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    Dismissing warnings by Russian President Vladimir Putin that allowing Kyiv to use Western weapons for strikes inside Russian territory might lead to an escalation, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday that the threat is not new as every time NATO allies gear up to provide support to Ukraine, President Putin issues a threat.

    Speaking on the sidelines of a NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in Prague, Stoltenberg said the alliance had heard such warnings many times before. Talking to the media, he said “This is nothing new. It has (…) been the case for a long time that every time NATO allies are providing support to Ukraine, President Putin is trying to threaten us to not do that,”.


    Name recognition….
    Name a Republican …..

    Dr D Rich

    A precedent was set yesterday.
    The MSM said so and can’t stop saying so 24+ hours. There’s no end in sight.

    Merriam says precedent is earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances:

    Merriam also says precedence has consequences as in something produced by a cause or necessarily following from a set of conditions

    However I also notice a silence and an absence amidst the rancor.
    Bush I, Bush II, CLINTON, Carter and Obama are all noticeably silent amongst the reduction of their White peer President Trump to less than a common criminal. The reduction was achieved through no small irony of the combined efforts of a Black District Attorney Alvin Bragg and an Hispanic Immigrant Judge Juan Merchan.
    An unintended boost was given to Replacement Theory’s dissolution of White Male Deplorables.

    I digressed.

    So, the former presidents’ silence before the momentous criminal conviction of their peer President Trump IS certainly resounding loudly in their heads. As they contemplate the prospect of highly probable second Trump presidency targeting their asses, those former presidents cannot be sleeping well.

    Well, Bush parê is sleeping in eternal repose, heaven or hell.
    Does anyone know whether Jimmy Carter departed the mortal coil yet?

    I bet you Barack tied one or several on last night in mortified anticipation of the symbolic train heading his way….Alvin Bragg too.

    That train has a name…..

    Retributive Justice

    …..and it’s no less illogical than the conspiratorial minds of Alvin Bragg and Juan Merchan.


    Surely, this is theatre. No different than hollyjewood. Fiction to manipulate, the Trump soap opera, the constant edge of WWIII. You’re being mindfucked, while being robbed and slowly killed off Why anyone, with a conscious mind buys into this jew bullshit, this fucking dismal theatre of lies, is beyond me.


    Mark your calendar – 27 June, will it or won’t it happen – the debate – Trump/Biden


    With the lack of news coming out of the Ukraine, I am guessing peace has broken out.
    Suddenly everybody and his brother is busy trying to escalate the war by poking the bear harder and deeper.

    Poking a bear is never a brilliant idea.
    Even when you have switched from a 10 foot pole to a longer 20 foot pole!
    Bears can move 20 feet just as fast as 10 feet.
    The difference is, they will then hit you twice as hard!

    Notice how they prepare us.
    First one idiot (Macron) says something outrageous.
    Then a few say not going to ever do that.
    Then, all at once, a few start chirping, yeah we should do that!
    Then more chirp in that it is OK to do it!%
    Then when it happens, it isn’t new news.
    It is old hat.

    Meanwhile the much bigger covid vaccine war continues unabated, killing far more people than in the Ukraine.
    100 times, or 1,000 times Ukrainian death rate?

    And the USD continues dying, killing us all in the west.
    10,000 times, or 100,000 times Ukrainian death rate?

    Clearly they are trying to kill us all, one way or another.

    Dr D Rich


    Of course it’s Jew Theater.
    Ppl buy movie tickets all the time and then suspend their disbelief.

    I suspect former Presidents Obama and Bush II can’t suspend their disbelief now.

    Public humiliation is a terrible thing to foist upon an individual. The only outcomes are deadening of the soul or violent retribution.
    And when you take down a king, you better kill him.


    Well said, Dr D Rich. Anyone with feet on the ground and a head not in their ass can sense violent retribution is coming, soon, to a theatre near you.


    Democrats and Liberals oh my…

    …these past years they have morphed into a franken blend of commisars, hitler youth, maoists with red woke books, and nipponese perverts.

    They are virtually begging for an epic historical beat down…this new lawfare injustice, lockdowns, censoring, rape by vaxxine combined with their virtue signalling…their path to Hell will be paved by their own retarded intentions.

    History and time will tell… a Nation pushed to the brink of breaking is not anything to trifle with.

    No mercy, no forgiveness…just good old fashioned retribution is all they have coming by History’s standards. It will be glorious when real push back erupts and nothing will save them.


    I’m no fan of Trump or neoRepublicans…but this sealed the deal on Democrats and Liberal scum permanently.

    Getting the sense that many are realizing this is no longer a game of nerf ball in dealing with Libtard hypocrisy scum… the reality of spiraling into slavery at the whim of Democratic party sub human trash leaves half the Nation with nothing to lose and everything to fight for.

    A Nation abused by retarded rainbow faggots is coming to a close… they picked this path using lies and dirty dealings… they have backed themselves into a nasty corner from which there is no escaping.

    Abuse your own citizens and most of the world… haha good luck with that. Their days are numbered.


    Sadly, Trump isn’t likely to be elected president again.
    He will be in jail for daring to run for president.
    The deep state just made an example of Trump, to show us who is in charge.

    No normal judge, wanting to live, would dare take up a Trump appeal until after January 2025, when it is too late.
    SCOTUS has paved the way by it’s prior rulings.
    Congress will remove Trump’s name from the ballot per SCOTUS.

    But even if Trump somehow did get elected, he will never gain control of any levers of government.
    (Besides Congress would impeach Trump for being a convicted felon!)
    Especially the CIA, State Department, military, DoJ, and FBI.
    The US government has already been fully staffed and captured by Obama.
    Cadaver puppet Joe is 100% proof of that!
    Trump will get to appoint no one.
    So there is zero hope that any prior wrongs will ever see justice.

    Past US presidents aren’t loosing a wink of sleep, knowing they are fully 100% protected by the deep state.
    The deep state, afterall, decides who gets charged and convicted as a criminal.

    Now that Trump has been convicted, his second and third convictions become much easier.
    Don’t be surprised if more criminal charges are brought forth, out of thin air!

    The deep state criminal don’t follow the law. They write the laws!


    So this is what they don’t want you to see:
    The fact that they are pushing world war three.
    The circus tent, the great divide-
    Just anything so they can hide
    Their psychopathic march to world war three.

    Dr D Rich


    An individual can hold these two seemingly diametrically opposed ides in their thoughts and still legitimately reject the tattoo named cognitive dissonance.

    A person can acknowledge the illegitimacy of Alvin Bragg’s bizarre, yet successful prosecution of President Trump AND still insist Trump the aspiring monster should be jailed as pretrial confinement in lieu of prosecution. Trump’s pretrial confinement would be appropriate for the charge of killing a child and in lieu of Bragg’s proper prosecution of Trump for greenlighting the murder of US citizen, 9yo Nawar al-Awlaki.

    Alvin Bragg will never bring that prosecution against Trump because: 1. he’s an undisciplined coward, 2. he’s beholden to pro-Semitic handlers and financiers and 3. he knows he’d be painting a target on Obama’s ass larger than the one he painted yesterday.

    They want the rule of law.
    Let’s have it then.



    Sadly history says these woke liberals are just being used to cement the deep state’s total grip on power.
    Play the liberals against the conservatives.
    Divide and conquer!

    Didn’t Lenin call the early Russian supporter of communism “useful idiots?”
    Once he had consolidated his grip on power, after eliminating the conservatives, he then turned on these liberal people and eliminated them too!

    Once the US deep state fully consolidates it grip on power, after subduing the conservatives, then they will turn on the woke liberals too!
    The deep state wants total power!

    The US woke liberals will be shocked when their turn comes!
    They will not see it coming!


    A few days ago, I wrote:

    I wonder how long it will take the 12 jury members, if they want to live, to figure out that their only option is to find Trump guilty on all 34 counts.
    Well, it only took them 1 day!

    No normal judge, if they want to live, will take up a Trump appeal before February 2025.

    Fear is the true rule of law in the US empire now.

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