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    Edward Bawden Sahara 1928   • Ukrainian ‘Failure’ A Big Problem For Biden – Seymour Hersh (RT) • Ukraine Suffers ‘Disastrous’ Losses In Counterof
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    That Nuclear war shit seems to work favourably for Australians above ALL other countries.

    Juss Sayin’


    “America’s reputation for competence and reliability would be badly damaged, which would affect how its allies as well as its adversaries – especially China – deal with the United States. ”

    Competence and reliability?


    Oxy baby, honey, sugar nuclear war doesn’t work any favours anywhere either side of the equator. The satellites in orbit won’t be there for long without the ground control that keeps them stable. That’s assuming the things aren’t targeted in the beginning. Yeah I know about no weapons in space bs that has been fed to us. Military grade spy sats are up there now, are those not “weapons”. Any of the skulduggery that is ongoing in the MIC surely includes ways of taking out some if not all the “other guys” stuff. The debris field of such actions would eventually start taking out the rest. War, it’s just business. As usual.

    Dr. D

    “In Show Of Solidarity With Ukraine, Biden Cancels 2024 U.S. Elections “ — BBee

    “Awkward: Supreme Court Rules Against Affirmative Action With Affirmative Action Hire Sitting Right There” –BBee

    “France Builds New Military Hospital In Preparation For War

    Uh, whut?

    “Germany’s Ruling SPD Party Ready To Talk WWII Reparations With Poland

    Germany funding Poland’s foray into the Ukraine war.

    “Fentanyl Responsible For 80% Of Overdose Deaths Under 24 In US

    Only one solution: we MUST keep those borders open. We MUST not have jobs for lower income people. Those manufacturing jobs, part of why Trump’s approval doubled among blacks in only 3 years? “Those jobs ain’t coming back.” Whaddya think I have a magic wand or something? OBVIOUSLY they need to be in China, our arch enemy with which we are openly going to war. Duh.

    “Fires and riots in Paris overnight.” Map.

    Hard to credit that these are all organic, there is no funding or source, say, from Russia and China.

    “73% of Ukrainians voted for Zelensky because he promised them peace, he did the opposite, he brought them death and destruction instead… This man will go down in history as the man who destroyed his own country for…” The oligarchs and warmongers.

    Just like here. In my “Political Ironies” article, we named a dozen. They, American leaders, always do the #Opposite of what they campaign on. Nixon, out of war. Bush, out of war. No gov’t involvement in your personal, citizen life. Clinton, slashes Welfare, goes to war. Hope and Change as Obama keeps 100% of the same people as Bush had, war and banking cabinet. Trump arresting Hillary. Always the #Opposite.

    “Hersh claimed that Kiev had reclaimed only 44 square miles of territory since launching its counteroffensive in early June,”

    That much? Are you sure?

    “As a result of the failed breakthrough, which lasted several hours, experts have estimated that no fewer than 25 Ukrainian vehicles were destroyed, including 17 M-2, four Leopard 2A6 tanks, three Leopard 2R and one Wisent.”

    Well they are trying now. Too bad they already blew 1/3rd of their equipment. Again, the West is sending, say 30 more Bradleys from us, now that it’s been proven they don’t work. So we Just In Time Inventory, you can have ONE tank at a time, and check it out like a library card. That’s war, right? Wouldn’t want to have too many tanks in one place shooting at things. I guess there really is Democratic Gun Control Laws. Biden said nobody needed anything more than a double-barrel shotgun, Ze thought it was a metaphor.

    “• American Troops Will Not Fight In Ukraine – Washington (RT)

    Lie. We’re already fighting. One of our guys was in the pizza shop only yesterday. Speaking of (from Garland Nixon), Putin got up in the morning and was like, “You know what I hate? I hate knowing that someone in Ukraine is eating pizza. Serge, go blow up a pizza shop for me!” Yes, boss! Then when they sent a very precise, very expensive missile there, there just HAAAAAAAPPENED to be TWO GENERALS sitting in the pizza ship, along with (quote) “There’s soldiers everywhere under the rubble” (unquote from media’s own videocovereage). Wow. Boy those Russians sure are lucky they only blow up civilian targets yet every time those civilian apartments, ex-hospitals, and pizza shops seem to be filled with top military brass.

    NATO military brass. One of these guys was British/South African.

    Yup! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It’s not that mouth-breathing, glue-sniffing morons from NATO think they’re safe everywhere, they’re fighting brown-skinned jungle people like they have everywhere else, then TURN ON THEIR CELL PHONES for weeks, making a white-hot bright spot of international MAC addresses, proving beyond any shadow of doubt that A) They are mercenaries B) They are morons C) they are not Slavs D) they are the Western handlers sheep-herding 400,000 Ukrainian men to certain death to keep an unwinnable war alive via ethnic cleansing. For the “Garden People” of course.

    Then when Russia blows up their new base, where they’re using civilians as human shields in direct affront to all international law, they cry big crocodile tears and reporters who write that two Generals are killed are MORE RETARDED than even NATO, not realizing this only confirms it’s a military strike. But those generals and scores of international NATO paid mercenaries are still all dead.

    Anyway, why bring it up? It happens every day. There isn’t an adult anywhere in the West smart enough to turn their mobile off if there’s an Instagram to be had.

    “and apparently saw a prime opportunity to toss their credibility out of it. They couldn’t stop grafting their disaster porn fantasies onto the events, even as facts and reality started distancing themselves from all the wishful thinking.”

    No risk. It’s impossible to be discredited or ever take any consequences in today’s West. They will die of old age before anything happens to them, even an unkind word.

    “Stoltenberg also addressed the anti-NATO protests in Sweden that took place earlier this month. “I do not like them. But I defend the right to disagree. This is part of the freedom of expression,” he said.”

    How odd. All other disagreements are illegal and being openly arrested daily. Covid and others everywhere in Germany too many examples to name, and praying silently in England, as well as everywhere in Paris for every reason. Pew Pew. Right in the face.

    Law exists for my enemies and not my friends. The List of friends vs enemies changes every minute without notice. The Law is no longer in my mouth. It’s in my Mind and you won’t know what it is until you’re arrested without warning, you filthy Sikhs from Saskatchewan.

    “Trump White House lawyers Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin were compelled to give evidence to a grand jury not once but twice, despite Trump asserting both executive privilege and attorney-client privilege.”

    The good guys have to follow the law and win anyway. That’s what makes them the good guys.

    “Aspartame To Be Labeled As Possible Carcinogen – Reuters (RT)”
    A cancer research branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) is set to designate the popular artificial sweetener aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” next month, according to Reuters.

    That’s odd, wasn’t that approved with all research by everyone, the FDA, WHO, everyone, for decades? Just like Vioxx, Statins, Zantac, and about 500 others? Huh.

    That’s odd, Greta is now like 20. She doesn’t look any older. She did in that Swiss video at Davos where she showed the reporter what a dummy she was. That was odd too. Must be tough to be a shill for other morons every day. Could any of us keep it up better? I know I couldn’t lie constantly like that so: mad respect. But there’s nothing they like better than child prostitution, so there you have it.


    Twitter is not allowing me to see posts unless I am signed in. I am not even registered with Twitter and never will be, Elon can get his advertising fees, but he is not going to force me onto any of his products, not even paypal or ebay or whatever he funded ages ago. Looks like all Twitter posts will not be seen by me. Elon’s reach is shrinking.


    A different perspective from the xymphora blog

    “Regular Russian Army fast becoming world’s most powerful military in ground combat“ (Doctorow). This is very interesting as it is essentially the opposite of the truth throughout. The Russian army wasn’t very good at either taking land or defending land. When Surovikin was put in charge, he cleaned up a lot of the sloppiness, and the Russians can be said now to be excellent at defending land. Taking land? Terrible! The Russians inherited the land which the militias had defended from the Ukrainian army in the east, and basically rolled over completely undefended Ukrainian land in the first two months of the conflict. In many cases, local Russian mayors just let the Russians in without conflict, something which the Ukrainians are still mad about. Since then, almost nothing has happened. There were some cities taken in the Donbas, particularly Soledar (Wagner, no longer available), and Bakhmut (ditto), and the Chechens took Mariupol in the south. The Russians currently have some operations in the north-east, which are making progress, but at the typical glacial Russian speed. Considering the two big withdrawals, the Russians are in a net loss position after over a year in terms of land.


    Dr D said

    That’s odd, Greta is now like 20. She doesn’t look any older.

    That is Greta’s ghost, she died on June 21, or thereabouts, having predicted her and our deaths 5 years earlier. Somehow we survived. It is so sad, but do not expect her to grow old, she has come back as a ghost to help AFKTT to save us from ourselves using bullshit and lies, or truth as they call it in AGW circles. AFKTT will believe in Greta, he is a man embedded in truth.


    Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

    Michigan Democrats Pass Bill to Make It a Felony to Cause Someone to ‘Feel Threatened’ by Words

    Michigan Democrats Pass Bill to Make It a Felony to Cause Someone to ‘Feel Threatened’ by Words

    “A disturbing Michigan “hate speech” bill has passed the Democrat-controlled state House and is now in the hands of the Senate.

    The passing of the legislation is alarming freedom-loving Americans across the country.

    The bill, HB 4474, would make it a so-called “hate crime” to cause someone to “feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened” by using words….”

    I wonder what Democrats heads look like impaled on sticks


    D Benton Smith

    @ZeroSum (from late Thursday)

    . . . European intelligence services are currently analyzing the aftermath of the mutiny, which, according to Borrell, has “weakened” the Russian leadership . . .”

    Borrell is such a predictably boring low-IQ schlubocrat. He tries so assiduously to avoid telling pure 100% unambiguous lies that what eventually emerges from his pie-hole is just completely ignorable bad Pablum.

    Borrell says Russia has been “weakened” by the Prighozhin/Wagner debacle, and I suppose in the strictest sense of the word that is not completely false. It is true in the same sense that Mike Tyson was “weakened” by the bad press he received from the bout in which he beat his opponent so mercilessly that the other fighter was never physically or emotionally capable of ever returning to the ring.

    In point of fact, Russia now has NOTHING standing in its way of mopping up both Europe AND the rest of entire Western Empire of Lies at the time of its choosing, if it so chooses.

    I reckon Russia will NOT so choose, but will instead be satisfied with PRECISELY accomplishing what it said it wanted at the start of the Special Military Operation, with maybe a little extra buffer room just to play it safe.


    @Red That Disney clip was excellent. The best jokes are the ones too close to reality.


    I have seen this before, at least 10 years ago, a story of hail killing solar panels. Why does this still happen? Surely it is not beyond the wit of man that if you are going to waste money on solar panels, at least make them so that they can withstand the local environment and will provide some return.

    D Benton Smith


    Elon’s reach is shrinking.”

    It has been my observation that “shrinkage” is the way that all bad guys remove themselves from the playing field. They shrink by excluding others from the playing field, continually and reflexively, until eventually everyone other than the bad guy has been excluded and the bad guys find themselves alone in a zone that is so small and abhorrently nasty that nobody in their right might would want to play there anyway. The bad buys are not gone completely, but they are shrunken and ugly and hiding in dark fetid places that must remain hidden from public view . . . upon pain of death.


    @ D Benton Smith

    Wet dream. Gee … This came from Tass.
    Therefore, I presumed that Putin and the leadership were aware that the USA/NATO were hoping that Russia would be “weakened” by purges of effective leadership by a stupid dictator.

    the upcoming NATO summit, scheduled to take place on July 11-12 in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

    Canada already leads a 10-country NATO battlegroup in Latvia, with about 700 Canadian troops.

    The military alliance has battle groups in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Members agreed at the 2022 summit in Brussels to a new model that will involve more high-readiness troops and brigade-size formations in the area.


    Wagner group being sent to Belarus will/might prevent NATO from doing more unopposed depopulation. (wet dream)


    Dr Day’s essay can be read here,

    .. if that works.

    Serving the higher / greater, good, the supra-ordinate goal that is essential, etc. has been used throughout human history to absolve, legitimise violent, other nefarious actions, as John points out. Usually a small group or cabal formulates the “policies” or “actions to be undetaken” and ppl, ordinary ppl, follow along, participate, thru mixtures of self-preservation, the need for obeisance, venerating leaders, etc.

    Often, some group is targeted as unclean, evil, violent, and this unleashes a hate campaign which provides comfort and justification (and some blindness..) to those who particpate. The groups might be ethnic, religious, professional, whatever, the targetting serves as (John makes similar points, I’m just getting it together in a slightly different way.)

    The hate towards the non-vaxxed is an example so stunning I still can’t get my mind around it. (Because, officially, the vaxxed had nothing to fear from the unvaxxed, as the vax suposedly protected them – I needn’t go on.) Overall, it looked like an exercise in pure, crude, undistilled, psy-op propaganda, the manipulation of billions of ppl, just to test, could that work? And it did, maybe with 75% success, or whatever, depending on the goals, the nos., which are opaque. All ‘advanced’ countries followed the script, including Russia, China, Japan. (Of course many were told hush-hush this is a bio-weapon so XTREME measures are needed.)

    I mean, this is just incredible, it is beyond fascinating and terrifying. Although one can see it as an escalation, with Big Pharma finally making strides forward, after various ‘vax’ and other semi-failures (swine flu, etc.) thru corruption and buying up / controlling (with others I presume) the safe-guard Agencies (WHO, CDC, national ‘safety’ boards, etc.) and partnering with Defense, or suborning it.

    One question that recurs is, will these excess deaths, caused for some large % by the vax, be publically acknowledged? With some kind of re-set, review, analysis, with reparations offered? The ‘we need to learn from our mistakes’ kinda thing? (See for ex. Thalidomide.)

    Bill Rice on substack, “Ed Dowd was dead wrong on one prediction” says NOT:

    Maybe we have been living under a ‘sanitary’, ‘medical’ dictatorship for a long time.

    Michael Reid

    The gloves are off,
    and bank-government collusion is now in plain sight for all to see.
    First we had the abrupt, arbitrary
    and capricious weaponization of the Canadian banking system
    by the WEF-trained young leaders Justin Trudeau
    and his (former journalist) finance minister Chrystia Freeland.

    <By the way, just announced is that Trudeau is promoting Freeland to deputy Prime Minister.>

    And now we have the British banks freezing British politician
    and political commentator Nigel Farage
    (well known as a leader of the Brexit movement)
    being completely frozen out of his accounts
    and any ability to engage in banking activities in the UK.

    D Benton Smith

    A thought just occurred to me out of the blue and struck me square in the noggin. The thought was, “Strange, isn’t it, that we can only see or hear what we choose to place our attention upon and become aware of? Up until that point it is (for us at least) almost as if the thing did not even exist.”


    Glad to see another blogger, beside gem, talking about excessive death

    D Benton Smith

    Even if a perfectly truthful, factual and complete history earth existed (which it does, but scattered in numerous hard to reach places) people would still be highly divided in HOW they chose to look at it, see it, and evaluate it.

    “Still a man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest.”

    In other words, pretty much what we have going on right now at this very moment. Is the truth out there?
    Absolutely yes! It is there, right now, and in full, but it can only be seen, heard, knowingly experienced and more or less understood by those who choose to do so and are willing to do all of the enormously hard work of going to all of the numerous and hard to reach places in which it has been sequestered.

    Bon voyage, and good journey to us all.

    D Benton Smith

    At the risk of stating the obvious (but when did that ever stop me before?), regardless of the overwhelming preponderance of circumstantial evidence (affidavits, documents, photographs, legal testimony of eye witnesses and alleged participants, etc.) for the interaction of space aliens with earth people, you will not have concrete irrefutable evidence until you have experienced and tested it for yourself to your own satisfaction that the thing you are looking at is, indeed, irrefutable proof. Until that time it is ALL just circumstantial. There is, of course, the state when the preponderance is so truly overwhelming that you are overwhelmed by it.

    Prediction: the circumstantial evidence is going to mount so damned fast that it will make your head spin . . . but don’t hold your breath waiting for concrete absolute irrefutable proof. Don’t do that until you are personally ready to make the call one way or the other.


    After all we now know about the dangers of mRNA (pseudouridine) and the toxicity/pathogenecity of ‘Spike’ – we now have this.

    Imagine – some morons are going to get injected with this rat juice.
    They really do deserve what’s coming to them.

    And you wonder why I laugh at it all.
    We are just so fuckin’ stoopid.




    TV Doctor and ‘Vaccination Expert’ Dr. Alfredo Victoria Dies Suddenly at 42

    TV Doctor and ‘Vaccination Expert’ Dr. Alfredo Victoria Dies Suddenly at 42



    Twitter’s new policy requiring everyone to sign in who wants to see a tweet leaves me out. I’m not signing up for their data collection. There’s is another site – GETTR – that lots of people started posting to when they were banned by Twitter. No gatekeepers or signup requirements at GETTR. I hope Tucker Carlson and RFKjr and others will consider opening a GETTR account and post to both Twitter and Gettr. Much wider reach that way.

    D Benton Smith


    And they say that, “you can’t cure stupid” !

    The fact is that you don’t even have to try because stupid cures itself, all the time every time.


    Ed Dowd on Gettr.

    Russian Roulette is passe.

    D Benton Smith

    The same can be said of evil. Evil cures itself all the time, every time too, because evil is stupid. For the reason evil is based on lies ad harm it doesn’t work properly to achieve anything other than more lies and more harm. It never achieves (cannot achieve) truth or good, both of which are fundamental prerequirements for knowledge, happiness and survival. Since evil stupidity is unable to achieve anything except failure and death . . . . it cures itself by ceasing to be effective. Or alive.


    Stuck in on and off rain now for seemingly eternity, five plus days the weeds in the garden well what can I say, looking more like a new lawn! Anyhow I’ve been reading Plato’s The Republic and from this I’ve spent more time researching the man and his meanings than actually reading the damn book. So from that perspective trying to sort out some meaning I came upon the following descriptions in wiki. If those definitions were to be resorted some what it would seem those at various alphabet agencies such as the WEF, WHO, UN etc. are busy believing they can create The Republic on a global scale. Do they see themselves as philosopher-kings?

    Aristocracy is a form of government that places strength in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class, the aristocrats. The term derives from the Greek: αριστοκρατία, meaning ‘rule of the best’.

    A timocracy in Aristotle’s Politics is a state where only property owners may participate in government. More advanced forms of timocracy, where power derives entirely from wealth with no regard for social or civic responsibility, may shift in their form and become a plutocracy where the wealthy rule.

    Oligarchy is a conceptual form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people may or may not be distinguished by one or several characteristics, such as nobility, fame, wealth, education, or corporate, religious, political, or military control.

    Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so. Who is considered part of “the people” and how authority is shared among or delegated by the people has changed over time and at different rates in different countries. Features of democracy often include freedom of assembly, association, property rights, freedom of religion and speech, citizenship, consent of the governed, voting rights, freedom from unwarranted governmental deprivation of the right to life and liberty, and minority rights.

    A tyrant, in the modern English usage of the word, is an absolute ruler who is unrestrained by law, or one who has usurped a legitimate ruler’s sovereignty. Often portrayed as cruel, tyrants may defend their positions by resorting to repressive means. The original Greek term meant an absolute sovereign who came to power without constitutional right, yet the word had a neutral connotation during the Archaic and early Classical periods. However, Greek philosopher Plato saw tyrannos as a negative word, and on account of the decisive influence of philosophy on politics,

    Plato deemed tyranny the “fourth and worst disorder of a state.” Tyrants lack “the very faculty that is the instrument of judgment”—reason. The tyrannical man is enslaved because the best part of him (reason) is enslaved, and likewise, the tyrannical state is enslaved, because it too lacks reason and order.


    Kill zone, access denial, a “no-man’s land”,
    Cluster bombs –
    land mines –


    ‘Vaccination Expert’ Dr. Alfredo Dies Suddenly

    Hahahaha another Vax “expert” cult leader eats shit and dies…. bye bye moron.

    Western Medicine ‘expert’ Dr.s have succumbed to Govern me harder Daddy Govt- tell me how to do ‘medicine’ Daddy pharma/ Gov… Disgraceful.

    Greta goes to Ukronazi land… to ‘help’ !
    Let that retarded little runt Greta pick up Depleted Uranium with her bare claws.


    Yes, energy density matters. But are humans sufficiently capable of crafting and maintaining nuclear reactors and safely storing the waste over the long haul?

    Let’s see…it is too dangerous to insure, so governments (taxpayers) shoulder the risks. Yet corporations take the profits. That sounds like a recipe for disaster— look what has occurred over the last 37 years since vaccine manufacturers handed their liability over to the government while keeping their profits private…..

    Look, those who reap the benefits (energy, profit, a job, etc.,) should also shoulder the risks from the uranium mining, reactor operation, and spent fuel storage. This is the ONLY WAY that humanity has a prayer of being vigilant about managing the risks of nuclear energy.


    Michigan Democrats Pass Bill to Make It a Felony to Cause Someone to ‘Feel Threatened’ by Words
    Hunh? What happened to “Sticks and stones….”??

    Michael Reid

    Excellent info in this 6 minute video

    Breaking the Grip of Censorship
    Dr. McCullough
    and “Maria Zeee Uncensored”
    Respond to the “Ministry of Truth”


    Ukrainian Frontline Ammo Dump Goes Kaboom After Russian D-30 Artillery Hit

    The Russians have lots of new ammo types

    Here’s a new one, the D-30, more powerful than ODAB



    Veracious Poet


    The David Lynch video (16 minutes) on Transcendental Meditation, is excellent. It clearly presents a solution/Way forward in response to our current condition(s).

    It would be beneficial to hear your comments on the content of this contribution. We spend lots of time identifying the impact(s) of the problem(s) and not so much on what WE can do to change course.

    What if – the process of TM (Transcendental Meditation) resulted in TRANSFORMATION as the video describes? Can you see how that is possible?

    Access to/awareness of your TRUE NATURE (my words), goodness/creativity/LOVE – is yours by releasing the forces of fear. The video says that we are powerful when we are not in fear. TM is a practice that helps you experience infinite goodness, creativity, and LOVE.

    The video also makes it clear that your inner reality is your outer reality. Your thoughts?

    The lack of response really tells it all 😐

    Apparently, as it almost always has been, only a few transcend their child EG0s into a state of “inner awareness” to tap their Loving, Healing, Creative “TRUE NATURE” within…

    Now with the hyper-state of technological toys available within the palm-of-your-hand (now with AI!), the “outer reality” has added another layer of Collective EG0ic Madness to reinforce egocentricity & hubris, buttressing the *lie* that consciousness arises from neurons firing across grey matter, all the result of some cosmic accident, arising from no-thing & going no-where 🙄

    The Solution is simple; The Problem as infinite as dissembling Mass Formation Psychosis can make-believe, with “modernity” rushing towards death, destruction, suffering & anarchy with no-end-in-sight…

    I found the real reality that David Lynch described without TM, involving a different path of prayer, meditation & realization following a *total* surrender via The 12 Steps & listening to many teachers (some great, some not, all leading to deeper awareness) ~ IT is an individual journey, but it is near impossible to achieve & maintain without a community of people trying to do the same.

    Many paths (all narrow), one *HARD TRUTH*:

    We are not alone in the Universe, unless we choose to be…

    Good luck & Godspeed 🙂


    VP said

    I found the real reality that David Lynch described without TM, involving a different path of prayer, meditation & realization following a *total* surrender via The 12 Steps & listening to many teachers (some great, some not, all leading to deeper awareness) ~ IT is an individual journey, but it is near impossible to achieve & maintain without a community of people trying to do the same.

    The trouble with all these “my way is better than yours” practices is that the evidence says otherwise. I have met many spiritual people, lots of whom do TM, but I have not found a single one that I would consider to be inspirationa, certainly not enough to make me change the way I live my life.

    You can spout all you want, about how this makes you are a better person, you have found the way blah blah blah – AFKTT does the same with climate change – but the evidence is not backing up your message. Your attempt to blame others for it not working, as in “impossible to achieve & maintain without a community” just further evidence that this is not a personal journey, it is a societal journey, which means that all this personal enlightenment that you talk of is dubious, maybe all you want is happy clappy.

    Go to India, join a cult, sit and meditate all day? Maybe you then won’t have an excuse for failure?


    Prognosis for Australia in the event of a northern hemisphere nuclear war? Look at On the Beach (if you haven’t already). The 1959 version with Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire is the better.

    Veracious Poet

    The trouble with all these “my way is better than yours” practices is that the evidence says otherwise.

    Personally I don’t espouse any “way” more efficacious than another, I only seek to encourage individuals seek their “own” path to Spiritual Sanity within, i.e. TAKING A BREAK from brain~dominant “being” from time-to-time, but of course you are hostile to any such practices, choosing instead to force your worldview upon others through harassment & pugnacious rhetoric, which is not unique to your mindset, it is typical for most indoctrinated into secular CULTure.

    Secular CULTure = Collective EG0ic Madness ~ The evidence is irrefutable, devolutionary & constant…

    Spiritual Sanity can be attained without any “religious” community, which often is also part & parcel of failed CULTure(s), but finding a community of experienced teachers/friends/companions is invaluable when immersed in Secular CULTures, where self-will run riot is the defining trait…

    Spiritually Sane “humans”, even those just starting The Way, immediately begin “living” The Golden Rule, whereas Secular CULTure grows like a malignant cancer, until even innocent children are not *safe* ~ This is not “my way is better than yours”, it is the historical record:

    Dominant EG0centricity = Total eclipse of the Heart, Soul, Spirit ~ Once you “see it”, you can’t “unsee it”.

    I am strongly convinced that the evil principle prevailing in this world, leads the unrecognized spiritual need into perdition (misery/suffering), if it is not counteracted either by a real spiritual insight or by the protective wall of human community.

    An ordinary man, not protected by an action from above and isolated in society cannot resist the power of evil, which is called very aptly the Devil. But the use of such words arouse so many mistakes that one can only keep aloof from them as much as possible ~ Dr. Carl Jung

    Of course, being still “human”, character defects are still an issue, including predatory practices that plague every area of “humanity”, but expanding upon one’s “inner reality” on a daily basis makes “outer reality” more apparent & easily identified/understood…

    Peace to all,



    You are all witness to a genocide, the likes of which, the world has never seen. Has anyone been arrested or jailed? No, Can you imagine the money it took to pull this off? Who prints the money? Who controls the message, thru media? Who purchased the politicians or filmed them fucking kids? For the love of Christ, can you not see? They’re coming for your children, if you don’t protect them…you deserve to die.

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