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    Vincent van Gogh Avenue of Poplars at Sunset 1884   • Justice in a Shithole Country (Paul Craig Roberts) • Trump Scores $1.8 Billion Windfall Aft
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    Dr. D

    That looks like Munch.

    Okay, short concept: you know how back when 1st year, they were constantly like “Russia’s losing, they’re going to nuke”, then “They’re shelling their own Nuke plant”? And it stopped when Putin got our 50 biolab records? Yeah, no chatter about that – interesting. BUT: Europe is losing. What are they losing? Well, when you go broke, high quality technocrats need to “Load Shed” to “balance” their system. Quality of life is crushed, but they’re already at the limits of revolution. That means they need to KILL PEOPLE so the balance of their energy and manufacturing match their population again. (Of course you could, ya know, DO WORK, but this is unthinkable. Theft and murder are clearly the only way.) SO: How? IF – actually WHEN – the EU “collapses” from losing Ukraine very shortly they’ll need to murder a few million people in Europe somewhere. Crazy? Wait, are you a slow learner, they JUST did this. Like LAST YEAR. OF COURSE they will do it again, you didn’t arrest and hang them all yet.

    I say do it with a fake EMP they set up and blame on Russia. They’ll all be “Safe” in their bunkers. That’s why it’s curious there isn’t any pre-made-up chatter. About ANYTHING, actually, which is somewhat more unusual. As they are Minions, coming up with “A Plan” is like pulling teeth for them. They need their Alien-Ant-Overlord specialists, in pierce-nez on their chitenous mandible faces to come up with one that takes years. THEN they execute “The Plan” regardless of whatever is actually happening and whether it works or not. Look at Carville the other day: “You little s—ts better GET NOTHING, and vote for ME anyway. Whah Whah Whah, vote for me OR ELSE.” That’s not even demented, nor unhinged. That’s a person who lives in another universe for so long they think what they’re doing is rational.

    Okay, NEXT problem: Following Duran’s Ukraine “Elation” then “Panic” – and he’s right – and they follow in like 24 hour periods. …And here I thought these guys didn’t have emotions. When it comes to murder they do, Well, learn something every day! They were ELATED, and waving treasonous flags that should head toward getting them all killed only last week. Now Macron is PANICKED only a week later, the weapons not even arrived yet. What gives? Giving up so soon?

    Nope. Best bet: We DID ship them, from NATO Romania, to Odessa, the day it was signed. Then RUSSIA BLEW THEM ALL UP the minute they hit the warehouse. Now: no weapons! Right where they were a moment ago…Or close enough. After pulling teeth on the Americans and nearly (possibly) causing a rollover of Congress here. And Tiny Jupiter of the pedo-wife is now threatening again to send all NATO troops. Yeah? And? Russia DGAF. They can, and already have, will, blow them all up, just like your weapons.

    He says, “We started this saying we wouldn’t send tanks, no artillery, no long-range missiles, (because then WE would be in the war. A NATO-Russia war, WWIII) but we did. So I’m reluctant to rule anything out, as Russia refuses to rule anything out.” Again, in this, he is accurate. He’s a knowledgeable and useful man. But also quite mad. Their/his plan is to BLUFF Russia, that if he says he’ll send two soldiers in a Citroen they will fold? Okay, WE DID THAT. It was wrong, but you got the chance to say “Russia is corrupt, Russia has no motivation, Russia’s systems are outdated,” etc. IN 2021… And what’s your excuse now? Does Russia LOOK like they’re in the mood to break and run?

    That goes with other Jupiter articles yesterday, Europe May Die” Macron says. It’s existential. Yes, it is. Again, he’s useful. If Europe, the Soviet EU of oligarchs and unelected bureaucrats, this hard core #AntiDemocracy they’ve set up will collapse. And even they won’t avoid being chucked out this time, maybe even their long-hid Shadow Nobility. So again, WHAT do they do except find an excuse to kill 10 million of their own people, as usual. Now the naughty ones? WHICH naughty ones? The immigrants who are still violent, coming from crime-and-war countries? Or the legacy European ones who will keep pressing for Human Rights? Which ones? Random?

    Good luck, guys. We’ll be over here waiting to steal your capital flows.

    This is an important article: “This Conversation Didn’t Happen”: Matt Gaetz Demands Investigation After CIA Program Manager Gets Loose Lips About Trump”

    This CIA conversation on OMG video, isn’t the video you see on video. You can see it but he never said it. And he’s lying, which is why we fired him. Not just the obvious: CIA and ALL INTEL, the ENTIRE Executive branch refused orders and denied critical intel to the President, every day for four years – that is, THEY run the country, THEY just Make S—t Up, do whatever they want, any policy they want, you don’t know what it is, and don’t elect them – but ALSO refuse to talk to the NSA. So again: It’s not technically “One Big Club” – it’s actually a Bunch of Clubs. And you’re not in any of them. Remember the NSA Admiral Rogers is the one who told Trump he was being non-stop illegally wiretapped. Now I’m sure he knew, but maybe not the mind-bendingly, leaving-Stalin-behind-on-the-Kessel-Run level. And remember they had to smash and sweep EVEN THE WHITE HOUSE. For bugs from their OWN traitorous government. Etc. But the NSA may not be snow white, but apparently is a different system, CIA says is less. So now we know what to do as a start: fire everyone in the CIA that you didn’t hang, and scatter them to the winds as a certain Irishman said. Then you have the NSA and Mil Intel. Navy’s not looking too good either, sorry.

    Too much going on to cover it all. As they blew up everything in 5 days, the West will have to send their 50 year old F16s now. …Which are nuclear. What do you think Russia will do? We won’t stop until they thrash us into terror. They don’t understand anything but POWER. They are Minions. You have to be their new Master in Sub/Dom.

    Next pic: in France or Europe the Tarot Magician isn’t a reasoned student. He may be a bit of a three-card monte street hustler.

    Lysander Lynx is quite a character.

    ““Cohen has pleaded guilty to tax evasion, to lying to Congress, and a judge has said that it is likely that Cohen also committed perjury. Yet, Cohen is Bragg’s witness against Trump.”
    • Justice in a Shithole Country (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Free Speech. Never stop speaking. Show us who you are. Clearly people needed to see this. Somehow, someone somewhere still thinks Daddy government is their friend and not sneaking into your sister’s room.

    Republican US senators are no better friends of the US Constitution than the administrators at Columbia University, Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby, the NYPD, and the whore media.”

    Yes, you need to know this. Now imagine people like me got rid of all the Woke Democrats and installed the Republicans. (which I would never allow) No opposition. Yeah, now we’d be run by even WORSE traitors and snakes. YOU run the country, not them. YOU need to see this. Now tape your eyeballs open and look.

    “They should have guessed what he would do.
    • US Republicans Want To Oust House Speaker (RT)

    I want to know what the Intel agencies did you him in the SKIF. One of those Star Trek ear-thingies? He certainly seems transformed by a Body Snatcher, doesn’t he? Like, there are WAYS to double-cross someone, HUMAN ways. He’s just been kidnapped and replaced by a double with a different head expecting us all not to notice he has different color eyes and his head’s on backwards. The behavior isn’t human at all.

    “• To Israel’s Horror, Hamas Brings ‘Two-state Solution’ Back Into Focus (Cradle)

    There’s two states: And the Palestinians’ State is Egypt, Jordan, or IDGAF.

    “We watched Medea Benjamin of Code Pink get thrown out”

    GO Code Pink. Support wherever you can find it.

    “Words. Language, its use and misuse.”

    Indeed. Words have meanings. The first thing the Left does is destroy language. As Orwell said so much and so often. The “Father of Lies.”

    In other news, searching online is now useless and follows the same Woke dissolving of Reality into Insanity – Postmodern Deconstrucion, aka “Breaking S—t”. Search function for shoes; that’s something the Internets can do. NOPE. “Men’s” shoe? Oh, I’m sorry, the Internet is not a Biologist, it no longer knows what a “Man” is. All women’s shoes come up. All child’s shoes come up. ALL shoes come up. …THAT’S NOT A SEARCH THEN, you morons. That’s the literal #OPPOSITE of a search, when you search and sort nothing. Because: who’s to say? You can’t judge me. No, I’m not judging you, and I’m not telling you can’t wear women’s shoes, but EVEN TRANS PEOPLE, who want to buy shoes, will click “Women’s” category and make a purchase.

    Computers. Actually, I realized something else as soon as I click “Men’s” I am forever-algo’d with Men’s Dating Red Pill videos and nothing else. They added a computer to dating and now people can’t even f—k correctly. Computers LITERALLY broke human beings capacity for getting drunk and f–k–g. Stopped it cold. Wow. That is some kind of power you got there! But, um, might notice that everything it touches, gets anywhere near…stops working? Like the only way to save the country is to get things back on typewriters delivered by kids on roller skates? Jesus H. Christ. Who we call on daily to return and end my misery. Shoes, people. Even primitives in caves couldn’t f–k up shoes.

    Okay, click it: Not in Stock. Shoes stopped being made in 2010, still listed. The Internets. Sorry. What is this, like the Cheesemaker’s Shop sketch? How do you f—k up “It’s not for sale”? Is everything else listed in your shop ALSO not for sale for a decade or more?

    I’m sorry to report according to Trump’s new law I am a hardcore, prison-worthy antisemite. I am a holocaust denier in that history books say 6 Million Jews died, and I think the number is only 5 million 999 thousand, 999. Take me away. I might as well confess I also own a now ENTIRELY Banned, anti-semitic book, the Bible. In which it says ONE Jew (our master) was killed by OTHER Jews, (his close friends). Of course this sort of thing is entirely unprecedented and I completely understand that not bad has ever happened, to, from, or in proximity to, those people.

    Speaking of, I am being algo’d with the Lincoln Project and other direct, bare-faced election lies now. “Trump is OLD. He has no energy. He can HARDLY SPEAK!!” 5 min vid. …I. Kid. You. Not. And so W.T.F.

    True to my word, South Park:

    This is really, really good.

    Dr. D

    Actually, if I were the Pentagon shipping those weapons, I’d say, “Oops! Was THAT the phone line we said the Russians had tapped? Golly darn I thought it was the other line. Oh well, I guess they found out where are shipments are, Best of Luck in all your Endeavors, Dmitry. Sign the receipt of goods right here.”

    Boom! No escalation.


    Glad to see someone like Paul Craig Roberts use the word “shithole” to describe the Empire of Lies.

    It’s been my favorite for quite some time.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery.



    those darned kids

    “That looks like Munch. ”

    yep, first thing i said was, “looks like raúl’s got the muchies..”

    i mean, look how the screaming lady runs from the crazy house who wants to her.


    That anti semitism bill designates a non american NGO as the one that gets to define violation of this law!

    You’d think passing such a law would make Americans accuse the ones who voted for it of valuing, prioritizing Israel way above the US

    Not to worry, part of the law is that you’re a criminal if you accuse someone in the US of prioritizing Israel or having loyalties for Israel above the USA.

    Like Congresspersons who pass a law to that effect, for instance

    The law says you can’t say the thing the law most obviously proves. Not Orwellian at all oh no.


    Talk Radio killed free speech. Everyday across the nation jewels, such as Rush and Mark, labored tirelessly to create Group Think. Labored with great industry to destroy all sense of national inclusion. The bastions of conservatism went far beyond Big Brother and delivered, not Five Minutes of Hate, hours of hate. Amazingly no one made collages of the uniformity of the speech in the Talk Radio genre. No one seemed to wonder how everyday across the USA the same verbiage spilled out across the airways with artful spontaneity. Plagiarism is the homage that mediocrity pays to genius, and now we have Hate for every sociological condition. What an efficient allocation of capital. How was this possible?

    Oh i remember now! We had thought leaders then. Well at least you haven’t been drowned in the bathtub yet.


    We’re concerned about one-sided news stories plaguing our country. It poses a grave threat to Our Democracy

    John Day

    The house is a breast with a big nipple.


    The Israel Lobby was/is able to reach into …. everything.
    ( … corporate journalists.
    … The Antisemitism Awareness Act.
    … making allegations. )


    Before the bill passed, I would have said Israel has an undue influence on our politics and is a drain on our finances. After the bill passed, I see Israel as the actual grave threat to our democracy.

    From an annoying hinderance to a huge menace. Anyone who can and does obliterate the 1st amendment because it was an inconvenience – we might have to argue our side! we might have to try to be persuasive or something! we were getting everything we demanded but were made to feel slightly less than absolutely unadulteratedly entitled! – is HIGH on my list of problems for my country.

    (Bro, I’m not mad at you cause you’re Jewish, I’m mad because you think you rule over me. [To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize] Is the game that you can do ANYTHING and so long as you tell yourself in your head that you did it because you are Jewish, then if I object, I’m anti-semite? Is THAT the game? Is THAT why you made it illegal for people to say you did it because you are Jewish, because in your head, that’s what’s happening?!!??! Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.)

    Incidentally the Daily Wire got some sort of a gag order on Candace Owens? Because of how much Ben Shapiro thinks that he sucks at debate? Because of how his ability to debate isn’t part of his brand, without which there is no brand? There shall be no discussion?

    Were all the paid college “protestors” these past weeks that aren’t going to college for the purpose of passing this bill????? They don’t even give a fuck if the drama is plausible anymore? Just have GPT write a script in 30 seconds and run it?

    Who was upset over pro palestinian protests at colleges? Republicans who yawned at blue cities burning themselves in 2020? Democrats, who sympathize with the Palestinians? Who in the US was crying out for “action”?


    “Were all the paid college “protestors” these past weeks that aren’t going to college for the purpose of passing this bill?????”
    Yes! That, and to get Trump to alienate any youngsters who were abandoning The Corpse.
    While we may not be living in a simulation, we are being played as if we were.


    I’ve had a very busy week, haven’t had a chance to really suss out the college protesters thing….but I think that

    Were all the paid college “protestors” these past weeks that aren’t going to college for the purpose of passing this bill?????

    hits the nail on the head, and is just one more nail in democracy’s coffin.


    Nobody told you.
    A senior Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) officer, who is the Assistant Chief of Staff at the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), faces court martial, “dismissal with disgrace”, and loss of his military pension for having disagreed with Canadian, American, and British military planners of Ukrainian battlefield operations against Russia. His disagreement was in private, when the officers were asking for his professional assessment, and didn’t like what he told them.

    Canadian military sources believe Kearney is being court-martialed now because the Canadian government’s policy to finance, arm, train, plan, and direct Ukrainian operations against Russia is being defeated, and that the military collapse east of Kiev now risks loss of more territory and the lives of Canadians currently working in the Ukraine and at cross-border bases in Poland and Romania. At least one thousand Canadians have been counted by the Russian Defense Ministry on the battlefield since the start of the Special Military Operation; by March of this year, 422 had been confirmed killed in action.
    Posted by: ld | May 3 2024



    by John Helmer, Moscow
    Thursday, May 2nd, 2024


    By John Helmer, Moscow
    Sunday, June 26th, 2022

    Iraqi resistance strikes Mossad center in Tel Aviv with cruise missiles
    Friday, 03 May 2024
    The coalition said it had hit Mossad’s “Glilot” intelligence center in Tel Aviv with advanced al-Aqrab cruise missiles.

    Using the same type of projectile, the group also targeted the “Abraham” intelligence headquarters in the city of Beersheba in the southern part of the occupied territories, it added.

    Lastly, the resistance said, it carried out an operation against an Israeli target in the Dead Sea, using “appropriate weapons.”


    Antisemitism Awareness Act
    ” If you wish to know who it is that rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    — Voltaire


    Gotta love a gal with beauty, style and grace, who can hang out with a bear. Puts these satanic, hollyweird sluts to shame, she does.

    Michael Reid

    Corona was not a pandemic,
    but a staged plandemic
    set in motion by the mainstream media,
    politicians and others,
    who got paid to induce panic
    among the population
    so that they could be controlled
    and made to destroy
    their own economy and
    their own health.


    Better than “Freedom Convoys”.
    There are senior organizations.
    Senior can do better than Copycat tent cities, to support opposition to war/killing/murder.
    Caravans of recreation vehicles.


    (Bro, I’m not mad at you cause you’re Jewish, I’m mad because you think you rule over me. [To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize] Is the game that you can do ANYTHING and so long as you tell yourself in your head that you did it because you are Jewish, then if I object, I’m anti-semite? Is THAT the game? Is THAT why you made it illegal for people to say you did it because you are Jewish, because in your head, that’s what’s happening?!!??!

    Spot on target.

    No individual, group, entity, nation, religion, race, sex, corporation, govt, military is beyond or immune to constructive criticism. When they hold themselves in that darkness, they are (b)egging for destruction.
    If you can’t or refuse to play fair, then you await your own destruction. It’s only a matter of time and will.

    A shithole country is what Democrats have turned America into.

    US senators are falling all over themselves pimping for Netanyahu’s final solution to the “Palestinian Problem.” One can see American conservatives supporting these demands, not realizing that their own Constitutional rights are in the crosshairs. Today in America there is no thought.

    Americans are not permitted to speak freely about Israel. Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs points out the incongruity of a university, whose existence is based on freedom of speech, repressing freedom of speech.

    Human History tells us it is only a matter of time before the facade is destroyed.


    Very interesting perspective on the breaking of todays minds- well worth the time. It really coalesces around the 10 min mark.

    EVIL spelled backwards is LIVE. Live out of balance can turn to evil.

    Awareness, love, compassion VS. ignorance, hate, contempt. Violence sits right between them, waiting.
    Sometimes one has to fight for the good and love to be restored. The US people have certainly lost their way on the path.


    End of the trilogy:
    ** WORLD WAR III **
    This time Jews are the Nazis


    TAE Friends,

    Please take the time to view the TIMELINE SPLIT video posted above by citizenx.

    It is BRILLIANT. The curriculum presented, and the resulting dynamic described – is worth considering. The art/presentation is beautiful. Perhaps this story will resonate with you as being TRUTH!

    My thanks to citizen for finding and sharing.

    Now you UNDERSTAND the role of freedom (choice), consciousness, and LOVE in this LIFE.

    The split is in process/happening!

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE for All.

    John Day

    Certainly what he is presenting is rational within the context of some ownership-consortium…

    Threat of sending Western troops to Ukraine necessary – Macron
    Moscow should be kept guessing about a possible intervention, the French president has argued

    John Day

    @Citizenx and Susmarie 108: I have seen that idea of these consciousness paths diverging before. They were very divergent, as I recall, have been converging for a long time, and crossed last year, now going into terminal divergence.
    We shall see, I suppose. I seek to do what I can. This presentation is more new-agey. The one I saw a year ago or so liked geometry better, but the conclusion and the underlying message appear to be the same.

    John Day

    That video by Sarah Elkhaldy, “The Alchemist” is well done, but she may have made a mistake bringing entropy into it. This is not really physics, but mysticism, and I am not disparaging it, just saying it’s not physics. I can’t remember now the geometric type explanation of this process I read about a year ago, but it was the same meaning. There is a divergence now.
    I sure don’t understand how that is going to work in terms of physics, though. We can see a divergence between people for and against genocide and debt-slavery, for and against turning people into controlled cyborgs and so on.
    I saw her site before when the term “Loosh” came up and she had a pretty good explanation of it.


    Oh F’in please @ John Day! Like YOU would know what REAL physics is. Thumbs down if I could bro.


    The US House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at combating anti-Semitism in American universities amid continuing student protests against Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

    The Jew rules will be applied to the cattle in the USA; the people who do not think. The USA cattle, they follow any sparkling thing they are shown, they are imbeciles of the worst kind, following their celebrities, social influencers, virtue signallers, doctors, government etc etc, they love being led by the nose, unable to think for themselves, now looking to government to tell them what to think about the Jew genocide of Palestinians.

    Their leaders tell them to accept Jew genocide of the Palestinians as good, so they accept it as good. In the past they were told that German genocide of Jews was bad, so they accepted it as bad. They are imbeciles, same as many others in the west; they are people who are addicted to following, all they need is something to follow and they are happy.


    Other anti-Semitic actions mentioned in the bill include “accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel… than to the interests of their own nations,” making allegations “about a world Jewish conspiracy and or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government,” as well as “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.”

    Israel is their own nation, it is a Jew nation where Jews are first class citizens and everybody else are second class citizens, otherwise known as apartheid. And now they are making it exclusively Jew, getting rid of the second class citizens. As for comparison with the Nazis, the Jews are today’s Nazis if you believe the stories concocted by the Jews about how they were the victims in WW2. They are just lies like the rest of the Jew bullshit about them being victims, why would you believe such an evil group of people?

    As for killing Christ, are we now scrubbing that from the bible as well? Is it time for a “new translation” that brings out the “new facts” that someone other than the Jews killed Jesus and that actually the Jews were trying to save Jesus; we all know the Christian cattle will follow whatever trinkets are used to lead them.


    first class citizens – jews
    second class citizens – palestinians
    Third class citizens – street people
    All the money being wasted on wars could eliminate all the homeless street people

    Next group demonstrating and calling for peace. the homeless street people

    Dr. D

    It would be way, way too complicated to disassemble that new Age Timelines thing. It breaks so many definitions of reality, it would take a paragraph for me to describe each word or sentence – as you often see with me already.

    So, I’m okay if we have different definitions, but how exactly do two people occupy different time-space continuums, as she says? Okay: Many Worlds Theory, when you choose something, you divert into that timeline. Okay, then you are now in a different dimension from me. And are invisible, you vanished. The end. If we are able to see each other, we are in the same dimension, the same timeline. And presumably essentially the same level of good and evil, unless “timeline” means something incredibly different than physics.

    If I get this right (and it goes WAY back, like remember Earth1 and Earth 2?) then they say both dimensions are coexisting such that us obviously superior awesome, enlightened beings are coexisting with those stupid, hateful, retarded, low Vax-takers. That’s how you know we’re superior and loving! And we both exist at the same time and always have.

    So…Um…half of the earth is just about to…disappear? Like the rapture? They just poof? What happens to their houses? Do they go too? If not, where do they live in Earth2? Maybe they split and are in both places? So the houses can split but the people can’t?

    Unclear. Now she was talking about having MORE consciousness. Um, sorry, EVERYTHING is consciousness. The universe is made of consciousness, consciousness is always, uniformly 100%. That’s like saying the Earth will have more atoms, more matter. No, it won’t. Or you would die. Maybe you mean something else, like that “Consciousness is divided”? As they say later? But then what does THAT mean? It may be only humans experience any separation at all, and that may be voluntary, and an illusion/delusion. Like, go meditate and maybe you can have undivided consciousness, which they tell us, you they say, “Consciousness was never really divided to begin with.” So how is it divided again?

    Fine if we’re in an illusion, but that does not hypothecate a parallel planet. It just says you’re a jackass, which is way easier to believe.

    They are raising or lowering their vibration? How can you tell? Is there a dial I can check? How is that related to being separated/unified which seems a different axis? Since “all is vibration” and you say this vibration sets the “Timeline” or “Dimension” then by definition, if you had the slightest higher vibration than me you’d disappear and get out of my face. The very fact you’re still here means you have nothing to teach me.

    Now I’m not saying this CAN’T happen. In fact, my “religion” demands I DO believe it. Like many Taoist masters and others, Jesus “Ascended” and vanished from the earth. (as did Elijah, Enoch, etc) Presumably PRECISELY by “Raising his consciousness”. Because unlike you, he actually WAS of a higher vibration and evolution. So people stood around and pointed, eating pitas, while he levitated from the earth and vanished into heaven. Which is again, not the first time in history.

    But we all agreed it can happen, and he’s a special case. THAT it happened, means you are NOT doing it, or I would grab a bagel and watch YOU levitate into the clouds. You’re just bullshitting.

    If all you’re saying is “We have choices, be a good person” then great, but you can cut all the bullshitting psychobabble that isn’t physics and just shake everyone’s hand to agree and blood-oath to it. Great! Why did you make this? Do you actually understand it? Because it wasn’t communicated to me. Not in the sense that I agree, obviously, not in the sense that I understand it, sadly; but also in the sense that I’m Preeeeeeety sure you don’t understand it either. And that is not a good look.

    Okay, someone asked today what is this new bull they’re inventing, what is 3D vs 5D? Not as easy a question as you may think. Let’s just assume the 3D is material stuff, maybe with your normal Descartes consciousness (which is already outside of “Science”) and no ghosts or anything. Great. So what is 5D? And why not 4D? (nevermind). If you mean the spirit world, the afterlife, heaven the place you trip out on DMT, then no. Again, that’s a DIFFERENT dimension. You can go to the 5D, and you definitely will: it’s called BEING DEAD.

    They mean…something something…where you… something something. Like you…are a waking telepathic? Not just sitting down to Tarot? But really: what do you mean? 5D is THOUGHT? But you prettymuch said 3D was ALSO thought, with Descartes, you know, Stock Brokers checking the next chart feverishly plotting, Doctors thinking about an Xray… all THOUGHT too. Behind which all things are consciousness. Are THEY 5D? And wait: all these “5D” people are ALSO paying rent, plotting retirement, hearing about XRays. 5D is an extension of 3D? An add-on expansion pack? Okay then YOU CAN’T ERASE THE BASE PACK. …Unless you die or vanish like before.

    So…problems. Don’t understand. Words have meanings. Or to SOME people they do. To SOME people it seems it’s okay if words and ideas have no meanings at all, but mean anything. I’ll listen to it again. I think the reason it seems compelling is that she/they ARE describing something real that IS happening. But it’s more like “Some people are telepathically tuning in and harmonizing with one over-note, one Jungian “Collective Consciousness” while others are tuning into a different one.” Yeah? And? That’s what “Culture” is. That’s why Indians saw the world differently and/or could even cure cancer with a shamanic ritual. They were attuned to a different “reality”. Which caused different localized rules. But nobody disappeared. Everybody coexisted. …I mean except where the bad guys killed the less-bad guys in massive numbers. That would clearly indicate 5D is about to be annihilated and they better NOT go there and leave their 3D guns behind for a “higher” consciousness. If that’s the case (and my guess is it’s similar what they’re talking about), then It’s just the culture splitting. They’re becoming Amish, or Presbyterians, or Protestants or whatever. Fine. And then the Pope sends his Seven Nation Army to wipe you all out. His 3D won.

    See why you want to be more careful – or actually just a lot more curious and detail oriented – about what you’re saying? If you think it’s awesome, tell me more. Explain every little detail. I suspect it may not mean what you think it mean.


    jb-hb said

    Before the bill passed, I would have said Israel has an undue influence on our politics and is a drain on our finances. After the bill passed, I see Israel as the actual grave threat to our democracy.

    Laws such as this were passed in Europe some time ago, the USA is the last of the major Western countries to pass a law banning criticism of Israel and the Jews. In the UK it is defined as hate speech, countries like France went even further to ban holocaust denial.

    Ironically it was France passing the holocaust denial law that made me research the holocaust and to discover that the main holocaust claims – such as the 6 million, the gas chambers – were bullshit. You are still not allowed to think they are bullshit, I will probably be arrested if I ever step foot in France again.

    Nothing will happen in the USA to rid you of this constitution erasing bill; you are now “officially” ruled over by the Jews, nice of them to make it so obvious for you. Your contitution is garbage, your politicians think it is garbage, it is just a matter of time before every other white person in the USA sees it as garbage then settles back into their sofas and say to themselves, “oh well, nothing I can do about it”.


    Everything about the Empire of Lies is a lie.

    That’s all you need to know about the “college protests”

    The only thing college students would conceivably ‘riot’ about is if there cell coverage disappeared.

    They would burn the joint to the ground if that happened.


    Say Cheez


    Michael Reid

    Starting at
    35 min 30 sec

    with Karen Kingston

    We are investing in the CCP
    we are aligning with you
    … as we genetically edit and euthenize the human population

    Michael Reid


    I found the video helpful


    It would be way, way too complicated to disassemble that new Age Timelines thing. It breaks so many definitions of reality, it would take a paragraph for me to describe each word or sentence

    Yeah it took me a few minutes to warm up to the message, it clearly went right over your head.

    You were around during covid these last 4 yrs correct?

    The irrational fear, the hatred towards those “not following the sCienCee” , the mask bs, walk one way down this isle, the show me your papers or you can’t come in, the injection mandates, half the country freaking the fuck out in fear, control freaks, firing people, taking kids away from parents, families imploding against each other, the lies, the signs, the insanity?

    Then there was Sweden.

    Have you forgotten so quickly that insanity, regression, destruction, from those operating out of the lowest chakras of reality?

    It’s a pretty damn good metaphor, analogy, comparison of the differemt “reality” the cult lived in…and how miserable, wrong and destructive that modality can be… But you certainly revealed how close minded and yet so certain you are “right” about your everday messaging here.

    Man, I’m just trying to figure out how not to be angry and hateful towards these mentally ill assholes – what they did and how they behaved. I’m trying to live the high road, not be dragged down into their insanity and lower myself to their level.

    The reality of my experience is I may never forget, or forgive these covid cult morons. Of course they’re not even asking for forgiveness or acknowledging their insanity. So yeah it seems pretty clear there are some extremely divergent paths that society is taking- which was the theme of the video.

    Alchemy IS transformation- like it or not in your mind- but reality dictates that you would not exist were it not for alchemical energetic transformations. Your own mind can be a hellscape or a place of peace and tranquility…transforming it is on you…but don’t get all uppity when you spoil the party for others because your mind reality is fucked up.

    Buddha communicated in the Diamond Sutra… do not be attached to the Dharma (lessons) because it can trap you as well. You are clearly not the gatekeeper of reality or in much of a position to lecture others on ‘your’ version of it.

    Ultimately, reality can neither be spoken of, or described in words…its quite bigger than that. Ask any animal what reality is to them ? How about the Universe to your puny insignificant mind ?

    Describe infinity before you claim reality.


    When your bones have laid and dried in the Sun, evaporating into dust, the bonedust evaporating into emptiness…what part of you was real ?

    The beautiful balance of philosophies like Buddhism and Taoism is exploring the Nature of what “reality” is…and is not- emptiness into manifestation back to emptiness… your Buddha mind nature is empty, constantly searching for itself. –

    -find some inner peace.

    Dr. D

    No, that’s great. As a metaphor, and apparently one that gets people excited, all good. I generally agree and like I said, I think she’s pointing at something true. But the technicals of the way it’s supposedly unfolding are irrational and sloppy, and I can’t get a good Definition of anything. New Age is famous for not having definitions, being very loose and impressionistic — that’s fine — but it seems like everyone else they’ve got over-energized and gone ’round the bend to extremes. Like Captain America serum? When you take it you become an exaggeration of your self, so it only works usefully on people who are in good alignment to begin with. This seems to be happening to everyone. If you read about the holocaust you become an exaggeration of realizing you’ve been had. If you were a gun patriot, you become an exaggeration of that, if you were loose, feeling, impressionistic New Age, you go too far, if you were young, outraged about Justice, too far in that.

    How about not? As the Buddha would say, the “Middle Path”, which is the same as the Romans? In that a Vice is a Virtue too exaggerated, taken to extremes? The Buddha (maybe) gave the example of a guitar string: it only really works in a middle tension, of correct tuning. Not too loose nor too tight. This is probably correct, and although it’s simple, it’s also relatively hard, which is why they agonize over it with pitch pipes and stuff. But we all know we could use a lot more practical, working, moderates right now.

    Actually, I believe most of what she’s saying, it’s my personal working paradigm, but you can’t construct them into a tower in that particular way. After a while, I realized she didn’t include Time. So what she’s saying might be possible over (relatively) large expanses of Time. It would work like this: If we have a “multiverse” or a less-multiverse, like less-than-infinite-Many Worlds, then perhaps each consciousness is on a “Timeline” which, being entirely consciousness, a dream, has its own rules of Physics.

    Now like I said, those rules are really, really, really similar, because if they were very different you’d disappear, but within a range you actually are different. Okay. So rather than being perfect math tree distribution they cluster into groups, like the way birds flock. Okay. And as she proposes, very obviously, birds of different types will pick different flocks, the one they “Like” better. Okay. But that still doesn’t make Earth1 disappear. Ah! But over TIME, they could be reincarnated into different lines, different places, different realities, as I don’t know how that works exactly (and either does anybody else). It could be over 100-,1000 years, after you die, you who are “higher” — and I’m only making fun of their constant “Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble” thing New Age is famous for — have “learned their lesson” and move on to a higher school. …By being re-born into a different, “higher” situation.

    The people who spend their life working toward division and separation get what they want and are born into a situation that suits their consciousness as well. If they did it long enough, or there was some lumpy “sorting hat” event, then they might reach hell itself, the absence of unity and God. Sure. But you don’t wake up one day and find You, Enlightened one, are on Earth2 and Earth one is still in Orbit just behind us. Or that you go to work and your co-worker vanishes in the break room, you shrug and poof a new , different person pops into being and takes the secretary’s desk. …But that could happen over TIME, and reincarnation, sorta. Maybe. That’s essentially just New Age religion. Over 10-20 lives, you would slowly not run into the “Lower” people anymore. Although it would seem that was always happening, and not “at the end of an Age” (how long is an “Age” and so how long is a “transition”? 2,000 years? 10,000? 50,000? A 200 year transition could have 1 year of swap, where a 20,000 year could have 1,000 years of swap.) Yet it could be that such things are lumpy and not perfectly distributed somehow. The “somehow” is all the sort of questions I’m asking.

    You really should forgive the Covid thing, of course practically for yourself as those guys won’t notice your internal state, while the bad energy, emotions and such you’re storing inside like acid. What use is that? I was shocked too and had the same path, but put myself in their shoes: they were just oblivious and trusting as we all are at some level, when we’re kids, and we grow out of it. That’s easy to say AFTER, when you’re an adult, but when you’re 9 and the other kids do something to you it’s your whole world. You don’t have any structures to shake it off, protect, and rise out of it. Same with them — practically the whole culture, like 80% — but what can I do about it? I can understand them and say “Wow, I totally underestimated how stupid and obedient and unenlightened people are” (again). Adjusting path and my response, interaction with them, what do I DO about it? How do I make our interactions productive to pull them out of it? Not to MAKE them change, but for my own sanity and to be understood, to be authentic to myself but not like arrested in the street, promoting my view/opinion on the matter as a normal human function.

    …And trust me, I don’t wanna. WHY do I have to be the adult here? This is bulls–t. I’ve Adulted plenty for myself and now I have to f’g Adult for all YOU too??? …But when you’re an Adult, there aren’t really any other options, are there? So you have to just let it go and do the thing. ATM what it says is, We had a “Sorting Hat” event and you really, really want to get near other people who are of similar internal level and views. It is an internal choice of which you pick, Fear or Love, but “Man has choice” is a Christian ethic too, and we are required — want to actually — choose the “Good”. So chose that now and forgive them. …While perhaps getting as far away from them as you can.

    John Day

    @Antidote: I took 4 semesters of physics in college. I liked physics.
    She did not actually bolster her argument by her explanation of entropy. What she lays out is not explainable by physics -yet-
    Newton was an alchemist. Brilliant physicists may also be mystics.
    (I don’t refer to myself, just to clarify.)

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