. People. How many times?

    Speaking of, Russian language speaker hearing Putin’s speeches directly pointed out what, Prighozhin was Putin’s Caterer, remember? And they’ve essentially been pals since…College? When they used to scam oligarch fortunes back in St. Pete? But now 1) Prighozhin is toppling Putin, his best friend after 2) winning the war for him and saving Russia by going around a 1/3 corrupt military 3) Putin is very very mad at him because 4) Putin’s position is fantastically better than ever after Punking NATO, positioning 100m from Kiev, and having the excitement prevent WWIII NATO false flag on Zap nuclear plant, etc. And 5) outed all the coup members. Come. On. Please we have brains. What was the outcome? The outcome of Putin and his life-long friend?

    Ritter is an idiot when he thinks Wagner “suddenly” realized that year-long hardened fighters, who were having materials withheld by the DoD, “were 200km from their base of supply and surrounded.” Come. On. They knew that the minute they got into the just 10 trucks and left the county. “They didn’t knewd! Oopsie!!!” “Your honor, I FORGOT my gun used ammunition.”

    No, No, for God’s sake, no. You embarrass yourself, sir. The wages of arrogance. Everyone’s an idiot but me.

    “.in the end the “coup” could turn out to be the Greatest Russian Trolling of the West Ever..”

    Yes. But more. Now were pilots killed? It wouldn’t surprise me. Would it surprise you that the Anglos used their $6B to buy off not only Prighozhin but at least more than one guy in his ranks and the surrounding areas? At least one of which WAS a traitor and shot down some Russians, unexpected to Putin and Prigozhin’s plan? Of course. That’s why in war people get hurt. S—t gets blown up. Would Putin still trade a few pilots – that is, people you send into war – to get in the position he is now, with more top traitors exposed? Absolutely. But he may not be happy about it.

    “The level of misinformation coming from the experts is something else.”

    It is misinformation. Because DISinformation is when you KNOW what you’re saying is wrong. They have no idea what’s going on and can’t tell the difference. Neither do they care what is going on, what’s true or false, never crosses their minds in the fine Art of American Bulls—t.

    “For just over 12 hours, everyone from former US ambassador to Russia and noted Hitler apologist Michael McFaul to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to neocon pundit Anne Applebaum exploded with seemingly libidinal excitement about a supposed “civil war” that was certain to feature “Russians…killing Russians,” along with “lots of casualties”

    Love and Light, People. “Beautiful Bombs” Brian Williams says, creaming himself. NPR, breathless of all the new “Million children” who will be “Worth it.” Putting Heroes like Madeline Albright, Barack Obama (slavemaster in chief), and Hillary “What difference does it make which gay ambassador dies” Clinton on T-shirts and book cozies.

    What they can’t stand from Lindsay Graham and John McCain is they say “Yeah, I’m happy to murder everyone for an extra $5 in oil revenue” directly and honestly. It’s the “direct and honest” part that’s their One True Enemy.

    “ultimately saw fewer documented deaths than the January 6 Capitol Riot.”

    Actually, only one person was killed on J6: Ashley Babbitt. Way more pilots alone were killed. But I guess if you include heat stroke and incidental heart attacks…

    The other thing the article tells us: like I said, no actual Intel people in actual war rooms were fooled (maybe) but the class of Blinkens and Nulands who will believe anything was far larger than expected. And still is, since it now includes Scott Ritters.

    Still keeping our eyes on Wagner and all this. What are we not seeing, being distracted now? If I were Africa, I’d move fast right now into BRICS. Citi is shredding all their bank docs.

    “• EU Attempt to Get Anti-Hypersonic Weapon in 3 Years Unlikely to Succeed (Sp.)

    I would say so. How would you test them? Okay, you need unlimited hypersonics you made in order to shoot them against your defensive weapon. We have neither.

    “• UN Documents Rampant Torture of Civilians by Ukrainian Security Forces (Sp.)

    Whoops, I blinked. I thought this was reports of America against American citizens. In more ways than I can count, but “Solitary without trial-ever” is one of them. Oubliette. Is cutting off water to whole cities like Flint another UN war crime? How about leaving diseased needles and human feces with medieval diseases in the streets for children like so many cluster bombs? What about the King’s agents confiscating any and all property on suspicion without trial forever (civil forfeiture)?

    ““It’s dangerous in the military to have legal orders disobeyed,” he said. “It’s a very slippery slope.”

    They’re not wrong. I completely understand. However, is it not a slippery slope when the Government opposes all human rights, whatever they may be, wherever they are found? Arresting Pastors, Sikhs, Truck drivers, moms, anyone who writes online? O Canada.

    • EU To Consider Blocking Out Sun – Bloomberg (RT)

    Does not the title itself say “These guys are literally insane”? Or in a more refined sense, is this not a Greek Play level of Hubris? Would Icarus and Phaethon be less ambitious than these guys?

    “Dead Internet Theory”

    This seemed a stretch but I am now seeing evidence of it. Note the other day, the FBI is posting “informants” who are actually agitators, online. Then they are picked up by the NSA who forwards it. Then the Bots see that and double it, which is reported to the FBI, who thinks there are “extremists”. When they finally get off their -ss and look, they find out there’s nobody there. Over and over again. But because “computer” they can’t let it go, but believe computer even though whenever they check the computer, at the FBI, in WalMart, at the inventory audit in AutoZone, the computer is always wrong. By a million banana- Parsecs, whatever we use to measure how wrong computers are. Next moment: we forget everything and “Computer said”, posted on TikTok all over again.

    We have bots responding to bots, chasing bots for money because bots were PAID money to insert “bot idea” here. We’re approaching dead internet, and at this point it’s easy to tell something’s wrong. Tucker may (or may not) have 200 Million views. But this is like the U.S. using – 1 Billion – covid doses? Then ordering 3 Billion more? Does anyone do math around here?

    Normal views on things are getting to be in the 200,000 range. Just, one-click, posted-a-video stuff, not Pewdiepie or something. Use your head. There are not enough PEOPLE (English speakers, particularly Americans, by the content) to click that many times. There are not enough seconds in a year to have watched it. If EVERY video on YoutTube has 200,000 views, and Katy Perry has 200Million, then you do the math. They’re LYING. And they’re lying by no longer 100x, — that was years ago with CNN having 25M views and six comments – they’re lying by 1,000x, 10,000x or more. To fabricate ad revenue, which is open securities fraud. For political purposes, which is open election tampering. (because of direct involvement by FBI, DoJ, etc…)

    Today, as you click around, keep a seat-of-the-pants count of how many views were supposedly on the things you click. And estimate how many people/time must be involved. If Tucker then EVERY DEMOCRAT MUST HAVE WATCHED HIM. TWICE. If others, ALL 100 U.S. CITIES MUST HAVE WATCHED THIS third-level cat video.

    Goes the other way too. In order to keep a lid on the fraud, they have to ERASE views on other channels. So like U.S. voting, there are 100,000 votes (views) posted, then 1 second later there are 50,000? There are 1,500 comments but 500 views? Uh, no. In order to make the fake views from Obama and Katy Perry look plausible, they can’t use the same algo. It would then say ConservativeJoe’s cat video got 7 million views if it used Obama’s algo booster. (He actually got 7 thousand) So they REMOVE ConservativeJoe’s numbers (or Jimmy Dore’s) and ADD them to Katy Perry.

    Must be. Because the numbers otherwise make no sense. So like Medical billing and Pentagon accounting, THERE IS NO ACTUAL ACCOUNTING AT ALL. There are NO real numbers. Anywhere. They probably have no earthly idea themselves, forgetting to get a clean Track Two of the algos so they could tell what’s going on out there. Who actually supports Joe Biden or Trans children’s hour. So, problem two:

    THEY HAVE BAFFLED THEMSELVES. They are not not eating their own dog food (s—t), they are FORCE-FEEDING their own dogs—t into each other’s mouths and going crazy from it. A chum feeding-frenzy from the Prince of Lies.

    Other than the immediate damage, I couldn’t be happier. Anyone who stays away from this lives, and anyone who’s neck deep in it, loses and dies. Darwin at work. All you have to do is tell the truth, and support the truth and you’re immune, restful in your own space. Go Amish.


    What a disaster …


    TVASSF (tick…tock…tick…tock… Deagel …)


    Well, well, well …



    Dr D said

    “• EU Attempt to Get Anti-Hypersonic Weapon in 3 Years Unlikely to Succeed (Sp.)

    I would say so. How would you test them? Okay, you need unlimited hypersonics you made in order to shoot them against your defensive weapon. We have neither.

    I believe the policy is to get some cock at Imperial to model it for them, then they can predict the future, invent the future, be the future … in the old days, if your dog behaved like this, you would have it put down.


    Dr D said

    “• EU To Consider Blocking Out Sun – Bloomberg (RT)

    Does not the title itself say “These guys are literally insane”? Or in a more refined sense, is this not a Greek Play level of Hubris? Would Icarus and Phaethon be less ambitious than these guys?

    My first thought was cane toads in Australia, like possums in New Zealand, all these wonderful solutions to some oligarch’s problems created greater problems for hundreds of years. The reason, and this is a secret, is that the oligarchs are thick as shit, great at selfish greed and stealing, not so good at solutions.


    In a democracy, Messages from Bloggers should be controlled

    Foreign Aid
    Foreign aid definition, economic, technical, or military aid given by one nation to another for purposes of relief and rehabilitation, for economic stabilization, and for scamming.
    Truth – an orgy of regime change fantasies.

    The real casualties of Russia’s ‘civil war’: the Beltway expert class


    Numerous serious casualties were incurred during Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s supposed “coup.” The Grayzone offers an in-depth look at the massacre carried out by some of America’s top Russia experts against their own credibility.
    McFaul was suddenly forced to reckon with the reality that his predictions of a coup were premature, and that virtually everything he had said hours before was completely wrong. “Can anyone remember a mutiny or coup attempt that lasted 24 hours and no one really fought or was killed?,” pondered the retired diplomat, seemingly coming to grips with the obvious.
    (Yes. the January 6 Capitol Riot In Washington and Freedom Convoy in Ottawa)
    Blogger following the money

    All aboard the gravy train: an independent audit of US funding for Ukraine

    All aboard the gravy train: an independent audit of US funding for Ukraine

    USAID paid off $4.5 billion worth of Ukraine’s sovereign debt through payments made to the World Bank — all while Congress went to loggerheads over America’s ballooning national debt. (Western financial interests including BlackRock Inc. are among the largest holders of Ukrainian government bonds.

    Yet our inspection of US government spending in Ukraine demonstrates that Washington has prioritized its supposed fight for “democracy” abroad over the well-being of the American people.


    Dr D said

    All you have to do is tell the truth, and support the truth and you’re immune, restful in your own space. Go Amish.

    I have held to telling the truth throughout my life, I would rather face the consequences now, rather than amplify them to demolition level and face them later. If you can’t take the truth, then fuck you. Me and my wife are truth tellers, we are proud to be truth tellers, even though it sometimes hurts. I would rather a small wound now, than a greater amplified wound later.

    When a kid asks you “what should I say at this job interview”, the best advice is to tell the truth, people can handle the truth, people do not like having to handle lies. This is a basic for a happy life.


    Germ – Byram Bridle worked in the area of chemo and lost most if not all cancer research funding for speaking out about the FOIA request re the Japanese biodistribution study so he knows better than almost anybody about cancer signals.

    Shrink the technosphere before it kills everything!


    Truth from authority?
    Blinken on MSNBC reenforced the lies about Russia sending a missile into a restaurant full of innocent civilians.


    My take on the minor disturbance iñ Russia was all about money. (Some of it might have even been taking advantage of the opportunity to relieve the CIA of some of their money!)

    But what it really boils down to is Russia reducing the costs of waging war in the Ukraine.

    Merging Wagner personnel into the regular Russian army will reduce costs by eliminating the huge profits that the people who run Wagner have been making. Putin is simply cutting these guys down to size, now that the Russian army is up to speed.

    Wagner was initially required to help fight the war to buy the regular Russian army more time to gear up to fight a modern war. Now Wagner isn’t needed so much. But Putin wants to integrate experienced Wagner personnel into the regular Russian army to help modernize it.

    Money is the root of all evil! Even in Russia!


    Too funny!



    Red’s link to article by Dr David E Martin leads to LONDONREAL where we are greeted, right at the top, by the “penis with removed foreskin” commonly known as Jim Rickards,
    Audacity of his book title should make anybody’s skin crawl.
    “Lean howto PROFIT in the Upcoming Crash….”
    Teaching you how to end up at the top of destroyed lives, dead bodies and ruined surrounds as absolute winner?
    I wonder if disclaimer is included within book pages together with the 800-number for the inquiry if the “step-by-step” turns sour when the things go “…fast, bloody and unavoidable”.

    D Benton Smith

    President John F. Kennedy requested that Speaker Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. be investigated by the FBI for his connections to organized crime. The related FBI documents were quietly released on January 6th.
    On January 6th the FBI quietly released documents related to Nancy Pelosi’s father. Thomas D’Alesandro Jr was investigated by the FBI in 1961 per a request from President John F. Kennedy. The document drop was released while Big Media and the Democrats were busy approving a stolen election and pushing the narrative that Trump supporters are violent”

    Does this connect any dots for ya?


    June 28th, Serbian St Vitus Day.
    On this day 1914, an “Event” took place in Sarajevo.

    D Benton Smith

    How’s Baltimore doing right now by the way?

    Come to think of it, how are things in Adam Schiff’s home district [California’s 30th congressional district, which is centered in the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles and includes Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, West Hollywood, and the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Hollywood, Sunland-Tujunga, Edendale, Park La Brea, Hancock Park, and Echo Park.] Peachy. Sure wish I lived there!

    Let me stop being sarcastic and just say the obvious fact as a simple declarative statement: The “home base” (be it city, state or nation) OF EVERY SINGLE ONE of the most active bad guys, are foul seething pits of the worst of the worst of the foul seething evil that they promise for the rest of us : Child rape and murder, shattered families, out of control drug addiction, crime and poverty and ill health.

    I don’t mean to discourage anyone by rubbing their noses in the enormity of the subjugation that WE have all been subjected to and accepted as being acceptable (because we ARE accepting it, are we not?) but surely there is a point where such niceties of social etiquette need to be set aside in favor of the plainspoken truthful fact.

    The plain truth is that all of the areas which are now under the control of those criminal monsters have already fallen. By definition of what control means. For example, if a blatantly and publicly criminal miscreant is allowed to continue committing those crimes with neither censure, restraint nor imprisonment then the place where that is happening is under THE MISCREANTS control, not yours. pretty simple, wouldn’t you say?

    Putting that a different way, if a group censures, restrains and imprisons person who commit heinous crimes then that outfit can justifiably claim to be in control of that area. It belongs to them, not to their enemies. Otherwise . . . not.

    D Benton Smith

    June 28th, Serbian St Vitus Day.
    On this day 1914, an “Event” took place in Sarajevo. – @kultsommer

    Earnestly, I can only say, may God save us all.


    Those poor innocent civilian hit by a missile
    🚨Ukraine fighter jets accidentally launched a missile attack on Kramatorsk! An hour later, the Ukrainian jets tried to strike again, but something went wrong.

    Storm Shadow missile suddenly changed trajectory dramatically, hitting Kramatorsk obliterated a Ukrainian military barracks housing foreign soldiers and mercenaries! The casualties are still being counted and will be very hard due to NATO attempts to cover their troops in Ukraine!


    Thanks for the Joseph Fraiman link. Clicking through, the study the Results say:
    The risk of COVID-19 also increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode and with the number of vaccine doses previously received
    This is based on this stunning graph:
    But the Conclusion says:
    “The bivalent COVID-19 vaccine given to working-aged adults afforded modest protection overall against COVID-19”
    This is based on this lackluster graph, and note this graph compares the bivalent with the non-bivalanted including people with multiple boosters:
    I am guessing that a graph of the bivalented vs just the non-vaxxed would show the bivalented much worse off.
    The Conclusion doesn’t mention that triple boosted are 4 times more likely to get Covid than the non-vaxxed. A reasonable person would make this the conclusion of the study. Maybe they did what they did because otherwise it wouldn’t get published.
    I have seen the increased risk of Covid with boostedness personally. My triple boosted boss who nearly fired me for not getting vaxxed just had his second bout of Covid in 6 months. He was out for a week but waxed rapturous about how effective a 5 day course of Paxlovid was. He is otherwise a good boss.


    The graphs didn’t make is so I’ll try again

    Graph showing chances of Covid are worse with number of vaxx doses

    Graph showing effectiveness of bivalent booster compared to those with no bivalent booster

    D Benton Smith

    About this racism thing that is being pushed as such a big thing.

    Regardless of how or why things got to this bad place in the first place, the current fact is that most mundane and common in-person criminal actions in the USA are perpetrated by persons of color, and that both fair and unfair attempts at enforcing retributive or legal punishment for those crimes is usually carried out, predominantly, by white people.

    Now because of the fact that we are ALL human beings, is it not also true that we also ALL have agile brains and acute instincts? And that both of those things (thought AND emotion) SHALL incorporate that associative fact into the responses generated when encountering persons of the other complexion? You’re lying if you say no, because it’s just a fact, Jack. Regardless of whether such a tendency toward “prejudicial preconception” is a good trait or a bad trait, you have to admit that it simply IS an unremovable human trait, and that fact too simply must be taken into account in trying to resolve these issues.

    Pause. Take a deep breath. THINK a little bit before acting. Ask the question, “Is it true that BOTH sides of a so-called racial divide have more or less IDENTICALLY generated cognitive and emotional responses?”

    Well if that is true, then isn’t it also necessary to take that rather significant truth into careful consideration when trying to sort it all out?

    I sure think so.

    D Benton Smith

    It may seem that my recent comments have been all over the map, and I suppose that’s so, but the reason is that current events are all over the map, too.

    Notice that when you stand back and look at the whole map that all of the most heavily travelled roads on it seem to be leading to the same place.

    D Benton Smith

    The bad guys want to block puberty. Why do you suppose they would want to do that?

    Well, THEY say that it is to affirm the child’s gender but how could the kid know what “gender” even is until they have experienced one of the must crucially defining aspects of it (sexuality as man or woman) which isn’t even kicking fully into gear until puberty runs its course. It would be like holding something in your hands BEHIND YOR BACK and asking the kid which hidden item he wants, pick a hand!

    So if sexuality can’t be fully known until completing puberty, and gender can’t be fully known without the experience of what sexuality and body maturity is, why in the HELL would anyone want to block the event which makes BOTH of those two things possible?

    Well, that’s a no brainer. The kid is EASILY bamboozleable when not only does he or she lack the facts, they lack the ability to know that those facts even exist! The kid’s only choice is to go with what their trusted grownups tell ’em, or to take a wild swing in the dark on their own. Not much chance of hitting the ball in either case.

    Block puberty and that kid will remain under control his or her entire life, thenceforward.


    @ Oxymoron

    Byron Bridle was even hounded out of employment after he refused to get death vaxxed.
    He had previously caught Covid-1984 and had various antibody tests conducted on his own blood that proved that he had developed natural immunity.

    But, no.
    The morons at his institute of “higher learning” refused to accept such a thing, and they demanded that he still get death vaxxed.

    The levels of anti-science idiocy exhibited over the past few years is truly a thing to behold.

    I have an elderly aunt (70’s) who caught Covid-1984 and, following the NHS guidance to remain at home ‘until your lips turn blue’, became very sick over a week.

    I sent her Ivermectin and Azith. and she returned to normal within about three days.
    It was extraordinary.

    A few weeks later, even after recovery, her doctor convinced her to get death vaxxed.
    She’s now had 6 death shots and has developed serious eye complications.

    The NHS still hasn’t given up on trying to poison everyone.
    Here’s their latest scarcity marketing campaign.
    Shameful and disgustingly unethical.
    Who the fuck gets vaxxed in the summer?

    TVASSF (even my own relatives)

    Acute macular neuroretinopathy following COVID-19 vaccination


    RFK Jr: Ukraine Is Being Sacrificed in a Proxy War Between the US and Russia

    Living with a proxitute
    (my apologies to The Police)

    You don’t have to promote NATO’s fights
    Those days are over
    You don’t have to blow pipes and dykes

    You don’t have to wear full battle dress tonight
    Or walk the plank for monkeys
    You don’t care if you get f*cked by the Left or Right

    You don’t have to promote NATO’s fights (bis)

    Put out all NATO’s fights (ter)


    Fun, fun, fun.
    European doses of Pfizer: placebos, for the most part.
    Shoulthey say they are lucky? Or are they mad they paid for saline?


    Played again:

    1) Bill Gates company released billions of mosquitoes in Florida & Texas.

    2) Malaria now in Florida & Texas for the first time in 20 years.

    3) Bill Gates has a malaria vaccine almost ready.

    Hydroxycholorquine is an anti-malarial drug.
    No vax needed.






    5 people have acquired malaria in the US. They’re the first in 20 years.
    “The cases, identified in Florida and Texas, raise a lot of questions.”

    No shit Sherlock!



    On the same website, check out a letter to the DofEducation on 72 genders


    @kultsommer Yes I get it. I listened to the first post and thought to post here and then I followed the link to LONDONREAL. The amount of things to “buy into” was a bit disconcerting however Martin was presenting at the European union in Brussels and I thought WTF is something moving? Probably not, but an interesting venue. Learning how to profit in the upcoming crash is what everyone paying even a sliver of attention too is attempting to pull of, in one way or another from Blackrock to my neighbour. Good luck with that. Seriously. However the talk and timeline Dr.Martin explains is the more important part. Don’t lose sight of what’s going on and how we got here. I have a life long friend who is all jabbed up and has a very small echo chamber. When this all kicked off he and his recently retired nurse wife bent over backwards to coerce my wife and I to get it. I presented them with a lot of the previous studies and trials of the mRNA failures to no avail. Any and all materials I showed were either outright ignored or he would go ad hominem or attack the publication if the author was harder to tear up.


    Kevin Bass PhD MS


    Received this today from my digital service. I set this up years ago and have put nothing in it. So no apprehension on my part. I thought of the interesting intentions here. CBDC’s aren’t going to want any competition, just the way you can’t create a local currency to compete against the national one. Not that I think it would be simple anyway. My personal view on digital coin is, it’s just another fiat. The read I get from this however tells me that if you have any amount in digital you will loose it to .gov. They will either outlaw it or shut it down confiscate it or whatever to stop it.

    New deposit limits for your account
    Hi Shawn,

    We write to let you know that, starting today, your Uphold account will have revised limits for the deposit of Canadian dollars.

    This change is in compliance with the updated regulatory requirements applicable to all Canadian residents.

    You now have a total deposit limit of approximately $2,500.00 CAD per month via a debit/card*.

    Please note that these limits do not apply to deposits from crypto networks.

    If you need further clarification or have any questions, please check our FAQs.


    All electric ha ha ha.
    Threatened by possible shortages of lithium for electric car batteries, automakers are racing to lock in supplies of the once-obscure “white gold” in a politically and environmentally fraught competition from China to Nevada to Chile


    Not that I think this isn’t possible. With a weakening magnetic field a decent CME could well do all that. It would also be a good way to explain away a radio blackout imposed by our draconian adolescent leaders when things aren’t gong their way. Just interesting with all the other strange things that seem to be happening.

    “The sun is becoming more active and may reach peak activity sooner than expected.
    Solar maximum was predicted to happen in 2025, but sunspot activity has changed that.
    An unusual burst of sunspots this year suggests solar maximum could hit by the end of 2023.”

    Suggests? Sure WTF maximum is just that maximum. No way of knowing what that may or may not look like before it happens. FS!

    D Benton Smith

    A CME is a Coronal Mass Ejection. If a planet is in the wrong position at the wrong time and gets center punched by the stream of mass flying through the neighborhood at near-light-speed . . . well let’s just say that it would very suddenly and dramatically become a very bad neighborhood for that planet to hang out in.

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