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    oxymoron- Interesting – I was starting to think along the same lines – that Substack is oddly the way to go for artists, content creators, etc even if it isn’t geared towards the particular format.

    I feel like the Fandom Menace guys, the Neo Feudalist guys like The Distributist, the traditionalist guys like Sargon or Morgoth, or the MGTOWish guys like Aaron Cleary, they should be doing more than just complaining about Hollywood stuff and occasionally saying stuff like “Furiosa wasn’t bad” or “The Fall Guy was actually OK” Like, the Prudentialist and Auron MacIntyre say, “We should start acting like we’re picking sides, not be afraid to wield power”

    …well, that could consist in part of doing monthly roudups of Indie Artists That Don’t Hate You – books, art, sculpture, indie film, music – it wouldn’t kill them to actually do the positive power-wielding stuff they are talking about WITHIN the culture war. (there’s GiantArt Productions, I guess they’re trying to do this) Or the non woke billionaires – you might want to funnel some money into dissident artists’ subscribestar or whatever. (Because the people that want to hang you are fighting for it down there in the culture war which is more than Hollywood) Breaks my heart that Bandcamp went woke. Can’t bear to to take a closer look at CDBaby just yet.

    I think a lot of people think lyrics/poetry is less work than prose. No! – whatever style, rap, rock, folk, whatever, it’s MORE work. Horrifyingly so. Once you have to confine yourself to a specific number of syllables – and specifically long or short – and rhyme, you realize how hard it is to convey something in a very limited specific format. Kudos to you man in the Rap or any genre, hey.

    So far I’m a discouraged coward. Can’t quite decide whether to stick my neck out. And maybe everyone is dopamine-overdosing – maybe art is dead because of that WHILE free speech is on its way to dead. It’s discouraging.

    “If you write the cheeze about love and pet ownership or whatever but watch ONE Andrew Tate Video or like ONE Putin quote – THEY KNOW.” you said it!!! But who knows if, for instance, Taxi is influenced by such things for song submissions.

    That is smart going with substack. I’ve been thinking about that avenue for awhile now. Pretend the world doesn’t exist or that it’s 1994 or something and just make stuff unfiltered without any thought extraneous to that until it’s polished and done. Then put it wherever seems appropriate. Or like fine, everything is political? The front line is everywhere? Then MAKE it overtly something they’d disapprove of. Idunno.

    I guess the super-glaring need is for decent aggregators. Anthony Fantano definitely does not cut it. What good is a library of a billion books without a decent card catalog? You don’t have to burn a library if you burn the card catalog.

    But I shouldn’t be so negative. You’re doing something and that’s awesome. lol it reached me and I liked it!


    Benton the Jew said

    @aspnaz is starting to sound like an outright lunatic. Can somebody douse him with cold water or something? Snap out of it man. I thought you were Chinese, you know, calm realistic rationality and all that kind of thing, not some mad man screaming from a street corner.

    So still no explanation for why the “good” Jews are supporting genocide, instead we get the vilification that the Jews love to use on people who question their actions. I know the answer, I am just waiting to see whether Benton the Jew is driven by evidence or by his emotional love for the Jews. Will he wake up and smell the reality, or will he hide in his safe space pretending that his immagined world is real, in true post modern fashion.


    The whole Eisenhower thing is a hall of mirrors.

    Each side in it can just say the other side is using Deep Fake AI, pro and con.

    Where does that leave someone.

    With only their Confirmation Bias?

    What I am confident of it that if the Empire of Lies thinks Russia is bluffing about it’s red lines about hitting Russia proper with Western missiles, the illegal Duh’merican bases in Syria will get a missile visit and probably the Eisenhower too.

    Larry Johnson in St Pete:

    Put it On Your Bucket List


    I wonder whether that number includes the 100 million from Mrs Adelson in return for wiping out the Palestinians in the west bank?

    I suspect it does, the Trump used to pretend to be a moral person but that disguise fell by the wayside when he murdered the Iranian General for the Jews. He is an entitled American, an amoral actor in an amoral world, he will not lose a minute of sleep over killing another few darkies for the Jews. The Jews certainly will not lose any sleep over it, they will be in a world-wide party time.


    I can kind of see getting rid of Palestine in a way.

    IF we take as a given that Israel is going to be a bunch of relentlessly murderous, genocidal assholes and that nobody has the balls to risk nuclear war with them to stop them….

    …then YES moving the Palestinians out of there is better for them than endless oppression and intermittent but continual genocide forever.

    PAY THEM. Holy fuck, PAY THEM to move! You idiots.

    How much is Israel spending to kill them? For the same price, couldn’t you PAY them to leave? Pay to set them up with a house on some land? Pay Egypt or Jordan or any number of countries to take them in?

    And couldn’t the US apply diplomatic pressure, throw printed money at this same goal?

    One man one vote, equal protection under the law for everyone YES and that includes Palestinians.

    But failing that, omfg just #%#&ing well PAY THEM to move. What the fuck. Just do something POSITIVE for them for the SAME OR LESS MONEY than the bagillions to Raytheon or whoever for stuff that just blows up and benefits nobody. How hard is this, how retarded yet evil do you have to be?

    D Benton Smith


    No one cares whether I’m a “Jew Lover” or not, and no one cares to hear you keep saying it either. Save your breath. Move on to your next trolling assignment why dontcha?


    The World Wars, all sides were financed by the same people, out of NY, London and Switzerland. Why would you think it’s different now? Post WW2 the NWO was in place, America, in its prime, as the corrupt cop to beat the shit out of anyone who did’nt want the World bank or the IMF. Korea, Vietnam, South America; Saddam, Quaddiffi, etc. The bankers are done with the US, stole everything, now they’re shitcanning it. Killin the natives and bringing in the hordes. Politics and news is delusion/distraction, while they set you up for the kill. The Mossad motto tells you all you need to know.



    I agree the Eisenhower is a hall of mirrors.
    This is why I focused on making a list of possible changes in behavior, as clues as to what happened or didn’t happen.
    So far there are few behavior clues showing up, as everyone is busy pretending nothing happened.
    Time will tell us the truth, sooner or later.

    Maxwell Quest

    Sorry, more bad news!



    We kind of know most wars are bankers wars.
    Certainly all of the big wars.
    While no doubt Jewish bankers were involved in financing wars, there are still too many non-Jewish bankers involved in financing wars too.
    I have come to the conclusion that whoever becomes a banker, they all support wars because they are so profitable for bankers.
    As a banker, you would have to be crazy not to finance wars.

    Somehow we need to change our economic system, so financing wars is a money losing proposition.
    Killing the bankers financing wars should be at the very top of the list of war consequences!
    Digital currencies should make it clear which bankers financed a war!
    Off with their heads!


    The whole Eisenhower thing is a hall of mirrors.

    Each side in it can just say the other side is using Deep Fake AI, pro and con.

    Where does that leave someone.

    With only their Confirmation Bias?

    Just one more reason/way to say,
    “Yanky Go Home”

    Dr. D

    Yes, I don’t want to name the parasite because I can’t prove it and don’t need to. We actually are able to experience it more directly if we describe it directly without a name. Names seem to be thoughtstoppers lately.

    But nor do I need to. Some rabbit holes you don’t need to go down. I don’t need to know the names of the guys in the pillbox and what they had for dinner. It can be a major detriment and distraction as everyone starts arguing about it. It’s enough to know Bldg 7 wasn’t hit by a plane and there’s the Pentalawn™, a lawn so clean it repels Samsonite luggage and jet engines. I know all I need to know from that. Who, what, where, when, and why. Would I like to know every detail? Someone should dig it up and write it down, but I’m busy and need to stick to action items. WHO, therefore knew, who was involved, who is protecting it, and therefore WHO are my enemies, foreign and domestic. Their actions the very next day revealed their intent.

    It’s enough to know THAT they are all morons, weaklings who could not POSSIBLY have advanced themselves. Then we can dispense with all the normal narratives about “Growin’ up in the old coal mines”, “Loving wife”, “Firstborn killed” (a common one), “Graduated Harvard while not being there” (that was new) and so on. All garbage. You, sir, are a nobody. A perennial lowlife scoundrel or you couldn’t be there 10 minutes without screaming murder like MTG. There are 50,000 better men than you in the city you come from. So therefore I all need to know is 1) What do they have on you? And 2) What did you promise them? And then we’ll uncover it and dispense with you and move on to the next.

    We need to unbury the HANDLERS. Nothing else matters. Do you understand why the White Hats are taking so long now? And why MAXWELL is in prison and Epstein isn’t? What good is it to chop off another branch without striking the root?

    Hail Hydra.


    Mr Aspnaz comment is articulate and thought provoking. Yours is just low ad hominem.


    And you look a lot more like a troll than him

    D Benton Smith


    So you like the name calling and lies (yes, lies. Good old fashioned horse pucky falsehoods) that @aspnaz throws at me every time he speaks of me at all, and call them thought provoking. What sort of thoughts is he provoking, is it that all people should hate all Jews? You don’t like the snark (but accurate and true) criticisms that throw at him, calling my comments borderline ad hominem and apparently approving of his diatribes about the tribe as well. I see.

    If I’m Trollish then I must be the most successful troll in internet history (up until you caught me, that is) because I’ve been posting to TAE on a pretty regular basis for nearly 12 years and you are the FIRST customer to call me out. How astute. That’s pretty sharp sleuthing.

    Your opinions have been noted.



    Every morning is like the Spring-
    A brand new start to everything.


    Benton the Jew said:

    What sort of thoughts is he provoking, is it that all people should hate all Jews?

    Those may well be your thoughts. I am simply trying to help the American mind discover their delusion regarding the Jews and to reconsider their support for Israel. Their self assessment as the indispensible country is incompatible with their acceptance of the behaviour of the Israeli and American Jews over the past 60+ years.

    I expect your sort of response, so it doesn’t bother me. Yours is the reaction of someone who is not accustomed to reassessing his beliefs. You are stuck in a rut and you are fighting the people trying to get you out of that rut. It is very difficult to make people change their minds, especially about things they never decided in the first place, but were taught to believe.

    I know this will come as a shock, but I do not hate any Jews. The problem is actually not with the Jews, the problem is with the Americans descended from European stock. As with a spoilt child, you do not hate the spoilt child, you recognise that his problems are caused by bad parenting. Why would you hate the child, the parents caused the problem. Similarly, why hate the Jews, the white Americans caused the problem. You allowed them to take over your political system, even down to the local level where Soros buys DAs that are obviously bad for America, and you allowed and helped them to commit crimes in Israel, showing Americans to be without any moral backbone. Once your reputations were fully demolished by letting the Jews ruin your country, you now have nothing to offer the world.


    Just the intro, but it raises some interesting points:

    Did the feds seize Scott Ritter’s passport because Ritter was going to Russia for a conference—or because Ritter has outspokenly supported the Palestinian resistance? I suspect it’s the latter. After all, I (among others) was prevented from traveling to Iran by Zionists occupying the US Treasury Department, not by American patriots. (Our citizen diplomacy with Iran benefited the US, but was bad for Israel.)

    It’s increasingly obvious that the war on free speech is almost entirely a Jewish-Zionist thing. Examples:

    *The Washington Post just launched a Zionist-directed hit piece against The Gray Zone—obvious revenge for The Gray Zone’s taking the lead in exposing the fact that most of the atrocities of October 7 were committed by Israel, not Hamas.

    *Zionist billionaires nuked the Columbia Law Review website because they didn’t like a pro-Palestine article;

    *Rich Oregon Jews are now determined to starve Americans, not just Gazans, because the Food Bank supports Palestine; and

    *Zionist-Occupied Washington is preparing to blackmail the Maldives for its anti-Israel stance.

    We’ll discuss these stories, and more, on Saturday’s False Flag Weekly News.

    How did we reach the point that a hostile foreign nation’s fifth column has terminated the American free speech experiment? Below is my new Crescent piece addressing that issue.


    See what I mean, the 8 million Jews in American are now controlling the 150 million white Americans of European descent. How did this happen? Why did the white people make this happen? Why do the white people still refuse to see that this is a problem.

    TAE Summary

    The End of Poetry

    I cannot write a sonnet anymore
    The faculty’s now lost, the talent gone
    The muse inspiring poems walked out the door
    She’s sitting on a blanket on the lawn

    She says that I’ve ignored her long enough
    And poetry can go jump in the lake
    That I’ve refused her gifts for worthless stuff
    There’s limited abuse a muse can take

    I’ve tried to coax the muse to come back in
    I’ve offered her some come cookies and some milk
    Ignoring me she wears a scornful grin
    Refusing to engage one of my ilk

    Erato, give me one more fleeting chance
    I promise I’ll write poems and sing and dance

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