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    Larry Johnson dope slapping MSMedia Whores and demented old white Joe and his flashcard ‘press conferences’. (cough please)

    Is Russia on the Ropes in Ukraine?

    “At what point will the American people and Europe wake up and realize they have been fed a steady diet of bullshit about what is actually happening on the ground in Ukraine. I have made this point in earlier posts–why do we not see any western reporters on the frontlines with the Ukrainian forces reporting on these magnificent triumphs? Because it is a chimera–i.e., an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts.

    The most recent victory declaration from Ukraine touts “victories” in pushing back the Russian horde from Kiev. This assumes that Russia’s objective over the last three weeks was to capture Kiev and hang Zelensky from a bridge.

    Let me suggest an alternative explanation. Russia’s encirclement of Kiev over the past three weeks was intended to pin down a significant portion of what remains of Ukraine’s military forces so that Russia could carry out offensive operations in the east and the south. Mission accomplished.

    Some of the Russian units that were deployed around Kiev are now moving east towards Kharkiv. Russian forces have destroyed the Ukrainian neo-Nazi entity that controlled Mariupol. Russia now controls Mariupol. Let me put this in simple strategic terms–Russia has eliminated any possibility of Ukraine being able to use the Black Sea for ship borne imports or exports. Ukraine is now cut off in the south.

    Russia’s next focus will be on the Ukrainian forces that still exist in the Donbas and Kharkiv. Eliminating them is the likely next objetive.

    One comment regarding Russian casualties. If Russia had suffered massive losses, the wounded and dead would be flooding back into Russia. There is no way that Russia could hide such losses, if real, from parents, siblings and spouses. Field hospitals just inside the western border of Russia would be filled to overflowing. And decimated units would be pulled from the fighting to refit and rebuild. NONE OF THAT IS HAPPENING.

    Instead, Russia continues to maintain large reserves on its western border and the units that carried out the invasion remain intact. At the same time, Russia controls much of the air space in Ukraine and continues to hit Ukrainian bases and fuel depots in the extreme western portion of Ukraine.

    The propaganda effort in the west has been very effective in persuading masses of Americans to believe Ukraine has a chance at beating Russia. But this belief is not tied to any facts from the battlefield.

    I know some analysts and pundits believe that Russia’s use of sophisticated missiles that are precision weapons, is a sign of Russian desperation. But I see it differently. First, it gives the Russians a real battlefield to prove their capability. Second, the use of these missiles has exposed NATO’s inability to defend against them. Third, hitting logistic centers and fuel disrupts NATO efforts to help Ukraine restock, rearm and gather more troops. Fourth, these strikes keep the West worried about Western Ukraine while ignoring what will happen in the Cauldrons created in the east.

    a kullervo


    If energy depletion is the mainspring behind the current machinations (as I believe it is the case, although sheer turpitude cannot be ruled out), whoever is left standing after the decimation is over, be they shitheads (the same or refurbished) or decent folks, it is undeniable that those human beings will eventually benefit from a less stressful situation energy-wise and thus enjoy an extended period of peace. Moreover, assuming that TPTB belong to the homo sapiens sapiens taxon, they die, therefore a replacement by a less pernicious strain of shitheads is a strong statistical possibility.

    (I still believe that the Georgia Guidestones seem to have been way too expensive – and way too deliberate – to be considered as a mere prank or dark humor display.)

    Veracious Poet

    The government of India is expected to announce an agreement with its counterparts in Russia that will allow the countries to continue trading with one another while circumventing Western sanctions on Russia.

    In a move that will surely shake up the global economy, the two countries are working on establishing a trade agreement that removes the U.S. dollar from the equation. CNBC reported that in order to continue conducting business with one another, India and Russia are going to implement a rupee-ruble trade mechanism.

    This mechanism will eliminate the countries’ reliance upon the SWIFT telecommunication network to conduct trade with each other, and it will provide them with an additional layer of security that prevents Western nations from meddling in their business affairs.

    The rupee-ruble trade mechanism would also allow India to continue buying Russian energy exports when many global leaders have forbidden its import.


    A little Dr. D here.

    So the G7 and Nato sanction Russia saying the Russians can’t use dollars or Euros. Russia is banned from buying or selling in dollars or Euros. If they have any dollars or Euros, they are now worthless!

    Logically Putin calmly solves this problem by saying Russia will now buy or sell in Roubles instead.

    Now the G7 finance ministers say Russia can’t buy or sell in Roubles but only in dollars or Euros! It seems the WEF crowd suddenly realized that trading in Roubles would destroy their long standing Build Back Better carbon tax “world control” scheme!

    P.S. Putin please save the entire world by trading in Roubles only!

    The very best thing about the covid vaccines is that the WEF are eliminating all of the stupid people who trust their governments. These people are now dying off, all alone, in silence, one by one. If you don’t go quietly, you will simply be cancelled. Since those that believe the promises that their government would take care of them, should the vaccine harm them, are dying or already dead, there is no need for the government to rush to compensate them. The government can easily wait longer than you can stay alive. Afterall the government’s original purpose was to kill you, not help you!

    Only the smart people who don’t trust their governments, yesterday, today, or tomorrow, will now survive! The non-vaxxed will need to carefully select other non-vaxxed partners, or your line will die out. The “natural” law of the jungle!


    Living in a glass house.
    “Lies are a huge provocation to Russia”
    Why lie?
    Because of the fear that the truth would destroy.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke latest, Geo-Politics Is Metamorphosing at Every Moment, … no longer the US will be allowed to play chess alone. Chess no longer will be a game for one!

    Geo-Politics Is Metamorphosing at Every Moment



    “I am Mr Mcadams ! “

    This may be the best 2 minutes of interview on Ukraine I’ve seen encapsulating the media madness circus. holy batshit crazy, be sure to scroll down for the remix dub 🙂

    Just Wow- spent the day deep diving UKR far right Azov Militia development over the years. This was just the levity medicine to round out the torture, abuse, murders from UKR

    “The West still thinks they can push the whole world around. I don’t know how it hasn’t registered yet that they can’t do this anymore. It is fascinating to watch.”

    Veracious Poet

    “I am Mr Mcadams ! “

    This may be the best 2 minutes of interview on Ukraine I’ve seen encapsulating the media madness circus. holy batshit crazy

    Didn’t bother DLing it from da Twits (I don’t enable their scripts), but I found it on YT:

    That’s right up there with Will Smith in a roid rage slapping Chris Rock 😆

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