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    Michael Reid

    Dr. McCullough Roaring with “Lions for Liberty”
    Opening Speech
    Lays Out the Threats from Bio-pharmaceutical Complex
    from Pandemic Disaster
    to Transgender Crisis


    The field camp of the Wagner PMC near the village of Tsel, Osipovsky district of the Republic of Belarus has been completed. About 300 tents were set up in the camp.

    In addition, the territory of military unit No. 61732 is not abandoned. Now the 465th Missile Brigade of Tactical Ballistic Missiles of the Ground Forces of Belarus is deployed at this place. It is in service with this missile brigade that the Russian Iskander OTRK are.

    TAE Summary

    * The Daily Covid
    – The non-vaxxed got the Hypatia treatment
    – US Supreme court nixes college entrance affirmative action except for for the vaxxed
    – I’m not a vaccine expert who died of Covid but I play one on TV
    – Ed Dowd cut himself on Hanlon’s razor
    – Excessive deaths is a non-story unless it happens in a submersible
    – Competent and Reliable is the new Safe and Effective
    – You can’t cure stupid but an mRNA booster is keeping some of them out of the hospital

    * Russia
    – NATO approaches its summit after which it will all be downhill
    – Russia could destroy the west if they wanted to but the west says they don’t want their help
    – Russia is becoming the world’s most powerful military because hard times create strong men and easy times create trans-men
    – Nuclear war will leave Australia as the last man standing on the beach

    * Musk
    – Elon is experiencing shrinkage after swimming in the cold waters of the real reality
    – If Elon tweets in the forest and no one is signed in does it make a sound?

    * Spirituality
    – No way, truth and life is any better than any other way, truth and life
    – Spiritual seeking is escapism
    – It’s time to die; No, it’s time to evolve; Wait, it’s both
    – Dostoevsky became nothing but still wrote The Idiot

    * Random
    – Schlubocracy : Rule by the clumsy, stupid and unattractive
    – Solar panels are delicate creations
    No weapons in space is the world’s prime directive
    – The rumors of Greta’s demise have been greatly exaggerated because they were based on data taken from ice cores extracted near parking lots



    No response is what it is. If my life experience has the potential to add something valuable to the thread/conversation, I post. No expectations.

    I knew TM was not your path. Thanks for clarifying and reminding us of another Way to PEACE.

    On meditation: It can’t be emphasized enough – it’s a process. It is powerful. It is also personal, a journey for one (that’s why the path is “narrow”).

    Finding like-minded Souls who are also journeying is helpful, but not essential. My experience is that a wise Teacher is key.

    I am not hearing you say that your Way is better than David Lynch’s TM or my traditional Ashtanga Yoga meditation. Your path is different and there is value in you sharing your direct experience. I appreciate you for doing that.

    Side note: The paring of the words: HARD + TRUTH seems off base (iron fist velvet glove-ish). TRUTH is. How about ONE TRUTH or just TRUTH?

    HARD is: maintaining a practice with patience and persistence. Meditation is a practice that helps you experience infinite goodness, creativity, and LOVE.

    Worth repeating: “expanding upon one’s “inner reality” on a daily basis makes “outer reality” more apparent & easily identified/understood…” So darn true!

    What’s in your inner reality?

    P.S. TAE Summary is a riot. Laughter is the Great Escape.

    LOVE to TRUTH Seekers.


    Dowd’s prediction: There is a possible future where the upper tier casts off the lower tier by allowing them to take the blame. It’ll start with a catastrophic rumble in the insurance markets (bailouts!!!), followed by the reveal of “why” (oh my goodness! People are dying!). All the people who haven’t given some big guy his cut will be tossed to the wolves.
    It will have to come out, but “these things have to be done care-fully.”

    We offered you friendship and we let you choose-
    You decided that you’d be our friend.
    We hope you don’t mind that we’ve picked you to lose,
    So our marvelous friendship must end.

    How ’bout we live action some footage of that there war in YOU-kraine for the 4th? I just heard a mighty big bit of “fireworks” go off a quarter mile away. No flash. And there they go again.
    Share the love.
    sad, sad, /s.

    Veracious Poet

    Side note: The paring of the words: HARD + TRUTH seems off base (iron fist velvet glove-ish). TRUTH is. How about ONE TRUTH or just TRUTH?

    Surrendering selfishness, deflating EG0 at depth, letting go of “outer reality”, is the “HARD” part of “TRUTH”, at least in my experience…

    The realization/conviction that we’re here to be Loving & Helpful, contributing what we may to the Stream Of Life, is “HARD” on EG0 & Pride (me, myself…), especially at first, but it is The Path to “inner reality” (I am)…

    Perhaps that’s why so many avoid, reject & scoff at Spirituality ~ Deep down the egocentric *know* that the fun & games will be *over*.

    Gratefully, I have discovered that Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose & True Self is light years beyond what I could have imagined, comparing Spiritual Sanity to EG0 & Pride is akin to comparing a diamond to a lump of coal, in some ways even more dreadful than that…

    I was once lost, now I am found, including all the wretchedness, dysfunction & selfish idiocy that I have/am surrendering along The Way!

    The more discover, uncover & discard the lighter my being becomes, the more goodness, creativity, and LOVE comes through me, to share with those trudging the road of happy destiny 🙂

    I greatly appreciate you sister, at some point I’ll give TM & traditional Ashtanga Yoga meditation a try, what could I lose?

    Any spiritual practice, outside of CULT nonsense (& pretty much all mainstream religion is a CULT, in some way or another), is an adventure 😉

    Words *FAIL*, so I stop now…

    D Benton Smith

    Is “NATO Summit” an oxymoron?

    Dr. D

    “Let’s see…it is too dangerous to insure, so governments (taxpayers) shoulder the risks. Yet corporations take the profits.”

    I thought you were talking about Home insurance. Allstate just left CA, and you can’t own a mortgage without insurance. Or let’s see: just about every other industry in America. Banking, Manufacturing, Contracting, Medical….

    Insurers had the government require you buy their product. It’s the law! The only addition here is the gov’t cut us out and bought factory-direct. And also passed a law (which is illegal) to indemnify them instead of just letting them murder everybody because they have regulators and better lawyers in court. Like Tesla and SBF.

    Quite a world. But it takes both wings for the vulture to fly: merger of corporation AND state. Btw, the vax people have paid out on Covid already. Yup! $11,000 total. For like 200,000 injury claims. What are the odds $11k didn’t cover that gal’s injury bills?

    I didn’t post on enlightenment because as per your own dialogue, the challenge is one but our responses are many. My way has developed into being extremely unique and unusual and 100% won’t apply to anyone more widely, or here. Kind of like gardening.

    I see the attitude and approach that’s drawing fire, but don’t feel you’re trying to force some new “One True Way”. But if not, why does it feel like that? Probably bc it’s new to yourself still, and your life’s habits of being the other way (in the Egoic system) die hard.

    Like cat videos, it’s a refreshing add, but also lacking nutrition to me. I’ve read Tolle. I know what all they’re going to say. To some extent: “Words, Words, Words.”

    On the mass-murder, well, I tried. I really made a mess here initially back when, almost banned out. Will it be of personal or social benefit for me to be upset every day about it? To others, to myself? If I take up arms against a sea of troubles, alone, will that stop these guys? Or maybe as suggested each day, we shouldn’t mention any deaths at all, stop listing them, each murder, and forget all about it? So we all have our approaches. To me, it’s complicated, but resembles a mass suicide, and of a relative stranger. Yes, I can only point out to them it IS suicide, so that it may become conscious and not unconscious. But I can’t follow them around and sit with them on suicide watch every night. Yes, their drug dealer is a pusher and supply, but will the police approve if I go kill that guy? They are chosing. To prevent their own conscious choice: choice of consciousness, I would have to apply violence. I’m not up for that right now, but their madness does have consequences for me right now, just like all ex-girlfriends.

    What’s your alternative? I’m all ears.


    Trudeau and macron had a conversation.


    Ha ha, citizen x, I saw that one about the Dr. Alfredo dying.

    Often I feel a fleeting sympathy for ppl who touted the vax, believers in ‘modern medecine’ or what not, who then subsequently collapsed of SADS (sudden adult death syndrome.)

    But Dr. Alfredo Victoria takes the cake, a supposed epidemiologist, TV DOC, TV personality, who probably made MEGA bucks from all his showy pronoucements.

    How many people did he kill by promoting the vax? We will never know…

    20 sec. clip from televisa in Spanish, w. eng subs, see the guy, pix etc.

    A big part of the ‘covid-scam’ rested on TV personalities.

    I remember one young v. good-looking Doc who was all over the TV in Italy and round about, in March-May 2020, white coat, stethoscope and all, super sincere and caring, saying lockdowns were OBLIG, etc. etc. (Nothing about the vax at that time.)

    (did a search but couldn’t find him..)

    …and then it turned out he was an employee of a Major Insurance Company. He did have a med. degree, so could speak as a DOC.

    Ironic in a way as Insurance Cos. are on the front-line to pay for vax excess deaths. — Some of them will be bailed out, quietly…wait and see.

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