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    Latest Lancet study telling us how great the Pfizer vaccine is in Israel:

    “Impact and effectiveness of mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infections and COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths following a nationwide vaccination campaign in Israel: an observational study using national surveillance data”

    Here’s the small print at the end of the paper:

    Declaration of interests
    FJA, JMM, FK, GM, KP, JS, DLS, and LJ hold stock and stock options in Pfizer. All other authors declare no competing interests.

    Of course it’s all ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics’


    Totally BUSTED !!

    “…in the Israel study (715 among the unvaccinated and 138 among the vaccinated), then the absolute percentage increase in risk of death for an unvaccinated person is just 0.036%. That means that, even if we accept the 95% effectiveness measure, for every 10,000 unvaccinated people, about 3 or 4 would die as a result of not being vaccinated. ”

    Hahahah! – who looks stupid now Pfizer!


    Here comes Thailand !!

    island raider

    Thanks to Germ & others for all the great links & info.
    Karl Denninger thinks there are going to be consequences. Great read:

    Mr. House

    another thing i never understood: If the virus is so pervasive in your breath/saliva (masks), why did they basically need to jab your brain with a swab to find the virus?

    Watch the clip of rachel maddow on the CDC’s most recent mask BS and listen to what she says. That is the only reason they wanted masks. As a marker of a tribe and to create clear enemies for the election year. And to create distrust amongst your fellow man, only the devil wants that 😉


    I’m beginning to realise that Covid-19 is actually now a mental disorder!


    I had a bad thought, and wrote the following. Since madamski has taken a powder, I’ll be the resident weirdo for the day.

    1) Who/what collects input data to train the model?
    2) What criteria to pre-filter input data?
    3) How collated? Is model code vulnerable to things like lsd/ordering problem?
    4) Does the machine have ‘Asimov Switch’?
    5) Allowed/capable of self repair/replication?
    6) Allowed/capable of morality?
    7) Allowed/capable of emotion?
    8) Opacity of operation? Can we still understand what it’s thinking, or has it escaped?
    9) Air gap? Please…for the love of Dog…PLEASE TELL ME IT’S AT LEAST AIR GAPPED!!
    10) Automobile? Is it in a robot?

    This is not an exhaustive list of questions. Also, be mindful that a machine doesn’t have to be smarter than humans, it just has to be massively better at it’s specialty.

    No machine can be ‘taught’ inspiration, serendipity, curiosity. Some randomness can be built into the system, and various weights given to ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ decisions (that is, don’t tell the machine to kill all bacteria before the machine has been taught that some varieties might actually be useful to have around). It is up to some human or other to ‘teach’ the machine what is helpful/harmful to humans. That’s already a problem for relying upon a human, with human biases and a superior but unchecked random number generator.

    I’m starting to become a bit concerned. I’ve discussed with my wife recently about my view (too nebulous for theory yet) that entities like corporations and state governments are and have always been AI. Thinking along this plane, it becomes possible that maybe all organizations of intelligent species are AI.

    Family, clan, tribe, town, state. All do something to protect the organization as an entity. We group together and make rules to ensure fair decisions, safe operations, whatever. All these rules imbue the organization with benefits for it’s participants. The participants are encouraged to keep the organization going. They’ve become the immune system of the org, the brain cells of the org, the blood cells of the org, but the artifice that established the org, the set of rules, is now calling the shots.

    Take this to a corporation, which, in it’s modern inception, requires dividend payout ad infinitum. The org has written and unwritten rules about pulling weight or thrown overboard. Now you’ve got a filter for greed. The AI of the corp is ‘steering’ itself toward emulating a long-problematic slice of humanity. The further out on this tangent it goes, the profits go up. Positive feedback loop, gobble gobble gobble, but it’s not any particular human that did this, it’s the set of rules governing the corp, and the prevailing behavior standards.

    Now to government, where there has ever been the problem of selection for sociopaths/psychopaths. There is less coherence in a government, it’s bigger and has more independent units due to the broader scope of operation. If government, too, is AI, it is a lurching, insane, gadfly-beset beast.

    So, in my view, since organization of this sort has always been a sort of AI, it’s operation may already be too opaque. We may indeed have passed the singularity, and like the techies have always said, we wouldn’t notice. It wouldn’t be like Lawnmower Man’s “The sound of my birth pangs will be every telephone in the world ringing in unison!” If we have been coopted by the machines already, would we notice? Are we already slaves to something?

    I’m certainly being paranoid, but we are really close now.

    Aliens…Pshhhaw! There are scarier sharks in this universe. We’ll go ask the old man in the cave. He’ll know what to do.


    I’ve had a general sense that deaths and serious cases have done an uptick since the vaccine rollout really got going, but this page seems to confirm it for a large number of nations:

    Could be coincidental, but bears watching.

    V. Arnold


    An interesting read; begs the question; just how aware are we really? Or, is that the wrong question?
    To do is to be
    To be is to do
    Doobee doobee doobee… 😉

    Doc Robinson

    From the “Probability and Risk” article (linked by Germ) which examines the numbers in the Israel study (the study where 8 of the co-authors are investors in Pfizer):

    So, the number of ‘cases’ per 1000 tests were:
    30.8 for unvaccinated people…
    7.5 for vaccinated people…

    Looking at it this way, the unvaccinated people were 4 times more likely to test positive for Covid, compared to the vaccinated people. (However, with the infection rate being so low, many of the positive test results were probably false positives.)

    It is likely that most of the positives among the asymptomatics were false positives. This is because, especially at times when the infection rate is low, a false positive PCR test rate of, say just 0.4%, would still mean that the majority of positive tests among asymptomatics are false.

    If we apply the test results, without considering the number of false positive tests, then one unvaccinated person at a restaurant would be as “dangerous” as a table of four vaccinated people (considering that the vaccines don’t stop transmission).

    30.8 positive tests per 1000 =
    3% chance of a positive test result for the unvaccinated (during the 2+ month study).

    7.5 positive tests per 1000 = 0.75% =
    almost 1% chance of a positive test result for the vaccinated (during the 2+ month study).

    But, this doesn’t consider just how low the Covid risks are, vaccinated or not. The positive test results were obtained during a study which lasted more than 2 months. The chance of a positive test result on any specific date is much lower. Furthermore, the chance of a person with a positive test result ending up with severe illness or death from Covid is much, much lower. And this doesn’t even look at the other part of the picture, the chances of getting a serious adverse reaction from the vaccines.

    It is also worth noting that, even if we ignore all of the above issues and accept as undisputed the number for ‘COVID-19 related deaths’ in the Israel study (715 among the unvaccinated and 138 among the vaccinated), then the absolute percentage increase in risk of death for an unvaccinated person is just 0.036%. That means that, even if we accept the 95% effectiveness measure, for every 10,000 unvaccinated people, about 3 or 4 would die as a result of not being vaccinated. And this brings us to the final (and critical) problem with the study. It does not provide any information about the number of adverse reactions – in particular the number of deaths – due to the vaccine. Hence, it does not provides the necessary information to make an informed decision about the overall risk/benefit of the vaccine.


    Our purpose online is to keep the lazy spies thinking they are onto the dissidents by monitoring these kinds of sites. Meanwhile, off to the sides, are the people who went skew- they are building a world that ignores the manipulators. When their numbers are large enough they will overwhelm the bad guys with their united effort to keep what they’ve built- the only ideology that ever actually wins wars..


    Golly, I love spiders!


    Since we know Israel turned off their vaccine adverse reaction reporting system forcing Israelis to resort to reporting on public media, no trust can be placed upon any studies done on the Israeli experience. In the US CDC has basically done the same. Canadian health officials are doing the same too.

    From this we can conclude they are lying to us because their words do not match their actions. Actions speak louder than words.


    Obey! say the Oligarchs..

    Obey! say their minions..

    Obey! say the “left”.. wait, What ???

    strange times.



    My parents said know:

    My favorite spiders are dock spiders because they don’t build sticky webs that my face runs into! However my daughter won’t get into a boat with a dock spider in it! The same for any spider in any room in the house! Whenever a spider is discovered, I have to immediately remove it!

    My wife doesn’t freak out about spiders but sure does with snakes! One day at the cottage my young son caught a cute little green and yellow garter snake. I suggested he show it to his Mom! Well you should have heard the commotion! Mom was standing up on a chair telling him to get that snake the hell out of the cottage! I nearly killed myself laughing! My son thought it was pretty funny too! My daughter is fine with snakes. Go figure!


    I have to laugh at how smart Google ads are. They keep showing me ads for metal storage sheds that nobody has had in stock since 2019! When I get tired of the same old ads, I sometimes for fun go look at something weird like sewage pumps! Sure enough google is on the job with their eyes wide closed! Too bad advertisers are even more stupid to trust google.


    (How to live without what we take for granted.)
    I’ll just name a few that Israel has bombed out with their GPS and smart bombs.
    electricity for light, cooking
    Water for drinking, washing, fires
    roads, transportation, cars trucks
    hospitals, clinics,
    peace, quiet, safety

    Execution of unessential leaders in Gaza


    Regarding “Bright Green Lies,” James Howard Kunstler interviewed Derrick Jensen over at the KunstlerCast:

    KunstlerCast 341 — Yakking with Derrick Jensen about “Bright Green Lies”

    Good, thought-provoking interview.

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