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    Keith Haring Untitled 1984   • The J6 Committee Went Full Jussie Smollett Today and It is Hilarious (CTH) • Trump White House Attorney Disputes C
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    Does the war and global financial situation share a common goal? After all Putin is a WEF grad. Is this just a changing of the guard? Will the east become the new west? Would this be good for the owners? A depopulated west for them to play in, out of reach of most of the global population? It is a long game! Just musing. @aspnaz very good points NATO, Russia, China add in the owners have already traded teams and it is likely they don’t see the west as viable anymore.

    V. Arnold

    “Be a vax hero”…fuckall, we’re sick, sick, sick……..and it ain’t the fucking covid

    those darned kids

    wow, that cnn photo of ms. clinton is so photoshopped she actually looks like a real woman.

    those darned kids


    The Khmer Rouge’s greatest achievement was in brainwashing children to be killers. Yet they never had the technological advantages our society has for conditioning people.

    We aren’t turning children into killers but we are killing their quality of life. I see so many young people still choosing to wear masks. They’ve already lost. They can never have a life as good as I had because their decision making process is now ruled by fear(when the government gives them a choice).

    Negative motivation leads to negative results. That’s two generations whose lives we have spoiled, simply becomes we adults have the mentality of five year olds! It’s tragic


    Thank you for writing the piece ‘The entire world has changed’ Raul. Very good analysis.

    There are so many chaotic components bouncing against the glass and mirrored walls of our earthly existence that I think the Oligarchs and Shwabs of the world are in for shock and disappointment. Control is difficult without a rising energy base – see Roman Empire. The centre of such systems is so far away from the crumbling or shifting edges that it is preoccupied with itself and doesn’t recognise the changing environment.

    A little like most human cells kicking around not understanding the changing DNA from smRNA.
    As Brett Weinstein asks – “if a fibreglass tree falls in the forest…”

    In seeing the emerging loss and carnage coming in – particularly with babies and children having the rising rates of viral infection my anger is passing a little and a sadness and lack of judgement are beginning to make their presence felt.

    God Bless you all

    Dr. D

    Yeah, Clinton changes age by 20 years every other week. Right now she’s about 50. Funny since wiki says she’s 73. So I often ask: Which Hillary? Explain, anyone?

    “G7 industrialized nations issued their final communique at the close of the summit in Bavaria which condemned Russia’s “attack” on global food security and pledged an additional $4.5 billion to combat food insecurity.”

    What the actual heck? The food insecurity is mostly inflation. So you’re going to print money to stop inflation? Newsflash: money is not food. Food is food. Money is money. Food and money come from different places.

    Newsome is also printing money to stop inflation in California. Everyone cheers. But CA is just a state. Yes, a state that’s the 5th largest country.

    I’m lost – because I’m lost all the time now – why on earth would Trump lunge at anything? Do all these guys just think they’re out for a drunk drive with their friends? That’s for us chumps. Trump would merely say, “Take me to the Capitol” and, as President, they would go. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT ORDERS MEAN. It doesn’t matter if he shouldn’t. If he would be assassinated, even. If he says go, they say “We do not recommend” he says “I don’t care, that’s an order” and off they go. Trump keeps his hands free to eat a burger. That’s what “Power” means. …Unless the Secret Service are the true rulers of the country? I don’t think that’s what they mean here. What’s an “assault”? I bumped you and spilled your coffee? IT’S WHEN YOU PRESS CHARGES. Not when some third outsider SAYS so. They don’t – and can’t – take umbrage on my behalf. STFU.

    So. Stupid. Clearly fabricated by people who have no experience with power, or are sold to people who believe anything.

    So a person wrote a note? This is insane. I wrote a note. A note where I wrote “Trump told me to bomb a McDonalds because they gave him small fries.” See? There’s the proof! It was on “Stationary”? Stop the presses that D.C. stationary was never, ever lifted anywhere although it’s not secured at all, not dated, and not watermarked. It could have been lifted in the Nixon Administration to be written on here. JHC. No wonder nobody’s covering this clown show.

    So I guess if I can counterfeit WH stationary, I’m the President now? I’m sure glad the Russians never thought of that. This is like Amber Heard saying “Didn’t you see the emails I sent my family? They’re proof it happened!” Amber darling: YOU sent the emails of which you speak. They’re proof of nothing. Maybe you don’t know the difference between “You” and “Everyone else” and think they’re the same?

    “Hillary Clinton Can Rescue Democrats in the Midterms (Juan Williams)”

    So much around this. So, background: the DNC is using YOUR donations for Leftist causes to fund the campaigns of the most Far-Right GOP candidates. What? Yes, Jan 6 is an insurrection, the Far-Right are White Supremacists, AND THE DNC IS FUNDING THEM. With YOUR money. Therefore the DNC is Far-Right White Supremacist Insurrectionists, I guess? If I read that right? If they’re J6 Terrorists as they claim, and the DNC is funding them, then the DNC is likewise a rebel-terrorist organization. Am I missing logic here?

    Back to HRC, so we know for a fact from Wikileaks, this was HER strategy, Podesta’s strategy, called the “Pied Piper”: to make/pretend the GOP was so far-right extreme they were unelectable to the Center. We also learned from that same leak that 1) Hillary personally gave Trump some $6B in free advertising, media coverage, which is de-facto illegal campaign donation, and 2) The majority of all American Media, by the fact of obeying her, are not journalists but merely the publicity arm of the Democratic Party. “Don’t let them know I’m a hack” –NY Times/Buzzfeed reporter

    Why? Well, They’re doing it again. They lost on this exact plan in 2016 – their greatest loss in living memory, outdoing Mondale by orders of magnitude — and they want to do it AGAIN. Only this time worse: 1) They already know it didn’t work and handed them a record failure 2) They are not de facto paying the candidates with influence, they are ACTUALLY paying, with checks, out of their sorely-depleted DNC Party bank account 3) Unlike 2016, the GOP candidate doesn’t have Bill Clinton’s platform, being a moderate or even center LEFT candidate like Trump was, they are ACTUAL (middle) Right people, Q followers and so on. 4) They are doing this at a time they are almost certain to lose. People are voting for gas prices, and voting AGAINST the DNC, not FOR the GOP. That means whoever you primary, the people will likely install to Congress. Therefore, a loss would mean YOU installed a Congress made of investigating, Hillary/Comey arresting Q followers and not Clinton-Platform gay-marriage-supporting GOP moderates.

    All done with blue money, from blue people who are almost certainly Progressives, as Bernie showed the Party was 15:1 for Bernie and policies, and 15:1 AGAINST Corporate war-mongering NeoLibs. (The 2016 DNC Primaries, where despite HRC losing 15:1, the delegates voted 11:1 AGAINST Bernie. And vote-tampered CA, legal fact.) So they’re using Progressive money to fund Q. Nice going! And I should vote for you why? Donate why?

    This is happening for Roe right now too. They may have thought this would come down and rally the troops for Roe, but it’s the opposite. Having screwed around and lost, the Base is pissed that they promised every election for 50 years to make Roe the 1st act of business. 50 years later, still not done. Whose fault is that? Not Republicans. It’s beginning to bite, which is why, since Obama bailed Wall St and stopped Health Care, no minimum wage, they were headed for Bernie in the first place. Why elect Democrats if they will never, ever keep their promises even with a 3-branch supermajority? Screwed up and thus got not one but TWO conservative Supreme Court Justices installed? …Which is why Bernie, and past him that same faction is now leaning 3rd Party.

    So…in that context…Hillary for President? Because she’ll use every power at her disposal to support Trump? I don’t think the whispers are real, but that anyone could whisper it – the media being 99% Blue – shows how stunningly dense they are. Thank God.

    “Ukraine has not benefited from its “partner” status in the Alliance. Sure, the country received billions in aid and weapons, but Kyiv has been forced to stand up to Russia on its own.”

    Huh? Count the contradictions here. Except for the $40B in 40 days you sent, you haven’t helped at all. Also has to explain that words and treaties have meanings? Because that’s not a thing now?

    P.S. there’s a thing called “Gravity” too. Let me explain it to you since you may not be aware of it…

    “Hitler wanted a … European Union”

    And he/they wanted it for what? TO CONQUER RUSSIA. That’s why we, Ford, IBM, Bush, armed and funded them for years. Because the Anglos took Russia in 1917 and Russia escaped under Stalin. So they needed to RE-conquer Russia and steal their resources. Sound familiar?

    Now the same: Pan-Euro superstate run by Germany. Minute that’s plausible, barely installed, turn around and attack Russia. On behalf of England: “Johnson Warns Macron Not To Attempt Ukraine Settlement Now (

    It’s a great war when somebody else fights it. I can keep this up all day! Fight Russia to the last German.

    30-year mortgage rate: Volcker raised rates 5% at a pop. However, let’s try also to be fair. Powell raised rates. By TRIPLING rates in short order. The weirdness of Zero-bound numbers. So yeah, it barely rose a percent. But the 1% percent = a 30% increase in interest.

    From Blinken yesterday, he’s going to stop Russia because highest value and purpose of the Russian People is consumerist shopping and can’t get Gucci handbags and that extra ketchup in Moscow. You go with that.

    Then goes on about Yemen (!!Wow!!) Neglecting to mention the whole war is done with U.S. weapons, U.S. warplanes, U.S. intel, and U.S. support. And the U.N. by the way, who can’t get enough of it. But wow, he’s tough on Saudi Arabia in Yemen boy howdy! If MBS keeps this up we might have to reduce the number of illegal mines and illegal civilian cluster bombs we sell them.

    Again: only point that matters anymore, the U.S. has zero industrial capacity. We cannot manufacture shells to fight a war anymore than Iran can. Any war we’re in would be over in six weeks Unless you bring the factories back, and the oil to run them. Sounds like the urgent, national-security platform of a President I know. Failing that, why bother? You’re a nobody. Come back when you can back up your big yap.

    Dr. D

    Roe warning:

    From Naomi, “understandably, frightened and angry young women are protesting; screaming”

    Well I don’t understand it. Not just because it gives them MORE abortion, not less. That’s just being dumb, incurious, and unread. It’s the second part: what exactly are you doing in your life that you expect very definitely to be in the situation that you need an immediate, no-questions abortion? It is your body, your choice, now did you make a bad choice with large consequences last Saturday night? And did he? Because unlike you, he can’t avoid his responsibility.

    I’ve followed this a while, but the reaction is even far stranger and less attached to any reality than I expected. Link:

    Also Naomi, “The DNC chairperson called the Supreme Court “Illegitimate.” Sold! We will follow not any rulings from it then, erase “W”’s inauguration, and including and thereby supporting Dobbs and erasing Roe. Can I have “Coherency” for $500, Alex? If SCOTUS is no more, everything devolves to the states: gun rights, abortion, health care, speech maybe gay and race rights who knows? I hear Blue states now support segregation and oppress people on basis of orientation. Devolution. Devolution has a tendency to be a Conservative lean because you leave people alone. Authoritarians and fascists MUST all power concentrated in the central state. Central Authoritarians are the opposite of (American) Conservatives.

    So the DNC Chair is now…far-right Conservative? Looks like.

    “in no way, hard as I have tried, can I see how women can have basic equality or self-determination in any society if they cannot choose to terminate a pregnancy within the first trimester.”

    That depends. Is it murder to terminate a viable human? Let’s say my son is in the hospital. He’s on life support but there’s a 99% chance he will survive in perfect health if only we can sustain life support for six months and have a relatively minor surgery at the end. But we pull the plug on him instead. SIX MONTHS IS JUST TOO LONG! It’s too inconvenient. People will find out! I know I wanted the child, took vigorous, sweaty actions to have him, but I changed my mind. He and the hospital are expensive and keeping me up sick at night.

    If that were the case, could you see how terminating your child’s life 6 months short of saving him might not be just some abstract equality of self, self-determination? More than a choice only YOU are having? (Without the father, but of course.) I don’t quite understand it. But go on.

    Women were “hard-hearted and soulless if a fetus was merely “a clump of cells”, if abortion was spiritually meaningless, and if abortions were nothing more bloody or catastrophic than “personal choices. …At what point does a “right” become a murder?”

    “the National Abortion Federation writes, “By the time they turn 20, about 40% of American women have been pregnant at least once.” What does that say about abortion-as-contraception stats? Or the “My body, my choice” (the choice to take vigorous actions to definitely cause pregnancy) stats? I mean, you were there. You participated. Both of you, not just the man.

    Naomi then discusses having a possibly serious medical operation where the doctor cannot inform the parents. So you’re a parent, your daughter is 13, has a major, life-changing operation, and you’ll never know. Never know why things suddenly changed in June, 2022, she reversed behavior, shut you out, moved to another state, started drugs, joined a cult, whatever. You’re FULLY responsible as a parent, can be arrested, sued, imprisoned, yet you are allowed NO INFORMATION that would help you navigate and avoid failing, being sued, arrested, imprisoned, getting a call that your daughter committed suicide. O Rly? Go on, tell me about your “rights” and “choices”. Parents get that s—t sandwich, they didn’t get any “choices”. Is it legal to have all responsibility yet no rights? That sounds like human slavery.

    “Just about two babies out of twelve are aborted.”

    Uh, those are not birth defects of necessity. They are not rape. “Doesn’t this mean that a generation of women in their 20s, year by year — are alone without support; ill-informed about contraception, or can’t afford it; feel desperate in relationship to their choices, and are in a traumatizing state of crisis, with something awful having happened in their formative years?

    Isn’t that a national issue that should primarily concern us?”

    “What does it do to women that two of ten of them, by the time they are 30, felt that they had to, and did, choose abortions?” –Naomi

    What does it do? Just this: They feel that it HAD TO BE RIGHT. It just HAS to be. Because if it wasn’t Right, the right and only thing to do, they can’t live with themselves. Therefore, just like that street bum you all killed to join the Crips, you have total solidarity, total buy-in, total support, and belief. …And yet… And yet why doth the lady protest too loudly? Because I didn’t tell you anything, you told ME I’m judging you, sitting here eating a sandwich. Why would you think that of me when you have a clear and perfect conscience? You’d ignore me and go on your life. Don’t need me or my opinions in it. If I told you you were responsible for the dinosaur extinction you’d ignore me, why not this?

    Yes, that tells me most do NOT have a clean conscience about it. They feel bad. And I feel bad for them. They feel bad and guilty, and if so they are probably correct in their own assessment: only they would know, after all. They feel guilty, and the neuroses to assuage the guilt are harming them. BUT: they are also easily channeled by a Fix-it-up Chappie with a political Star to sell. Ka-ching! I’d say this is like Catholic Guilt, being born bad, to control masses and make whole nations insane, but it’s so far beyond that hook and control it’s almost incomparable.

    Women feel they cannot “afford to bring a healthy child to term. Surely, if you wanted fewer young women to feel driven to the choice of abortion, you’d want safe, engaging day care centers and nurseries”

    More than 20 such places have been firebombed by the same people this week, and many more doxxed with hope for more deadly attacks. Now WHY, if I’m not correct, would they feel the overwhelming need to do that? “Food…to…women…must…be…stopped…!”

    “we do not. We propose and embrace rather a culture of death, of disposable humans, and increasingly, of flat-out eugenics. …we ask our young women to numb themselves, sexualize themselves, and get on with fitting into that death culture — one in which their potential for maternality has zero sanctity; zero value;” –Naomi.

    She then rightly points out it’s not old white men passing laws. We have USSC women disagreeing with each other in the court ruling. We have front-line women disagreeing in competing protests. We have top female politicians disagreeing in Legislatures. Patriarchy? Never was, but now far more obviously fabricated than ever before, not that anyone cares.

    Now that’s the biggest switch I’ve seen in years to admit that, the deeply obvious truth. You are not a victim. You DID choose. You have the power and always did. Stop being a child and become a full woman by taking your power and responsibility.

    What is up with all that?


    Brother Alasdair has hit another one out of the park:

    War – even a war of choice – always reveals the fragility of complex systems. An article in the Atlantic recently noted that if “you, as a typical urban professional Millennial, woke up on a Casper mattress, worked out with a Peloton, Ubered to a WeWork, ordered on DoorDash for lunch, took a Lyft home, and ordered dinner through Postmates only to realize your partner had already started on a Blue Apron meal, your household had, in one day, interacted with eight unprofitable companies that collectively lost about $15 billion in one year”.

    It has been a Millennial lifestyle subsidy that may vanish in the twinkling of an eye (or in one hike of an interest rate). It is a mirage. One that reflects the absurdities of the ‘cult of tech’ in a zero-interest rate era. It will soon be gone.

    War Makes for Clarity


    Is it just the US that has zero industrial capacity? I get the impression that loss of manufacturing capacity affects the whole western world. Australia shut its last car manufacturing plant 4 years ago. Germany might need to shut the worlds largest chemical plant ( lack of gas and what they get is very expensive). Just about everyone is having supply constraints (don’t you love Just In Time manufacturing) and yet somehow NATO thinks it can ramp up munitions and weapons production (using raw materials that Russia mines and is sanctioned).
    We are deep in clown world (and not the happy clown but the fat serial killer one).

    D Benton Smith

    As indicators of stress related systems failures continue their rise, Americans brace for rolling shit storms.


    Greg Hunter on as he interviews Dr. David Martin

    Martin thinks there will be 700 million deaths but for different reasons than Geert Vanden Bossche and his interview with Clas Sivertsen

    Martin also thinks the Clotshot for murdering infants is being pushed because Big Pharma Mafia wants it on the official mandatory schedule of vaxs for kids. Once the Clotshot Killshot is on that list it has permanent immunity from liability.


    The current schedule of profit vaxes for kids is up to 78 different shots now.


    I think as a kid I had three.

    Oh, how times have changed.

    Don’t run with scissors has become a mass formation psychosis thing.


    Mr. House

    When actions do not have consequences then “choices” do not matter.


    Greg Hunter on as he interviews Dr. David Martin,


    The Sitzkrieg We’re In

    Lira always has a nice catchy word for things.

    Word of the day: Sitzkrieg


    Things have changed
    Power rest in someone’s finger tip.

    Manipulation/pictures/words/sound are no longer believable/trustworthy
    With social media, (bloggers), the path to Resurrection, could be Rejection

    free advertising – Having your name used by the news media does not equate success.
    • The J6 Committee Went Full Jussie Smollett Today and It is Hilarious (CTH)

    Hillary Clinton Can Rescue Democrats In The Midterms (Juan Williams)
    Ukraine –
    Windows are still being broken.
    Who will prepare the reconstruction of the country?
    The people are already asking/complaining that their gov. is spending money on Ukraine that is needed in their country.
    Hide the truth by not naming it a bad flue
    Omicron vs. covid-19
    natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.
    systems failures
    Depopulation has been decided.
    Discussion/negotiation is about who will give up the biggest percentage and by which mechanism.

    D Benton Smith

    I sure hope that saving ourselves doesn’t kill everybody.


    Look at some signs of systems failures
    1. airports travel problems
    2. Passport line ups of Canadians wanting to escape to other countries
    3. Inventory/supply line delays
    4. attitude – problems not my responsibility. Not getting paid to get into trouble for mentioning a problem
    5. competence, poor training


    Tony Ornato is denying that he told Cassidy Hutchinson Trump grabbed the steering wheel in presidential vehicle on 1/6 or lunged at a fellow agent, a USSS official tells
    . CNN confirms that Ornato & Enger are prepared to testify that neither incident occurred.

    D Benton Smith


    I don’t know why more media isn’t shouting this from the rooftops (shock, maybe?) , but quite aside from the purely abstract matters like headlines, ethics and political foofaraw there is just one other “little” side effect from the cessation of Federally Subsidized Industrial Scale Baby Murder . . . . . . BABIES ! LOT’s of them. . . . . and every single one of ’em alive, hungry, and poopy.

    Talk about Baby Boom ! I mean, like we ain’t never seen before.


    Good time to go long on nappies, baby food, Day Care Centers, new voting demographics . . . . and cheap tranquilizers.

    Finally, a “problem” that is actually WORTH having. New Humans. Heads up, kids. You’re going to find this place VERY interesting, and that’s putting it mildly.


    Your leader are too smart to fall for a protection racket scam
    “Financial aid for Ukraine has no less significance than arms deliveries,” Zelensky said. “We need some $5 billon every month, you know that. And this is a fundamental thing, needed for defense and protection.”

    Mr. House

    Dear Lord,

    Give us a sign that you’re watching this S$(% show and haven’t grown tired of us yet. Take your “faithful” servant Mr. Fauci! 😉


    If the drug,  Paxlovid, ​​​​​​​is for standard-risk COVID-19 patients, and he got Omicron, then the drug won’t help him.


    Democracies are those that agree with us.
    NATO and allies are all democratic and had elections that we support and agree.
    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dropping his veto over Finland and Sweden’s application for membership.


    “To all my friends out there who know what’s really going on… To all my conspiracy theorist friends… Yes, sometimes it’s a curse and not always a blessing to be awake. Awakening is the most liberating, alienating, excruciating, empowering, lonely, confusing, freeing, frightening, expansive journey. If you find yourself struggling as you try to process all this insanity, you are not alone. No one talks about the darkness that accompanies awakening, or the GRIEF.

    “Not only grieving the life and illusions you once had but the realization that almost everything you thought you once knew, is a LIE. The beliefs you’ve held, people you’ve trusted, principles you were taught- ALL LIES. Shattering illusions is RARELY an enjoyable experience. There is a considerable amount of discomfort that comes with growth and the grieving process doesn’t stop there.

    “With these newfound realizations, you then find yourself grieving all over again. Grieving the loss of many relationships with people who just don’t “get it”. Feeling alone; being ridiculed and shamed, not only by the masses but for many of you, your very own family and friends too. Feeling like you no longer have much in common with the people you are surrounded by.

    “Struggling with carrying on bullshit, shallow conversations that lack substance with those who are still fast asleep. Even feeling disconnected from your entire support system because they can’t see what you see. Some even grieve the loss of their ignorance- because “ignorance is bliss” and reality is harsh. Awakening can be a lonely road and you will often find yourself journeying alone.

    “There is no way to sugarcoat it- Awakening to the realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions. You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that’s a skill people don’t talk about enough. Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it’s as though they exist in another world.

    “Please know you are not alone, and not only are you not alone, you have an entire tribe standing with you. We may be separated by miles, but we are DEEPLY connected; in purpose and in spirit.”

    John Day

    Yesterday I wondered:
    “I was wondering where those guys were working. They look to me like they do this kind of work for a living. Burma? Philippines? It could be part of India, too. They are working in sandstone.
    … It looks like South China and a lot of SE Asia has sandstone. Look at those guysfaces and movements. They are not typical Indian, nor typical SE Asian.”

    Doc Robinson researched further and found a story about the videos that this group made on a few acres near Siem Riep, Cambodia, which fits with their having a mixed look between Indan and Southeast Asian. (“Siem Riep” means “Siam/Thailand Defeated”, which was a big deal for the Cambodians at that loacation, which includes Angkor Wat, also made largely of sandstone).

    The site made about 20 of this kind of dugout domocile, and left them, apparently making good money on all of the views. Don’t fall in! The purchaser says it sort of ruined the forest area, which will take time to regrow…
    Bayonne temple


    Thank You

    @ willem

    Via Chris MacIntosh from an Anonymous source


    Lets use an old proven effective solution that has been done around the world

    A Travelling Health Service Trailer/RV Convoy
    White House Forced To Dismiss Idea Of Abortion Tents In National Parks


    Good news
    Vladimir Putin plans to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia in November, an aide to the Russian president said Monday.


    Main stream media propagandist are still pushing the story that there were 1,000 civilians in the shopping center.
    Russian forces have reportedly conducted a series of precision artillery strikes on several military targets in eastern Ukraine, including the base of the Kraken nationalist battalion, according to the latest daily report published by Russia’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday.

    Over one hundred Kraken fighters near the city of Kharkov were neutralized as a result of artillery strikes on Wednesday, according to the report, as well as 10 armored vehicles. The ministry added that high-precision missile strikes also took out a number of command bases in the region, including a foreign mercenary training center, as well as ammunition depots and repair bases.

    The ministry noted that, after suffering significant casualties, leaders of the Kraken unit ordered its forces to abandon their positions and retreat to the city of Kharkov.

    The Kraken unit is considered by Russia’s Defense Ministry to be a nationalist fighting force and an offshoot of the notorious Azov regiment, which recently suffered a crushing defeat in the city of Mariupol. Kraken designates itself as a special reconnaissance and sabotage unit under the Ministry of Defense, operating separately from the Armed forces of Ukraine.

    While there is no official information on exactly how many fighters are part of this battalion, some sources believe that the unit has about 1,800 soldiers and primarily consists of Azov veterans and volunteers, many of whom come from ultranationalist and far-right backgrounds.

    John Day

    Dr. D said:
    ” ‘Hitler wanted a … European Union’
    And he/they wanted it for what? TO CONQUER RUSSIA. That’s why we, Ford, IBM, Bush, armed and funded them for years. Because the Anglos took Russia in 1917 and Russia escaped under Stalin. So they needed to RE-conquer Russia and steal their resources. Sound familiar?”

    Pretty good brief-summation,Sir!


    Approved/no opposition, New increased invasion by USA
    Who is paying, who is receiving the money.
    We need Trump back in Office to get out of NATO.
    Biden announces new troop deployments in Europe
    The US Army will set up a permanent headquarters in Poland
    The military bloc’s chief, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Monday that the alliance will increase its rapid-response force from 40,000 to 300,000 troops.

    John Day

    On elective abortion choices:
    I have dealt with manyhumans going through this decision process since the late 1970s.
    I was a non-progenator guy that girls would sometimes ask to go to the clinic with them when they had an abortion. I was just sort of ok, helpful and non-judgemental.
    Then I became a medical doctor, and did deliveries and GYN surgery, and not termination procedures, but the equivalent of a chemical abortion for tubal pregnancies and non-viable pregnancies sometimes.

    This is not easy for most people. A few women do use abortion as “birth control”. They are of a different sort of mind, I think, intellectually distanced from it, somehow.

    There is not a better option in my medical opinion, which is the same as my human-experience opinion, than readily available contraception, morning after-pills and first trimester abortion, on demand, no questions asked, but there have to be more questions after that. Society starts voting after that.

    Women are at a disadvantage to tricky or brutal men who impregnate them dishonorably, unless they have this early option to terminate.
    Young women live and learn, as immature young men also live and learn about things.

    Young women impregnated by “good” men may also feel that they need more time before they can decide to become mothers. Sometimes they need a little more time to be sure the man is actually good. They may need more time to know themselves, too.
    Reproductive maturity comes at least 5 years before cognitive/emotional maturity (sometimes 10).
    Most 15 year olds do really well physically giving birth…

    Maxwell Quest

    I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but lately after reading Raul’s notations each morning including the first batch of comments, there’s almost nothing left to say. Everyone has been so spot-on, hitting their targets dead center, eating the lunch of all the establishment narrative spinners while slapping them silly, that anything I would attempt to add would only muddy the water.

    @Boogaloo wrote: “Brother Alastair [Crooke] has hit another one out of the park:” regarding his recent article, War Makes for Clarity.

    Yes, read it yesterday. One of his best. Worth the time. On a related note, I could’ve sworn that Tom Luongo from Gold Goats ‘N Guns said that he had a podcast in the tank with Alastair Crooke for podcast #111, which he has not yet posted. I’m really looking forward to hearing both of them converse on the current happenings.



    The last that I read, Nato’s rapid response force never even reached 5,000!
    I don’t think Nato could even field a 300,000 strong army!
    So Nato’s 300,000 rapid response force must be just a virtual force!

    Maxwell Quest

    @willem posted the link: YOU ARE NOT ALONE

    A wonderfully short article describing a very complex, emotion infested process that is often difficult to put into words. It’s great to be on the other side of this process with a little experience under your belt. However, it’s bloody hell going through it. Lots of arm waving, raging, sadness, and depression. And lots of blank stares, defensiveness, and rejection when you try to share it with those that you love.


    ….. must be just a virtual force!
    with virtual money going into bank accounts

    Figmund Sreud

    Via MoA commentariat section, translation of the following interview with the Polish general, … long but quite revealing:,114884,28631163,gen-mieczyslaw-gocul-szczyt-nato-ma-nas-przekonac-ze-wygramy.html#s=BoxOpMT/

    Gen. Mieczysław Gocuł: the NATO summit is to convince us that we will win the war with Russia if, or rather when, it breaks out
    I am very concerned that the NATO summit in Madrid is going in the wrong direction. Instead of looking for ways to win peace, because this is the essence of the problem of the eastern flank, the summit is to convince us that we will win the future war if, or rather when, it happens – says Gen. Mieczysław Gocuł, former Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army.

    First of all: NATO at the 2014 summit in Newport, by creating the Readiness Action Plan, increased the Response Force to 40,000. soldiers – including land, sea, air, space and cyber components. Now, in 2021-22 (because the Russians mobilized their forces for this war in October last year) we have a war. And what happened on NATO’s eastern flank? US troops arrived, but importantly, the NATO Response Force did not arrive. And yet, if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine close to our borders did not cause a reaction by the NATO Response Force, then it is necessary to ask the head of NATO whether the Alliance’s crisis response procedures have been launched at all.

    If the Pact triggered them, after the initiating phase (conflict detection), it would be necessary to move on to the next phase: strategic assessment by the commander of the combined NATO forces in Europe. Such an assessment should be presented by the commander at a meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC – NATO’s most important decision-making body). After all, this assessment would be simple: Russia brought out over 150,000. soldiers and launched an invasion of Ukraine. It was therefore to be expected that the NAC would share the commander’s assessment. The next step in NATO’s crisis response should be to use Response Options Development. But nothing like that happened. We in Poland and the Baltic states understand the threat, but the approach of other NATO states is diametrically different.

    Unfortunately, even those US troops now on the eastern flank have never been placed under NATO command. Thus, the Alliance’s nerve, or command structure, has not been mobilized to coordinate the actions of the NATO Response Force, which also has not been deployed. So what if we have 40,000 in NATO? The Response Forces if they haven’t moved?

    And have you heard that the famous NATO Spearhead (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force – VJTF) appears in Poland or in the Baltic States? Also not. And yet it was created in 2014 – after Russia’s war in the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea – and was supposed to react within 72 hours.

    Since 40 thousand. did not move, it’s 300,000 it won’t move either. Since even the spearhead has not moved with the current state of leadership in the member states and NATO itself?

    Yes. It is not a question of the number of declared forces, but of the lack of a decision. It is similar with our army – the key is not whether we have 100 or 300 thousand. soldiers, but what capabilities the military has and whether it has the ability to stop the Russian invasion. Let’s forget about numbers. When humans flew with stone spears, the actual number was decisive. But not now.

    You complain, and Jens Stoltenberg announces: “The NATO summit in Madrid will be groundbreaking. With a new strategic concept, we will make a fundamental change in NATO’s deterrence and defense.”

    Before the NATO summit in Warsaw (2016), at the Pact’s military committee, I asked Stoltenberg: what will be the guarantees for the eastern flank? He replied with a question: what else does Poland expect? I said straight: security and prosperity, which is what the rest of the sitting at table wants.

    Just like then, I hear the same slogans today, such as “do more with less”, and there are also other nice-sounding calls, but these are only political slogans calculated for a positive social perception and minimizing costs – but they do not really bring any political and military solutions.

    No breakthrough in NATO, even if there is a real risk of a war with Russia?

    If Stoltenberg says it will be a turning point, it is probably just for him. Because it will be the last summit with him as the head of the Pact. The summit will definitely not be a breakthrough, because – first of all – NATO does not want to take a big step forward.

    What should happen for a breakthrough to become a reality?

    Let’s be honest: if there is to be a breakthrough, we should have 360 ​​degrees of security for the Alliance – on each of its borders. And let’s also honestly answer the question: is the eastern flank safe – are Poland and the Baltic states safe? Well, we are not safe – NATO does not give us security now and the current summit in Madrid will not change that. And yet such slogans – of complete security – had already been spoken at the previous summits of the Pact in Brussels, Warsaw and Newport. It always ended up with security slogans. This time it will also be like that.

    Now the tension between Russia and Lithuania is growing, because the sanctions are blocking the Kaliningrad Oblast more and more. Could this be a hotspot?

    If Putin wanted to start the war further and decided to cut a corridor through the Balts to the Kaliningrad District at the Suwałki Isthmus, what forces could stop him? Could the forces of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland stop Putin? Well not. Putin will not be stopped by the Americans, who are present on the eastern flank only in small numbers. I repeat, Russia talks and counts only with strong countries and organizations. And NATO in our region is weak.

    NATO is not strong on the eastern flank, but does it have enormous potential, which it does not want to transfer to our region?

    NATO has military potential, but does not have the political potential to use it to build real security in our part of Europe. European leaders are not equal to the task. I don’t want to criticize individual leaders, but the role of statesmen is to make difficult but necessary decisions.

    These leaders do not seem to understand that the war in Ukraine has already caused hundreds of billions of euros in damage, and will still bring trillions of damage to the entire global world. It will also bring hunger and the millions of victims of hunger that Russia is blackmailing the world with. If the leaders thought seriously, they would very quickly make decisions about the forward and enhanced presence of NATO on the eastern flank, so that it could carry out specific operational tasks, which we are able to precisely define to ensure security. However, for this to be possible, a NATO division should be stationed in Poland.

    After the NATO summit in Warsaw (2016), we formally created an international division in Poland – it should be linked to the chain of command and be subordinate to the Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin, which is a rapid reaction corps. And this corps should be subordinate to the Allied Command of NATO’s Joint Forces in Brunssum, so that NATO would be responsible for the security of the eastern flank.

    And what would result from this?

    And the fact that the allied troops arriving on the eastern flank would be tied to the NATO chain of command. Today, after all, the battalion battle groups present in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as a result of the NATO summit in Warsaw are not even commanded by NATO, but by individual member states. Everything should be tense, but it isn’t.

    The Estonian prime minister says: “Estonia (in the event of an attack by Russia) would be wiped off the map of Europe and its capital razed to the ground”, and NATO’s strategy follows the principle of “lose and then liberate”. And this is what it would be like in the event of the Russian invasion of the Baltic states?

    This, unfortunately, is true.

    But let’s start with the basic thing: what is the definition of security? It is the freedom to choose the path of development of the country. After all, what we have today on the eastern flank – in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – is a contradiction of security. There is no free development, there are a lot of restrictions, there is a huge pressure to increase defense spending. And if there is no security, it means that NATO is not meeting the goals set out in the Washington Treaty, so NATO is not a strategic concept today.

    The gradation in the validity of the documents is clear: the Washington Treaty, NATO’s strategic concept and MC400 (Military Implementation of the Alliance’s Strategic Concept), i.e. the military implementation of the Alliance’s strategic concept.

    And in your opinion today is it fiction?

    If Stoltengerg is reading correctly the Treaty and the Charter of the United Nations, to which the preamble to the Treaty refers, then he should be aware: NATO was not created to reflect NATO territory. And today it would be forced to do so, because it is not able to defend the territory of not only Estonia, but also Poland. It must be emphasized that NATO was created to defend NATO territory – to prevent the conflict from escalating and, as a result, from taking over at least part of NATO territory by the enemy.

    However, there was already a lot of declarations that NATO would defend every scrap of the territory of a member state. In fact, it is impossible?

    Today, NATO is actually saying that we will not give up any land to Russia. However, this is a story of fairy tales, and Putin probably laughs at it. Because what did NATO – apart from rhetoric and many Stoltenberg conferences – do about the war in Ukraine? NATO has a spearhead – did not send. NATO has a Response Force of 40,000. soldiers – they didn’t move. NATO has a command system – it has not moved. And if NATO wants to increase its Response Force to 300,000 and whoever thinks it will be OK, it sounds like a joke, because 300,000 wouldn’t move either.

    One should also pay attention to the condition of our army, which would also have trouble moving. The operational units are stripped by the territorial defense forces, we have a shortage of officer cadres, problems with mobilization, and a broken crisis response system. We have announcements of huge purchases of weapons and the propaganda creation of a new division, but I dare to suspect that we are not able to deploy as many highly completed units as we declare for the NATO table of forces.

    You paint a dramatic picture of the lack of determination and strength of NATO and the Polish army.

    And the direction in which the NATO summit in Madrid is going will absolutely not ensure the security of the eastern flank. Even if there will be 300 thousand. Declared Response Forces, with 30-day supplies, ready to go to operational on the eastern flank, they will continue to be stationed where they are now stationed.

    Is Poland and the Baltic states today – in a threatening situation – satisfied with the fact that somewhere in Spain or Italy there are units that are to arrive when Putin starts the war and enters our territories? After all, our waiting will be at least two weeks before the Forces take off, another two weeks before they sail or come, a week before they integrate. By then, it will be swept away, NATO will recapture the ruins and uncover the crimes of the Russians.

    At the plenary session of the NATO military committee – before the summit in Warsaw – I argued to the Americans: if you want a NATO Response Force in Spain, they will sleep in their shoes and with rifles in their hands, and they will come to Poland too late anyway. I proposed: the forward presence of these troops on the eastern flanks is needed, so that the soldiers sleep in their pajamas, train and relax, but if there is a threat, they will get dressed in one day, have time to eat, get their equipment and go to the front.

    It took Putin over a year to collect 150,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine – maybe this is the time to transfer NATO troops from Spain or Italy to the eastern flank?

    I will answer, without violating the official secrecy. There used to be an incident in the Baltic Sea: over 30 Russian ships suddenly appeared on it. Total surprise. And yet ships at sea are not a tank that can be hidden in the forest. If more than 30 such ships went to sea and NATO knew nothing about it, will NATO be able to react quickly enough when Putin really wants to attack?

    There were also the Zapad 2013 exercises. The Russians declared 12.5 soldiers, and gathered 140,000 soldiers. – the entire industrial and defense complex of Russia. Out of nowhere. What was the Alliance’s response? In 2013, NATO organized exercises on the eastern flank – how many NATO soldiers exercised? 1.3 thousand soldiers from the French Rapid Reaction Corps from Lille trained in Drawsko.

    So are NATO guarantees mostly on paper and little response capacity?

    If anyone says that by increasing the declared number of soldiers of the NATO Response Force to 300,000 and also that we want to increase the size of our own army to 300,000, we will ensure our own safety, says nonsense. If someone says that the Polish army will be so strong that it will win the war with Russia, that is also gibberish. Well, with the same NATO forces on the eastern flank and our army, the Russians will demolish the country.

    I am very concerned that the NATO summit in Madrid is going in the wrong direction. Instead of looking for ways to win peace, because this is the crux of the eastern flank problem, the summit is to convince us that we will win the future war if, or rather when, it occurs. This rhetoric ended as we see it in Ukraine.

    However, it is to increase support for the eastern flank.

    But it will only cement the status quo. And the status quo is that NATO has done nothing to prevent a future war between Russia and NATO on the eastern flank.

    … fwiw,


    Oil Markets Could Face A Doomsday Scenario This Week
    By Cyril Widdershoven – Jun 28, 2022

    spare capacity of more than 3-4 million bpd,
    are unable to supply adequate volumes to the market.

    There is ,however, no real evidence to suggest that OPEC has increased production capacity in place in the short term.
    OPEC’s future is at stake if spare production capacity really has run out.

    Western sanctions on Russia, combined with existing sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, will hurt markets for years to come.

    Without new oil production hitting markets soon, OPEC leaders MBZ and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman need to try to maintain the illusion of spare capacity. If spare production capacity is revealed to be under 1.5-2 million bpd, the future of both OPEC and oil markets would be bleak.

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