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    Figmund Sreud

    For a change, … a report from NATO Summit – in Madrid – by the Canadian MSM:

    The United States opened the NATO leaders summit in Madrid on Wednesday by putting some serious firepower on the table to bolster the alliance’s defences throughout Europe while Canada separately signed an agreement with Latvia to increase the Western military alliance’s presence in the country.

    Whether it means additional Canadian troops will be dispatched to the Baltic country — or whether they will come from other allied nations — is unclear. The deal was hastily signed Wednesday afternoon and the prime minister’s office has provided no details.

    Both the secretary general of NATO and Estonia’s prime minister thanked Canada publicly and through Twitter for its additional support before the agreement was formally signed.

    The U.S. will be adding a rotational brigade of troops to Romania where a battle group led by France was recently established, and plans to further bolster contingents in the Baltic states, President Joe Biden told other Western leaders as the meeting opened.

    The U.S. will also send two more F-35 squadrons to the United Kingdom and set up surface-to-air defence systems in Germany and Italy.

    Also, significantly, the U.S. will establish a permanent headquarters in Poland for the Fifth Army Corps, which will co-ordinate defence in eastern Europe in the event of further Russian aggression.

    The measures announced Wednesday are on top of the existing 100,000 U.S. troops that are already based in Europe.


    “In a moment where [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has shattered peace in Europe and attacked the very, very tenets of the rule-based order, the United States and our allies — we’re stepping up,” Biden said at the summit. “The steps we’re taking during this summit are going to further augment our collective strength.”

    NATO leaders are discussing what amounts to a two-step process to bolster the security of its 30 — soon to be 32 — members. […]

    U.S. increases its firepower in eastern Europe as Canada signs deal to bolster NATO presence in Latvia

    … and so in a nutshell:

    U.S. and it’s chihuahuas gang is further expanding its territories simply because the previous NATO expansions resulted in the current war that is now raging in Ukraine! Got it, …


    Michael Reid

    @willem #110633

    Just goes to show we have been living a dream of sorts in the western world.

    The comment well articulates the experience of waking up to reality here in the West.

    The mainstream media lies destroyed many lives and allowed them to steal nearly everything.

    Veracious Poet


    Is it murder to terminate a viable human (with malice of forethought)? Let’s say my son is in the hospital. He’s on life support but there’s a 99% chance he will survive in perfect health if only we can sustain life support for six months and have a relatively minor surgery at the end. But we pull the plug on him instead. SIX MONTHS IS JUST TOO LONG! It’s too inconvenient. People will find out! I know I wanted the child, took vigorous, sweaty actions to have him, but I changed my mind. He and the hospital are expensive and keeping me up sick at night.

    If that were the case, could you see how terminating your child’s life 6 months short of saving him might not be just some abstract equality of self, self-determination? More than a choice only YOU are having?

    First off, Brilliant analogy! 😉

    Terminating a child’s life should NEVER be in the hands of one individual, & NEVER would be in a society of ethically, morally, spiritually balanced humans.

    Moreover, your scenario involves conspiring with “other” humans to terminate the life of the child. Thus More than a choice only YOU are having

    Just. Like. Abortion. Does. 😕

    Choices have consequences, no matter what avenues of denial & rationalization are fantastically invoked by EGOcentrically unbalanced humans…

    What does it do? Just this: They feel that it HAD TO BE RIGHT. It just HAS to be. Because if it wasn’t Right, the right and only thing to do, they can’t live with themselves. Therefore, just like that street bum you all killed to join the Crips, you have total solidarity, total buy-in, total support, and belief.

    And yet… And yet why doth the lady protest too loudly? Because I didn’t tell you anything, you told ME I’m judging you, sitting here eating a sandwich. Why would you think that of me when you have a clear and perfect conscience? You’d ignore me and go on your life. Don’t need me or my opinions in it. If I told you you were responsible for the dinosaur extinction you’d ignore me, why not this?

    Yes, that tells me most do NOT have a clean conscience about it. They feel bad. And I feel bad for them. They feel bad and guilty, and if so they are probably correct in their own assessment: only they would know, after all. They feel guilty, and the neuroses to assuage the guilt are harming them. BUT: they are also easily channeled by a Fix-it-up Chappie with a political Star to sell. Ka-ching!


    It’s all about that *pesky* inner voice, that we ALL are created & born with, where The Infinite’s Universal Laws of RIGHT vs. WRONG are indelibly inscribed.

    No amount of sex, drugs, entertainment, lies, narcissism, ad nauseam will shut it up, make it go away, alter The Truth that EVERY SINGLE CHILD OF THE INFINITE KNOWS IS TRUE.

    Add to The Rebellion all sorts of EGOcentric maladies, promiscuity, homosexuality, predation upon non-CULT humans, criminal pathology, et al. ~ Expansion of the depravity is only confined by the limits of the EGO imagination…

    The Rebellion manifests in all sorts of wickedly selfish phenomena & mental, emotional & physical DISEASE.

    When a CULTure is able to unify in shared madness, rejecting The Infinite in an illusion that they can eradicate their TRUE SELVES, the result is MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS…

    Once that happens no amount of spiritually attuned leadership will be accepted, in contrast quite the opposite (WAR) as The Awakened Ones words & actions echo the very Voice Within they have spent their lives since “childhood” trying to invalidate & extinguish (ie aborting their TRUE self).

    Some men, you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week — which is the way he wants it.

    Voila! The Empire of the Child.

    My parents (should have) said know NO!, indeed!

    Ultimately, the terminally ill CULTure seeks, supports & submits to Fix-it-up Chappie with a political Star to expand & legitimize the pathological Rebellion

    No Fathers.

    No Mothers.

    No Family.

    No God.

    More than 20 such places have been firebombed by the same people this week, and many more doxxed with hope for more deadly attacks. Now WHY, if I’m not correct, would they feel the overwhelming need to do that? “Food…to…women…must…be…stopped…!”

    What is up with all that?

    The inevitably rotted fruit of Democratic Self-Government, once The Rebellion has stripped all ethical, moral & spiritual constraints from the former Republic, that prevented majority tribal CULTure…

    Cancelling the Supreme Court is just the latest New, New! thing 🙄

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day #110641

    I fully support the view articulated in your comment.

    I would add that there are many sexual activities to provide intimacy and orgasm and do not cause pregnancy. I feel this is essential knowledge that gets wrongly suppressed.

    Kids need to know what could get them pregnant. The fact is kids are going to do things. That is human nature. They should know what will not get them pregnant.

    I don’t see religion as being helpful with this subject.

    Other essential knowledge is how to pleasure oneself which is a zero risk activity. We know there is a problem when a sexually active woman has not experienced orgasm.

    John Day

    There is a logical fallacy to comparing a developing fetus or embryo to an established human life, already existent and engaged in family and community, which needs 6 months of intensive care.

    The reductio-ad-absurdum in laid out in this song: “Every Sperm is Sacred” from “The Meaning of Life”.

    The neurological development of a 12 week human fetus is similar to that of a tadpole, but not self-sufficient like a tadpole.

    Our feelings as humans anticipate the humanity to come, which we expect to join us, but which is not yet a reality in space-time.

    We will reason best, if we all reason honestly.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    Our feelings as humans anticipate the humanity to come, which we expect to join us, but which is not yet a reality in space-time.

    We will reason best, if we all reason honestly.

    John, your small thinking (reason) is blocking you from the *bigger* picture…

    Your pronouncements of rational, asserting definitive correlation, are *blindly* excluding causation, your perception is entirely EGOcentric, therefore not “spiritual” in the least 😕

    Michael Reid

    Some things are not known.

    Some things might never be known.

    It is not necessary to know all things.

    It is fantasy to invent knowledge of things which are unknown.

    It is wrong to declare fantasy truth.


    If big pharma thinks they will have a permanent immunity from liability if their shots kill millions of kids then they are mistaken. Firstly that immunity might only apply in the US, what about the other 200 sovereign nations? Secondly laws can be changed, made retrospective or overruled by interpretations of the law.
    And that is just legal consequences, nothing to stop other countries sending hit squads to take out the trash or to abduct and export for rendition those guilty of crimes against humanity.
    Then there are going to be millions of men (and women) who have lost spouses and children to clot shots, are now lonely, depressed and remorseful with nothing left to lose. Do all those pharma executives and their minions and those public officials who pushed the shots (no jab no job, no jab no college) as “safe and effective” have anywhere to escape to from those with guns, knives, ropes, clubs, SUVs etc that want an eye for an eye?
    Getting sued will be the least of big pharmas worry.

    John Day

    @Neal: I’m glad you started posting. I used to enjoy TOD also, and frequented both this and that fom around early 2008.

    Big Pharma is at the oligarchy-table and we are not.
    If their is a pan-western regime change, war crimes might be prosecuted. It is very clear that there has been massive fraud and collusion, but pharma still pushes to make these COVID vaccine-products routine for young American children, no matter how many die or are disabled, because it’s about their own survival in changing times.
    They are losing narrative control and just have to pull out the stops and rush, appearances-be-damned.

    John Day

    Rules Based Oligarchy post with picture of a couple married 37 years

    I include this story as a perspective piece. This same ruling oligarchy remains in power today, after 54 years of consolidating that power.
    RFK Jr is like his Dad, but 26 years older than dad lived to be. He knows all of this information. He fights honorably for truth, knowing that he may “die funny” some day.

    ​ ​New Evidence Implicates CIA, LAPD, FBI and Mafia as Plotters in Elaborate “Hit” Plan to Prevent RFK From Ever Reaching White House
    ..In a 2018 interview with The Washington Post, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said that he traveled to meet with Sirhan at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional facility in San Diego County, and, after a relatively lengthy conversation, believed that Sirhan did not kill his father and that a second gunman was involved.
    ​ ​Kennedy Jr.’s view is shared by his sister, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, and by Paul Schrade, regional director of the United Auto Workers (UAW) and one of Bobby’s closest advisers, who was shot the night that he was killed.
    ​ ​In 2016, Schrade testified in support of Sirhan’s parole, stating his belief that a second shooter killed Kennedy and that Sirhan was intended to be a distraction from the real gunman by an unknown conspiracy.
    ​ ​Kennedy Jr. has pointed out that Sirhan’s appointed lawyer at his original trial, Grant Cooper, was Johnny Rosselli’s personal lawyer. “Roselli,” he said, “was the mobster who ran the assassination program for the CIA against Castro. Cooper pressured Sirhan to plead guilty so that there was no trial.”
    ​ ​Kennedy believes the real assassin was Thane Eugene Cesar, an employee of Lockheed’s Burbank facility—which manufactured the CIA produced U-2 spy plane—and previously Hughes Aircraft who was moonlighting as a security guard for Ace Security Services.
    After the shooting, Kennedy Sr. was photographed with Cesar’s clip-on tie next to him, which he had apparently yanked off.

    ​This is what a “good day” looks like for NATO these days.
    ​ Hours after Turkey’s announcement yesterday that it would support Finland’s and Sweden’s accession to NATO, Alliance Secretary – General Jens Stoltenberg called this morning (Wednesday) at the annual conference in Madrid to unite and expedite the process of joining. At the same time, he attacked Russia and China, claiming that Russia posed a “direct threat” to NATO.

    NATO secretary general attacks China and Russia: “poses a direct threat”

    Understanding the New York Times Article on the CIA in Ukraine
    ​ ​When you read some so-called bombshell report dishing the dirt on some Top Secret U.S. operation in the New York Times or the Washington Post, you need to understand that this was not the result of some intrepid, eager beaver reporter who took the initiative and came up with a nifty idea for a story. Such stories are based on official or sanctioned leaks and always have an ulterior motive…
    ​..​Got that? The most acute problem is that the best Ukrainian troops are dead, wounded or captured. There are no first rate troops left to train.
    Oh my. That is a problem and the United States is not going to put any of our troops into harms way.
    That is, for now, the Biden Administration’s policy.
    Putting “modern special operations teams” on the ground to train Ukrainians is, per the NY Times piece, too great a risk and carries a price that is not worth the outcome.

    John Day

    This shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like we’re at war with anybody that can cut off our oil, is it?​
    (Well, just as a thought problem, what would happen if outside supplies of oil to the US were stopped?)
    US Emergency Oil Reserves Tumble To Record Low 27 Days Worth Of Supply

    ​It’s not just about “weapons”, but about covertly adjusting the brain function of billions of humans​ in order to manipulate them (us).
    ​Spartacus : ​The Weaponization of Biotech​
    The unregulated advancement of biotech is creating a new arms race and threatening our personal autonomy

    ​What do Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan have in common this year?
    Igor Chudov, Depopulation of Taiwan Birth Rate Dropped by 23% in ONE YEAR — And it is NOT Covid
    ​ ​This is a continuation of my post from yesterday about a massive 13% decline in births in Germany. Such a decline is a nine-sigma event, meaning that it is so unlikely to occur by chance, that it would naturally happen as rarely as an asteroid striking the Earth.

    Dramatic Decline in Births in Germany​ (and Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, North Dakota)​
    ​..​If this is happening in Q1 in Germany after a MINORITY of 18-49 yo were vaccinated in Q2 2021, what will happen in subsequent quarters?
    Will the birth rate decline even further?

    ​Swiss Policy Research noticed that same bar graph of live births in Switzerland.
    (The Pfizer study data aboutvaccine-study-participant miscarriages ceased to be recorded after a sudden early rise. Poof. Not writing that down any more.)
    Covid Vaccines and Fertility
    ​ ​Why is there a substantial decrease in births in Germany, Switzerland, and other countries – nine months after the beginning of covid mass vaccinations?
    ​ ​Do covid vaccines impact male or female fertility?
    ​ ​An Israeli study recently published in the scientific journal Andrology seemed to have found a 15% decrease in sperm concentration three months after mRNA covid vaccination. The authors argued the decrease was temporary, but the data didn’t actually show a recovery…

    Michael Reid

    The Subnatural Realm: A Speculation

    The Subnatural Realm: A Speculation


    @ Veracious poet
    It seems to me that since God has new human life gestating in the woman, that God has left it up to the woman to be in charge of the unborn. God could have chosen the egg method.


    @John Day said

    There is a logical fallacy to comparing a developing fetus or embryo to an established human life, already existent and engaged in family and community, which needs 6 months of intensive care.

    The reductio-ad-absurdum in laid out in this song: “Every Sperm is Sacred” from “The Meaning of Life”.

    The neurological development of a 12 week human fetus is similar to that of a tadpole, but not self-sufficient like a tadpole.

    Your use of “Every Sperm is Sacred” is a cheap shot as this song was aimed at Catholicism: read the lyrics and you will see that the primary target is the “sin” of masturbation. Including this reference is a meaningless diversion indicating a lack of real logical argument.

    The human embryo is by definition of the human species and is part of nature’s process of creating new members of the human population. Lots of materials come together in this process and you could argue that all the food ever eaten by the parents of the embryo are sacred components, but natural menstuation indicates that some waste will be involved in the reproductive process when an embryo is not created or not viable.

    The human species needs the woman to reproduce and to nurture the child into adulthood. The man is there to provide while this process is underway. Nature provides us with all the tools needed to do this, including the traditional traits such as sexual pleasure, maternal instinct, hormones, male protectiveness, male single mindedness etc.

    The woman makes the decision to create the embryo. Conception is the start of the reproduction process even though, as mentioned above, it is obviously using materials created prior to conception. The woman decides, in all but a tiny number of cases (such as rape, a seperate issue), to start the process of creating a human being. This is her choice to undertake the process of creating a child.

    The privilege of being a mother comes with the tools required to be a mother, and killing your unborn will not come naturally to the maternal instinct. The question is whether she should be allowed to kill the embryo/fetus simply because she has changed her mind about having a baby or never wanted one in the first place but took the risk of getting pregnant.

    If the embryo/fetus is not granted any rights then the government has no business getting involved in this process. If the embryo/fetus does have rights then the government should protect this new member of society. The neurological development argument is irrelevant because we are protecting the potential in the same way as we do for babies that have been born, have no life experience and cannot survive without assistance, regardless of whether they are premature.

    Protecting a baby but not protecting an embryo means you deprive the embryo/fetus of rights and empower the mother to kill the embryo. Nature says that conception is the time when the embryo is created. Many humans find that point in time to be inconvenient, so they argue that nature is wrong and that humans should postpone granting rights to the embryo, the aim being to provide a window during which the mother can kill the embryo.

    Will society allow women to be irresponsible and to abuse their privilege of motherhood? The woman wants the sex part of the process but not the responsibility part of the process. How are we to look at this as a society? Personally I go with nature as there is no valid argument against nature.

    John Day

    I’m reading everything people say. I’m sorry to have given offense, but did not intend to.

    Our feelings about pregnancy likely fit better with the traditional definition of pregnancy, which was “quickening”, feeling a baby move inside oneself, which happens later, though still before “viability”, which is highly variable, but sometimes as early as 22 weeks of gestation. That is really early, and it is exceptional, but occasionally happens.

    Many societies have practiced infanticide, even in our lifetimes (some of us).
    My own feelings, are not different, I think, from many on the other side of right-to-choose, but I only hold myself to them. Granted, that seems easy for me … I have long pondered this since teenage years, always seeking further understanding. It is inherently complicated and with a wide gray zone.

    Lots of gray zones in life…

    Veracious Poet


    It seems to me that since God has new human life gestating in the woman, that God has left it up to the woman to be in charge of the unborn. God could have chosen the egg method.

    Yep, “God” could have made “humans” strictly follow innate programming, like his egg laying children, but “Free Will” was granted to “humans” for some purpose that’s still not entirely clear to me, yet…

    There is a logical fallacy to comparing a developing fetus or embryo to an established human life, already existent and engaged in family and community…which is not yet a reality in space-time.

    I’m not going to play “God”, pretending to know at what point in pregnancy “an established human life” is occurring, nor would I encourage “others” to engage in limiting the Rights of the Creator bestowed on ALL living beings ~ That is one *HELL* of a slippery slope, where many will find themselves segregated to the non-human side of the equation, if they’re not careful…

    In fact, that very *EVIL* is seemingly already spreading like a cancer (as it has for millennia), far & wide across the land, destroying ALL life like a slowly unfolding apocalypse.

    So, I’m really just on the journey towards understanding the mystery, but I have gleaned some new insight into the dark side of conscientiousness, starting with my own.

    Also blessed with living on the sunny side of the street, through the act of pure grace…

    One thing I have been shown is that The Infinite does not pass judgment, we do that all on our own.

    Of course, to first expand the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Universe within, we must humble ourselves & admit or errors (ongoing as we become aware), asking forgiveness for our trespasses before we are empowered to forgive others & ourselves…

    Sadly, it seems all to commonplace for EGO-based “humans” to double-down on error, engaging in all sorts of chicanery seeking to avoid personal responsibility for past wrongs committed…

    And that is all I have left to say ~ I’m done now 😉

    I’ll let my brother Jung close it out for me…

    Formerly T-Bear

    For what it’s worth, I subscribe fully with John Day’s well considered point of view concerning pregnancy and its safe termination by the host and her medical practitioner with no outside constraints, interference from alien parties. Alien opinions and moralities have no standing in the issue whatsoever. Stifle

    Looks like another division has been made in the population: organic and GMO to add to all the others.

    Formerly T-Bear

    one further matter:

    Positions gained by fraud are not validly held, no rights or protection pertain. Pfizer is pfraudulence

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