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    Russian pranksters Vovus and Lexus called blood drinking Satanist ECB head Christine Lagarde pretending to be Nazilensky and she bought it!

    They got her to admit on tape that the Euro-Digital Currency Is For CONTROL of the Sheep.

    What a phucking Euroturdtard.

    The €uroturd® fiat digital filth “currency” is plotted for introduction in the EUSSR death zone on October 23.

    Hug & Kisses for Eurotardistan and the financial Captainess at the helm!

    Vovus and Lexus rock!

    D Benton Smith

    Ready to shift topics again?


    Alright then, let’s just go ahead and shift topic again anyway because we don’t REALLY have any choice in the matter. We don’t control reality. Reality controls us. And reality says that everybody on Earth is going to pay attention to money whether they want to or not (with the possible exception of a few uncontacted peoples of the Amazon or Sentinel Island.)

    Anybody concerned in any serious way about the money situation at present?

    Here’s why I think they should be: most ordinary money is about to go away. As in disappear. As in “have no discernible or quantifiable value at any meaningful geographical or temporal distance.” (by which I mean to say at any distance farther away than one can physically reach out and touch it, or any length of time beyond the present moment being lived in.)

    It helps to occasionally remind ourselves and re-contemplate the ramifications that “Money” is an abstract symbol provided for our personal use by a government or large institution (such as banks, burses and bookies) for dependably representing goods and work in a form that is lighter and faster to move around and store. The goods and work are real. The abstract symbol is not. The abstract symbol is, at best, a PROBABILITY (measured as trust), that the “money” can be be exchanged at some future time for a reasonably comparable amount of goods and/or work.

    We don’t have much control over that probability regarding that abstract symbol. Just like we have no personal control over the process of printing it up on pieces of paper with pretty pictures painted on them. Oh, sure, we can control how much trust that we, personally, place in the probability that our “money” will be worth anything tomorrow . . . . but you have practically ZERO control over how much anybody (or everybody) else trusts it. And how much THEY trust it is what determines whether that abstract symbol (or any other particular form of “money”) is worth a little, or a lot, or absolutely nothing at all.

    Furthermore, we also have virtually ZERO control over what other people (collectively) choose to use as money. As individuals who live in a place, we have little choice but to settle for whatever the people in that place choose it to be, within a very very very narrow set of possibilities. It could be a precious mineral, a paper currency, an electronic record of a paper currency, a legally binding promissory note, an encrypted version of any of those symbols, etc. It is a VERY short list, and the ability to even have such a list depends on being able to hire people to create and maintain such a system in the first place. Those people expect to be paid with something for their time and effort. The nature and operation of such a system of professional abstraction is very VERY circular. For better or worse we humanoids are very VERY adept at abstract circular reasoning.

    At the present moment (and for quite a few years now) the most widely and universally accepted (trusted) form of of “money” has been designated as the United States dollar. As the world’s so-called “Reserve Currency” it accounts for roughly 2/3 of all of the “money” in the world. If the dollar “goes away” by becoming worthless the the first effect will be that 2/3 of the money in the whole world instantly disappears faster than a fart in the wind. And the second effect will be consequent economic chaos and near cessation of MOST transnational commerce and business. No one is going to ship a ton of valuable stuff to a stranger on the other side of the world without some sort of trustworthy guarantee that it will get there and be paid for at the expected price.

    So, is the dollar going away?

    You tell me.

    Does quadrillions of dollars of utterly unrepayable debt (if those murkily hidden derivatives are included, which they must be, because they are intrinsically necessary to the existing rotten system) pose an existential threat to the value of the dollar, and thereby the function of civilization itself . . . both foreign and domestic ?

    To insulate from that exposure would require not just complete independence from all direct dependency upon dollars, but complete independence from everybody who is. If a nation’s suppliers and customers depend on dollars (or on things that depend on dollars) then you can’t depend upon them continuing to be suppliers and customers for long.

    The desperation of those who see this clearly explains a lot about the desperate moves they’re all making. Good guys and Bad Guys alike.

    My money is on the good guys, but it’s gonna be gruesome either way, and rougher than a cob for a long time.


    Dr. D.

    Thank you for the true history of Lincoln. While his generals were fighting one part of the war, he was fighting the political/financial part of the war.

    I already knew the bankers had him killed for not borrowing from the banks but using the green back instead.

    You filled in the missing pieces for me.

    Although Canadian, I greatly enjoy learning more about American history. I was also blessed with the opportunity to travel and see 43 of the 50 states not to mention seeing 30 plus other countries of the world.


    While saying Ukraine is corrupt comes as no surprise to anyone. Being greased with billions of USDs just temporarily moves the Ukraine up the corruption rankings. But nobody comes close to the US in corruption! The US ranks number ONE because they have the most money!

    Besides laundry dirty taxpayer money, the Ukraine is also helping the CIA to distribute weapons around the world but mostly into Europe. This is being done through the port of Odessa in the Ukraine. The weapons enter the Ukraine but then disappear without a trace only to be smuggled out via ships “picking up grain” in Odessa.

    Why is the CIA doing this? They have future plans for destabilizing Europe, after the current Ukrainian proxy war runs it’s course.

    Remember Italy and Germany in the 1970s/1980s? I sure do! Saw first hand the damage from the Frankfurt airport shutout. Not a single pane of glass was left intact! Every airport police officer carried a submachine gun. Every police station guarded by submachine gun armed police officers. It was no different than being in war torn Congo where there were no police officers but plenty of submachine guns!


    About CBDCs in Nigeria.

    Contrary to the article about the Nigerian central bank backing down on their CBDC push, the Nigerian central bank hasn’t stopped at all. They are still pushing forward at full steam!

    The bribed Nigerian politicians don’t give a crap about how much the people suffer because they are being richly rewarded to do this. If they stop, then their rewards money stops too. So they won’t stop ever!

    You will love CBDCs and be very happy!

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