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    NPC Fred Haas, Rhode Island Avenue NE, Washington, DC 1924 • Welcome To A Fed Without Patience (MarketWatch) • US Debt To Hit Legal Limit Again On Mon
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    E. Swanson

    RE: Russia In A Spin As Its Putin Goes Missing (FT)

    To which Ilargi replied: “He’s already ‘back’. Who starts this sort of thing?”

    Well, the WaPo ran a commentary yesterday.

    And the BBC has another, updated today:

    As the BBC article notes, the world will be watching the planned meeting between meeting between the Russian and Kyrgyz presidents tomorrow. If Putin doesn’t show up, things may get even more interesting…

    John Day

    Michael Hayden is really an ideal poster-ghoul for the neocon-commanded military-industrial-complex.
    Merkel “should know her place”, but places change and no battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy, and so on.
    There have been lots of different character assassination attempts against Ray McGovern, because he is damned awkward for the empire, and so clear and analytical, and has had a lot of facts supporting him.
    In Ukraine, as in Greece, as in all of Europe and our whole world, this is a really important time to NOT go to war, as a means to work it all out.
    We, the human critters on this finite planet, can see that there is less and less to keep going, that acceleration has changed directions already.
    Shooting at each other as we plummet from Seneca’s cliff is the proper analogy right now.
    Big test, 100% of grade, open-book…

    John Day

    This Just In:
    Global CO2 emissions in 2014 were unchanged from 2013.
    “CO2 decoupled from economy” is the idiotic interpretation, of course.
    Whaddaya think? Still 100% correlated?


    Gravity is a reloaded algorithm.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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