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    Jack Delano Myrtle Beach, S.C. Air Service Command Technical Sergeant Choken 1943   • Ardern Becomes New Zealand’s Most Popular PM In A Century (
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    John Day
    ​ ​China’s Ambassador to Israel has been found dead inside his home near Tel Aviv Sunday morning, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed.
    ​ ​57-year old ambassador Du Wei had only assumed his post in February 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, due to which he entered a two week mandatory self-quarantine upon his arrival. He’d previously been China’s envoy to Ukraine and is survived by his wife and son, who were not yet in the country.​ ​
    ​ ​Police were reported outside his residence in Herzliya, which lies just north of the Israeli capital, conducting an investigation but have told the media Wei’s death isn’t being treated as suspicious. However, a number of commentators are highlighting the context of tensions between the US and China inside Israel as being essentially in a state of behind-the-scenes diplomatic war after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit there last week.
    ​ ​Pompeo sought to urge the Israelis against trading or investing with China, especially the agreement for China to start operating Haifa Port in 2021. As multiple reports underscored:
    ​ ​On Wednesday, Mr Pompeo denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused China of withholding information about the coronavirus outbreak.
    ​ ​Washington has sought to strip China of ability to exercise influence in this strategically key part of the Mediterranean where the US Navy’s 6th fleet often docks and restocks.

    ​ ​A team of Australian scientists has produced new evidence that the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is optimized for penetration into human cells rather than animal cells, undermining the theory that the virus randomly evolved in an animal subject before passing into human beings, and suggesting instead that it was developed in a laboratory.​..
    ​They tested the propensity of the COVID-19 virus’s spike protein, which it uses to enter cells, to bind to the human type of ACE2 as well as to many different animal versions of ACE2, and found that the novel coronavirus most powerfully binds with human ACE2, and with variously lesser degrees of effectiveness with animal versions of the receptor.
    According to the study’s authors, this implies that the virus that causes COVID-19 did not come from an animal intermediary, but became specialized for human cell penetration by living previously in human cells, quite possibly in a laboratory.

    Coalition of 116 countries back Australia’s push for independent coronavirus inquiry​
    (I don’t see USA on the list. Is USA quietly offering repudiation of debts to China if China is found guilty? Africa is all on board, suddenly. What’s “independent”?​ What about Ft. Detrick leak hypothesis? Ever heard of it, Mates?​)



    Humans take a position, look for evidence that supports it, then, if they find some evidence – enough so that the position “makes sense” – they stop thinking altogether (the “makes-sense stopping rule”).[30] And, when pressed to produce real evidence, they tend to seek and interpret “evidence” that confirms what they already believe (the “confirmation bias”).[31]

    Moreover, humans tend to think highly of themselves, highlighting strengths and achievements, and overlooking weakness and failures (the “self-serving bias”). When asked to rate themselves on virtues, skills, or other desirable traits (including ethics, intelligence, driving ability, and sexual skills), a large majority say they are above average.[32] Power and privilege magnify the distortion: 94% of college professors think that they do above average work.[33] This effect is weaker in Asian countries and in other cultures which value the group more highly than the self.[34]

    hypocrisy is unavoidable and necessary. If people were required, at all times, to live up to ideals of honesty, loyalty and compassion in order for those ideals to exist, there would be no ideals. Being a moral person is a struggle in which everyone repeatedly fails, becoming a hypocrite in each of those moments. A just and peaceful society depends on hypocrites who ultimately refused to abandon the ideals they betray.

    Dr. D

    Cuomo Says No One Should Be Prosecuted for Coronavirus Deaths in New York (CBS)”

    This is a bit annoying. So Andrew told DeBlasio, “Go ahead and have your parade”, then said, “What are you kidding? We ain’t gonna shut this state down, get real!” Then battered the President about shutting off Wuhan, then later Europe. Then kept the subways and other things open even after Rosedale or whatever on the Metro North was the center. Then demanded CV patients go to nursing homes instead of picking one and making it a Sanatarium model. Then he goes on T.V. and the state with the worst failures and the worst decisions in the whole union, is held up as the best of all Governors, Presidential material.

    If you mean “Presidential” in that he’s willing to kill a few ten-thousand people for no particular reason and bankrupt his government with the effort, then yes, that’s been Presidential since President Wilson. But that’s not what the rest of us mean. And somehow we have to tolerate the cooing and fawning over a pretty poor, random, lackadaisical response that seems to have both failed and caused problems, nation or worldwide. (Frowny)

    But yes, he’s the one who should be prosecuted, but the case would be exceptionally difficult to prosecute, which is how government weasels usually get away with it. And the Virus officially came from China, not from God. Try to keep up and not be so disingenuine, Andrew. Sadly, you’d have a better case for prosecuting the referring doctors, knowing the homes they were referring had no possible facilities to prevent spread and a clearly vulnerable population, but they were following State orders at a busy time.

    More on the bad counting/possible double counting. Explains why our data makes no sense.

    And so Yaneer’s statements make no sense. All states curved basically the same, whether total lockdown, some lockdown, or no lockdown, with the exception of NY, the first hit, still inexplicably high. South Dakota missing from his list. But luckily we won’t have to discuss this very much longer. Or at least not til they resurrect it for election day.

    Anyway, beaches in NY and VA show nobody’s obeying, nobody cares, the government has lost control. …Which means things are being run by the people now. You know: like a Democracy. With limited government. This will probably save people by getting some Vitamin D, but it remains to be seen.

    “Garcetti said that the city will “never be completely open”

    Before all this, if you said, “we will be under martial law total surveillance police state until we have a cure for the common cold,” no one would believe you. Thus everyone is just stopping, ignoring them, which is better and more peaceful then fighting over lampposts. It’s a good thing Americans remain in a generally good mood still. Last time we got mad, somebody got nuked. Twice.

    Hopefully we can reverse this mindless “efficiency” and re-establish the regional slaughterhouses, food distribution, packaging, and so on that being small can re-position very fast. You know: capitalism, competition? That’s good, since humans never change without an event to point to, despite all the talking one can do. That’s why we’re so successful and there’s 8 billion of us.

    Somehow that has happened despite Zerosum’s statement, which being true makes one wonder how we left the trees or can get anything right at all, ever. Monkeys, monkeying around with stuff, lost in our monkey-minds.


    Google entries:
    Nocebo effect: “a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors…”
    “The BBC calls the nocebo effect the contagious thought “that could kill you”.”
    The nocebo effect is generally used with reference to medical treatment. On s3 e18 of “House” (“Airborn”), one sick man on an airplane turns into a whole load of people falling ill with real symptoms.
    They are actually suffering from mass hysteria.
    The power of suggestion is incredible- as teenage girls, public relations firms, and the practitioners of Voodoo know very well.
    And it works best when people are terrified.

    What a wonderful world it will be when no one is held liable for anything! /s

    Happy Mt. St. Helen’s day.


    The war has been declared.
    hydroxychloroquine zinc sulfate and azithromycin Trump

    Here is my 2 cents.
    I am not a physician, and I am not a clinician. I have spent my career in very early stage drug discovery, not at the bedside.
    Go back to the first things I wrote about the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin work: I called it “potentially very interesting” and called for more data to see if it was real. That’s where I still am.
    hydroxychloroquine itself actually lowers the activity of the innate immune system; that’s why people take it for lupus and for rheumatoid arthritis.
    Many people are saying that perhaps it will work best if taken early in the course of infection, but this effect (which is mediated through TLR receptors) should be kept in mind.


    China supports the comprehensive review of the COVID-19 response, which should be conducted in an objective and impartial manner, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday at the opening session of the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA).

    John Day

    I agree that hydroxychloroquine-zinc should not be taken until the first line of the body’s defense has been breached and signs of systemic or organ illness appear, like abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, lung changes of any severity. At that point, the virus has gotten past the initial defenses, activated the immune response, and needs to be impaired in replication by hydroxychloroquine-zinc, with or without azithromycin, and considering benefits of high dose vitamin-C and NAC supplements.
    Vitamin-D 5000 U/day is a baseline supplement.


    It seems to me Cuomo has successfully kill off more voters in his state than any other governor in the US!

    I guess by Democratic standards that makes him presidential material?

    John Day

    This just in:
    President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc prophylactically.
    I hope he is taking vitamn-D, too. Good chance of it, huh?


    I see Nancy wants to rob the poor to pay the rich, one more time!

    Who can blame her for trying again, especially after the last 2 robberies were a piece of cake!

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