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    Pablo Picasso Young girl throwing a rock 1931   • After the NATO War is Over (Batiushka) • The War in Ukraine. Scott Ritter’s Switcheroo (Whitney
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 18 2022]


    So the fat lady hasn’t sung and Ritter is no longer a Z-tard.

    Speech given by Ukraine defense minister to EU defense ministers. Ukrainians are prepping for attritional fighting this summer.

    Here is a recent interview with Ukrainian DoD intelligence chief.

    In Russia it is illegal to refer to the special operation as a war or invasion. (Does that mean Putin has only committed special operation crimes?)

    Putin needs soldiers but how does he do that if they are not at war?

    I think Putin is looking for on off ramp, I doubt the steel plant victory is going to generate a surge in new recruits. China/India likely see the writing on the wall.

    Here is a damning assessment of the “special op” aired on Russian TV.

    Dr. D

    NATO Pledges Open-Ended Military Support for Ukraine Ahead of US Senate $40BN Aid Vote”

    Sounds like we’re in the war.

    NY Times Blasted for Writing Ukrainian Fighters “Evacuated”, Didn’t Surrender”

    Remember, “Gentleman and a scholar, loving husband and father of three” for the ISIS terrorist Bagdadhi? Good times! Ah NY Times, you so funny! No wonder you post North Korea as your beacon of freedom and hope.

    Anyway, no literally, they wrote Azov “Ended their combat mission” and were therefore “Evacuated”.

    Says Ukraine: “Mariupol’s defenders have fully accomplished all missions assigned by the command,” said Hanna Maliar,”

    “Mariupol fighters in Russian hands; both sides claim wins …” –Denver Post

    “pretty much everything coming out of Western media about the tactical progression of the war is a distortion. They’re operating within an impenetrable superstructure of ideology” -Journalist Michael Tracy

    Speaking of “Impenetrable Ideology”: “Biden gives emotional speech after Buffalo shooting: ‘White Supremacy Is a Poison’”

    Completely forgetting his ‘94 Crime Bill is the greatest single reason for Black oppression, poverty, and family destruction in the last 30 years. Plus helping Barry kill all those black people in Africa, and steal their houses for Wall Street back home.

    From “Yuval Noah Harari | What to Do with All of These Useless People?” yesterday:

    ““OK, these rich people they have it good but they’re going to die, just like me.”
    “but the rich people, in [50 or 100 years] they also get a exemption from death.”

    Same old stories: “Ye will not surely die,” the serpent told her. For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God.” That’s like Genesis 1. Yet they still believe it, recycling stupid. Don’t believe me? “Never fight a land war in Asia.”

    And so found this one:

    Not done with recycling stupid, he adds this: “Once you really solve a problem like direct brain-computer interface … that’s it, that’s the end of history”

    Talk to your pal Fukayama about that. Again, what’s he saying? “You will be as God.” Why does this work, or does it only work for low-IQ inbreds like our “elite”? If I came down and said, “Buy Slick Ray’s Miracle Snake Oil and Eternal Life Elixir today! Only $1B and the deaths of 100k per bottle!” Would they buy it? Because that’s what they’re doing.

    “After millions of years of evolution, suddenly, within 200 years, the family and the intimate community break; they collapse. Most of the roles filled by the family and by the intimate community for thousands and tens of thousands of years are transferred very quickly to new networks provided by the state and the market.”

    You guys didn’t have anything to do with that, did you? And isn’t that reversing already? Families are living together.

    “The most interesting place today in the world in religious terms is Silicon Valley. … This is where the new religions are being created now by people like Ray Kurtzweil and this these are the religions that will take over the world.”

    So now we know what he’s doing, his goal: he is religious zealot, an acolyte. He is promoting and installing a religious theocracy run by corporations and billionaires, renting out the government’s army to use against the People.

    Join today!

    Both for this, and commenting on Elon yesterday, where Twitter will do ANYTHING to lose money:

    “”Our jobs are at stake; he’s a capitalist and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist,” –Twitter Engineer Siru Murugesan

    Exactly as Tim Pool has said:
    “Ideologically, it does not make sense like, because we’re actually censoring the right and not the left. So, everyone on the right wing will be like, “Bro, it’s okay to say it; just gotta tolerate it.” The left will be like, “No, I’m not gonna tolerate it. I need it censored or else I’m not gonna be on the platform.”

    In other words, conservatives are willing to engage in the give and take of an open society with free speech. Leftists, however, hate that and will shut it down for everyone.

    The Right is losing because they have normal human acceptance and tolerance while the Left are intolerant religious extremists.

    “Twitter’s model is not set up to make a profit, leading him to believe that it’s actually being sponsored by…” Somebody, who may not be the U.S. Federal Government but is clearly the Derp State. Who else in keeping them in business at a perpetual loss?

    “Macron: “We are not at war with Russia” – but White House still appears uninterested in negotiations.”

    We are trying to get Europe to abandon and reject us, the United States, to grow some balls and exist. But so far they won’t and would rather commit suicide. “We” do this – that is our White Hats – because if we don’t break it, the next election they will just pop up and do it again. This needs to be a permanent break, a sea change. That means Europe has to be irrevocably done with us. Thank God. “No foreign entanglements in Europe”, the Geo. Washington version of “No land wars in Asia.”

    Polder Dweller

    I’m a bit conflicted about Ritter since learning (from Dexter White talking to Tom Luongo) that he’s a twice-convicted paedophile. That should be unlikely to affect his military judgment but the sudden 180 makes me wonder if he isn’t somehow being leaned on.

    Dr. D

    I didn’t highlight it so let me repeat it:

    “new religions are being created now by people like Ray Kurtzweil and this these are the religions that will take over the world.”

    They are violent religious extremists.






    Every and every unit of gas, gasoline, diesel or oil that Eurotardistan buys in Rubles from the Russians WEAKENS the Euro as a currency via the increased demand for rubles and the corresponding lesser demand for the Euro.

    Hey, it’s Math and common sense, ganging up on inbreds.


    The English hatred towards Russia is because they have historically produced better writers and better scientists and have 78 TRILLION dollars worth of stored and buried natural resources on their land.

    It’s a uniquely English form of Penis Envy.

    Editor’s note: Penis Envy shrooms are among the most famous and controversial mushrooms in existence. Many regard them to be the strongest strain of Psilocybe cubensis currently known.

    Mister Roboto

    IMHO, Scott Ritter is gradually adjusting to the idea that the conflict in Ukraine is not a just regional skirmish between two quarrelsome neighbors, nor is it a proxy-war between NATO and Russia. No. Ukraine is the first phase of a broader plan for crushing Russia, collapsing its economy, removing its leaders, seizing its natural resources, splintering its territory, and projecting US power across Central Asia to the Pacific Rim. Ukraine is about hegemony, empire, and pure, unalloyed power. Most important, Ukraine is the first battle in a Third World War, a war that was concocted and launched by Washington to ensure another unchallenged century of American primacy.

    I recommend Whitney’s write-up for a balanced view on the true status of the war on the Eurasian steppe. As much as I value Gonzalo Lira’s perspective, I think he does let just a little bit to much Russian propaganda seep into the things he says in his videos. And as we all know, truth is the first casualty of every war ever fought. I think Russia can win, but they’re going to need rather more manpower to pull that off.

    D Benton Smith

    @RaulIlargiMeijer “But key ones are missing?”

    Apparently so, and therefore the $64,000 question is who has the intention, the power and the finesse to actually make those key emails go missing. Not to even mention (Heaven forbid !) the unspeakably vile porn and other evidence of human (child) trafficking/abuse/worse by the same individuals who are currently having a go at crushing Russia.

    If I were Vladimir Putin for a day I would use my vast spy network to hit “The Collective West” where they are the weakest : their CRIMES of every sort. Dangerous work, but, hey, what’s he got to lose?

    Field Able

    “So the fat lady hasn’t sung and Ritter is no longer a Z-tard.”

    Ritter’s is not “flipping” as he was never a “Ztard” to begin with.
    He is questioning the unrealistic attempts by the Russian command to limit the conflict to a “SMO’ when the US led NATO coalition is openly running a proxy war aimed squarely at destroying the Russian state as it exists now.

    D Benton Smith


    I agree, but would add this : of the two approaches (full-on war waged by the Western cabal versus Limited Special Military Operation waged by Russia) , which one burns through the respective party’s finite resources the fastest ? In other words, which side runs out of vitally necessary stuff first?

    My own opinion is that Putin (and a large bunch of other realistic Russians) is fully aware and fully willing to play the game all the way to “Last Man Standing.”

    It’s one helluva game of chicken, but I’m placing my bet on the side that has gas, oil, coal, iron, wheat, fertilizer and manufacturing capacity (and relatively sane realists as citizens) versus the side with stacks of counterfeit money and mentally ill vaccinated criminal drug addicts holding most key positions from sea to shining sea.

    It’s going to get spicier, for certain, but the Western Cabal (and its Eastern Cohort) will eventually lose world war 3 . . . and everybody else will win.

    Dr D Rich

    “I had not see this when I wrote my piece yesterday. A curious turn around” Raúl

    It’s hard for everyone to keep up.

    Ritter engaged in the same behavior with regard to SaddamHussein. So why shouldn’t Ritter’s nonsense continue?

    As to why anyone pays attention to him, y’all will have to take a look in the mirror because Ritter’s game has been transparent. Most people recognize Marine Intel is an oxymoron and not a credential.
    Tom Clancy = Scott Ritter? Perhaps…


    Mister Roboto

    Reading Batiushka’s piece on the Saker blog in contrast with what we have recently learned reveals that what you read on that blog is to a very large extent Russian war-propaganda. That may contain a much larger grain of truth than what the US press is pumping out, but it is propaganda nonetheless. In Chris Martenson’s video on YouTube last week, he revealed that embargoes against Russian oil have hurt the Russian economy because Russia’s ability to get oil the Chinese and Indian customers who are willing to buy it is rather limited. Changing that situation will likely require a substantial investment in some new infrastructure. Also, it’s fair to say that Batiushka is not accurate when he claims that Russia “controls” Ukraine now. At most, Russia is on its way to controlling only the easternmost oblasts of Ukraine bordering Russia.


    Russia is about to fully liberate both Donetsk and Luhansk. After a short period, I expect both to vote to join the Russia Federation.

    This is a done deal at this point.

    This was objective number one on the Russian agendaand it is in sight.

    Because the sock puppet Zelensky refused to negotiate in good faith, Russia will now also take the entire Black Sea coast of Ukraine, land locking the Rump Ukraine into an agricultural backwater with no coast and no industry. Good luck with that.

    I trust Andrei Martyanov’s military analysis more than Scott Ritter’s.

    Any ‘heavy’ western weapons, like tanks, cannot arrive at the eastern front on ANYTHING less than railways.

    Those railways are not working in the center and east of Ukraine, the key rail bridges and sub-stations have been blown up big time.

    A Ukrainian tank driving across the Ukraine from West to East will be destroyed by Russian Air Superiority, period.

    The Ukronazi have NO MOBILITY at this point, none. They re using civilian cars and SUV’s to ‘move troops’. What a joke.

    So how can they move thousands of tons of weapons to eastern Ukraine, vehicles disguised as deliver bread trucks?

    Here’s a Ukronazi civilian SUV ‘moving troops’ that caught the eye of a Russian tank.

    The Ukronazi are stuck in place, if they have to come out from hiding behind civilian human shields into the open, this is their fate.

    U.S. Has M777 Shipping Accident

    Mister Roboto

    Well, Gonzalo Lira claims that the complete collapse of the Ukrainian military as a fighting force in imminent. While I am skeptical of that, I am really trying to keep an open mind as I attempt to piece together what is happening through the fog of war from the other side of the planet. So if Lira is right, this is something that should happen by US Memorial Day or shortly after that. If this does happen, then I probably would reconsider whether or not I should listen to Scott Ritter in the future.

    John Day

    A perspective which I find helpful in understanding the war in Ukraine is that NATO set it up since 2014 to exhaust and drain Russia, and was finally ready to pull the trigger , even if Russia did not take the bait and pull the trip-wire by invading.
    Russia knew this, and knew that NATO could attack Russia if Russia became weakened.
    Russia reserved the best troops and weapons to counter an overt NATO attack, and still does this.

    Russia “invaded” with 1/3 the force of the “defenders”, who were arrayed to attack, then hunker-down and drain Russia. Russia had to re-engineer modern warfare this way, working hard to wear down the foe, without being worn down.
    This continues.
    It looks different, and it is hard to use the usual metrics to define “winning” and “losing”.
    Russia still awaits the overt war against NATO.

    Russian forces appear to be meat-grinding Ukrainian forces in human terms. Howitzers are getting through, but not to critically contested areas. Russian artillery has a very high rate of fire and of accuracy, which these howitzers, in Ukrainian hands, so not begin to approach, maybe 1/3 of the rate of fire, and lesser (how much less?) accuracy.

    We will need to be patient and monitor the global economic situation.
    I am calling this a WW-3 because the global economic and financial systems must change.
    Neoliberalism did not win quickly. The Ruble rebounded. Western financial capitalism has not clearly lost yet, either, but morale in the EU is rapidly declining, since EU citizens are the ones who will have to suffer the most, and already had a bad winter, followed by a spring of insecurity.

    I am with Michael Hudson on this. I think the western global financial capitalist machine, which needs to expand into Russia or admit collapse/failure is being thwarted at a critical moment in history. It is already in overshoot. It is already eating itself. It has long since destroyed most of its own industry, except Tech, military, American-farming and oil. It really, really needs TROTW to keep paying those $US debts, but TROTW now glimpses a real alternative, just at a time when it must choose between paying $US debts and importing oil and wheat to feed and fuel the citizens of the debtor countries.
    The choice is not obvious, though it seems obvious to me. Some countries will choose each side of the choice, and next year TROTW will monitor how the “leaders” of those countries fare, siding with globo-cap or siding with their own people and “national interests”.

    We will no doubt stay tuned-in here, too.

    : Howdy! 🙂


    TAE does not sensor your opinions
    • After the NATO War is Over (Batiushka)

    This battle is over, but the war has just started, the conflict will never end.
    live within the resources boundaries
    an uninhabitable wasteland
    serious injuries, with limited medical care and dwindling supplies.
    Immigration to a better land
    Families are living together.
    recycling stupid
    evidence of war crimes
    Racism, the chosen people
    • Fate Of Hundreds Of Ukrainian Soldiers Unclear As Azovstal Resistance Ends (G.)

    Russia diverts energy supplies to “friendly” countries. He, (Putin), urged Russian industry authorities to be more proactive in leveraging the situation for the nation’s benefit.

    Does it exist if you don’t know it.
    “The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter …” – Elon Musk

    Mr. House

    “So if Lira is right, this is something that should happen by US Memorial Day or shortly after that.”

    If this turns out to be true, just think what it will do to inflation!?!?!
    More confidence in our criminal leaders will vanish, and what is money today but confidence?

    Mister Roboto

    The thing is, I tend to gravitate towards sources that seem to be providing the most nuance. Sources such as Gonzalo Lira and the Saker’s blog come off as so one-sided at times that I really have to wonder just how accurate of a picture I’m getting from them. We’ll see soon enough, I guess.

    Mister Roboto

    If this turns out to be true, just think what it will do to inflation!?!?!
    More confidence in our criminal leaders will vanish, and what is money today but confidence

    {/shudders and crosses self}


    Disinformation board paused. Disinformation board could be disbanded.
    Disinformation board would not have anything to report if it could not counter Biden propaganda.


    Sources such as Gonzalo Lira and the Saker’s blog come off as so one-sided at times…

    Anything in the western media does that 1000 times over, that is much more of a problem. Of course “1000 times one-sided” is a contradictio in terminus, but you get the drift.

    Mister Roboto

    Anything in the western media does that 1000 times over, that is much more of a problem. Of course “1000 times one-sided” is a contradictio in terminus, but you get the drift.

    Oh yeah, I would listen to the babbling of a crazy street-person before I would ever believe the smorgasbord of lies served up by our elite media institutions.


    The UK gov’t is set to decide tonight -local time- whether to extradite Assange to the US, ending his work and his life. It makes my heart feel so heavy.

    Dr D Rich

    Scott Ritter is fashionable, not elite, right?

    Mister Roboto

    Scott Ritter is fashionable, not elite, right?

    {/shrugs} Well, you seem to have made up your mind about him.

    So is anyone looking at the financial markets today? I wonder if the PPT has any ammo left for another one of their famous helicopter-drops of printed money?

    Mr. House

    I found this to be interesting and think it ties in well with what we’ve seen from twitter in the last two years, not to mention their fear of musk buying it:

    Mr. House

    “So is anyone looking at the financial markets today?”

    Don’t really look until 3:30 😉


    @chooch: You might want to read what Andrei Martyanov has to say about Khodaryonok today:


    SOme may find this a useful read:

    The War Against Putin

    Mister Roboto

    Thanks, bosc. I downloaded that as a PDF and look forward to reading it.


    @boscohorowitz: Thanks for that download. I just saw that book referred to by a commenter on another blog a few days ago, but when I went looking for it, only expensive used copies were available. Looks like it might be out of print.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day – We will need to be patient and monitor the global economic situation.
    I am calling this a WW-3 because the global economic and financial systems must change.


    I’m fully in agreement!

    The U.S. currently is relying on full and unequivocal cooperation by Western European governments for undivided support to continue to push for a total balkanization of Russia, … but this support will soon be thwarted: … economic conditions in Western Europe are deteriorating rapidly!

    This changing economic deterioration will result in a rapid discontent: … demonstrations, uprisings, pitchforks and torches marches, et al. Average folk out there, … as much as they yearn to eventually become ‘Murican-like, … they will not tolerate this economic downswing without a fight!

    As a result, an overt, kinetic war will be triggered, … most likely by Polacks with a covert support by the Brits. Just watch, …



    Banker’s banquet
    Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka Defaults On Debt As It Runs Out Of Fuel

    “But the reality is we don’t even have $1 million,” the new prime minister said…


    Good Luck John
    After Calls For Conservation And Generator Failures, Texas’ Grid Survived The Weekend. It’s Still May

    “I remain very concerned about this summer.”


    Tomorrow is here
    Man made disaster
    Sri Lanka faces ‘man-made’ food crisis as farmers stop planting
    Once self-sufficient nation reels from fall-out of ill-conceived shift to organic agriculture, compounded by fuel shortages.


    Totally off topic, but for your viewing pleasure (video from a comment at zh):
    The Tonga undersea volcano. Remember that?
    (less than a minute)

    Dr D Rich

    Rather than let Ritter’s paradoxical or diametrically opposed ruminations distract, perhaps it’s time to engage a sophomoric technique in lay psychology and go:
    “Grey Rock Method? Disengage. The first rule is to disengage yourself.”

    If Scott Ritter is as elite an influencer as suggested on multiple websites despite his “vacillations”, then history judges Marine Rittter poorly for his historically bad first informed guess that led to Saddam Hussein’s torture, murder and the Iraq War’s destruction of 1 million people. Sure, then as now, Scott changed his mind but GWB, Colon Powell and Dick Cheney adhered to his first rumination since Scott wasn’t as persuasive enough with his regret, I suppose.
    God bless him


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