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    Alberto Giacometti Tête Noire 1957   • Frontline Doctors File Motion To Stop EUA Of Covid Vaccines For Children (LSN) • 1-Minute ‘Non-invasive’ C
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 25 2021]


    “People who have had mild illness develop antibody-producing cells that can last lifetime.”

    Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection

    But what the heck – let’s just jab everybody irrespective of whether they’ve been previously exposed.
    This is not about healthcare.


    “Key messages – People with prior COVID-19 illness appear to experience significantly increased incidence and severity of side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.”

    Just vax ’em all!

    charles 2

    “ If dogs can smell it in a minute…”
    You are not going to deploy dogs smelling a majority of Muslim commuters without occurring a diplomatic incident. Dogs were not an option for singapore-malaysia border.


    “Just imagine traveling 10 years back in time and trying to explain this to someone; just imagine what an idiot you’d feel like. “There’s going to be this online currency that people think is a form of digital gold, and then there’s going to be a different online currency that is a parody of the first one based on a meme about a talking Shiba Inu, and that one will have a market capitalization bigger than 80% of the companies in the S&P 500, and its value will fluctuate based on things like who is hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ and whether people tweet a hashtag about it on the pot-joke holiday, and Bloomberg will write articles and banks will write research notes about those sorts of catalysts, and it will remain a perfectly ridiculous content-free parody even as people properly take it completely seriously because there are billions of dollars at stake.”

    Times of Fraud, Mania & Chicanery


    “Some Chicago Restaurants To Create ‘Vaccinated Only’ Sections Allowed Under New City COVID-19 Guidance”

    Some Chicago Restaurants To Create ‘Vaccinated Only’ Sections Allowed Under New City COVID-19 Guidance

    No! No! No!

    V. Arnold


    “There’s going to be this online currency that people think is a form of digital gold,“
    Just imagine traveling 10 years back in time and trying to explain this to someone; just imagine what an idiot you’d feel like.

    Dare I say, brilliant?
    Oh what the heck; yes…
    Truth through entertainment and humor with a dash of irony……………………….



    This is behind a paywall – but some choice quotes are offered:

    – Fully vaccinated people face still having to self-isolate for 10 days if they come into contact with someone infected with Covid after June 21, The Telegraph understands.
    The continued imposition of quarantine for those who have been vaccinated is likely to undermine plans for “normality” to return next month because people may be deterred from going to crowded places if they face the threat of enforced self-isolation.

    – millions of people who have had two doses of the vaccine could still be made to spend 10 days at home if the NHS alerts them that they have been in close contact with an infected person.

    – Prof Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group at the University of Oxford, said that the pandemic could effectively be considered “over” if vaccines prevent hospitalisations rather than preventing all infection.

    – Prof Pollard said: “If the current generation of vaccines are able to stop people going into hospital, whilst there is still mild infections, people are getting the common cold with the virus, then the pandemic is over.”

    Just think – all this would have been unnecessary with widespread deployment of Ivermectin.
    Talk about A Big Con.

    Mister Roboto

    Dr. Ron Paul asks the right question:

    The politicization of medicine is anti-science, anti-human, and anti-American. Will those who needlessly died due to this politicization finally get their justice?


    Utah HS basketball player who suffered multiple cerebral thromboses after receiving the mRNA vax had tested positive for antibodies to the SARSCoV2 nucleocapsid antigen


    “At least 18 teens and young adults in Connecticut have shown symptoms of heart problems after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, Acting Health Commissioner Dr Deirdre Gifford said on Monday.
    Gifford said all young adults hospitalized except one with signs of heart problems have been released. Four of these young residents were hospitalized at Yale New Haven Health and three at Connecticut Children’s.”


    Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey have signed bills into law, joining other states that prohibit COVID-19 vaccine passports at the state level.

    Ivey signed Senate Bill 267 (pdf) into law on May 24, while Reynolds signed House File 889 into law on May 20.


    There is a YouTube channel called “Brave Wilderness”, which you may or may not have heard of.
    The channel is hugely popular, with nearly 20 million subscribers, employs high production values, and comes out of the United States; it’s main presenter is a guy called Coyote Peterson.

    A typical episode of the show will have Coyote introducing his children’s audience to a wild animal, sometimes in rather risky situations, and it’s one of those shows that is interesting to adults, as well as to kids.

    Whilst the show is, obviously, pro-conservation, it strenuously avoids getting involved in political issues, and is essentially just excellent family entertainment.

    Until last night…!

    Peterson and his co-presenter, Mark Vins, were joined via Zoom, from the Oval Office, by President Biden and Dr Anthony Fauci. Biden looked as though he was literally being propped-up at the desk, whilst Fauci played wingman and delivered the key messages.

    The message from Biden and Fauci was fairly simple: all you kids from the age of 12 upwards have a social responsibility to get “vaccinated”, and if you ever want to go on holiday again, you’d better get “jabbed”.

    I am just utterly appalled. This really is worth a look…

    They’re coming directly for the kids !!


    Just saw this headline at Forbes..

    Moderna Will Seek Authorization For Teen Covid Vaccine After Trial Shows 100% Efficacy

    ..and wondered: efficacy at what exactly? What have you tested? “100% effective at preventing illness in those aged between 12 and 18”. Look, very few would get sick anyway, so how can you state 100% Efficacy? None got sick? Well, none might have regardless of your product. And those that do, have a 99.999% or so chance of survival, but you still want to inoculate tens of millions of them?! I just don’t get the logic.

    Dr. D

    “Just imagine traveling 10 years back in time and trying to explain this to someone;”

    We did. We did tell people all these things years before they happened. They said we were crazy. After they came true, we were still crazy. After we were right about the Iraq sanctions, the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, the tech crash, the housing crash, about limitless wiretapping, about Big Tech surveillance and censorship, about Clapper, Cheney, Bush lying, about Obama getting paid by Wall St and screwing every brown person, about his speech in Egypt leading to an Arab Spring by his election crew killing millions, about Syria, about the fake gas attacks, about Congress being bought, about Trump not building cattle cars, killing the economy or starting nuclear war, about N. Korea, right about Russia for years, right about “Bombshell, Walls Closing In”, right about 100,000 counts of metals and market rigging, right about rates never rising, right about bailouts never ending, right about Robin Hood, right about Bitcoin, right about destroying every American and all their rights for the profit and power a few, defended by Maddow, Democracy Now, CNN and NBC and The NYT and Guardian,

    Right again now, and STILL totally discredited. STILL totally crazy and everything I say is wrong.

    This is why talking doesn’t work. Certain people, Republicans, heck JFK Jr, have said this since 1950. Everything that would happen has happened. WERE there Communists in Hollywood attempting to use their social leverage to steer the country to Democratic Socialism, UBI, top centralized ownership of all houses and assets where “You’ll own nothing and be happy” (in a communist utopia) where there would be sex, appalling violence, bad language and an appalling lack of social values on every show and every channel right down to gay sex on Sesame Street? I think McCarthy won that one.

    But the point is, TELLING PEOPLE DOESN’T WORK. If it did, it would have by now. They can only LIVE through it, emotionally, economically, and only by living it decide if they want more. Like burning down 30 Democratic cities where the mayors are open, unrepentant racists, enforcing the laws savagely, only on their enemies, willing to talk only to reporters segregated according to their color.

    So…they, the American people, made this. So that’s the way we go. Do you like it yet? Or do we now understand why we have the Constitution and Enlightenment values? Not yet? How about a little more? Where we pick out and punish Jews in Brooklyn and punch them in the streets. That good for you? How about if we teach your 8-year-old children they’re all racists and should hate each other? Enough yet? And so on.

    We DID tell them. 20 years I’ve done nothing but tell people, and Ayn Rand, Eisenhower, Kennedy and hundreds of others told them since the end of WWII. You can read every word, and every little thing came true. But it’s all an accident. Nobody’s out there. There are no bad people, they don’t like money and they never talk to each other.

    So enough with the talk. Only ex-Cubans in Miami seem to be inoculated against the mind-virus. Only if you’ve lived it can you see how stupid and how much better American values of TOLERANCE is.

    Now I’m explaining the next 10 years and I’m still an idiot, still crazy, still wrong and don’t know what I’m talking about, having lost all $30,000 in profit since Coinbase launched in 2012, locked in your apartment when I told you it was a martial-law power grab and scam in March 2020.

    Don’t worry, I’ll still be stupid tomorrow. I’ll still be wasting my time.

    “And I guess I’ll die explaining how
    The things that they complain about
    Are things they could be changing
    Hoping someone’s gonna care
    I was born a lonely singer
    And I’m bound to die the same
    But I’ve gotta feed the hunger in my soul
    And if I never have a nickel
    I won’t ever die ashamed
    ‘Cause I don’t believe that no one wants to know” — To Beat the Devil, Kris Kristofferson

    Why is that? Because I LOVE you. But love is sacrifice, but it’s also forbearance not to MAKE you do anything and keep your own soul and your own choice. I can only state my opinion and hope it can help you. I can help, but the greatest help is leaving people alone. You’re not children, you make your own choices and live them. That is your Freedom, or your Liberty, that is Freedom + Responsibility and consequences.

    P.S. they’re going to whipsaw Deflation as currency and velocity fail, but brace yourself for inflation and inflation shortages. Right now. That “inflation” is the currency, the US$ failing, rotating into a new system. Right now.


    Anyone got an idea why the mania to vaccinate kids? apart from the handy cas flow that is. My feeling is it is a plan to sterilise them.


    The lockdowns in australia have been brutal in Victoria and Melbourne but the last year and a half has kept me in the bush semi-self sufficient (gum leaves do make good toilet paper!) and only popping into my little town sometimes. Now having flown to the Gold Coast to see family before potential VAXPASS stuff stops my mobility. The roar of fuel engines on the roads and the concrete buildings and endless suburban housing right to the ocean really freaked me out after such a long time in the wilderness but the Calvin and Hobbes comic really chilled me out so I’m super glad to be going back to living in the bush with me friends and quiet life. So much more relaxing than being in Peter Daszack’s life right now. Gain of Function research can make you neeed a real big glass of red wine at the end of the day to calm the nerves


    “ collusion”

    Awareness of the ongoing manipulation of opinion, data and facts helps me to maintain my sanity.

    Or, put in another way:

    People vaccinate out of FEAR.
    People refuse to vaccinate because of KNOWLEDGE .


    8 more body bags needed.

    Go long body bags!


    I see the bad moon arising
    I see trouble on the way
    Looks like we’re in for nasty weather

    Super Flower Blood Moon Total Eclipse coming to a theatre near you….

    Mister Roboto

    right down to gay sex on Sesame Street?

    Sometimes I wonder if Dr. D does huge hits of amyl nitrite before sitting down in front of his keyboard.


    Raúl Ilargi Meijer,
    Thank You!
    You do a great job of trying to get the truth out there to us. (The poor, illiterate, uninformed, gullible, modern slaves)

    I’m retired, and I don’t have the time, energy, and knowledge to dig as deep as you do.
    All that I can do is to help you and others who can find the time to dig deeper by finding some possible interesting links.
    Therefore, here is my two cents.

    Fact-checking was a huge boon when it was an out-of-sight process quietly polishing the turd of industrial reportage. When companies dragged it out in public and made it a beast of burden for use in impressing audiences, they defamed the tradition.
    …. fact-checkers don’t exist to get things right 100% of the time. They’re there as a threadbare, last-ditch safety mechanism, which news organizations employ as a means of preventing public face-plants.
    However, the public is regularly misinformed about what fact-checkers do. In most settings — especially at daily newspapers — fact-checking, if used at all, is the equivalent of the bare-minimum collision insurance your average penny-pinching car renter buys. There’s usually just enough time to flag a few potential dangers for litigation and/or major, obvious mistakes about things like dates, spellings of names, wording of quotes, whether a certain event a reporter describes even happened, etc.

    For anything more involved than that, which is most things, fact-checkers have to scramble to make tough judgment calls. The best ones tend to vote for killing anything that might blow up in the face of the organization later on. Good checkers are there to help perpetuate the illusion of competence. They’re professional ass-coverers, whose job is to keep it from being obvious that Wolf Blitzer or Matt Taibbi or whoever else you’re following on the critical story of the day only just learned the term hanging chad or spike protein or herd immunity. In my experience they’re usually pretty great at it, but their jobs are less about determining fact than about preventing the vast seas of ignorance underlying most professional news operations from seeping into public view


    We’re independent and can’t be cancelled. The establishment media is increasingly dedicated to divisive cancel culture, corporate wokeism, and political correctness, all while covering up corruption from the corridors of power. The need for fact-based journalism and thoughtful analysis has never been greater. When you support The Post Millennial, you support freedom of the press at a time when it’s under direct attack.


    In December 2014, a three-day symposium was organized by the Volkswagen Foundation with the Max Planck Society at Hanover, Germany. Concerns were “raised that the GoFR strains themselves were a threat to public health in two ways: First, because the knowledge of how to tweak an influenza virus into a potential pandemic pathogen (PPP) could be used by bioterrorists or for biological warfare purposes. Second, because the tweaked viruses could escape (or could be stolen) from the laboratory and could cause a pandemic.”[8]

    Volker Stollorz maintained at the symposium that “the public knows that with the ever-increasing experimental power and the growing diversity of scientific disciplines nobody can claim to grasp precisely what may happen.” Said Stollorz: “Researchers who want to perform experiments creating man-made, new, more virulent, and transmissible microbial life forms not existing in nature have to first and foremost acknowledge the existence of the society they experiment in.” A reporter at the forum characterized the problem thusly: “Societies need time to understand and digest the new science because the regulation has to adapt constantly to the new realities made possible by scientists.”[8]


    This list of fact-checking websites includes websites that provide fact-checking services about both political and non-political subjects.

    The Reporters’ Lab at Duke University maintains a database of fact-checking organizations that is managed by Mark Stencel and Bill Adair. The database tracks more than 100 non-partisan organizations around the world. The Lab’s inclusion criteria is based on whether the organization

    examines all parties and sides;
    examines discrete claims and reaches conclusions;
    tracks political promises;
    is transparent about sources and methods;
    discloses funding/affiliations;
    and whether its primary mission is news and information.[1]

    The USA fact checking sites are at the bottom of this wiki article


    Project Veritas is an American far-right[37] activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010.[41] The group produces deceptively edited videos[24] of its undercover operations,[16] which use secret recordings[17] in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups.[49][50] Project Veritas also uses entrapment[23] to generate bad publicity for its targets,[2] and has propagated disinformation[14] and conspiracy theories[57] in its videos and operations.


    “Awareness of the ongoing manipulation of opinion, data and facts helps me to maintain my sanity.” – Germ

    “Don’t worry, I’ll still be stupid tomorrow. I’ll still be wasting my time.” – Dr. D

    Dr. D

    Wait a minit: I thought we were all going to die of overpopulation.

    Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications — NY Times

    Fewer babies’ cries. More abandoned homes. Toward the middle of this century, as deaths start to exceed births, changes will come that are hard to fathom.

    Malthus was wrong again, we live in a world of cycles where trees don’t grow to the sky and this was all predicted 20 years ago in the book Demography is Destiny, “Fewer”?

    Huh, how fashions change. Welp! Guess we’re all saved, there’s no need for the WEF, “Great Reset” or “Green New Deal”.


    And Wikipedia is the worst of them all as it’s the most frequented, referenced and trusted!


    So … here in the lovely “Excelsior” state I continue to go without a mask. I’m one in less than 5%-10% who goes without, just to show the level of psychosis that has gripped NY (psychosis – losing touch with reality – what an understatement).

    Oddly, whenever I see another person without a mask I feel like greeting them enthusiastically with a big smile and “Hi! How are you?” as if I know them personally and haven’t seen them in ages. This just goes to show how deeply the past 14 months has messed with our minds. (as V Arnold has stated so succinctly of late …)

    I don’t think the link below has been posted? I’ll try to post it (technically challenged, I am) and see if it works. It’s good for a laugh:

    10 MORE Covid-Skeptic Memes to Get You Through the Day


    …and Deagel just removed its 2025 forecast.
    Curiouser and curiouser.


    Learn about Wikipedia and Philip Cross:

    The Philip Cross Affair


    No child who was not already profoundly ill has died of Covid-19 in Britain, a large study has indicated, with the researchers saying that the results should reassure parents as a new school term begins.

    Dr. D

    Looking at yesterday’s comments, there is a blog somewhere that has the theory ECB set up gold reserves in case of the US$ collapse since 2001. It is indeed in the structure. Good idea, as everyone knew the US would fail, but didn’t expect they could print $40T ($100T? No one knows) and keep it limping 20 more years. And why not ECB the gold? All the gold is in the basements of the important people. La Meme Chose; new boss same as the old boss. But here’s more important: as above, if the US$ fails or even rotates into a new system, gold or crypto, it will – must be – a hard-money system. Why? Because nobody trusts anybody anymore. That’s why we don’t have the “old system”. If it were as easy as swapping SWIFT for XRP, there wouldn’t be a crisis. When nobody trusts anybody, that’s when you can only use gold-in-hand (or wheat, or car parts).

    Here’s the point: that’s DEFLATIONARY. Hard money is generationally deflationary. Then, instead of leverage being 100% free money, safe bailout-bet, Debt is poison, because the money gets MORE valuable every year, and harder to pay your debts. …So why not get everyone into most debt first and steal their house, their assets, their 733,706 Cliptocurrency Accounts (margin called. Lost all coins back to the house).

    Not yet. But be very careful. That’s the big heavy door of the pig trap coming down.

    “…and Deagel just removed its 2025 forecast.” What the Whiskey Tango? Are they revising it to only half of the people who actually got the vaccine instead of half of the 70M Biden desired?

    Just for fun, opposed to yesterday’s theories, what if the Vaccine is to forestall, prevent an upcoming actual bioattack? What if it’s to mark the compliant people so we can kill the unvaxxed instead of the vaxxed as appears today? And again, what if it’s a GOOD thing (in the “if-it’s-not-me sense) because food will fail immediately so a random sterilization is kind of the “best” route forward? Can’t tell, don’t think so, just thoughts.

    Dr. D

    P.S. since we’re on Gold-ECB, as for 1,000 years they’ve rotated gold-silver-paper-gold, the U.S. was going to counter by going silver standard. As we have a lot of silver (Mexico more), and there is NO supply. It is NOT in the basements of the important people anywhere. But it seems we’re going crypto standard instead. Those plans were put in 40 years ago before crypto was a dream, even possible.

    Dr. D

    FOFOA, that was it. Someone talked on the internet, back when chat was young, explaining the ECB and gold-backed Euro, then vanished. Obsolete now, possibly not still a website, but if you have a lot of time…


    @Germ: have you posted this link yet? (if yes, my apologies). This is an in-depth yet simple explanation of the problem with all of the vaccines (links to medical papers included). Btw, yes, ALL of the vaccines, including Sputnik.

    Mr. House
    Mister Roboto

    Caitlin Johnstone posted this on Twitter today:

    Libertarians: You guys! Powerful elites engineered a giant wealth grab from ordinary people!
    Leftists: Yeah we know.
    Libertarians: They’re using Covid to do it!
    Leftists: Yeah they’ll use whatever.
    Leftists: No, they’re fulfilling it.


    “Thrombosis after Covid vaccination”
    Bingo! (Thank you Raul.)
    That was one of the data points I was looking for. 🙂 Those who are troubled by the Covid vaccines say “animal studies were not performed.” The fact checkers say: “animal studies were performed, but they were started at the same time as the human trials.” So I asked: what are the usual steps to vaccine approval — which steps were skipped? And no one I asked knew the answer. This is part of the answer:
    Usual vaccine approval studies include animal studies to determine where the injection travels to, to find where in the body it ends up. These studies were begun for the adenovirus vector vaccines (AZ, J&J, Sputnik) but are on-going and the data has not been released to the public. For the mRNA vaccines, the studies were not done. Instead, they submitted some studies on similar injectables — for Moderna their studies on a CMV vaccine (which was encapsulated in a similar lipid,) for Pfizer studies of solid lipid particles and luciferase. Both types of vaccines are designed to induce the body to produce Covid spike proteins — where those spike proteins might travel, what they might do along their journey, was never studied in animal studies.


    And Denninger (!)
    Seems to have realized what many who study capitalism realize: unfettered capitalism cannot, will not solve all of society’s problems. There are some capacities where capitalism fails to give us an adequate result. Medicine is one of these. Yes, we can regulate, but regulation is not an adequate fail-safe either — all we have to do is look at the government’s mis-handling of the pharmacological response to the pandemic to understand that. How do we devise a system that builds on the wisdom of the 18th century that does not create “economic royalists” who undermine our freedoms as they use their wealth to pervert a democratic republican government? FDR’s reforms made good inroads, but have ultimately failed. (Which failure Ike (Eisenhower) could already predict by the end of his presidency.). The only plausible way forward that I have found is to promote two things: “democracy at work” and localism. The first — workers coops instead of standard corporations, where we can leverage “economies of scale,” leverage expertise, leverage many minds and bodies working together, but in a way that serves the combined interest of both the individuals AND the group. Corporations are legal fictions — not real people — created by law and government, holding no “inalienable rights” — and can be limited, changed or disbanded by law and government. The second is about understanding that local communities must have ultimate sovereignty over what goes on locally — no, Chevron can’t come in, extract and dump because some far away bureaucrat gave them permission, or because they bought mineral rights. Locals are affected, therefore the local community must be the one making the decisions and must share in any profits (usually called “surplus” when decisions are arrived at democratically.)


    The data speaks for itself.
    Covid Vax has 100x the death rate, and 25x the hospitalisation rate compared to flu vax.


    My parents — Covid survivors — planned a cruise with my paternal uncles and their wives about 18 months ago. It is getting rescheduled. The travel agent tells my parents that they must be vaccinated, required by the airlines and cruise line. My sister (an anti-vaxxer for years) and myself jump in to do the research: the travel agent is mis-informed or lying. We can find no airlines requiring vaccination, and the particular cruise line involved is not requiring vaccinations either.

    Thanks to germ for the study showing Covid survivors have more vaccine reactions.


    “Some Chicago Restaurants To Create ‘Vaccinated Only’ Sections Allowed Under New City COVID-19 Guidance”

    This must be resisted — yes, through the courts, but for those of us not attorneys, by simply defying it.



    And…proof of survival from Covid (or SARS) would negate any need to quarantine after contact with an infected individual…but such proof is not sought after by authorities, this information is ignored.


    Moderna vaccine — teens — but wasn’t it a 12 year old participant in that trial who was paralyzed by the vaccine???

    Regarding vaccinating kids…I don’t believe that TPTB know definitively whether or not the Covid vaccines have the capacity to sterilize anyone. (If they did, or suspected that might be the case, they would be avoiding vaccinating their own children. As far as I know, this is not happening.). If they did know that, they would have provided millions of doses of Covid vaccine preferentially to impoverished nations — which is not happening. TPTB are more skilled in controlling the populations of wealthy countries than impoverished ones. For this reason, I suspect that profit is the primary impetus. Of course, problems with fertility would not be a bad side effect for TPTB, as it would serve their agenda. Plus, then billions could be made from the better off populations of wealthier countries who would then be scrambling to overcome vaccine induced fertility issues.

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