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    Edward John Poynter Erato, Muse of Poetry 1870   • Supporting Genocide To Halt Multipolarity (Pepe Escobar) • Israel’s Response To 7 Oct Does Not
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    want to create a list of criminals? Start with a list of US Secretaries of State.

    why does Comer keep pretending $250,000.00 is a large sum of money? Biden is a chump and if that is it, that is chump change.

    click your heels three times and repeat – I Got Mine


    the heels on your Ruby shoes


    Hey dudes. Here’s my latest song. Thanks for the words to the bridge section Dr D.

    Next track coming soon. Mike Yeadon liked my last one and he hates hip hop! That’s a win. 🙂


    Erato, Muse of Poetry – could be a portrait of my daughter


    When it comes to nuclear war, the only question I wonder about is how well the USA and Russia have managed to develop anti-nuclear defense systems that can defend their continents. The best defence systems are near the source, as near the source the rockets are in one piece, the warheads have not separated from the main rocket, so it is one target, not many targets. Consequently, I am led to assume that the majority of funding of defensive systems will be submarine based or the standard antimissile systems near the borders of Russia; putting a Kinshal hypersonic missile on a submarine so that it can take out one or more US missiles launched from the USA.

    The USA will also not have been standing still, but by the looks of their kinetic weapons they are well behind the Russians, so maybe they have something else up their sleeves, something they can use in Europe or at sea.

    Russians are ingenious and obviously very capable in the weapons field. I wonder how confident they are that they can wipe out the majority of a first strike from the USA or even from Europe.


    Boeing taking off in Canazida

    Better Living Through Boeing


    From Andrei Martyanov

    “Putin stated that Russia will supply weapons to West’s enemies.

    In the end, two can play the game.

    So, what can those enemies possibly be?

    As you might expect, Houthis may get, “suddenly”, anti-shipping missiles which will be suspiciously similar to such systems as P-800 Onyx.

    Or “freedom fighters” elsewhere, including Europe?

    Russian ships visiting Cuba and Venezuela

    These are the biggest guns in cruise missile business in the world.

    Gorshkov carries 32 Onyx, Zircon, Kalibrs and Otvet.

    These are the most advanced and deadly cruise missiles in history, with a serious combat pedigree.

    Kazan, which is Yasen-class SSGN submarine also carries 32 VLS and, in addition, has 10 torpedo tubes which can shoot not just torpedoes.

    Admiral Gorshkov will be involved–this means 3M22 Zircon carrier and this is just polite demonstration of flag.

    Just to remind everyone:

    The range of 3M22 Zircon is 1,500 km

    The range of 3M14 is 2,500 km

    These distances are from CUBA


    During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Empire of Lies got it’s panties in a bunch because of slow land based nuclear missiles based on the ground.

    The current Russian hypersonic cruise missiles have a much faster speed and range and will be sitting in Cuban harbors

    Jusy sayin’

    Dr. D

    Canada first to cut rates; Europe folds. What a shock: a war takes Europe going under into financial collapse hidden by Europe direct attacks on Russia proper. Golly, Wot a Shock! Who could see that coming? (Am I 18 months into saying this yet?)

    Now Europe I guess did not ACTUALLY cut rates yet, but the markets seem to be indicating Legarde has folded. “They” are still reporting that Powell is about to cut rates today (36 months in a row?) and Powell keeps coming out saying he isn’t. So…what the what are you reporting again? “How many times do you beat your wife, Jerome?” Aha! He DENIED it! A denial is the same as an admittal, in #OppositeLand we reside.

    No. I think Jim Grant said “Higher for longer”. Why? Because they can. Europe cannot. The U.S. can defend the Dollar, or…if they don’t defend the US$, the Fed ceases to exist. Hmmm, what will the HEAD of the Fed, run by NY, do? Such a mystery. Nope, I’m sure they’ll all die to save American Main Street, bail out Europe, and collapse Congress and their borrowing. Yup, that’s what they’ll do.

    Noting, gold at $2380. Remember it only passed $2,000 when I mentioned it. That’s a pretty big jump, and nada, no comments, no excitement, zip. The whole area just gained 30% or more, they’re not excited or talking, nothing. Translation: that’s not a bubble.

    Nor me either, I’m not going to mention it, nor especially silver with remains half price of 50 years ago. Can you think of anything else in that category?

    Bill Barr. On Justice. On not prosecuting the law when there are crimes, such that it is not fair and partisan. Really? Maybe tips on child care from Charlie Manson?

    The President’s son & brother peddled lies to protect the Big Guy, Joe Biden.”

    Wow, no kidding? Be still my heart. Revelation. Bombshell, walls are closing in.

    Speaking of that, they are cautiously and methodically setting the staging for his removal, having no urgency whatsoever, not related or referring to any of your cases because he will never be charged, harassed, or removed.

    “Tucker Carlson Reveals That The Director Of The CIA Threatened Him”

    I’d be shocked if they hadn’t, so the story here is that Tucker is telling you. And not the previous 500 times it happened. Also in the news: then why haven’t they don’t anything to him? Do they have no power? They feel they’re still in control of the “Script”, the Narrative? Tucker didn’t stop so what gives?

    “the west under the Hegemon is now obsessed with creating “systemic wounds” capable of cyclical destruction. To open these “wounds,” there are two main procedures: war and pandemics.”

    Why? Who would do this? Doesn’t it seem that it’s not any standard human culture where mothers raise their children, but has to be essentially an Un-Human one, hiding behind them? And this pops up, will have commandeered a Ship of State one after the other, rotating to new Ships of State and commandeering them each in turn? So they are clearly a behind-the-behind, not any of the cultures we see, but the ministers whispering in their ears.

    Now, as I also point out sometimes, once they’ve run that new Stolen Ship into aground because they don’t know how/don’t care to do general maintenance, it has holes everywhere and is sinking, they then become “League of Shadows” Raz al-goul, and specifically target that culture and state for collapse and genocide. As right now.

    Now if they have ANY part of that culture, they can’t do that, because they’ll go down with them. That means they can only be a culture, a subset, NOT part of these visible cultures. So we can’t see the alien insect yet but we CAN see their life-cycle: at this point in their pupation, they make a huge demonstration like a phoenix and like a parasite, burn their host in flashy flames so they can escape in the confusion.

    Again, IF you are Western culture, have any support or truck with the “West”, are allied or supported by them in any way, you cannot obviously sink the ship you are standing on. That would be counterproductive and you would die too. But you CAN, like the Joker, have each criminal you’ve vetted and hired shoot the criminal behind them and drive away in the school bus with no witnesses.

    So Pepe here is also helping them get away, calling them “The Rot of Western Capitalist Pig-Dogs” and such. Although HE is Western. It’s a very good question WHY “The West” can suddenly, out of nowhere, go nuts, and do these things. Doesn’t anybody really want to ask and know? Because when you look it’s very direct to conclude there is a parasite-host involved. That parasite hides inside the skin-suit of another, other cultures, like the mind-control aliens of “Stargate” and “Star Trek”.

    If you just get off accusing your neighbor, who is what is known as a “Patsy”, he’s not in charge of anything, he’s not “The Patriarchy”, everyone’s looking around at the HUMANS to see WHO is doing this. It’s not Hispanic Migrants, you idiots, it’s not the Blacks. It’s not women, nor city people. They’re all poor saps getting raped just like you are, obviously. It’s not even Harvard Trust Fund kids, obviously, although they should be smart enough to know better. They’re all abused victims too. Meet and ask them, like Naomi Wolf, they’re chosen because of their susceptibility to believing mind control, and being obedient idiots. But that’s everyone.

    No, not everyone. We’re well aware in Hierarchical structures, each CEO of interlocking boards is like 1 : 200,000 of their employees. That’s very, very few people. You may not have met one and probably haven’t. I’m just saying, you’re not going to find them in “Minority” groups because even the smallest such group is far, far too large.

    Put it this way: there’s one Joker per Gotham of 10 million people? And even that’s almost one too many? There may be other deranged villains he uses, like in movie lore, the Scarecrow, who love killing people to find out what happens, but only one Joker. So each minority group is looking around at the faces of the people around them, looking for this guy. Divide and conquer. The odds you’ve met Jack Napier or Kaiser Soze is zero. They’re going to be on a gated private island somewhere. You can’t point to them. How would you suspect them in our Agatha Christie crime? The whole book is written, leaving out someone jumped in the window, killed the butler, and left. Everyone else in the house is a suspect when it’s an outside crime. Duh. Did you see that, Sherlock, the thing you didn’t think of?

    Pepe is helping when he piles on “The West” or “Capitalism” or something, neatly making it OUR guilt, OUR fault, narcissistically abusering that WE actually crashed the car that we never drove, sorry honey. This Collective Guilt is a wonderful control mechanism used expressly on the Germans right now. They THINK they are responsible … for crimes they’ve never seen? Their GRANDPARENTS’ crimes? Like how long does this go on? Crimes of 3 generations, 30, 300? Homework: exploration of the Catholic Church.

    Here’s a clue you Pr—-ks, I am only responsible for MY crimes, and MY actions, GFY. Now you all here say it’s “The Americans” fault, or some such, therefore WE should lie down, give up, and hand it over, let you abuse us non-stop and destroy our country and my kids specifically because we suck in some unalleged, undefined way. Nope. You can GFY too. WHICH Americans. If you have a SPECIFIC crime, like Dick Cheney and Obama, I’m happy to follow it down to the full extent of the law, but I did not participate in their crimes, I opposed them. Opposing ≠ Supporting last I checked, they are #OPPOSITES. So I ain’t doin’ nothing. I’m taking no original sin, not for the garden, not for the crucifixion, and not for Carbon.

    It’s only by doing this we can think straight and stop looking at each other and go after the PARASITE CEO(s) at the top which are pretty easily discovered if you give me enough subpoenas. But it ain’t Jimmy the Greek peddling weed in a $2 storefront, duh, like everyone you and I meet, duh.

    So that’s what Pepe is missing when he says “The West”. All America is fighting this, the problem being we don’t know WHO to fight, or how. That’s this week’s quote on all governments are an Organized minority running roughshod over a DIS-organized majority. That’s why LYING is so crucial, or we would know who to fight accurately, and crush them in McDonald’s wrappers in like 4 hours. And that why blaming the WRONG people and cultures, countries, is so crucial to the Parasite’s survival. So crucial that they most very carefully arrange it beforehand, and lose that culture like a limb on a salamander when escaping.

    In rough, Pepe is wrong, being a “Western” guy: is it “Western” culture to be against all rule of law and all the enlightenment? Uh, no, that would be the #Opposite of what we call “Western” culture from the Greeks on, and all the elkskin-wearing tribes in al Europe too, by the way. It’s against EVERYBODY. It’s not supported in Chinese, African, or Eskimo cultures either. NO human acts this way. It takes a lot of tireless work and effort to arrange it, to mind-control it in with endless lies.

    So who is the Liar?

    So to “Save the West” is easy: we do what WE, the West, do. We have hard work, rule of law, and human rights and values. Like always. Don’t say we should discard our culture or we’ll be homeless and more open to abuse and manipulation than ever. Duh. I ain’t giving up this territory. Make me.

    “supporting its [military] bases, but this contradicts the interests of the American people.”

    Yes, they MIGHT fight, say Germany or Osaka, but they have to fight themselves, us, working Americans at home MORE. We are against all this, but atm there’s no way to stop it without a Civil War. We’ve tried. Or have you never heard of J6 and that some idiotic percentage of all “resistance” is FBI, including Tarrio, head of Proud Boys and 13 of 15 guys in Michigan. THEY are the entire “resistance”, they are “Goldberg” because THEY have unlimited money. It’s been a running gag since the 70s there were more FBI than KKK at every meeting, which I think you could easily prove from their actions. After a while, we say “What’s the point?” I’ll get up when we discover a tactic that gets adequate leverage.

    No? Follow the arc of “Occupy Wall Street”, perfect test case. Diverting good intent into pure nonsense, keeping the parasite intact. Wot a coincidence, I’m sure that happened all organically with no outside help.

    “The West announces its plans of how it is going to get US troops to the front lines to fight Russia.”

    Use your head, Paul, WHO in “The West”. This is interminably sloppy thinking. It will get us all killed, it’s like being in the Black Forest and saying the Krauts are “over there”. Where EXACTLY? I’m not storming no bunkers until I know exactly where, not like, “why don’t you wander north until you find a bullet”. We need to know SPECIFICALLY. Who. Who in the West wants this? Because The whole Right doesn’t want it, and the whole Left is anti-war. Yet – Magic!! — all their leaders somehow want the #Opposite and never get voted out. No questions because each PCR says “They”, “We” want it. We don’t. So explain? Gee, maybe there are hidden felonies somewhere that explain all this dark matter?

    “Do you realize that our leaders have normalized the idea of war with Russia? Clearly our leaders do not understand what this means? Do you?”

    Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

    “Have you gone completely insane? Are you as thick as this table? Who came up with this nonsense, this bulls**t?”

    The Parasite is skin-suiting us to behave in a certain way that’s always worked to cause the conflagration they escape in. However, Russia is not accommodating them, so they have to try harder. Now that’s not to say Russia won’t – and that would be a real win for them – but not yet, and it’s exposing and endangering them. If you’re attacked, you’re suppose to say “You impune my honoh, suh” and jump right in. “Let’s you and him fight”. Like WWI. Each day he doesn’t attack, the West sees how insane they look and the people start looking around saying “WTF is this coming from?” Because it’s not from Us the People, in America nor France.

    If it goes on long enough, there’s so much heat and light on the leaders that they have to be rotated out by the parasite, like Ardern, May, Johnson, Sarkozy, Hollande, Draghi, and a hundred more stiff tools. That baffles their plans, and if it goes on long enough they can lose actual control. I encourage it.

    “an inspiration and a model that works. And a partner in how to get out from under that jackboot.”

    WHOSE Jackboot? Where is the money flowing, or more importantly, the Control? If there is a Jackboot, there is a Jackboot-er. “Da Cops” seem to be more a victim than even I am, so would you like to try again?

    “Russia has jumped Japan as well to reach the fourth-largest economy in the world…”

    If they’re at $9T they are already bigger than we are. One, they only have 150M people, so by % they are wealthier. Two, third to half of all US GDP is fake bond-kiting and make-work preventions of health care in the insurance industry who all live in a circle-jerk R.E. bubble. More critically, they have a functioning economy; we both have factories and oil wells, but ours are discoordinated and in disarray the pieces aren’t coherent in action or location. We can fix all that, but it takes some 10 years of hard effort. Russia can mine ore, smelt it into steel, make shells, ship them on rail with diesel NOW. In contrast, Biden is tireless is stopping all oil, all rail, all power and leaving the U.S. defenseless. WHY? That doesn’t sound like a smart Mafia Don, Oligarch, corporation, or even parasite…unless they PLAN it and have an escape.

    “What the $320 million pier was always intended for.”

    THEY WERE TOLD it would be destroyed in a week. Ocean and current experts were hired and told them. They built it anyway and it sank into the swamp because the POINT was to fool Leftist idiots back home they were “Helping” Gaza and not genociding, when obviously YOU OPEN THE GATES for the existing trucks. They are CLEARLY genociding. The ludicrous idea you WOULD build a pier only proves that. It proves your limitless support for the Death Cult.

    Obviously all these plans have many backers or you couldn’t get political support for them, and they allied with the “We’ll also sell weapons that kill more unarmed goatherders” party, which is quite large and well funded in/by Congress. With my stolen money they’ll shoot me if I resist for.

    “President Biden’s $320 million Gaza Port Boondoggle costs $20,700 per pound for food aid.”

    Yes, and the sad part is, that’s not even the dumbest. No food was delivered.

    “• Just Ask Mookie: Hunter Biden Has No Defense Other Than Nullification (Turley)

    If you care about Hunter at all, lock him up to take responsibility for his crimes. It may save his life and his soul as well.

    “Now, Garland has what appears flagrant perjurious statements made by the President’s son and brother..“

    Now? “If we don’t look out, something might happen…” How about since 2008, 2001, 1994, 1964….

    “• Patriotism Has Destroyed America (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Again showing he’s 10,000 years old. WHAT Patriotism? No one under 50 has any. Fitty, now. Millennials are FORTY. Besides, if you were “Patriotic” you wouldn’t shred the Constitution and destroy the nation, would you? Yeah, that’s helping apply Collective Guilt to us and thereby helping the mass-murdering felons escape. DON’T HELP. For the love of God, if you have one of these narcissists in your household, point at HIM, not Jimmy-the-two-year-old for playing with his tonka trucks too loud.

    We all know those “Patriots” are a skin-suit dismantling the whole U.S. Karl Rove. Always known. Said it under Bush, when Bill bombed the aspirin factory, said it at Kent State, Said it in Nineteen god-damned Fifty, when Eisenhower of all people thought it was too evil and out of hand even for HIM, who gassed broke American families in 1934.

    WE always knew. You didn’t? Who’s dumber, you or Johnny NASCAR? No contest, Johnny is a genius compared to you. YOU are the handmaidens who turned gears in D.C. on OUR tax money, we didn’t. YOU were complicit in helping, not us. WE noticed, not you. Now you’re all “WE” did this, “Patriots” did this: speak for yourself, buddy, there is no “WE”.

    “She’s fallen on her fanny since the very beginning.”

    Newsflash: they stole a million dollars of my money. No one was arrested. They are open election tampering and ending Democracy in a direct attack on America. No one was arrested. There’s no gloating until that happens to the Nth extent of the law, then I will think of her no more.

    “• Bill Maher: Biden “Is Going To F***ing Lose” (MN)

    Ah but note his co-host: “It’ll be 50-50,” yeah, 400,000 more votes than voters will appear at 3am is what he’s saying. So that’s your “Plan”? Thanks. Keepin’ it plausible, with an 8% approval rating, lower than bedbugs.

    [Biden] is admitting he was in contact with a KGB agent since 1984,”

    Sold! I say follow up on this immediately. I believe Joe, why would he lie?

    “The trial was related to supposed ‘hush money’ payments he made to porn actress Stormy Daniels”

    No it wasn’t. Unless you mean “Adjacent” in the sense that I am adjacent to bank robberies because I live in the same city or nation of 4M sq miles they happened. See? I’m practically guilty already! It’s like I’m in the same room as I’m the same race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, continent, dimension in time & space .


    Lots of intentionally fake psy-op media showing damage to the Eisenhower.

    Yeh, I get it, for distraction and to muddy the water about the real damage.

    Doesn’t mean the Eisenhower wasn’t hit decisively.

    They are hiding the Eisenhower so no one can take drone photos and it can’t go thru the Suez canal because of this.

    The Houthis will be getting some missile upgrades soon, more than enough bling to damage Empire of Lies warships.

    You think Putin is kidding about giving Duh’merica’s enemies an ‘upgrade”


    He was Dead Serious



    Green Agenda meets Nature


    aspnaz did you read or do you remember Mr. Putin’s statement about martyrs at Valdai years ago? Assured global destruction is, to my understanding, the position of The Russian Federation. No winner, no loser no threats remaining.
    By the by the text of Mr. Putin’s message has been scrubbed from basic searches.

    Oroboros do you remember the ending to Hemingway’s Islands In The Stream?

    The circles on Martyanov’s map are not centered on Cuba. The blue line represents a transatlantic route. The circles represent the range of sea launched missles.

    Shooting down ICBMs at launch is a better shot from the Pacific coast.
    Mirved hypersonic glide re-entry vehicles cannot be defended against.
    What would your response be if you noted all of the Gulf Streams suddenly becoming airborne and navigating toward assumed safe places? What good is a bunker if one cannot access it.

    People of the Rus seem to have a lot in common with the salt of the earth from my region of the US.
    “Fuck around and find out!!!!!” spoken with a curled upper lip.

    Mr. Putin’s perspective that all of the talk of nuclear weapons is for the western proles is logical. A series of EMP blasts at geosynchronous orbits combined with a few seabed cable cuts would make the current version of the US unrecognizable. SWIFT that.


    Oxymoron – very nice work. I’ve listened to everything you have up on that substack and liked it – although I’m not that much of a rap guy, even so. Your stuff always sounds well-mixed and well-mastered as well.


    Only on TAE can you read a compilation of the voices of reason.
    RIM keeps gathering the voices that our leaders ignore.

    Babbling idiots in front of the TV
    See for yourself

    Vladimir Zelensky has usurped power in Ukraine since his presidential term expired last month.

    Zelinski – Biden at D-Day celebrations
    (Praising each other)

    … reversing the facts./ denunciations

    It is the West that is confronting Russia in Ukraine, and it is the Western leaders who are preparing their publics for war with Russia.

    Putin repeatedly addressed the root causes of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, from the 2014 US-backed coup to the atrocities of the Kiev government in the Donbass and the failed Minsk peace process that Western leaders have admitted to being a sham.

    The Russian president argued that the US hasn’t poured billions of dollars in cash, weapons, ammunition and equipment into Ukraine because it loves Ukrainians, but because of the belief that this will further American “greatness and global leadership.” “
    Nobody in the US cares about Ukraine’s interests,”
    Putin told the agency heads.
    While Moscow has no intention of “invading” Europe, it will consider retaliating against the US and its allies for providing Kiev with long-range missiles by supplying adversaries of the West with similar weapons in “sensitive” areas, he added.

    Depopulation Actions

    Israel/Palestinians War
    Ukraine/Russia War
    Other Wars

    Food insecurities/starvation

    Man Made World Wide Immune System Attacks by WHO

    What the $320 million pier was always intended for. (It’s not a secret from Russia)

    • US Uses Aid Pier to Roll Out New Military Tech for Testing in Gaza (Sp.)
    The US Army’s drone problem – and how it’s solving it
    Story by David Axe
    The US Army could not survive for long in a Ukraine level drone war
    SHORAD shortage would see its air defence launchers empty in a month
    by Kyle Anzalone | Jun 4, 2024
    The leading site for news and procurement in the defence industry

    December 18 2023
    M-LIDS – Mobile-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Defeat System, USA
    M-LIDS is a counter-drone capability designed to protect service members and critical assets from enemy drones.


    I imagine for any “content creator,” be it musician, artist, poet, writer, vlogger, etc, IF they have ever shown any dislike for The Blob, there is a dilemma: Attempt to keep a separate apolitical persona-as-content-creator or just let it all hang out. OR go full-bore cultural-political on the assumption that The Blob will not be reasonable, nuanced.

    Like hey, I have personal opinions but my artistic output is not political. But then, you can be targeted by The Blob for being a Normal Guy. And during the notapandemic, they made my totally apolitical job political and fired me via a purity test. I was just working hard minding my own business.

    So it seems like you’d need 1 or more firewalled artist-personas. But how connected is the blob? We know people get doxxed, swatted, and cancelled. Do various data-scrapers feed into cancellers? Why not, look at what these corporations are doing, Microsoft for instance.

    On Benjamin Boyce’s youtube channel, there was a long form interview of a leftist-liberal who was clearly an ally and not an enemy. He went to some conference and ended up in the same picture as some actual nazi-ish actual far right extremist guy — not talking with him, not shaking hands with him, just in the same frame, in a picture someone took.

    He lost his job and his rented HOME. They doxxed him and then an endless horde of people harassed his employer and landlord about how he was a far right bigot until he ended up living in his car — and he was totally USEFUL in every way to the side that was doxxing him! All that happened was he ended up in this same picture — as if AI was in control of targeting and target-queueing with no nuanced human decision making in the chain.

    And if you have immutable characteristics – such as white male or white female or straight – then you might be made political anyway. Your identity is “racist” or “bigot” as defined by others based on appearance, no matter what you believe or do or do not do. Who knows what NGOs or even NSA like assets are being used to evaluate cultural activity and target selection/prioritization. And now you’ve got Windows and Adobe for instance saying they will have access to all your private data IE all your work even before you publish it. Your work could be pre-selected for targeting while you are still working on your 2nd draft.

    I’m on record somewhere as a notanotavaxer. Just how MUCH has it influenced my job search even with employers not overtly stating there is a notavax requirement? Or is there some general score to which notanotavaxing would be merely a contributor? What can I do to atone? Start joining woke organizations, campaign for the democrat party, declare myself to be bisexual or trans? Does ANYTHING change my score/profile? How do I know how to fix it, how to avoid making it worse, how to know when the rules changed and a thing that was ok before is no longer ok?

    So fuck it then, be overtly political because what’s the difference, right? Only limiting factor would be how much of a mixture of politics-culture-art you personally prefer or perhaps what audience you’re going for – normies might need a different mix for instance. How overt or subtle you wish to be, but screw “chilling effect” and restraint because there’s no way to know the rules, there’s no way to get back into compliance, no way to be aware of rules-updates, no way to use a time machine to go back and make previously ok things that are now not-ok disappear.


    The Giant Cockroach pretending to be the Leader of the Free World

    Planning his next emergency bathroom run………….



    Andrew McCabe (douche bag) says that FBI employees are worried that Donald Trump might jail them if elected President, and that they are considering leaving the United States if Trump is elected President.


    The Empire of Lies is a Snake Pit inside of a Cess Pool surrounded by a Witches Coven fornicating a donkey.


    Woketard FBI donkey fuckers

    They have pride



    Larry Johnson in Saint Petersburg.


    @tboc re: Putin and MAD

    Though ATM he’s ‘the best we got,’ the astute observer will have seen his exceptionalist stripes. “World without Russia…” was a most unfortunate slip. Even if you’re just trying to scare somebody, it’s off-message and irresponsible. What if someday it becomes fashionable to not be a monolithic ‘country’ and we have an attempt at distributed governance? Will the erasure of all countries, Russia included, trigger somebody who can’t let go?


    The Kneel is now a Pledge of Allegiance, not to a single issue, but a meme-complex:
    -destroy The Patriarchy
    -critical race theory
    -queer theory
    -pro corporation
    -anti free speech
    -anti normal people
    -climate emergency (the CO2 they want to eliminate is you)

    I watch black and white movies from the 30’s and 40’s a lot. Funny, people of various races are decent to each other, females are doing any number of things without someone freaking out asking how they got out of their chains in the basement – as if it wasn’t so much that women were oppressed as that variouis wommen were weighing various opportunity costs and doing various things as a result because you cannot have it all.

    Yet implicit in The Kneel is also that everyone before was awful, evil, built on evil oppression and exploitation, most people NOW are evil, everybody is by history and assumed identity complicit in a system of oppression etc — everything the country was is evil, mostly what the country is now, etc — implicitly a statement of enmity for pre-woke, pre-2016 USA.

    Thanks for protecting us from a subversive malevolent espionage attack assholes — oh wait no you were the first to gladly guzzle down the coolaid and be subverted like gullible buffoons. You had one job.

    D Benton Smith

    The world looks different depending on how you look at it, and what it looks like to YOU, personally, determines how you then do something (or nothing) about it.

    From this very simple , yet fundamentally profound, fact can be extrapolated another fact that can’t be overstated either. Specifically, the beliefs and state of mind of a person can be very VERY accurately assessed from observing what they DO, because action reveals belief and beliefs reveal both how and WHAT you see when looking at (or ignoring!) the world around you.

    So no, I cannot read someone else’s mind. But I can definitely observe what they do, and from that observed action I can rather easily deduce (with remarkable accuracy) what they believe and how they will see (and behave towards) a great many other things as well. Quite elementary my dear Watson.

    For example, atheistic materialists see themselves and everyone else as various sorts of vaguely defined and less than poorly understood “soulless organic wet robots”, and thus as mere assets and liabilities (or potentially so) and act on that basis. To such individuals the world is simply a mechanistic jungle in which the having and wielding of power over others is not just an important thing, it is the ONLY thing, thus a thing worth doing anything to obtain.

    The Name Stealers are such creatures. Regardless of what they call themselves at the moment (Zionist Jews, Satanists, U.S. Government, or whatever group whose identity they have stolen and are now exploiting in every way possible) the Name Stealers and their acolytes are quintessentially, just liars.

    Their situation, their plight really, is that they have dropped so far below the tipping point between truth & lies that they can not now escape that condition by telling more lies, and lying is the only thing that they know how to do. It is a truly desperate position, and so their actions reek of that sheer and terrified existential desperation.

    They literally don’t know what to do about it and are thus compelled to do the only thing that they know how to do about anything: LIE!

    And they’re scared. In fact, scared is hardly the word for it. They are utterly terrified. For one thing, they are personally certain (based on how THEY see the world from down there in their personal Hell) that if roles were reversed they would be in for the most horrible punishments possible to the imagination (and those demonic psychos have got pretty dark imaginations.) They see the world the way THEY see the world, and I leave it to your imagination of how they see the world. Remember, the only thing they know how to do is lie. They worship it because they see it as the only way out, because it tells them to. Remember, the ONLY thing they know how to do is lie.

    Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

    But I can also tell you how to identify the bastards, and yes you can use “labels” to help guide you in your search. So who are they? Why, they are simply the ones that are LYING ALL OF THE TIME, about important stuff, and encouraging you (sometimes FORCING you) that you should hurt innocent by-standers under ANY circumstances. Hurting innocent people is NEVER okay. Notice that I qualified the statement with the word innocent. If you have questions about that then you’ll have to ask God, not me. Determining innocence is above my pay grade.

    And the good guys are the ones who try to keep telling the truth

    D Benton Smith

    When enough people agree that something is the right thing to do, then they will do it. Too bad that mysterious number or ratio is nearly impossible to know in advance on any particular issue. No one really knows where the tipping point will be, but the fact remains. There is a tipping point. And when it is reached then the agreed upon deed will be done. That happens to be absolutely true.

    So let’s agree upon some deeds that should be done:

    The Zionist led genocide in Pallestine must stop.

    The rule by criminals and their gangs must stop.

    The criminals must be successfully prosecuted and dealt with appropriately.

    The betrayal of the American people must cease, and earlier betrayals must be brought to light IN FULL.

    The incitement of strife between races must be forbidden, and strictly enforced

    The attack on Humanity must stop.

    The war against truth must be won by truth.


    Earlier this week, Collin Rugg posted an account of a particularly alarming incident that just happened in Chicago…

    A woman identified as ‘Nina’ says she was walking down the street when she got surrounded by teens who assaulted her.

    Her crime? Walking down the wrong street.
    They then held her husband back as they beat her, ripped out her hair, pepper sprayed her face and kicked her in the stomach.

    “First someone approached him and hit his head, punched him in the head, and he looked back and he looked at me and told me ‘run’.”
    “Another lady came to me and dragged me with my hair on the ground.”
    “Another person starts stomping all over me, and my husband ran towards me to save me and over 10 people held him.”

    She lost her baby hours later.

    The real American boots on the ground…

    Economic conditions are horrible, theft is absolutely rampant, and the violence in our streets is rapidly approaching levels only seen in the most dangerous areas of the planet. Unfortunately, most Americans still don’t understand the fundamental transformation that is happening to our society and they still believe that our leaders will be able to return things to “normal” eventually.

    America is violence…home and abroad.

    Biden during the bilateral meeting in Normandy, where world leaders are attending events for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, told NaZielensky he is sorry for the delayed passage of the new military aid package earlier this year (at $61 billion total for Ukraine out the $95 billion passed) and disparaged the Republican opposition that held it up.

    Biden and the faux Democrat/ Republican parties have gone full retard. Majority of Americans have gone full retard. The Regime has gone rogue, its retarded citizens will do nothing to stop it while chanting for more “boots on the ground” while they stomp their neighbors on the streets.

    Brave New World, 1984, A Clockwork Orange…we have arrived.
    The American Dream = more wars, more violence, more suffering.
    Yeah and be sure to vote, trust your politicians will fix everything…stay retarded and in denial…that will save you and fix everything.

    The moment a two-year-old child who has been deaf and blind since birth sees and hears her mother for the first time

    So “touching”… now pump that kid full of 80 vaxxines… we’re all in this safe and effective world together.


    The – avowedly imperfect – International Court of Justice (ICJ) at least ordered the biblical genocidals to stop bombing Rafah. Israel’s response? They bombed Rafah. Worse, they burned children alive in refugee tents. With American missiles.

    And the genocide will continue at least until the end of this multipolar year, as boasted by Israeli intel. The Global Majority at least clearly sees how the “rules-based international order” works.

    American Regime response to the ICC rulings of Genocide committed by Israel Jews and Americans-

    “America should punish the ICC and put (chief prosecutor) Karim Khan back in his place. If the ICC is allowed to threaten Israel’s leaders, we know that America will be next,” Johnson said during a press conference. “The ICC has no authority over Israel or the United States, and today’s baseless and illegitimate decision should face global condemnation.

    Supporting genocide to halt multipolarity

    Nice…American weapons burning children alive for Jews. That’ll teach those children well…

    Teach your children well
    Their father’s hell
    Did slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they pick’s
    The one you’ll know by

    Teach your parents well
    Their children’s hell
    Will slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they pick’s
    The one you’ll know by

    American politicians and weapons manufacturers are literally burning children alive, right now, today.
    Can you smell the dead flesh roasting on the kids bodies ?

    D Benton Smith

    It’s time to stop the genocides and human sacrifices. Agreed?


    @ D Benton Smith

    Same thoughts coming from China in order to have peace and prosperity.
    Goodness, and peace have been, and are still enemies by/of the lying people with power.

    Maxwell Quest


    Regarding your ‘parasite’ theory…

    Agreed, things are being directed from a very high level that operates in the shadows. I’m often reminded of the biblical quote from Paul, wondering if the same dark powers that operated 2 millenia ago are still at the helm today:

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    Based on my current level of awareness, I could easily answer “Yes!”

    I find myself cringing whenever I hear statements about how this or that leader is a moronic bozo that should be thrown out of office. Of course they are! But who put them there? Not the voters, but someone higher up the food chain. Just listen to Biden, Trudeau, Von der Leyen, Blinken, PM Kallas, etc. They’re imbeciles, “empty suits” as we used to call them. They’re “frontmen”, put there to carry out someone else’s plan and take the heat as payment for being elevated to high office. If any one of them actually had a plan of their own or operated from a set of deeply held principles, they would never be put in office. I’ve often referred to them here as Manchurian Candidates. It’s clear that higher forces put these so-called leaders in the driver seat, give them the map to hell, while we passengers scream for help out the windows.

    So, I’m left wondering, who or what is this parasite? And are they or it autonomous, or do they carry out a higher-order plan based on national karma or some other set of principles that we are not privy to at our level of scurrying animals looking for food, sex, and shelter, aka “useless eaters”?


    The Missing Eisenhower?

    Are the Russians sending out a naval search party to the Caribbean in search of the missing Eisenhower?

    So how will we know if the Eisenhower was really hit and damaged?


    – No more air strikes on Yemen
    – Houthis not shooting down more US drones (6 so far)
    – Houthis not launching more missile and drone attacks on US naval ships
    – US navy not launching more anti–missiles
    – No new US Red Sea navy updates
    – Eisenhower memory holed out of the news
    – No new aircraft carrier sent to the Red Sea
    – Houthis not in the news anymore
    – US no longer sending $100 million drones over the Black Sea off of Crimea
    – Ukraine not launching more deep Russia missile strikes
    – Nato vassal morons no longer talking about hitting Russia deep
    – Nato loudmouth pieces singing a different narrative song
    – War hopeful president Biden starts campaigning due to lack of war escalation
    – Speaker Mike Johnson stops talking about the Ukraine
    – Miss Lindsey Graham left speachless


    The Russian military, unlike the Empire of Lies Military Mafia, learns quickly to adapt to new challenges

    Russian Military Destroyed Another Unmanned Boat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Black Sea.

    Nice shot!


    Tucker interviews Congressman Thomas Massie and he reveals that his Republican colleagues in Congress have AIPAC agents as “babysitters”

    Nice touch



    Yes, very good shot considering both helicopter and drone are moving.
    Drone boat explodes after about 5 short bursts of light machine gun fire.
    I am guessing he knew exactly where on the drone to shoot at too.

    You sure come up with some very good videos on Ukrainian war.


    jb-hb. Thank you for your thoughts. Art. Music. Yes it is a dilemma. One that froze my music for 15 years and I’m fucking done. The popularity contest is a losers game. It’s how the skin-suits get into yours and takes years to purge them.
    Regarding the rap – I’ve always liked it – from a boy and bought myself some Afrika Bombata as a twelve year old the way my grandparents would have bought Chuck Berry. Just new and raw and rhythmic.
    I never ever wrote rap until Covid. The era of data and receipts. A song is too subtle and you kind of kill a song with literal facts and anecdotes. I was a published songwriter that got signed to a label back in the day so can write songs but… They rarely work to convey what needs conveying. Substack is the LEAST friendly environment to release Rap. It’s for writers NOT musicians. Mostly older and mostly white nerds. BUT the concentration of dissident thinking is highest there of anywhere, so if 10 people are into it then it’s not for nothing.

    What you wrote about the apolitical/political dilemma is perfect. It’s a trap. You can’t hide anymore. If you write the cheeze about love and pet ownership or whatever but watch ONE Andrew Tate Video or like ONE Putin quote – THEY KNOW. And the internet keeps the score. So I’m fucked basically.
    Where I win as an artist is I don’t need money.
    The best thing I ever heard Donald Trump ever say (recently – re jail time and appeals) was these two words – ‘Don’t Beg’.
    So. I grow my vegies and fruit, chop my wood, work my jobs and write dissident music. Why not?


    Maxwell Quest – It is simply those who, in secrecy, OWN THE BANKS.
    Usury and debt are the driver behind all the desire to PAY BACK what is owed so as to live without fear of consequence. Debt is the trap. Those who issue the debt are the beastly assholes.


    A quick reminder, as nobody has yet provided an explanation:

    100,000 Hungarians marched through Budapest to protest the Jew genocide of the Palestinians. Yes, 100,000 out of a population of 10 million. Basically no Jews have marched through Washington to protest the Jew genocide of the Palestinians.

    Benton the Jew keeps on telling us that it is not ALL Jews who support the crimes of the Zionists. Where is his evidence for such a statement? If 100,000 Hungarians can get off their arses and let the world know what they think – and their only skin in the game is being human – then why do Benton’s non-Zionist Jews not stand up and protest the destruction of their prior reputation as caring people?

    Why are these Jews not protesting the murder of innocents by their fellow Jews; these Benton Jews have skin in the game, they will feel the blowback of the revelation to the world that there is good reason why the Jews are continuously “persecuted”, they are not able to live like normal people in society.

    The truckers in Canada were able to get off their arses and protest for the benefit of their own kind, the Jews used to be able to protest for the down trodden and the minorities, was that just self interest or did the Jews really care for other minorities and other “self-appointed” victims?

    The people who could really stop the genocide in Gaza are the Jews themselves, but they encourage it through their silence, as the good people of Hunagry protest. Dr D and Benton the Jew are still unable to come up with convincing excuses for their beloved “good” Jews.

    Benton the Jew only says that “Gaza must stop”, but we all know Gaza must stop, it will stop when Benton the Jew is cheering the murder of the last Palestinian. Supporting the genocide while pretending to not support the genocide; good amoral NPCs programmed by their owners.

    Dr D names Bernie Sanders as an example of how the good Jews are protesting, this is the Bernie Sanders politician who is supported by the like of the squad, the Bernie Sanders who is the limpest wristed politician money has bought, or HRC bought, or DNS bought. Bernie Sanders is your answer when in Hungary there are 100,000 humans protesting? Is this what you consider to be an appropriate response by the “good” Jews to show us that they mean it? Is this sufficient?

    Your arguments are pathetic as are your moral stances; your amorality shines through as you preach about logos and the white hats etc. So much bullshit.

    D Benton Smith

    That tipping point is so close that I swear I can feel it in the air I can feel it in the air, like silent count-down.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz is starting to sound like an outright lunatic. Can somebody douse him with cold water or something? Snap out of it man. I thought you were Chinese, you know, calm realistic rationality and all that kind of thing, not some mad man screaming from a street corner.


    Make of it what you will, but here’s what I could find. A non tinfoil defense website has at least taken the trouble to deny the rumor. Stratfor shows CVN 69/Eisenhower still in the Red Sea as of yesterday.

    U.S. Naval Update Map: June 6, 2024

    Jun 5, 2024 Defense Blog:
    Chinese satellite images track USS Eisenhower in Red Sea

    Recent Chinese satellite images dated June 4 revealed that the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) moved a short distance southward in the Red Sea.

    The published photos do not indicate any damage or evidence of an attack on the aircraft carrier.


    Don’t believe my enemy. He is lying.

    The Kyiv Independent examines some of the more notable statements.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin held a now-rare press conference with senior editors from international media outlets on June 5. Putin blamed Ukraine and the West for Russia’s war crimes, and made a new round of threats and jaw-dropping lies.

    Putin said that Ukraine is losing “up to 50,000 soldiers” each month, meaning that according to the Russian president Ukraine has up to 1.3 million soldiers dead or wounded since February 2022.

    Given Ukraine’s total military personnel numbers around 1 million, this would mean every single member of Ukraine’s Armed Forces was dead or wounded. (including mercenaries)

    According to Russian state media outlet TASS, Putin said that Western sanctions against Russia had failed and “the goal he set for the country to enter the top four economies of the world has been achieved.”

    It’s not true by all accounts.

    In a particularly passionate section of the event, Putin said the idea that Russia would attack a NATO country was “rubbish.”

    Additionally, the Kremlin hides a significant amount of economic data.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that turning Russia into a black box will help support his claims that sanctions do not work, confusing Western policymakers, journalists, and citizens,” Foreign Policy noted in a March 2023 piece titled “Don’t trust Russian numbers.”

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