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    Henri Rousseau Tour Eiffel 1898   • The BBC’s Ukrainian War-Messager (Blumenthal) • Switch To Rubles For Natural Gas Exports By March 31 – Putin
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    a kullervo

    The thing that (almost) never ceases to amaze me is how people fail to realize that all TPTB are doing is trying to extend mankind’s shelf life via a dramatic catharsis.

    That TPTB are doing it using the most vile and despicable methods is another discussion altogether. On the other hand, if you had real power (i.e., power of life and death over others), how would you deal with the (hypothetical? real?) issue of having to curtail the humans number? Would you go to the media and openly and clearly present the fact?

    Is extending the human race presence on the planet a noble end?

    If so, which means are justifiable and which aren’t?

    The only worthwhile pursuit is to sober up from the most potent psychedelic currently available: the future.

    V. Arnold

    Henri Rousseau Tour Eiffel 1898


    V. Arnold

    Humpf…boring can also be applied to the daily news (MSM)….regarding the world at large…
    I’m not an adrenaline junky… 😉


    Michael Reid – I’m glad you and others liked yesterday’s linked video re Holmgren. I found it a really useful perspective and fleshed out a few of my Macro considerations.
    I think now that I am really deeply accepting rule of law mostly diminished – the idea of distributed energy through forests and many other sources found in nature means we have a notion of some freedom and community outside of captured environments like the internet.
    There is positive action possible under duress. If I had my way (and I would think D Benton and many others feel this way too) they would all go to jail but it’s not going to happen.


    @Oxy “If I had my way (and I would think D Benton and many others feel this way too) they would all go to jail but it’s not going to happen.” It is happening now, they are doing to themselves. They have a name for it, gated communities. These will become prisons at some point. They will have to leave for supplies as things deteriorate further. It seems to be slowing turning into the bastard child of The Hunger Games and Orwells 1984. As far as yesterdays floating LNG terminal the whole thing is pie in the sky. Russian gas flows to Europe at approx 500 billion cubic meters per year and the usa is offering up 15 billion. They have a bit of a short fall there.
    From the transcript with Micheal Hudson:

    GR: I know that Russia is very rich in mineral deposits, its rich in oil and gas as well. Russia and Ukraine form part of the breadbasket of the world. And as they control the important minerals like lithium and palladium and so forth, so they’re dealing with Ukraine, part of that plan, as a result you’re going to see, as I mentioned, a lot of impacts worldwide including food, and we’re probably going to start to see even food shortages pretty soon.

    MH: That is the intention, You have to realize that this was anticipated. Without gas, already German fertilizer companies are going out of business because fertilizer is made out of gas, and if they can’t get their Russian gas, they can’t make the fertilizer, and if you don’t have the fertilizer, the crops are not going to be as prevalent and abundant as they were before. So all of this, you have to assume that, it’s so obvious, they knew this would happen, and they expect the United States to benefit from the cost squeeze that it’s imposing on food importers to the US benefit.


    Red – well said, but I lament this is true for middle managers and lower order scum bags. Watching the Julian clip reminded me of Dr D’s regular assertion that London and the US are Anglo war mongers who have rules that don’t apply and have so many leverage and squeeze points and so little in the way of empathy or a sense of equality that I feel for them – their soul less feeling in a wet bag made of clay – grasping at shadows. But still I hate what they do and Julian took them on. Me I’m going to duck and weave – these animals are apex and taking them on is VERY dangerous.
    I really feel for Julian – I really do and when I spoke with his father I got a sense of the real goodness of the man and the family – the Aura as it were – but the smart money was not on restructuring a corrupt system top down.
    Holmgren and others know Entropy is what kills the Vampire squid.
    We can chop our firewood, gather our weeds, share our food and watch the hungry ghosts slowly vanish.
    I fucken hate them though.

    Blessings to you all – this life sometimes is hard to bear. Illargi I hope you are feeling better.


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    Time and time again…
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    The devil is in the detail
    February 18, 2022

    Voiced by Amazon Polly
    Among humanity’s greatest failings is our inability to process time. No doubt in our evolutionary past, the need to focus on the here and now – both to avoid danger and to secure the means of staying alive – will have left little time to think about the future. The transition from hunting and gathering to agrarian settlement, of course, required the development of the calendar – which is why, for example, neolithic Britain was dotted with stone circles – but even then, the aim was to remove the need to think about the future. Instead, generation after generation learned that when the sun comes up over this stone, it is time to plant seeds. And when the sun comes up over that stone, it is time to bring in the harvest. And later, these neolithic time markers were incorporated into the Church calendar in the form of “holy days.”

    In 1972, psychologist Walter Mischel devised an experiment to test children’s ability to defer gratification. This “marshmallow test” confirmed that, in fact, very few of us are able to make rational decisions about even the short-term future. Only ten percent of children managed to “pass” the test and earn the promised reward. And this has more than humorous consequences. The ten percent of children who could process time rationally, went on to get higher educational grades, better jobs and more stable relationships. As I explained in my 2015 book, The Consciousness of Sheep:

    “The overwhelming majority of us are completely disconnected from our future selves. We understand at a cognitive level that we will become a different person in the future to the person that we are today. But we struggle to understand that these people that we are to become are really ourselves. If they become unwell, we are going to have to experience their pain. If they are poor, we are going to have to experience their poverty. If they are obese, we are going to have to struggle for breath as we lug their excess weight around.

    “Nor is it only our negative future life events and situations that we cannot connect with. Another famous experiment, in which adults are asked to choose between a small box of chocolates today and a large box next week, has exactly the same outcome as the marshmallow test. Ninety percent of us take the immediate gratification of the small box today rather than the deferred gratification of a large box later on. We simply cannot connect with the fact that it is the same me who will get to enjoy a large box of chocolate next week if only I can resist the temptation of a small box immediately.

    “This experiment has important consequences for all of humanity. It highlights a key reason why so many people stay stuck in unpleasant situations simply because they will not put effort into making change. Again, we all ‘understand’ this at a cognitive level. For example, we know that someone who is in a poorly paid and/or stressful job would be better off taking up a night school or distance learning course than, say, going to the pub in an attempt to unwind. Nevertheless, adult education is struggling to recruit students while pubs are full of people complaining about their jobs!

    “To most of us, our future selves are complete strangers. Indeed, we are often more caring about our present friends and relatives than we are about our future selves. And if our future selves are strangers, is it any surprise that we offer them no greater support than we would to a stranger today? It is not that we wish them harm. But – let’s be honest – how many of us would give up a small box of chocolate today so that someone else can have a large box next week?

    “Of course, many of the issues facing us are so much greater than who gets chocolates. An adult will not educate themselves so that a stranger can get a better job. A drunk will not turn down a drink so that a stranger will be spared a hangover. A smoker will not turn down a cigarette so that someone else does not get cancer. And none of us will leave our cars at home or turn down holidays abroad so that strangers do not have to cope with economic collapse and climate change.”

    This is why we should avoid making radical changes to our way of life – such as locking down national economies in the face of a not particularly dangerous pandemic – without having sought to understand and mitigate the likely consequences. Even economists and central bankers understand that economic policy is often like pulling on a brick with an elastic band – minor changes seem to make no difference but then all of a sudden, the brick comes flying up to hit you in the face. This is why, for example, central bankers tend to raise interest rates gradually in case they trigger a massive debt default crisis. Nevertheless, a financial economy which, today, is largely divorced from reality, responds rapidly in comparison to the real economy of energy and materials which economists hubristically refer to as “externalities.” Acting in ways that impact the real economy is more like attempting to steer a supertanker – the ship may travel tens of miles before the change of course takes effect. And in the event of over-steering at the beginning, the ship may well end up grounded on the rocks (which is why, incidentally, modern oil tankers have double hulls).

    It was not until the summer of 2021 that the economic effects of the lockdown in March 2020 began to be felt. First in the form of the fake fuel shortage, but later in the very real surge in oil and natural gas prices. We might look back fondly at an oil price of $80 per barrel. But this time last year, there was concern that a rise above $80 would be enough trigger a global recession. In truth, recessionary indicators could be seen all over the place if anyone cared to look. Town and city centres were devastated by lockdowns. The entire travel and tourism industry is little more than a corpse waiting for a priest to arrive to administer the last rights. Hospitality businesses have closed in droves. Even Cardiff’s iconic Brains brewery had to be quietly sold off to the English – something akin to sacrilege in these parts – during the pandemic. All around the world, supply chains have been collapsing as shipping and transport costs rise far above anything the economy can afford in the long-term.

    In the UK, as the winter of 2021-22 approached, people faced the biggest cost-of-living crisis since records began. What began as a series of eye-watering fuel and energy price increases, morphed into a generalised inflation as everything which depended upon energy and fuel in its manufacture and delivery became more expensive. The situation was not helped by central and local government tax hikes, nor by the central bank’s decision to raise interest rates.

    Time and time again…

    Dr. D

    Luongo article needs to be top page, from posted:

    Again: They are simply going to raise the price of their goods to fair value. That’s it. Tom is just describing the financial plumbing that makes it happen.


    “The G7 think the sanctions are hitting so hard that Putin will be forced to sell his gold to evade sanctions to pay for things. They are literally running a script in their heads that is not actually playing out in the real world.

    Because here’s the gig, Russia won’t be selling any gold. They’re buying it.

    These are supposed to be the architects of the global monetary system and you would think they are the ones that understand it the best. But, clearly they do not.” — Luongo

    They are mouth-breathing, glue-sniffing morons who have been overturned by the first pawn that moved. Here:

    “Kremlin Threatens to Halt Supplies as G7 Ministers Reject “Unacceptable” Demand to Pay for Gas in Rubles”

    You are literally kidding me here. Russia is supposed to keep selling in a currency they can’t use? To their self-avowed enemy? They have no bounds. Now you see why this will take a while.

    Isn’t this what I said? When they run out of money, they’ll have to figure out how to have gas and NOT pay for it. I’m sure Russia will be totally, totally fooled by this.

    For the question of running Europe down on StupidSauce of Green Energy, my thought was somewhat different. Whatever their plans – which clearly have gone horribly awry, I believe since the Globals prefer Europe even to the U.S. which is their power base, their plan, and last step was to take a tiny, insignificant Russia, and they had 30 long years to do it, so no hurry. But now they don’t have that. Ever. Because they’re inbred glue-sniffing morons, neither smart enough to win, nor evil enough to actually attack, openly march over, murder a few hundred million, nuke them, and succeed.

    So what will happen? Simple: Europe wakes up. They realize they can’t do Green yet, it will take more work. They reduce use, go independent, and ally with Russia, choose peace and win a heated house with food in it. What “they” are doing right now is letting them come to this realization, upon which they will (happily) dump the U.S. and leave us alone, ending the empire. We’ll say “Aw Shucks” and kick these Globals, or is it Goebbels, to the curb.

    “Mariupol Mayor Orders “Complete Evacuation” of City Now in Russian Hands”

    I guess the people will decide? It will be embarrassing if they call for evac and 99% of the residents prefer Russia. Let’s find out.

    “And now on Monday, NATO allies are said to be split on whether they should talk to Putin,”

    We’re going to have peace with no talking, and by continuing the war. Especially by adding $1B in weapons.

    “Ze saying “neutrality” is now on the table (but while also desiring individual security alliances with Kiev’s backers)”

    So he’s going to be neutral by de facto joining NATO.

    “Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s chief spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit, told reporters on Monday … the highest priority for now is to be able to reach a cease-fire so that the killing can stop.”

    By not talking and adding $1B in weapons. Because we’re losing. If we were winning, we wouldn’t be calling for a ceasefire.

    Oh and no allowing civilians out of war zones, either, a war crime: “Ukraine’s Deputy PM says that no humanitarian corridors will be opened today”

    Anything else, possibly dumber than all that put together? Well there’s always Biden: “Biden added that US forces are in Europe to defend NATO allies, not to engage with Russian forces” So “defend” NATO allies from who, then? The Underpants Elves?

    “Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs: Report”

    That’s not grown on a money tree. It’s coming FROM us, but it’s going TO someone else. Who is advocating this change?

    “”I’m a Wartime General” – [NYC] Mayor Adams Pledges to Tackle Crime Wave” …By letting criminals go. Unless you’re a cafe or gym. Then we arrest you for masks and vaccines.

    “Organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada have been given additional charges during separate court appearances last week.”

    Sure. Every time Justin gets insulted now for being a tyrannical, childish crybaby, another trucker dies. And that’s a lot of truckers.

    “John Adams realized two centuries ago democracy was no better than monarchy or aristocracy over the long haul.”

    Yes, but we’re not supposed to be a Democracy. The Fathers hated and feared “democracy” above all things. That’s why we have a Republic where your rights are protected, even if you’re the minority. One reason things are so bad right now is that what’s legal is whatever is upvoted on Twitter today. Or for some, which the Science™ is upvoted today. Democracy is the unthinking mob, sheer madness. Bedlam. If you hadn’t noticed.

    “The entire archive of On Contact, the Emmy-nominated show I hosted for six years for RT America and RT International, has been disappeared from YouTube.”

    HOW did you not see this coming, keep copies, and upload to Rumble? Are you mad? You don’t build a palace inside of a Red Hook warehouse squat, and it wasn’t a secret. Who taught you this stuff?

    P.S. Mob rule. He has to even guess why he was erased, and most do. Google won’t tell you, and you can’t “fix” your behavior. You’re just not in the 8th grade girlz clique anymore.

    “Men are being asked if they are pregnant…”

    So doctors also cannot tell men from women now. Well, was to be expected, I guess, but doesn’t say much for their competency. Hint: it’s written on their chart. If you can identify “M” from the letter “F”, you’re smarter than a doctor now.

    TPTB are doing is trying to extend mankind’s shelf life”

    Are they though? And from what? So we kill the village/earth to save the village/earth? The earth is fine. WE’RE the ones in trouble, and if so, what would the earth care? If we fail in that sense we deserve it and there’s no sense in cheating the earth to keep us going. However, they are entirely wrong, because they’re psychotic mental patients. We lived without the slightest trouble, and marvelous continuation, until THEY started THEIR Babylonian (pick what descriptor you like) system of power-over. It is ONLY this system that has destroyed the earth and the men and children involved in it.

    So we COULD, if you gave up power-over, be a high-tech space-age tree-dwelling hippie system of campfires and tree-dwellers. As societies behave like that, you do NOT see population explosions even as, among the Salish for instance, there is no constant starvation, war, or mass-death to keep their numbers low. So you merely push for a non-insane system, run by non-insane people, but the insane cannot see this because being – shocker – insane. And violently so, as if you push for such a world, as most tribes did, have, and do, they will poison, murder, jail, and war you. For your own good. Which appears to be what you’re saying here.

    So pretty simply really. We had a plan that worked okay, such as humans are. And it’s very unlikely that system would discard modernitity, although that technology would have the radically transformed for new morals. BUT WE REFUSE to do it.

    If I had real power, that’s what I would do with it. But the systems are so incompatible, as we saw in the American frontier, that they essentially cannot coexist. So I an build you a food-making, children-happy permaculture world in no time. But the Babylonian system is raw violence. It cannot tolerate the existence of an “other.”


    Tucker Carlson neglected to mention that the only anti-American terror group is the USA’s own Deep State. They have all the nukes and bioweapons they need already.

    Wondering about Covid-23 on the cooker, simmering away, as I write this.

    Bright side? Yes there’s always a bright side. If they finally get around to outright murder of citizens then people will finally take their masks off!…maybe.


    I fully support all the doctors and scientists who go against the official narrative. Nevertheless, I was hearing numbers like 10% of the vaxxed will be dead by the end of this winter. Now everyone over 30 will have AIDS a year from now?

    It’s an information war. If the bad guys get to frighten people with endless sensationalism, then the good guys can’t be blamed too much for the same thing They do risk their credibility though(and they don’t have the Fauci safety net of a media always protecting his credibility).

    It’s important to understand such dire predictions are meant to get people’s attention. You know, people whose attention is being drown in media propaganda. Also people who don’t want to know anything! Seems like a losing battle. Yet if one parent doesn’t vax their kid because of a Dr.Tenpenny announcement then that is a life saved.

    Of course it is a losing battle. 80% vax rate in most western countries. 80% who blindly put an experimental drug into their body – which had a testing death rate of 95%! It’s hard to have any sympathy for self destructive people.

    Dr. D

    I disagree. Before now, humans had a very GOOD sense of time. It’s WE who don’t. So tribes would think unto the 7th generation, and although certainly men are men and many didn’t, on the whole, they did think forward very far, most of the time. Otherwise, why not hunt and chop everything to extinction as they did in Europe? Because they can think 60 seconds ahead.

    We haven’t the faintest idea what the neolithic people thought or why. They are just modern people, revealing themselves instead of their ancestors with their made-up stories about stones. Okay: YOU DO NOT PLANT WHEN THE STONES TELL YOU. Duh. If you did any farming or gardening you would know this. Also THEY ARE NOT LOST ON WHAT TIME IT IS. There are always 13 moons, and you always know if it’s the cold moon or strawberry moon. Because you live in a house like a moron, never breathing the air or looking at the stars, you don’t realize this. Go spend a year in a yurt of the neolithic revivalists and tell me if you’d miss the planting. It’s impossible to describe how dumb and closed off they seem when Oxford says these things.

    The 1972 test is a “WEIRD”. But also I’d fail that test because IDGAF, and don’t trust the teachers/adults giving it. They’re testing something completely different, but are too stupid to realize it. If your life experience is to have things snatched away, largely according to class, then WHY would you plan for a large, stable future? That’s being smart and realistic. The future-planners are the idiots. Ask them about their student loans and mortgages right now, how’d that future planning and trusting your guidance councilor, the adults, work out for you. THEY WERE LYING. And you’re a chump. A tool. A slave. You deferred and did NOT get that marshmallow, boys. The repeating of this experiment as true of all men in all places shows you haven’t realized that yet. “That” being you idiots trust what authorities tell you, that they will DELIVER on that box of chocolates, and trust all of CNN and CNBC, and the wee little numbers in your 401k teacher’s pension that’s about to be vaporized, AS THEY JUST WERE, only 12 years ago.

    So you guys apparently can’t remember the future? No, you can’t remember the past. That’s much worse.

    We realize we need to change from our present jobs? Great! TO WHAT? Again, you need to have the irrational belief in your own power and ego, that you KNOW, and that if you do something, the thing you get is the RIGHT thing that’s good for you. In the real world of non-delusion, it’s like “Gosh, should I invest 4 years in being a chemical engineer, or see my kids? The job may no longer exist when I graduate, and the debt is high. Maybe I should take the job at ACME instead. Whoops! Both fell through, I work online while caring for my father now.” In short, we have no idea which is best for us. Only the mentally ill believe they can and do. And you see PMC articles, the sort I often make fun of, describing how hard working, how successful, but how empty and suicidally unhappy they are from it. Some of us notice this when children. Others never grow up.

    “we are often more caring about our present friends and relatives than we are about our future selves”

    Again, what? Who? Who are these people that do this? A very WEIRD section of teacher’s brown nosers and parent-pleasers. And they somehow think ALL humanity is like them because they’re too self-absorbed to notice. MOST kids, from childhood, care more about themselves than anyone, then their close people next-most, then everyone else a little as they can. As would be normal for well-adjusted living beings, including algae and sea slugs.

    Then, as a totally-trusting, still-child, other-pleasing person, they actually believe this trollop about the lockdown and the beneficence of central banks. Despite all outward evidence to the contrary. Ah, yes, it was all an accident! We didn’t knood! Banks raise rates until they break something, then steal your house and give money to their friends FOR 100 YEARS IN A ROW, and it’s an accident! Because all men have the weird psychology of this naive, trusting child-writer.

    Etc. Check your assumptions. At least a little bit. Ask someone. At least somebody. Try something. At least a little of the men/process that you’re opining on. Get out of your house and out of your head.

    This is a classic Myth of Progress piece where nobody is as smart as we are right now, even though we’re more poisoned, more harried, more broke, and more unhappy than any other single people in history. That’s why we’re sure we’re the bestest! We have digital watches.


    I think people will go crook but not THAT crook. Remember the failed animal studies were on lab rats and other genetically weak and light-starved close to death medically tortured life-forms.
    Most people are getting around just fine but IMO sub-optimal. 2 shots if you get out the first month you are apples after 15 months but with 3 4 and 5 (see Will Smith) irregularities will definitely occur.

    Veracious Poet

    Without a system of morals & ethics, along with a rule of law that establishes base boundaries, you end up in an arbitrary society that is ruled by capricious monsters.

    There is no grand plan to “save” humanity, or the earth for that matter, only scheming conspiracies to prevent the rich & powerful (TPTB/TBTF) from losing their ill-gotten advantage(s) to profit from lesser human activity.

    Call it The Bezzle….

    As long as the average “human” doesn’t understand The Bezzle, nothing will change without cataclysmic events unfolding.

    WWIII was initiated by “The Anointed” to control & expand the outcome, allowing The Bezzle to be safe & secure ~ Now we shall see if they succeed, once again…

    Personally, I believe all of humanity is in for one hell of a reckoning 😐

    Old Joe Numpty sat on a pall,

    Old Joe Numpty had a great fall.

    All his think tanks & all his rich whores,

    Couldn’t put Branden together for more.


    Dr D, I agree with many of your challenges to the article Red offered but there are some good points as they relate to many modern western people I think. I have know so many that are dazzled by the present and never question the future of where ‘away’ is? You know that magical place where we throw stuff that we are sick of. That place is their future food basket, creek or liver. It is a place we move to one day to our bitter disappointment.
    But yeah there was a bit of “expert” vibe too and he obviously never heard of shell middens and the like.


    I posted this last night, too tired to digest the enormity of the message.

    Reiner is not a frivolous guy, Todd Callender worked in the insurance industry for 20 years and follows risk management and mortality trends on a global level. The message he has about the mRNA experiment is quite startling and grim.

    He is claiming that the mRNA ‘therapy’ interacts with 5G cell phone frequencies and that they have radically altered the DNA of those ‘vaccinated’. As an attorney he represents injured veterans but from an actuarial standpoint he expects roughly a 5000% increase in overall deaths this year. I will have to listen a second time to tease this apart.

    Attorney Reiner Fuellmich and attorney Todd Callender


    Dr.D read the rest of the article only half is posted and that was a mistake on my part. I didn’t mean to post nearly that much. I felt the more important bit follows on after what’s seen in the post. Maybe you have read it, if so apologies.

    Doc Robinson

    • Why Is It So Hard to Compensate People for Serious Vaccine Injury? (CHD)

    Some information not mentioned in that article:

    When the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) started paying claims: 2010

    Total number of claims filed since 2010: 7,547
    How many of the these 7,547 claims are due to COVID-19 countermeasures: 7,056

    “Of the 7,056 COVID-19 countermeasure claims, 4,097 allege injuries/deaths from COVID-19 vaccines and 2,959 allege injuries/deaths from other COVID-19 countermeasures.”

    Number of Covid vaxx injury/death claims that have been compensated: 0

    “As of March 1, 2022, the CICP has not compensated any COVID-19 countermeasures claims.”


    Catherine Austin Fitts refers to “They”, the owners, as Mr Global.

    Dr D made me realize “They” should be called Mr Goebbels

    If the shoe fits

    Same old play book


    those darned kids

    investment opportunity!

    “The U.S. hospital emergency department market size is expected to reach USD 246.3 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 5.7%

    Rising prevalence of diseases requiring immediate care such as cardiac arrest is expected to drive the growth of this market. Hospital Emergency Departments (EDs) are preferred by such individuals in need of emergency care due to the 24-hour availability of care over other medical centers. There has been an increase in the number of patients with acute psychiatric crises visiting hospital EDsin the last few years.”


    ” alt=”.” />


    Not to side with former president Trump, but it seems that TPTB are gonna go after his corporation for inflating the value of real estate for their gain.

    Um, doesn’t that describe the entire residential AND corporate real estate “industry”?

    Oh, my silly me, being “logical” again…


    Sausage making by snobs

    Main stream media decides what you see, hear, do, and think …. propaganda
    Freedom …. liberty …. opinion
    History …..Gone …. blacklisted
    Cease fire is on its way.
    Nazi done. Neutrality done. Dunbas region will vote on their independence.
    Military destroyed. EU too busy with shortages and how to pay for energy, to cause trouble


    My sketchy take on Assange’s marriage didn’t go down well (prev. thread.)

    Phoenix voice, whom I like, posted some sweet sentimentalism.

    I’m of course happy (if one can say that about ‘personal’ events that concern ppl one doesn’t know) that Julian and Stella were allowed to get married, overcoming many obstacles. Apparently the ceremony went as well as possible.

    (Only read Murray, who wasn’t there.)

    Plus, of course – not mentioned – it is important for the two small boys that their parents were married. (I say *were*, as when they are grown and old enough to understand all this, it is likely that Julian will be dead.) The wedding legitimizes their existence, the commitment of both their parents to them, and the legacy of Assange, plus, solders other family ties.

    I understand that allowing media coverage and images of his marriage, the love expressed, the settings, clothes, the Scottish heritage, showing him as a caring ordinary man, doing conventional things in dire conditions, *humanises* him, and might make him seem to be a ‘valiant’ victim, who does ‘triumph’ in a way.

    Which is the reason the MSM and others prevented photos of the wedding (or any of Assange as an ordinary bloke, or as a ‘victim’ ..) and the reason others, those who defend him (or try to..) want to find some small slice of comfort in this marriage and Stella’s stunning sartorial display.

    Assange has been singled out as a ‘figure’ of ‘internet journalism’ – ‘revelations’ because he was successful and popular, started Wikileaks (global, internet, etc.) and did reveal (xyz …), etc. (Compare with Snowden.) So he has to be put thru the meat grinder, which means absolutely every ‘cruel’ and supposedly ‘legit’ legal move must be implemented against him.

    Others are shot in the street, or imprisoned for 5 days and then are never heard of again.

    Assange faces another fate, to be kept alive, and tortured via ‘legal’ means to the end of his days.

    That many movements (including one in CH..) have tried to do something for Assange and failed should be top point of discussion.


    I grew up in the 90s. We had the best of both worlds: quality videogames and playing on the streets.


    I am providing tech support for a presentation by the woman who was the head of AZ Dep’t of health the first 18 months of Covid-19. She is a medical doctor with specialized training in microbiology and virology.

    Listening, I begin to understand one piece of how this pandemic psyop was pulled off. She, and her staff, were inundated with the need to immediately create and ease the logistics that made sense at each stage. These teams were extremely busy making the system work — setting up and sourcing testing, PPE, assessing hospital capacity, ensuring nurses were available, creating the online state dashboard, etc. She and her staff were too busy doing what seemed expedient in the moment to take a step back and assess whether the testing made sense, whether the official protocols made sense. She does not come across as corrupt in any way.

    I suppose THIS is the reason why we need people like Dr. Sucharit Bakhdi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, and so on, to do their own analysis, and get that to the public. But TPTB instead both censored and censured these voices, making them into dissidents. Human systems — while often very messy — can function reasonably well, and have self-corrective properties…when not hijacked by powerful sociopaths.


    @a kullervo:

    “…all TPTB are doing is trying to extend mankind’s shelf life via a dramatic catharsis.”

    Most of what you say definitely qualifies as food for thought. However, that is not all they are trying to do. You imply that although the methods being used are ignoble, that there may some kind of noble end to it. In reality, TPTB probably don’t care about “prolonging mankind’s shelf life” at all, except for the small number they believe are necessary to provide a sufficient number of serfs for themselves.

    Beyond the discussion of the methods being used, the biggest problem I see is that their vision of what comes after our current “failed” society is a successor that leaves the same shitheads intact and in charge of the remnant. If one truly wishes to assert that mankind has failed and needs a do-over, I think that at a minimum we should start with FRESH shitheads rather than recycling the old ones.


    Dr D:
    “ I disagree. Before now, humans had a very GOOD sense of time. It’s WE who don’t”
    “We haven’t the faintest idea what the neolithic people thought or why. They are just modern people, revealing themselves instead of their ancestors with their made-up stories about stones. ”

    I completely concur.

    This is wrong:
    “ For example, we know that someone who is in a poorly paid and/or stressful job would be better off taking up a night school or distance learning course than, say, going to the pub in an attempt to unwind.”

    After my marriage to a BPD/NPD man I found it very difficult — essentially impossible — to be goal oriented in the way that I had always been earlier in life. I also found that certain kinds of stress would spiral my emotions. I had cPTSD from the experience, and had to recognize it and then seek help in order to return to my usual goal-oriented ways. It took years to do this. I had to incorporate coping and calming methods into my life on a regular basis as a part of the healing process. The quote above is like blaming a victim for their own abuse. Every situation is different — some can handle a dead-end job and night school for something better concurrently — some cannot, but it isn’t necessarily due to any sort of personal failing. That evening unwind in the pub may be the coping method employed by the individual that enables them to go back to the workplace.


    This seems a different and cogent interview with Michael Hudson
    He argues that the real target of the USA is Germany and Europe to maintain or regain an economic advantage rather than lose trade to Russia and China. Greater arms spending would also help. I found his analysis succinct and interesting.


    @Red: I’ve seen numerous references to the experiment with the marshmallows over the years. Supposedly it is all about one’s ability to defer gratification. But IMHO, the thing that is constantly overlooked is that this finding can’t be completely translated to adult decision-making, as so many are wont to do.

    This is because a mature adult makes his choice at least partly based on his certainty that the promised future outcome will take place. In other words, you can have one marshmallow today, or MAYBE you can have two marshmallows tomorrow. You can put the effort into educating yourself and MAYBE get a better job as a result. And certainly you will not leave your car at home and turn down holidays abroad so that strangers MIGHT not have to cope with economic collapse and climate change.

    Our decisions are (consciously or unconsciously) based in part on our assessment of the probabilities of desired future outcomes. Also, one thing feeding into our assessments is our level of trust in whatever authority is supplying us with all or some of the data we use to make that assessment.

    On a societal level, some actors reach the point at which their faith in certain future outcomes fades, and they start to make choices that allow them to take what they can today, “for tomorrow is promised to no one.” I think the greed and impulsiveness that has been growing in our society reflects this trend.


    Saw this on Armstrong Economics this morning. I already know the answer: NO. And that is because the purpose of these sanctions is not so much against Russia as it is against ourselves. Forcing food and fuel shortages on ourselves and saying “we need to make this sacrifice” is how they get in BBBBB (Build Back Better By the Backdoor). In this manner they are going to attempt to force the adoption of renewables and fake food by strangling the alternatives with the flag.


    There is better audio to Callender’s interview over at Odysee (Session97 “Open Secrets” starting around 3:16:00).
    Grim, indeed.

    If someone here directed me to Iceagefarmer, thanks. Bird flu is the topic and avicide is the game. PCR tests (!!?) are used to “diagnose” your birds and then they kill ’em.
    Seems to me that they used to do this with hoof and mouth way back when, when pesky ranchers wouldn’t sell or drill their land.
    Now they just want starvation.
    There are days when it’s difficult to remain at all optimistic.

    those darned kids
    Veracious Poet

    @my parents said know

    If someone here directed me to Iceagefarmer, thanks. Bird flu is the topic and avicide is the game. PCR tests (!!?) are used to “diagnose” your birds and then they kill ’em.
    Seems to me that they used to do this with hoof and mouth way back when, when pesky ranchers wouldn’t sell or drill their land.
    Now they just want starvation.
    There are days when it’s difficult to remain at all optimistic.

    While the sheeple twitter about on “social” media/forums, the Gloebbelists plot, plan & execute schemes on behalf of TPTB…

    Millions of birds in at least 17 states are being rapidly killed in a determined attempt to bring a dangerous strain of Avian flu under control. And Avian Influenza outbreaks in the United States during 2022 have already surpassed the minor detections experienced in 2016 and 2017.

    While it’s possible for humans to get sick from Avian flu, it rarely happens. Anyone who works with poultry, however, should be on guard.

    U.S. outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza doubled during past month

    Veracious Poet

    Listening, I begin to understand one piece of how this pandemic psyop was pulled off. She, and her staff, were inundated with the need to immediately create and ease the logistics that made sense at each stage. These teams were extremely busy making the system work — setting up and sourcing testing, PPE, assessing hospital capacity, ensuring nurses were available, creating the online state dashboard, etc. She and her staff were too busy doing what seemed expedient in the moment to take a step back and assess whether the testing made sense, whether the official protocols made sense. She does not come across as corrupt in any way.

    So the head of AZ Dep’t of health gets a pass for, at the very least, negligence of duty?!?

    The Nazi doctors/lawyers/judges probably alleged the same (just following orders!), with many escaping culpability too ~ Sounds like a simple, time-tested strategy she’s got there 😕

    And the beat goes on…


    A counter point to the Empire of Lies fairy tales on the situation in Ukraine:

    Sitrep: Operation Z

    covers the military operation and some finance. Turns out the Ruble just bounced back much to the horror of the Empire of Lies

    Wait until Friday when Russian gas has to be payed for in Rubles, not ass-wipe dollars.

    So sad :>(

    A sample of the military assessment:

    “…One last thing to note. I’ve said numerous times now that U.S. and Western equipment in general has been a catastrophic failure in the Ukraine.

    But there’s some additional important news that continues to reveal the veracity of these claims.

    Firstly, this Pentagon reporter has stated that the Pentagon plans to buy hundreds of FEWER Javelin missiles this year than it did last year, DESPITE giving away thousands of them to Ukraine.

    It is now clear that the Pentagon leadership has seen the utterly dismal performance of the Javelin and now wants to phase it out from U.S. forces. Remember, out of thousands of Javelins supplied, thousands of videos published by Ukraine, not a single successful usage of the system has ever been recorded.

    In fact the vast majority of successful Ukrainian defeats of Russian armor happens at the ends of legacy Soviet/Russian systems and mostly artillery. Russian forces continue to find Javelin units completely unused because Ukr troops have found them to be unwieldy and impractical in combat – too long to set up and use, too heavy to carry around, and not effective even when used.

    For urban combat where troops have to be as light, mobile, and agile as possible, the Javelin is absolutely worthless with its large CLU interface and overly-bulky design. The Pentagon has clearly seen the failure of the over-hyped system….”

    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go, “Wind, solar, &…electric vehicles…represent the worst of all possible worlds: not only do they generate inferior economic returns, but they are unable to address our carbon reduction needs.”


    Still, no stoping Canada’s Justin “Socks” Trudeau, Prime Minister. His latest decree:

    Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault today released the government’s plan to dramatically curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next eight years to meet ambitious 2030 reduction targets.

    It’s a plan that leans heavily on deep cuts in the electricity, oil and gas and transportation sectors.

    In an effort to slash emissions by 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, the federal government has announced some $9.1 billion in new investments that will, among other things, boost incentives for zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), sweeten tax breaks for companies in the fossil fuels sector that embrace carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology, and work to make Canada’s electricity grid cleaner. […]


    Veracious Poet

    Rep. Madison Cawthorn, “I mean the sexual perversion that goes on in Washington.

    I mean being kind of a young guy in Washington and the average age is probably 60 or 70. And I look at a lot of these people and you know, a lot of them that I, you know, that I looked up to through my life.

    I’ve always paid attention to politics and then all of the sudden I get invited to like, hey we’re going to have some kind of sexual get-together at one of our homes. You should come by… What did you just ask me to do?

    And then you realize they’re asking you to come to an orgy. Or the fact that you know there’s some of the people leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country.

    And of doing cocaine right in front of you.

    “You’re Asking Me to Do What?” – Madison Cawthorn Talks about the ‘DC elites’ Having Orgies and Doing Cocaine (VIDEO)


    A different interview with lawyer Todd Callender, who by the way underwrites insurance mortality and accidents so he’s staring it the stats for potential insurance payouts. Remember in the insurance industry, the House always wins, and they have the actuarial tables to guide them in their insurance bets so that they do. Rates will have to skyrocket to cover the losses from the ClotShot.

    Figmund Sreud

    Canadian Mounties on “critica”l assignment!

    “The RCMP is sending more officers to the International Criminal Court to help investigate claims that war crimes and crimes against humanity are taking place in Ukraine.

    “It’s critical that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the regime be held to account,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

    “The RCMP will support the International Criminal Court’s investigation of Russia’s alleged war crimes and undertake their own investigation under Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes [Act].”

    The seven special investigators being sent to the International Criminal Court [ICC] will be in addition to the three special RCMP investigators already deployed to ICC investigation teams, a government official told CBC News on background.

    Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said in a media statement that the additional investigators were tasked following a request from the ICC’s office of the prosecutor for additional assistance. […]

    RCMP sending investigators to The Hague to probe allegations of war crimes in Ukraine

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