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    Andy Warhol Judy Garland 1978   • Supreme Court Has Voted To Overturn Abortion Rights, Draft Opinion Shows (Pol.) • SCOTUS Draft To Overturn Roe
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    V. Arnold

    Andy Warhol Judy Garland 1978

    Now that’s a great work…
    Garland’s look is intense; which describes her life…
    …but in Warhols work she is beautiful as well…
    A tragic figure in the end…

    Dr. D

    “Zelensky’s government is targeting and disappearing journalists.” ordinary people. There was a video yesterday of them SWATting and arresting a Ukrainian who posted bad memes. This is the “frontier of democracy” as Pelosi says, that is the model we can only aspire to.

    You’ll own nothing and be happy. Or else! Or else you’ll be too terrified to post memes about it.

    Also the U.S. is targeting and disappearing journalists for years. Obama targeted the entire AP without a warrant, jailed all the whistleblowers, illegally locked up a journalist neither in the U.S., nor a citizen, but he didn’t invent it. I remember Bush having security haul the Press corps out by their ankles and threw them in the street. “Anybody else have any questions?” HRC said, “Can’t we just drone strike that guy?”

    “Setting the stage for a nuclear explosion…” Yes, that’s why they had that lunatic foaming at the mouth about how much Russia has failed. By taking Mariupol and half the south. Because it sets the narrative for WHY they would just HAVE to fall back on nukes.

    “Supreme Court Has Voted to Overturn Abortion Rights, Draft Opinion Shows (Pol.)”

    Conservative Justices are against R. v Wade?? When did this start??? JHC people are so dum. Water is Wet! News at 11. Conservatives were against R v Wade in 1973 and are equally against it now, that just proves how far Right they’ve moved to!!! No. It proves they’re in the same place. Lawyers often write many drafts, sometimes even for and against. Nothing matters except the official ruling.

    Anyway, yes, that story therefore has zero to do with the ruling, which isn’t even a ruling, but with who leaked it. Why not Sotomayor? They’re impartial in the sense that they are totally political, add/remove Justices only at strategic times, and impeach Justices who have family members who have opinions. How dare they!!! …But only the Republican ones. The Democratic opinions are the “right” ones and obviously everyone is entitled to speech we agree with. But it doesn’t have to be a hack and probably isn’t. It’s just average fund raising and electioneering the base in 2022 to release all internal info, IRS records, accusations, everything.

    They are right though, Roe was “egregiously weak” case, based on a feather, thrice removed. “Privacy” gives you the right to abortion? Wow. No one heard of that in the previous 1,000 years about it, including the first 150 years of the nation. But lo! One day in 1973, the Supreme Court slapped their foreheads and said, “What were we thinking??? OF COURSE this was legal the whole time! That’s clearly what Alexander Hamilton would have wanted!” Boom, now legal and Constitutional. No Congress, no law, no President, no Amendment. “We just said so.” Suck it, peasants. You don’t vote for the Supreme Court, but we’re the government now. Just like the CDC, where Fauci says they are above, preeminent to, and overrule the courts and judiciary. On anything they want. Like evictions.

    If you want a Roe v Wade, just pass one. There are processes to make that happen. Legally. Like most every law I can think of, they didn’t bother. 1A, 2A, 4A, 10A anyone? Congressional declarations of war? Interstate commerce lets them search my home and arrest me because I MIGHT whittle a letter opener on the front porch? That then isn’t sold and doesn’t cross state lines, but MIGHT change prices, which they claim the right to set? If only I were kidding. That’s literally “The Law”, unpassed, just flip-flopped, made up by the Court.

    You want a law, like Roe, like masks: Pass One. It’s very simple. But then you’d have to be honest, and can’t.

    I actually don’t understand the kerfuffle about or the long delay on Roe. That means it actually depends on something far more sinister and hidden, like the lucrative sale of live baby body parts they caught on tape with Planned Parenthood. But even that I don’t understand. Who’s the end buyer? Why? What’s the pricing? How are they distributed?

    “Politico wants to participate in a strategically explosive political effort to manufacture a fear”

    We already said: to rig an election. That’s why everything is published. News is a zero-profit business. Yet somehow publishers are fabulously wealthy. The only logical reason to be in it is to sell favors and lies. Then everyone says “No it isn’t” because I, the murderer, publish that I’m totally innocent! Ah, pure magic, I tells ya.

    “U.S. taxpayers are also going to subsidize farming in Europe and fund the climate change”

    Yes, the Davos crowd is trying to murder and harvest the whole U.S. All our wealth to them. The Fed and others are trying to harvest the whole EU and send their money to us. Nobody is trying to create more wealth, only to murder people and steal it from others because they lack both hard work and imagination, and there are no remaining property rights or capitalism.

    “Other affected countries”. Being: anybody we want. For any reason we want. And then they funnel money by the billions back to us CongressCreeps, usually using Ukraine as the official laundry.

    There is no water in Flint. 0% competency at graduation in Baltimore. Chicago has more murders than all of Denmark. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia…

    Pelosi is there to defend her money. Just like the rest of them. It’s “Our” war. That is: COngresses, to defend their hidden bank accounts, not the American Peoples’. But then, it never is.

    “interruption of Russian imports…is now definitely in the cards for some or all European countries.”

    Yes, but they were already shooting Gilet Jeunes in the face and WANT to kill every European. This is ever so much better as they can blame Russia for it too! While sunning on that Russian yacht I just bought at discount. …Well who did you THINK bought the stolen Russian yachts? The mailman? They put them on time-share for the Italian people? Heavens no! –I– wanted that yacht, I was jealous, so I stole it. Very simple. I don’t see the problem here.

    “Question. What if I see something that I wanna take and it belongs to someone else?”
    “Then you will be arrested.”
    “But what if I want it more than the person who has it?”
    “Still illegal.”
    “That doesn’t follow. No, I want it more, sir. Do you understand me? What are you laughing at?” –Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy.

    See? Very simple. The yacht existed and Murdoch wanted it MORE. Just like your house mortgage in ‘08 which was unregistered in MERS. And the Iraqi oil. And the Libyan oil. And the Syrian oil. And the Russian oil… M O A R.

    “DNC and Hillary for America violated the law”

    Hahahahaaha! But it’s “The Law”! We don’t enforce those. We only enforce not-laws, like mask mandates and Supreme Court reversals.

    ” Fraudulent Trial on Ivermectin Published by World’s Top Medical Journal (Kory)”

    Which one? There have been so many, esp the original one in The Lancet, a medical-shaped-object, which was written by adult film stars, was out faster than the data could have been collected, and was immediately retracted. Doesn’t matter! No backsies!!! I have an invisible force field. Lancet has no loss of credibility and the study is still referred to as solid by Pancakeheads. Even after official retractions, worldwide. Over and over and over and over.

    First, imagine that it was Russia that had scraped Ukrainian biometric data from the internet to build a facial recognition technology tool which it was using to identify dead Ukrainians and contact their mothers.”

    They have. They did for 8 years to identify every Azov and are using it daily now. There were news articles about the TikTok volunteers from the U.S. about it. I don’t really know what the article is saying because we WANT to identify dead soldiers, that’s why they wear dog tags. So he needs a better metaphor.

    “Tesla”: yes, it’s a shareholder mining company: it mines shareholders and pension funds. But he has a sideline in illegally rigging prices to screw shorts and then Tweeting the SEC to “S.E.C.”. And they do, of course.


    Begins with lines from Carl Sandburg’s poem, “The People, Yes” (copyright 1964) as follows.
    “Get off this estate.”
    “What for?”
    “Because it’s mine.”
    “Where did you get it?”
    “From my father.”
    “Where did he get it?”
    “From his father.”
    “And where did he get it?”
    “He fought for it.”
    “Well, I’ll fight you for it.”

    Carl Sandburg, “The People, Yes!” 1964

    Had reason to be in the ER recently and in a private moment asked a nurse her opiniin on “masks”… and then, if she was following some of tge latest from Vanderbilt hospital.

    Both raised her blood pressure, especially the latter, and she was only too happy to yank her (useless) mask off and hold forth. VERY upset at what happened in Nashville, would love to make a change in career, but few opportunities here in Appalachia and she wanted to keep her trailer. She described it as a smoke grenade to hide misdeeds at a senior administrative level…

    We see the same thing at the local university. A house cleaner picks up $0.50 off a desk for a soda – charged and prosecutioned. A professor boinks a coed, commits grant fraud and embezzles $500,000 – they are quietly passed along to another institution. Wouldn’t want to sully the name, turn off the spigot. “Justice” is well and good, but we’re here to serve a higher purpose: the pursuit of knowledge (remotely or in person)! Athletic departments defended with the same twisted self-serving greed: “That I May Serve (mySELF)”

    ALL rationalized for a “higher good”. It’s biblical, and Thoreau touched on it, too: whenever someone is making bank pursuing a “higher good”, I check to make sure I still have my Timex, and put a firm hand on my wallet.
    Still observing the China reverse-embargo in a “smokescreen”… WT_…?


    Yes Tesla uses the same secret sauce that bullion banks use to suppress physical gold with endless supply of paper gold. All perfectly legal too if you are in the club.

    Since drug companies are in the club, everything they do is perfectly legal too!

    Everything Congress does is perfectly legal because they are in the club too.

    Universities are in the business of disciplining ideas and knowledge because they are club members too.

    You are not a club member, so anything you do is illegal.


    TAE has just illustrated what is happening ….
    Focus …. its not about life …. its about who has power, who can control your thoughts, your actions

    Three estates of the realm: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.

    The term Fourth Estate or fourth power refers to the press and news media both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues.

    Blogs and social media as a Fifth Estate

    The USA sheeps are being manipulated again
    everyone is reacting to a carefully coordinated con job….

    Everything else, other topic, have been moved …. to the back burner ….. (ie. Joe Biden $33 billion, )

    • Supreme Court Has Voted To Overturn Abortion Rights, Draft Opinion Shows (Pol.)
    “The leak is real, the news is fake.

    Dr D Rich

    “…leaking a draft of a SCOTUS vote is unprecedented and appears to be a clear attempt to instigate left-wing riots across the country to pressure justices…”

    No it won’t. We have The January 6th Committe and Dead-eye Dick’s daughter Liz to redirect their gaze and protect us from all those deplorable white supremacist grannies and grandpas who might find common cause with the liberal agenda’s dinosaur.
    Talk about a circus of monumental distraction. Christ…

    Mr. House

    I think the leak is for two things: To get the “left” fired up thru out the summer and increase turn out for the midterms and to create a precedent for reversing the jab ruling from last fall.

    Mr. House

    Seriously, that is going to be the entire message in the run up to the midterms: You can’t vote in republicans because they then nominate and confirm anti abortion judges and is why you must vote democrat this november. Our politics have fully devolved into high school popularity contests.

    Mr. House

    Honestly feels like astroturf, but then so does everything else these days.

    Mister Roboto


    The “leak” appears to be a really bad thing for the functioning of the judicial system. 9 judges each have 4 “subordinates”, so 36 + 9 = 45 possible leakers. But the 4 “Dem” judges, plus their 16 “helpers” (= 20) are much more suspect. A grand old mess.

    But I am wondering what all you guys and gals think and feel about the whole issue. Me, first I think Alito’s argument that Roe was a poor piece of legislation warrants attention. Second, I support the right to abortion, but it feels too much of a free for all today. Yes, you can decide about your own body, but not to some infinite degree. For one thing, a term limit, as most countries have, appears to make sense.

    There are two lives at stake, whether you like it or not.


    With regard to the leaked document, I immediately thought: “blatant attempt at manipulating the coming eelection”. Locate ’em and sentence ’em, just like Chelsea Manning.
    I’m no lawyer nor (do I identify as) a woman, but I think a safe abortion should be an option to a point, especially in certain situations (rape comes to mind).

    Where I struggle is with the “selective pro-life” folks, abortion of babies is evil, especially white babies (let’s be honest), but killing children far away gets nary a mention. You’re either for all life or you’re not, not a lot of gray.
    But I’m open to listen to other logical viewpoints and willing to change my view.

    Mr. House

    Just look at the coverage at drudgereport if you want to know how .gov wants you to feel about this “leak”. He has become a good bellweather of what the manipulators want you to think and feel.


    Last week, I returned from a trip the Smokies. I remember how I felt leaving the Pigeon Forge area and entering the forest. The hyper commercialization and the demands for your attention as you navigate the traffic are overwhelming. It’s all so distracting, it knocks you off center. But then you hit nature and the weight of what you experienced lifts and you breathe a sigh of relief.

    “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die and discover that I had not lived. I do not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear.” (Thoreau)

    Our greatest threat is distraction and not hedonism, collectively it is our greatest weakness. In the limit, it leaves us soulless.

    The leak=distraction.

    Mr. House

    I thought this is worth sharing, also damning and confirming of what many of us have been saying since the beginning.

    Yves Smith
    May 3, 2022 at 8:58 am

    Boosters do little to nothing to prevent infections. They prevent hospitalizations. And Omicron and BAs that ought to be named variants but aren’t largely escape the vaccines. The latest from IM Doc, and his reports for the last two months have been like this save everyone in his hospital being sick:

    We now have an entire urgent care staff – including 2 MDs – who are all COVID positive. I am not just swamped – I am torpedoed.

    Cases in my practice last week were up again – 88 in total. Not a single unvaxxed patient, 48 double vaxxed, 22 with one booster, and 18 with 2 booster. No vaxxed, No J&J, and no partial vaxxed.

    Thankfully, no admissions. Just like last year, long phase of very mild illness.

    One theory I have heard and made me think – is maybe all the unvaxxed vulnerable have died and all the unvaxxed we have left are young and healthy. I do not think so – still seeing lots of unvaxxed with risk factors in the office every day.

    I have now gone two months without seeing a single unvaxxed patient. In an attempt to see if somehow this was just me, I contacted family practice docs in each of our surrounding counties with much lower VAX rates – on the order of 30-40%. Both had the same story – the absolute number of cases was WAY higher than this time last year……but in one county he had seen only 1 unvaxxed patient since MAR 1, the other county doc had seen only 7.

    Something is very very wrong. Again, cases are way higher than last year and virtually all are among the VAXXED. I learned this week that in the official reporting, all of the double vaxxed only patients are being sent in as UNVAXXED – so it appears our unvaxxed rate is about 50%. But as I have explained above, that is completely misleading. The truly UNVAXXED are not the problem here. Furthermore, the numbers being reported are doing good to being 1/6 of the total. Almost all are on home or rapid tests. But unfortunately, as of this weekend, on the Drudge Report running 7 day counter – we are now seeing higher official numbers than last year. You just have to multiply by 6 on this years’s number to get close to accurate – so we are in a whole new world.

    Now, I have attached an article from the paper over this weekend [contains anecdotes of many getting Covid and isolating]. Please note – this is in stark contrast to last year. I tracked down the first article of the year last year of an “unexpected surge” – which was published the week after JULY 4 – so we are two months ahead. The cases were MUCH lower last year – and we were still in the “vaccines have solved everything” mode.

    I thought you would find this video of interest – after reading the attached article…..

    All I can say is that did not age well – and would be considered misinformation today. These people are never going to be able to take back this stain on the reputation of public health. “Vaccination is like a superpower”…..and the nurse explaining that she was doing the VAX to get to visit her mom.

    Again, in the attached article – one year later, the NH [nursing home] is in lockdown – and has been since March. Multiple patients from there with COVID in and out of the ER and hospital. All quadruple vaxxed.

    Now, the scary part. The doctor’s meeting this last week was on FRI – everyone is noticing this too. Almost universally, the positive patients are vaxxed/boosted. And at my medical conference, this same pattern is being noted everywhere. The medical conference speaker had a long talk about Original Antigenic Sin and how this may be playing a role. There was also an open discussion about withholding the 4th shot until June – because JUL and AUG historically have been the bad months – and the shots are doing well to last a month. Also – a big discussion ensued as to whether the truly unvaxxed were safer in their current status. Still no resolution there – lots of arguments back and forth.

    This I can tell you. We already have entire countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, abandoning their VAX programs – clearly largely because of what we are seeing. But there is something all of a sudden missing from press articles – that has been there for.a year – look at this attached one from small town America – not a word about getting vaccinated or boosted – not a peep. Not a peep about the advantage of vaccination, etc. I think the lack of mention is the first step.

    Just look at these three random large articles. For a year now – every article would be stuffed with either entreaties to be vaccinated or jeremiads against the losers who were not. All of a sudden the past few weeks – NOTHING OF THE SORT.

    I may be cynical from years of Big Pharma PsyOps. But something is up. I think there is growing realization of a big problem.

    Mister Roboto

    One thing I find very dismaying is all the casual transphobia that is floating to the surface on Twitter attending the SCOTUS abortion kerfuffle.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Once aeons ago the information about abortions was only available by whisper; who, where, when, etc. Being one of sufficient ‘orbits’ to recall that time little in the way of sexual education was available in the educational system and that which was available was loaded with moral judgment.

    The issue of abortion has only two participants with standing; the woman and her physician, both addressing the facts before them. The physician with the medical facts presented, and the woman with the facts of her life to consider. No other interest has any standing in that decision process; no priest, no lawyer, no bureaucrat, no politician, nobody has a right for even an opinion; close friends and family are on thin ice when carrying an opinion about the condition and must exercise great caution. There are indeed two lives involved, one existing, the other potential. Nature has its ways of deciding which pregnancy will proceed or not according to its own measures. Ultimately it is the decision of the woman alone that decides the social continuation of the condition given the medical opinion of her doctor for guidance. The responsible partner involved may in favourable circumstances offer their opinion and support to the woman but that is the limit their standing. Few are faced with greater responsibility for their decisions than a just pregnant woman.
    Few now have recall of stories of back room abortions, attempts of self-aborting via wire coat-hanger and other damaging attempts to self-abort and the gore and bloody results many ending the ability to conceive again. Keeping medical facilities open and available carries a higher moral duty than realised by the moral opponents of abortion.
    This unique divulging of Supreme Court (SC) deliberations is troublesome and extremely disquieting in that external agendas are politically manipulating the heretofore sanctum sanctorum of the adjudicating deliberations of the SC just prior to politically crucial mid-term Congressional elections. The act itself indicates extreme political panic of a party faced with political extinction after losing their mandate from heaven to rule. Could be either political party knowing current course of behaviour – a political false flag attack on the opposition to discredit (fake news). Those responsible must be publicly crucified.

    D Benton Smith

    A pre-release draft of Roe vs Wade ruling “secretly” “leaked” from the political smoke filled back room of the Supreme Court which is, of course, far too noble to be swayed by politics, ambitious personal greed or fear. The topic of the draft is about putting an end to the currently ongoing industrial scale murder of the unborn in America (sixty-two MILLION so far, and counting).

    A Looney Tunes censorship czar with unlimited funding and mental health issues gets anointed by the de facto but not-elected “secret” President, Barrack Obama, to end free speech as the only way to save democracy.

    Half a trillion dollars is stolen outright from Russia by the EU & USA, followed by international effort to force Russia to sell its natural gas for counterfeit Euros and Dollars which Russia is forbidden (by the EU & USA themselves) from spending anyway.

    It has become not just gauche but statutorily illegal to differentiate males from females in any way whatsoever.

    An election is stolen in broad daylight, assisted by the FBI and US Justice Department, and the issue is kept from investigation or hearing in courts of law for years.

    A population is poisoned en mass, with millions dead and more dying, by the most lethal genetics experiment in medical history, promoted and protected by the world’s biggest and most powerfully authoritative medical institutions, universities and agencies. The culprits are known, but nothing official happens except more of the same, doubled-down.

    The so-called Reserve Currency of the planet is transparently counterfeit and bereft of tangible collateral to underpin its value. The USA just prints up as much as it needs or wants and everybody else has to give REAL stuff in exchange for it, and EVERYBODY knows it.

    Need I go on? It’s beyond obvious, isn’t it? It’s even beyond brazen. BIG outfits are doing BIG things, flamboyantly in plain sight, which are the sorts of things that in earlier times were done only in the deepest darkest, and most hidden secret places.

    Why are they doing such absurdly crazy nut-job stuff right out in the open where people can see it? None of us have ever seen anything like this amount of outright insanity, and yet it accelerates by the day. That’s not NORMAL, not even for criminals and lunatics.

    Why do they do such suicidally crazy shit? The answer is: Because they have to. They do it for the reason that they have no other choice but do it. They know that they MUST lie, cheat, steal, hate, censor (and even kill) or else the truth WILL keep coming out. And that will be the end of them. Failure to silence the increasing storm of revelations of wrongdoing can only result in even more revelation of ever greater and greater wrongdoing.

    So how much, wrongdoing is that?

    Quite a bit, actually. Lots. I reckon All of it. Or at least so close to all of it that the difference won’t make much difference.

    Here is what “all of it” consists of, to the best of my research and reckoning: our so-called “civilization” is built upon the very foundation of everyone accepting a certain amount of lying, cheating, stealing, hating, hiding, censoring and even killing . . . so long as there is something in it for us personally, and wrongdoing does not go TOO far or get completely out of control.

    Well, things went too far. It is out of control. And now the extremely uncomfortable (terrifying, really) truth is being revealed that our ruling classes, elites, institutions, corporations, et al, routinely and professionally Lie, Cheat, Steal, Hate, Hide and Kill as the bedrock of their business model. In other words, those transgressions against humanity are what governing authorities do to make a living. Except for a stingily small allocation spent on window dressing, whitewash and camouflage it’s pretty much ALL that they do.

    So when they stop doing those things then they will reap the whirlwind and become consequently and instantly dead in their own footsteps . . . and they know it.

    That will happen when YOU know it. too.


    Distraction/mind control from the social/economic problems
    The 4th, the media estate, are flexing their muscles by bring up abortions, at this time.
    If you did not have a TV or radio you would living normally in ignorance and be happy.

    Mister Roboto


    @Mr. House: I wonder if the doctors seeing exclusively vaxxed patients has anything to do with a loss of trust in their profession by the unvaxxed. Although I myself admittedly have never been a great one for going to the doctor anyway, I have now lost my trust in the profession almost completely, and would only go see one for acute care like an injury. And hospitals–I guess I’m going to be dying at home….


    Raul: Although I have always tended to disfavor abortion, I was not passionate about my beliefs, and could see both sides of the argument–it is a difficult moral question. But last year, my daughter’s first born arrived early after only 24 weeks, and was little bigger than my thumb. But in what almost seems like a miracle, the NICU saw him through those 12 or 13 weeks, and he went home at about the time he would have reached full term. Last month he celebrated his first birthday, and he is a happy and healthy baby with no apparent problems. This has rather changed my beliefs on the issue, since the early foetus has thus been shown to be a viable human being. I think this makes the moral argument for permitting abortion much more difficult (again, barring exceptional circumstances).

    As an aside, the early birth was a placental failure/infection that occurred about 7-10 days after my daughter’s doctor advised her that getting the jab was perfectly safe and that she should do it. That is ground already well-traveled, and need not be revisited here.


    @RIM on “the whole issue”

    The leak = distraction, courtesy of TPTB. The left is getting hammer-blamed, but their involvement seems way too obvious to have been considered a good strategic choice for them. The right might have done it to further prove how insane the left really is (as the left’s response is very predictable), but few are looking in that direction. With such a small pool of potential leakers, how might anyone think they could get away with it? My guess is that no leaker will be found!

    If Roe is overturned, abortion rights/access will be determined by the States (and not completely eliminated). If that is what the USSC decides, then so be it. Roe in original form is flawed. Glenn Greenwald has a good piece up today that gives important detail:

    I support a women’s right to choose. Personally, I would like to see zero abortions. It seems reasonable that birth control – including morning after options (they work up to 5 days/best within 72 hours), would have risen to a level of sophistication, effectiveness, and availability so as to prevent pregnancy. As for pregnancy testing, it should be advanced enough to offer a highly accurate result – reducing the need for abortions after 3 (or less) weeks. Since there are plenty of couples unable to conceive, what about creating a private system for supporting a “Life” – pregnancy to adoption pipeline? Taking every possible action up-front to reduce and or eliminate abortions makes sense. Abortion should always be a last-resort option, exercised in extreme situations, with defined parameters – a private matter.

    . I agree: Where I struggle is with the “selective pro-life” folks, abortion of babies is evil, especially white babies (let’s be honest), but killing children far away gets nary a mention. You’re either for all life or you’re not, not a lot of gray.

    Mr. House


    I don’t think they wouldn’t go to the doctor if they truly felt something life threatening was going on. I had Delta last August and not once ever felt the need to go the MDs. Which is also something i take contention with above in YVES assertion that the boosters or jabs or whatever don’t prevent transmission but they do prevent hospitalization. How do you quantify that? I remember all thru out 2020 many people saying that everyone has covid but they just don’t know it, do you remember that? They’re counting on you not remembering that so they can pin something of positive benefit that the jabs do. Steve Kirsch just recently had an article stating the problem is so big they won’t be able to ignore it forever and i agree with that.

    Mr. House

    I still assert that TPTB were lying from the beginning of covid for lots of reasons the media will never print. I think the philosophical salon article we’ve shared here many times comes nearest to the truth. (though Ugo Bardi, who’s blog gets posted from time to time here thinks the author is just a good story teller)

    Mr. House

    Did anyone notice this part of his post:

    “I learned this week that in the official reporting, all of the double vaxxed only patients are being sent in as UNVAXXED – so it appears our unvaxxed rate is about 50%. But as I have explained above, that is completely misleading.”

    uh huh. But they wouldn’t like about the deaths, number of infections or anything for that matter. The percent of the population that actually got the jab? They wouldn’t like about that to nudge people would they?

    Mister Roboto

    @Mr. House: It would appear that anybody who isn’t fully-boosted is being counted as unvaxxed, much the same as the way anyone who hadn’t had both initial shots was during the rollout phase of the vaccination campaign.


    The original Constitution allowed for slavery. Women were not allowed to vote. Should we return to that? Yet we can’t get rid of assault rifles because, you know, 2nd amendment and all. The USA can bomb the fuck out of any country and kill millions of innocent people without a declaration of war. There is no political interest in helping a woman forced to have a baby she doesn’t want and can’t support raise that child for the next 21 years. We don’t care about poor children or homeless people or education or the costs of healthcare in this country. So don’t be shining me on with how we must respect the “sanctity of life”.

    The 1973 Roe decision was decided 7-2 and was written by a Nixon appointee. The 1987 Casey decision (upholding Roe) was written by a Reagan appointee on a Court w/ 8 justices appointed by GOP presidents. Just so you know.

    If you feel that you have the right to make a “my body, my choice” decision about taking an experimental vaccine, you should allow women the right to make a choice about their bodies as well.

    And I know this to be true: if men could get pregnant, you’d be able to get an abortion at every damn Jiffy Lube in the country.

    Mr. House

    “If you feel that you have the right to make a “my body, my choice” decision about taking an experimental vaccine, you should allow women the right to make a choice about their bodies as well”

    I agree, it is their biz if they want to kill potential offspring. I never understood the huge fight over this.

    @Mr Roboto

    Exactly, the point is they lie about everything. (sorry it was mistyped as likes in my original post)


    I thought that the 1% wanted to reduce the world population.

    Mister Roboto

    Exactly, the point is they lie about everything. (sorry it was mistyped as likes in my original post)

    Official statistics state that something like 20% of the 12 and over population of Wisconsin is unvaxxed. I often wonder what the real number is.


    @ House – do you have a link to Yves’ piece.


    Oh, look!
    A squirrel!
    O.K. folks, stay calm!
    A trapped squirrel just escaped out of the Supreme Court building!
    This poor squirrel must have been hungry and was looking for some nuts to eat!
    Now there are plenty of nuts outside the Supreme Court building for the squirrel to eat!

    Mr. House

    @ Germ

    Its from todays links section. You have to scroll down but you’ll see it.

    Eric Blair

    Abortion: “There are two lives at stake, whether you like it or not.”

    Since when have our rulers cared for the lives of their citizens subjects, unborn or alive? A born life used to be cannon fodder, and now it’s fodder for medical experiments. Abortion is about control over a woman’s body, not about saving lives. The “concern” for the unborn stops the minute they are born.
    Or just reverse the situation: If men could have babies, image them being forced to have them if they oops made a mistake.
    No, it’s the patriarchal order that is under attack and abortion is only one facet of the backlash. Whether it’s abortion or vaccines, have you notices that the ruling class is asserting more control over our bodies?

    Dr. D

    “You are not a club member, so anything you do is illegal.”

    Er. Yes. I guess that’s so, hain’t it? Explains a lot.

    D Benton. That is a breathtaking list of indictments. Instead of compounding, somehow they all distract from each other, like seeing too many trees, whichever in front of you most of all. Maybe we shoudl line them up and list them all every Monday, like the Pledge of Allegiance, so we don’t forget.

    “If Roe is overturned, abortion rights/access will be determined by the States” This is an excellent point. As Roe, in the leak, says the COURT grabbed the issue from the Legislature, from the People, and should they have? If they let it go again, it merely goes BACK to the lawmakers and the people, who can then pass laws like normal people do. There are processes, as that Tweet about Obama and his supermajority illustrates. (Also M4A) So Alabama can live as they wish, and Massachusetts can live as they wish. And is that the sort of crisis it has always been painted to be? As I say every day about the law, ain’t nobody going to follow it anyway, it’s more of an advisory. So mandating or prohibiting it?

    I agree with Susmarie, however there are neither going to be zero abortions, nor responsible, mature people doing the choosing. So ‘tis a muddle, as Dickens would say.

    I do disagree with some approaches, as if you are pro-life you are wildly pro-black, as they are the majority of abortions, and where they locate and promote the clinics. It’s pretty well known and straight back to Sanger. It’s such an overwhelming force that should they have all lived, they would be a clear block vote over white America. Yet all the so-called bad people still wish for this to happen. Shouldn’t one or the other beliefs have to give way here? Clearly they actually believe in innate value, and clearly they must not be racist, or at least value life itself far more than color? It’s really the only explanation so it doesn’t mesh well with tropes. Vice-versa, what is the explanation of supporting such a tremendous tragedy and setback on the Black community yet lauded among the woke and pro-choice? Seems a tough case.

    For Teri, I’m not trying to create push button issues here, but in quite a super majority of cases the choice of the two individuals happened the night before? Does that not count? For anyone? We don’t wait for the car crash to look for what went wrong, we don’t stop the addiction on the night of the overdose. Is there nothing to improve this hours, months and years, decades beforehand? Something we should try first? Makes me sad. It’s like some intersection where there are constant fatal crashes. “Have you tried driving slower, changing the road?” “Wot? No, never! We’ll be hanged before we’ll fix this road!” It’s what it feels like sometimes, because, tomorrow? Another fatal death. Now as he says, counting 62 Million, but we won’t fix the road. Because That’ll show ‘em? I don’t get it. I have deeper thoughts and experiences on it, but it goes too long. It’s possible many advocates involved believe as they do because they’ve done it, and see what that cost. Or have not done it, and saw what that meant. It’s not abstract at all the way it is for college students.

    Anyway, they are correct, besides running the midterms, it’s the same division and distraction as always. And I’ll be happy to turn my mind to happier objects, like worldwide nuclear wars.

    Mr. House

    “I thought that the 1% wanted to reduce the world population.”

    What if the jabbed can’t conceive anymore and in anticipation they plan on outlawing abortion, cause ya know people would be surprised if a huge drop off happened out of nowhere.

    Just a thought

    Mister Roboto

    A lot of people don’t know this, but a lot of red states have arranged it so that abortions are effectively unavailable for working-class and poor women in those places. All the “true-blue” states have a codified right to get an abortion, and if Roe v. Wade is struck down, I’m guessing that upper-class women in the other states who want to terminate their pregnancies will just hop on an airplane to a major city in one these “true-blue” states, as they have probably been doing for a while now.

    Mr. House
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