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    It is time for retrospectives. I am one of the believers; otherwise, a year of going stir crazy was for nothing.

    Medscape; “Year of COVID: Everything We Thought We Knew Was Wrong”:
    March 2020: No Need to Panic. The Flu Is Worse
    March 2021: It’s Worse Than the Flu

    March 2020: Masks Aren’t Necessary
    March 2021: Consider Wearing Two

    March 2020: Asymptomatic Spread Is Rare
    March 2021: 40% of New Cases Come from People Without Symptoms

    March 2020: We Don’t Think the Virus Is a Threat to Young People
    March 2021: Sadly, No.

    March 2020: We Don’t Think the Virus Stays in the Air for Long
    March 2021: Check Your CO2 Levels and Ventilate Because This Virus Definitely Hangs Around in the Air”

    WaPo; “Unraveling the mystery of Europe’s uneven Covid surges”:
    There were three waves; first waves (Italy, Spain, Belgium), deferred waves (Sweden, Germany) and latecomers (Bulgaria, Greece). “…a virus that is not very easily modeled.”

    The USA had all three waves. Reality is explainable. The differences between nations are actually due to how society and government reacted to the pandemic. But the ruling western neoliberal ideology says that the only thing that matters is money and markets. “There’s no such thing as society”. Nations that closed their borders were saved from the first wave. European nations are diminished by the EU, unlike Australia or New Zealand. They were unprepared and unable to halt later transmission of coronavirus with working public health procedures of contract tracing, universal testing, and safely isolating the infected. An earlier example of a European government being unable to cope was Greece being forced into austerity because the state was not powerful enough to escape the Eurozone.

    The US, Mexican, and Brazilian governments also are incapable of controlling the virus’s transmission. Everything depends on the mRNA vaccines doing what these nations’ public health services cannot do. It is astonishing, the lure of money, keeping the Empire running, all demand that the truth not be told.


    V. Arnold:

    Your facts on our body’s ability to naturally produce enough vitamin D agrees with my experiences of summer up here in Canada.

    I am only really able to be outside in a tee shirt and shorts for 4 months June, July, August, and September. During these months my dry skin more or less behaves itself and I am not too itchy. I attribute this to getting sufficient sunlight.

    Depending upon the weather I can sometimes get enough sun from mid May and until mid October. After that I need to do about 10 to 15 minutes each night of light therapy to try and keep my dry skin under control. Before I started light therapy about 4 years ago, in the winter I would always crave sunlight.



    Yes it was all about the money!

    This is vividly driven home by the blue vaccine graph showing the development time lines for each vaccine.

    It is clear why Pfizer and Moderna choose to go the mRNA shortcut route. Only by being first could they reap billions in profits!

    V. Arnold

    @ VietnamVet
    It is time for retrospectives. I am one of the believers; otherwise, a year of going stir crazy was for nothing.

    Timely post and pretty much spot on…
    Its slowly dawned on me, over the last few decades, that my gut instincts have served me well.
    It helps immensely that my father worked for a few of the largest pharmeceutical companies; he shared/spoke often of the BS being pedaled. He also regarded doctors as falable humans; some great, most mediocre, and some just plain shit.
    We’ll not be getting vaccinated anytime soon, if ever.
    IMO, prevention still beats cure by a country mile, so to speak…
    Hang in there VV; it is just too fascinating a world not too, no?

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    Your facts on our body’s ability to naturally produce enough vitamin D agrees with my experiences of summer up here in Canada.

    Yeah, as the worm turns, getting enough sun here in the tropics is pretty quick. Surprised me just how fast; but being an old guy, I’ll still take a supplement as a back-up though…

    Dr. D

    You are of course right, Madam. IF ONLY it were so easy as to say it’s the strict opposite of all things written. Instead it’s quite messy. My point is more that our baseline remains tethered to known, serial liars whose lack of integrity or intentional failure has killed millions and millions and millions and is directly killing another million as we speak. And making Bezos rich.

    Yet we keep reading them and crediting what they say. A half-liar is the most dangerous, more dangerous than one who lies always, exactly for that reason.

    So I say they are LYING, because once a person is identified as a liar, they cannot be credited. Ever. I don’t have time to figure out whether this PARTICULAR thing is a lie – because it probably is, either through intent or carelessness – I’ve seen nothing but this for all years of my entire life, and in history before that — it’s enough to know it MIGHT be. Cuts through quickly.

    If someone hands you coffee and says there MIGHT be arsenic in it, you don’t take it. Not even a sip. So with nearly 100% of the media, and we can identify a majority of the reporters, like Mr. Luke, and cut them out in 10 minutes. They know it. They won’t cut out the bad ones. Because they’re LYING. The editors, the owners, and also the reporters, and with them, the readers who love it. Next story on RussiaRussia and the Skripals, no matter how many decades like WaPo retracted and discredited. So leave them. Stop reading. Go around.

    Yes, the modern definitions are troubled. The First Nations, as I say, were Capitalist. They owned their things, including borders. And slaves. A big market, and brisk. But it’s not wrong to say they were also Communist, by family social responsibility. So what do those words mean? What do they mean now when “Socialists” are all paid-billion by lobbyists of Multinational Corporations? Seems not so much “of the people” to me. It’s Fascism, a subset of Communism/Socialism, but claim to be its OPPOSITE. No Nike and Disney and Coca-Cola are not your friend. They are the ones supporting and approving of organ-harvesting, ethnic-cleansing, slave-running concentration camps under a dictator-for-life. That’s not Woke. It IS unfortunately Socialism as we’ve come to know it over the last 150 years though: anti-people. Pro-elite.

    For my purposes, I only care who’s for Liberty and who’s for Authority, but we have no parties for it and no vocabulary about it.


    “All of us act like communists a good deal of the time. None of us act like communists consistantly. “Communist society” -in the sence of a society organized exclusively on that single principal-could never exist. But all social systems, even economic systems like capitalism, have always been built on top of a bedrock of actually-existing communisim.” -David Graeber Debt The first 5000 years.

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