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    Charles Negre ‘The Vampire’, Henri Le Secq stands next to Stryge grotesque, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris 1853   • That Sinking Feeling (Kunstler)
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    V. Arnold

    Charles Negre ‘The Vampire’, Henri Le Secq stands next to Stryge grotesque, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris 1853

    Outstanding photograph…1853 no less…

    I’m fed up with the term bandied about here, and elsewhere calling us; “little people”; meaning the average U.S. citizen and/or the average citizen of any country on the planet!

    The genuine “little people” are the uber wealthy such as Bill Gates…
    Think about that…
    We, the aveage citizen, make this whole machine work!…and keep it working through thick and thin…
    We have never had “the power” so we remain basically uncorrupted…
    The uber rich couldn’t keep anything running for one day…
    We’re used and abused…why do we continue to take it?
    Because we’ve been bamboozled by the galoots…
    Wake up tomorrow and stop this shit!!!!


    @V “Wake up tomorrow and stop this shit!!!!”
    Today! Wake up TODAY! Find ways of living without “paying” much. The less you need to warm and feed your household the less you have to earn. If you don’t “earn” it you don’t pay tax on it. Plus you aren’t making someone else money. At this point in western civ fiat is king but it will soon go where all fiat has gone before, sometime this decade I suspect. So earning a load of fiat you can’t use in the near future is only enriching others. Little people are like grains of sand, a few are annoying in the swimsuit, a few trillion and a little breeze you’ll have yourself a good old fashioned dust storm.


    2-for-1 !!

    “Baby drowned in three inches of bathwater when her lawyer mother fainted a day after taking AstraZeneca Covid vaccine”

    “Mr Atkinson, a business manager, carried on the resuscitation attempts until the emergency services arrived six minutes later at their £500,000 home in Christchurch, Dorset.”

    Only in fucked-up UK is the price of the home mentioned in a story about the death of a baby.



    BTW – for all you non-UK residents, a “£500,000 home in Christchurch, Dorset.” is a UK crap shack.

    Dr. D

    Speaking of, how’s the Notre Dame doing? Did they manage to turn it into an all glass brutalist Church of Progress?

    Still no idea why 20 churches were burned that week, or who the person was on the roof they had on camera?

    “Not a good day for NATO”

    Very glad to hear it. But hey, what does President Eisenhower know? Sounds to me like a vast iron-wing conspiracy theory. Or at least that’s how it’s accredited here in the ‘States.

    “U.S. specialists tested new drugs in the Ukraine biolabs in circumvention of international safety standards. According to Kirillov, acting this way “Western companies seriously reduce the costs of research programs and gain significant competitive advantages.”

    That’s ridiculous and another conspiracy theory. We all know multi-billion dollar companies convicted of felony murder would never cut corners in Africa, India, Ukraine, or the United States. Even though you can Wikipedia the multi-dozen times they have. True = Not True. Proven = False. However, if it’s NOT Proven, the documents and studies are not yet complete, it is totally, totally true. “We create reality now” and it’s whatever was in my mind a minute ago.

    I’d be shocked if Kirillov wasn’t right and is taking it easy on us by presenting only what he can/has already proven in court.

    “The Bizarre, Unanimous Dem Support for the $40b War Package (Greenwald)”

    Not really. They need those bribes and ballot-stuffers for the midterms. You didn’t think they really cared about Ukraine did you, after killing every adult male slav and terrorizing all the children?

    P.S. if you didn’t catch on years before now, the Squad is violently Pro-Pelosi and therefore Pro-War. Pro nuclear world war in this case. No wonder we had only 9 years left. Love and Light, the childrens, the childrens! Racial equality in that “we all die together when we go.” Darn those anti-war Republicans!!!* Damn them all to hell!!!

    *Some notable exaggeration was used in the construction of this joke.

    “ EU to Increase Military Support Funding for Ukraine to €2 Billion (”

    So they spend $2B to defend Europe and America spends $40 Billion. No wonder they have health care and we don’t. But I guess “We’re all Europe now”. Germany can now double their one working tank to two. And in keeping with Ike, instead of building that hospital and school, those arms are going to be immediately blown up and unused before reaching the front. If it reached the (surrounded and besieged) front, there are no soldiers left up there to use it. It’s all a Kagan gaslighting operation that Ukraine has an army left.

    We love it! Shut up and take my money!!! …Oh and that is not a joke. They are literally not asking questions, not having oversight, fighting violently to make sure there never is oversight, and taking/giving their money away with no water and no baby formula at home. Overwhelming approval. Remember 9-11? Never forget! Remember those odious morons waving the flag? The Left would never, EVER wave the American flag, so they are going buy, hang up, and support the UKRAINIAN flag and war. Just so long as it’s not the AMERICAN flag, or people, or war. You would think I was making this up. It’s too far out for South Park, too random and nonsensical. But they are going to DIE on this hill. I will have the flag of a country I never hear of before now, and every American including my own friends and family can go die in a hole, so help me God!

    You’re flying…the flag of another country? In front of your house? By the ten-thousands? Really. You’re having bake sales to support guns, tanks, and bombers? And not just adding a new Prius bumper sticker this time? Geez, and I thought we could parody the Iraq war and H2 Hummers, Jesus bombs Baghdad, but clearly not. Clearly we had nothin’ on you.

    Addition, news of giving the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.” In school. How dare they? Indoctrinate our kids to nationalism, patriotism, to force speech in violation of 1A? Oh wait, the school is pledging to The Rainbow flag, the pledge of Allegiance, to, gay-ness? Gay people above family, country, what? No sense given. I can no longer even attempt to figure it out. It’s like pledging allegiance to SpongeBob. (P.S. also not in favor of mindless Pledge of Allegiance in school, whether legally enforced or just pressured. An oath is a serious, thoughtful, sacred act for adults.)

    “Pfizer Booster Protection Against Omicron Wanes in Just Weeks (CHD)”

    Whhhhhhyyyyyy would you need protection against Omicron, the world’s safest virus? Nevermind: tired of asking.

    “Massive Stock Market Leverage Unwinds Amid Brutal Bloodletting (WS)”

    Trying to get a grip on this, the real war. If you cut off the Priuses and Teslas, they’re going to get cranky about Ukraine. $9 Trillion wiped out in the U.S.? (Including the $1T in Cryptos) S&P broader index is a lock to go to Fibonacci 38% drop minimum. What’s that, 2.500? Long way from here. BTC pretty clearly going to $19k if not lower. However: the bond market, although moving, remains STABLE. Debt is money, remember, in the “World Turned Upside Down” in #OppositeLand, so the debt rules the money flows, and even worldwide. So long as the bond market is in order, the system is functional and in control, not toppled. Powell’s 0.75% now takes out the world, but it is only making the US$ STRONGER. Stronger is a good thing, it is increasing his lovely, lovely power as everyone else fights for dollars in the dollar-short position.

    So as Powell (barely) shuts off US$ going into a midterm, cash is now wildly stronger in terms of Tesla stock, S&P, cryptos, all kinds of things and probably soon housing. The only thing it’s not strong against is oil, gas, diesel, and food. Commodities, but only certain commodities, not gold. Gold is an insurance hedge, and they therefore believe the Govt/Fed merger is still in control.

    If you hadn’t noticed, that margin debt is too high. Like historic multiples, bubbles on bubbles too high and needs to be closed to 1/3rd of the peak at least. Money closed, paid back, is money extinguished, dollars erased, #Deflation. In a sense, background #Deflation allows us to print $40B and kill some folks, or $3,000B/yr without inflation. To them, those are GOOD things. Death + Profit = Sleep like a baby.

    Judge Orders Fusion GPS to Turn Over 22 Emails to John Durham (NYP)”

    As said market crash is happening, it is getting safe to open up the can of worms and vipers. They, Durham, cannot now be the cause of the American and world implosion, food shortages, and your baby dying in your arms. Biden is. Where you place the blame.

    “Subpoenas of Trump Allies by January 6 Panel Set Up High-stakes Showdown (G.)”

    The whole point was to delay, drag out this in full violation of all human rights, in order to get a little fuel for the midterms. So let me get this right: you’re ALL willing to put a guy in solitary, for over a year, not have a trial, for likely trespassing and mischief, just to swing a few extra votes in an personal election? A: Yup! A thousand times Yup!!! You sir, are not fit for office and should be impeached instead, if not sent to a mental institution. Being against all Federal law, all constitutional law, and all human rights surely renders you unfit for office.

    A: Nope! Shut up and take my money, the people L O V E it. Attack more of their neighbors! The more illegal and violent the better. “Use your aggressive feelings, Luke. Let the hate flow through you. Good! Your hate has made you powerful. Now, fulfill your destiny and vote me into office!” The Hate™ just feels so good!

    I prefer human rights and due process, but I’m weird that way. A dinosaur, even.

    “all profit the US had in the last 50 years wouldn’t be enough to pay for 6 months of the current yearly deficit. So what do they do?”

    Actually, that profit under Clinton was just robbing Social Security, i.e. totally, totally fake. Which we know because it was reported by adult Americans and repeated by journalists. What do they do? Great Reset. Build Back Better™ As Aaron Russo said in the 90s – and like Eisenhower, was a conspiracy theory – they are going to bankrupt your bank, and Coinbase, shut up and steal all your money, cut off your baby formula, and then hand you 100% fully tracked, shutoffable if you are a journalist or trucker, Digital Fed Notes. I mean, obviously, I don’t know how much more obvious to make it. That’s what they said they will do, have the structures in place to do, and the event to make it happen.

    .Com is a good article though. Not just naming the key points but in a fresh and personal way.

    “Rand Paul Delays Vote on $40 Billion Ukraine Package, Calls for Spending Oversight”

    Apparently Rand Paul is President and controls everything now? I thought it was Manchin. Tomorrow it will be McConnell. But never, never anyone in the Squad. As 4 swing block votes, they have no power whatsoever, and will never, ever “Force the Vote.” Nor Unions. Nor M4A. Nor…

    Amazing. They have all the power, except that they have no power at all. You need to vote for them to give them the power, but when they have a supermajority, they simply need yet more power to enact actual law. Like Roe and healthcare. Or tax cuts and budget caps if you mean the other side. Oh and more money. Lots and lots of more money. Which they send to Ukraine for laundering. I mean, there’s a critical election coming up and that money needs to be repackaged and on the streets of Detroit by then.

    “The latest Sean Hannity Hissy Fit Exposes a Bizarre Right-wing Trigger” –Dean OBEIDALLAH MSNBC

    Just media watch: new headlines. They have reached a point of word escalation where we now have 100% pejorative words, and 0% fact words. “Hannity” is just a trigger word. So “Sean said something”? Is the teaser? “Be offended, and hate”? News at 11. Just remarking this has been developing, every week worse and worse on NBC/CNN. Yesterday noted the top 20 articles were on Trump, who isn’t a candidate and hasn’t been been President in a year and more.

    Real news? 200-500k nurses march in D.C., then to Vanderbilt for the nurse’s sentencing. By an employee of the hospital she worked for. Of which, now that medical experts are p’d, the are now finding all kinds of interesting, nefarious stuff about that there hospital and their death-certificate-forging ways. Total media blackout. The articles on the protest found showed the last 5 minutes of the road after everybody was gone. “If they said it, it’s a lie.” Just like any rally or inauguration of the naughty people, or a whole inauguration of the most popular President in history with zero people. So who gives the orders? Nurses are our heroes, new pagan saints, and when they now come back to the people with alarms, trying to save lives, ZERO. We shut them down, shout over. This isn’t a Covid thing. It’s just general medical, hardly even related to profits. Who tells every media organization nurses are now the hated “other” and must be stopped? Boy that TPS report sure is widespread. Somebody got “The Memo.”

    Like I said, 20 articles on Trump, J6, every GOP congressman, invectives against all possible party talking points. Nothing on news. No pivot to finishing off Odessa, no 20% inflation and diesel shortages, collapse of most markets, shut off of Euro gas, no warnings of planetwide nuclear holocaust.

    Ads for the latest Volvo electric cars though, failing to note the nation they are made in may cease to exist. For Americans, that means the parts may be hard to find after that.

    MSNBC: “Russian ‘Preemptive Strike’ Not Likely Before Finland is Formally within NATO”

    So the plan is to enter them, but only THEN have WWIII nuclear exchange. Well in that case, sign me up!

    “I can’t love my government if I can’t turn a trick
    (Whoa, whoa) You’ve got your big Guys
    I’ve got my Crack Pipe…”

    Another day ending in “Y” Yes, “Y, oh Y???”


    The Ukraine bio-weapons labs were expressly working on diseases specific to that region and the genetic composition the ethnic groups that inhabit it.

    I’m sure other bio-weapons labs worldwide, hundreds of them at least, were investigating similar lines of work.

    It remains to be seen whether ethnic specific diseases can even be targeted to ethnic group at all.

    There are certainly ethnic predispositions to disease like blacks having much higher incidence.


    Sickle cell disease(SCD) is an inherited red blood cell disorder affecting people of all races, not just African Americans.

    ….Although 8 to 10 percent of African Americans carry sickle cell trait, 1 to 3 million Americans have this disorder. It is more common in people of African descent, but the sickle cell trait can also affect Hispanics, South Asians, Caucasians from southern Europe, as well as people from Middle Eastern countries….

    Diseases might be taylored better not towards ‘ethnic’ groups as much as ecological regions, hot sunny vs cold cloudy.

    Maybe that’s the ultimate goal of all the secret labs, aside from skimming off billions in money for criminal Oligarchs and Military Industrial Mafia Capos.

    What always surprised me about the bio-weapons lab story is how many secret labs there appear to be worldwide and the Media Whores never covered any of the story.

    The worldwide coordination of Plandemic Narrative and the almost complete silence on bio-weapons research, the dog that didn’t bark.

    Great photo of Charles Negre and the ‘The Vampire’ up top, a metaphor for the state of humanity and it’s tragic Fate.

    Hey, bring a friend, the more the merrier



    The Duran

    German industry warns economic disaster if deindustrialisation continues

    Germany commits suicide twice in less than a hundred years!


    The smarty pants cultures like Germany and Israel are the stupidest when you actually scratch the surface.


    Mister Roboto

    That Sinking Feeling

    • That Sinking Feeling (Kunstler)

    ” ….. Meanwhile, hardships-upon-hardships pile up …..”

    Everything, in the USA, once again, distraction, buried under emotional response, ….. freedom …. to chose or obey. (abortion)

    Kunstler Forgot
    The invisible elephants

    1. Fentanyl is a pain relieving medicine. It effectively alleviates moderate to severe chronic ongoing pain.

    2. • According to Kirillov, “along with U.S. pharmaceutical companies and Pentagon contractors, Ukrainian government agencies are involved in military biotechnology activities, whose main tasks are to conceal illegal activities, conduct field and clinical trials and provide the necessary biomaterial. ”
    ( There are a potential +8 million displace people, from Ukraine, spread out all over the world as potential pandemic super spreaders.
    3. • Food Riots Begin: Mass Arrests in Iran, Deaths in Sri Lanka (ZH)
    4. The only way the Government can operate now is by printing more money.
    (Income taxes are superfluous)
    5. Capitalism failed as a model for the world.
    U.S. officials insist that this war will last not months but years, and that it will stand with Ukraine until the bitter end (of the scams).


    Don’t worry about lack of electricity
    Biden Encourages Finland & Sweden’s Move Into NATO As Russian Electricity Supply Cut Overnight
    Canada is also encouraging Finland to join the war against Russia.

    Texas Power Grid Operator Urges Customers To Conserve Electricity After Six Plants Go Offline
    “That means the 2,900 megawatts that went offline are enough to power about 580,000 homes.”

    John Day

    Zerosum thanked me for distilling Michael Hudson’s interview yestrday.
    You are welcome 🙂

    Dr. D and Kim Dotcom have today’s message.
    Same elephant; different blind men.
    Grow vegetables. Be a neighbor. Ride your bike. Store some food.
    How will you live for a month when the utilities go off?
    Will some months work better than others?


    Guy Mettan is a Swiss journalist (the old kind!), politician and author. His book (trans from the French “Russie – Occident, une guerre de mille ans”), titled “Creating Russophobia” in eng, is a very good book, I reco. Here he is interviewed in eng. by Geopolitics and Empire. Vid. / podcast. The focus is on Ukraine. Not for those who find history boring and/or have no patience with French accents. 1 H. May 13 2022.

    title, Ukraine is the first battle of the third world war.

    …Peace is now impossible in Ukr. he says. And will not happen for years and years, best to hope for is a frozen conflict. The neo-totalitarian trend is about 15 years old…

    Guy Mettan: Ukraine is the First Battle of the Third World War (book)

    Guy and his wife adopted a Russian girl, at the time Russian nationality could be transmitted not just downwards but upwards, so he became Russian, and he went the ‘roots’ route, for his daughter.


    Orobos posted: It remains to be seen whether ethnic specific diseases can even be targeted to ethnic group at all.

    Imho it isn’t possible, the link between genetic make-up and what is considered modern ‘ethnicity’, a totally arbitrary social constuct, presented as, e.g. being Black, Nordic, Pygmy, Berber, African, Arab …whatever, merely harks back to various crazed eugenist tropes and hopes, and ‘disease’ is lacking.

    No ‘infections’ or for that matter ‘medecinal cures’ (lying low these days) have been ever strongly related to ‘race’ in their prevalence or outcome, *race* is in any case a BS construct, used to discriminate and oppress some, spare others, etc.

    It is BS pushed forward by Big Pharma to seduce politicans into funding the killing or damaging of ‘enemies’…the shame is that it works…


    I’m obviously going to have to use this one again tomorrow.


    John Day

    “Crystal Methodist” …Priceless!


    Michael Reid

    Thank you John Day for distilling Michael Hudson’s interview yesterday. I just finished reading it this morning.

    I also made bread this morning and it tasted delicious. I don’t know what I could grow to replace it if/when access to flour disappears.

    My grandma fell, has a brain bleed and is on her way out having made it to 96. The mRNA injection damaged her arm control at one point such that she was unable to knit but after time she was able to knit again. I am aware of 2 in my hometown that have died suddenly late 50s.

    TAE Summary

    * The Great Reset: You will buy less, own less and be happy.
    – How to thwart the Great Reset: Buy less, own less and be happy.

    * There are invisible elephants in every room now.
    – What you see is likely to be less Black Swannish than what you do not see – Nassim Taleb

    * Finland’s rush to join NATO and thwart Putin: The Finnish are rushin’ to finish the Russians.

    * Getting the nation to go to war is now so easy the Military Industrial Complex is changing its name to The Military Industrial Simplicity

    * Store a neighbor. Ride some food. Grow a bike. Be a vegetable.


    @ Michael Reid “I also made bread this morning and it tasted delicious. I don’t know what I could grow to replace it if/when access to flour disappears.”
    Dried garbonzo beans (chick peas) or actually any legume can be ground into flour for making bread. Bread can be made from potatoes too. Buckwheat can be grown where wheat cannot. we’ve done these and all will work. Wheat is nice, and makes the best bread, but in a pinch…..


    I remember,40 – 60 years ago, …… the good old days
    high inflation, high unemployment, high interest rates, no credit card, a house cost $15,000, 3X income, a man could support a wife and raise a family, the wife stayed home and did not need to go to work for wages
    I’m so glad to be a senior.
    I won’t live long enough for the deflating balloons to destroy my present lifestyle and send me back to the good old days.

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer translation, … snips first:

    This week President Joseph Biden stopped at an Illinois farm to say he’s going to help the Ukraine ship 20 million tonnes of wheat and corn out of storage into export, thereby relieving grain shortages in the international markets and lowering bread prices around the world. Biden was trying to play a hand in which his cards have already been clipped. By Biden. […]

    …Five maps published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) display the location of the main Ukrainian grain and oilseed crops – wheat, corn, barley, sunflower, rapeseed – for the period 2016 to 2020. […]

    … According to Biden and his administration, the key to reducing food inflation is stored in 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain. That’s not so. The key is to realize a simple fact: the global economy does not work well with sanctions and the cutoff of individual countries from this economy.”






    The usual elites

    Michael Reid

    Thank you cloudhidden. I will pass the info on to see if we have/can get seeds and I will definitely be growing potatoes.

    Farmer McGregor

    @John Day: “Grow vegetables. Be a neighbor. Ride your bike. Store some food.”
    @TAE Summary: ” Store a neighbor. Ride some food. Grow a bike. Be a vegetable.”
    –Also Priceless!

    Michael Reid

    A very thoughtful conversation

    Award-winning cartoonist Bob Moran discusses how he was fired from The Daily Telegraph for speaking out against government biosecurity measures. He gives his view on the past two years of medical tyranny, “waking up” and going down the rabbit hole. It’s obvious to see who is behind all of this, the usual suspects, politicians backed by Klaus Schwab and powerful families. We talk about the psychology of the Covidian Cult. The Powers That Be are going to see this through, they are going to push us back into COVID1984. He feels there is some kind of agreement between all governments. You can’t drive humanity into a dystopian technocracy in two years, they take their foot off the gas after awhile, assess where they are, and then they come back again. Bob feels there is a darker motivation behind all of this. He talks about his art and the road ahead.

    Bob Moran: They Are Going To See COVID1984 Through

    Veracious Poet

    The Bizarre, Unanimous Dem Support for the $40b War Package (Greenwald)

    Money for nuthin’, chicks for free…

    Like I said, 20 articles on Trump, J6, every GOP congressman, invectives against all possible party talking points. Nothing on news. No pivot to finishing off Odessa, no 20% inflation and diesel shortages, collapse of most markets, shut off of Euro gas, no warnings of planetwide nuclear holocaust.


    Click on the symbols to get comments

    Michael Reid

    This cartoon communicates some of the mind games we have been subjected to

    D Benton Smith

    The term “Fog of War” is a bit of a misnomer. It isn’t actually “fogginess” in the intended metaphorical sense of the word. The so-called fog would be much better described as emotional unwillingness for Consciousness to accept that which is actually perceived clearly enough for all practical purposes.

    In other words, there is nothing “foggy” about a bold faced lie that contradicts everything that we know about reality. (examples: The Vax is safe and effective, or Bill Gates is trying to help the helpless). The only thing indistinct about any of it is how you treat the data after receiving it.

    Withdrawal of faith in one’s own ability to see is called “doubt”, and doubt typically includes the strong desire for more or better information, without which we become mired in the paralysis of indecision. And that apparently justifiable indecision enables relatively guilt-free inaction. Ahaa! Now, THAT is what we were looking for ! Plausible justification for not taking remedial action.

    Hopefully (we hope) there are smarter braver people somewhere who will take that action for us. Some courageous Champions, perhaps. Well, don’t look now but there ain’t any. At least, not for us personally. When it comes right down to your own personal sovereignty, decision making, beliefs and responsibility there is no one smarter or braver than you. Because there CANNOT be.

    Sorry if that seems harshly judgmental or critical, but it’s not meant in that vein. It’s just the way that the Universe is built. There simply is no possible way that anyone else can take our place and do those things for us.

    The endlessly unslakeable thirst for more and ever more “information” (instead of the usual and expected mashup of lies and waste paper that we get) isn’t faulty visibility. It’s faulty self confidence. It is the absence of responsibility.

    To acknowledge what is actually right there in plain sight would necessitate taking non-retractable steps to handle it, and few indeed are the people willing to do THAT if there is any other way out, and noncommittal uncertainty can almost always serve as that way out. I use it every chance I get. But eventually one runs out of chances.

    There is a distinct propensity in the vast majority of people (and absolutely myself included, of course) to choose not to see what is plainly there, and seen. The word denial springs to mind, as do several other less-than-complimentary words. They fill me with guilt and shame. That, too, is just the way that the Universe is built. It’s sorta baked into the cake of being human. We are flawed. We must deal with it. The situation is perhaps the ultimate example of the admonition, “If ya can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen.”

    The tragedy is that so many have already died at the hands of a few evil criminals who are able to continue their senseless carnage in plain sight, while those who can stop them (us) shroud our own eyes and stay our own hands . . . with doubt.

    The fictitious fog of this Great War, plainly, has not yet fully cleared, but it’s getting close. Damn close. The light of factual reality (so to speak) is shining into dark and scary places and the so-called “moment of truth” approaches with literally terrifying velocity. It’s headed straight at us. No dodging allowed, or even possible.

    Harsh realities are happening all around us in ways that simply shall not allow much further avoidance, and there ain’t much doubt about that. It would be a fatal mistake to further doubt the resolve of the Cabal to continue killing until either they are finished off, or we are.


    Twilight’s Last Gleaming
    by John Michael Greer

    Boy, the Chinese really want to sink a US carrier, Russian weapon’s easily can, don’t know where China is on the scale, but probably close.

    This is the book where Greer slags the F-35 “Lard Bucket” as a too little too late solution for anything coming the Empire of Lies way.

    “…This is a chilling high-concept geopolitical thriller where a declining United States and a resurgent China come to the brink of all out nuclear war.

    The year is 2025. Oil is the black gold that controls the fortunes of all nations and the once-mighty United States is down to the dregs. A giant oil field is discovered off the Tanzanian coast and the newly elected US president finds his solution to America’s ailing economy. While the United States blindly plots and plans a regime change in this hitherto insignificant African nation, Tanzania’s allies–the Chinese–start their own secret machinations. The explosion that follows shatters a decades-old balance of global power and triggers a crisis on American soil that the United States may not survive.

    Political conspiracies, military maneuvers, and covert activities are woven together in this fast-paced, gripping novel that paints a stark warning of an uncomfortably likely future. Originally published in 2014..”

    Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Let’s see Zelinsky top this.


    Figmund Sreud

    Diversion: Couple of vids on cars: electric vs. gasoline – pricing, efficiency, costs to own, environmental impact, et al.

    Note: Both vids by Scotty Kilmer, … pretty well the most honest guy on uTube that yammers about cars.

    If You’re Worried About Rising Gas Prices, Watch This

    No One is Telling You the Truth About Electric Cars, So I Have To

    … fwiw,


    V. Arnold

    Boy, the Chinese really want to sink a US carrier, Russian weapon’s easily can, don’t know where China is on the scale, but probably close.

    China has an array of anti-ship missiles; some ballistic, some hypersonic, some of which have a range of 1500 kilometers.
    This puts them in a position where they can strike (aircraft carriers) beyond the range of their (the carriers’) fighter jets and their ability to strike back.
    It would appear navies are becoming ineffective or even obsolete…

    John Day

    @Michael Reid: You are welcome. God bless your grandmother. There are actual fine-flour corns you can grow, and I have and popcorn is also flour corn, but I just don’t end up grinding it and using it.
    Carol Deppe, The Resilient Gardener goes into corn pretty deeply.

    @TAE Summary: I Rate! 🙂

    @D.Benton Smith: Probably no wrong-interpretation of “fog of war”. Everybody needs to trick and kill everybody else in war.

    : It’s the war against people who need to eat food. It’s just beginning. Grow neighbors.

    @Figmund Sreud: Thanks for finding and posting good stuff.


    Regarding not so special prosecutor Durham. First he is not allowed to investigate andy current or former government employees. Now you know why he is so special. He is toothless.

    The judge of the case, Cooper, is a badly conflicted judge appointed by Obama and married to a wife who is badly conflicted too. Political incest at it’s very best!

    So Durham won 22 emails out of over 1,500. That is a victory? Since Sussmann is a lawyer most of his paperwork is protected. Same for Fusion. Same for Hillary. Yes a true mockery of justice, DC style.

    Sussmann has little to worry about even if he is nominally convicted of lying. At most he faces a reprimand. He won’t be disbarred.

    Durham will succeed in convicting nobody. Those were the terms of his appointment by Barr. And so it will happen.

    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay re : “Probably no wrong-interpretation of “fog of war”. Everybody needs to trick and kill everybody else in war.”

    I guess I’ve been in this current game (war) for so long that being tricked and lied to is so normal and expected that I see the tricks and lies as just alternative forms of the same stream of information. They all provide a clear view of what “is” (sans fog) if and when I have the gumption to confront each for what it is. Bill Gate’s lies about his intentions are as revealing of his true intentions as would be a confession . . . probably more so. Reminds of the line from the homicide detective who was about to interview the roomful of witness rounded up in the dragnet following a high profile murder. He said, “Alright, lets go see who’s lying, who’s lying more and who’s lying the most.” The only fog for me is the dimness of vision stemming from my unwillingness to “see” what I look at. My fog is internal, not external.


    We are still fighting the Ukrainian War to the last Ukrainian.
    Russia has been moving it’s small forces around to pick apart the fixed Ukrainian Donbas defensive positions.
    Russians can move while the Ukrainians can not move.
    When the Ukrainians try to move they die immediately.
    When Ukrainians die, they die alone out of sight unnoticed.
    Kill ratios are now between 10 and 20 to 1
    The Russians are making steady progress in closing the Donbas cauldron.
    The Donbas Ukrainians are getting closer to their breaking point.
    The tell is MSM doesn’t feature the Ukraine anymore.
    The MSM has moved on.
    So when the Ukraine collapses, it will be a non-event.

    Military Museum curators in Europe are getting very upset because Natio keeps repeatedly confiscating all of the Museum’s best working military models to send to the Ukraine. A German military Museum curator, Adolf, complained that Nato had even taken all of their Panzer 4 tanks to send to the Ukraine! A Hungarian military museum curator complained that Nato had even confiscated all of their Mig 1 and 2 fighter planes to send to the Ukraine!


    Michael Reid:

    My experience of making bread out of anything but wheat, never really turned out very well.
    Have you planted your flax yet?


    I don’t suppose that anyone remember me saying that Russia was using miles of WWII museum pieces to start the invasion.
    “Military Museum curators in Europe are getting very upset
    Now, Russia is demonstrating that their missiles do work.

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